How can I make my breasts bigger?

so can you tell me what you did cause I seriously want bigger boobs and I am a different person than the one who you gave advice too but I was googling this question and I read this I seriously NEED bigger boobs so please help me

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Well, I heard beans help your boobs. + there really good and healthy for you. so try that.

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Answer #3

push up bra

Answer #4

im 14 and a size D and its still tight on me…I want them to be smaller…

Answer #5

their is a cream you can rub on them on to make them bigger.. look on ebay for it

Answer #6

omg, I am A36 and only 13. do any of you think I need to get bigger boobs!

Answer #7

I used to be so concerned about my boob size, and it used to drive me crazy. I went to Victorias Secret and they measure you for free, and they found bras for me that really made me feel much sexier even though I really don’t have much going on up there. But, now that I’m getting older I’m learning that guys don’t really care about boob size as much as us girls think that they do, they seriously love all boobs!! I still get plenty of guys, and I know that I have great other assets like eyes and hair. I even get compliments on my butt sometimes! A lot of guys are more into that! Stop dwelling on the things that you think you don’t have, and instead put all your attention to your assets, because everyone has them. Most of the time, if you dont have big boobs you usually have a good butt, or vise versa. If you like your butt, than get a pair of jeans that shows it off! If you have a great smile, use it to get a guy! It’s much sweeter than having to show cleavage to get a guy, and this shows a lot more about a guys interests if he’s more attracted to your beautiful smile than your boobs. I would much rather prefer I guy to look me in the eyes rather than staring at my chest. I also heard that if you have a smaller chest guys consider you to appear more of a playful type, and that sounds pretty sexy! Just to make you feel even better someone like Gwen Stefani has always had all my guy friends going ga-ga and she doesn’t have huge boobs! I have a few friends that have big boobs and they actually get jealous of me because they say I always look much classier than them, they are constantly worrying about what they’re wearing is too trashy looking. See, there are plenty of positives to having smaller boobs! Its nearly impossible I feel like these days to have a positive body image because girls are being judged on their body constantly, but if you truely see the beauty in yourself, others will as well. (This sounds SO cheesy but it is so true, people will envy that you are confident, not cocky, in your own body and they’ll accept you as beautiful! I promise! )

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not to be mean but boobs are boobs. it doesnt matter what size. there are good things about all sizes in my opinion. as long as my girl has more then I do I think I will be fine lol

Answer #9

my boobs are bigger bt I dont love them, sometimes I love them bt most of the times I hate it like when its hot I have to wer a bra bt if they wer smaller I wud just put a small top en relax.Khanyie…

Answer #10

I myself have tiny boobs! they are hardly there! I would like to get bigger boobs but like skiingchick123 says guys like the smaller boobs and you would get a WAY better guy if he was attracted to you becuase of your eyes, hair, smile etc if your confident your beautiful and guys really notice when you do that!

Answer #11

Sorry hun but only thing is surgery. All these people that are sayin rubbin sht our eatin foods. there dumbsses theres nuttin you can do. ya get cha sh*t when ya gett’em.

Oh and if there really was a way to make your boobs bigger than they probaly would have annouced it on TV dont cha think ;] so theres no way.

Answer #12

I found this article on one of the forums

So let me tell you my story for many years I always felt insecure about my chest size. I was the only girl of my group whose breasts never seemed to grow, but when speaking to them about it they always assured me that either they would grow in time or that it didn’t matter. The thing is it really did matter to me. I never felt like a complete woman just like a little girl.

Over time like all things I put it to the back of my mind, but there was always that niggling worry in the back of my mind.

In time though I met a fantastic man, and we have been together ever since. And slowly but surely my worries seemed to fade. Then one day at a dinner party I over heard him say to one of his friends that he liked women with big boobs and in an instant my old insecurities came flooding back.

Every time I was with him and we saw a woman with big boobs I thought he was going to leave me for her. I knew it was silly and irrational but I just could not help it.

I talked to him about it and he tried to set my mind at ease and told me that he loved me just the way I am. But that did not help really.

So secretly I started looking into breast augmentation surgery, and was horrified at the cost to find a good surgeon. I had seen a load of horror stories of people who had had there boobs done on the cheap and I realized I was not prepared to take that risk.

