Does God exist and why?

do you think that God does exist. why?

Answer #1

This is what I think. This explanation of God’s existence is quite logical. I feel much closer to God after reading this.

God vs Science A science professor begins his school year with a lecture to the students, “Let me explain the problem science has with religion.” The atheist professor of philosophy pauses before his class and then asks one of his new students to stand.

“You’re a Christian, aren’t you, son?”

“Yes sir,” the student says.

“So you believe in God?”


“Is God good?”

“Sure! God’s good.”

“Is God all-powerful? Can God do anything?”


“Are you good or evil?”

“The Bible says I’m evil.”

The professor grins knowingly. “Aha! The Bible!” He considers for a moment. “Here’s one for you. Let’s say there’s a sick person over here and you can cure him. You can do it. Would you help him? Would you try?”

“Yes sir, I would.”

“So you’re good…!”

“I wouldn’t say that.”

“But why not say that? You’d help a sick and maimed person if you could. Most of us would if we could. But God doesn’t.”

The student does not answer, so the professor continues. “He doesn’t, does he? My brother was a Christian who died of cancer, even though he prayed to Jesus to heal him. How is this Jesus good? Hmmm? Can you answer that one?”

The student remains silent.

“No, you can’t, can you?” the professor says. He takes a sip of water from a glass on his desk to give the student time to relax.

“Let’s start again, young fella. Is God good?”

“Er…yes,” the student says.

“Is Satan good?”

The student doesn’t hesitate on this one. “No.”

“Then where does Satan come from?”

The student falters. “From God”

“That’s right. God made Satan, didn’t he? Tell me, son. Is there evil in this world?”

“Yes, sir.”

“Evil’s everywhere, isn’t it? And God did make everything, correct?”


“So who created evil?” The professor continued, “If God created everything, then God created evil, since evil exists, and according to the principle that our works define who we are, then God is evil.”

Again, the student has no answer. “Is there sickness? Immorality? Hatred? Ugliness? All these terrible things, do they exist in this world?”

The student squirms on his feet. “Yes.”

“So who created them?”

The student does not answer again, so the professor repeats his question. “Who created them?” There is still no answer. Suddenly the lecturer breaks away to pace in front of the classroom. The class is mesmerized. “Tell me,” he continues onto another student. “Do you believe in Jesus Christ, son?”

The student’s voice betrays him and cracks. “Yes, professor, I do.”

The old man stops pacing. “Science says you have five senses you use to identify and observe the world around you. Have you ever seen Jesus?”

“No sir. I’ve never seen Him.”

“Then tell us if you’ve ever heard your Jesus?”

“No, sir, I have not.”

“Have you ever felt your Jesus, tasted your Jesus or smelt your Jesus? Have you ever had any sensory perception of Jesus Christ, or God for that matter?”

“No, sir, I’m afraid I haven’t.”

“Yet you still believe in him?”


“According to the rules of empirical, testable, demonstrable protocol, science says your God doesn’t exist. What do you say to that, son?”

“Nothing,” the student replies. “I only have my faith.”

“Yes, faith,” the professor repeats. “And that is the problem science has with God. There is no evidence, only faith.”

The student stands quietly for a moment, before asking a question of His own. “Professor, is there such thing as heat?”

“Yes,” the professor replies. “There’s heat.”

“And is there such a thing as cold?”

“Yes, son, there’s cold too.”

“No sir, there isn’t.”

The professor turns to face the student, obviously interested. The room suddenly becomes very quiet. The student begins to explain. “You can have lots of heat, even more heat, super-heat, mega-heat, unlimited heat, white heat, a little heat or no heat, but we don’t have anything called ‘cold’. We can hit up to 458 degrees below zero, which is no heat, but we can’t go any further after that. There is no such thing as cold; otherwise we would be able to go colder than the lowest -458 degrees.”

“Every body or object is susceptible to study when it has or transmits energy, and heat is what makes a body or matter have or transmit energy. Absolute zero (-458 F) is the total absence of heat. You see, sir, cold is only a word we use to describe the absence of heat. We cannot measure cold. Heat we can measure in thermal units because heat is energy. Cold is not the opposite of heat, sir, just the absence of it.”

Silence across the room. A pen drops somewhere in the classroom, sounding like a hammer.

“What about darkness, professor. Is there such a thing as darkness?”

“Yes,” the professor replies without hesitation. “What is night if it isn’t darkness?”

“You’re wrong again, sir. Darkness is not something; it is the absence of something. You can have low light, normal light, bright light, flashing light, but if you have no light constantly you have nothing and it’s called darkness, isn’t it? That’s the meaning we use to define the word.”

“In reality, darkness isn’t. If it were, you would be able to make darkness darker, wouldn’t you?”

The professor begins to smile at the student in front of him. This will be a good semester. “So what point are you making, young man?”

“Yes, professor. My point is, your philosophical premise is flawed to start with, and so your conclusion must also be flawed.”

The professor’s face cannot hide his surprise this time. “Flawed? Can you explain how?”

“You are working on the premise of duality,” the student explains. “You argue that there is life and then there’s death; a good God and a bad God. You are viewing the concept of God as something finite, something we can measure. Sir, science can’t even explain a thought.”

“It uses electricity and magnetism, but has never seen, much less fully understood either one. To view death as the opposite of life is to be ignorant of the fact that death cannot exist as a substantive thing. Death is not the opposite of life, just the absence of it.”

“Now tell me, professor. Do you teach your students that they evolved from a monkey?”

“If you are referring to the natural evolutionary process, young man, yes, of course I do.”

“Have you ever observed evolution with your own eyes, sir?”

The professor begins to shake his head, still smiling, as he realizes where the argument is going. A very good semester, indeed.

“Since no one has ever observed the process of evolution at work and cannot even prove that this process is an on-going endeavor, are you not teaching your opinion, sir? Are you now not a scientist, but a preacher?”

The class is in uproar. The student remains silent until the commotion has subsided.

“To continue the point you were making earlier to the other student, let me give you an example of what I mean.”

The student looks around the room. “Is there anyone in the class who has ever seen the professor’s brain?” The class breaks out into laughter.

“Is there anyone here who has ever heard the professor’s brain, felt the professor’s brain, touched or smelt the professor’s brain? No one appears to have done so. So, according to the established rules of empirical, stable, demonstrable protocol, science says that you have no brain, with all due respect, sir.”

“So if science says you have no brain, how can we trust your lectures, sir?”

Now the room is silent. The professor just stares at the student, his face unreadable.

Finally, after what seems an eternity, the old man answers. “I guess you’ll have to take them on faith.”

“Now, you accept that there is faith, and, in fact, faith exists with life,” the student continues. “Now, sir, is there such a thing as evil?”

Now uncertain, the professor responds, “Of course, there is. We see it everyday. It is in the daily example of man’s inhumanity to man. It is in the multitude of crime and violence everywhere in the world. These manifestations are nothing else but evil.”

To this the student replied, “Evil does not exist sir, or at least it does not exist unto itself. Evil is simply the absence of God. It is just like darkness and cold, a word that man has created to describe the absence of God. God did not create evil. Evil is the result of what happens when man does not have God’s love present in his heart. It’s like the cold that comes when there is no heat or the darkness that comes when there is no light.”

The professor sat down.

Answer #2

Yes, I believe in God! 

“who is God? where is God?”

The answers to those two questions depend upon what religious faith you accept as valid – and there are many to choose from!

in my opinion

  1. God created/caused our spirits (entities) along with the universe to come into being. God established the purpose for it all but doesn’t involve Its self in the continuance or activities of same.

  2. “Sin” is man’s concept and is utilized by men to control other men. The human caused “negative events” that take place are circumstances that are considered by us in the non-life experience between incarnations as we evaluate the successes and failures we made as we attempted to achieve our goals during our incarnations.

  3. The Bible (and similar religious books) is a necessary concoction created by man to control man and his environment. It was necessary because mankind, in its infancy, did not have the medical and technological knowledge to conquer and understand its environment so had to be controlled by superstitions which were found to save lives and further the survivability of the various human societies.

Why did God make the world?

in my opinion, God diversified Itself into Its many parts and charged those parts (entities) to go forth and acquire knowledge and experience and to then return to the Oneness of God.

The entities caused the creation of the universe and everything therein and individually choose to inhabit the physical bodies.

The entities may incarnate/reincarnate many times before gravitating back into the Oneness of God.


Speculation: 1 Is God necessary?


There has to be a Source from which the “big bang” sprang forth Creating the universe.

Speculation: 2 What is God?

God is the ultimate Cause.

God is the Creative Entity, Energy or Force from which all is derived.

Speculation: 3 Where is God?

God is in a state of awareness that is outside the universe.

God has morphed part of Itself into those entities (spirits) that inhabit the universe and the physical bodies within.

Speculation: 4 Why is God?

God Is because God Is.

God is eternal, existing independent of time or the universe.

Speculation: 5 Is God concerned?


God is not concerned with the daily functioning of the universe or matters within it. That is our domain and subject to our whim.

Speculation: 6 What are we?

We are the spirits (entities) of God.

God morphed into Us and we continue to create according to God’s purpose.

Our physical bodies are simply the means we use to experience and function in the physical dimension.

Speculation: 7 Why are we?

We are for the purpose of gaining knowledge and experience.

In the end, we gravitate back into the Oneness of God allowing for the fulfillment of God.

Speculation: 8 Evolution

Evolution is simply a tool of Creation.

The entities often influence the direction of evolution along desired paths.

From my chosen path I stray, Yet my God any’er turns away; For I have learned – and understand, That where God is – is where I am!

  In contrast to believing in the Bible, I believe:

  1. That God is that Creative/Causative Force that exists before the beginning of the universe/time and continues to exist outside of the universe and time.

