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Very dirty truth or dare questions

I just need dirty ones! Hehehe! I am having a sleepover with one of my friends and I need dirty ones. Mostly Dare I like that better. So come up with dirty ones please. No websites!!

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What are good dare ideas for truth and dare?

Hey, does anyone have some really good dares for truth or dare? I have about 50 already but I still need some more! There is going to be about 10 of us all in like girl/boy couples(not neccessarily boyfriend/girlfriend) and a lot of alcohol. So I need ...


How to beat high tail hall?

How to beat high tail hall?


What level does Dragonair evolve?

what level dose dragonair evolve into dragonite firered


What are some good things to put on fortune tellers??

Ok do ya'll remember how in elementary and middle school, you would make those fortune teller things made of paper? You know, you would fold it up,put four colors on the outside,write the numbers 1-8 on the inside then under each number flap, you would...


Fun Crazy Things To Do This Summer?!?

What are some fun things me and my BFF can do this summer?
we're both 15
we already now about swimming and movies and sh** liek that
so far we have:
-go streaking through town
-go skinny dipping
-do the whole sidewalk on her street in chalk
-play baseb...


Dirty sleepover games

Dirty girl sleepover games?

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What are some cool emo/punk gaia usernames?

Okay I know this sounds weird but I’m a very indecisive person. I need a really good Gaia nick name. Really good. Emo or punk please. But not anything with emo or punk in it…..just give me ideas and I’m going to check if they are taken XP XD!! Thanks!


What are the codes on a Massachusetts lottery scratch ticket?

What are the winning and losing codes on a Massachusetts lottery scratch ticket?


Gigolo Game??

So I was at this church party a little while ago and there was a group of people playing this game where they chant gigolo and I was just wondering if anyone has any idea about what I'm talking about and how you play it. Because they were like talking ...


Fun things to do with a best friend

What are some stuff that is fun to do with your best friend
With out money
Idc at home any fun ideas we could do or an activity out side of he home that doesnt cost money ?


What's the cheat for a Ferrari on GTA San Andreas?

On gta san andres for playstation 2 whats the cheat code to get a ferrari?


what are some really personal truth or dare ?'

what are some really personal truth or dare ?'s

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What is a modified PS2?

What excaclty is a modified ps2 I need one to do something


Riddle, what question can you never answer yes to?

What question can you never answer yes to.


Why won't my Sim go to work?

Everytime its time to go to work I click the car then 'drive to work' usually my sim will go to work but latly my sim has been canceling out the 'drive to work icon' now she wont go at all anymore!! but her aspiration is low, do you think thats it?


Fun games to play at a teenage party

Im thinking that I want to have a small get to gether with some of my friends; but the only thing is all of my friends are super rich and have huge houses and I just have a plain house. ( but I like it and am greatful 4 it) but to make up 4 it what ar...

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How many "skip cards" can you lay down in Uno when it's your turn?

Ok how many skip cards can you lay down when its your turn? I was playing with my boyfrind and he laided down like 5 different color skip cards in a row... thats not right is it you cant do that?


My friends LOVE PLAIN dirty games...

What games should we play if we wanna play "dirty" things?

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What is a fun sleepover game to do with 2 people?

My friend and I are bored and we wont something to do like a fun two player sleepover game. Do you have one in mind?

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what are some fun perverted games to play with your girlfriend?

im just curious and me and my girlfriend are ready to take this step. and suggestions, tips, or actual games people can suggest?

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High tail hall tips?

Does anyone have any High Tail Hall tips? I know the game is not 'beatable' but some tips would help.



Where to get the Superman costume on GTA SA?

must you beat game to get the costume and how do I get???

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Cheat code for Ferrari in GTA San Andreas?

what is the cheat code for ferrari in gta san andreas pc for computer


naughty dares

what are some really super naughty naughty dares you know?? very naughty as you can get

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