Should I let my son have a Myspace?

My 12 year old son wants a myspace very bad. I refuse. His internet activities are closely watched and he has several limitations. Sometimes I have to overide just so he can get into sites with game code cheats. He is blocked from ALL live chat. I would not even let him get an account here. Any questions he has, he can ask me. He asks me every other day to let him have a myspace account and tells me I can check it, I can have his password, he won’t use bad language, etc. I answer him with, “That discussion has been closed.” So what do you think? Should I allow him on a trial basis or stand my ground?

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you should definetly let him when you dont let your kids do things they rebel against more than they would if you let them have some freedom trust me its not a badsite unless your son chooses to use it as one

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ok.. you have wayyy to many answers already, but I say.. good on you for limiting computer/interent use, as kids should live like back in the old days!

but yeah. this kid probly wants a bit of freedom.. so make an account which you know the password to aswell, and tell him this. so he has the right of having his on space, its just that you can look over at his actions towards it!

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Well, you have 2 ask your self… what has he done to make me think I cant trust him? I say you let him have one until he ttly proves you wrong.
gud luck!

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well I say give him a trial bases, sounds like you’ve raised him right, so there should be no worries. and plus you would have his password, so you could check his actvity.

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Myspace isnt bad at all. its jsut the people that use it. and chances are your son isnt going to add bad people. Let him have it. im 24 and I got one at 10. so yeah.. let him have it and make everyone stop with myspace is bad. its not. So chill kay? and if my mom would do what you are doing to him now. thin when I get my license I would never be home and be doing 2324934348times worst thing when I go palces with my friends. so let him have it and give him computer freedom. or he might get into drugs and alcohol kay.

Answer #6

They have an option where you can see who your son is “Friends” with. Also myspace has options like private profiles which make it so only friends can view the users profile. Although if you don’t use them at a young age it’s not the end of the world…but it makes them vulnerable.

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crap lady give your kid freedom I use bad language but totally against drugs and smoking and etc. I have friends age 12 just like me.

Answer #8

let him have bebo it much safer an much easier to use:)

Answer #9

I believe that every one shud be able to I mean it aint anything bad just make sure that he aint planing on meeting anyone without you knowing

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Yes, you should let him have a myspace. Because your son offered to give you his password if you let him have one, that shows that he trusts you. If you DO let him have a myspace, that will show that you can trust him back.

Answer #12

And Myspace usually about music. It’s a way to connect with music and bands. Perhaps this is why he wants to join? Your son seems to be allowing you to have full access to it. Passwords, check it whenever. He is promising you that he will be responsible. Although, MySpace requires you to be at least. Tell him he has to wait, and if he still wants one, use these as tests of faith! Your son wants to prove to you how responsible he is and how he can handle himself in a mature matter. Wait until he is the right age and let him go for it, although I do advise you to have all passwords etc. Talk to him what is acceptable and not. No personal information, nothing even hinting at location, age, or anything. If you find even the slightest bit of personal information or find him talking to people he shouldn’t be, tell him the account goes down. Make is private so that only his friend and the bands he may have added as friend can communiate and see his profile. Don’t let him put in real birthdays/age/location etc.

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I reccomend its just like myspae but it is much more cleaner and safe unlike myspace!! trust me!

Answer #14

to me it seems like you have too many limitations for yur son. Myspace isn’t bad. Its a good way to keep in touch with friends. I moved away from all my friends and myspace is an important way that I keep connected with all of them. You can check on him anytime make sure he doesnt give out any information to people he doesnt know. If someone asks him to be his friend that he doesn’t know he can easily deny the request. I would never let my parents get in my life that much so really you should be happy that he is willing for you to look at it and have his password.

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I think that you are being really harsh on him. it is his life and if he is going to let you c what hes doin on myspace and stuff then let him. you should let im have some space and stop being quite so controlling on his internet access, yes have some limitations on what he does but you take it too far. I understand your worries but most kids have myspace and chat sites and although there are some wierdos out there most people are harmless. you obviously dont trust him else you would have let him . you should speak to your son about your trust issues and solve cousin is 8 and she has bebo.

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I think you should let him have a myspace. I dont think you should be really nosey but look over his shoulder every once and a while to see what he’s up to

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lady calm down im 13 you no if you dont want people talking 2 you block them you no and just check on his account all the time an keep youre pc where a lot of people are in or pass through stop being so paranoid give him some freedom (I dont no why hes asking you in the first place he should just have one anyway and delete the history)

Answer #18

I think yes I have a 12 year son to… and I let him have a myspace but here is the trick to it put his for kids privtive and olny the people that are on his buddy list can see his page and talk to him

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my mom didnt really feel it was a good idea 4 me 2 have a myspace but she let me have 1.. I gave her my password, username, and I also put my default pic as my cat, and put my profile set 2 privite which only can b viewed by my friends… and all my friends are peps from school or church.. it is really fun 2 b on 2

Answer #20

Well maybe you should let him have one and use a keylogger so he can still have freedom and dont tell him that you haveit on there and then go through and allow him to like most stuff and then if he hasnt been doing anything bad just keep working slowly to more freedom.. IF you need help with a keylogger contact me


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Im 19 I have had myspace for years! and I dont think you should let him have a myspace… at least not until hes at a mature age… myspace has chatrooms that he could easly get on… and if your son could lie about his age saying hes old enough to get on there, then so could a 40year old man who likes little boys.. myspace is a wonderful sight, im not against it, but it can be a bad thing if your not at a mature age… and if your worried about him being teased get him out in the world playing sports or being active with friends insted of playing on the computer… its much safer and healthyer… he wont be a loser the rest of his life just because 3 of his friends have a myspace and he doesnt.. I remember at that age I would have thought it was the end of the world if I didnt have what my friends did, but it only makes you stronger in the end..