  2. That “Force” created/caused the spiritual/soul entities to come into being.

  3. The spiritual/soul entities continued the “Creation” with the “Big Bang”. And, through evolution and possibly subtle manipulations, have caused the current state of affairs.

  4. The spirits/souls choose to inhabit the various physical bodies that they have created in order to experience physical reality.

  5. When bodies die the spirit/soul continues to exist and often times reincarnates into another body in order to continue its growth.

  6. The purpose of it all is for the spirits/souls (entities) to gain knowledge and experience and to ultimately rejoin or evolve back into the Oneness of God.

  I choose

I chose to be born, – to live or die, Even the sex, that would be I; I chose the race, from which to appear, Also my wealth, my health and my fear.

I chose my trials and stumbling blocks, And the legs I would use, in all of those walks; I chose my sadness, my joy and my love, I chose to serve and not be above.

I chose this life – with all of its dues, And with each dawn, again I choose; The experiences for me that wait ahead, To be alive, or be claimed dead.

And of the future lives I’ve yet, It is my choice that I begat; All the things, however pleasin’, That shall befall me in those seasons.

Answer #3

The Universe is not eternal. It had a beginning. The Universe always existing is not scientific. Matter, time, and space are finite and had a beginning. The Universe is dependent on time. Einstein showed that time and space are manifestations of the same thing; spacetime. Spacetime is finite and had a beginning. Time is dependent upon space and cannot be separated from it. Similarly, space cannot exist without time. Time is essential to measure anything. Without it, space cannot be measured, and cannot exist. Because spacetime is finite matter itself also has to be finite. Einstein showed that matter is a manifestation of energy. Without space there would be nowhere for energy to manifest into matter. Without time, when do you put matter? Matter, time, space, and energy are all dependent upon each other. The Universe could not have existed without time. This throws off the Universe existing as a singularity. The Universe had to have had a beginning because time had a beginning. The Universe could not have come about by itself. It had to be created.

In advance of matter and spacetime there was nothing. How can something come from nothing? There is absolutely no way. Something had to have existed prior to matter and spacetime. This something can only be God. Was there a point in time when he was created? Time began a finite amount of time ago. Prior to the beginning of time there was nothingness. There was no time. God existed prior to time. Therefore, there was never a point in time when he was created. He always existed. He exists outside of time and is eternal. God is not limited to matter and spacetime because he created these things. He is not bound by the Laws of Physics. He is all powerful. Because God is not consisted of matter he is immaterial. He cannot be seen, touched, tasted, or smelled. Because he is not limited to space he is omnipresent. Finally, because God exists outside of time he is eternal. He sees the past, present, and future at the same instant. Also, God can never be measured or proven scientifically because he is not consisted of matter and spacetime. You cannot understand God with science. The only way you can know God is by believing in him with your heart and soul. You must have faith in him.

Hebrews 11:6 But without faith it is impossible to please Him, for he who comes to God must believe that He is, and that He is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him.

Hebrews 11:1 Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.

Hebrews 11:3 By faith we understand that the worlds were framed by the word of God, so that the things which are seen were not made of things which are visible.

Answer #4

“Blessings to those who read His book and take it to heart!”

We seem to be blessed by many books written by the creator of the universe to choose from. Unfortunately, many of them are internally inconsistent, illogical, poorly written (why did god allow Shakespeare to be a better writer than himself?), and contradict other books and known facts anyone can verify for themselves.

Choosing one book over all others and making the absurd claim that it is special, the one true book of god, and all the others are poor imitators, or straight out and obvious fakes is an extraordinary claim indeed.

Answer #5

Nothing finite can be infinite (eternal). Since the universe is made of finite things (matter, time, space), it therefor must be created by something without time (timeless), thus making it eternal. If it is eternal, it must be infinite, and if its the Creator, it must be God.

The universe changes, and time is the measure of change. How many changes have happened before right now? If you claim an infinite number of changes (which is impossible because you can not have an infinite amount of finite things), it is a logically impossible to conclude we could ever have reached this moment in time. In a world of cause and effect (which we live in), there can not be an infinite regress (an infinite amount of cause and effect reactions to get to a certain cause).

Allow me to rephrase. Imagine that the Earth orbits the sun every 365 days (it does). Now, on Mars, a year is much longer than an Earth year, being 687 Earth days (basically double). So, for every 2 years of Mars, Earth has circled the sun approximately 4 times. Now, imagine that this has been going on for eternity. By your logic, they would both have circled the sun the exact same amount of times, because its been going on forever (this is clearly impossible). This shows the impossibility of an infinite regress, whereby there could not have been an infinite amount of (x) before right now, in a finite universe based on time.

Now, back to God. God exists outside of time, in Eternity. God created time, and time is irrelevant to Him. God is Eternal, not created. Firstly, you have 2 choices; either everything came from nothing (which is impossible), or something always existed and created us. You have no other choice. Take a moment to think about that, remembering that it can not exist in time, that would be impossible. Time can not be eternal.

This thing that always existed would be considered Eternal, having transcended time, space, and matter, being everlasting, having always existed. If you argue this is impossible, I would argue the contrary; it is impossible for this Eternal ‘thing’ to not exist, because the alternative is that nothing existed, which could only produce nothing. So, something always existed, and is therefor Eternal.

Now, for something to be Eternal, it can not consist of time, because time must have had a beginning. We exist in a universe of causality, so an infinite regress is impossible; there could not have been an infinite amount of time before right now, because we never would have reached this moment in time. That means time had a beginning, and whatever created time exists without time, beyond time, in timelessness; Eternity.

So, this Eternal Creator, created time, and the universe. This Eternal Creator clearly is extremely powerful, because the energy of the trillions of stars in the known universe were created by this Creator. And obviously, the Creator is extremely intelligent, having created an intelligent being such as mankind and a world in which to populate with it.

Answer #6

“The truth is that there is no Allah, only God.”

There are millions of Muslims who state with equal fervour that “there is no god but Allah”. Both are statements of belief - you need to provide evidence that your god hypothesis is actually true. Allah is only one alternate god, there are many others to choose from.

“Not a bunch of gods. “

Proof it.

“Humans have an innate desire to worship something: cars, MONEY, stuff, self, work, etc. “

Really? That’s an interesting thing to say - do you have any data to back that up?

“We were created by God to worship Him and enjoy His presence forever! “

Sounds like an extraordinarily vain god. What would motivate an omniscient, omnipotent god to create a being that can choose between worshipping him (as he wants) or spending an eternity in the eternal flames of hell?

“The Bible alone is proof that God exists.”

By that logic the Quran is proof that Allah exists, or the Bug Vita is proof of Vishnu.

“I was written over a period of 1500 years, it is still the best selling book of all time, and it was made to be devoured, poured over, studied, loved but not worshiped, and taken to the ends of the earth. This earth, the only heavenly body with life on it,”

Popularity does not make it true and defenders of other faiths use exactly that same arguments. I had a discussion with a Mormon the other day who stated that thousands of people have tried to disprove the book of Mormon, but have not succeeded. He used this as proof the book MUST be divinely inspired - the word of god. Muslims point to changes and the huge variety of bible versions as evidence it has been corrupted, yet the Quran has remained perfect and unaltered for 1,500 years - it MUST be the word of god. These arguments are stupid and juvenile.

“Genesis, first words in the Bible: ‘In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth.’,

OMG - that means it MUST be TRUE! urgh.

“The universe and all its complexities is held together by His hand. In its ever expanding form, there is no other ‘force’ out there that can be described so perfectly balanced to keep all the celestial bodies in their respective orbits.”


“True, there are as many stars as grains of sand on every beach.”


“Each of us are the salt of the earth and a light to the world when we proclaim His Name and even more so when we are ridiculed for it”

Oh yes - you have more faith when people like me ask decent questions about your beliefs. You move closer to god everytime you are unable to answer a reasonable question in a reasonable manner. You are truly pious when you abandon logic to hold onto your irrational superstitions. Why? Because god MUST be indecent, unreasonable, irrational, and illogical.

Answer #7

twilightgrl, baldinwold has already made it clear he’s not a Christain, so it’s unlikely he puts stock in your 10 commandments either. That trick doesn’t actually work to convert people who don’t believe the 10 commandments are authoritative. By the way, I lie occasionally, I cheat occasionally, I lust, etc., and I still consider myself a good person by MY standards.

In answer to the OP, a careful examination of the available evidence does not indicate the existence of any gods. Further, an analysis of the history of religion shows that the concept of gods originated from anthropomorphizing the sun, moon, planets and constellations. In other words, the very concept of gods originated from faulty ancient thinking. The entire phenomenon is explainable in ordinary terms.

Philosophically, it does not follow that the universe needs a creator. Even the Big Bang does not imply any such thing. If time is an aspect of the universe, then to say ‘the universe was created’ implies a time when time did not exist - a logical impossibility. All the prime mover type arguments, ontological arguments, etc. have been thoroughly debunked by more modern philosophers, so god concepts fail from this perspective as well.

Arguments from the infallibility of ancient texts amount to crazy talk. You’re wasting your time if you take that approach. I’m not going to spend a lifetime listening to someone invent wild eyed speculations to harmonize away all the obvious contraditions and nonsense in such books. The same bogus approach could be applied to Harry Potter as easily as the Bible.

In the end, I have as much reason to think some god is real as I do to think any other fictional character might actually be real.

Answer #8

Yea, we’re supposed to love ‘em into a relationship w/Christ.

Each time a wave (come on over!) is given to someone and they have to think about it, we move further away from them until the Day of the Lord, and then it will be too late. (response getter #1…see above)

It is analogous to motioning across the street, then disappearing/fading away across the ocean and can’t be seen by either the waver or seeker. Time waits for no one.

And we all are seekers. For, Christ has been calling our names and singing over us since before time. (This will get another response!)

For, during the tribulation, those who refuse will not see much light in the day and there will be nashing of teeth because they will be so angry at God, they will curse His very being and I DON’T want anyone to go by the way of the world.

