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Why should I get confirmed?

Why should I get confirmed?


The Number 60 in the Bible

Does anyone know if the Number 60 has any special meaning in the Bible?
Or if the number is used in the Bible at all...


How do you react when someone insults your religion or beliefs?

And what is your religion? I notice some people get really touchy about the subject when people show doubt in their beliefs, and they will outright start raging and telling the other person they are wrong, others will ignore it completely, offer no d...


Vote of thanks speech in church anniversary

I wanted to give vote of thanks to the congregation in church, pls give me guide line


Is it possible to kill the Devil?

throught the bible we see that the devil is given some sort of punishment.god never kills the devil.why is it like this.does the devil have a eternal life.please comment


Is playing piano allowed in Islam?

how much do you know about islam? Is playing piano allowed in Islam?


in the bible, does it really say to smoke "the holy herb" (weed)?

in the bible, does it really say to smoke "the holy herb" (weed)???


"From Dust you were made, Dust you will return"?

In the bible, what does that mean? A few days ago in the opinion section of our local paper some guy said that when we die, there is no heaven and there is no hell. he said we go into some kinda underworld and fade away.
he took some scriptures from th...


advantages and disadvantages of being a monk?

Ok finishing up my project right now..and I need help on the last part..what is 2 or 3 advantages of being a monk..and what is 2 or 3 disadvantages of being one?


How can I get possessed by a demon?

How can I get possessed by a demon?

1781 views NSFW

Did Sunita Williams really accept Islam?

"Recently after coming back from Space station Sunita Wiliams, an Indian origin female astronaut has accepted Islam" a news like this is spreading all over the internet and in some of the daily news paper atleast in some locals. What is the actual fac...


"Damn" in the Bible?

I keep hearing that the word "Damn" is in the Bible,is that true?


What do demons eat?

Im writin a book about demons a I need 2 know what do demons eat ???^ ^


Do ghosts eat or hide people food?

ok someone weird been happening in my house ton of food go missing like 10 min ago some ice cream so missing the only people in my houese is my my uncle and my sister at the moment and none of us move so where did it go? week after week food be going...


Can I change my religion for money?

Now I am a sri lankan muslim. but i have no money and i have problems in my life. So I want to change my religion for money.can i do it?


What religion is closest to christianity?

What religion is closest to Christianity???


Who is jesus christ and what was his mission to the world?

Who is jesus christ and what was his mission to the world?


What do you think, is humping a sin?

I'm just wondering if humping is a sin. What if you don't think about anything while you're humping something, is it still a sin? Can you ask for forgivness even if you did it anyway?


Change religion from Hindu to Christian?

Hey ... I am a Hindu ...I want to change my Religion hindu to christian for money...I dont know how its possible...I am from india...can any one pls tell me how is it possible ???


Places to get donations for a church?

I want to build a church for my christian members so I'm looking for adresses like Oprah to ask for donation and others if you know them


Can Muslims date outside their religion?

If Muslim, can you date outside your religion? Is this a religions rule? Or possibly just a mother's?


Disturbed band. DO they worship satan.

I like this band a lot but Some of there music seems like devil music. DO they sing devil music???


What does it mean when a dove is roosting on my house?

A dove was recently building a nest on my roof. Someone told me a while back, that it possibly meant peace or god is bringing you a gift. Does anyone know if either of these are true? Or if it means something else entirely.
Please and thank you =]


Does the Odyssey date back further than the Bible?

Hmmm...did I spell that right?? Hmm I was wondering...does the Odessy date back further then the Bible? Like is it older?
(im too lazy to google it...haha)


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