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What is compound henna hair color?

What is compound henna hair color?


can I dye my hair with Jolen cream bleach?

Okay so I have this little thingy and its called : "Jolen creme bleach" - lightens excess dark hair.
its says its for face, arms, body, and brows.
What if I want to use it on the hair on my head?
Will it work? will it make my hair fall off or some...


get my face smooth and soft and acne free?

how do I get my face smooth and soft and acne free?

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Where can I buy a cute formal dress?

I have this formal dance coming up and I have been looking everywhere for hot dresses
and I cant seem to find any. Does anyone know of any stores in Arizona that sell cute dresses that aren't that expensive?


Why are people so rude to emo and goth people?

why do people be rude to emo and goth people??? I mean what did they ever do to you not all emos cut and not all goths are bad
now answer this why be rude to them


Cowlick and scene hair

Ok so I have wanted scene hair FOREVER.(It looks so cute !) Anyway, I've tried different styles and nothing really has been working. So I found this picture online and I really want my hair to be like it, the only problem is my cowlick, right dead cent...


Lip piercing has a little puss

it has a tiny bit of puss in it, how do I make it go away? my friend brittney's boyfriend had puss after he got his done. he squeezed it out everyday and they are healed up. (they have snake bites) what should I do? my lip doesnt hurt at all.

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How do I tell a male (widower)that he needs a makeover?

I met this wonderful man on a political site-I,m happily married-we,re just friends-via-emails-he is a widower-I,ve seen his photos-he needs a makeover badly-I was in the beauty business-don,t know how to tell him to sharpen himself up-without hurting ...


Which one is cuter? (picture)

which one looks cuter? the pink or the black one?

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Who is more attractive?

The above two pictures are of the same girl and the below two pictures are of the same girl, which girl above or below is more attractive?


How can I even out my peeling skin?

Okay, so I've only had the sunburn for two days then it instantly went tan. A few days after that. It started peeling. And now it looks sooo nasty cause I've got spots of tan where it didn't peel off still on me, while there are other parts where I'm l...


Stretching my ears to fit 12 gauge

Is there any way to help speed up the process of stretching my ear lobe
I need them to fit by august 1


Does 14k gold have nickel in it?

does 14k gold have nickel in it?


If you bleach your hair it gets damage?

Is it true if you bleach your hair it gets damage?

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How do you keep yourself smelling clean after a bath?

I do take showers.. but when I get to school, and even if I dont take gym, I smell like I didnt take a shower. and I smell it myself.. how do I keep the lotion I put on to stay? what lotion or soap should I use? and people have told me that someone tol...


How do you make your hair like L from deathnote?

How do you make your hair like L from deathnote?

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Any good names for my new salon?

Well, I'm only 17 years old BUT I've been interested in doing make up and hair lately.

So I'm thinking about starting beauty school and training to do hair and make up completing all the hours and by the time I'm 18, I can get my hair and makeup L's...


How do I fix my hair when my roots are lighter than the rest?

So. I colored my hair blonde after it was a medium brown. My hair was grown out about 2 inches so my natural color soaked up all of the blonde and the rest of it...not so much. So now the top of my head is the perfect color blonde and the rest is a dar...


big cheek bones?

what can I do about big cheek bones? I hate them :(((


How can I make my hair curly without a perm?

how to make it curly??? my hair is darn straight and I need help!!!

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