Why doesn't god just like, make everything perfect?

Like, if gods real, why doesn’t he get rid of pollution and illnesses and stuff? I don’t get it. If he’s real then he’s like all powerful so why can’t he just make everything like, perfect?

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Because he is stupid & not real.

Man created god in his image : intolerant, sexist, homophobic and violent.

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not really the answer I was looking for -_- but alright lol.

Answer #3

god can’t control the men and women who sin because he gave them their own will power…satan came in and told people that they could go in search of their own ways…they listened…god’s just trying very desperately to show the right way…but some people just don’t get it

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Okay ill give you a real answer then -_- There is no such thing as perfect, there will NEVER be world peace because everyone has opinions, we dont have to agree with anyone, we have freedom of speech, in order for everything to be perfect do you realise how many rules there would be? itd be horrible. Illness is part of life, we cause it sometimes by not taking care of ourselves, and pollution cant be taken away because that would interfere with other peoples life styles. noone cant change those things, especially not ‘god’.

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Well he could just like, tell us what to do or eve do it for us if he wanted. So it’s sort of ass holey that he just let’s us ruin the world.

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*that was to shoshana by the way XD

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oh and btw, everything WAS perfect when god created the earth but after men sinned they felt naked and they didn’t get everything good because they had sided with satan…thats what the bible says and i beleive firmly in it

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You are just going to get a bunch of free will answers. I however find it funny that something all knowing and all powerful would create something and not have control over them. Also why give us free will if you KNOW (since you are all knowing) that we’re going to end up in some place call hell.

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Yeah, but god could just make it all perfect again.

Answer #10

[link removed] you have to see why religion is so fake just watch the vid :/

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he DID tell eve what to do. he gave adam and her everything except one tree but they had to go and eat from it so they screwed themselves and everyone else who follows the devil’s ways does too…but god gives everyone a second chance if they follow him in their first life–the test–then they can have all of the glory in afterlife

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Exactly O:

Answer #13

Link removed XD And religion isn’t fake, people can believe what they want to believe.

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but he hasn’t & never will because he isnt real. Its not hard to com to that conclusion after reading “shoshanas” post, they sound like freaking fairy tales.

Answer #15

he gave us free will to be nice…would you like someone to control EVERY SINGLE THINg you do? and not all of us will end up in hell….just the ones who completely go against god

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[link removed]

Answer #17

they sound real to me. stop taking the fun out of funadvice, im trying to explain my beleifs. you can explain your too, just dont call mine fake because i think they’re as real as it’ll ever get

Answer #18

But the one’s who go against god, he could just fix what they mess up. Like ohhh I killed a puppy cuz I hate god BAM!! the puppy’s alive again.

Answer #19

he cant fix them unless they listen first…but some are just so intolerant

Answer #20

im taking the fun out of funadvice by posting my opinion? ha okay, and i guess its SOOOOOOOOOOOOO fun to come on here & type out the bible, no, not at all. Youre basically calling mine fake by saying yours is real ;) so touche babe. Why did “god’ even bother to create man if he already knew how it would turn out.

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=( I wish i could give you a perfect and straightforward answer, but the truth is im not god. But what I’ve come to understand, is that humans are sinful by nature. i think god put us here because he wanted us to have a choice. He didn’t want little dolls or robots who did whatever he said by command. Think about it this way, if you were playing a game, would you want to have the game set up so you won? Or would you like to earn your way there? Or like this: If I had I crush, would I want to cast a spell and poof crush falls in love with me? Or would I rather have my crush choose to love me. To me, if it’s not his choice, even if it did turn out ok for us, it just wouldn’t be real love. So I think that might be why we’re here, to face the trials satan has made for us (and yes that does mean trials that god did not take away). I believe that i’m gonna trust that god knows whats best, even if I may not always understand it. :)) Hope i’ve helped you. and if not, well thanks for listening anyways

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watch the zietgiest movie lol thats all i have to say :)

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OH MY GOD OH MY GOD OH MY GOD Don’t fight pleeeease or I’ll cry :((((

Answer #24

it will show you how much b.s. religion is

Answer #25

im not calling yours fake im saying i “beleive” mine are real. that doesnt mean yours are fake to you. this is all beleifs and you beleive what you beleive. And god has good plans for everyone but satan gets in the way and so do man’s own ways too

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exactly why its corrupt hahahah XDDD

Answer #27

sorry connor :’( not trying to argue, trying to explain what i beleive and answer what i can

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damn it cant send you the damn link lol XDDD its called zietgiest give me your thoughts on it lol :PP

Answer #29

god isnt sexist

Answer #30

Why did he make them if he KNEW that they weren’t going to listen in the end? I mean he is ALL knowing.

