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What does ACR stand for in MW3?



Hidden urns in god of war 2?

What are the locations of the six hidden urns in God Of War II? I have found the urn in Rhodes and one near The Trial of Atlas, but I can't find the others.


How do I get a macro for Gaia?

How do I get a macro and what is it I am trying to get some gold on Gaia because I am a beginner and dont have the gold to get what I want can you help me? you can email me at

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How can I get Gaia Gold fast?

I Don't want to Give Out my E-mail Or Pass and if I do have to do it I want it to Be something that was Downloaded to my Computer, Not a Webpageee.

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are there other games like ME

Are there any games like mirror's edge?
It is the game of my dreams
I want to keep on moving and never be stuck in a place


combat arms

I realy suck at combat arms and a friend of mine from the game said that he is so good because he uses glitches if you know what he mean can you please help me!

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How to set up a super nintendo?

How to set up a super nintendo? I've got a hankering to play some old school games, I think you just plug it into the back of the TV & your done?


Adding custom content to Sims 2

I am having trouble downloading custom content from the sims2 exchange onto the game. I am using vista and I'm pretty sure I know how to download the custom objects but I can't find them on the game.

Any ideas?


Infamous 3 red rings on xbox 360?

So what does it mean exactly when your XBOX 360 has the infamous 3 red rings? What exactly makes it do that? Lemme know if theres anything you can do to prevent it


How do you beat the Hacker Game?

(Real name: Hacker Evolution Puzzle Game) it's on addicting games, and I'm stuck.


Where to find my SSID name and WEP key?

where do I find my SSID network name and where can I find my WEP KEY. People say on the router and I cant find it. What is the easiest way to get it. I need it to set up my xboxlive with a network adapter for xbox360.

thank you..


Should I get an Xbox 360 or PS3?

I am planning on buying a new system should I get ps3 or xbox 360? what one is better?


Gta vice city

Is there a money cheat for grand theft auto vice city


How to get mewtwo in pokemon pearl?

How do I get mew or mwe 2 in pokemon pearl

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what should I do for my 16th birthday?

Its a sleep over from april 4th to 5th. and im inviting 8 other girls. I want some fun games to play. not like board games. but party games. Truth or dare is kinda stupid. No 7 minutes in heaven, its all girls. No spin the bottle. more the funn games t...


Is Sims 2 Bon Voyage any good?

hey !
I have most of the sims2 on pc
I am addicted and have downloaded loads on it
and got loads of cheats.
and have really wanted sims2 bon voyage
for ages.
and I got some xmas money
so I was wondering if its worth

please tell me what y...

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recovering my xbox live gamertag and email...

well I can't remember the email that is attached to my gamertag and I was wondering if there is a way or recovering it without the email and in turn figuring out which email is attached to it... and advice would help... I know my password recovery answ...


How to delete games from my Nintendo DS?

how do I compltey delte the urbz sims in the city from my nintendo ds


How do I play PS2 games online?

How do I play PS2 games online


What's the current price for a PS3?

Whats the current price for a PS3, the cheaper one.


Fun games to play at a teenage party

Im thinking that I want to have a small get to gether with some of my friends; but the only thing is all of my friends are super rich and have huge houses and I just have a plain house. ( but I like it and am greatful 4 it) but to make up 4 it what ar...

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how long does it take to beat tony hawks american wasteland?

im trying to beat tony hawks american wasteland in one day. so do you know how may hours it will take?


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