Free will is dangerous for it is self serving/personal peace and affluence to ONLY ONE…ME!

Each of us ARE the ELECT, IF and WHEN we choose Christ, I become less and He becomes more in me. Believe me…There is NOTHING good in me, other than Jesus.

Ever think about that?

All GOOD thoughts/answers come from the Lord and ANYTHING else is darkness.

Each one of us is able to turn 180 and never look back. There is more than happiness, it is pure joy. Happiness lies in situations, joy is everlasting through any circumstance.

The level of forgiveness varies directly with the depth of faith.

There is no other proof than that! No other.

Answer #9

Okay! This is the Truth. Mathmatics to attempt and prove Allah might be valid, but still doesn’t prove Allah exists! It also concludes all beings have the potential to become “Gods” with enough knowledge and technology. For example we have the ability to clone animals. When the technology for this becomes more advanced we would seem magical. So basically primitive beings with less intelligence and knowledge see more advanced beings as Gods! So it’s inconclusive and irrational. Secondly, life on Earth(and any way in natruel existance) was coincidence and chance. Simple formation of life given certain conditions without outside or intelligent help is definatly possible. All it takes is replicating molecules, and a couple billion years. When these molecules don’t replicate exactly new molecules replicate themselves. Evolution eventually happens, nature and the Universe is no evidence of an intelligent God science never concluded such. Take this into consideration: Our Earth is but a tiny non-visable speck in a universe that is 93 million light years acorss, we are revolving around the sun at 67,000 miles per hour. While our galaxy is revolving around its center at incredable speeds. Our galaxy is but one in about 200 billion. There are more stars in the Universe then there are grains of sand on all the beaches in this world. No God is nessary for anything natruel at all, and “Gods” in your sense are not even possible. It’s natruel force, selection, and physics, with their own cause and existance. Of course it’s amazing it can lead to life, but it’s absolutly a blind mechanism. What makes us so special? Sure there probably are super intelligent beings out there, but they are DNA and flesh, and took several billion years to evolve, humans would one day have their knowledge. But we and I mean no one is any gods expierament.

Answer #10

NO ONE is without sin and gods knows this but the difference is as soon as I ask for him to forgive me I am with out sin until I sin again lol but im like a sheep quick to go down the rong path

Answer #11

loveisachoice many years ago,as a teenager, I asked myself many of the questions posed above and I remember reading about a pilot who crashed on an uncharted island. He was taken by the natives and nursed for his injuries. He not believeing in the existence of God was surprised to find that the natives were converted to christianity. he began to ridicule,the very people who most likely saved his life, for “putting their faith in something that couldn’t be proven” The leader of the tiny island said “sir, if you would have crashed here 4 years ago you would have been in a pot boiling for our supper” Jesus came to teach us how to live and interact with our environment with love, a love he demonstrated by the example of his living this life. by the mere fact all the comments above are so diverse in opinion is why we need a shepherd. not only someone with the knowledge but someone who by example lived the word that was spoken. those who find it hard to believe in god and Jesus must first look for him where he can be found, he is ready to be discovered. a heart that is haughty, full of self-knowledge and pride, full of desires for the physical world, full of hate for lifes bitter experiences, cannot see, or feel God because God does not exist with that spirit. Jesus taught us how to experience God and how to have a relationship with him. The choice is ours to love as Jesus loved. God the father’s will was to have a son he loved very much to make the sacrifice to atone for our sins. Jesus with his free will obeyed through the pain of suffering for the love, trust, of his father(ours also) and the love for those who come to believe in him. if any of you would look at my life to predicate your faith in Jesus, then depending at what specific moment you witnessed my behaviour would determine if you would be reinforced to believe or not. we as humans can always find the example of failings in each other and make it the reason for not acknowledging God, but that can’t be said of Jesus who is the Star that guides the heart to where God can be found.

Answer #12

There is no God, and you only have FAITH there is. Because you can’t understand complexity or know it’s orgins. The Universe is not held together it’s chaotic. The force that causes orbit and formation is gravity and physics.It makes no sense for a creator to make planets with such componets such as different gravity it’s random natruel selection. You also have to be honest with your self and ask the question where did God come from. I 100% doubt. And I also 100% doubt earth is the only planet that is able to support life.

The Bible alone is a perfect example that the idea of God is made up. It’s like any other fictional story written during that time period, with ridicolous accounts. The Bible was written in a time when Sea monsters existed and plagues were caused by Gods. Interesting fairytales though. Here’s what I find false about the Bible and Gods in general.

-God did not create humans or any other life -God did not create the Universe, or anything in it -God did not create the Earth, solar system -Gods do not cause Earthly or solar phenominon -Gods do not exist

It’s 2,000 years ago. You get very ill and have no idea why.. There’s God right there. But we now have an explanation for illnesses and they aren’t caused or created by God. We know far more now then we did.

Oh and Jesus if he even existed, which I’m not completly convinced he did. He was just a carpenter with a mental problem who got crucified for annoying people that he was the son of God..which is god too??? He got this idea from his mom who told him stories. You’ll find mentally unstable people like that everyonce in a while.

The point you’re here now. we don’t need a definate reason for Why, because we don’t know. No evidence points to any intelligent being. And jumping to conclusions of an almighty God is not an explanation. Common theory of ignorance.

Answer #13

HAVE YOU EVER LIED? SUDDENLY THIS HAS BECOME A PERSONAL “INQUISITION” I do not follow the bible. everything on the planet is a mix of dark and light, good and bad, I am a part of that - as all of you are. I do not need an organized religion to supress that which it has determined to be bad. I make that decision on my own- utilizing my own morality. gather a bunch of christians together, how many of them have had an affair? for that matter- how many of them have lied? churches- when it really comes down to it- end up being hothouses of immorality. don’t believe it? look at the divorce rate look at the birth rate outside of marriage. look at the number of priests coming out of the woodwork- accused of child molestation. now take a count of how many of these people were ‘god fearing people’. I think that the number will be rather high. I have heard of these things, I have seen these things with my own eyes, before I became sober- I drank in the bars with these church goers, I watched them ‘sin’ and then return to church bright and early sunday morning- hungover from the night before. to me ‘christianity ‘ is used to whitewash a lot of sins. I have seen the priesthood seek to keep molestation private. I have seen righteous people not pursue a person who made their underage daughter pregnant. seen with my own eyes- a clear cut case of statutory rape, kept from the public and out of the courts- because it would look bad. you can’t tell me that this is rightousness, that this is moral, that this is right. I am not going to swallow it.

Answer #14

This is such a loaded question because there will never ever b a way of proving anything right… in my belief of the world as I understand it, I don’t think there is a god or goddess or anything else like that.

as for why the bible is still the top seller? that is because when it all comes down to it, PEOPLE ARE AFRAID!!!

Could any of you, christians, wiccans, muslims, etc ever imagine a world where you realized you were alll alone??? its a scary one.. physcially we can be surrounded by people and still in our head have that feeling of lonliness. so we take comfort in having a “friend” who will be with us always and forever (god or mother earth).

Also, people follow the “good book” because it gives them ground to not fear death. Lets face it, we will all die one day. But what happens to us? mentally that is. probably nothing. our inner monologue will be muted and we will be blanks. no after life. no heaven. no hell. no reincarnation. Now that right there is some scary stuff too. so go ahead and take comfort in believing in a heaven to go to after your death. It does feel better that way… (YES. that is meant to be sarcastic)

if I sound at all rude, it is because I read through as many as these posts as I could, and I saw the same thing I always see when it comes to religion. mine is right yours is wrong. trying to question/convert/put down the wiccan man just because he is of different religion. lets do the same to the muslims! and why stop there? there are jews and hindus that need putting down too!! (more sarcasm)

Ask YOUR god if its ok to HATE or look down upon OTHERS just for their CHOICE to believe another? get back to me when he responds…

(ugh its a sunny day outside, so I better not get hit by lighting walking out my door… lol) much peace and love

Answer #15

Church is a place to fellowship with other believers. Believers do worship God in churches… but it’s not the building that is sacred. A building is just a bunch of bricks. It has more to do with a relationship with God than it has to do with a building. There are different denomanations around the world and all of them call themselves “christians” which is where your view comes from that we worship saints and use the four elements and cast spells. Casting spells is pagan practice that God condemns. Christians only pray to one being… which is God. (You might be confusing catholics with Christians, who pray to Mary) Some Christians do pray for protection, but this is called Spiritual Warfare, meaning they are asking for protection from evil spirits and satan. I believe every can agree that there is good and evil and right and wrong since we all have a conscience.

Answer #16

How does God exist and why…hmm. That’s a really good question. Many people will answer that differently, according to their own personal religions; their individual beliefs. And many more, who so strongly believe in their faith, would die for God. Be him as he is; which is a higher power that came before us. What proof do we have of God’s existence? People would find some kind of mysticism in “miracles” (or are they merely just probability? coincidence?), be it in everyday things in life, like nature. Or perhaps people would mystify ancient storybooks that tells tales or legends of something, anything, that comes to describe how we, humans, came to be, and are now. I think God exists because we believe he does. This is why it takes “a leap of faith” to believe. This is my own personal opinion, and I don’t mean to offend anyone about it. As human beings, we come to understand the world within the limits of our senses. We can only see so much, taste so much, feel so much, and etc. Perhaps God is real, speaking to us everyday, but we simply don’t hear it, or even comprehend him. But then perhaps we made him as he was, within our minds, our understandings, to explain what we could not. To find some kind of “magic”, “wonder”, or ease in a world constantly encompassing the harsh realities of life; perhaps that is how God came to be to us. But then as those who believe would argue, maybe he just always was and is, and proof would be in knowing that Jesus Christ died for our sins (the leap of faith). Who knows. =/

Answer #17

God removed Himself from His Glory and became a man, Jesus, to dwell with us, as John states. He became a man to show us how to live for the Father.

