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How do you avoid copyright violations "in the first place" on youtube?

Any tips? I uploaded a "cover song" with me playing guitar and singing, same as 1000's of others. I gave credit to the original artist, noted it as a cover, blah blah blah.
I know all about "disputing" the copyright violations, but it doesn't last. I ...


How to put apps back?

My two year old sister moved my apps around on my ipod touch. Well, I got most of them put back but I cant get my four most used apps back into that little grey bar at the bottom of the screen! Why?!?!?!?


What's a good file sharing program?

im unhappy with the file sharing programs I use frostwire and limewire do you know any good one


will someone elses charger harm my phone?

so I have the LG Dare and I lost my charger so I used my friends ENV2 charger that fits into my phone and works, but it says "this cable is not recomended for this phone" and I was just wondering if this is bad or harmful for my phone. thanks.


Is anyone on here a member of imvu?

Is anyone on here a member of imvu?
Also does anyone no how I can get free credits on imvu


Ink cartage

How many pic can I print out of one ink cartage


Vegas Movie Studio Platinum 9.0 authentication code?

Could someone please tell me/or give me a website link for a authentication code for Vegas Movie Studio Platinum 9.0.


How do I add contacts to my computer?

I have a dell laptop and it has those gadgets on the side of the screen.. Now, I added the contacts gadget but I don't know how to add names to it.. Help!


What are "anytime minutes" for Virgin Mobile?

i have the unlimited plan.


How can I get peoples' Myspace info?

I would greatly appreciate it
if I could get the password/e-mail for myspace accounts.

I believe my friends are talking about me,
and I need to know what's up.
So if someone could help me out
I would love it.


How do I take my number off private?

I have a motorola RAZR 2 when I ring people my name doesnt come up how do I put my number off private?


How do I delete history on Firefox?

Delete the browser history on fire fox ?


What came over me .com?

What came over me .com?

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Software to edit my personal photo?

where can I find a softwear where I can repreduce my own pic form one original me into few others in new postion?I got one good pic of me and really want to try and make more from this one.


Free call??

Anyone there knows what kind of program software would I download for a free call from a landline using your internet??


How to get rid of a virus in Windows XP?

how do I take out a virus that is in the windows xp system? and if there would be a good program or a way that would not need any money it would be great!?


On youtube, what does demo mean?

I was looking for rihanna songs and then they got this song called control me (demo)

So I wanna know what they exactly mean


newest iPods.

does anyone know if there's going to be any new ipods before july (for my birthday)
besides the nanochromatic.?
just wondering

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charging my cell phone

my phone's charger just broke and my phone died. I really need to use it is there anyway I can somehow make a temporary honemade charger thats safe? and I have a kyocera if that helps but it doesnt really matter what kind of phone it is thanks!


How can I recover my old account from skype?

How can I recover my old account from skype I close skype but then when I get in again I couldnt take the name that I had and I lost my contacts for example: I was jimmy2 but then when I tried to get in skype toldme that this name was already taken but...


Scene/emo usernames

Yesh well I want a new you tube account soo yesh if you can give meh a non poserish name pllz :] thank u

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Why is there no sound coming out on my HP Pavilion Dv6's speakers?

Yes the volume is on. I see the little thing going up and down and I have it set on "Speakers and Headphones". Does anyone have a clue what's wrong with it?


PS3 widescreen DVDs

I have bunch of subbed (subtitles) anime on DVDs that I want to watch on my ps3... problem is the dvd's are in widescreen and when I play them, the ps3 automatically changes it full screen and cuts some of the picture so it fits on my fullscreen TV.. ...

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