How can I fix my ugliness?

I’m fat and ugly… but my friends say I’m not but my family do. I told my friend 1 day that I am ugly and she said you’re not. she got my other friend beside her and asked her if I was she said no your not ugly at all! But a moment after a boy called my name I looked over and he said you’re fat! and ugly!

It really hurt me. I want to lose a lot of weight I asked my mum one day but she didn’t take it seriously. She’s not a mum that you can talk to easily.All my friends are wayyy skinner than me and prettier than me all the boys fancie them. They never get picked on. same old story how can I lose weight without my mum knowing and how can I make myself feel pretty?

Answer #1

I dont think you need to get a hair cut…As long as your hair is healthy youre set. My hair is like yours except I dont have bangs. Its all about how you style it. When you first get out of the shower put about a half the size of a tennis ball of mousse in your hand and rub it into your hair. get your roots good too. Blow dry your hair upside down!! the whole time!! Keep an eye out for your bangs the whole time though too. You dont want them to stick straight up. your bangs could be a little shorter so they wont be in your face. Whiile you dry your bangs swoop your bangs in a downward motion and to whatever side your bangs are trained to go. have them go to either one side or the other. its the look now adays. when your hair is fully dried. see how much volume you have, if you dont have enough then get some hairspray and take it layer by layer from your ear to the top of your head and spray VERY lightly, because you could spray too much and make your hair really greasy. after you have the volume you want, then you can straighten or curl. HOT ROLLERS ARE AWESOME!! I just learned to use hot rollers and its amazing how much time it cuts your styling in half. and you get a lot of volume out of it. If you use a curling iron dont have your hair in the curler no longer than 3 or 4 seconds bc it looks to me that your hair is thin. Now makeup is my specialty!!! Love it!!! Ok when you pick out your foundation dont test it on the top of your hand PLEASE…flip over your wrist and compare the color that way. it needs to match the color of the inside of your wrist. concealer if you want to use it..needs to be a yellow tint, it brightens under the eyes. and thats all I use my concealer for . but you can use it on blemishes if you want. Concealor is first, then foundation. When you put the foundation on put it on lightly!! and always double check under your jaw and chin. So many people have lines there bc they dont rub in their make up enough. next I do my eyes. you always want to use basic colors like tans, reds, browns, blacks and yellows. These are the colors that will bring out your features not scare them. use a light color such as a tanish, yellowish color from the tip of your eyelid to your brow. Make sure it brightens your eye not make it darker. you need darker colors in the crease of your eye to make the feature. next use a brown color and find the bone in your eyelid and go from the outside corner of your eye in, and stop the color at your pupil when your looking straight forward. next if you want ,you can put alittle bit of black on the outside corner of your eyelid for a dramatic effect. after that take your finger and rub your eyelid so you can blend the colors well together. one thing I cant stand is a blob of color on someone’s face. eww. next take blush , not red, youre not joining the circus. Your skin tone would look best with a blush with a tint of a light brown and orangish color. Swirl your blush brush in it and look at the brush and blow some of the excess powder off. Now here is where you practice smiling. People are much more beautiful with a smile on their face. find the cheek bone and move the brush from the cheek bone toward the ear. lightly do this the whole time. we dont want a harsh streak from your cheek to your ear. just pat and swipe. next eye liner. Black or Brown. thats what I use. I do the inner bottom eyelid. from corner to corner. and then I touch it up on my top eyelid in the outside corner for more of an effect. and blend. next mascara. if you dont like a lot of it then just put it on the outside tip of your eye lashes. ifyou like dramatic then you can brush your eyelashes through once all the way through then come back and do the outside tip a couple times. powder your nose for oil and then voala. You gotta face. I promise it doesnt take as long as you think. 7-10 minutes tops. And about you losing weight…you do not look fat to me at all. I think youre beautiful. I think all you need when it comes to making yourself feel better is to exercise or do some kind of a work out video you like. Also what helps to lose weight is that you need to eat less meat and no fast food and have more fruits and vegetables. and drink more water than soda or coffee. Think about all the americans when theyre thirsty they go get a pepsi or something. were 70% water not soda. and your glasses…I like them. SMILE YOURE BEAUTIFUL!!!