So I looked around to find other methods to make my boobs larger without surgery and ran into a million people trying to sell pills and potions that promised remarkable results. So in I jumped with both feet. I tried everything, and all the big claims came to nothing. I felt ripped off but most of all betrayed.

I looked around on all of the womens forums to see if anyone was going through the same thing as me, and as it turned out I was not alone. In fact there were loads of women in the same boat as me. Many of whom had been ripped off by scam artists as well.

However I did see some light at the end of the tunnel. A few women were reporting that they had tried Nancy Newtons system. Some said they had little or no results but many had reported reasonable to fantastic results and I was at that stage desperate to try anything.

So I gave it a go and in not time at all I had gone from an A to a C cup. I was over the moon!! Friends began to notice ands asked if I “had something done?” I just smiled and for once felt like a complete woman.

That said I am not sure who was the happiest me or my husband. When we are in bed together these days he seems to grin from ear to ear.

Now I am not saying it will work for you as it did for me but if you are serious about increasing your bust size then you should give Nancy’s system a try by visiting you deserve at least to give it a go. I think the system comes with a guarantee so there is really nothing to lose, and everything to gain.

I am happy to say that my boobs look great and continue to use the system. I am looking forward to go shopping for my D cups really soon. Not to bad for a girl that had almost given up hope. :)

Kristen Summers.

Answer #13

Allow your boy friend to press the boobs many a time. Your boobs will definitely grow bigger and bigger

Answer #14

well you could get fatter or wear a padded bra or push up that really works never ever stuff cuz someone will find out! just dont get surgery and wear a padded bra an tighter shirts that will make them look bigger also you can do that untill you hit puberty and they fill out! i hope i helped

Answer #15

I am 15 and I am not happy with my booobs

Answer #16

well I have big tiddies for my age 13 and I wear a 32 c and have cleavage…but I have a friend who had small tiddies and now there like pretty big..she went from 34 a to a 34 b but she has like extreme cleavage with it lol..she got coa coa butter body oil and rubbed it on her tiddies every night and ever morning and she ate a lot of grease food and she slept on her stomich and in like almost 3 months her tiddies were bigger…try wearing a padded bra until they get bigger but not really really padded..and you can wear a sports bra over the other one and that makes them look bigger and when guys touch your boobs they feel real.. lol I hope it helps u <3

Answer #17

Ah the age old question =\ I have small boobs and a lot of guys tease me about it victoria sercet is my best friend but I dont really mind and you shouldnt either big breast cause back pain they look trashy and cause ugly MARKS! My best friend says she hates them because honestly, guys only look at that and people call her a slut when she really isnt. Big boobs are not better than small ones. focus on other features and show them off maybe you have nice legs or a butt show that off. forget boobs and IMPLANTS are dangerous even though I’ve consider and thought about it a lot what if the implant causes problems and has to be removed a lot of health issues involved remember if a guy really likes you boobs dont mean a thing

Answer #18

u dont need big boobs. my boobs are small and my boyfriend doesnt care, he love me 4 who I am. I’ve heard that eating peanut butter makes your boobs bigger but I dont know if it works. I dont like peanut butter. also, think of it like this, if you have really big boobs then when you get old they are going to b REALLY saggy! gross! love urself 4 who you r.

Answer #19

I wish people will stop saying be happy in your own skin and stuff , just becasue she wants bigger boobs doesnt mean shes not happy in her own skin, im damn sure happy in my own skin , but I would like bigger boobs , thats why im here , so please , stop with the life lessons , and answer her question : )

Answer #20

press it daily softly day by day it become bigger.

Answer #21

this might sound stupid but there is an old excercise where you hold your fists facing each other in front of your chest with your elbows sticking out and then move them backwards and forwards for about 10 minutes. I don’t know whether it works but it’ll keep you fit and heathy anyway. :)

Answer #22

Who really cares what size bra you are? anyway guys don’t care about boobs only pigheaded men do

Answer #23

Hi again

Sorry but I just don’t agree that answer from Courtney! Research has now shown positively that the ratio of ‘big’ boob men to ‘small’ boob men actually numbers about 50/50 (in much the same way that about 50% of women may like a hairy chest on a man while the others don’t!)

