Why can't convicted felons ever find work?

Hello I live in California in a small town called Tehachapi and I’m a convicted Felon I was convicted of a Hit and run and drug charges and Retaing use of an access card with intent to comit fraud. the hit and run I can understand the Drug charges well they are what they are but the card one is a joke. Anyhow I was convicted and whent to prison for 19 months. I payed my debt to society and got out and off parole. Found a job and worked for 8 months till a background check got me fired cause I lied on the app, was the only way I could get a job. Now for two years I have been looking for work and being honest on my apps and never here from any employer. I have ben to college and even an aeronautical school have plenty of education but that doesnt seem to mean a thing. Recently I went to a company here in my town called Chemtool and the guy who hires was very nice and seemed like he wanted to hire, meso I filled out the application and I never heard from him again. Seems like a discrimination to me. But under the EOE they state nothing about Convictions, in other words that is the one thing that you can be discriminated aginst, not race, color, religion ect but felon convictions yes. So I keep trying Last one was swift I have a class A licence and all my endorsements I can drive a missle across the United states. I can haul gas drive doubles but no one will hire me casue I have a hit and run. SO I thought I would try swift Transportaion filled out there little aplication was as honest as I could be , you have to. And nothin. At least call a guy back and tell him hes a no good criminal and that you dont want to hire him casue of whatever at least there would be some closer, that would be nice. So here I am still no job and its been a little over 2 years, I survive buy living with my mother and selling stuff on ebay and a little welfare, Sad thing is welfare wont help me find a job casue I have a drug conviction another joke in society. I havent seen any drugs in 7 years but I have a drug conviction So I’m uneligable for CAlworks a program that helps someone find work that is on welfare. No wonder society is all screwed up and criminals keep going back to jail. give them jobs and there would be a lot less crime. So what does a convicted felon do to get a job. I have to survive I cant live off my mother forever and nor do I want to. Very demining here it has been 5 years sice I payed my debt to society and I’m still being punished for it.

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well youll are being labelled…stereotyping society

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Hey to anyone who has felonies misdemeanors or on parole even drug related… Hard2Hire.com is great… except the minimum for felonies is 5 years or they won’t look at you.

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I’m going to attempt to put together a non-profit called workforce felons. If I can persuade certain groups like the ACLU to back this, and work one State at a time to open the doors through the probation offices in each State, than we can make an impact on seeing this as serious problem, and possibly get federal funding from pressure.

1 out of 10 people in the U.S. are either in jail, on probation or in prison. We have more people in prison than the whole continent of Europe.

I have brought this problem to the Gov of Oregon. Having fallen victim for my past, I realized I needed to take steps. You can’t get places to rent, turned away from jobs, and an un-forgiven society (until it happens to them), when in reality more laws are being created to make crimes happen more. And some laws (described below) are being reduced to create more crime. It is one reason the middle class is being reduced and poverty increased. Need I say the wealthy making the most money they ever have made.

Please remember that in times of recession things happen like this. It gives business an opportunity to exploit the workers, through old law restrictions that are abolished. Have you noticed in some states they never asked about past convictions, than it was have you committed a crime in the last 7 years, than it became in the last 3 years, and now any crime at any time. This is because the federal government had money given to them, to vote in favor of abolishing those laws, and our government gave our rights away to corporations that stated (they have a right to know).

Since they (companies) have more money to spend, because income levels paid out is less- less insurance benefits, more temp jobs to help reduce cost, production moved over sea’s, more people coming into the country (creating more people for fewer jobs which keeps driving down the price of income for the middle and lower class population, along with a huge number of people with criminal records to help this cause. They (companies) can spend thousands of dollars to help them more within the political process of government, such abolishing the laws like the 7 years, 3 years etc.

So how to fix the problem. Don’t give up. Write and keep writing – Write to every Government official you can, this includes probation offices, Senators, Gov’s, etc.. People not even in your State. Call papers, groups like ACLU, NAACP etc.. Keep writing, when they don’t respond, show up at the offices, EVEN keep writing when they respond. Run an ad in the paper (If you are a person with a felony and are having a hard time getting a job and want to do something about it, please call 000-00-0000) Get a group established to protest at the capital of your State and call the media for the event. Make people aware.

ASK this question (If people can’t get a place to live, or a job, what are they going to do?) start initiatives and call NPR (National Public Radio) to talk about the initiative, let people call into the radio show to talk, I think you will find a variety of interesting opinions regarding this matter. WHAT EVER you do – Refuse to give in – Don’t let society beat you..

Troy Prouty

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I have released this to become law in two States (Oregon, Washington)- they differ a little, but I would advise if you live in other States. Please feel free to copy this and send it with a letter to the Gov of your State, I will also attach a copy of the letter, however it requires more than just the Gov - all reps and certain boards/groups require a copy as well. The most important thing is get support.

Your Right To Know – The Facts. Brochure and attachments needs to be presented with a copy Of charges to the accused.

If Convicted of a felony or misdemeanor:

  1. You might not be able to get employment because of background checks; this is especially true in the medical and law enforcement fields.

  2. You might find it difficult to find a place to rent because of background checks.

  3. If convicted of a felony, you lose the right to vote.

Other Important Information:

Some convictions can’t be expunged, especially if they are multiple counts.

Copy of what can and can’t be expunged attached.

If convicted of a felony, it will be included against you in the three strikes and out law.

Pardon applications can be accepted by the Governors office, but are rarely granted.

If you have a mental health disorder and believe that your disorder played a significant factor in the charges against you, you might want to consult with your attorney to see if you are eligible for mental health court.

If you are being charged in connection to a drug related charge, you might be eligible for drug court, you may wish to consult with your attorney to see if you are eligible.

Please be advised that not all Counties have Mental Health or Drug Courts.

** HERE is a copy of the letter you can use:

Dear Governor ,

I’m writing to you because of a growing concern in the United States. The United States is losing jobs overseas at a vastly rate. With jobs leaving the country and with new people coming into the country it is causing economic strain on the U.S. economy.

There is another concern. Because of the information age, those applying for work often have background checks, and although the claim by employers is “Checking yes to having a felony does not mean that you won’t be hired”. The truth of it Governor; is that people with past legal history (A term I like better) are discriminated against for their past convictions and behaviors. The sad part of it is that those passing this judgment can only read what the conviction is for and often do not follow up the reason behind it, or even see if the person has changed. Another problem is that the person doing the interview is not the person that approves the background check.

Here is a fact, even in State law that says you can’t discriminate. The State can’t prove otherwise and in fact the State itself does the very same things on their job applications.

One out of every 10 people in America are in jails, prisons, on probation, or have a felony. We have more people in Prison than all of Europe combined. It can be very difficult to get work because of past legal history; the jobs they can be obtained; do not pay enough to live. It is almost impossible to even get a place to live.

Because of these facts and the advancement of the information age, I think it is time that the State does something. It’s my past experience and a lot others, not only were they rushed through the court system, but the attorneys representing them were probably less than adequate. They were not adequately told what happens after being found guilty and the sentence is over, and some people could have been tried in different courts, but because of inadequate counsel, they weren’t.