Answer #2

your family calls you fat OMG I think your beautiful

Answer #3


Answer #4

u are pretty you just dont have enough confidence

Answer #5

hey hun. I know you’ve heard this, but be happy with who you are. If the guy calls you fat and ugly, he’s a jerk anyways, and you dont need that.
You have beautiful bone structure, maybe some light blush or bronzer, I suggest blush, and for eyes, it depends on what color they are. Brown, stick with the purples and goldens, if they are blue/green, pinks, some blacks, not a lot, mostly grays. Just to high light the shape of your face. You are beautiful! I’m not saying that you need to do this, but hey, it couldnt help. And, if it boosts your confidence, then all the better!

Answer #6

NO TRUST ME your really hot just do your hair try and get contact lences and put on a few makeup and look colorful


Answer #7

ok,DO take my advice since staying the same won’t imporve your self-esteem.

Answer #8

a good way to have fun and lose weight is to join a sports team at your school, i am now in 2 sports and i have lost at least 20 a year

Answer #9

I think youre pretty!

Answer #10

contacts. confidence. calories. lower the calories, gain some confidence, and get contacts.

Answer #11

god doesnt make ugly people… But he never said anything about making people smart enough to keep them from turning ugly.I.e bad makeup sence of style lack of confidence and being fat. Everyone is hotstuff way down deep but you screwed it up by not managing your self come on, honey, wrk your stuff cause its right there in front of you go get it!

Answer #12

thats sad you let other dictate what you think about yourself.

Answer #13

I agree with everybody advice you are very pretty

Answer #14

You are pretty, way prettier than me! I have NO shape at all, severe acne, and a huge nose.

You look FINE

Answer #15

God, I’m so glad I’m out of school.

Do whatever you can to just be comfortable in your own skin, honey. I can tell you a million times over every single day that you are beautiful all over, but one little wanker can tell you that you’re ugly and fat and THAT’S the gospel truth? Listen to what you’re choosing to believe about yourself.

Kids are cruel. I was called ugly and fat 100 times over. DO NOT EVER again say, “I’m ugly and fat”. Because what you focus on, what you believe, it becomes reality. Focus on doing things that make you feel beautiful. Singing, drawing, working out, whatever.

Don’t rely on your friends, family, or enemies to tell you whether or not you are pretty or ugly or fat or skinny. You are what you are and I know that deep down, you don’t truly believe that you are ugly or fat. You’re just giving yourself over to stupidity and ignorance by allowing yourself to believe what some nitwit told you. And believe me, that little boy who said that about you went home and spanked his monkey thinking about you later. They alll do.

Answer #16

Dye your hair,make-up,buy new clothes,etc.There are TONS of cosmetic “fixers” out there,they’ll make anyone beautiful.I’m in the process of making myself over right now.Let me know if you want help with anything else.

Answer #17

I think you are very pretty. In my opinion you just need to change those glasses. You have a very pretty face. I wish I had a girl friend as pretty as you.

Answer #18

aww girl you are cutifuls and you shouldn’t have to put all that negative stuff sayin ugly words to urself cause when you keep sayin your ugly then your goona look it but instead say positive things about your self look in tha mirror and say tha things you like about urself and it deos’t have to be about looks

Answer #19

i saw your picture, and believe me im the kind of person to let you know whats the REAL DEAL! your not ugly, you just have to hook yourself up. by that, i mean do your hair. i see you have straight hair. try to put it in a pony-tail. and put a light amount of make up on. probably bronzer and mascara. for beauty and hair tips look at magazines like glamour, they can help you real good. or GOOGLE IT! =]

as for the confidence? you need it. you should build up your self-esteem. Every girl is beatiful as long as their confident about it too. excersing without letting you mom know? you should do crunches inside your room and push-ups. and at gym at school? Be prepared, and do what the gym teacher say’s, it works! =]

Answer #20

you have your own look and girl work it like one of your “skinnier” friends would you’re induvial dress how you want don’t care how you look and what people say about it and if you think you’re fat which you’re not exercise a little bit, I did and one of the newer kids at my school came up to me and ask how do you do it? how come people treat you this way where you’re so diiferent? how come they don’t make fun of you and they do me?? I simplely said I don’t care if they make fun of me or bully me I’m an idivaul and proud of it I stick out of the crowd and they learn to respect me for that.

