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What color do you think I should dye my hair?

I'm blonde with brown underneith, bit I want something new. I think i want to stay a blonde but i want something new :3


How can I make my breasts smaller?

how can I make my breast smaller, I'm a 38D. they make me look 20lbs. bigger. I'm 5'9 size 12-14 bottom. ex-large and 16 top.

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Vertical Clit Hood Piercing

im thinking about getting a vert. clit hood piercing, I was mostly wondering is there anyway you can tell that your hood is too small before you go to a studio? Also I was wondering if it hurt really bad b/c I've read articals and some say it feels go...


Why will my gauge not go in?

Okay so I've been gauging my ears for awhile now and I'm at size 6 right now. I'm ready to strech to a 4 but it won't go in. I've already stretched my left ear but my right ear won't go. There's a lot of resistance. I had the same problem going from an...


Does waxing make your eyelids droop?

I want to try getting my eyebrows waxed (professionaly, of course, I wouldn't dare try to do it to myself unless I WANTED odd eyebrows) instead of plucking them, just cause it takes me ages.

But I heard that if you wax them over and over if makes your...


Best way to prevent contact lenses from drying out?

Best way to prevent contact lenses from drying out? When I wear my contacts for too long, they get very dry. I have some saline eyedrops, but they don't seem to do the trick when I use them. Ideas or suggestions?


Could I pull off having a lip ring?

I was just wondering what you guys thought? Would I look good with a lip ring, or not?


zebra nails

I really want some fake zebra nails, but cant find them anywhere! does anybody know where I can get them?!?!

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Can looks get you far in life?

Is it possible that looks can get you far in any/everything in life...?
If so how? when can your looks run out? ladys and guys any answers...


Is it safe to pierce my own nose?

I want to pierce my nose on my own is this safe and where would I have to pierce it at exactly for me to miss the nerve in my nose?? I have been told that it doesn hurt one lil bit but im just kinda scared to hit that nerve! I was also told it would lo...


How do I stop a sunburn from peeling?

I got a sunburn, it's not bad but it's peeling a little and id really rather it didn't.
How can I stop it?


Covering bleached highlights

So I bleached some honey highlights in my medium brown hair. And Im not too happy with them, and would like to change my overall haircolor-will it cover the bleached highlights? Will anything?


Make up tips for halloween : ]

What are some good make up tips for halloween, I'm going to have my face pure white. What kind of lipstick colour and eyeshadow etc should I use? And what kind of patterns should they be in?

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Do you wear a bra to sleep?

I've always worn a bra to sleep, I don't find it uncomfortable but I just read something saying that it's bad for your breasts?
Do you women wear bras to sleep?
Is it bad for the breast?


How do you keep up with dark roots when going blonde?

I have brown hair and I'm going into the salon today to get all over blonde highlights, like three shades all over covering all my brown, this is my first time going blonde - I'm really nervous. Mostly about root upkeep. How should I keep up with my d...


How do you make the layered eye shadow look?

How do you make the layered eye shadow look? I also need different ways to wear eye makeup! Any advice? :)


I need to convince my mom into letting me get a certain hairstyle

im getting my hair cut in 2 days, and I've looked through over 250 pictures of scene/emo hairstyles, and out of all those pictures, I only found ONE that I absolutely adored!
I LOVE it, all my friends LOVE it, and my mom HATES it
when I asked to get ...


How to get dimples?

How do you get them??

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Emo or prep?

what are the Advantages of Emo
And Prep?
I dont Know wich one to be.

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How can I make my brown hair get lighter?

i have been dyeing my hair dark brown for about 2 years now, and i would like it to get back to my natural hair color dirty blond. at the moment i have blond hilights but it looks kinda funny lol ( becaus my hair is realy dark and then blond hilights) ...

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What better benzocaine or Lidocaine for numb

whats better out of them to? to numb yout tongue and lip to get a lip and tongue piercing

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shving down there

so fo gurls it is okay to shave alll of the hair off down there right or do you leave sum

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Baby oil clogging pores??

Hi. I have some Johnston's Baby oil to use on my skin and I want to know if it will clog my pores?? And or how well it works on your skin.

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Montana, what to wear?

Ok so my rents are making me go to montana for a week to stay at a dude ranch, what should I wear?


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