Remember that the big boob obsession tends to be a teens and twenties boy thing because boobs in girls of that age group are still a fresh novelty. Boy’s of that age are far more personal and vocal too on this supposed preference and do respond to peer pressure which unfortunately often involves indulging in some strange and bizarre male bonding rituals I.e. usually making appreciative noises of the ‘Weh-heyyy’ and grunting variety every time a bouncy female passes.

However, the more mature men like the girly youthful and pert look. Also many men detest fake boobs because they are hard and cold compared to normal breasts (-something the surgeons won’t tell you!). The reason that lady says men all love her boobs is more likely to be due to the fact that her confidence increased if she had a boob job and so she’s now also probably dressing to show them off! Therefore she will be attracting the 50% who like big boobs. So what? You just work on the other 50% that like small boobs-that’s your market girl!

Remember Debbie Harry? - EVERY heterosexualmales number one female fantasy in the late 70’s and beyond. She had TINY boobs, but I never heard the boy’s complaining!

I’m afraid that the earlier answer does sound rather smug as if written by somebody whose just bought herself a pair of ‘big boobs.’

If you’re still concerned try weight training in conjunction with high fibre foods and protein supplement drinks. Over a few months you can gain several inches this way and they’ll firm superbly and ‘lift’ right up too! Good Luck.

Answer #24

im flat chested as im only a 32A but I used to be a 30AA so I have gone up a size. I know all you girls out there are worryeid about having small boobs and so am I. I found out that if you put on a bra wwhich is about 1 or 2 times smaller than your accuall breast ize tthen push your boobs up and put a belt round your tummy it givs you amazing cleavage !! Hope I helped :)

Answer #25

I am in the same situation I have had 2 children and the only time I seem to have a bust is when I’m pregnant once I’ve had the baby their back to being small. I have also found that is not always down to genes as my mum is a g cup. and I have bin on and off the pill for 11 years and it’s never made my breast any bigger I think it is something we just got to live with.

Answer #26

just be yourself my boyfriend is totally fine with small boobs im 16 115 and I have 32C. I would not wanna get Ds its painful everytime you run or jump it fall out or hurts and guys will only luv you for your boobs not u

Answer #27

My sister is taking birth control, because she had really bad acne, and that’s supposed to help, she lost all the fat in her boobs because she lost lots of weight, she was like 32a, but taking yaz birth control helped her fill out a little but not a lot.

learn to love yourself! everything everybody else said is SO true!


Answer #28

well my dear…you really cant do anything to make them bigger. Wearing a push up will just give the illusion, but to you they will still be small. You should be happy with what you have. Just think the bigger boobs you have the bigger the back problems. So dont worry about the size of them. They are just boobs, im sure they is so much more better features about you then your boobs. Hope i Helped you.

Answer #29

Be proud of your boobs, small is great, small boobs you can wear anything, without looking slutty or stupid. And well I dont have small boobs, im a 32F, and to some gilrs on here, stop making it sound like big boobs are awful, yes I have backache, but no I dont have stretch marks, and no I dont look slutty, and yes I get lads gawping at my boobs, wish they didnt, cause its rude, but can you stop sounding like big boobs are horrible looking, because they are not =)

Answer #30

Boobs are genetic. I have ds and the suck I plan to get a reduction later cause its uncomtroble. Boobs are just boobs one of my friends has bs and she quite content another of my friend has cs. I got my breast completly at 12 which made it worse cause I was really thin and had no hips yet. If you are young they may not be in yet. Guys like different things and if you do decide to do surgery don’t do it cause someone told you to. Make sure you research it thouraly for example to get a reduction means I will have a scars. If you want to get surgery make sure yiu are aware that some women lose feeling in their breasts from surgery or sometimes they can come out lopsided and sometimes they have to be removed at a later date because of issues

Answer #31

I want lavender lotion now lol

Answer #32

everyone on this site is so lovely, just thought I’d say (:

Answer #33

WoW this is soo crazyy!! but I agree with some of yall sometimes guys dont always look at what the girls dont have but what they do have! and thats good because if the guy really like you for YOU,then he wouldnt be with you! think about that! I have small boobs and once I did try stuffing by bra with toilet paper and in gym class while changing the toilet paper was sticking out of my bra one of my friends saw and she said OMG WTF IS that? I just laughed and blushed (got sooo emberrased!!) so thats not a good idea!!

I think I should probably try eating more and im 14yrz old 8th grade and im 5’2 weight 97 pouds not bad..but I do wish 2 have a bigger butt too and thighs! I like my face though but those things stress me out what I dont have sometimes but then again I look around and see that some girls arent even pretty or have butt or boobs,so look at the bright side! and thats what helped me!!

dont get surgery or have sex or pills!! that might just make you worse! surgery could go wrong or sex just might make uloose your virginity or pills might just work while drinking them and when you stop theylle go back 2 being small!!

push up bra might just work im gonna try that!

and yeah it does bother me too about when I look around people arpund me have bigger boobs and I feel less confident!! doesent matter though I still got a pretty face to show off! and well I think I made my point here!!

and I guess ill wait till I develop more and im about to be 15! man I don’t know

well I hope I helped you out and sorry if I wrote too much!!


Answer #34

I agree with the lady who advised you men don’t care as much about breasts as you think they do. You seem to have breast envy and we have penis envy. Be pleased with what you have and don’t pad your bras, guys hate that. What the hell happened to those breasts I saw in the dress? If you won’t do that I won’t stuff socks down my shorts ok - deal? I think we have a tendency to treat smaller breasts more gently and lovingly than larger ones. And I’ve found that women with smaller breasts who are so concerned are better lovers. That’s what it is all about. Work on your attitude and be sexy. It doesn’t take breasts to be sexy. It’s the whole package that most of us look at, not just your breasts or your butt. I’ve dated great bodies and those that weren’t size 44 D. I’ll take the one with the sexy attitude, a great lover and fun to be with anytime.One of the sexiest women I’ve known has almost none, but her walk her “presentation” is very positive and sexy. I know I married her 38 years ago. Some of the greatest and sexiest actresses and model have small breasts and are extremely sexy. So quit worrying about breast size and be happy with who you are.

Answer #35

listen honey I have small boobs, I tried the push up bras and the stuffing toilette paper, wearing two bras at once, even eating a lot of beans. None of them worked although I still wear a push up when I go out, I have recently refrained from doing so ever since my boyfriend first saw me with a shirt off. lol he was all like “u shrank” so yeah just be happy with what you got. Many many women are small, if you’re still young you could still grow I was like a 24A about two or three years ago and now im a 34B so yeah just sit it out girl. you will get there trust me =) Focus on your other assets for now. Like maybe you have great eyes, or sexy legs or nice skin, maybe you have a cute sexy walk, or nice hips. My asset is my naturally thin figure I only weigh like 92 lbs and im 5’2 my boyfriend loves how tiny I am and always brags to his friends who have “bigger” girlfriends so yeah find what you DO have and the boobs will show lol

Answer #36

I have small boobs also. Ha thats why I went on google looking for the same answer you’re trying to get. I don’t know how old you are but I’m about to turn 13. And there are so many girls at my school with huge boobs and all of the guys are in love with them because of it. But if guys bug you about it, don’t pay any attention to them. Apparently as you get older guys don’t care about the bra size. I’ve had plenty of boyfriends who only care about the butt. I mean really, thats what most of them are into now. You’ll get a boyfriend and the first thing he’ll say to you is, ‘’Nice butt!’’ Or something like that. Besides, guys who only care for girls with larger boobs aren’t really worth it. I’ve gotten boyfriends before who will say I have the best boobs ever, which makes me feel good. But I know I don’t so it made me feel bad. I wear a padded bra. It helps YOU feel better about yourself, but anyways. I had an ex boyfriend me and him we’re making out and he decided to take off my shirt which I was uncomfortable with because I have small boobs, but he didnt care. Unfortunately there’s not a way to help us grow bigger breasts :/ But oh well. And if theres a guy/s that pick on you for it, just be like ‘’I’m happy with what the lord gave me and I don’t want big boobs anyways’’ They’ll leave you alone about it, trust me. :)

Answer #37

Make the most of what you have! It is so much harder to fit into fashionable clothes if you have breasts, and also if they are too big they can cause health problems and it becomes difficult to find nice well fitting underwear (expensive too)

Answer #38

Don’t worry about your breasts. Love ‘em sweetie :)

That said, if you want a little more definition, you can work on the muscles underneath them - it doesn’t need surgery, and has the added bonus of getting you a bit more fit. :) Have a look at the ‘chest press’ at the gym (if you have membership) and similar exercises.

Answer #39

get a hairtie and tie the back of your straps together by your back, it should raise the girls ;) and with the right outfit and your hair down no one will know!

Answer #40

if you want your boobs to grow bigger, but stay healthy. they will grow at your own develpoing rate. if you want bigger breasts, get some fake ones made, go threw surgury and just before you know it, you are blasted with big, round, bounceful breasts of your choosing size.

Answer #41

most my friends have huge boobs and mine are like a 34 a! but my friends always complain about how big their boobs are! with small boobs you never have to worry about them sagging when you get old and you no a guy likes you 4 you and not your breast size!:)

Answer #42

I love my boobs. they’re small. and I love it. I can play tennis (which is my hobby) easier. a lot of my friends cant play tennis and they hate it because it hurts them in the chest area. I love sports so it’s easier. Guys do tease about it but I really dont care about it.

If a guy ever asks you, “why do you wear a bra if you have nothing to put in it?” reply, “why do you wear pants?”

it’ll keep them shut. belive meee. (:

Answer #43

I’ve been told it helps by going to bed with no bra on to give your breasts space to grow rather than being squashed up in a bra. Also join your hands infront of you and push both hands into eachother, this tenses your muscles and can make them bigger :)

Answer #44

I think you shouldn’t, you got to love yourself the way you are, putting some illusions or fake big breasts is not going to make you better, and if you do it for a guy that’s worse, because you are allowing that others tell you how you are supposed to feel instead of you controlling your emotions. I really think that whether guys like big or small breasts, doesn’t matter cause true love will always love you naturally, and if not well just don’t waste your time with him. Your time and your self are more valuable than a bunch of breasts.

Answer #45

if you want a seious anser then read this and follow it. start by doing chest exercises to buld the pecs up . than go to your local vitiman store and get some progesterone cream,fanugreek,mothers milk tee, red clover, black coshy.alongwith soy proyien capsules and colagen capsuls. then proceed to take them according to the manufactures instructions. and as far as the tee goe drink about 3 - 5 cups aday. then with the progesterone cream rubb that on the soles of your feet before bed and when you first get up in the moring . you also should massage some of the cream in t the breast yu already have at he same time. ande patiant it will take some time but then you will notice your breast getting firmer and your bras fitting tighter.

Answer #46

um…well…honey that’s God’s gift, you get what you get… Breasts are just fat, and memory glands…so basically, that’s why “bigger” women have bigger boobs, because it’s all fat…and that’s why slender women, tend to have smaller ones. I hope your not contemplating surgery, because it’s really dangerous, and I’m sure you’re just fine. You can wear a padded bra, or a push-up bra to make them look bigger, but as far as a pill or powder to make them bigger, I’m aftraid there isn’t one…those powdered drinks say that they can do it, but it’s untrue, you just have to learn to be happy with what God gave you. Your probably just fine… Plus, just remember, that girls don’t stop growing until they are 18-20, so your boobs could more than likely grow some more in between that time…

Hope I helped


Answer #47

I’ve also heard of Brava, haven’t tried it though. Honestly, I used to be self conscious about mine, but if you look around (and I do NOT mean get caught staring at another women’s breasts) but look discretely, you will see that there are MANY women with smaller breasts. Although they are made of fat or whatever, I wouldn’t suggest trying to gain weight to get more there because you cannot control whether the weight will go to your boobs or your hips or tummy, etc.

Answer #48

dont worry bout it they’ll come but wereing a padded bra would help just make sure that it looks good with the shirt that your wereing

Answer #49

there’s this excercize where you spread your arms apart and bring them back together. dont know what it’s called, but it’s in the gym. scientistssay it works.
my dad says it works. the gym guy said it works.

Answer #50

Comes down to genes too not just whether your fat or skinny, so if your mum has big boobs your likely to get them also but its not always certain. Boobs aren’t everthing either there are more important things in life to worry about!