Answer #22

yea my daughter has got one and I watch everything that she does its ok. she is thirteen and I watch her real close and you can always go in and check the account…

Answer #23

Yea Because Your Son Could Hurt Him Self And my 9 Year old daughter has one all you have to do is make it were you have to his email or last name to be his friend or acess his page

Answer #24

I wouldn’t allow it at all. Too many predators lurk in Myspace. And here’s the kicker to his “I’ll let you have the password” thing. Myspace lets you have as many accounts as you want. I know many people that have one that they let their friends and family know about, and a separate one for “other things”. Please don’t fall for that.

Answer #25

I believe you should let him have a myspace. I know as a parent you have worries over what could happen; especially with what has happened. My parents used to question me about myspace but I told them I didnt give out my information and I set everything to private which means everything must be approved by me. (friend request, comments, even to see my profile is strict-they have to be my friend.) I think you should let him have a myspace account when he is old enough and if you dont want myspace tell him there’s always bebo or tagged

Answer #26

You are way over protective. One day, when he’s older he wont be able to stand it and he will move out. You wont have a good relationship with him. He will rebel and be with girls he doesnt really like just to be noticed by his friends. That is what he’s trying to do now(be noticed) but when he’s older it’ll be on a much larger scale. I’m 12 and I have a myspace that is’nt monitored.

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even tho I am not a parent, I have had myspace for 7 years. its is a very commonly used site on the account of myspace you have someone of his friends at school has an account his friend will send him a request saying “paul would like to add you to his myspace friends accept or decline”if it is someone he knows he can accept like his friends but other people like stalkers and everything cant be your friend unless he adds them or they add him and he accepts.

Answer #28

well… im a 14 year old girl and want to use myspace… everyone has it and keeps asking me if i have it i have 2 say no because my mum wont allow it… i think its really unfair… its enbarassing and i always feel left out… i think he should be allowed to have it but you could manage it and keep an eye on what happens on it

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no because you have to be 14 or older so no myspace for your son at least any time soon:(but you can let him have one you have to trust him though.and make him set it to private:);)

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Well when I was 12 or younger I was trusted to have a myspace. If you trust your son, then let him have a myspace. You should be able to control the bad words,adding people he doesn’t know,and what he puts on there. Also if your son gets a myspace. Make sure you have his password and e-mail.

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Oh, by the way, if you don’t give him a little freedom, he is just going to rebel, trush me, it happened to my cousin. I love her dearly but she has become a wh*re

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you have this thing what example are you setting if he cant have that anyway myspace is a good place to keep in touch with your friends

Answer #33

i see NO PROBLEM with myspace. especially if ur kid is willing to give u his pw create some trust between u guys. im 17 soon to be 18 and i negotiate with my mama, all the time it keeps both of us happy and makes us both feel as though we have a voice

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i have had a myspace before with my friend when i was 13 and we had some one hack into it and did not know i wouldnt let him because me and my friend both had a breakin at our houses while we were home alone so i know it might be hard to say no but it is the right thing to do

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Well u can do wat my parents did 2 me i AM aloud 2 get 1 but i cant put my name or picture on there and my parents have 2 ok my freinds and im not aloud on the chat that anybody can get on my parents let me do the kind with just my freinds

Answer #36

Your son is 12 now. I think that you should let him have a myspace account. Why not? He even said that u can check it and that u can have the password. So what is the problem. If you see something you don’t like that he is doing then take it away.

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im 15 and have myspace you do know you can set ur profile to private and onli talk to people you know? thats wat i do safe … i onli accept invites of people i know

Answer #38

Thank you deadwishesx3. It does help. I did have a myspace account once before. I didn’t care for it much. It seems like it would be more appealing to a younger crowd.

Answer #39

You are way too over protective. He WILL use live chat of some kind before he moves out. Some websites actually use it as an alternate method of contact. If you refuse to let him use it at all ever, he will just go somewhere else. I think you should stick to the MySpace rules and your rules and say no to MySpace for now, but maybe let him use another site. Nearly all sites have an option for only friends to be able to view your profile.

Answer #40

I’m 18 years old, and i’ve had a myspace for the past 3 years. It isn’t bad they have several safety features: you can limit the profiles he can see he will not be able to view 18 and over. In order for people to ask for a friend request, they will need to know his last name, and if he’s offering to give you the PSWD, you can check his daily activity. It’s not bad holding some trust within your son, and if myspace doesnt work out, you can always delete the account :)

Answer #41

Personally, I found Myspace confusing. Hehe. I hope you don’ t think i’m stupid or anything. But what can come to harm of letting your son have myspace if you have 100% security over it. You can see what he types, who to, what time, what the reply was. If something does happen on it which by the sounds of it wont cause he’s being non stopped watched then you can remove the account and punish him. It wouldn’t be backing down, it would be giving him some lee way and if he breaks your trust then he’s much further away from getting any trust whatsoever. :)

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I think it would be okay to let him have a myspace. you could have it checked regularly and there is a way to block anyone from viewing anything on his profile without a friend invitation, so he can add his friends and no one else. this way, he gets what he wants, and you can monitor his safety. (and not to mention he wont ask you anymore) hope this helped :)

Answer #44

Heck no

Answer #45

I Would put it on private to be safe and you know the pass word to check it from time to time.

Answer #46

yes you should let him have one but if your real worried about him having one then you should get one or just let him have the people you know or he knows on there most kids have now days and plus the thing is he might just want one becase his friends because they are cool and he dont want be a freak at school so let him have one.