Answer #31

“when it comes to bull sht… big time major league bull sht!!! you have to stand it all…of the all time champion of false promises and exagerated claims…. religion…….think aobut it… religion has actually convinced people!! that theres an invisible man..living in the sky! who watches everything you do..every minute of everyday!! and the invisible man has a special list of ten things he does not want you to do!.. and if you do any of these ten things he has a special place.. full of fire! and smoke! and burnning and torture and anguish!! where he will send you to live and suffer and burn and choke and scream and cry forever and ever till the end of time!! …………………………but he loves you?…he loves you…….he loves you and he needs money!!!!! he always needs money!! hes all powerful, all perfect, all knowing,and all wise … some how.. he just cant handel money!!!!.. religion takes in billions of dollars, they pay no taxes, and they always need a little more.. now you talk about a good bull sht story.. HOLY SHT!!!”

Answer #32

i just wanted to point out that Jesus describes God as having both masculine nd femenine characteristics.. therefore… he is not sexist

Answer #33

it wouldnt be right if he just fixes every mistake that we do^^^

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true dat :D

Answer #35

but he could, so techniquely it’s his fault things are effed up cuz he’s sitting there not doing anything.

Answer #36

Why not? He is after all the creator of the universe and he created our choices and our free will. Otherwise it doesn’t make sense that he is all powerful.

Answer #37

soo he is responsible for our bad choices?he could do that but how would we learn?is like doin everything for baby and wen it gets older ex.40 we would do everything for it?

Answer #38

you cant use the bible to prove the bible, thats like me using twilight to prove vampires are real.

Answer #39

this is a good way to put it:)

Answer #40

Yes, he is, because he CREATED free will. My point isn’t about how we should be treated. It is why would something that KNOWS what choices we make, make us in anyways? I don’t get why something that is all powerful and ALL KNOWING would do that? It sounds to me like he is bored and cruel and needs pawns to play with. Why on earth do you make something if you KNOW it is going to go bad?

Answer #41

he knows that some of WILL listen in the end though. and then there are the few who sit in the back of the class and pretend llike they’re listening. god has good things plan but man goes in search for his own way…god’s like a physchiatrist

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we dont know at alllllllllllllll we will problaly know when we die.

Answer #43

to me anyways..:D

Answer #44

so now hes a doctor ? LOL

Answer #45

there’s no proof for anything! even evolution theory is missing proof! That’s why it’s called a beleif!

Answer #46

he can heal people…but anyways by that i meant he can tell people the right thing to do, but he can’t force them to do it…after all, he gave free will

Answer #47

this is the best ways that i can explain what i beleive in and go ahead and question if you want…i wont reply for a while tho casue im going camping but ill try to explain my best if there are any questions when i get back…ttyl

Answer #48

Tell me this has god ever talked to you? like actually talked back, not in a dream or whatever but in REAL life has he ever said “Hey whateveryournameis what can i do for you?” you are totally contradicting yourself with the things youre saying, so just stop while youre ahead.

Answer #49

ppl try reading the shak by paul young :)

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haha you guys are pathetic :) im glad im not in a world of confusion and false hope and exaggerated claims :)

Answer #52

sorry u feel that way =/

Answer #53

Just cuz you don’t believe, doesn’t mean you should be calling those who do, pathetic. And I love the way you put it :}

Answer #54

No. That’s why it’s called a theory. What you have is called a belief. Try not to confuse the two.

Answer #55

@ irene, priceless! seriously made my day.