  • Courtney Seeley :)
Answer #21

i dont think ur ugly at all .. i think u just need to give urself some confidence and usualy a new hair cut helps .. i wudnt go too short although ur bone structure is great so i think u cud handle it .. also try a little makeup and see whethere tht makes u feel any beter … also all u need to to to loose weight is eat healthier and excersise a little more .. i know its easier sed thn done but all u need to do it walk tp skwl instead of the car or join an afta skwl sports club or something as simple as that …

Answer #22

erm.. when a girl confessed to me last time, I went and look at her photo is friendster, and she was not pretty. Then when we went out for a first date, she was drop dead gorgeous. So, the point is, some people are not photogenic, and lightings affect the way you look in mirrors. you just have to do yourself up because you are not ugly at all.

Answer #23

You are beautiful! Don’t read Glamour magazines or any magazines like that. They suck the confidence outta you. Ignore all the d*ckheads that tell you you are ugly. I always find it cute when girls put a LITTLE bit of eyeliner and foundation on. And with your hair, since you have bangs, try pining them up or smoothing them down.

By the way. Your hair is to die for! I’m jelous. Lol!

Answer #24

wow i know exactly how you feel[well not the fat part] but in elementary school girls and guys would always make fun of me for being ugly and such. and for the friends part yes they were all so beautiful and i always feel so ugly next to them and the guys always pick them over me. enough about me though, i think your face shape is really strong[not in a manly way but model way] you can wear eye make-up to make them stand out. i found the thing that helped was magazines like seventeen and cosmogirl they have great tips for hairstyles for certain face shapes and what to wear for a certain body type. i think you’re pretty already but theres some tips i guess

Answer #25

To be honest, loose the glasses, the you’ll look fine!

Answer #26

#1. The first way to change the way how you look, is the way you feel about yourself. As someone else stated above, look into the mirror every day and say “i am pretty”, also try to focus on the aspects of your self that you like the most. For example: beautiful eyes etc. REMEMBER THOUGH, IT IS BETTER TO BE A FIRST RATE VERSION OF YOURSELF THAN A SECOND RATE VERSION OF SOMEONE ELSE. Be yourself, and don’t hold back. Last year I had a very low self esteem and I was very shy, I don’t know what exactly happened that made me change my mind about how I felt, but it surely did not begin with my out side apeirance first. Who cares about what others think about you, if you are happy and healthy, why should you feel miserable for someone elses convinience. Which by the way, I seriously do not think that everyone looks at you and says you are ugly. Guys sometimes say that just to be funny, I know it is probebly not funny to you, but they also do not want other guys making fun of them for telling a girl she is beautiful. Guys are sometimes akward, so do not listen to them about beauty tips.

Answer #27

Wow, you are very attractive, I don’t know what those boys or some of your family are talking about. Don’t listen to them.

Answer #28

You are not ugly. That boy was a fool. Remember that beauty is important on the inside, too.

And if you ever feel down, why don’t you try reciting this quote?

“A true man does not love a woman because she is beautiful, she is beautiful because he loves her.”

Which can be interpret as a true man doesn’t love someone for their appearance alone.

So forget what that person said. What’s the point in letting their words get to you? An important part of being beautiful is being confident.

Confident, but not arrogant, people add a shine more to their beauty, you know?

If you can show them that you are not afraid of yourself, they will eventually back down. If they don’t, ignore them. They are so not worth your time.

Answer #29

I know how you feel girl=[ I think im ugly and fat but people dont say it to me I think I am, but look, if you want to look pretty, just be yourself because your already beautiful=] dont listen to watever peoples say cuss they just want to hurt you, especially guys cuss guys always say that to me…but yea…trust me, I know a lot of pplz juss say to be yourself but its true because I am starting to realize that now, cuss being yourself already makes you very beautiful

Answer #30

Rebecca, you’re not ugly at all! I promise you. What is pretty, anyway? