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Where can I find the original version of fairy-tales that were meant for adults?

Im talking before the grimm brothers wrote them in the 1800s im way way way back when they were from France and stuff like that. But an english version. I've looked for hours all over the internet and i can't find them. There a more violent, explicinet...


Urbz sims in the city who do I write letter to paradise island?

Hey, In the Urbz, sims in the city I have 2 questions, one is who do I ask to write a letter to paradise island?
and the other is, I know that I have to get on the fan boat to find the dancing nutria, but its not there, how do I find it?


Do you like the second poem

Love is the realization of a beautiful dream
It is the miraculous key that unlocks all doors
Love completes us and brings us vision where we once were blind
Love is wise
Love is patient
Love is forgiving
Love is the only truth
Love holds each heart li...


Should the margins on my paper be 1.25 inches or 1.25 centimetres?

I'm workin on my paper and just realized it asks for margins of 1.25 is that in inch or cm (failure to do so will result in point deduction)? What do u guys think?


What do you think of the letter Stacy sent to her mom

Dear Mom: (3/20/08): I love you with all of my heart but this is what goes through my mind:

(1) The part that really does bother me is when you said about not having a place to wear them. I feel that you are saying I should only wear/buy...


7 Ages of Man : Modern Version

Is this a good poem? Were supposed to write a modern version of "The 7 Ages of Man", by Shakespeare.

Everyone in the world play a part,
Has a purpose,
Even if it is unknown in the,
It is the cute, attention seeking toddler,
Durious and...


What Plato told by E.E Cummings?

I know e.e cummings has a very unique style of writing, but no matter how much I try to research this poem I cannot seam to find anything on what he actually is the poeam(please help me if you can):
plato told

him:he couldn't


Life is like a puzzle quote

Do any one know the quote or any quote that contains "life is like a puzzle..." I forgot it...


How to address letters to scotland?

How to address letters to scotland?


Love/emo quotes??

Anyone know good broken heart quotes that are emoish? [im not emo] or happy ones about love?? Or poems??

Any websites with these things??



Help with my Poem/Sonnet

Can anyone please read and provide me with any feedback/corrections on my first-attempt at a Poem/Sonnet. It is for my upcoming wedding in 3 days.


We tried to meet while playing cards at sea
You spoke to me but then I shied away
You made a...


What does imaoo mean?

You can use it in texting. What does it mean?


Is it hard to write with gloves on?

I've never actually tried to write with gloves because well.. it doesn't get cold down here so I never really had the need for gloves. my hands are constantly sweating and I feel like I can't touch anything!! so I think I wanna start wearing gloves and...

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Beginning of broken-heart story?

Please tell me what you think. I wrote it in 8 minutes so its not the best. Its the introduction to a story I am writing about 2 ex lovers and everything they've been through. Please dont take this.

She's loved him since the first day she ever laid ey...


What are some good ideas on a story about fear?

For english I needa write a short story based on the theme "fear", I write a lot of poems and stories but im not very good at writing short stories (word limit being max 1000 :s ) and I cnat seem to think of a gd story line based on a fear... Any ideas...


Who has got a very sad life story they'd like to tell me?

I need an idea for a song, but i'm only good at writting about depressing things. If I end up turing your story into a song, i'll compose music on guitar for it too and probably post a video of myself playing it for you! So give me some sad stories! He...


How many word can you make out of normal

How many word can you make out of normal


Words that have the 'e' before the 'I'?

this is really dumb and random but this just popped in my head. are there any words that break the "I" before "E" except after "C" rule? I don't know why but htat just popped in my head.


What should I write in a slam book?

I am into my final days of my college and my friend asked me to fill her slam book.I have to write something on it about her and I have made some rough copy about what to write.I just want some opinion about it, so that I can write it in her slam ...


What is a good alternate ending for a boring book?

In English we have to read one of the most boring books ever. The title is Ethan Frome and it's written by Edith Wharton. I have to have a good alternate ending done by Tuesday (12/1) but I can't think of anything. Can you help me?


To read or not to read that is the Question

People may not remember when I said " People may jump out at me when I say this - but Twilight was not the best book-to-movie adaptation ever made. I may be biased in this though, seeing as I never became a huge Twilight fan." When I said it, it was be...


What's a way I can describe blue eyes in my story?

Well I'm writing a story and I've asked everyone I know and NO ONE can give me a good idea. So im trying to describe a guy's eyes from a girl perspective. She just met the boy.. so yeah. Does anyone have any good ideas? The only idea I have is: Bright ...


Are you excited to see the Hunger Games & have you read the series?

I'm kind of excited not as excited as I was a week ago. I read the first book, and I remember the lady from Barnes & Nobles saying "You're gonna want to read the rest of the series after reading that book" and at first I was like "yeah right" in my hea...


Who wrote this?

no mountain nor sea no thing of this world could keep us apart because this is not my world you are


I need some ideas for a mystery story

ok for those of you out there who have sum good ideas 4 a mystery... I COULD REALLY USE SOME!!


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