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Should I translate all the words to French online?

The title french didn't fit so should I translate all the words to french?


Key Club

ok I just became the president of the key club in my school. The previous officers pretty much sucked so im trying to make the club better and the way it should be. So I have a few questions I hope you guys can answer:
1. How can I make meetings more f...


H 2 O

Is water a covalent bond?


How to cheat accelerated reader tests?

How to cheat accelerated reader tests?


Good ideas for jr high campign poster.

Hey you guys im running for SBO this year and need to make an awesome poster. So I was wondering if anyone had any ideas that met this qualites-
1. funny
2. Charming
3. Convincing
4. Eye-catching.
and any great slogans would be great by the way.


Is there still a chance to stop faking my way through school?

I think I have a problem. Im 19 years old and in my second year of college. I realized that throughout my education I've been taking the easy way out for everything. For tests I would just memorize stuff and not actually learn the material thoroughly. ...


What is a good college to become an anesthesiologist?

First of all I need to know a good college for becoming an anesthesiologists?

Also, Should I become a Pediatrician or a Psychiatrists?
I have been looking into becoming a Pediatrician but I want to keep my options open is this good or should I just g...


I know why I am not doing well (because I dont do my homeework)

so, im failing one class and passing all others with a mark in the 60's (for now). I know why I am not doing well (because I dont do my homeework) yet when I have to work I cant. MY mind wanders and I get the words or numbers all mixed up. Does anyo...


Do you think I should go to collage?

Do you think I should go to

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Unprofessional appeals.

So im writing a paper, and my teacher said I gotta use 4 different ways to convince the 'reader' (my teacher) that im right. So...

Which of these appeals can be considered unprofessional?
1) pathos
4) image
5) ethics


College! Dorm Life?

I am! I'm excited. I'll be living in a dorm. Are there any necessary items I need to bring with me besides the basics?


Freshmen orientation?

Should I rather dress up or be more casual like plaid shorts and a cute tshirt all from abercombie and finch or like a dressy shirt with jeans?


How to get through school?

I don't wanna sound emo but sometimes i jus wanna kill myself(I wouldnt do that) Of course I wouldnt change to fit in but i feel horrible when I dont get picked for group projects, Im always alone. The new highschool isint making it better and almost a...


What is the point of summer, fall, winter, and spring break?

Why do we get out of school for it?



how many pound make a ton



2 1/2 +6/7 =

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Best school activities!

Best school activities!

What were the best/most fun,memorable things that you did in high school?!


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