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Why do american movies always contain nudity ?

Why do american movies always contain nudity ?


What's Cole Sprouse's fanmail address?

I love love love their show I is so so so so so so so so so so funny I want to send fan mail but disney channel .com will never load!!!


What does unrated means as in unrated movie edition ?

What does unrated means as in unrated movie edition ?


Where can I watch Infinity Challenge ENGLISH SUB?

Where can I watch Infinity Challenge ENGLISH SUB?
I need websites where I can watch the korean comedy tv show called Infinity Challenge ENGLISH SUBBED! I already know youtube, and veoh. PLEASE HELP ME AND TELL ME WHERE I CAN WATCH THAT KOREAN SHOW!! T...


How can we make house haunting really creepy?

I wanna haunt the old abblebleeber house on the corner of my street on halloween. it is currently unoccupied but I think it wud be a hootinany if me and my pals did some old-fashioned house haunting. any ideas or suggestions on how to make the most maj...


Cody Linley vs. Nick Jonas

the question is simple
Whos's Hotter? and Why do you think so? my answear has to be CODY,
I just think his lips are so perfect and they look like velvet,
he has great hair,
Nick really doesn't I know lots of boys with curly hair and theirs look wa...

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Who was the man on the sally flowers tv show on wlw tv from c

Who was the man on the sally flowers tv show on wlw tv from cincinnati & colombus?


How to do an ollie on my skateboard?

im still trying 2 do an ollie on my board and everthing but the thing is that I cant slide my feet up when im doing a ollie. so I wanted 2 ask if it is possible 2 do an ollie and with out slding your foot up???


How to look like Isabella Swan?

How can I look like Isabella Swan??? Before shes a vampire??

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Zombie movies 2

Are there any new zombie movies coming out this year other than Resident Evil:Degeneration?


Anyone else love the Steve Wilkos show?

I freakin love the steve wilkos show and boy is he hot, especially when he gets mad! Lol. Can anyone else agree or disagree? And y?

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Dirty Truth or Dare Questions for guys.

I need some dirty truth or dare ideas for guys to play. Just guy and as dirty as they can be please.


Are Haley Joel Osment and Emily Osment related?

is haley jo osemt and emily osment bother and sister?


is annemarie lucas married?

is annemarie lucas married?

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South Park or Family Guy?

Does anyone here like south park or family guy? and if yes, what are your favorite episodes? I personally think both shows are hilarious!!! And I luv the South Park w/ the Easter Secret and the Family Guy w/ Robert Downey Jr. as the fat guy strangler.


How do those magicians make cards come out of people's mouths?

They tell them to cough so they can spit them out and then they say, "is that your card?".
They can't have all of that planned, can they?


Is Supersize me a hoax movie?

Or is it 100% true?


What movie did jim carrey play a soldier that loses his memory?

The title pretty much explains it all I saw a preview for this on ondemand but cant remember the title


Who knows what this old treehouse show is called?

What is the old Treehouse TV show with muppet-like characters on sticks about a girl, her grandma and her dog?

I remember something about a globe with a little house on it.. I think the title was kind of long.. and her pet's name was Gizzer or somet...


What Jim carrey movie is this?

What movie is where jim carrey is wearing a toto?


what is the monetary value of a movie wining an oscar?

what is the monetary value of a movie wining an oscar?


Which games would you want to b made into anime/ movies/ whatever?

Pretty much everything's stated in the title. For all I gamers out there, which games would you wanna see as an anime or movie etc.? (assuming it will be done well, that is)

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Wanting a good love anime movie got any??

I've been watching a lot of love or romance animes but I want more
Got any titles or artists that I may enjoy
There isnt anyhting I dont really like so dont worry about that

I've watched nearly all of studio ghiblis works as well as

A girl who ...


Dreams and nightmares (crime shows)

Last night I watched like these crime shoes and people on that show got murdered...I watched two of those shows then I went so sleep and had 2dreams that I got murdered...I'm scared to go to sleep and it's freaky. (I'm watchin the showes again) umm...i...

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