God, in all His His Holiness, is too pure, too amazing, too awesome to behold.

Moses asked to see Him. God had him hide in a rock cleft. As God walked by, He held His hand out to shield His full radiance from Moses. When Moses returned to his people, his face was glowing.

Moses was looking into the rock, with his back to the opening and still “caught” just a “reflection of the resemblance of the image of God.” As stated in the quote three times removed, and still he was glowing by being in the presence of God.

How often do we spend time alone with God? Although my face may not light up a room, time spent in prayer, reading the Bible, and meditating on His Word should have such an effect on our lives that people will know we’ve been with God.

Answer #18

Warmheart - that’s all very nice, but is not exactly evidence or proof is it?

So the thought of a god makes you feel good - so what? So you cant believe we are all just animals, even when we exhibit all the characteristics of animals. There was a time when no one believed in germ theory - that microscopic animals to small for the naked eye to see were the cause of disease. Atomic theory suggests all kinds of chemistry, and all the models work. Quantum mechanics makes startling accurate predictions about the universe, yet defies reasonable understanding. Yet the truth of these matter goes against our natural instincts.

I believe all these things because there is overwhelming evidence for them. To say it all came from an invisible, all powerful, all knowing god when there is no way we can even test these ideas a stretch I am not willing to make. Believers (and I was one in the past) take these things as a matter of faith, but which god should I have faith in?

Answer #19

Once a believer, always a believer in His eyes! Look it up! There is no condemnation in Christ Jesus, EVER, no matter what you do! How great to know that you will be recognized by your loved ones in heaven. No power on earth or under the earth will remove you from the love of Christ, even if you say it has passed. Bless you, and that is truly by faith on my part, that I also will see you someday worshiping Our King.

Science with all the mathematical equations is proving God’s existence as each and every day brings new discoveries of His Awesome Power.

Overwhelming evidence that there are TV and radio waves coming across the airways, but do you see them? Turn on your radio, by faith, and “talkies” come alive.

By faith, that simple message our Savior has given each of us to accept!

Blessings, indeed!

Answer #20

baldwinwolf. have you ever lied?

Answer #21

I am not a follower of christ, I have seen christian churches wrecked by tornadoes, burned to the ground. if a church was such a sacred place then why would a christian god ruin the very place his worshipers come to worship him. I harbor no ill feelings towards anyone- I am but a man who is looking around me at everything wonderful in the world- and living within the laws of nature, being one with the world, with the only limitations being my own sense of morality. I do not need a singular GOD to suppress what it is to be human, I do not need a singular GOD to watch over me- as in a flock of sheep. I am a hunter, not a docile mindless creature, who is comforted by the knowledge that the SHEPHARD will protect me. nature is good and bad, it can be harsh- but it can also be rewarding. I live within the bounds of nature- if I don’t respect a rattlesnake- the christian god is not going to protect me from being bitten, common sense dictates that if I hear the rattle- go the other way.

Answer #22

Hi askegg: IN CHRIST is the key. It is only unforgivable if one has never received Christ. So, yes, your first response with 1,2 is very true.
The only “standard” (In Christ) is too simple for the highly educated with hard hearts, please forgive me for that, because I used to be there! The rest of above is not a matter of life or death. When those who will be judged, Jesus (God) will ask, “ What did you do with my Son?, What did you do with the mate I provided you, etc.”

All I know is that eternity is a very very long time. Common Grace is an unseen force of God by giving us each and every breath. Special Grace is for the believer who yearns to do the Father’s will. That yearning is the same word in Hebrew that describes a stallion tied, but wanting to get out of the barn… No sexual connotations involved. I’ll be praying for you, as I know many others will be as they read along!

Answer #23

He wants us to have riches: family, friends, things, a relationship with Him, but not for our things to have control over us. Some people’s lives are controlled by their things that they must keep polished–“Don’t get too close to that car and scratch it with your belt buckle!”, that puts their emotions and feelings for stuff ahead of people and their feelings.

An example is that I have an old ‘76 cadillac eldorado convertible that sits in the garage and I used to just cringe when someone else got near it. My former wife had asked to wash it and I replied. “No one else touches this car.” That was not the reason she left, maybe a part of it, but 11 years after that she did. It is a driver, but for lack of funds for license and insurance, it sits. I had thought I would be much better off if I were to get rid of it. I have mellowed over the years and take it out for a spin here in the country to keep it nimble. My two boys can do with it what they want when the time comes.

Answer #24

“There is no condemnation in Christ Jesus, EVER, no matter what you do!”

There are two that I know of: 1) Disbelief - go to hell, 2) Blaspheming the holy spirit - an unforgivable sin that earns the perpetrator an eternity in hell.

“No power on earth or under the earth will remove you from the love of Christ,”

God/Jesus/Spirit does that upon judgement when you die. Don’t meet the standards and you are cast into the eternal flames of hell, where god’s presence is absent.

“Science with all the mathematical equations is proving God’s existence…”

Maths and science do not prove any one god in particular. Science proves Allah, Vishnu, Xenu, and Baal with equal weight. Please provide evidence that YOUR god alone is supported by ANY evidence or mathematical proofs.

“Overwhelming evidence that there are TV and radio waves coming across the airways, but do you see them?”

No, but we can measure their effect, generate them, control them, build devices to receive and decode their signals, etc. Is there some way you can demonstrate the unseen force of god? Can you demonstrate which version of god is responsible? Is it at least POSSIBLE that Zeus is behind it all?

Answer #25


Answer #26

I do agree to disagree, nebula. Have you ever prayed? Only the living God hears prayer when we are in Christ. All other prayer bounces off the ceiling. Calling on Him in our difficulty brings us unto Him. The thief on the cross, next to Jesus the carpenter and Son of God, at his 11th hour called upon Jesus to remember him. We all have been given a way to be delivered, until the Day of Christ, when it will be too late. He will return in glory.

Some have said they would rather be scared into heaven, than be lulled into hell. Scared is just in reverence to a Holy God.

Satan has been deceiving many from the truth since the beginning of time.

The motivating factor in my life is that I’m going to heaven and taking all others that I can (figuratively). God loves you far more than a dove or sparrow, and He seeks a relationship with you, not some kind of religion, an intimate knowledge of Him. His ever loving hand is always outstretched for us to grasp.

Answer #27

“What did you do with my Son?”

My answer to that question is “nothing - your Son (if he existed) lived over 2,000 years ago in another country. Are you going to hold me responsible for the acts that occurred before you saw fit to bring me into the world?”

I may not be a god, but I am a father. I would do anything in my power for my children, including laying down my own life. To me, this is love. If there is a god, he must have a different kind of love because he has not done all in his power to prevent his children from entering the eternal flames of hell.

On the contrary, he created hell for the unbelievers and the sinners so that they should be punished for these “crimes” forever. Any being capable of such behaviour cannot be all loving and all powerful nor is worthy or worship by the values he instilled into his own creation. By his own standards, god should throw himself into hell.

Answer #28

The bible say god wrote the bible - we knew this to the true because the bible say so. See any problem with this line of reasoning?

“Same with the Lord, he invites us to have a relationship with Him. Others kill in the name of Allah so either they come to their religion or be killed. Is that love?”

Jesus says that the only way to heaven is through him, all others will be cast into the fire. This seems very similar to what you are accusing the Muslims of - kill those who do not believe, or do not meet their standards.

God is love. He killed everyone by flooding the Earth, he smited cities with fire and brimstone, he killed the first born of an entire generation, he drowned armies in the Red Sea, he kills 2,000 pigs for no reason, and many other horrible things. You can keep that kind of love to yourself.

“He lets things happen, He’s Sovereign over all and the outcome is always for His Glory.”

Thousands of people die, and all you can come up with is “It must be part of god’s wonderful plan”. Weak.

Answer #29

“Nature was ‘created’ at the instant of ‘The Big Bang’, so yes it did just go ‘poof’ and was there.”

Strawman. No one has ever suggested the singularity present at the big bang just appeared from nothing. The most anyone could ever say at this point is that “we just don’t know”. We may never know. This is where you may insert a god, but it’s just an hypothesis that has no supporting evidence. You believe it because you believe it.

“As to God, God is a Force that exists outside of the universe. It is not subject to ‘time’ since time is relative to the universe and time only exists because the universe exists. God Is and always has been.”

If there is something “outside the universe, space and time” then how could we determine what it might be? What does it mean to be “outside the universe”? Can anything outside the universe have an effect within it? The insertion of a god here is one possible answer, but again there is no evidence to support - nor can I think of anyway in which to even test the hypothesis.

Besides, such a notion goes as far as suggesting a deist god - one who created everything, then left us alone. You have a very long way to go to then prove there is only one such god, who has written a book, and happens to be the book you believe in. Once more, you believe you have the right book because the book itself says so - and we have many such books making this claim, each with many fervent followers many of them killing each other on such flimsy evidence.

Answer #30

The truth is that there is no Allah, only God. Not a bunch of gods. Humans have an innate desire to worship something: cars, MONEY, stuff, self, work, etc. We were created by God to worship Him and enjoy His presence forever! Isaiah 45:22 says, “Come unto me all the ends of the earth and be saved, for I am God and there is none other.” The Bible alone is proof that God exists. I was written over a period of 1500 years, it is still the best selling book of all time, and it was made to be devoured, poured over, studied, loved but not worshiped, and taken to the ends of the earth. This earth, the only heavenly body with life on it, Genesis, first words in the Bible: “In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth.”, is where He put each of us to share in His Glory. The universe and all its complexities is held together by His hand. In its ever expanding form, there is no other “force” out there that can be described so perfectly balanced to keep all the celestial bodies in their respective orbits.

True, there are as many stars as grains of sand on every beach.

