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Proposing to her at high school graduation

I want some opinions nothing harsh. I plan on proposing to my girlfriend at my high school graduation,the question is do you think it's a good idea?

I decided that day cause it's a big day for me and I'm in school still for her mainly.


How to read gpa scores?

My Sr. year I took Business and Office at Vo-Tech and got a 91 what grade do you think that is. Also some of my grades are S like Basketball and Teachers Aid.


Grade 7 Entrance Exams (IPS)

im gonna go to IPS International Schools in Al-Khobar Saudi Arabia and they are going to give me an entrance exam. I wanna know:

*is it writing or talking
*what subjects they are going to give me
*what kind of things will they give me



What are borracho verbs in the Spanish past tense?

For example: (past tense)
Morir: murio, murieron
Dormir: Durmio, durmieron

I understand that they stem change in the past tense but I don't know why...would someone explain?


Why does my teacher call me Miss (surname)?

He does not do this to anyone else. And he does it in a jokey/regular way I.e. it isn't to reprimand me or anything. He only does this to me. It isn't because my first name is difficult to pronounce or anything. He simply one day started calling me Mis...


What are some topics of social injustice?

If you know of any please tell me I need to make a big list for english :)


Who thinks this is okay?

In class we may be reading something in literature that has to do with the Civil War...but not actual warfare but like a character that had someway to do with it. But me being the one that loves history I might ask a question to my teacher who is my la...


Economics an inverse relationship has a negative slope value.

An inverse relationship has a negative slope value.


What are fun things to do during class?

Are there actually any fun things to do in class??? If so tell me please! Because im not the smartest type and I don't get things very easily so I was wondering are there any fun things I can do during class? (especially French, English and maths!)


Confused about her decision!!!

should I be happy because my 18 year old daughter wants to join the Marines?


How to cheat accelerated reader tests?

How to cheat accelerated reader tests?


How do you get a scholarship to a private school?

My cousin is rich, so his parents can afford getting him into this private school that I like.his parents and the both of us, went on a presentation at the school and I loved it.I really like this private school because it was like everything I need to...


title of my project ??

So if my thesis is about proving that if he was old enough to be in the military when he was 16 he would have never created mickey mouse,

what should the title at the top of my project be?

pLeAsE aNsWeR


How Can I Be More Organized?

I'm about to start school in a couple of weeks,and I am horrible with organizing. I'm always losing my homework,sheet music,and even workbooks sometimes.


What do you think is the best college

Whats it like?


What shall I put in my project about the 50's 60's and 70's?

It's in on february before the holidayss. Please could you send me some useful website and links please. Thankyouu xx


How to balance school, friends, and dance?

I have been dancing for ten years, I am 14 and love to do what I do.. Its getting really hard though. This was my first year of high school, and with home work and friends, it was really hard for me to balnce the three and stay on top of it all. I want...


what do YOU think

is school band( you know flutes,sax,trumpets,and so on) is only 4 geeks and nerds??

15 views NSFW

How old do you have to be to get a Brazilian wax?

how old do you have to be to get your lady parts :) > waxed at a beauticions ? andd ... how much does it hurtt ... ? im guesssing a lot but I need some experienced people to anwserr pleasee x

thanks a lot x kate

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What 2 things does this mean?

On Mohs Scale of hardness a substance is 8. What 2 things does this mean?


What can I do about school?

School is being a heavy problem. My grades are falling fast. Am not attending school enough. Not cause I don't want to be there.(I don't want to be there but I still go) but the weather. Alway keep me at home. ( since I ride the citybus). It not safe t...


What if a teacher hates you?

What do you do if a teacher just down-right hates you? I don't mean if you're just parinoid...what if the teacher hates you so much they even tell your parents they hate you? and if this is the do you not just attack the teacher one day when...


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