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How to eliminate money tree bugs?

I have Money Tree plant as a gift recently, I placed it in my living room. Unfortunately since then I experience bugs in the house. They are tiny, dark and fast. I wondering if these come from the plant? If so, how can I eliminate these bugs without sa...


they want us to pay the damage in the fence caused by our tree

we have a neighbor and they want us to pay the damage in the entire fence caused by the roots of our tree. The thing here is that why do we need to pay for someone to repair their entire fence if its just a small part? Why the ENTIRE fence? Our we resp...


Why do clothes turn inside-out in the washing machine?

Unless it's a thick piece of clothing, most of my clothes always turn inside-out (tag outside) after they are washed. I hate having to turn everything back outside-in. ;) Anyone know why this happens? So weird.


Why are the housing projects nicer than other complexes in my town?

How come the housing projects are nicer than any of the other apartment complexes in my town? I mean they are really nice, like made of stone with covered parking garages and way cute on the inside too! Before today, I thought that they were the most e...



Why doesnt glue stick to the inside of the glue bottle?

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Do we need primer to paint plastic milk jugs?

My class wants to paint plastic milk jugs with themes, but we're not sure if we need to pre-paint the jugs with a base coat or primer before painting with acrylic or whatever. Can anybody help?


How to clean telephone?

How to clean telephone?

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Transplant dappled willow = death???

I just transplanted a dappled willow from a pot to the ground and it is really starting to wilt! I wanna save my little guy!!! What should I do? I've tried watering quite a bit... thinking it was in transplant shock, but it doesn't seem to be bouncin...


How do you get pen ink out of sweaters?

Well I got pen ink on my sweater like 2 days ago at school, and I need to know how to get it out, & I washed it and it still wont come out. Its a new american eagle sweater


I licked bleach that was on my hands on accident..

What can happen?
I was using bleach on a shirt I had,and my hands were drenched in bleach..
It had dried on my hands,and I put my finger in my mouth not thinking.
Am I okay,or is that dangerous?

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Money SOS: Tree leaves are turning yellow and dropping

I have a small money tree. It flourish with little care from us for the last three years and have gotten much bigger than it when I originally bought it. Thinking that it might need a bigger pot, I repotted it last year. It was doing fine till now. In ...


Is it possible to add words to a dog tag with a soldering gun/iron?

I would buy the dog tag but im wondering if i would be able to solder the words into the dog tag/heart and if i could cut out the heart from the dog tag?


Who knows if rid-x actually works?

I was watching the rid-x commercial that apparently prevents septic tank back up. Is that type of backup likely to happen? Because if I ever had poop all over my floors, I would move. Immediately.


room redecorating

Im Redecorating my room what are some cool Accsessories and stuff like that to go in my room ?


How hard would it be to start an organic garden?

I wanted to plant an organic garden, with no artificual pesticides and such, how hard would it be to keep things alive?


Has anyone ordered Carlton's Course?

I have seen this infomercial on late night television for years and I was wondering if anyone has tried it and if so, is it working well for you? How hard is it to get started in property management? Is it complicated? Is there really good support with...


how to braid a money tree

we have had a money tree for about 3 years and it is growing well, however we did not realize that it was to be braided and now it has spread out. Is there anything we should do to bring the branches together?


Judgement against me in texa can they take my house?

I have a judgement against me in texas can they they legally take my only house and property from me?


care for rubber tree

tree is losing leaves and a couple of the remaining leaves have spots. also roots are showing above the soil


Cutting back a money tree, how and when?

My money tree is getting too big for the conservatory. can I cut it back, how and when?


Money tree transplant.

We just transplanted our money tree to try to save it. One stalk had gotten "mushy" and diseased. We pulled the bad stalk and replanted in new soil. What can we do to save our plant?


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