Answer #47

hey mon or dad see whats happening on my space I know your care this is from an expert whose learning about my space sit with them and for god ske watch who they meet. My twwo grandson and grandduaghter and grandson three meant a girl whom he love a lot and now he is hurt. he found out htat she was having sex with people it tire him apart

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u should let him lossin up and give the man some freedom just give it a try i no littler kids than that who have my space and chatt on line at like ages 9-up come on hell love u forever more … lol hope i helped a little bit.

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Sorry, but the only thing you doing is making him want to rebel when he gets older. I’m 13 about to be 14. Most of my friends(who are guys are 14 to 15 and older) SO many of us have no freedom that we all rebel. I’m not as bad as I used to be but most of the girls at my school are major sluts and are getting the good guys in trouble. If you keep controlling your son’s life like this he will just go off with his friends, find some little chicks, and mess around. I’m not allowed a myspace either and that was a big problem with me and my mom. We are not that far in age so we fight like sisters. When she first said I couldnt have one, I didnt listen and made one. My step-dad threatend to send me back to military school because I did that. Most kids want just a little freedom. Maybe if you let him have facebook, tagged, bebo, or some other site like myspace made for kids. If you back off just a little, I bet you anything that he wont turn out like all these other kids. I wish my mom hadn’t been so strict like you are with him because I know if she wasnt, I wouldnt have done most of those things I did. My mom changed and let me have more freedom on my birthday and now I’m a better kid. I think if you treating hi like this now, he wont be any better when he grows up. I’m really trying not to disrespect you in any way but maybe if you just try to listen…

Answer #51

My son is 15, he just turned 15 Dec. 1. Up until this point I have been so against him getting a my space because of all of the horrible things I have heard. My husband and I have been discussing this for a long time and I think we’re going to let him have one. There will be terms of course. We will always have his password and if not then it will be deleted. Also, his page will be private and he will only be able to add people he knows, not people other people say they know. He has his own computer but it is right in our living room next to ours so we monitor what they do online very closely. I feel we have taught him right from wrong and he should be allowed a little freedom. He has a friend who has a my space account even though his mom told him no. I would rather my son be honest with me and form some trust. I hope we’re doing the right thing, it’s so hard being a parent. Good luck, but I would defenitely wait until he is the age my space says he should be. I am a firm believer in teaching our children to follow rules.

Answer #52

First off, I want to congratulate you an being such a protective mother. The internet is a dangerous place, and MySpace is one of the most dangerous sites out there, in my opinion. Even in a strictly controlled environment, kids can get into big trouble (I should know, I managed to do it, even with my mother looking over my shoulder). On the other hand, it could be a good indicator of how well you’ve raised your son thus far if you allowed him to sign up for a MySpace account (when he is of age, of course). Do exactly as you said you would, though, and give him a bit more freedom when you feel he is ready. My mother raised me just like you’re raising your son now, and I believe that it’s the best way to bring up a child. You shouldn’t feel bad about being so protective. These days, there is no such thing as taking too many precautions, but you can be cautious while still cutting your son a little bit of slack.

Answer #53

Your son lives in a prison. I am not aware that such punative means ever achieve postive ends. It would be better to instruct him what myspace is for, to encourage him to develop a talent that he can promote on myspace and to develop the graphics for his site. Set it as a goal, as a reward. That is what artists do on myspace, after all, share their talents and make friends with other talented and accomplished people. Teach him to do a search for classical guitar players, for example, and how to play the videos of them playing. It is phenomenal that such things exist at a child’s fingertips. I couldn’t think of anything that would motivate a child more than seeing other people able to accomplish these things. If things are constantly forbidden the child will go out of his way to find out what is so bad about it rather than focus on what is good about it. In my opinion such a negative education is the perfect socialization process for a sicko and a criminal.

Answer #54

Hi, I am expecting my first child around early spring, so I’m not really sure what I would do if I had a 12 yr old wanting something like that, but I can say that I have one. It is a very fun site, you pick and add who you want as your friends. My husbands sister is 13 now and she has one too. So far, she has been very loyal to her mom and hasn’t been doing anything that would make her mother want to take it away from her.Honestly, your child probably is just wanting to interact w/ people that are his friends from school or something like that. It is very hard to come across porn on myspace b/c they have a thing where if you add a pic showing too much, they will take it off. I would get it and see how things go. One more thing, I dont know if they have changed the age limit, but if they “supposably” find out your under 16, they’ll close the site down. I dont know if that’ s true b/c there has been a lot of people I’ve came across that are only 14/15. My husbands sis though says she’s 16, but she only has her friends on her site. Anyways, I am writing too much I’m sure lol, good luck. God bless

Answer #55

you have got to let your child have more freedom… no offense but you sound like OVER protective mom.. your kid should have some flexability with stuff. I have aol and all that other stuff and if someone talks to your son on aol and you or he dont know then then you block them or delete them… same with myspace if someone your son doesnt know talks to him then he will delete or block the person and besides you can make your myspace private so nobody can view it unless they are friends and if someone he doesnt know ask to be his friend then he can deny him… it is that simple…

GIVE HIM SOME FREEDOM you dont know this but he is all upset having no freedom no life and not telling you. I know what it is like I know what he is thinking and I dont want him to hate you for locking him up from having the slightest freedom


Answer #56

I got my first myspace when I was 12. my parents were also very against it, but now they are much better about it because I let them see it and they look through my friends list to make sure they know everyone. myspace actually isn’t very dangerous. I know as a parent you hear stories about girls getting abducted and things like that, but those girls made dumb dicisions and I’ll bet their parents never looked at their myspaces or they would have known that their daughters were talking to strange men. besides, if you have his password, you can go in and delete anything that you didnt want him to post, and about having an account on here, FunAdvice is very sensored and there is virtually no way he will be able to post or read or answer any provacative questions. You could also put a parental block on this site so that onl you can get through and you can watch him while he is on these sites.

