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Do I look like a 34D?

According to Victoria's Secret, I'm a 34D. But do I look like it?


How do you make your hair grow faster?

I want my hair to grow longer faster, any tips on how I can do that?


Which concentration do I use?

I have light brown to a almost white color on my head right now.(I know, lots of variety) I want to lighten my hair to white and I found a product that will do that, but I have to mix it with either 20 volume developer or 30 olume. Which should I use? ...


Nerdy shoes?!? suggestions? calling all nerds! ;)

GEEKS NERDS AND LOSERS. even populars lol, [:
im going to camp next week and every day they have a theme. monday is name tag day tuesday is hat/ letter...ETC. well on thursday is geek/ nerdy day I am going to wear a HUGE plaid shirt, khaki high water...


what is a crop top

hows it look


What are some nice peach eyeshadows?

Any brand recommendations? I want to try some peach/apricot colored eye shadow for my brown eyes. Any recommendations?


Skin tones and products.

Hi, im african american and I use to love my skin tone. It was a rich lightish carmel. I want it back but with band and cheer im always in the sun and I use sun block and screen. I really would like to know any skin lightening products that work for re...


What type of frame should I get?

I have needed glasses since I was little and I wore them for a while, but then they started giving me huge headaches so I ditched them. I asked my mum to get me contacts because I look bad with the glasses I had. She didn't get me them and my eyes are ...


How much does a belly piercing cost in dubai?

How much does a belly pierce cost in dubai and where can I get it done ?


Can I do a tongue web piercing at home?

so I reaaallly want to get my tongue pierced, but of course my parents said no.
so I figured maybe id just pierce my tongue web instead, for now atleast =]

I just wanted to know if id be able to do it at home
by myself, or have a friend do it?

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Does an upper ear piercing hurt?

I am 13.I have my ear pierced at the bottem.I want my ear pierced at the bottem again and one at the top of my ear...Does it hurt?Please help me?


Why do my extentions naught up

I have clip on extensions and when I move my head a lot they not up
How can I prevent that why does it happen?


Why do I have dimples on my lower back?

So I have diimples in on my lower back and I wusz wonderiinq if anybody knew why I have them? and is it normal for someone 2 get there diimples on there back piierced or put dermals on them?


How do you make you hair perfectly wavey/curly?

well I alway try to make my hair wayey and curl perfectly but it doesn't work. I need tips and please be specific..I am not that good with doing hair?

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Gorgeous,pretty and light weight sarees for casual wear

Casual wear sari can be of any fabric like cotton, silk, chiffon, georgette, crepe, supernet. Handloom cotton saris are light in weight and are easy to carry whole day.Fancy jaipuri prints on mercerized sico sari along zari lines border can be worn on ...


Natural Red Hair!!! Need Help!!!

okay, so my hair is naturally red, and I dyed it with light brown and I dont think it was permanent.
but I want to know a good color to dye it, b.c it went back!!! HELP!!!


Am I pretty?

Am I? I think I am but I don't know anymore... please tell the truth!!! thnx

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Would I look good with bangs?

Would I look good with bangs? I want a new hair cut and I don't know if I'll look good in a new one.

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How can I make my shirt look 80's?

I have a shirt that is made for guys. and I want it to look like its a girl shirt. and I'd rather go with that 80's look where the shirt just sits on your shoulders.
and I know your supposed to cut out the collar but I was wondering if there was anythi...


can I go swimming aftr dieing my hair...??

okay ima bout to die my hair w/ clairol 613b burgundy hair die after I finish dieing my hair is it okay to go swimming two to three hours later or will the color come out and its temp. hair die not permanant so will it make the color come out faster be...


Should I get all my piercings at once or do them all at separate times?

I am planning on getting three more piercings on my left ear and 4 or 5 on my right ear. Someone told me to just get it all done at once. Do you usually get it all done at once or one at a time? Which is better, or does it no matter?


Is it ok for me to dye my hair with box dye?

Ok, I have naturally auburny-brown hair and I want to reach as close to white blonde as I can so that I can use temporary color gels and such. Anyway, I was wondering of I could use box dye to gradually reach the color I want. I don't really care how m...


How can I make my breasts smaller?

how can I make my breast smaller, I'm a 38D. they make me look 20lbs. bigger. I'm 5'9 size 12-14 bottom. ex-large and 16 top.

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