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what is your favourite food?

hello to all friends,

what or which food do you like the most,is it in vegetarian or in non vegetarian?why do you like that food the most?please answer to this question.


Is it OK to put baking powder in a burger?

is it okay to put some baking powder in a burger patty, store it in a freezer and cook it ...let's say after 4-5 days. Just curious.


How to make chili?

I just want a simple answer, I don't need to know what kind, just the kind with chili beans and beef. Tell me in a ellaborate way, like how long to cook and etc.


Why does my brownies keep coming out rubbery?

I use the instructions it says on the box, I put the right amounts and everything. They keep coming out with this rubber like texture. Does anyone know what I'm talking about? Heeelp me! Lol. I'm not a bad cook. Trust me.. I can cook... maybe just not ...


Resturant name ideas.

Ok, trying to figure out a name for the new resturant. My investor buddies have the idea for "Pot Bellys" (personally its kind of a turn off for me). I like the name "Hole in the Wall". When I was working in construction that was the name we used fo...


can you eat pillsbury cinnimon rolls after the expiration date?

how long can you eat pillsbury cinnimon rolls after the expiration date? it expired april 26th 2009


What are some very low calorie foods?

I'm looking for some foods that are very very low calorie and low fat but also taste good. Any suggestions?


What is probiotic yogurt?

I'm reading this article on healthy skin, they said something about how Probiotic Yogurt has been know it help eczema. Does it? And what is Probiotic Yogurt?


How to make Mac and Cheese without milk?

Any advice on making macaroni and cheese without using milk, or as much butter, but still making it taste as good ?


Alcohol breath

how do I get rid of alcohol from my breath when I come home from a party so my mom wont smell it. I've tried everything. Help


Double Yolked Egg

I have found two double yolked eggs within in the last two weeks from two different cartons. My husband seems to think there is some sort of superstition to go along with this. Any insight anyone?


How can I make rice tasty?

please tell me the recipe of making rice. My husband is like to eat rice. so I try to make rice testy, but not succeed.


What can and cannot vegetarians eat?

What can and cannot vegetarians eat? I'm becoming one, and so is my best friend. I would please like list of what vegetarians can and cannot eat.


How do you stick jelly together?

Because I want to stick smaller pieces onto a bigger jelly piece and I was wondering how can anyone help?!

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Are saltwater catfish good to eat?

Love to eat fried freshwater catfish, but are saltwater catfish good to eat?


energy drinks... psshh whatever.

well for me atleast.

I've drank red bull, and it didnt work.
so I tried monsters, same thing.
I llike the taste of monsters so I had like 3 in one day, and I did that like twice (they taste goood)
but still again, nothing changed at all.

I dont need...


How do you make carbonated water?

My boyfriend says you can make it by boiling water and then freezing it right away. Does it work that way? Because i'm thinking thats now how to make it... Or if it will work.


Cheap food that fills you up?

Money is a little tight at our house does anyone know of food that fills you up besides rice that could help last us through the month because we always hungry and nothing seems to keep up going through the month.


Can you make chocolate ganache with milk instead of cream?

I am making this insanely rich chocolate cake (it has like a kilo of chocolate in it!) but I didnt get enough cream and now I dont have any for the ganache. Would it turn out ok if I just made it with milk? Its not like the cake needs to be any richer...

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What is your favorite kind of beer?

What is your favorite kind of beer?


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