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shaving down there 4 girls

when girls shave down there..
I noe the front would be easy to shave..
but what if there's...
it would hurt 2 shave there & with what & how...
so women just not shave there ??

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What are torpedo boobs?

I heard this guy at my school making fun of a girl for having "torpedo boobs". I've heard mixed definitions so if you could please explain to me what those are and how they would look because I just do not get it.

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What does three lines over each other mean (tattoo)?

I have seen a few tattoos with three lines, like an equals sign but with another line underneath. And the lines are a little longer.

I was wondering if anyone knows what they mean? Is it a language? A sign?


Facts of being preppy?

I want to know the facts of being preppy.
no people saying be yourdelf and things like that.
like the clothing, perfume, way they talk, how to do the make-up,ect[=
pllz help! thanksā™„

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How can I get fix my hair problems?

Ok so I have like 4 problems with my hair

1)Its flat
2)Its thin
3)It gets greasy fast, and yes I shower EVERY day
4)It tangles up really fast, like 5 mins after I brush my hair

Can anyone give me like cures or tips to help these?


What color is rihanna eyes and her complexion?

What color is rihanna eyes and her complexion?


How can I make my hair NOT orange?!

I dyed my hair myself last night and it has gone orange on the dark roots and blonde on the rest. Can I use the same dye again and will it go blonde this time as the roots aren't so dark?


How to get rid of a pointy nose?

I have a pointy nose and I want the end to be rounder without plastic surgery,,what can I do to make it round?

Thanks =]


How do I properly put in a highlight hair extension?

Where should i put my clip on hair extension? I want it so the highlight is showing on the left side of my head, going down with my bangs. I'm just not entirely sure where to place it.


I need some really cute hairstyles

I need some really cute hairstyles. Just for everday. I have shoulder length hair. It is naturally curly, but I usually straighten it. Thanx

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What is a christian benet watch?

What is a christian benet watch?


what is a do-rag?

im in the u.k and I dont think this excists over here!
but what is it>?


Why do humans have webbed skin between their fingers?

Why do humans have webbed skin between their fingers?


Removing finger hair?

I have finger hair. I know that sounds gross, but please help me! hmm, so is there a way I can get them off? I tried shaving them off, but they only come back thicker and bristler. I don't want to wax it though, since it'll hurt. my friend told me she ...

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Why do girls like hard bodies?

just asking because I know evrey girl almost where I see likes a hard and muscular body...

dont know why...

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Can I change my earring yet?

I had my ear ring in for about 3 weeks now and I want to change my ear ring now can I?


What size nose ring do they pierce you with?

I Want To Get My Nose Pierced But My Mum Doesnt Aprove, My Dad Does And He's Going To Take Me, The Thing Is I Live With My Mum & Not My Dad, I Want A Small Gemset Stud So Its Not Too Noticable, But Ive Been Told I Cant Have A Small Stud To Start With A...


How can I make my self look 18 im only 15 and I want go clubing ?

I want idears of what to wear heels ... ? how to have my hair and do I wear a lot of make up , eye liner ? and stuff like that.


How do you use makeup to make your eyes look Asian?

A friend and I were watching this Asian film one evening and we were argueing over the fact of makeup. Since, this woman was obviously american, but she somehow used makeup to make her eyes appear asian. I beleive Japanese.

How do you do that? Use mak...


Why is being tan so popular?

Why is being tan so popular? I like my pale skin..


Motorcycle hairstyles

My husband and I ride bikes a lot, I am looking for different styles for my hair, I simply look terrible in a d0-rag. I need some help with other ways to fix my hair while riding, and of course I want to look fashonable. Any tips


Should I peel my sunburned skin?

Okay.. I am sunburnt and am starting to peel in spots on my back and shoulders. The top layer of skin peels off very easily if I touch it. Should I peel it? (I look like a cheeta!) or should I leave it and wish for the impossibble? (an even skin tone)???


How much are colored contact lenses?

I want to know what is usually the cost for colored contact lenses. I really want to get some but my mom says they might be too expensive. By the way if I do get some colored lenses what eye color do you think would look better? I have medium brown eye...


How do I make scratch marks go away?

ok I know that cocoa butter is one thing to use.
But is there other products to use to make scratch marks go away?


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