Answer #57

MonicaCharlene- I commend you for not only having the guts to be the parent and tell your child “NO” for his own safety, but also for getting other opinions to see if you were up with the play. These sites can be great fun, but there are dangers also.

There have been some very upsetting things happening on these sites. Here in NZ two girls (around your son’s age) nearly ended up killing themselves in a suicide pact with their online boyfriends. The worst thing is these boys were part of an elaborate hoax done by some other girls at their school, and they didn’t even exist. The pranksters had made dozens of websites to support these “boys” lives and had linked them to their own. Their parents had looked over what was happening, but unfortunately they had access to some form of private messaging (I don’t know if it was through the site or not) and this the parents could not control.

On the converse, some children have made great links with other legitimate children and have learned about other countries, cultures, and essentially had electronic pen pals that they have even visited without incident.

At the end of the day, you know how responsible your son is, you know how easily he will be lead by others, and you are the one who ultimately must stand by your decision and any eventual consequences that come with it. Don’t let anyone force you to make a decision that you are uncomfortable with.

My parents were considered a little overprotective when I was younger, and I hated some of the decisions they made at the time. Most of the time though they were right to make them, based on my personality and maturity at the time. I did go against them sometimes, and over 50% of the time I regretted it. I now understand why.

Hope this helps, S&S

Answer #58

Definitley not. he is still young and he should live before he turns to myspace becuase my sister has one and she lives on it. so maybe if yu do let hiom have one allow hima certain amount of hours on it. it can be addictive and make sure it is set to private so people he doesnt know cant see it and if he puts a picture make sure it isnt something with names logos of school or twons or anything like that!

hope I helped <3

Answer #59

Thank you tinseltown, johndoe, ponygirl347347 and i dont no nemore.

I have taught him quite a bit about the great things you can get from the internet and the dangers. This is why I decided against live chat.

I had a myspace account and I guess I don’t have a negative opinion of it, I just didn’t see the use for myself. All the things I could do on myspace, I could elsewhere. I know lots of young kids love myspace and when my son is online, I am watching him. Sometimes I bring a chair and sit down next to him and ask him, “What are you looking at here?”. When I had a myspace, there were so MANY kids, some were my son’s friends, that would post comments full of the F-word, and talk about things they wanted to do to girls, the profanity was terrible. These kids are 10, 11, 12. Very young. I know he could have a private profile and I could block all html, have all comments be approved before posting and restrict his settings, I just can’t get over how these kids get away with some of the stuff they post on each other’s pages. My son told me he wouldn’t even get to have a cool myspace because of me. Of course I said too bad. It is just hard for me to budge on this. But I really appreciate all of your advice. My son would thank everyone who is on his side!!

Answer #60

I dont have a myspace and I am 14. I just dont want one. but if he does I think you should let him. but dont let him give out personal info, and check up on him once in a while, not like everyday, more like every 3 days or so.

Answer #61

Well, you are suppossed to be…14 years of age (I think) to join MySpace. Also, most kids don’t even ask their parents, so you obviously raised your son very responsibly. I say that that site should be taken down. There are a ton of things happening off of that site. Children are being found, people are getting hurt, its just so sad. :’(. I do however suggest, giving him a site like to have. Or, since he is 12, I suggest–haha, its a site for kids to have, they can talk–But there are people who are members that work and delete accounts of people using innapproate launguage. You can still add friends, and ALL messages are viewable by EVERYONE no matter what, so, you can even check up on him. For something more…childish, there is a site called, make a penguin and Igloo, in a moderated virtural word. But,on that, at least give him the freedom to type what he wants, instead of selecting. Obviously, your son wants a Myspace because of all the people at school. 12 is the age where a lot of parents arent as protective. Why? I dont know, lol. I honestly don’t think that you seem to give him much online freedom, All due respect. I just don’t think you should budge on this.

Answer #62

I think that you shouldn’t let him have a myspace but let him have a live chat acount. It would be different if he used bad language and stuff but if he doesn’t then at least let him have live chat i wouldn’t let him have a myspace iv heard a lot of bad things about them

Answer #63

ummm, I really don’t think so. Myspace is a bad site. People can find out your info, if you’re not careful. I would suggest facebook!!!

Answer #64

I think you should let him have one. Just make sure he understand that everything happens online is not real. People joke about meeting all the time, or asking for his information, but he’s suppose to lie. If you keep it up he’ll just be jealous of his friends who has myspace and it will backfire eventually. or, he will find a way around it. Eventually leads to resentment

Answer #65

it depends on how old he is :p

Answer #66

well ima turn 14 in 2 days and I’ve had one when I turned 12 I would actually believe him when he says his friends have them because a majoraty of kids do. and guys rarly invite anybody they dont know.

like smiles said you can keep his profile on privte.

no offense but if he is not very mature you might want to wait till he is 14 becuase the inmature kids make the dumb choices and usualy get in trouble.

so it truly depends on the choices he makes at home choices

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Answer #68

Yes you shoul bcause I have one its all good. If you let him have one there can be privacy and stuff about what he does an talks to.

Answer #69

yes, but if he ends up spending too much time on it set a time limit for him because it can get addicting.

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Answer #71

lets him grow up sometime if he wants it let him he cant be stuck forever

Techno Star

Answer #72

myspace is a great place to keep in touch with his friends and keep himself updated on stuff going on in his friend’s social circle.

let him have a myspace account .my goodness you can even view his profile if your’e so terrible worried. sometimes a kid needs privacy and space, learn to let up just a little bit…he is growing up after all…

Answer #73

let him get a myspace. it keeps you entertained and if hes willing to let you check it, you should no that he probably wont do nething bad.