Being charged and convicted is far greater than the sentence. It goes far beyond once released all is well and forgotten. The attached page is a page I created. I think this needs to become law and I won’t stop promoting it until it does, it is very important that you and the State understand why this is needed and realize that is why I will not stop until it is law. This might not be life and death to those in office, or those sitting around board rooms in Corporations, but it is life and death to millions of people in America with a legal history and they have a right to know what can happen to them if convicted that goes far beyond the sentence. What I’m asking the State to do is simple, produce brochures that state the facts like I have listed (if you want to change them a little I’m okay with it, but would request to be involved in the process), I also believe that the person facing the charges receive a list from the State what is and isn’t able to be expunged. This is often only given after sentences have been served. I find that a very inadequate way of doing things, figuring it is before trial they need to know if they plea guilty if they can or can’t have it removed and certainly the lawyer representing them usually won’t be telling them and my study of this subject verifies that.

You are my first stop in attempting to get this into law and I hope you will help me make this a law. I can be reached at the address and phone number below, because I am new at this, I could use some suggestion on where to go from here with this.


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We are actively seeking persons convicted of non violent felonies for a film we are making in hopes of changing popular opinion. Please visit our web site:


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Still haven’t found a job, really need one. Can’t find anyone who will hire me with a felony conviction.

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cause people wont give others a second chance

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well youll are being labelled…stereotyping society

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It may or may not be because of that FELONY.

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to assweetaswine you r a beauiful woman who unfortunately is being dealt a dirthy hand , but you must stay strong.I’m in ny and I was convicted in 04, and senteced to 5yrs probation, I lost my job of 6yrs in june 07, and since then its been rough as hell, no one is wilng to hire me . I refuse to give up and I suggest you not give up either

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hey bro all I can say is that its going to work out, it takes time. I have five terms and 2 strikes and I finaly gave it up and found a job that is parole friendly. Keep your head up and look into expunging your record.

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no one wants to give you work because thay need poeple like us to work low paying jobs to keep the rich rich.I to am a felon with a class a cdl that dont mater your best bet is to try to save some money an get your own truck and your dot# will be like your ss# or finn a owner opp who needs a driver. truth is were doom!one fu*k and thats it.but kip your head up thay cant danie us foe ever. (Jersey Ed)

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its a never ending cycle some felons just dont care enough to want to do something about this. think about it this way when everyone was afraid of gays and hated them they stuck together and no have laws and rights if felons were motivated enough to do something about their situation im sure something can happen it takes more then one person. im a 24 year old female and has been to jail 4 times on different charges my last charge was a drug conviction I needed to find a means to support myself I got out of jail for robbery charges and could not find a job 2 years later I got picked up on drug charges. I recently got out in oct and still no job with drug charges I cant even get welfare. even if I could find a job I dont want that id like a career something permanent to support a family I might have some day.

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I agree with everything that you have said. The answer is to change the law. We all have to unite and someday this type of treatment won’t be tolerated. Please read my story. Copy and paste the below hyperlink into your browser.


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Hi. I know in New York and New Jersey there are a couple of programs that help those who had been incarcerated get back on their feet, the only trouble is there are a lot of requirements to be met and followed. I am sure they have something similar in California. My teacher is a convicted felon and he has been having trouble looking for a job for five years but he is saving up money to go to trade school. Perhaps you can look into that.

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When you look at this everyone believes it is our own fault for committing a crime.

What they dont realize is that there by the grace of god go thou.

I know that there will be some that dont like that answer, but here in WI you will always be a felon, back before computers you had a decent chance to pass a background check, cause they had to pay for those, well now there is a database, and everyone has access to it, if they check it your screwed for getting a job if you say you dont have one.

Now the applications I have filled out say “ever” thats an awful long time, I skip it and take my chances if they run a check then they wont hire me, and I am back at where I was before, if they hire me, well that is my good, if they find out later, well I start looking again.

if you admit that you have a felony you are pandering to their judgements, I refuse, no more, I will not do their jobs for them, if they look it up then fine, what are they going to do report me to the liar police?

In WI there are only 2 counties that cannot use your criminial past against you, Dane and Milwaukee Counties, guess what Milw has only the 2nd highest unemployment of the state, and that is second to Rock county, the former WI home to GM.

If they didnt use our past against us, like we did our time, then we could all have a job, they look at from the liabilty, well what is the liabilty of not doing their own due diligence?

I even attempted to sue a company that didnt hire because of my felony, because of the nature of my case even though it was 13 years ago, makes me ineliglble to even work in a factory, I may carry off a piece or part.

I own my own business, started after my crime, and believe it or not it is fraud prevention, who better to educate an employer than a person who committed the crime?

When I make enough money I will start an organization that will help felons with employment, houseing but at this point that is the dream I need to make money before I can help them.

Once I have that together I will go to the State Dept. of Corrections to help their release program.

I am not a social worker, just a person who has suffered from my poor judgement.

I believe that everyone should be given a second chance, obviously you wouldnt put someone that stole chickens in charge of the hen house, but there are jobs that felons can do.

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OK dont give up hope! back in 2001 I was charged with 2 felonies, sale/possession of MDMA (ecstacy) 1st and 2nd degree!!! ok we all make mistakes and that was mine… and all this time I’ve struggled really hard to find a minimum wage job, I lied on apps, did everything just get a job! In 2004 I finally got a job delivering pizza, when I moved I lost my jobl. In 2007 I got a job at Tire Kingdom, I lied but gotta job!! I was there long enough to learn the basics about car and servicing them. Then I was offered a job to be a sales manager at another auto shop, this would be the reason I left Tire Kingdom!! I was hired on as the Sales Manager, I never been a manager before!! This was great right!! Well that went out of business like 3 months after I got there.. business was already going under and they wanted to see if I could turn it around! FAIL!! lol TY economy!! anyway life’s been rough, I have a wife and 2 kids and with her being the only 1 working has made it extremely difficult. Well just last week I went on craigslist and seen a job for OIL SERVICE TECH at JIFFY LUBE. I went ahead and applied and was 100% honest about my background. Stating that I had great references from the the past 2 jobs I had. The reginal manager said that they would give me a chance!!! IT WAS A SHOCKER, I WAS HONEST AND HIRED! I WAS DEAD SET IN MY WAYS OF THINKING ” THERE NEVER GOING TO HIRE ME!!!” well, this shows everbody not to give up and life has its way of working things out! my prayers have been answered!! you just have to change your life for 1, and be highly motivated! If your a repeat offender then there’s probably another road your going to take. This is a 1 time arrest, failed probation after 1 1/2 years of being on it, went to jail to finish my sentence, no judication witheld. Convited felon for life, Cause I “had” a party problem lol, love to have a good time!! I was 21 when I made the mistake, hanging out with old highschool friends!

