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How to find my DNS servers?

how cani find my primary and my secondery DNS Servers


Why do these people keep calling my cell phone?

In the last week, this auto insurance place has called 9 times. They keep asking for someone who I dont know. I've told them to stop calling because you have the wrong number, but they are still calling! I sat on the phone while they were talking to me...


How to find a lost password on my computer

So a while ago my mom changed my computer password and forgot it, so therefore I haven't been able to restart my computer or shut it down in over a month, because of her I cant get mcafee to work so im pretty much open to any virus, and whenever I try ...


How do I get flash themes on my w810i

haw do I get flash themes on my w810i

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Why dosent my limewire or ares work?

Why dosent any of my ares or limewire work


How do I get my laptop to connect to my router?

I have an Acer Laptop and a Linksys router and I when I put in the SSID and pass key, it says it can't connect to the router. Any ideas?


What does lmao mean?

I see a lot of people use this in chat rooms and stuff what does it mean???


Computer infected

I went on the internet and al of a sudden it kinda shut down and this thing cam eup saying that all my files had been infected with tonns of worms, trojons (?) and stuff like that and saying that my documents and my c: drive was too. It was strange bec...


Where can I download Mission Impossible sheet music?

Where could I download Mission Impossible Theme's Sheet Music for the Piano for free?


How to show what song I'm listenning to on msn :)

Heeyaa :)
Okkaay so likee yeah.. Ya'no when you're on msn and by there name in blue it showz what they're listenning to,
How do'ya do it 'cause I want people to see the songs I'm listenning to.



What does :3 or =3 mean?

I see the smiley EVERYWHERE and I just can't figure out what :3 means!

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Sims 2 barcode

I lost my barcode to the sims2 holiday edition. Can anyone give me theres?

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Ringtones for boost mobile

I have the new boost mobile phone.and I want to put free ringtones on my phone instead of paying 4 dollars from their website.thats not even long,only like 5 sec.. And stuff .can anybody give me any good websites that I can go on?


Program to shrink Files

Is there a program or software that shrink your movie files into mp4,mkv and avi ?
Is there one that shrinks the program to its smallest but still have good quality to watch (meaning thick block colors) ?
Which program is the best to use for movie fi...


How do I make all symbols

How do I make all symbols


why doesnt my computer turn on?

it turns on most of the time, but sometimes when i try to turn it on, it'll make two beeping sounds, then pause, then it makes the sounds again.


I want to break my computer...

Can someone tell me how I can break my laptop so I can just get a whole new computer...It is under warranty but not for water damage or stolen...but I think it can break totally like drop it...but I want to break it totally so I can just get a whole ne...


In MSN what dose Mk mean...

my friend keeps saying it and I dont know what it means


How to access cricket mms?

what numbers do I enter to access my mms message


How do I put dvd's on my itunes?

I am trying to but my dvd's on my itunes but I dont know how to do it.

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Does it cost more to text long distance?

If I text someone who would be long distance to call. Does it cost more to text long distance?


install games on external hard drive

My laptop's hard drive has 60 GB. I use it to record music and make CADD drawings and Graphic Arts and Edit Movies and all that fun stuff. So I'm down to like 13 GB.

I'd like to play a few PC games that I have so I was wondering if I could install a...


Cool fonts for myspace?

Can anyone give me a website that you can write text in and it will give you some really cool fonts to use on myspace?


how to find someone online

ok so I just found out my dad cheated on my mom when I was like five. and im gonna find out her name and track her down to tell her what that, probably, one night stand, did to our family. but I have NO clue how. does anyone know how to find someone?


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