Answer #56

You mean, like in theory? Because in theory people are sinful (which is technically God’s fault, since God created man and knew exactly what would happen with the apple, since God is all-knowing, I mean if I set a rodent in front of my cat, she’s going to kill it, it’s setting her up to say ‘bad kitty’ if I knew all along what she was going to do, but we’ll ignore that part), and then you have the devil (again God’s fault because God knew exactly what satan was going to do, and God went ahead and created him anyways, kinda cruel if you think about it, I create an angel that I know is going to lead astray the creations I claim to prize the most, but we’ll also ignore that part), and then you’ve got the suffering brings people closer to God bit (he’s rather narcissistic from this point of view, even most parents would put their kids through suffering just so they would come running for help, but mysterious ways and all), and then you’ve got free will (which again makes very little sense, the free will part is so that we would willingly choose him, but then he punishes us for not choosing him? not very nice now is it).

Answer #57

Bottom line is, you’re trying to rationally understand something that makes no rational sense. This is where faith steps in. You have to believe that there is a reasoning you cannot understand and you have to accept it. Any attempts to explain it come out weak (and heaven forbid you dont actually know what you’re talking about and try to explain it, then you just sound ridiculous)

Answer #58

is this as as good as it gets? if so then god is really the devil

Answer #59

Shoshana, I love the comparison of God to a psychiatrist, brilliant!

Answer #60

Two things:

What is perfection?

Who says the world isn’t perfect?

Answer #61

We’re allowed to believe what we want without you critisising outr beliefs : /

Answer #62

This is a hard question to answer without sitting on the bias, but what if we look at it from a different perspective? Atheists see the world for what it is - corrupt, cruel, unjust. Those who believe in God see it as God’s choice to allow man to live and learn…to grow and evolve in his own way. God would not have created pollution or carnage…those are man’s crimes, and perhaps illness is just another means of forcing man to grow and become stronger, learning to cope and overcome. Even as an atheist, I can see how Christians can conceive things this way….try opening the mind a little…a smidgen of tolerance equals a world of knowledge.

Answer #63

okay so i didnt read the whole thing… BUT it sounds like ur trying to say that there is no proof that God or the Bible exist, yes? Well then, do yu have any proof that it doesnt?

Answer #64

God gave us free choice. Our choices are what led to the world we live in. We had perfect, and we tossed it away. We committed sin in God’s face. Why should he just do everything for us. We need to thank God for the opportunity that he has given us. We need to spend our time here on this corrupt planet preparing our return to the “perfect” world. Everything is “perfect” in heaven. It is our life goal.

For those that do not believe in God, I question where you think it all began? Do you believe it was the Big Bang Theory? If so, where did the particles come from? There is no science that can prove everything. This proves that there is something beyond your comprehension that exists.

Live Christ like. Love the Lord and you will see how God makes everything perfect.

Answer #65

He didnt make everything perfect so that only He is perfect and if everything were perfect, there would be no need for anyone to make choices. and life is pretty much all about choices.

Answer #66

i say the world isnt perfect :P

Answer #67

Yes thats exactly what im saying, just look at the ridiculous things people are saying, getting in trouble for eating a damn apple? fu*k that.

Answer #68

Dont’ you think HE did make everything perfect?(Genesis 1:31). The problem is what came afterwards…

Answer #69

How is it possible for something not to be real and at the same time stupid? Irene, are you just angry with God?

Answer #70

It is like a big test. We have to figure things out or selves and get our greatness in return, the fact that we try is good, but some of the ways we do things are rather bad. but in the end it will hopefully be a great afterlife. :) just live life as happily as possible, you only have one.

Answer #71


Do you really have to comment if you dont beilive? honestly…-_-

Answer #72

Who could determine if I exist? And who could determine if God exist? Could the made think say that the maker does not exist?Because for certain I was not allways here, I was definetly made…The same with this earth and the stars and etc.

Answer #73

The idea of god is stupid, & nope, i have an amazing life, nothing to be angry about, i just dont believe in that bullsh!t.

Answer #74

Of course anyone chooses what to believe and what not to believe, the reason i asked if you were angry is because some people do not believe because they didn’t find good answers to their questions, like why so much suffering in life or thinks like this, which the Bible answers. I hope you didn’t mind me asking if you were angry.

Answer #75

Don’t you agree that a loving father would willingly provide answers and directions to his beloved children? Where do you think does GOD provide his?

