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will cremation send their soal to heaven?

if you cremate a love one will there soal go to heaven


why do nightmares occur in late teenagers

I have nightmares, about one every 2-3 nights, and im getting tired of them, whats happening and how do they stop


is astrology useful

Why does every astrology report always say that a gemini woman and a taurus male isnt compatible? does no gem/Tau relationshp last? and why do they make us geminis look so iffy? its confusing:(


Who were the greek goddesses in the greek mythology?

Who were the greek goddesses in the greek mythology?


How to keep practicing wicca from your family?

I want to pratice wicca but I also what to keep it a secret from my mom, dad and brother. How can you do that?

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Who should I obey a court order or God?

My family and I are in family court right now. We have been through a lot this year. I was falsely accused of harming a child not my own. I spent 6 months in jail awaiting trial to finally have the case dismissed. Family court is saying that becaus...


What does it mean when a dove is roosting on my house?

A dove was recently building a nest on my roof. Someone told me a while back, that it possibly meant peace or god is bringing you a gift. Does anyone know if either of these are true? Or if it means something else entirely.
Please and thank you =]


Did Jesus write the Bible?

Did jesus write the bible...
Very random...I've been wonderin all day lmao



5 reasons to believe in ghosts and 5 reasons not to?

I have a thing for class and it's on ghosts. Can someone help me get 5 reasons to believe in ghosts and 5 reasons not to.PLEASE I AM BEGGING YOU PLEASE HELP ME!!!

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What do you get if you add spirits together?

If your spirit voice, your inner reading voice - your thinking voice(s), the one you generally pray with and to talk to God with in whatever manner seems best to you voice - is in your head with your spirit, does that not mean that every person’s head ...


Can you make deals wit Satan and still be a Christian?

im thinking about making a few negotiations with Satan...but i am a Christian. can u "associate" with Satan (not worshipping) and still be considered a Christian? ( i dont wan any jackhole answers. im not crazy)


Read most of the bible and it's stupid, why do so many believe?

okay, I have read most of the bible... and its STUPID! Why do so many people put all their faith in something so farfetched?
just think about it logically...


Do you think that God, Jesus, and Mary are real?

Do you think that God, Jesus, and Mary are real? What about the Devil? Heaven?


Why am I obsessed with The Amityville Horror?

So the first time I saw the newest version of Amityville Horror I knew nothing about it. Shortly after it kept popping up into my life. Being mentioned at least once a week in a show I was watching when I had never heard of it before. I randomly came a...


Who would like to destroy religion?

I feel very strongly that we would all be better off without religion. I just want to know how many agree, and if you do you should join my group " atheists"


Sick of anti-muslim/jew/christian

Look!im sick of this stupid 'anti-muslim,anti-christian,anti-jew' theory.arent we all people?dont we believe in one god??so can anyone find some positive similarities?or is peaceful co-existence between the three completely impossible?

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What does God say about dating?

What does the Word of GOD say about boyfriends and girlfriends? I can't find it anywhere!!!
It only speaks of engagements and marriage.


Quiz on sinful nature?

Where is this scripture found in the bible?

“[Life by the Spirit] So I say, live by the Spirit, and you will not gratify the desires of the sinful nature.”


How can I use spells if I am Christian?

Sorry about the 'how' at the beginning of the title. I am Christian, so am I allowed to try out spells? I would only like to try it, but I am afraid God would punish me. Please help.


God Farts

Did the Big Bang happen when God farted big time? Is that why all the stars are made of Gas? So if we are made of stardust then we are actually small parts of God's gas, since stars are gas? So do new universes get created every time God farts?

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