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Sony Vegas playback problem!

I've just finally found a free trial of sony vegas I haven't used and it was working perfect and everything was playing back fine, but then it stopped letting me playback projects, a message pops up saying:

"An error occured while starting playback"...


Which IPod should I get?

I have over 1,000 songs and I used to have the old origonal ipod but its starting to break so im going to ask for a new one for christmas. Which one should I get and why?


Why can't I get online on my iPod Touch?

Why can't I get on the internet on my new iPod touch? I checked the networks I joined and it says I am connected, but when I click on Safari or YouTube, it says that it cannot connect to the server. What is going on here?


How much memory need my computer to install dreamweaver

If I bought the program dreamweaver how much memory my computer needs to install and when I can download this program.


How can I get into my Myspace account without my password?

How do I hack into my own myspace account if my password suddenly doesn't work and i don't know what to do? Someone else is getting on it and its not pretty if u know what i mean .. so please help!


How come the scroll on my mouse pad wont work?

it was working fine yesterday, but today it isnt, what could be wrong?


How do I block someones number from my phone?

Pleeease help
Someone is ringing me and there really freaking me out
They are doing work for my neighbour and I never met them before so whta the hell why are they ringing my house phone in the morning!?!?!
And I'm so stupid I was half asleep and he as...


How to change font on myspace?

How to change font on myspace?


Does this take up a lot of space on my computer ?

Okay, well I use iTunes adn Windows Media Player, if I have all the same songs on both of these programs does it tak eup more room on my computer???


There is no Bluttooth option, what can I do?

From my system totally blocked cannot able to use the data cable can we use blue tooth through my system. In my system there is no bluetooth option what can I do?


who uses aim?

I just made a aim account but when I try to sign in it doesnt let me and I have changed my password so I know its not that but its still say that incorrect thingy lol so what should I do?


Do you have to pay for Skype?

I've got Skype on my iPad 2 and would it cost to call someone on a laptop/pc in the same country?


How do you delete an IMVU account?

hi pplz I was wondering how you delete an IMVU account?


Scene/emo usernames

Yesh well I want a new you tube account soo yesh if you can give meh a non poserish name pllz :] thank u

26676 views NSFW

Where is my compose button

Wheres is my compose button to compose an email


Can I send a picture to cell phone from aol email?

Can I send a picture to cell phone from aol email?


Why won't my gif files work on windows movie maker?

So for some reason, whenever I put any animated gifs onto my windows movie maker, the gif won't move, it simply becomes a still picture. I've tried importing my gif files from import pictures, import videos, and import audio or music, but the gif still...


What can my parents see?

I have the verizon cell phone service and on a family plan (I'm pretty sure) with myself, my mom, my dad, my brother and our work phone and I was wondering what could they get writeups of? I am pretty sure they can get call ones (who I've called, whose...


Why does the sound not play when i watch a video from the net.on my comp.?

Other wise i can play music or run a DVD< then there is no problem with the sound.


Why won't Skype work?

Everytime i go to sign in, it says "Skype Can't Connect" I tried resetting/restarting my Router, renewed my IP. Anything else?


How to make shapes use the keyboard?

How to make shapes use the keyboard?


Protecting a small network

We have a network of four computers in one room at our mobile home park. Three of us have admin rights via a password, and everyone else logs on as guest. How do we prevent unknown individuals (underage, we believe) from d/l objectionable images? We...


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