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How to make my dimples deeper ?

How to make my dimples deeper ?

I have light ones but I want deeper
because in my opinion they can enhance your smile !!!


Why do my eyelids burn and become sensitive after I wash makeupoff?

So, sometimes I use soap to wash my makeup off while im in the shower.
after I get out, my eyelids burn reallly bad and are almost to sensitive to touch and are kinda sticky.

what does this mean? and why does it do this?

thanks, :).


Will Nair irritate my pubic hair area?

I need another way to get rid of pubic hair because shaving it makes it break out in lil red dots so would Nair work on it? Shaving leaves some still there anyways because I don't have good razors and my mom wont get me any more.


my hair won't stay brown

so I naturally have dark brown hair but a few years ago I had it blonde and ever since I went back to brown it would fade back to blond and I’ve dyed it brown so many times how do it keep the dye in? whats the best shampoo to keep it in


how to get rid of acne easily?!

is there any way?

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Do those enhancing treatments work?

Ok so im a little self-concious (<<spelled right? lol) about my breast size,I BARELY fill out and A probably a AA and im 19 and everyone says that when your 19 your pretty much done growing,at least in that area.. Needless to say,im flat cheste...


How much would a full spine tattoo cost?

I want to get it done
But curious about the price


What type of hairstyles look good with medium length black hair?

I just died my hair a very dark brown.. almost black! I want a cute hairstyle that will make me look... cute! I have Medium length hair ( a little past my shoulders) any ideas are appreciated! :)


Inexpensive way to numb skin before using an epil device?

Is there an inexpensive way to numb skin before using an epil device to remove unwanted body hair


Is the tragus piercing dangerous?

My parents seem to think getting your tragus pierced is dangerous because it can affect your balance. I really want it done but they don't agree with it.
Is it really that dangerous?


Why do people become emo?

So why do people become emo?


Any suggestions for a makeover?

I wanna get a makeover...any suggestions of whut tew do?!

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Is having large areolas normal?

I have a large areola around my nipple, is that normal?what should normal areola and nipples look like?what should normal breasts look like?

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Is is true that IcyHot and plastic wrap helps you lose weight?

Is it true, that if you rub your stomach with icyhot and wrap yourself in plastic wrap, and sleep with it on overnight, that you will lose inches off your waist ?

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Should saggy pants be banned ?

COLUMBIA, S.C. (AP) - A prominent black state senator says saggy pants are a civil rights setback. Sen. Robert Ford told The (Charleston) Post and Courier for Saturday's papers the style should be outlawed in South Carolina. The Charleston Democrat say...


Why do people hate emo kids so much?

why do people hate them so much ? is it because they dont care what people think or them and others are jelious and wish that they did`nt care what people think of them too? what is it that makes people hate them so much ?


How long do eyebrows stay dyed for?

I really want to get my eyebrows darker so I'm thinking about going to get it done professionaly. how long does it take for the hair to grow back?


What are rosebud lips?

Someone said I have wide rosebud lips.

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Do you need to be a stick to wear a bikini?

I got a new bikini it is AWESOME AS!!! What kinda body do you have to have to look good in one? Do you have to be a STICK or can you get away with a slight outline of your abs... very slight! Tanned people look good in bikinis no matter what stomach......

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How to decrease my breast size?

how to decrease my boobs..I'm very much worried abt thin but my boobs are large in size...its seems to b out of shape ..hmm please please help me from this...

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How do I make it look like I have no boobs for this dare?

ok so i have to do this dare/bet where i have to act and look like a boy for 3 days.
so how do i make it look and feel(if soemone were to rub my back) like i have no boobs at all? so i cant wear a bra cause they woudl see the outline of it.. so yeah wh...

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