Answer #74

Damn, is your house a homicidal retribution? Hahaha wow. Do you watch his every move? Poor guy, when he’s older and you find out he’s GAY haha its going to be your fault, plus why would you tell your mom you have a myspace? Does that really matter? Hahaha man this world is really crumbling down hahaha

Answer #75

He can make his myspace private. Wich means only his friends can see his profile.

Answer #76

Yes let him have one!!! myspace and facebooks are the collest thing nowa days and all the kids have them

Answer #77

yea i am 13 and myspace is awesome but people think it is bad which its not it lets u make good friends and if u like i will be friends with him and plus i think it helps kids to see all the bad people and wat they do so they dont do it sometime

Answer #78

i have a baby girl and someday she will ask me for a my space the first time she askes mei wouldsay yes because shehas to learn from her own mistake ipersonolly think that most parents are to clingy just tell him yes

Answer #79

I think he wants freedom, and when I first got my myspace, I lied about my age. Many people make a big deal about predators, but you can set your sons on private, so only his friends can see his pictures,profile,ect.. Myspace is very good about watching you and your myspace.

He’s 12. You need to give him some more freedom.


Answer #80

I beg 4 a myspace but my parents wont let me have 1.they say its dangerous .like if you say something bad someone might hurt u. they same thing can happen if your not on myspace! you can talk trash bout someone off or on myspace and get beat up either way!what can happen on myspace can happen if you didnt do it on myspace!

Answer #81

well you shoul let you son have a myspace. myspace is fun you can chat with your friends put pics of your self and music. you also can put a thing we it says no one over 18 can contact me and there is a thing we it says that you can put your myspace privet

Answer #82

wel. u can make his profile private and watch who he adds as friends. if he only adds people he knows in real life as friends and sets his profile to private then he will be perfectly fine and safe on it. i’ve had mine for years and by doing that i have never had any problems on it.

Answer #83

I am a 12 yr. old student and I do myself have a myspace. It is sahe and when peope ask to be their friends you can denie or approve them…You shouls let him…because he is allowing you to have his password and that shows he is getting mature…yes my parents do let me have one…Heres my e-mail

Answer #84

I don’t see why not, as long as he’s playing it smart and not adding 40 year old men, and I’m sure you taught him right, let him, monitor it, know the url and check up on it. (: good luck

Answer #85

I wouldn’t let him some people post primative things and things that you won’t want him seeing yet. so I would agree with u. you stand yor ground. no matter how bad he wants it.

Answer #86

I think that you should let him have a myspace as long as you know his password, know who all of his friends are, and have someone set his profile to ‘private’. you should NOT allow him to give out personal information though.

Answer #87

let him have one. you are being way too overprotective over him, honestly. my parents did the same exact thing to me, I talk to them about twice a year now. and thats the exact reason why. if you dont want your son to despise you for it. you need to be a LOT more lenient on him. and this would be a good start

Answer #88

im 14 and me and all my friends have myspaces andi am part of a lot other chatrooms there like emails I use them like my email acounts I found my boyfriend on myspace its not that bad

Answer #89

im 12 years old and I have a myspace. its fun, its safe, and you can set a lot of things to private. if someone wants to be your friend you can yes or no. id say yes, but its up to you

Answer #90

well I think you should give it a shot I mean he is TOTALLY giving you his password and EVERYTHING most kids wont even let there parents look at theres and if you get one too and add him as a friend you can see all of his stuff form there and if you tell him all the information you tell him you should be able to trust him.

Answer #91

ya let him have 1 but…only let people he nos in real life talk to him and make his profile viewable to only him and his friends put captcha on everything

Answer #92

NO I have heard some very bad storys about myspace.

Answer #93

if ur son has been reele good an i mean reele good and that u trust him not 2 break it or search inaproapiate stuff then uu should let him have one

Answer #94

Facebook is safer than Myspace - have you explored it ?

Answer #95

I got my first myspace account when I was twelve, and it wasn’t all that bad. My mother knew and she did not monitor me at all. Everyone thinks myspace is such a horrible horrible place when really it isn’t. You can make it private to where people can only contact you if they know your last name or email account you used to sign up with. You can also accept or block the people you don’t know. In my opinion live chat is much worse. I’m 14 and my mother doesn’t even allow that. I would stop worrying so much and let him have one. He will also stop nagging you to have one in the end.

Answer #96

you should let him have a myspace (in my opinion). sure there are people who may stalk your kid or be predators. however you could have the page blocked or private. And if your worried about people still getting on their page just monitor what they do. make sure there is no personal info such as; location (where your living and/or where your going to be), pictures with info leading to where you might be, etc. Many young kids have myspace’s and if the kid really wants one the kid can get one without you knowing. So why not just let him get one so you can look at the myspace and make sure everything is ok.

However I think you should just let him

but if you are very protective and worried just follow the follow the top advise.

Answer #97

woah. thats even more overprotective than my mom. and I thought my mom was bad. you should definitely let your son have myspace, just have a clear talk (although must likely he would have learned from various presentations at school) to not talk to anyone suspicious or strangers. I’ve had myspace since I was like 12 and im a girl and…its fun and not dangerous although many parents for some stupid reason think it is. you can just set your profile to private and no one besides your friends could see it. it lets kids show their personality and interact with their friends. I honestly can’t think of one thing bad about myspace. not one thing. and I’ve had it for say…4 years.