Oh yeah, also I started my training classes yesturday! This job is like no other job I had, You need to work as a team, literally. From when the car pulls in to the car pulls out. Its like a pitstop on a racetrack!! The regional manager also stated that after a year and I do good he would make me assisstant manager!!! I’m STOKED! I encourage anybody with a felony or 2 lol to apply there, it might workout for you!! No Experience Necessary!!! Paid Training!! Good Luck to all and especially to the mother trying to find her son work!!! He needs to have some trade under his belt! Maybe become an independent contractor! 30 y/o male Orlando, FL

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When I was a kid and young adult, I stole cars for a living and did very well for myself. After talking to a friend of mine whom I have now known for 30 years, I changed my ways and have never ever ever committed any felony crimes since!

I f I was caught, I would be a felon.. I would have most-likely received 10 years for what I had done.

I’m now a very succesful person and have been for the last 25 years. People like me and I’m NOW, an honest and dependable person.

People do change!

To mark a felon as they do, is the worst thing government can do to rehab convicts.

I make about 1/3 less today than I did stealing cars.

I was good at it and very smart while doing it.

I should be putting down that I’m a felon on job applications but I don’t.

The system needs help.

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Yes it’s very bad when you foul up. I still have my Class A CDL. but no trucking compaies will hire me becasue of the Hit and run on the record. I’m to high a risk for there insurance compaines. Since posting my plight, I have tried several different means of work mainly all self employment ventures and all have been a complete failure. Still living with mom but she is in her 70’s now and depends on me for a lot of stuff which is fine. Just wish employers wouldnt be so hard nosed about a person with felionies. its been 5 years now since I got in trouble and would think there would be a statute of limitations. One thing I have not seen yet is someone on youtube present the presidential candidates with the question about convicted felons being able to find work. I mean what president is going to implement some type of programs to help people with convictions find employment. I may present this on youtube presidential candidates questions and maybe they will present it to them I would like to here what they have to say, of course politicians will say anything to get to be president. Then after there, there they do what they want, so it probably wouldnt make any difference but worth a try just like anything else How about changing that EOE (Equal oppurtunity for Employment) to read in there that they cannot discriminate against you for being a convicted felon. Well the new year is almost here going to try a employment work shop in January maybe I will get out of my rut. To all of you out there with this plight I wish you all the best of luck in all your ventures and a merry Chistmas and A happier New Year.

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Not so. I have a college degree in pharmacy but cannot find work. I am a convicted felon because of Ebay. I sold a computer to a guy who paid me with a counterfeit cashier’s check. The police arrested me and told me I would go to prison for 13 years, if I took the plea I would get 3 year probation. You do the math. I took the plea because I was scared and could not afford F. Lee Bailey to get the charge thrown out. Every application asks if you have ever been convicted of a crime or felony. Even Wendy’s won’t hire felons anymore. I am able to keep my state license but no employers will hire me. I am engaged to be married to a girl who knows the truth about the U.S. Government and the corrupt legal system. But if I cannot ever find work, how can I hope to have a good marriage and raise a family. We want children after we’re married. Laws need to be changed. In Florida, the public lumps you in with child molesters, sex preditors, and rapists. When I tell a prospective employer what happened, they just look at me in disbelief and say that is so unbelievable. But they still don’t believe me. They think I am hiding more parts of it. Where will it all end?

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Thanks for the letter but it is too wordy and the grammar is questionable. We all need a congressman to hear our plight and let them go well beyond the state level to address this serious issue. It is ironic that an illegal can come and get a job, a house, a car, insurance and free heathcare with no problem. And since they are illegal, how do we know if they had a record from the counties they came from? Yet U.S. citizens who are felons are treated like a sub class, lower than illegals. And probably very soon they will all be granted amnesty for being here illegally.

Twenty five years after my conviction I don’t see one politican coming to my aid to grant me anything but a hard time.

Somehow we must get the attention of congress for help. They are our lawmakers and have the power to change this. Just think, if they did change the law and grant us restored rights after a period of time, we could be a large block of voters that would help them get elected.

What do you think?

Oh by the way, it is the 4th of July and I am still free to think and even the right to post this message. Try this in a Muslim country see what would happen.

Happy Birthday America!!

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People don’t hire felons because

A) Felons cannot be trusted B) Other applicants are not felons, and thus more attractive to employers C) Non-felons do not want to consort with felons

How can you call it discrimination to judge someone on the basis of a criminal conviction? What better way to judge character is there?

And of course, some innocent people or quasi-innocent people will wind up with felonies, as no system is perfect, and that is unfortunate. However, most felons deserve the price they pay.

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Its just funny how no one wants to hire a felon and they are the ones that apply themselves to get a degree and try to make it work. But as you have it the door is shut in their face. I committed an offense 9 years ago did my parole been off for 4 years now getting my BS in Business I’ll graduate in November this year. And no one will mess with me. It seems working I na funeral home is the best bet. And as far as the background check. theu used to only go back 5-7 years now they go back to when you took your 1st breath. and they wonder why people are going in and out of prison. I swear CALIF. IS A BIG JOKE

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I’m in the same boat Pattyman. I now live with my mom and stepdad, very stressful, and I can’t get a job to save my life. Or it seems that way at the moment. I have a class A CDL but was suspended by KS a couple months ago. I actually love driving the rigs but over time living in that rig nonstop sucks. I partly did it because it seemed neat but also because of my felonies, from a looong time ago, keep me from getting a good job. I’m considering applying for financial help but don’t have a clue how to do it in VA. Even though I was tired of living in the rigs all the time, at least I made money and was doing good. I have to admit, that it’s my own damn fault for getting my CDL suspended. I think unfairly, but I played a part and allowing. Now I’m trying to get a job installing cable/internet as a subcontractor. The cable companies won’t hire me directly because of the felonies.

Answer #25

You’re right, the punishment isn’t over when a person gets out of jail or prison. You’re also right that that can create more problems since ex-cons might be tempted to turn to theft or robbery in an attempt to live if they can’t find a job.

However, to be perfectly honest, I can understand why most employers would not want to hire an ex-con. Few people leave jail or prison completely rehabilitated. It’s difficult to tell who will re-offend and who won’t, so sometimes they just don’t want to risk hiring the guy in the first place.

Do you have any skills? Often times people, around where I live anyway, who own things like smaller construction or painting companies will either hire ex-cons or won’t even do a real application process to begin with.

Answer #26

Here is what you do, go back to the employer who wanted to hire you and drop to your knees, open your mouth, and you are in.

Answer #27

I have a serious felony from over ten years ago, I have found that the ONLY place I can find work is thru temp agencies. I work for a temp agency right now and nearly everybody there is either a mexican or a felon. Even the programs out here that are here to help felons train for jobs and find employment will not work with me because I have a robbery conviction which they deem as a unemployable offense, one counselor basically told me that having me in their program would be a waste of resources because nobody is going to hire me anyways.

