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What colors would suit my hair?

I have light brown to dark blonde hair with blue eyes and fair skin and I wanted to get blonde foils but I dont know if it wud suit me..... can anyone help me?? I also wanted to know what other colours wud suit me....


How do I make my hair wavy?

How do I make my air wavy


Can I dye my hair before applying Highlights??


I want to dye my hair professionally, and I was wondering beforehand, if at the salon in one session whether I am able to dye my hair an all over natural colour before applying highlights??

Or would I have to wait??


How can I get rid of acne all over my body?

I have horrible pimples all over my face,chest,back and neck and would like 2 get rid of them. but the thing is I dont want to use any cleanser or any chemicals on my face. please help I need to get rid of these pimples and fast...


A tanned face??

Ok I have like a realy pale face(fair haired) and so is there some kind of product that you can put on you face to make it more of a darker shade?? And my other question was, would a more taned face make my face more thin?


How can I get my eyeliner to stay on all day?

I wear revlon black's a twist up kind and I can put it on and by the endof the day it's all smudged!!!


What can I do to spice up my plain black t-shirt?

Im bord of just my plain black tee so what can I do to make it more daring and noticable???any and all help will be apreciated!!!
Thanks all!

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Not wearing a bra

Ok 4 years ago in year 6 I was really flat chested so there wasnt a need 2 wear a bra (was the onli 1 with no bra) so my friends made fun oof me, then now 4 years later there still making fun of me im lyyk wtf that was 4 years ago hu givs a crap? But i...


Short fingernails

Well I have really short fingernails.. Maybe I should say no nails and really want them but what is the easiest way to grow them? How would I do it?
Please help, I have this bitting habit and I just stoped bitting them like two weeks ago but still they...


White bump in front of my tongue ring

Theres a large white bump in front of my barbell, I got this done 4 days ago, it hurts to cough real bad I added a picture I think
I have more if you want to see, but what is it? Will it go away? How do I make it go away? Help!!!


What happens when your nose percing falls out?

Hi ,
My nose piercing came out while I was asleep.
I found it in my bed.
I dont know how it came out.
The type of piercing I have was a ting sapphire stud.
I tried putting it back in that morning and night but it looked like the hole was closing u...


my shoulders hurt

ok. my shoulders have been hurting 4 a while now. I dont know y. I havent done and e thing 2 make them hurt. and e one know why they could b hurtin?


Where can I find cream to make my boobs grow?

Where can i find creams so my boobs will grow?

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how to grow my boobs big without spending money

how to grow my boobs big without spending money

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Can you dye your hair twice in one day?

is it ok to dye your hair twice in one day?


Black hair dye that is long lasting?

Does any one know any long lasting black hair die?


how will toothpaste on your nipples make you boobs grow?

I want bigger boobs and I'm trying not to have the implants I heard tooth paste on your nipples will make you boobs grow

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What is the average size bra for a 15 year old?

I'm 15 turning 16 soon. And I'm only a 30A, but I'm also 5'3 and tiny so I'm okay with my size. My mom is a 36 C. But what was your size at 15? is mine an okay size or could something be wrong?

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How do I pierce my own ear?

hi, I want to pierce the top of my ear on my own. how do you do it?


How can I make my black dye job fade fast?

I dyed my hair about a month or so ago with Semi-Permanent black hair dye and now I want to go brown. I just want it lighter is there a fast way to make my hair fade? I just don't want to strip or bleach my hair.


Smoothe shaving

Ok so, I've looked on the internet to find out how to get a smooth shave on my vagina without cutting myself. Everyone has told me to shave down(with the hair) but when I do that I never get all the hair. So my question is, how do I get a smooth shave ...

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How to shave pubic hair without razor bumps?

whats the best way to shave the vagina without razor bumps?

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Mixed hair

I am mixed My mother is African American and my dad is White my hair is poofy frizzy and wavy I need ideas for either making it Nice and wavy without the frizz or poof or straight

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How can I look like Cleopatra for a party?

need to look like cleopatra for a party soon any ideas hollywood type
heavy eye liner I know but what else?


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