Answer #76

I still owe you an answer for your question “ Were adam and eve able to talk? if not, how exactly do we know about that story?”, i didn’t forget it. Perhaps tomorrow.

Answer #77

yes cuz i really want you guys to stop believing :) it would make me so happy if you gained the intelligence that i have gained :D

Answer #78

thatsz alot of writing! yall do

Answer #79

: / Just because someone believes in god, doesn’t make them unintelligient. Just like if you don’t, it doesn’t make you smarter.

Answer #80

cuz god made US and WE made pollution and thats our fault. there’s alot of stuff out there lemme list- death, starvation,slavery,rapists,pollution,illeagl draugs,opresion, execution,madness,the econimy,obeseness, and there are ALOT more. I may not be chistian but i know sum stuff about and even if he is allmighty its not like he can go poof and everythings perfect and besides, BECAUSE of these problems we had such a big brain.

Answer #81

Here is the thing; God created this world as a perfect place. Sin messed all of that up. How did sin get here, you ask. Well when God created Adam and Eve, he gave them only one rule. That rule was that they were not to eat the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. It was a simple rule. They had many trees and plants to eat off of but there was one they could not. Why would God do that? The answer is this: God gave us all free will. The purpose of free will is so that we will CHOOSE to love God and CHOOSE to worship Him. He wanted someone to fellowship with and someone that would worship Him. That is why He created mankind. Well eventually the temptation was too much for man to withstand so they ate of the fruit and therefore rebelled against God. That was the very first wrong choice in history. The moment they disobeyed God, sin entered into the world. Along with sin came disease, crime, and ultimately death. I want you to sit down and seriously think of all the bad things in the world. What are they caused by? Humans. Food shortages, poverty, killing, and all other acts of inhumanity are carried out by humans…not God. God gives us all a choice to serve Him. He gives a choice to do right or wrong. When people choose to do wrong, bad things occur. Is this punishment from God? No. It is simply the consequence of that decision. God would love to make everything perfect, and one day He will, but for now He respects our free will. Bono, the leader singer of the band U2, was interviewed by a magazine in the late 80s to early 90s. The interviewer asked Bone why his music was taking a turn away from the “Bible inspired” themes. He asked Bono if all the bad things in the world made him question God. Bono answered: “That’s not it at all. The ultimate arrogance is when mankind blames God for the mess that we got ourselves into.” That is beautifully put. God made everything perfect to begin with but we messed it up. He did give us a way out though. He is God’s Son and His name is Jesus. Romans 6:23 says: “For the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life through Christ Jesus our Lord.” That means that everyone who has ever sinned will die. That is only half of the penalty. God wants blood. We cannot pay this debt on our own. So, Jesus came down and lived a sinless life. He died in a horrific way and shed His BLOOD. Keep in mind He was perfect so His BLOOD was and is and will always be the only sufficient payment that will cover our sins and allow us to enter into a relationship with God and eventually enter Heaven when we die. I hope this helps. If you have more questions do not hesitate to ask me!

Answer #82

And I know how people who don’t believe hate when people try to shove it down your throats, but you are doing it the same D: AND insulting us too.

Answer #83


Answer #84

Colleen I have a question. You say you are an atheist right? So I am assuming that you believe in the Theory of Evolution? Well I have one question: “How did all of this get started?”

Answer #85

You are being rude daydreamer. Everyone believes in something and you CANNOT prove that theirs are false. You are doing EXACTLY the same thing as some bible bashers out here.

Answer #86

It is obvious why everything is not perfect, because then we wouldnt need God, and life would be boring perhaps. Let us really use our imaginations and think about the synchrocity of life right now. The galaxy’s and solar systems and planets all rotating and moving at thousands of miles an hour. The nature of our own planet healing and growing. The lives of the people in our communites; every left that could have been a right, and vice versa. Every decision made by every human on a second to second basis, and the absolute wonder of it all and ask yourself these questions: Is man orchestrating all this? Is this all chance? Did this all really pop out of nothing with a simple bang?

Answer #87

Is that not the question everyone asks? Frankly, I’m tired of answering it….I believe in the Big Bang Theory, and I have no intention of getting into an explanation of it. The information is widely available for anyone who wants to know.