Answer #98

ok im 12 also and I knoe it says 14 and older but my parents wont let me either but I know youve heard stories about the predators and the weirdos and bad language exedura but me im a good a girl and my friends tease me all the time cause I dont have one I think you should let him because if you really trusted him…unlike my parents youd let him its not like hes going to start talkin to weird people hell give you his password you can check it put his profile on private so only people who have his email or last name can talk to him and if you check it and only let him talk to people from school whats the big deal? funmail me your response

Answer #99

good point…why does myspace have a 14yr age limit? like 14yr olds are more responsible than a 13yr! I think 12 is a resonable age to start on myspace. I love it! it’s great for making friends or just using it to keep in touch with his current friends. he sounds very trustworthy and you can do the whole private settings stuff. I agree that if you keep him under strike rules then oneday he’ll rebel against them all. my best-friend in high school had sctrict parent’s like you…no offense. when she left school at 16yr…[only just 16yr]…she moved out straight away and went crazy! getting drunk everynight…lost her virginity…sleeping around…it shocked me. where as people I knew that had had less rules at home, when they left school they calmed down and grew up quicker. strange, but true.

Answer #100

you are extremely overprotective. you need to let your son have freedom! I’ve had myspace since I was 12 maybe, and I’m 16 now. you are going to ruin his life by never letting him do anything, and when he grows up he’ll either hate you or be so attached to you he’ll never leave. I would say for the sake of everyone to give him some freedom. nothing has EVER happened to me on myspace, just keep his profile private and make it so nobody who isn’t his friend can message him and its all good. and honestly, who cares if someone uses bad language? it’s JUST a word, a word someone MADE UP and decided, “oh, I think this word should be bad.” I mean, honestly. it makes absolutely no sense. I hope this helps.

Answer #101

I have a myspace to keep in contact with my family that lives out of this state. My 16 years old daughter also has a myspace so I think its ok just keep an eye on it now and then to watch out for the weirdos. Then you can show him how to block them and who to block. downassnikeshomie I totally disagree with ya my son is 22 and is not gay and he had a myspace when he was 13. Us mothers have to watch over our kids if we didn’t we wouldn’t be good parents. I just made sure theres no info like phone numbers,addresses ect being posted anywhere. There is some sweet talkers out there that are sick but theres a block button for those ones. just reading the answer from blueb536 I agree with ya

Answer #102

Thank you. krissykrunk, valuvsu, julie101, theguynextdoor, bueb536, so0angeliic08, sk8terpunkkid, and jessieluvsjustin.

I do not know what facebook is but I will check it out.

I am aware he could be made fun of, and of course I do not want that to happen. But I wonder why myspace has the rule you have to be 14. There has to be something to that. Remember, my son is 12. Wouldn’t I be sending the message it is ok to break some rules and lie? This is a hard one for me. I teach him to follow all the rules and never to lie. How would I explain that this would be an exception?

Answer #103

Well as a parent i can see were u stand on this decision, i am only 13 myself and i can see were it might be a problem but i think myspace is a fun/interactive way to be able to talk to your friends and also make new ones, i will let u know though that it can be a problem with the profanity. people will post bulletins and other things that have it, but myspace is good at keeping up with obscence pictures and other things so u wont have a problem there. but yes i would recommend u let him have one because it is a fun way to meet new people.

Answer #104

Well you have to be 14 to have a myspace..yet I know tons of people who are 10 and have a myspace. I didn’t get one til I was 14.

Myspace is not bad. It has a horrible reputation but it isn’t bad. If you keep your profile private and only viewable to your friends, it’s okay. Only accept friend requests from people you know, only ask people you know to be your friend, don’t post really personal things on your profile, and avoid strangers.

All the people that are kidnapped from people they met on myspace…it’s because they don’t act safely. You only talk to your friends.

Myspace isn’t bad. If you use it right, it’s fine.

But you have to be 14 unless he lies about his age, and you won’t get kicked off for lying either…but I wouldn’t advise it.

Just warn him of these safety concerns.

Answer #105

I would say it was o.k. he clearly doesn’t plan on doing anything harmful on it, seeing as how he said he would give you the password and everything. I would just say it was bad because of the whole him not being 14 thing. if you do let him get one, just be aware that just because he sets it to private doesn’t mean anything. there are javascript codes out there to break through the privacy block on myspace. I don’t personally know them, but my friend andrew does. my school’s computers also automatically write it out so that anytime anyone from our school goes to myspace, ANYONE can see ANY space.

Answer #106

This is copied directly from the myspace terms of service:

Eligibility. Use of and Membership in the MySpace Services is void where prohibited. By using the MySpace Services, you represent and warrant that (a) all registration information you submit is truthful and accurate; (b) you will maintain the accuracy of such information; (c) you are 14 years of age or older; and (d) your use of the MySpace Services does not violate any applicable law or regulation. Your profile may be deleted and your Membership may be terminated without warning, if we believe that you are under 14 years of age.

Answer #107

Myspace requires you to be at least 14. Kids lie, though. My son uses the family computer in the living room where we can see him and he has a separate account that has safeguards, locks, etc. He does not have the password to our user accounts and we do not have the guest account on. He just won’t leave me alone about this myspace thing. He says all his friends have them (I don’t ever fall for that one) and I can have full access to his account. His friends have secret ones, though. I won’t budge. My answer is still no. I wanted to see what other people would say. Thanks, thedude.

Answer #108

My answer is a deffinte yes. I have a myspace and it could be verry safe. make your son set it on privite so nobody can view thair profile unless he adds them. and that goes for messiges too. then put a last name check on it. this means nobodby can contact him at all unless they know his last name. and the only way he can come in contact with a petofile is if he gives out is peorsonal info. just have a talk with him on using it responsibly and let him have one. there for you both are happy. and you dont have to worry about the dangers.

Answer #109

I know this may be hard to hear from someone who is only 14 but please just listen up. I had trouble with my mom letting me have myspace, but she eventually saw it my way. Myspace is actually very safe, its mostley the smaller internet sites that are the most dangerous. If you are still shaky about it, then get one yourself and add him, so you can monitor what he is doind a bit better. Honestly you are a bit too strict. He will only live once, let him have some fun.