Answer #28

okay so I am starting a business landscaping and painting I live in ga and do not mind hiring people with a background we all have one so if anyone is up for a changele let me know no bs okay my girlfriend has a bad charge and it will be her company I have a full time job so close to atl give me a buzz at lesiagoodwin@yahoo.com for real though no bs just honest people who need work

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Well its the same in Louisiana also. I was arrested on sept. 26 and pleaded guilty on march 5 this year got probation and restitution,was allowed to keep my nurse aide license, but can’t find a employer that will hire me,thought I had a break when on my backf=ground check it says I have been arrested but not convicted but wth 6 cts forgery and 6 cts conspiracy, and a l;etter from the DA stating yes she was arrested and we tried to charge her with this but she was not convicted of these charges, I still ca’t find a job in any industry I have 3 kids and no help the employment office here is a joke the workers in there know less than I do> And Honesty is not the best policy! Any body with real helpful advice for some one in La please feel free to submit!

Answer #30

I am starting a company in ga landscaping and painting if any of you live in ga near lawerencville and would be interested please contact me lesiagoodwin@yahoo.com it is a new company and not that many jobs but hoping to get started soon no bs okay my girlfriend has a bad charge and is in the same boat please no bs answers

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I try to tell people once you become a felon, you are done. Some people purposely put themselves in situations in which they could catch a felony not thinking about the FULL consequences. The system needs work. Once you are a felon. You cant get a good job IF you can get a job at all. So what do they end up doing? The same stuff that got them in jail in the first place, and it becomes a cycle. I suggest maybe looking into the military.

Answer #32

I’m sorry, but I don’t understand. I am a 27 year old male who is also a convicted felon. I have been clean from drugs for 1 year and things couldn’t be better. It’s all about how you talk to people. I mean, you say that you are educated, but take a minute and read back through your story. There are so many mispellings, it’s as though a third-grader wrote it! You should consider going back to school to educate yourself further. This will also give you the opportunity to communicate with others who are making progress in their lives. Another suggestion is to regularly attend AA meetings. I have found that there are many successful people in the program who are willing to help out. You have to realize that, as convicted felons, we are automatically outcast from certain positions in life. Unfortunately, this is fair discrimination. But once we get our foot in the door, as long as we do what we are supposed to and show up everyday, hard work cannot be denied. Good luck with things, and keep your head up.

Answer #33

Glad this is here, I am getting ready to be criminally found “guilty” and I was wondering if anyone here has tried to got to a felon supported school, for “whatever, engineering,motorcycle mechanics and has seen it work all the way through? I just followed other information point and went through the process of information and that is where it lead me.

Answer #34

I can understand what you are all going through. I have just been convicted of ID theft. I am a 37 year old woman that had a 3 year old son die. He was a twin. I handled my stress in the wrong way. I opened a credit card in my Mom’s name and was buying items in my yard that looked like a cemetary. My Mom called the police and I turned myself in. I didn’t realize how difficult it would be to find work. All I want to do is make restitution to my Mom, and it seems impossible to do that! I have gone on several job interviews. One interview I went on, I filled out the application, and when I went to use the bathroom, I overheard the secretary on the phone telling someone that I had a criminal record. When I came out of the bathroom, she told me that they don’t know where there boss is, and they would have to call me back to reschedule another interview! How ignorant! I knew damn well why they turned me away! I wasn’t even convicted yet!

Answer #35

well honestly, why would any company want a convicted felon working for them. No offfense, No body wants to put others in danger or put their business in jeopardy. I know aht you did is in the past, but that doesnt go too well in the business world…

Answer #36

You know what this is exactly why my son joined the home based business I operate. We make our money without intrusive, small minded, ignorant people knowing anything about us other than the voice over the phone or the emails we send.

Bless you all and to your proeperous success. C Siler Washington

Answer #37

Let me answer this:

People don’t hire felons because

“A) Felons cannot be trusted “

** so let’s get this straight - all felons can’t be trusted? that sounds like a little cognitive distortion going on their - Labeling a group instead of behavior from individuals - do you have a name of someone?

“B) Other applicants are not felons, and thus more attractive to employers”

** that is obvious, but how come they know about personal past life? My past does not define whom I am today, it is human error to think it does.

** Think about this: Did you make a decision in the last year you wish you never made? Do you think that decision has any business in the workplace if it does not involve them?

“C) Non-felons do not want to consort with felons”

** another assumption I see, actually I think you will find plenty of people without felonies involved in the life’s of people with felonies.. and WOW .. some even marry them..

Amazing !!!

Why would they even know you are a felon. Are felons wearing signs on their backs? Do all felons dress and act alike. People without felonies must act and dress a like than?

How can you call it discrimination to judge someone on the basis of a criminal conviction? What better way to judge character is there?

** To Judge -,, Hmm.. another coginitive distortion usually without facts.

Whom am I today, not yesterday, and gee whom will I be tomorrow doesn’t really matter because all you have is today.

** On Applications - They don’t usually ask people what they do with their time. They don’t inquire if you have sex with this person how often, shop this store, whom you associate with etc..

Why should they ask about a criminal history. Obviously you have completed your sentence or you wouldn’t be there filling out the application?

Address - Walla Walla State Pen..lol..

10% of the population now has a felony, if you want that number to increase, keep thinking like you are thinking and I promise you - it will continue to grow. You’re ignorant. OF a system that is deisgned for failure instead of help to make life better for all.

From Crime to Community:

“We could treat crime as an opportunity to engage the uniqueness of offenders in ways that help them, their families and their communities develop their different-ness. We could use it as an opportunity to engage the uniqueness of victims in their journeys to recover their lives. And we could use crime to help communities respond to the differences within them in ways that strengthen instead of divide.”

“In circles, participants explore these constructive responses to crime by asking: How can we help an offender transform his or her negative energy into positive energy? How can we help a victim transform suffering into meaning? And how can we engage all circle members in “the patient pursuit of personal excellence in ways that encourage the differences in our companions along the way?”

“And of course, some innocent people or quasi-innocent people will wind up with felonies, as no system is perfect, and that is unfortunate. However, most felons deserve the price they pay”

Comments :” Most felons deserve the price they pay. “ * This bothers me, because most of the time, we make assumptions on what took place, we never really know, The only people that really know are the people involved. This is the drawback to a legal system that was defined on principles of Rome. Believe it or not - not much as changed from the Roman years.

** You would be surprised in some areas what constitutes felonies, like previously stated until it happens to you, than eyes become open. Our system is far from perfect and the more we ignore what is happening in our system today, the worse it will get.

Like in my article - one the sentence is complete - the punishment now begins.. For some reason I don’t think the system was designed to operate that way.


Answer #38

Sorry if I gave the wrong impression. Of course I believe in forgiveness. I am just being realistic. Employers decide whether or not to hire someone based on a brief meeting and very limited information. Felonies are very serious crimes, and most companies do not want to risk exposing themselves to theft or any other liabilities. After all, companies exist to make money, not to give second chances.

I wish all of you (and anyone else) all the luck in the world in improving your lives and making the best of a bad situation. For you younger guys, you could consider the army (depending upon the nature of your conviction). The pay is better than many jobs you’d be eligible for, and a military background always looks good on a resume.