Answer #88

To Irene Kruger: I read once in the book of Genesis, chapter 22, verse 12, that God didn’t know beforehand how much was Abraham an obedient man to God, not until he was proved. Of course, God can foresee the future, but in certain things He preffers not to. Don’t you think He preffers someone to obbey Him becaus we love Him and not because we were programmed to do so?

Answer #89

Awesome answer.

Answer #90

whose answer?

Answer #91

So then the bible is lying when it says that god is all knowing. And if god doesn’t want to know that, then it makes him guilty. I mean it’s the same thing as a parent denying that their child is doing something wrong, while knowing. I still don’t see why someone who knows everything, makes people KNOWING they’ll end up making the wrong choices and that he’ll have to send them to hell for eternity. Also why would a LOVING god send someone to hell for eternity for a bunch of mistakes he/she made in roughly 70 years of their life. That is just cruel. If god can’t know that then he isn’t all mighty which means that the bible is wrong.

Answer #92

I agree with Irene.

Answer #93

ive noticed that people who dont beilive have the tendency to act like they know everything… its rather annyoing though, talking down to others, not saying this one is, but still its happened to me before, and i punched one in the face for being so god awfully annoying…just saying

Answer #94

To Irene and Angelee: First, thanks for sharing your thoughts with us. Second: God’s ability to forsee future is not the same of knowing. Is like the ability we have to turn on the radio and listen to the news.We can choose not to do it. Third: The Bible clearly shows that the soul of a sinner dies, does not go to hell of fire (Ezekiel 18:4).Forth: you agree with God becase He doesn’t send anyone to eternal torment just because of few years of sins (Jeremiah 7:31). You see, you’re allready coming to an agrrement with God!!

Answer #95

If everything had allready been predicted and forseen by God, then He would have to be bound to his own predictment, hence not being Allmighty

Answer #96

We are arguing in circles here. The point is you believe differently then I do, which is ok, but we aren’t going to agree or come to a point.. To me allmighty means that you can do ANYTHING, that inlcudes KNOWING the future and predicting it. And how in ANY circumstances would someone that is all mighty be bound by anything, because he is allmighty. That is why it doesn’t make sense to me that a god would exist that would create something KNOWING how it would turn out. If he can’t know, then he isn’t allmighty.

Answer #97

God won’t make everything perfect because without problems, people wouldn’t believe in a God. There would be no worship or belief, because everything perfect, therefore they would leave it to science.

Answer #98

lol stop being so hypocritical :) you guys do the same sh*t hahahah you guys are just as annoying as us but instead the religion part beats everyone else who is annoying cuz we dont go out and preach to everyone and on the streest and in school or any other place cuz we are just not that annoying :) so what do you have to say now? are you going to throw some more stupid comments and thoughts of your religion at me? cuz honestly what i think is if you believe in whatever religion you believe in then keep it to your self and at home and no where else .. no one wants to hear it -_- people got lives you know they got better things to do .. one day religion is going to change very dramatically or it will just be unimportant to the human eye.. that one day will be so beautiful and care free :D

Answer #99

idgaf :) i dont want you to believe in it im trying to save you man? cant you see this? i want to help you but your so stuck in your comfort zone that its not allowing you to see all the lies that are surrounding us :/

Answer #100

I believe in god and I don’t go preaching to everyone I see. I don’t think I’ve preached to any one in my entire life actually. Stop being so stereotypical, and stop insulting us. You don’t know everything, we don’t know everything. Agree to a disagree, and stop being rude.

Answer #101

lol damn you sound just like my gf hahah XDD stop being such a b*itch and grow a pair of balls!!

Answer #102

lol damn you sound just like my gf hahah XDD stop being such a b*itch and grow a pair of balls!!

Answer #103

So, What happens to you if/when religion is proven false?

This is a hypothetical question posed overall to gauge some thinking into the plethora of attention the common person gives dieties around the world and how it interferes with them.

So, the senario is simple, you get complete and full evidence that the religion or general dogma you follow is false…lets say it comes to you in a way that leaves you no doubt (say a time travelling device fell onto your lap, and out of curiousity, you checked out all the religious stories to find out none of it happened..just some leaders making stuff up to control the cults and whatnot..).