Answer #110

coming from a younger person(i’m 14) i’d wait till he’s 14. i was on there when i was 12 and i got hit on by like 20 year olds. there are alot of creeps on there. saying this. he is a boy and i know this is sexist but myspace is alot safer for boys. but you would still want to moniter him. maybe make yourself an acount too. that’s the only way i let my mom let me have one :) hope that helps.

Answer #111

Hm, well - for FunAdvice, the minimum is 13, not 12…so, even if you thought it was OK for him to get an account here, we’d have to delete it :)

My older son is 6 (he’ll be 7 in December) so I don’t have this type of discussion…yet :) I’m sure I will one day though.

I wouldn’t let my son have an account at any social networking site, until he was older (13…maybe…maybe not) and if he did, I’d make sure I had the keys to it, to ensure that he wasn’t doing anything that he wasn’t supposed to be doing.

Protective much? Yep, for good reason, in my opinion. We block stuff on the internet, have a filter in place, etc, etc. The kids use a different computer, too, with more safeguards on it, and they only visit kids sites, like,, etc.

Answer #112

yes just let him I think evey child should have limitations but you are going to far!!! Myspace is not all that bad. I think that your child is one of those kids at school that everyone thinks is weird because thats the way your raiseing him. You have to learn how to lay back. Tell your son that you are putting all your trust in him and that you will let him have a myspace but if he messes up he will lose all your trust that way you can give him that sence of freedom without really giving him all that much. thanks for listening and just to let you know im 13

Answer #113

I think you should let him get a myspace but only if he is a very responsible kid… a lot of kids around that age and you have to let him to just make sure he has a leash just not a very long one…do you understand that, my daughter is 12 to and she has one.. she has to ask me everytime she goes on just so I know what shes up to on that computer,,,

Hope this helps but remember you are going to have to let him go one day and this day will come soon so a shorter leash always works better…

P.S when I say shorter leash I don;t actually mean put a leash on him I mean give him less boundries so he can explore more things.. the important thing is make sure he always does his school work first

Answer #114

Thank you all so much. I do not allow him to have a myspace, but I would allow him a myspace account a million times over before I allow him chat live. In fact, as long he lives in this house, he will not be allowed to chat online.

Thank you metalhead. I know he wants some freedom and yes, he may deserve some. But I decide which areas he can have more freedom and live chat is just not one of them. Maybe I can find him something along the same lines as myspace, just more age appropriate. I did not feel disrespected by your answer. I appreciate all feedback.

Answer #115

yes… you should let him. although make sure that he does not make any friends which he does not know, he doesn’t put any personal pics/info on it. and create a different email to log in just in case a hacker gets a hold of it. check it like everyday and just make him feel like he has a little taste of freedom. sometimes when i’m stressed, i write into my blog and it helps me. sometimes its hard to go to your parents and ask for something. a myspace is a big deal though and you should keep tabs on it. i know you are just trying to be a protective parent, but give him some liberty.

Answer #116

I say let him have a myspace my parants told me no and it made me think they dont trust me and then they used the line bout sex afenders and stuff I honesly am not that sturpid to date people online come on people you should let him have a myspace… if you say no all the time he wont think he you think hes not responsible and somtimes you need to let them have ways of talking to other people… to be serious make him wait till hes 14 but then let him have one dont worry its not your fault hes a teen he propley wont want to be your best freind just those years in about 4 he will be your best freind..

Answer #117

I am 13 and i begged my mom for a myspace…now that i have 1 i don’t go on it too much and i’m only friends with people i know because with all the rumors i don’t want to even risk it. i love myspace because i can change my layout and its like an altornate e-mail. i use the e-mail to mail a friend that i currently can’t e-mail with. I have my profile set to private. and if you want to make sure he’s not doing anything get your own myspace and make him add you. my dad is going to that.

Answer #118

I am also a myspacer so believe me when I tell you this kids lie about their age (adults 2!) so you dont really know if they are who they say on there.I also think it should be 16 and older for you 2 have a myspace but then kids will just say that they are 16 when they are really just14 or 13! it is true that you can set your profile to privet but sometimes kids add people that they dont know just to have more friends. so I think that you should hold off on the myspace for now.

Answer #119

Myspace isnt bad at all. its jsut the people that use it. and chances are your son isnt going to add bad people. Let him have it. im 24 and I got one at 10. so yeah.. let him have it and make everyone stop with myspace is bad. its not. So chill kay? and if my mom would do what you are doing to him now. thin when I get my license I would never be home and be doing 2324934348times worst thing when I go palces with my friends. so let him have it and give him computer freedom. or he might get into drugs and alcohol kay.

Answer #120

You are pretty strict as far as the internet goes and I think you should lighten up to a degree..I just got a myspace a while ago and it is pretty safe, nobody can even view your profile if you set it for friends only etc. and if he did say he would give you his password and all that there really isnt a problem, in my opinion I see nothing wrong with myspace, and if he gets to the point where he wants one that bad I guarentee he will get it.

Answer #121

yeah basically everyone has myspace. my ex’s little brother has a myspace. and he’s the same age as your son. I know a few other people that age too that have myspaces. and if hes willing to let you watch and check his things and everything like that. I would just let him. my mom used to make me delete mine ALL the time. I went through 4 myspaces. but now she doesn’t care. she trusts me. its just the other people she doesn’t trust. but I keep my profile private.

Answer #122

look at it from his point of view. he just want to talk to his friends online. most of the people on myspace are kids his age. tons of people under 14 have them. there is a feature that makes ur page private so only hos friends can view his page. he can choose who to accept as a friend. myspace is safe if u know how much info to give. trust him but verify that he is telling the truth about the things he posts.