Each of us are the salt of the earth and a light to the world when we proclaim His Name and even more so when we are ridiculed for it!

Answer #31

-Spells come from satan -I do not worship saints only god -I dont pray for the protection of angels they dont need prayer -priest pray and ask god and glorify him not pull out a wond and cast spells for with praying its not certain if it will get answered in that instant or not -christians do use things like holly water and wood and blah blah blah because thats all they had back then -maybe christians that are not really for god pray to more then one being but I pray to god and jesus allone -the bible says that there will be many false priest and false testimonys not every christian is true not every christian is pure I’ve SEEN IT TOO -do not doubt because or other idiots

and I ask you again how you think all this came to be?? who created the universe and nature and humans and the galxy I dont see any plant in outter space silly

Answer #32

Yes, I do because of a life-changing personal experience - this is what I know to be true: God being pure cannot even look upon sin - man, even in his very best state is a sinner - on judgement day, either: your sins are covered by the blood-shed sacrifice of Jesus Christ on the cross (salvation and only salvation - being a nice person isn’t good enough - even at our very best, we are but filthy rags), and remembered no more or they are not (your sins are not covered) - where God’s great love comes into play is, He provided a WAY (Jesus) for us not to perish and live in Heaven with Him (He certainly didn’t have to do this but did because He loved us so) - if you read carefully John 3:16, this is exactly what it says - each person will either accept or reject, you must decide for yourself and yes, it’s so important, it has eternal consequences - He Loves you and wants you to accept God’s free gift to man - Jesus…hope this helps !!

Answer #33

“‘How did nature create itself…SOMEONE had to put it there…it just didnt poof there…So therefore God does exist…’

How did god create himself? SOMEONE had to put him here … he didn’t just ‘poof’ into existence from nothing and it it does not make sense that he ‘always existed’.”   “na·ture (nā’chər) n.

  1. The material world and its phenomena.

  2. The forces and processes that produce and control all the phenomena of the material world: the laws of nature.”

Nature was “created” at the instant of “The Big Bang”, so yes it did just go “poof” and was there.

As to God, God is a Force that exists outside of the universe. It is not subject to “time” since time is relative to the universe and time only exists because the universe exists. God Is and always has been.


From my chosen path I stray, Yet my God any’er turns away; For I have learned – and understand, That where God is – is where I am!

From my chosen path I stray, Yet my God any’er turns away; For I have learned – and understand, That where God is – is where I am!

Answer #34

GOOD BEHAVIOR DOES NOT AND I REPEAT DOES NOT GET YOU INTO HEAVEN,,, being saved gets you into heaven and loving and knowing god is there is what its all about not how many good things you can do well I g2g

Answer #35

Depends on what you mean by “God”. There is no such thing as a benevolent, merciful loving God; there is no logical defense for the existence of such a deity. If this God did exist, how do you explain his notoriously evil actions in the Old Testament, or his preference to reveal himself to some humans and not others, or his apparent indifference to human suffering? Such a God clearly would take amusement in screwing with his creation, and therefore is not benevolent. The only logical explanation for the existence of a single God is that he is the ultimate good and the ultimate evil.

Nature and the universe are not evidence of any deity’s existence. Ancient humans thought they were because they did not fully understand the mechanisms which operate the world as we know it. We now know that there are scientifically valid explanations for the origins of the universe and life, none of which have ever been explained to satisfaction by the existence of a supreme deity.

Answer #37

The Bible is as perfect, flawless, and immutable as Jesus wrote it all, through the hands of men, who were inspired by Him. We must decide which way to go, and I respect any other decision to follow HIM or him. But when the Day of the Lord comes, every knee shall bow, every tongue confess that Jesus is LORD. For some though, it will be too late. After we die, we all will be resurrected into Glory with the Father forever, or Sheol, in pain forever. Forever is a long long time to be away from our Creator who made each and every one of us!
I had a hunter once ask me while we were stalking a deer on our mountain, “Did you plant all this grass, or is it wild?” “The Lord did, and we are just managers of this place showing all who come here what we do. There is no way we could keep this place for ourselves to “hoard” so we invite visitors, we are open all the time. We are just managers of this land for a short time, showing God’s great outdoors. Our children may take it over, but for a very short time compared to eternity.”

Same with the Lord, he invites us to have a relationship with Him. Others kill in the name of Allah so either they come to their religion or be killed. Is that love?

God is love. Insert Love in the Bible everywhere you see God!

And for illnesses and strife, accidents, 9/11, etc., He lets things happen, He’s Sovereign over all and the outcome is always for His Glory.

Even if Hillary gets to be president, we won’t know for a while how things will be affected, but it is always for His Glory.

Answer #38

From Feb 19: “I don’t assume there was once nothing. Why would I, that doens’t make any sense?” For the love of humankind, and I mean everyone, we are without excuse. If I were standing at the “pearly gates” with someone standing beside me and I had the opportunity on earth to tell them about Our Living God, Jesus, and didn’t, what would that convey to Our Lord?

Yes, Our God Almighty IS a jealous God who is NOT to be trifled. Every knee will bow and tongue confess that Jesus is Lord and so be it for the believer. To the nonbeliever, it is better to have not heard the Word than to have heard and refused.

We must repent and flee from the pending wrath, for the blood of Christ covers a multitude of sin.

All things are possible with God, and that is how something became from nothing, just from His voice it came to be. Disprove any of the prophecies that are mentioned in the Bible.

Now the burden of proof is in the other field and it has nothing to do with the theory of evolution or any other cryptic non facts.

Remember, we are all without excuse, because it has been written in our hearts: the knowledge of good and evil.

I look FORWARD to seeing everyone in heaven!

Answer #39

“Yes god exists. The things around us are the proof of gods existance.”

No - they are proof those things themselves exist. Since when do they require a creator? Have you actually READ any of the replied here?

“ wtihout him tere is nothing. “

This is an hypothesis - got any evidence?

“god asks human for only one thing…obediance!!! “

That seems rather egocentric for an omniscient, omnipotent god.

“For the wrongdoers there place in the hereafter is hell and for the pious there is heaven.”

So I should be scared of your “all loving” god?

“God loves his people and wants them to do right.”

Then why did he give us the ability to do wrong?

“However there is only one true religion. religions such as Hinduism, buddhism and all other religions are false other than islam and christianty.”

So we have two “one true religions”? What do you base this conclusion on?

“however out of these two religions only one is true so make your choice. ill say islam”

That is not belief - it is cosmic bet hedging.

Answer #40

* “If time didn’t exist before the big bang - how did it know when to go ‘Bang’ “

It’s always been banging. If it were possible to travel backward in time you would never reach the start of the big bang. Yet our universe is finite in age from our perspective. This seems like a paradox, until you factor in relativity.

Answer #41

The Bible was before a dictionary. And who controls all the banging!!!?

Again I’ll post here where it has done in another: IF Columbus had landed on the shores of Australia, who would be talking Jesus and Him crucified?

Sure hope a missionary would come by, or at least a messenger with the Good News.

Answer #42

my congregation would not believe that im good nor would they tell me that im good because they are BIBLE BELIEVING christians who know we are bad. the one question that you must ask yourself “is what im saying true?” and if it is true then you must understand why I witness. bc if its truth you have rejected god. his plan of salvation and he must punish sin.

Answer #43

and now I am beginning to see portions of that which was stolen from paganism- the great flood epic. spell- prayer- it all accomplishes the same thing- casts your wishes and concerns into the cosmos. you follow christ, I will venerate nature. because I choose to not follow christ- that makes me evil and bad? that is a rather arrogant statement, don’t you think?

Answer #44

I agree that none of that is right. There are many churches that are that way but that doesn’t mean that ALL of them are that way. Some “christians” do you use there christianity to cover up fo the things they do do… in that case I would have to wonder if they were ever really christians in the first place.

Answer #45

I agree with the denominations things.. there are a lot and there is no way of knowing which one is right or wrong. It is how you interpret the bible. But like I said… there is a difference between and interpreting it and changing what it says to conform it to what you believe… like the book of Mormon.

Me personally, it has to do with my personal relationship with God, not a denomination

Answer #46

Ugh. There’s a reason the faithful must console themselves by winning the debate vicariously through stories.

Answer #47


There was a time when time didn’t exist. It was before the “Big Bang” which created the universe, space AND time.

Answer #48

* “There was once nothing other than God”

This is an impossible statement, since it implies a time when time did not exist.

Answer #49


Yes god exists. The things around us are the proof of gods existance. wtihout him tere is nothing. god asks human for only one thing…obediance!!! For the wrongdoers there place in the hereafter is hell and for the pious there is heaven..

Answer #50

oh hold up lil one,,, you can go your whole life being good ,,kind to other,, eat your veggies,, be a good husband and wife,,, just because you dont have god doesnt mean your a bad person any one who tells you that is NOT of god!!!

in fact I think you are probably GREAT PERSON but without excepting god into your heart you will not go to heaven

Answer #51

God doesnt exist. it’s a myth like many other things. There is no evidential proof that God exists. Only what people beivele in and that can hardly be proof at all, there is the bible but it has been republished so many times, that it cant acturally be prrof.


Answer #52

* All things are possible with God, and that is how something became from nothing”

Warmheart, wouldn’t it make sense to first establish that there was once nothing before jumping to the conclusion that something came form nothing?

Answer #53

That key is important. Usually, forgivenesses is wise. Sometimes it isn’t. You may consider it virtuous to always forgive, but I consider that foolishness.

But since I do consider faith to be foolish, you may be right that great faith is required to be 100% forgiving.

Answer #54

warmheart, even though my money says “In God We Trust” on it, I still don’t consider money a god, nor do I pray to it. In what sense then would you say I ‘worship’ it? Is that the same sense of the word ‘worship’ you mean when you say you ‘worship’ your god?

Answer #55

“There was once nothing other than God, who always has been and always will be.”


