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how will toothpaste on your nipples make you boobs grow?

I want bigger boobs and I'm trying not to have the implants I heard tooth paste on your nipples will make you boobs grow

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Is it possible to buy face paints/ false eyelashes...

the above question, I need to buy them cheaply, does anyone know (uk please)
whether they are sold in places such as poundland...
thanks :)


colour contact problem

I want 2 wear colour contacts but don know what 2 natural eye colour is dark brown with a ring of blue and silver round the irises.just 4 moi big day I want 2 change moi eye colour but,2 what colour shud I change it?and the power of moi normal t...


G-strings or normal underwear

guys what do you prefer a lady to wear
a Gstring or Normal Underwear

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I have really skinny legs how to make them look fuller?

well I kinda have really skinny legs and they're long and I hate it
so um do you know what would make them look more fuller?
does it make it look worse if I use skinny jeans?


How long should I wait to swim after rebonding hair?

ok I rebonded my hair when I went home to philippines two weeks ago and there's some rules that I have to follow, to keep my hair straighter. for example I'm not allowed to ever tie it or put my hair behind my ears. they also said not to swim or put ch...


Anal waxing

Anyone know of salons that do this in the mass ri ct area?...
Anal waxing..

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Noisy sandals - how to keep them quiet?

I have a really cute pair of sandals (flat soled pink Kickers) which unfortunately make rude noises when they squelch against the soles of my feet. If I walk carefully I can more or less stop the noise but is there anything I could do to the sandals wh...


False eyelashes

Do you know of any that arent like huge and reallly really fake? Like some that are nice?
Thanks :)


How do I get rif of red bumps with black headss?

I have had pimples since I was like 11. im 14 now. there wayyy better now but how do I get rid of them? I've tried basically everythinig on your mind u'll first suggest.I wash my face twice a day with acne soap. and put rubbing alcohal on my face latl...


How do you say wheelchair in spanish?

How do you say wheelchair in spanish?


Who thinks its okay for men to wear false eyelashes?

I personally disagree with it, massively!


Strange scars on my face

I had puss under my skin, but not a pimple. I squezed and got the puss out, but now I have brown spots.
What happened and when will these go away?


My daughters breasts are very large

I have 2 daughters, 12 and 9, both of them have quite large breasts for their ages, which is a little unusual because mine are smaller. My eldest daughter wears a 34E and my youngest is in a 32C, my breasts are only 32B.
Its just they are both asking q...


What's a recipe for homemade tooth whitener?

what is a recipe for homeade teeth-whitener? (: thanksss.


How to make the part in my hair less noticeable?

when girls part their hair they have that line separating it, is there a way to get rid of that or make it less noticeable, if so how?


Why am I scared to shave my pubic hair?

Is there any girls thats dont shave or trim their pubic hair? And if you dont, how come? And if you do, how come?

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How can I shave my vagina without getting those bumps?

I hate those bumps. How can I
Shave without getting dem. They are itchy and hurt. Any tips or ideas will help.


Tattoo with razorblade and ink?

anyone know how to do it?
dont gimme the toothbrush guitar string thing:/ I dont have those.
I have a tattoo of a heart and I want to put my name in it.
iknoww, ink poisoning, aids, blahhh.
my problem, not yours:]


What do you think of a strange music tattoo?

Im gettin the strange music logo on my side, and fearless in olde enlglish across my back as well as my last name down my right side.

Do you think thats to many? Or if it would look cool?


does anybody have Rosacea?

like how did you deal with it?
because I think I have it now, and im going to a derm either this week or next week.
but its really irritating me, cuiz my face is always ugly red, and then like I put make up to cover it up, and it only helps a little...


How much does getting your nose pierced cost?

How much does getting your nose peirced usually cost?


advice on my look

okay im getting really bored with my hair
its naturally curly/wavy but I usually straighten it.
its one length and I used to have bangs but then I grew them out for dance and now there like side bangs but there like down to my chin. and like I just ...

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