Answer #123

Honestly, I think that you should let him. I’m 13 and I got mine when I was 12. It really isn’t all that bad. My mom did the same thing by keeping an eye on me. She always read my messages. no cussing. none of that kind of stuff. Just make sure that your son keeps his profile on privet. not to much informaition out there. And make sure that he only talks to people that he knows. Just make one with him. You make all the decicions and has he gets more used to it you will probably feel more relaxed with the idea.

Hope I helped! :)


Answer #124

I was 11 when I got my myspace. you should. but it all depends on hist internet histor. if he like visited xxx porno sites then no. but if he is a good child then yes.

the reason he wants one is because he wants to fit in with everyone else. everyone his age has a myspace … believe me.

and if he doesnt, he will look like a baby and be left otu of everything. believe my I know from experience

Answer #125

I’d say yeah. Also I wouldn’t ban livechat. People need freedom, even children. Children have commen sence of what and what not to do, almost as much as adults do. How would you feel if every thing you wanted to do was forbiden because somone didn’t think you were responsable? How do (no offence) sound a bit overprotective. Kids need to learn from experiance, or else they turn into the kind of kid that needs warning labels on cups of cofee to remind them that it’s hot!

Answer #126

my cousin just turned 13 he has a myspace… myspace isnt bad people just abuse it… you can make his page private… make it so only people who know his last name can request him as a friend… you can even log on and have a page… pretend to be someone else… and become his friend and keep tabs on his page… plus hes a boy.. be more worried about my daughter then my son…

good luck! misfit

Answer #127

Yes, I really think you should give him a chance with it. I felt the same way when I first wanted one, because al my friends had one, and I felt left out. But, yes, you can put your profile on private, and he should give you his password so you can check it every once in a while, but it really is a great site to comunicate with friends and other people. GO FOR IT!

Answer #128

well im 14. I’ve had a myspace 4 about a year now. but with all do respect, he realy does need some space…freedom…umm what grade is he even in??? but just set it on private, so only his friends or the people he adds or exepts are aloud on it. believe me mam, he needs space. if he is a good kid, try to trust him…give him a chance. just 1 chance…myspace is very safe if its on private. and very fun!!! =]

Answer #129

I think you should. I got one when I was 12 and it isn’t as dangerous as people think. As long as he keeps it private [which it’s automatically set to that] and only adds people onto his friends list that he knows, its a very fun way to communicate with people. I have been finding best friends that moved when I and they were in kindergarden through now. Its an amazing way to keep in touch with friends and family. So I say yes especially if you get his password.

Answer #130

well; I am 16. and I believe you should allow him to have a myspace. but closely monitor it. and check to make sure he actually knows the people he allows to be his friend and that he doesnt put out any personal information; you should also have his password. because if he didnt have anything to hide he wont care.

Answer #131

im a parent and a myspacer I can honestly say myspace is what you make of it and what your on there for … I think that the age restrictions for myspace are to young what is it 13 I think they should move it to 16 and above it can be dangerous especially if there are un aware of whats going on in the world .or there not educated on what to watch out for …id say wait till hes much older …missv

Answer #132

yes you should take it from a celeb.

Answer #133

Evaeryone can have myspace!

Answer #134

I say let him have it and don’t watch what he duz thats invasion of privacy!! good luck x

Answer #135

he deserves one!! everyone does cause its cool :)

Answer #136

he’s to yuong 13 and older

love rere444

Answer #137

yes you should so i can chat with him oh oh oh yeah im going to let him put it up my but ummm

Answer #138

Yes let him have one!!! myspace and facebooks are the collest thing nowa days and all the kids have them

Answer #139

YES!!! almost every single person has a myspace they are like cell phones. if you trust him then let him have one!! it’s no worse thenan email!!

Answer #140

YES!!! just make sure he has only people he knows!!! Thats the only way I could get 1 and I have all my school friends!

Answer #141

im 14 and My mom wont let me have myspace… she treats me like a dumb 5 year old (no offence to all the 5 year olds on this earth)lol

Answer #142

yes its not like it’s real life. just make sure he dnt give to personl info away

Answer #143

hes 12 hes all most a teen I was 12 when I got mine back off a bit and see how he is with it

Answer #144

Yehh you should give him a shot because you can check his account and you can easily delete it and just edit his privacy settings so the friends he has are mainly around his age.

Answer #145

monicacharlene , I think you should let him have a myspace acount and like he said you can watch everything he does and you can have his password and he can put his profile on private. i have a myspace and i have mine on private and when someone wants to be my friend i have to approve them so yoou can do the same with your son…

Answer #146

I have had a myspace for about 4 years. it is a fun site, a place to meet people, but safety terms and other things of that origin are guarded closely. I think that your son probably just wants a little freedom, and, with all due respect, probably needs some.

Answer #147

you should let him have amy space if trust him let him get it then see if he was ready for it and mature enough for it and if he does one bad thing tell him he cant have another one until hes 14

Answer #148

dude back the f**k off your kid if you r confident you raised him right then you shouldnt worry! let him have an account and make sure he has it set to private, etc. etc.

Answer #149

I have a myspace. The lowest age is like 14. but,i lied about my age when i first got it. myspace is very careful about things like online predators. he can set his profile to private,so only friends can see it. and you can block people if you feel they are not appropriate he shouldnt request to be friends with anyone who he doesnt know. nor should he accept requests from strangers.

i honestly dont see that much of a problem with it,as long as he knows his limits,and stays within them.

Answer #150

Yes he is older to have a myspace and trust him but he should have people he now or the some age.

Answer #151

I’ve had my myspace for a couple of years now. And im only 14. Its pretty safe. Its only my opinion, but I think you should let him have a myspace.

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