Got any evidence of that, or just a warm fuzzy feeling?

Answer #56

God is not real, I’m sorry.

If you don’t believe me, pick up a book (other than a Holy Book) and read it.

Or how about turn on the news and see all of the suffering that surrounds you, then afte five minutes of watching it tell me how you feel. Tell me where your “god” is?

Answer #57

That’s God. He was never a man.

He has been and ever will be, without end!

Pretty cool to know Him and enjoy His presence forever.

Blessings to those who read His book and take it to heart!

Answer #58

God’s real. all men know it they just supress it.

if there wasnt a god then how could this world and univeres have gotten here.

and universe is uni- one verse-spoken
God said let there be

Answer #59

it doesn’t matter if a person thinks they are a good person or not. anyone who knows the ten commandments knows that none of us have kept them.. not even christians.

Answer #60

what kind of twisted logic is that? You can’t think of any other option except some one had to put it there? I think you’re the one who needs to think. If you Are capable of thinking.

Answer #61

… baldwinwolf.. to figure out the one and only truth. you need to go to the bible. thats all im going to say.. also I want to ask you a question. do you think you are a good person?

Answer #62

Where did that question come from?

The answer is trivial to anyone who actually understands evolution - the chicken. I have a video about this exact topic here -

Answer #63

Every one has been asking about God. If He didn’t exist, would there be any questions? Toadaly, I love your sense of humor! We all get to clarify what we post, we’ll get to the bottom of this soon.

Answer #64

But It is a deist God. That is the only kind of God that is logical.

The Bible, and similar books, are simply man’s feeble attempts to comprehend and explain that which man does not understand.

Answer #65

it doesnt make you evil or bad. it just makes you not saved. lol im just going to be VERY blunt about this. if your not saved you go to hell if you are you go to heaven. end of story. I hate to say that but it comes right down to that. its the truth

Answer #66

..toadaly…the problem is, is what you have already stated. you mentioned that by YOUR own standards you are a good person but you must measure by Gods standards. what was the overwhelming evidence that persuaded you to think there is no God? was it the fact that something had to be created out of nothing?

Answer #67

askegg, education does not produce a hard heart, it produces knowledge and critical thinking skills, both of which undermine the superstitious ways of thinking at the root of religious beliefs.

Those who lack such knowledge and skills have to decide everything based on emotional responses, so they refer to it as a hardened heart.

Answer #68

God exist.and this is irreutable argument…Sciense also cant deny tthat God doesnt exist…if you will take notice all things, all activities you can feel in deep of your heart that its true that God exist…

Answer #69

boy you need to go to church and see for your self because you need jeuse in your life because god the only one how can help you

love rere444

Answer #70

katydid is right that s what I was trying to get at. and if you repent (turn from your sins) and trust in Jesus to save you then you can have everlasting life w/ God… so you go to heaven not b/c your a good person but b/c you have been saved by a good God and He gets all the glory

Answer #71

God exist.and this is irreutable argument…Sciense also cant deny tthat God doesnt exist…if you will take notice all things, all activities you can feel in deep of your heart that its true that God exist

Answer #72

* “God’s real. all men know it they just supress it.”

God’s fake. All people know it, but some just lie to themselves.

Answer #73

if all these christians are false, then christianity is in serious trouble, because it is widespread. that is my point exactly- how many different versions of THE TRUTH are there?

Answer #74

ok I am back- had to check my funmail- yes this is interesting indeed. do you guys realize we have been here about 3 hours?

Answer #75

as far as I am concerned- organized religion has all been stolen from the pagans, and all it amounts to is rewrapped witchcraft. I do not see any bibles written in early sumerian.

Answer #76

You’re wasting your time egg. Someone who starts with the assumption that “SOMEONE had to put it there”, doesn’t even know what a strawman is.

Answer #77

I hope not to get into bantering about theology or opinions, but to point others to the personhood of Christ.

Answer #78

im not trying to make you believe anything different ,, just like your showing us what ubelieve I show you what I believe,,,

but with your belief you still havent answered my question

who do you think created everything the galaxy included?

Answer #79

Around and around and around, having fun yet? My sixteen year old son loves forensics, also. Debate class is a good way to dialogue and it is also just another thing that God made through man. Post anything after this and He already knew what you are going to write before time began! (That thought also!) Bless you all.

Answer #80

How did nature create itself…SOMEONE had to put it there…it just didnt poof there…So therefore God does exist… Think about it…we all just didnt magically appear here and neither did the planets…we had to be put here from someone special..with special abilites…and God is one special force.

Answer #81

dont listen to the person under me no offense but who in there right mind wud worship a plant!!! you cant have a relationship with a leaf,, I dont mean to bash if thats what you believe I just dont get how you cud believe that it makes no sense to me

Answer #82

my thing is god in its self not these stupid religions,, but god in him self who supposidly wrote the bible,,,

if this isnt the true god then a quetion to ponder on,,

why is it still the highest selling book in al the world??? why do so many turn to this book and not to buddism or satan or the other thousands of religions out there?

Answer #83


Sabrina you are wrong. Someone did not have to put nature their. Nature created itself from billions of years. it just didn’t go poof.

Think about it, humans devoloping intellect to survive, then they have no idea why everything is in existance or why they are even there, God is just a product of the mind.

Answer #84

ok and there is no such thing as the four parts of elemnts are you going to tell me next that because the cross is made of wood I shud worship the trees? you think a bunch of trees created us??? I am really interested in what you think

Answer #85

how can you say there is no skating in heaven if you have never bin there I bet there is skating in heaven and guess what theres no pain so if you fall on your butt you wont feel it so =p

Answer #86

it depends which god &/or goddess you’re talking about I may believe in a goddess, I have not decided though I do believe in a higher power for sure I still am not sure about calling it a god though because it seems too man made

Answer #87

There is the key, “rarely.” Forgive… and of course we can’t forget, it helps to remember humbleness first. Be wise as serpents, gentle as doves!

Answer #88

I am a strong believer in Jesus if you look at it this way how does everything fall into place so perfect like we breath from trees and it just all makes sense what you need to do is read the bible and then you may see how everything works mabe you will relise not to question him…what you need to do after you read the bible is pray to have him com in to your heart …pray…dear Jesus I know I am a sinner I am asking you to enter my heart and rid me of my sins help me to become pure and love you help me to help others love you and know your truth in Jesus’s name I pray amen

Answer #89

I have read on this page people stating “ I dont like to live my life around a book” or somthing like that.

the other day I was looking at the muslim’s holy book the quran and it uses science to prove god exists, it even tells you how a nuclear bomb looks like when its exploded, awsome,

( I dont think there was nuclear bombs 1400 years ago, thats enough proof for me)

Answer #90

People ask questions about god primarily because the concept of god saturates our society, yet most people realize on some level that it doesn’t make a lot of sense. No god need exist for that to be true.

The US is still living off the religious fumes of centuries past. Europe has pretty much gotten over this now and religion there is now the minority. If not for the Moral Majority and Ronald Reagan in the 80s, it might be mostly dead here too.

If the idea that questions regarding god proves a god is true, then does god exist only in some places and not others?

The second reason people ask questions about god, is to engage believers., not because of a real interest in an answer to the question posed. I do that all the time.

Answer #91

your are ight it is not the first religion but who changed that??? JESUS!!! in the bible it even states that it wasnt the first religion

just because christianity was around doesnt mean they had to believe it just like you dont…y dont before you critisis and make up your on opinions you give it a shot and ask god to show him self to you he will,, but I think most people are scared and to lazy to try to get to know something bigger then you and I ,,, I feel no pitty or anger I liike to hear other peoples views on the subject matter

Answer #92

God is not real. I mean, maybe at one point there was a man named “God” but he certianly doesn’t deserve all the credit he has been given. First of all, earth was created over millions and billions of years. The earth is 4.5 billion years old, there has been life on earth on earth for that long. Everything started out as tiny micro organisms and through much time and the process of evolution, the earth (and everyone and everything on it) got to be the way it is today. (talk to someone who knows their stuff to get better information or, I suggest reading the book “A short History of Nearly Everything” by Bill Bryson. That will explain it all to you) There is just no way that a single person created EVERYTHING.

Answer #93

Okay, God as in natruel force, or intelligent creator?

Answer #94

What is better than God or worse than the devil?…NOTHING! If I were to look anyone in the eye and see just an animal…an extraordinary animal with speech, thoughts, imagination, love for one another, who can be imitators of Christ when we do for others. Just an animal…doesn’t work. Notice how no two things are exactly alike?
You’re right about the Big Bang…Jesus spoke and…Bang, there was the heavens and the earth! What could have been “Big” that blew up, scattered about, then came back together again as all life forms that have existed and exist today?

How funny…hit refresh… and there it is again, sorry!

Answer #95

“God’s real. all men know it they just supress it.”

Pure conjecture on your part. Or has your god given you telepathic powers?

“if there wasnt a god then how could this world and univeres have gotten here.”

Incredibly weak argument that has probably been addressed here earlier. Of course, no one expects you to actually research these things or honestly think about them.

Answer #96

I just love these rebuttals! God exists because He made us to have dominion over the earth which He made and said that it was good. He also laid down His life for us as He stepped out of His glory, came to earth as a man to show us how to live for one another, and TO LAY DOWN HIS LIFE for His children. He was obedient unto death to His Father, even death upon a cross.

His golden rule is do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

His PLATINUM rule is to love Him and our neighbors as ourselves and do unto others as He has done for us. Anyone done you wrong? Bow down and wash their feet!

God exists that we may enjoy His presence forever.

Answer #97

We can worship stuff or the PROVIDER of the stuff. Our choice.

Answer #98

yes,,, because when you have a relationship with him you know hes there,,

religion just isnt about what group you fall under or what you say you believe

its about actually talk to him like he was another person knowing he cares for you more then any one else ever could you feel him he lets you know hes there =)

if you have any questions just message me god is so interesting and kool you have no idea.