You come back and voila..the entire world now understands all religions have simply been a ancient scam..there is nothing. No great flood, no adam and eve (upon checking, it was monkeys evolving over time..), no parting of the seas, no crucifiction, no mountains moving, none of it…

How would your life be impacted? Would you still go to your local church? Would you still pray? Would you find more value in this life (its all you got), or less

How about the community…would you demand the money spent on churches, temples, etc be liquidated and the structures turned into something useful? Would you want deity worship removed completely from the country (off the money, out of the pledge, etc)..would you feel happy for learning the truth or sad that you no longer had a happy delusion?

How do you reckon society would react as a whole (the proof is bulletproof..no possible way around it)?

This exercise is meant for the few religious folks on ATS that has some introspection and can answer the questions without kneejerk simply dismissing the question (if you want to dismiss it, then simply go to the next thread, no need to post).

I personally would be fairly uneffected by it..I wouldn’t want cathedrals torn down as I find them culturally significant and quite pretty, if a bit useless. I enjoy the ceremonial aspects of religion from a distance..I just get confused why anyone would actually believe that stuff to begin with. I see the money and pledge stuff as stupid overall…if you need a government to demand God is who we trust and whatnot, then its not a very strong stand…but I understand it is currently on there mostly out of heritage and the religious freak out whenever you mention removing government stamped gods on money and such.

I think the world would enter into a full fledged science and technology development panic with many having anxiety attacks about death, so tons of money finally being spent on longevity and cures..

I imagine a massive spike in personal spirituality and meditation would be the big thing worldwide, as people need the connection to something greater than themselves…even if that something is just a higher form of self.

Answer #104

What’s wrong with it? Doesn’t matter what happens in the world, life goes on, doesn’t matter what hardship people face, most will make it through the hardships. Sound good to me.

Answer #105

I have come to the conclusion that religion is just a load of bull. If “God” can’t help us then he isn’t omnipotent and all-knowing, if he is able to if he wants to, and just chooses not to, then he’s a bit of a git isn’t he.

Answer #106

yeah but then again nothing is perfect, i mean if god solved all our problems we would live a perfect, boring life.

Answer #107

walruses… okay everyone? walruses…

Answer #108

he does know how it’ll all turn out…one day, not sure when, Jesus will come back down to earth and everyone will be sent Heaven or Hell…the second coming…and then the earth will no longer be or maybe it will, but no one will be living on it.

Answer #109

If perfect was boring then it isn’t perfect. If God cannot create something perfect, then he is not omnipotent.

Answer #110

You think those skinny kids in africa are going to get thorugh their hardships? what about the wives wo get burned in guateamala? none of them survived their husbands. You think the kids in the innercity who noone cares about have a perfect life? Oh, they’ll get over it in 10 years when they are involved in gangs and dont give a sh!t. You havent seen any of the world if you think that most people can get over their problems. You live the cushy american life and hardships to you are not constantly having 20 bucks in each pocket. You need to stop caring about just yourself and look around.

Answer #111

HE can help us, but we do not allways identify HIS help. Some ways he help us are: 1)By drawing us close to HIM in order to aquire accurate knoledge of HIS purposes (John 6:44), 2)By remembering every single detail of our existence in oredr to resurrect us exactly as we are (John 5:29),3)By giving us hope of a wonderfull future world without suffering (Psalms 37:29, Isaiah 65:17)…would you like to hear about other ways?

Answer #112

Deuteronomy 32:4 says that God’s activity is allways perfect, and He also created his only begotten son perfect, isn’t it true?

Answer #113

Hello sranthonis, actually I live in Africa (by the way many african countries are rated as some of the fattest in the world), wow, what a surprise that your actually from america and you cr@p on me for being from there. Read my profile before you make assumptions.

