Winsen an der Aller

Winsen an der Aller or Winsen (Aller) is a town on the banks of the River Aller in the district of Celle in Lower Saxony. It lies within the Lüneburg Heath.

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About Winsen an der Aller

The <i>Groode Hus</i> at Winsen's Farm Museum
The Groode Hus at Winsen's Farm Museum
Winsen has a population of around 12,900 and lies on the southern edge of the Lüneburg Heath, close to the huge military training area of Bergen-Hohne. It is about 15 kilometres northwest of the county town of Celle. Within the borough of Winsen are the villages of Bannetze, Meißendorf, Stedden, Südwinsen, Thören, Walle and Wolthausen.

Winsen's church is dedicated to John the Baptist which is a clue to when it was founded. All other villages with churches named after John the Baptist appeared around AD 800.

Today Winsen is a popular local recreation and holiday sport and is an official climatic health spa (Luftkurort).


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