Answer #39

I too have had the same problem. my felons are 10 years old, and I cant even get a job as a janitor. It seems that if you made a mistake you have to wear the scarlette letter for life. in my case it would be a F for felon. it is not fair that we get this treatment. and you are right if they gave felons a job we maybe this country wouldnt be in the problem we are in today. but then again, its okay to be a felon if you have enough money like wallstreet crooks. were not all bad, just made a few bad decicions in our youth. but its not fair to punish us forever. Felon friend in NM

Answer #40

Here is a thought. Become an alcohol and drug counselor. These are the people that believe everyone can change, so there may be a job out there for you in that field. Everyone deserves a second chance!

Answer #41

Once again I ask the question - What are we going to do with people that have legal history and can’t get a job or a place to live? I hear many opinions but no ideas for an answer. My brochure is a start of at least dealing with the situation before it happens, but what about a solution after it happens?

Troy Prouty*

Answer #42

Well, I hate to be the bearer of bad news to all of you but I am still dealing with this issue after 25 years after I was convicted of possession of stolen property, while I was doing my job driving a wrecker. Yes, I said 25 years ago. I have applied for jobs over the years and I’ve tried lying on the applications and also telling the truth. It doesn’t seem to matter either way. They will find out sooner or later.

To add insult to my injury I am 55 years old and who wants to hire an old fart white guy with gray hair plus the LARGE fact that I am a felon. Just because it was 25 years ago does not matter. For some reason our society has become severe hypocrites. You and I both know there are twice as many people that didn’t get caught as the ones that did. I’m sure they are some of our biggest enemies.

Folks there is no good reason to cry about our plight. We just have to move forward and do whatever we can to make a living for ourselves. Until the laws are changed and we get the right to work we will live on the edge of society. So much for the BAD news.

Now for the GOOD news. You might be wondering how this guy has been able to make a living and raise a family for the past 2 and half decades? Well I owe it in great part to a loving and supportive wife who has given up much of her own freedom to help me through this all. We’ve been able to raise three well adjusted kids who have all graduated from college and have jobs of their own. What can I say? I have been blessed with people who have heard my story and have been willing to give me a chance. But most of all I’ve been blessed to with a faith that has carried me through this.

I know I might lose more of you at this point, but if you believe in the God of the Bible you must learn to trust Him fully with your life. Even I had not had to deal with my felony all these years I still would have needed a guide to lead me through the hard times of life. There are many other hard things to deal with in life and without a guide we will certainly lose our way and get lost.

Hopefully something I’ve said here will encourage you guys and ladies out there that struggle with each new day. There is hope. Please search for it and you will find it. It will bring you peace, happiness and eventually joy. I also realized about 10 years ago that the only way I could possibly make it financially was to start my own business. And I know that I will loose some of you here because you will say things like “I have no money to start a business” or “I just don’t know how to go about being in business for myself”. Well let me tell you I didn’t either. But I had dreams and needs and desires that needed to be met. There is a quote from long ago that says “necessity is the mother of invention”. I have found that to be true. If you need and want it bad enough you will learn whatever you need to learn to make things happen.

Answer #43


Answer #44

most prob cause people never let it lie love they never give people a second chance which I think is so wrong everyone as to have a chance

Answer #45

its even harder to find work if your registered as a sex offender, I served a year, same child who accussed me. after two and a half years and I worked at a fast food for a year and a half but when oppurtunity arose to get better job I quit because they were really doggin me, anyway back to child we all now have a beautiful relationship and understanding of what happened, but my daughter dosnt realize the great damage that has been put upon me. I am the mother of a son whom this happened to and I pray that the system changes ,because to call a person a sex offender and not knowing all the facts or not caring because these child services advocates went to school and know what their talking about, right they were not there I was and so were other children there is an open door policy the children been around us all their lives,but do you think the system listen to circumstances no,they went to school to LEARN this and this is the way we live our life.im a very frustrated mom because everyone that has to register as a sex offender especially concerning their own child should be deeply investigated.because after two and a half years.my sons kids mother called and wanted him to have a relationship back with his children it was an emotional moment for all the family now he wants a better job,and when he thought he landed one , they said they did the background check and he came up as REGISTERED SEX OFFENDER that crushed him and me and his grandmother we cried for him, but I’ve had faith all this time,and if GOD can bring them together than I pray and we must all pray that the system change some of their laws to really justify if a true offense was committed that could damage a person for years to come especially a family situation where a person has to pay child support then if its not paid the SYSTEM wants to put them in JAIL for non support I dont get it DO YOU…

Answer #46

You know what it’s such a shame because we want to do better, and be better people but how can we when our past is tatooed on us for life. I got 1 yr probation, for fraudelent credit of $700.00 because it was over 500 its a felony. I don’t do drugs,never got in trouble before and want so bad to prove that it was all a mistake and I the more I read I feel like just sticking my head in a oven and turning it on. It was christmas and I got screwd for my pay so I took the credit card, stupid I know. Now from what I read, I can’t go to school, cause whats the point if no one will hire me, and I can’t use my dynamite interviewing skills cause they will run a check, and I won’t be able to get a house or an apartment. So they have there answere why people keep commiting crimes. How can we better ourselves if they won’t allow us too? however, if I was on drugs or did drugs, then mabye I could of gotten a diversion. whatever

Answer #47

I think that there needs to be some kind of a cap on the time frame that a person was convicted and if it is violated the fines should be in the Millions. There is no difference between the type of discrimination in the work place when applying for work than there was in the 50s when a black man couldn’t go into a white mans restaurant. Society always looks for something or someone to blame for their inability to accept the fact that we are not all alike. and not everyone that goes to prison wants to go back. We just want the ability to take care of ourselves. I’m not real religious but Jesus said it a long time ago, he who is without sin cast the first stone. Remember we will all be judged someday by our own judgment of others. I think it would be fare to say that when an employer inquires into a persons background if the crime has nothing to do with the job they shouldn’t be able to find out nothing. If it does then they just don’t get the job. I’m an ex felon of 18 years ago and it has cost me several good jobs even-though I was told at different times by my boss that I was doing a great job. I have been told that someone in the office decided they didn’t like my past and was fired for no reason. I haven’t given up yet but I’m considering starting my own business without any capitol. I have been told but I don’t know for sure that an ex offender can get loans because he is considered a minority. I am presently unemployed and drawing unemployment but, it will run out soon and I will lose everything if I don’t find work soon. Thats why I considered self employment. I have many skills and a college education and they still discriminate even after 18 years. To top things off I’m dying of an Illness that I have no Idea where it came from. and my wife took everything and ran off with a rich younger man. So if you think you have got it bad think about my situation and I haven’t given up yet. I have lied on applications, do what ever you have to so that you can survive as long as you don’t break the law. There all waiting for you to do that. Someday we might actually have a society that gives a crap about the human race. We have all of these church groups in this county who preach one thing and do something else behind closed doors. They have been no help to the ex offender and they are suppose to be Christian, how are we to survive if even the people who claim to know God wont even give us a break. We are nothing more than Daniel in the lions den and our society which originated in Rome is still the same. Good luck don’t give up Greybeard

Answer #48

I know what you mean. I was convicted of Assault and spent 1 year incarcerated. I got out and no one wanted to hire me. I have a BA in Communications and lots of work experience. I was honest on every application. I used to do Insurance Adjusting, but if you have a felony, you cannot work in the insurance field. It is a FELONY to hire a convicted felon. I went through 3 unemployment agencies, and even they couldnt help me. Finally, after about 4 months, a former supervisor and friend of mine knew a local small business owner. He hired me knowing of my background. I am now employed full time (which meets my requirements for probation). I also have another family friend that is going to have me help with his small business on weekends and nights.