Answer #99

I am not a satanist. satan is a story that was created to scare people into believing- therin lies something evil itself- HAVING TO SCARE PEOPLE TO BELIEVE. there was a god around the time of christianitys birth-THE HORNED GOD- this god is not inherently EVIL, but that image was stolen, and became the evil SATAN. you don’t need to tell me that people don’t worship the VIRGIN MARY or for that matter CHRIST or that they don’t worship SAINTS or that people don’ t call on ANGELS suddenly monotheism is looking strangely like WITCHCRAFT. I HAVE SEEN ALL THIS- SO IT CAN NOT BE DENIED. LOOK AROUND YOU.

Answer #100

What is better than God or worse than the devil?…NOTHING! If I were to look anyone in the eye and see just an animal…an extraordinary animal with speech, thoughts, imagination, love for one another, who can be imitators of Christ when we do for others. Just an animal…doesn’t work. Notice how no two things are exactly alike?
You’re right about the Big Bang…Jesus spoke and…Bang, there was the heavens and the earth! What could have been “Big” that blew up, scattered about, then came back together again as all life forms that have existed and exist today?

Answer #101

my overlying statement here is -christianity was created from a lot of different religions that were around at the time. christianity was NOT the first religion, the bible has been abridged and had parts of it left out since its inception. paganism has been around since man first looked up at the moon. if christianity was right- they would have been worshiping jehovah, yaweh, whoever. I do not buy that the christian god is supreme. so many people have been killed in the name of a religion that is quick to quote ‘ thou shalt not kill” you believe in what you choose to, I will not harbor any ill feelings towards you, but when it comes down to it, it is I and my brothers and sisters who are waiting for the christians to wake up.

Answer #102

the reasonms these churches burned down is because we have free will or the old saying “$hit happens” -if you recall in the bible just like your “nature” there is harsh and peiceful parts” if you know the bible at all you will remember the story were god flooded the world and killed millions of people!!! who did that god did. -and in the bible god describes us as sheep which are the dumbest animals out there. Just like the shepard god sint there to protect you but more so to guide u…unlike sheep you have a free will to ask for his help or go your own route

Answer #103

I don’t believe in god because I like to think that we get to choose our own destinies. I used to be a christian but I could never put 100% into it because I always had doubt. I’m an athiest now but I don’t mind other religions as long as they are not getting thrust down my throat and I’m not frequently getting told that I’m going to “hell” because I don’t conform to their ideas.

Answer #104

well it takes me almost 3 hours to scroll down. I am not arrogant enough to say that what I believe is right, or is the only truth. I will however state that what I believe is right to me, and is the truth to me. believe what you want, you know where I stand. catch y’all later.

Answer #105

well then what created nature?

Answer #106

looking at the ten commandments…none of us have kept them.

Do not tell a lie- We all lie, that makes a liars. Do not steal- A majority of us have stolen (even pieces of candy) that makes us a theif Do not committ adultry - We have all looked at someone with lust, which in the bible says we have already committed adultry in our hearts. that makes us and adulterer.

No one has kept them, and that was only three of them. No one is a good person. the only difference is that Jesus took our (believers) fine for our sins and paid it in full.

Answer #107

all you need to do is look back in history with an open mind- and you will see elements of other religions that were brought into christianity. do you worship saints? do you pray for protection from angels? and call it what you want- spells-prayer, etc. it is the same thing. the four elements have been around forever- from the dawn of time. you want me to place a given name on nature- DIANA, is that easier for you accept. nature simply is everything. where did I say we were created from trees??? priests DO cast spells christians DO use the four elements christians DO pray to more than ONE being. I have seen it- I have an open mind to be able to identify it at what it truly is. if you can not see that then you have been duped.

Answer #108

I am dark and light, good and bad, and I answer to noone exept nature. you live your lives the way you see fit. I live by my way. I do not need to be saved- to ascend. I am an integral part of the big picture. a part of nature. I AM AN ANIMAL- NO BETTER AND NO WORSE THAN ANY OTHER ON THE PLANET, A MEMBER OF THE ANIMAL KINGDOM. I see no evidence of the christian god. therefore I do not believe in the christian god. that is simply how it is.

Answer #109

Did God really part the Red Sea? Google “chariot wheels at the bottom of the Red Sea” and see what has been found. Physical evidence of wheels: wooden and gold, bones of men and horses. Proof of the Exodus from Egypt. Each day we get closer to knowing God. From studying the Bible, science revealing what creation has in store for us, and proclaiming as above OMG what is that?

Answer #110

NO doubt about it…

The why, to me, just dosen’t exist, I have believed since I was a child, and now, I have a personal relationship with my savior, so, I am very content in that, and it is my desire to share the faith that I have found with any who desire to know more. If you have any personal questions that you wish to ask, please send me a shout.


Answer #111

In order to know that there is no God you would have to have infinite knowledge. If you were to have infinite knowledge you would have to be God. It’s kind of hard to be God and not believe in God at the same time.

Christianity has become to be a messed up thing, so much as to what others think of christianity and what christians believe. There are so many teachings and way to interpret the Bible. There is a difference between intrepreting, blowing things out of proportion, and changing what the Bible says.

Nonbelievers have a hard time grasping the concept of “false prophets” because they don’t have a personal relationship with God to know that.

Answer #112

“How did nature create itself…SOMEONE had to put it there…it just didnt poof there…So therefore God does exist…”

How did god create himself? SOMEONE had to put him here … he didn’t just “poof” into existence from nothing and it it does not make sense that he “always existed”.

Answer #113

im a girl by the way

Answer #114

twightlightgrl, I don’t believe in any gods, nor do I believe that you or anyone else knows what some potential god’s standards would be, so obviously I’m not going to judge myself by standards you or some ancient book claim to be those of a god.

However, if I were to judge Biblegod by those standards… Biblegod deceives, Biblegod orders genocide, Biblegod impregnates a woman who is not his wife. By Biblegod’s standards, Biblegod is evil.

I don’t need overwhelming evidence to disbelieve in what is obviously a fairy tale. Rather, I would need overwhelming evidence to believe it instead. I don’t assume there was once nothing. Why would I, that doens’t make any sense?

Answer #115

every one lies

Answer #116

* The level of forgiveness varies directly with the depth of faith.

Forgiveness is not exclusive to the faithful. I rarely hold grudges. To do so exposes an unreasonable inner expectation that people be something more than their genes and environment have molded them into.

It’s unhealthy to have an unforgiving nature, but it’s also unwise to forgive too easily. Balance is best.

Answer #117

* If you dont become saved then you will go straight to hell and burn in the fire pits of hell forever and all eterinty.

Oh pulleeeze. BS scare tactics like this don’t work on nonbelievers. It comes across to us as lunatic ramblings.

They only work on believers to keep them terrified so they won’t question their faith.

Your cult has been claiming the world is on the verge of ending for 2000 years. It’s a lie.

Answer #118

Yes, I do because I have faith.:)

Answer #119

confusedx0gurl your bashing a religion. What make you think your so right about yours? Mabey he thinks your idea of a god is ridiculous! Your ignorant enough to think your religion is right, and you shouldn’t bash others for there current thoughts. Im athiest btw, a god seems… well shrug just not real. live for now, worry about that when the time comes :]. Just never look down upon someone for what they think!

Baldinwolf knows whats hes talking about.

Answer #120

if someone had to create EVERYTHING (and you believe that someone was god) how was he created when it took so much time for humans to evolve in the first place, (we haven’t been around for that long, you know) he was a human, I’ve seen his picture. Humans don’t have that power. Why is it so hard to face the fact that the creation of the universe was all a natural set of events? Are you scared to face the fact that maybe there ISN’T an explanation for everything? I just don’t understand.

Answer #121

The picture is just a composition of someone’s idea of how He might look. In all His Glory we would just turn to ash to gaze upon Him.

People saw God in the flesh, as Jesus the man, but no one has ever seen God and lived.

Why He exists is to know Him, Who made all things, and enjoy His presence forever.

Also, He always has been and ever shall be without end.

Answer #122

FORCES OF NATURE -confusedx0gurl, and besides plants are all a part of the larger picture, how many people do you know have gardens? keep flowers in their houses. we are getting away from the point, nature IS everything, the sun the moon, the stars- the universe, PLANTS, animals. it is very arrogant to say that a plant should not be venerated, when it has been scientifically proven that plants respond to voices-music, etc. everything is tied together in the big picture. don’t get me wrong- I do not worship plants, I respect them and their place in the greater scheme of things.

Answer #123

“Did God really part the Red Sea? Google ‘chariot wheels at the bottom of the Red Sea’ and see what has been found. Physical evidence of wheels: wooden and gold, bones of men and horses”

So you admit your ALL LOVING god kills people. Thank you.

“…and proclaiming as above OMG what is that?”

A common figure of speech equivalent to “f*ck me!” Just because I use words for dramatic effect does not mean I believe what they literally say - they convey meaning and emotion.

“It is a purely humbling experience”

I am sure it is, but it doesn’t prove there is a god.

Answer #124

no we dont worship saints. we worship God. and spells and prayers are very different. they are not the same thing and it doesnt matter if the “four elements” have been around “from the dawn of time” nature is not everything there is much more to life then nature. preists DO NOT cast spells. christians DO NOT use the four elements. half of them dont even really know what the heck they are or if they even existed. christians ONLY pray to ONE being. and that is God.

Answer #125

Pretty good videos, proving that God has allowed us to find better ways of communication from vocal, to writing, to telegraphs to this instant text and video stuff. He will continue to have us proclaim Him and Him crucified. Any fathers who are spiritual leaders in their house as believers in Christ will have a 92% conversion rate for their household: (Barna survey) A house led by the female will usually lend 15% conversion. We as fathers have a serious teaching responsibility. Yes, not all children will follow, but as we train up a child in the way they should go, they will not depart from it when they are old.

