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What time does the movie start in theaters?

What time does the movie start in theaters?


How can I celebrate my birthday in the winter?

I am turning 16 in December and I have always had trouble figuring out something to do for it. I'm not going to have a Sweet 16. I want to do something smaller with my closer friends only I don't know what to do. Does anybody have any ideas on what I c...


Does anyone here like John Cena?

I was just wondering if there is anyone who loves John Cena on here. Cause he is like so HOT!!! I'm totally crazy about him!!


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is megan fox a porn star?

is megan fox a porn star? if you google her there are like a bunch of pics that aren't realated to her acting or parties...was she a p.s or is she ow what...?

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Indian Shemale Maya

Does anyone know of an Indian Shemale called Maya ?
Where can I get her pics and clips ?

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Prom pranks

This year everyone at prom is pulling serious prank's like waterbombs,smelly spray itching powder, before we leave the prom what can I do ,because im like the I don't know what you call it the person with all the best jokes and I have nothing to do,bar...


What happened to midwest mandy?

What happened to midwest mandy?

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What to do for my 14th birthday party?

My birthday is in march, and I will be 14. What is a fun party idea for 14 year old girls and guys?


Does Cole Sprouse have a girlfriend?

does Cole Sprouse have a girlfriend

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Does a parent have to watch an 'R' rated film with you?

I'm 15,nearly 16.My friend whose the same age as me,and me,want to go see a rated 'R' movie on Saturday.My mom said I could and everything,but shes going to have my little brothers with her,so theyre going to go watch a different movie at the same time...


What can I do for my 16th ?

okay, im turning 16 in september, so its still quite the tad away, but I wanna do something original thats good, because everyones doing the same things lately, I've been in 2 hummer limos and a party bus with three more of them to come and the whole p...


What words can I use to describe lady gaga?

I need to use every letter in the alphabet to describe lady gaga so any help is muuuch appreciated!


Where could I get free ringtones? can I trust myxer?

I have verizon wireless(the juke). I went to myxer and it says the ringtones are free. But would you have to pay for internet use? If you do is it a lot?


Who knows if Miley is prego?

Look at this... Okay in an interview I saw in a mag, Miley said that she is pregnant and has gained 7 pounds. She is going to take good care of her baby and is still filming season finale of Hannah Montana and is still going on tour. So is this true? I...

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Sprouse twins age

Wait, are the sprouse twins from suite life of zack and cody actually 16? Thats crazy!


How to bring 12-18 year olds to an event at the seaside during the holidays?

What kind of things would be attractive to this age group?


WWE and RAW, fake or real?

is smack down and raw real or fake???

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Is Jack Barakat a Muslim?

He's the guitarist of the band All time low and he is Lebanese.


What is Zac Efron's number?

What Is Zac Efrons Number ?


Did chris brown really assault rihanna?

Is this rumor true?
I love rihanna, I can't afford to support chris brown if he's a punk.
I'm not saying it's true, but I need facts.
Anybody know anything?


Britini Martini!!


Swiftkaratechop -aka SWIFTY- did this 1 video on youtube where hes sittin behind the camera -after they asked him if he had ever had a real girlfriend- and hes like

"Britini martini..britini martini!! shes my *** booby...-

WHich episode ...

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The Blair Witch Project

Oh man, I've been wanting to ask this question for a long time, but kept forgetting. Im not sure if I remember right but, was the "blair witch" thing, based on true events? was it true, or...were they just...saying stuff? I dont know. I use to think it...


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