My advice to you is to see if you can find a small business or company that is less likely to run a background check. See if you have any friends or family that can put in a good word for you. If you are religious, how about church members? The supervisor that helped me knew a guy from his church and that is how I got hired.

Also, the City I live in (Mobile, AL) hires felons to work for them. Maybe go through your city personnel board to see if this is the case? You can always go through one of the career specialists at your Parole/Probation department in your city.

I really feel for you man. We paid our debt to society, but you really pay that debt until you either die or get the charges expunged. I really hope you have good luck in finding a job.

Answer #49

I know what you mean. I was convicted of Assault and spent 1 year incarcerated. I got out and no one wanted to hire me. I have a BA in Communications and lots of work experience. I was honest on every application. I used to do Insurance Adjusting, but if you have a felony, you cannot work in the insurance field. It is a FELONY to hire a convicted felon. I went through 3 unemployment agencies, and even they couldnt help me. Finally, after about 4 months, a former supervisor and friend of mine knew a local small business owner. He hired me knowing of my background. I am now employed full time (which meets my requirements for probation). I also have another family friend that is going to have me help with his small business on weekends and nights.

My advice to you is to see if you can find a small business or company that is less likely to run a background check. See if you have any friends or family that can put in a good word for you. If you are religious, how about church members? The supervisor that helped me knew a guy from his church and that is how I got hired.

Also, the City I live in (Mobile, AL) hires felons to work for them. Maybe go through your city personnel board to see if this is the case? You can always go through one of the career specialists at your Parole/Probation department in your city.

I really feel for you man. We paid our debt to society, but you really pay that debt until you either die or get the charges expunged. I really hope you have good luck in finding a job.

Answer #50

I understand perfectly. I’m a 26 year old female. I have an aggravated assault charge that happened in 2002 of November. I wasn’t convicted until May of 2006 because the state had picked my case up. What employers fail to realize is what was the cause of the charge. I was being physically abused by my ex-boyfriend. To avoid being beaten and strangled to death I grabbed the nearest object in arms reach. I struck him across the head several times to get away. Mind you he’s was athletically muscular built, 6’0, 210lbs. I was and still is 5’10, 153lbs, athletically built. What was I suppose to do in that situation? Let him beat and strangle me to death? or fight for my life? Well it caused me to go to jail for 3days, lose my home, 4yrs probation and I had to serve 6months of anger management classes. I can’t get a good paying job because I have a criminal background. It’s not fair to me because they won’t even interview to ask about the reason for the charge. I have to settle for less and I can’t. I’m going to school hoping it would help by the time I graduate and get off of probation. Employers look at you and wonder if you’ll attack another employee. But yet it states on applications that the conviction will not necessarily keep you getting hired. Yeah right! So trust me I understand. It is extremely unfair. Felons get out trying to do what’s right in the eyes of God and society. The more they try, the more they get turned down, and forced back into the life of crime! All they can say is…AT LEAST I TRIED!

Answer #51

You never really get rid of a felony even if you get your records expunged or the felony reduced. Lets not even talk about a pardon, those only work for crooked politicians. In this country the only way things change is through the law!! Yes through the very system that advocated putting you away physically for said time and than made you invisible to society once released. The sad thing is crime is big business and the big money generated by it is not from “criminal” activity per say, but by the long list of the different sectors of the economy that keep the wheels of justice cranking. So I don’t think anyone is going to take on changing the status quo any time soon. It looks like we will continue to be invisible until a brave soul takes on the challenge to make a change. Any takers? I sometimes feel there is no hope for me to live a normal life in this country, yet I love it so much I can’t imagine living anywhere else but reality hits home on a daily basis, I am a single mother of one child, how do I continue lying to my self that I can make it here and watch us slowing end up on the streets. I just finished school thinking this would give me a leg up. It has not. There are many jobs already because of my gender that are closed to me (EOE) can kiss my @$$. And of course as a felon many more doors have closed before I even attempted to open them. Sometimes I feel like a wounded dog writhing in pain on the ground, yes it hurts, yes I take responsibility so Please master stop the trashing LET ME GET UP! For the love of god let me get up! And release me from this ball and chain.

Answer #52

Because society won’t give them a chance. I have a son who 7 years ago pled to recvg stolen property, joke (he was in the car) theft (joke), he was waiting outside for his friend to come out of the store. His friend got prison, my son got probation. He violated his probation so they figured since he drank and smoked weed, they put him in a correctional rehabilitation facility. He did 10 months. He got out free and clear. Ever since then he has had only menial jobs in fast food. He knows how to work in fast food, warehouse and any other job that can come his way. The only thing is that he doesn’t have a license. They suspended them. He can now get them back, but as far as finding a decent job, no chance. He worked for this temp agency that found jobs for convicted felons, they put him in the freezer to work. A job that no one else would want. Then they were done with him. Now you see, society doesn’t want felons to work because if they all could get jobs, then there would be nothing for the govt and society to complain about, the system would be too perfect. I wish that I could start a company that could help get felons a job because I would not have a problem helping people (felons/ex cons) themselves get that 2nd chance that they so deserve since noone in society or the govt would help them (Las Vegas REA)

Answer #53

There are Senators and members of Congress that have Felonies yet they are able to “represent” the people. It has always been who you know not what you know.

Homeland Security is the driver of this latest charge against ex-felons.

I do agree that if we band together we have power, it does not make sense for someone running for office not to notice that. There are more people with felonies than there are in the state of Delaware. We have power if we can harness it. I personally would like to see that your criminal record is only visible to the Legal System after you have “paid your debt to society + 1 year with no activity” There should be some exceptions. If you are a convicted bank robber you should not be able to work in a bank. If you are convicted of a drug related crime you should not be able to work in a pharmacy.
if you are convicted of Bigamy which is a felony, you should not be able to work in a bordello :) just kidding. It is a shame that some class A Misdemeanors are looked at as being Okay but a Class G felony makes people look at you like you are a killer.

It is discrimination on all levels. Just as a person cant change the color of their skin, an ex felon cant change their record.