May God Bless all those who KNOW and love God.

A cool CD by Robin Mark, an Aussie, is “Revival in Belfast”


Answer #126

You need to get yourself to a Mosque, because you clearly need Allah in your life - he is the only one who can help you now.

You need to get yourself audited, because you clearly need Xenu in your life - he is the only one who can help you now.

You need to get yourself to a Shrine, because you clearly need Vishnu in your life - he is the only one who can help you now.

You need to get yourself to a Pyramid, because you clearly need Ra in your life - he is the only one who can help you now.


Answer #127

yes I am a good person, a very good person, but I do not need a bible to tell me which way to go. I have studied many different beliefs, read many different ‘holy books’ (including the bible) my beliefs come from what I see to be true, to me being a wiccan and rejoicing in being a part of this mother earth of ours, is right. no one is going to make me believe anything different.

Answer #128


So your entire argument is “God is true because I get a warm and fuzzy feeling when I think about him”. Pity every other religion on Earth that has ever existed has used exactly the same argument to “prove” their god.

In any case, these kinds of “proofs” are for a deist god and not for any one god in particular. You have a long way to go before you can prove the Christian god is responsible for everything.

At least you nickname reflects your mental state accurately.

Answer #129

I do not need a REWARD FOR GOOD BEHAVIOUR TO GET ME TO FOLLOW WHAT I FEEL IS RIGHT,(in reference to a HEAVEN) I do not need the threat of not getting a reward at the end, to keep me from doing something bad. that is rather demeaning, to think that I am but a child, that will be rewarded for being good. I have my own morality, my own mind to determine which courses of action I should take.

Answer #130

baldwinwolf just wait until god comes…its not long from now and when judgement day comes what are you going to say when god looks back on your life. What are you going to do then? If you dont become saved then you will go straight to hell and burn in the fire pits of hell forever and all eterinty. The only reason you dont want to hear about god is because you dont want to believe that the world will and is going to come to an end.

Answer #131

DO PRIESTS CAST SPELLS? the lords prayer, blessing houses. ARE THE FOUR ELEMENTS USED IN CHRISTIANITY? ashes to ashes- EARTH, incense during church- AIR, candles- FIRE, baptisms- holy water-WATER. people are all trying to claim the same thing. whichever name you place on a GOD, or GODS AND GODDESSES, it is all the same thing- just repackaged for different groups of people.

Answer #132

I agree KATYDID, and therin lies the soul of the matter, I present myself as who I am- no need for facades, I take on the world under my terms, I follow my own morality, I do not choose to hide behind a belief. I do not WITNESS my beliefs upon those who do not want to hear it. my beliefs are my own. arrived at through careful consideration- and opening my own eyes to the world. I make my own path through this world, I don’t need a congregation of people to tell me I am good. I am not perfect- perfection does not exist within nature- and therein I have found my place.

Answer #133

Jesus says that we should be His followers, and love our neighbors as ourselves. That we should see others as better than us. That is true humility. If we have done something wrong to someone, we ask for forgiveness, and wash their feet for them. Washing ones hands back in the day wasn’t nearly as bad, as their feet were always in the dirt, barely covered by sandals. How humbling to wash another’s feet. Given the opportunity, seek someone in your household and do it. It is like pouring warm oil over them. It is a purely humbling experience.

Answer #134

I agree w/ you completely there are MANY hypocrits w/in the church the bible teaches about these hypocrits and they are called “false converts” like I have told you before. jesus said that a person must be born again to enter into heaven this is a life changing experiance where God saves a person, changes a person and changes a persons desires to do as God commands. so a person no longer trys to follow God but WANTS to follow God.

Answer #135

Yes, God does exist and it is better to develop a relationship with him and start following his ways because if you don’t you will have an eternity of torment in hell. It is hard but it is definitely worth it. When you dont have God in your life you are lost, and you really dont know what the meaning of life is, but the meaning of life is kind of like a test if you pass it by following God’s ways you will go to heaven, and if you dont you will go to hell. The bible is there to help guide us so it is good to read it.

Answer #136

* Time is dependent upon space and cannot be separated from it. Similarly, space cannot exist without time.

Which is why it’s logically impossible for there to have been a time when the universe did not exist. If spacetime had a beginning, there is not a time of ‘nothing’ that preceded that beginning.

Although it defies common sense, there is nothing inconsistent with the idea that the universe has existed for all time, and yet has a finite past. This is what the evidence points to.

Answer #137

lol confusedgurl said it all. haha

Answer #138

the problem is that there are way to many denominations, who is the right one, are the lutherans wrong? are the protestants misled? how about the jehovah witnesses, the seventh day adventists? the catholics? the church of christ? I can go on and on- which VERSION OF THE TRUTH IS RIGHT? HOW CAN THERE BE SO MANY TRUTHS? EVERYONE OUTSIDE OF A GIVEN DENOMINATION IS EVIL? that is why I do not believe in, or follow christ, too many people fighting over what the truth is- that they have simply missed it entirely.

Answer #139

the way to find the right one is by the bible,,, if you read it you will know that only one religion fits and thats christians

Answer #140

Yes. Why? Look around you..everything you see.. Can you really think that it was all a freak accident? The trees, the flowers, animals.. All the different types of animals.. really think about all that.. That complexity of it all. Someone had to make it… And in such a way that everything fits perfectly. Sure you may see a lot of things and ask why it is there or why it was created, but look at it again and think about it. I do not mean look at the cars , technology or anything that was created by a human. I mean really look at the world and it’s beauty. This world would be wonderful without the harmful inventions that destroy it.. That is how you can tell there is a God. Just one way. Seeing how he made everything, just for us. So we can enjoy it. Just think.

Answer #141


Answer #142


Answer #143

no l=who wants to live life round a book anyway in heaven you can’t skate so I dont want to go thank you very much lolz

Answer #144

the compelling question over the ages is WHICH GOD. I am wiccan and I worship nature.

Answer #145

People want to hear real life stories/transformations over preaching or Bible thumping… no?

Answer #146

yes, but hes like a human being, like human, he sometimes stuffs up. In fact, he’s a mate of mine.

Answer #147


You better look at your video again. It was the egg that came first and the video even agrees.

Answer #148

If time didn’t exist before the big bang - how did it know when to go ‘Bang’ ?

Answer #149

…warmheart, surely you don’t think that’s a real life story.

Answer #150

He also KNEW billions were destined for hell. What a loving god he is.

Answer #151

warmheart, you might be interested in my blog entry about faith.

Answer #152

Askegg: Found that Robin Mark “Revival in Belfast” CD?

Blessings to you!

Answer #153

* “There was a time when time didn’t exist. “

I’m speechless.

Answer #154

There was once nothing other than God, who always has been and always will be.

Answer #155


Answer #156

no, I agree with thedudebrokemyheart. I don’t want to live my life around a book that cannot be proved.

Answer #157

through answering these questions I will summarize what christianity is all about. once again.. do you believe you are a good person?

Answer #158

there are “false christians” it says it in the bible. thats who you have seen.

Answer #159

Read, The Nephilim By: J. S. Morgan

Answer #160

Yeah - I realised my mistake just after I hit the button :(

Answer #161

Well done, britt!

Answer #162

One Q for confused…? Your name…seems straight on to me!

Answer #163

if GOD dont exist we woudn’t exist!!!

Answer #164

anybody can say that they ‘know’ theyre god exists

Answer #165

Huh? Our questions make God exist? …all this time I thought questions reflected a desire for knowledge.

Answer #166

…”but no one has ever seen God and lived”

God kills people who see him?

Answer #167

why do you think god doesnt exist peacemakin?

Answer #168

He exists because of all the questions about Him. We will never stop asking to see more of Him.

Answer #169

Did He first make the egg or chicken?

Answer #170

Uhm, why must I worship either? I consider money a tool, not a god.

Answer #171

lol yeah we are having an interesting conv. :)

Answer #172

narnar, substitute ‘leprechaun’ for god in your post, and the argument remains the same.

Answer #173

Lol. . .

Answer #174

See second post on this page…Q’s?

Answer #175


Answer #176

He sure is priceless!

Answer #177

im just trying to make a point. baldwinwolf do you think you are a good person.?

Answer #178


Answer #179

confusedx0gurl I agree w/ you 110 percent :)

Answer #180

no. god does not exist. neither does the devil. those are inventions of man.

Answer #181

thedudebrokemyheart… heaven is everything you want it to be its all happiness.

Answer #182

the last one I got is the one where it said that I didnt respond to your email

Answer #183

?Making more people Christian, making people more Christian, perhaps?

Answer #184

mb789 the bible can be proved and has

Answer #185


Answer #186

the evidence is all around you (nature) but you dont want to listen to me…

Answer #187

I don’t believe in any sort of god or gods. They just don’t seem likely to me.

Answer #188

baldwinwolf… but who do you think created those plants and the sun and moon?

Answer #189

PRIEST do not cast spells they pray the do not use there powers because they are works of god.

Answer #190


Answer #191

okay. have you ever lied?

Answer #192

I know im trying to get somewhere w/ this. lol you will see. haha

Answer #193

The response is already in the “good book” where we are to love others as ourselves and put their needs before ours. Blessings.

Answer #194

it isnt the same thing when you know him,,,

Answer #195

people who call on anything other then god are not christians at least not true christians for you to judge us as a whole is rong…

Answer #196

u cud be a good person all you want but at the end of the day its nothing with out god,,,

Answer #197

* “And who controls all the banging!!!?”

Who controls the guy controlling the banging?

Answer #198

no and I don’t beleve

Answer #199

I dont believe in any god!

Answer #200

I really do.

Would you like to know more?

Answer #201

et tu.

Answer #202

You really belief this stuff, hey?

Answer #203


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