I have also been to Europe and if you must know the people here are just as happy as the people there. What is also interesting is that america, the number one nation in the world is the most overweight. Strange that a country with such a good education and so much money can still do such stupid things. So if people are in bad circumstances they complain about is and if people are in good circumstances they put themselves into bad ones. That does not make the problem a problem with the world, nor does it make the problem one about people as there are many people who are happy, whether they have good lives or not. Therefore my conclusion is that the world is perfect and people have the ability to be happy, but most choose not to and therefore the problem is not the world but rather most of the people in it

Answer #114

Well, rather than drawing us “closer to HIM”, I think it would be far more helpful to oh, I don’t know… stop people from being killed, raped, child abuse, homelessness, domestic abuse, starvation, being tortured, people dying just from the lack of clean water, cancer… just everything! The list could just go on and on. More than 2.500 CHILDREN each day die because they don’t have clean water. That is messed up. Where’s “God” when innocent babies are tortured and killed by their parents? WHY isn’t he doing anything about the suffering in the world?

Answer #115

It is very touching to see how people like you want to comfort those in need who are suffering. God will solve everything in a perfect way, even resurrecting all those you mentioned that suffered with no blame, in HIS due time. In the meantime HE is exercising long suffering because He doesn’t want anyone to perish. (read please 2nd, Peter 3:15, and tell me what you think aout that scripture, please)

Answer #116

But why doesn’t he solve it now? I don’t want to be resurrected. I’d much rather he’d sort out the world NOW. When we need the help. Why should it be in “HIS due time”? If he was all-powerful then he would be able to stop it whenever he wants to.

Answer #117

theres no point to life if u have everything given to you, and everything perfect thats why

Answer #118

LOL. I just find it hilarious that someone who isn’t even from all those places that they mentioned comes to preach to someone. You haven’t seen the world either sweetie. We live in Africa, it’s not as bad or as barren as people make it out to be. Steven is right, people do create bad situations where none exists. We are programmed to focus on the bad things in our life. And if things were so bad then NO ONE would get out of poverty or abusive reliationships, but yet some do manage that.

Answer #119

I’m a Christian. It’s not really God’s fault. He put on us on this earth and gave us the ability to make choices. If you think about it, Satan has been trying to corrupt God’s plan since the beginning. God has plans for each and everyone of us, but we can jack it up and end up apart from God. So he gives up the choice to repent.

Examples of Satan trying to mess up God’s plan. Adam & Eve and the Serpent - Sin is in all our blood but God sent his son Jesus to wash away our sins.
Jesus’s crucifixion - He figured if he got rid of Jesus then we wouldn’t have a way of salvation but turns out that it played out as planned. Jesus’s birth - The king tried to kill baby Jesus so again we wouldn’t have a way of salvation, and I think someone sent a hunt out for all the male toddlers so Mary and Joseph went to Egypt and hid Jesus from him. Giants/Nephilims - Satan tried to pollute the human gene pool again by having demons make offspring with human which makes hybrids such as Giants. That’s probably where a lot of the Greek/roman mythology came into play. (that’s what I think) Moses - Again, Pharaoh orders that all the Israelite males get killed. So Jochebed (Moses’s mother) hid him. Cain slays Abel but Seth is raised. Haman tries to kill all the Jews (Jesus was a Jew) but Ester intervenes. Saul tried to kill David. God destroys the people of Earth but saved Noah. My guess is he saved Noah because his blood was the only blood that wasn’t polluted by hybrid blood. (demons/giants/aliens having offspring with humans) Rebekah, Isaac’s wife is barren but conceives. Sarah is unable to conceive but the miracle child Isaac is born.

Answer #120

Actually, i have been on mission trips to ALL of those places, sorry i didnt know that you were from africa, i just figured only an american would think the world is perfect. I dont much like the way americans act, we kindof suck. I know all of those places arnt bad but you have to know that there are horribul places. the world isnt perfect, I was trying to make a point. Sorry i wasn’t more specific with my place naming, i thought u would get my point. Im not from there, but ive seen the worst of the places. It is my soft spot and for someone to say its perfect almost offends me. But thats just me.

Answer #121

Who says its imperfect? It is simply our ignorance that everything seems imperfect. Like the dust covering the diamond will never shine, but remove this dust and it will shine like nothing else. Do that you will see, remove the ignorance and you will see how perfect this world is.

Answer #122

Because if He did we would become resentful that He had taken our choices away. Thats why the devil is here with us. He causes us to choose. He is the catalyst. If you were God, would you want to end up with people you had to force or coerce into loyalty or people who freely chose to give it of their own accord?

Answer #123

If everything was perfect, we would have one emotion, and we would get bored

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