Answer #51

..I heard there is this exersize.. you put your arms out and flex your boobs in and out.. and keep doing that just work out and it will give your boobs muscle.. it may work.. or get pills..?

Answer #52

my boobs are fricken small. but padded bras make them look HUGE, and they push them up. haha but my boyfirend took off my shirt and hes like wherd your boobs go? so yeah just remember that might happen. -keep in mind.


Answer #53

awwh hunny. I know it sucks, I have small boobs too. Honestly though, it ain’t all about the breasts. I know its what everybody says, but it is true. And if you are really desperate, wear a padded bra, or a pushup. never stuff though, as it can be real obvious and people always find out. And there’s always hope they’ll grow, providing you’re still growing. I went from not needing a bra at all to a B cup in a year and a half,and am still hoping there will be more growth in that dept.:) But for now, I just focus on my other assets (eyes, legs, butt)

So just focus on the positives, and don’t listen to chicks like courtney, surgery ain’t the answer sweetie, ‘because guys like the small ones too!!

Answer #54

I have small boobs ands I’ve always got critizized for it. it also doesnt help when you are ginger but I have learnt to live with myself. my tip is to get a bra which is 1 or 2 sizes smaller than you and then it will push them up GOOD LUCK GUYS X

Answer #55

Either you have big boobs or you don’t, really all you can do is get a good push up bra. Breasts are just fat, and for those of you who said only women who are larger have large breasts, you’re an idiot, I’m 110, 5’8 and am a 36 D, its really just genetics. Be aware though that your breasts don’t stop growing till your 25, so give it some time, but if you’re that insecure about it, consider surgery. Not what I would do but if it would make you happier with yourself then go for it.

Answer #56

I’ve answered a couple of questions on ‘small boobs’ before, but there are two things (no pun intended!) which it might interest you to know in the meantime.

One is that -here in the UK at least -plastic surgeons are reporting a drop in the number of women requesting boob jobs! The fake look is losing it’s appeal it would seem and apparently the knowledge that women can just go out and ‘buy ‘ a pair means that paradoxically, men are beginning to value small boobs for their ‘scarcity value’. So be ready. The fashion pendulum is about to swing the other way (as it always does eventually).

The second thing is that psychology experts agree that ‘big boob’ men are usually ‘mummies boy’s’ (and many big-boobed girls will tell you that their former boyfriends were classic examples) while guys who go for small boobs have higher testosterone and sex drive.

I don’t know how small you are but if you’re still hell-bent on having bigger boobs you may like to consider weight training as answered to the question on another page “Please help me get bigger boobs. I’m only a freaking 34a”

Answer #57

well I’m 16 but I’m also 4’ 11” in height. But I’ve had a lot of compliments on my boobs. I think they’re small but guys tell me that my boobs are big. I only wear a 34 B. and I want to be a C cup and grow like 3 inches taller and also get a bigger butt. I’m working on it.But my best sugestion is to drink milk at least 4 times a day and excersize them boobies, just google”how to get bigger boobs” and there’s an excersize that works. But after like 2 days they’ll hurt but that means your muscles are working and the next step is that they will get firmer and and bigger. Hope I helped

Answer #58

my mom had small B cup when she was my age and now she has DDs I asked how they got so big and all she said was “ I got fat and had 2 kids”

Answer #59

Aww sweetie don’t be upset about not having big boobs. You will get there just like everyone else. If you don’t get up to the size you want to when your older than I do suggest surgery. I got implants and love them and so does all the guys. Don’t listen to people when they say that guys don’t care about boob size. That is not true. Guys love big boobs and not so much small ones. So wait till you are about 18-21 years old and go get the surgery! Trust me, it’s worth it! :-) <3 Courtney

Answer #60

You can buy breast implants!

Answer #61

i have little boobs i wear 36 A and i want my boobs bigger then that

Answer #62

You can use some natural methods for breast enhancements but the issue is that it will take time for growing of breast…So better than going for these natural ways you can try some pills or creams which work for u….

One good cream for breast enhancement beauty is clevastin which is very effective and as it contains all natural ingredients so need not to worry about side-effects…And if you have a question that <a href=” “><b>does clevastin work</b></a> than be free it will work for u….

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