Answer #54

Reading all these posts makes me some what feel good and bad at the same time. Good at the fact that I’m not alone.. but bad that nothing’s going to change. It all sounds the same to the rest of society that has no clue what it is to live in our shoes ,until they end up in them their selves. Excuse or not I don’t care and it doesn’t matter anymore about what people have to say but I’m gonna say it anyways. Live the life I lived and tell me if I had a choice. Might sound like stereo type but I lived and grew up in the hood streets of East LA going from group home to group home. Lived a life of crime but didnt know any better, young and dumb right? Either way to get back to NOW and the moment, I’m a father of a beautiful son and thank God for my optimistic personality I go by everyday with a positive attitude and my head held high. I’m 27yrs old (M) its been a good 4-5yrs since I was convicted, but as many of you state in your comments on this F’d up way society is built to help, SCREW IT. But like I said doesnt matter anyway cause we’re all gonna wake up tomorrow knowing what situation we’re in. Sad really, but for you who read this, your not alone and I wish you the best of luck. Keep your head up and your mind right cause you know who you are, and you know that nobody can take that away, so take care and much love… peace.

Answer #55

Tell me about it, I’m a woman, and I have lied everytime I get employment. Sometimes I just don’t answer the question. There’s been times that I have, and nothing. I have no parents, they passed away, it’s just me, and it’s been over 7 years since the 13 months I served in prison for forgery. It’s a big joke, the government knows once you’re released, you may come back, because you won’t be able to support yourself. I’ve gotten apartment after apartment, because, like you said once they find out, it’s over. I worked for a car dealership, and the General Manager knew my back ground, and he told everybody there, and started making little comments asking me if I like the police? I knew why he was saying it, but why was it necessary. What he didn’t know is I dated a peace officer for 10 yrs, he took care of me while I was in prison, and he provided a car for me for 2 yrs when I came home, so people say things but they really don’t know you. I thought to myself, how ignorant is he? But you pay for your crime for the rest of your life.

Answer #56

I disagree. Look at the people who have committed major violent crimes. McVeigh, postal employees, Scott Peterson, Ted Bundy, Danny Rolling. None of these people had a criminal record. They could have easily passed a background check and got a job anywhere. Even former FBI agent Robert Hanssen was in the end just a common criminal.

So talk to me about felons in the workplace…

Answer #57

Hi… I’m in Florida and I’m going through the same issue of not being able to find a job because of my record. I found a company called Expungement Assistance Services that can/will help you. Their website is: www.removeit.org You should check’em out.


Answer #58

You know what it’s such a shame because we want to do better, and be better people but how can we when our past is tatooed on us for life. I got 1 yr probation, for fraudelent credit of $700.00 because it was over 500 its a felony. I don’t do drugs,never got in trouble before and want so bad to prove that it was all a mistake and I the more I read I feel like just sticking my head in a oven and turning it on. It was christmas and I got screwd for my pay so I took the credit card, stupid I know. Now from what I read, I can’t go to school, cause whats the point if no one will hire me, and I can’t use my dynamite interviewing skills cause they will run a check, and I won’t be able to get a house or an apartment. So they have there answere why people keep commiting crimes. How can we better ourselves if they won’t allow us too? however, if I was on drugs or did drugs, then mabye I could of gotten a diversion. whatever

Answer #59

The story is the same the times never change. How can we as a people be a people in a world that has created its own maze that we are now the mice in. I know we each have done are share of wrong. This issue of not being allowed to work have begun to fire me up inside. I dont want to get mad but I honestly cant help myself. When I am daily confront in the News and mass media about this Congessman or that Senator has failed to pay his or taxes or has used state or federal money in an unlawful manner and the list goes on. I feel quite confident in saying the poeple who have and continue to pass judgement upon us have shady closests themselves. When I was young I had wrong values and beliefs that caused me to live life against society now nearly forty I wish life for me would never have started. I can not change the past and the Lord knows this country well not let me live past it either. I pray often that I might get a break, but what I fear is the very act of free will is the reason why my prayer seems to go unanswered. When man was given this great gift the very aspect of sin became event. Now I am not here to preach I am just stating opinion and thus me reason and answer to why we as felons can not find a job with the housing market in a shambles and lets face it most of us this is our only means of employment not that we are all just construction workers but the truth is the truth laborer is the top position for more than a share of us

Answer #60

One thing for sure is that our government doesn’t care about us. I do know the prison system is a very lucrative business but my god! I sometimes feel like I’ve been forgotten by the world. When I pop up to apply for a job, they just remind me I don’t matter. Can be pretty disheartening. My convictions were in 1992 and I’m still turned down for jobs due to having felonies. what the f*ck? Pattyman, before too long you will be able to join a trucking company. Each has their own hiring rules and time frames, but I know some are pretty easy going. Swift would be a good starting point, I started there and not bad, just find out exactly how many years have to pass. They hire felons. USA Trucking maybe one of the easiest to join. I know drivers with major accidents and lists of serious tickets and they were the only company that would hire them. I’ve heard bad things about them, but I’ve heard bad about all companies. You want to talk to them. Just a thought.

Well, coming this next week I have an interview for a cable company to see if they will let me sub-contract "piecework" for them on Monday and calling back a car dealership today, to set up an interview for next week I'm guessing. Paid training and odds are don't care about my record.

PM, I get my cdl reinstated September 5th 2008, but now I’ve got a bad smear on my driving record. I guess I might as well explain it. I got caught or woke up, more like, by a trooper in a rest area. He told me I can’t park there any longer and they were doing random dot inspections. My log book wasn’t updated but I do so after getting up usually and before driving. So he has me do all the lights, etc. Well, I had drank beer that night and when he had me sit in the cruiser to write me up tickets he smelled it. Then looked in my cooler and found beer. He gave breathalyzer and I had .043. Since the truck was running (usually was all the time) and you’re not suppose to drink in a commercial vehicle, or have beer in it, they have a one year administrative suspension. So, I lost my job, or had to quit basically, and now stuck with nothing and having problems getting anything. I’m not sure exactly why, but it seems harder each time I go through this. I really do feel all of your frustrations and sympathize. I’ve been on this road for 15 years. Even not getting in trouble ever again except one DUI 13 years ago, I’m labeled for life. I’m not saying I condone robbing a bank, but let’s say if someone did.. I understand.

Answer #61

Well I stumbled across these postings and I am glad that I did. I took troyprouty’s post and I sent an almost duplicate email to every Governor and State Senator in the US. I got a few responses: here is the one from Maine

Thank you for your recent email correspondence to Governor Baldacci. He appreciates hearing from you. Because your letter involves legal issues, he asked that I respond directly to you.

While the Governor is sympathetic of your situation, we would find it very difficult to support even a narrow statutory change in the direction you suggest–eliminating the history of criminal convictions from an individual’s record after one offense-free year. The reason why we would not support such a drastic change is that often, an individual’s standing record of criminal convictions can be very helpful for tracking various issues ranging from sex offenses, repeat offenses, or recurring patterns of behavior such as driving offenses. A one year lapse between crimes would essentially allow a repeat offender to go unnoticed as a repeat offender.

While some cases are certainly different–in that a conviction was a one-time offense and a lapse in judgment rather than the beginning of a criminal pattern–unfortunately these are the exception and not the rule with regard to criminal behavior. In such cases, I would recommend that the individual apply for executive clemency. In Maine, receiving a pardon from the Governor would prohibit a conviction from being revealed to anyone other than criminal justice agencies–including potential employers or landlords. You can find more information on the pardon process at: http://www.maine.gov/sos/cec/boards/pardons.htm.

Thank you again for contacting the Governor with your concerns. Please feel free to contact me at this email address if you have any questions or if I can be of any other assistance.

Now for my crime, it was non drug related, non theft related, victim less, I have a Class G Felony for being married to two women at the same time for a period of 19 days. I never went to jail, had two years probation and 16 hours of community service which were all completed in 2002. I have a bachelors and a Masters degree, I have written books within my career field. yet if I apply for a position I find it very difficult to get a job. So I will contact everyone I can until I see change. I have sent a letter to the Supreme Court, Michael Moore and starting on Congress tomorrow :)

I will post every response I get because there may be something that will help someone.

Answer #62

Recently I’ve come across several ex-offenders who are unable to get a job to feed their families. I know for a fact that during sentencing the state and federal government fail to advise you that your doing more than your time for your crime. I’m not talking about probation either, what I’m talking about is not being given a second chance when you’ve paid your debt to society. Not only that in the state of California, los angeles county, the federal government, which means in the United States period, those who have been convicted of a drug related crime will not qualify for food stamps. It’s bad enough you cant find a job, and several of us are first offenders. So you don’t get food stamps, and to top it off you still get the cash aide. So their hoping to starve you into taking your money and doing or selling drugs, which is unfortunately happening creating re-offences. What would you do if your children were starving, or yourself? No place to live because now most building management companies are holding your criminal history against you!


Brothas and Sistas is here to help in any area we can, and if we cant we will refer you to someone who can! Brothasnsistas@yahoo.com

Answer #63

I also forgot to mention, if you get a job, please do not forget the cause, there are thousands if not millions of people that suffer the fate. If you turn your back on the cause because it no longer includes you, than you are no different than the society that outcast felons until it happens to them. Also I want to suggest a book for reading and one you can give to people (Reps, etc..) to read.

It is called from crime to community peace circles by Kay Pranis.

Regarding the AA reply. “yes” there are people in AA that have business that can help, but this only works around the problem, it does not solve the problem which really is a society/political problem.


Answer #64

Unfortunately you are correct man. I agree that once the court has sentenced you and you have served your time you should be able to move on with your life. I mean seriously whats going to happen are you going to do exactly thing that you did the first time to your employers. It would seem that the people in charge (employers) would be understanding. I mean no offence but if you raped some kid do I want you working at a day care? NO If you had felony larceny charges would I want you working at a Best Buy probaby not. But for a guy who got some scrapes which we all do whether we were areested for it or not, should not pay for it for life. My advise keep your head up. From a hiring boss myself that can look beyond certain things you will find an employers that can see you for you. Avoid gorporate chains and large corporate emplyers. Their hiring practices are set in stone. No felony and for the most part no larceny and multiple convictions. You will have a better chance at small companies where theres an acual owner. Those are real people that will judge you for you. I hope this help good luck.

amie in Connecticut

Answer #65

I would like to atleast share what I would answer why you should take a risk. There are some of us, as felons, that are willing to prove themselves, I dont drink and I dont do drugs because they never agreed with me, I have never beem arrested for drugs or any violent, or alcohol related crimes. I have been arrested until now, for traffic related incidents, fail to pay tickets and I am not saying I or my case maybe different. I am determined too show that I may have done something “against the law” but my will is strong, and by thanking that one whom has believed in me by working harder than ever before for that person, because I can be believed that I am a good person.

Maybe as the majority, may not see or feel this way because of up bringing or education or lack thereof or for whatever reason. We maybe human but we are not all the same. Part of the problem is the verbage and media descibing all CONVICTS as wrongful character, not to be trusted. Do not judge the person until they tell you what there wrong is, and you look into it yourself, the human race or atleast in this country seems to be quick to "judge".
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hey everyone it is the truth society is so full of it I just dont see how people can sit back and jugde others but listen everyone it just not all about felons a criminal record is a criminal record I say that because I am not a felon but I do have misdomenor charges on my record and these charges are like twelve years old now and trust me I will get the same treatment I had my daughter its been now three years ago I was 31 years old my first and only child I had to become a stay at home mom for the first two years because she was a premature weighed 2pounds 10ounces now shes three big beautiful and healthy and im ready to get back into tho the workforce but I am so scared to be rejected because I know that I will be but like the one gentlemen said we cannot give up if we give up then society has beaten us and I cannot allow to be told what I can and cannot do especially when a lot of us have familes to take care of giving up is not an option alto its hard very hard to get someone to believe in you and trust you a stranger at that but I will push and push until something happens I have to for the sake of my beautiful baby girl God bless each and every one of you

Answer #67

Well, obviously we have a person that does not know anything about grace and forgiveness that is posting on this board. You CANNOT judge a person’s character only by their mistakes. We have someone from history that reminded his friends that they should not judge someone else unless they are willing to be judged by the same measurement.

There are many people living in America that have done horrible things that may or may not be against the law and are never punished for their crimes or sins. But as sure as the sky is blue, there will be a reckoning one day and all the wrongs in our society will be made right.

For those of you out there that continue to struggle with people or companies that can’t or won’t give you a chance, remember there ARE people and companies that will give you a chance to prove to them that you are trustworthy. Just keep looking.

Seek and you will find, knock and the door will be opened to you…

I am proof that there is still hope for us all.

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I can’t believe how hipocritical people are.[link removed] This is a link to a study done by the Institute of Justice that shows just how so.For certain first time offenses it show that after 4 years of the commission and completion of sentence the offender is no more likely to recommitt than the general population and even less so after that point.This makes the negligent hiring issue a mute point.Ignoring this fact is socially irresponsible causing recidivism and rising crime rates.600,000 prisoners are released annually they are unable to find work because of background checks.It has not been that they have been able to access this information more easily,it has been an attitude change that has came with it.Why would anyone feel more safe knowing that released prisoners are roaming the streets unable to find work and growing more desperate the longer that this is happening.What right does a community have to inflict more punishment on someone that has went through your system and been deemed rehabilitated before release.I am a 44 year old man that was convicted of a burglary at 18.Imediately after I had no problem getting a job in the very same community that I hurt.Infact they helped me and my life has been somewhat normal until the last few years and after all this time of being a pretty solid citizen and owning business’s and homes.I am now in a situation where I cannot find a job or even live in a crappy apartment in a bad neiborhood.I have had to resort to living in a camp trailer and staying in rv parks but even they are background checking people and excluding them.Another observation is that bad people with access to information about you gives them leverage to exploit you.If you have a criminal record tends to gives justification to others to steal from you since who’s gonna believe you over them.I am a better person than you are and I have proved it.

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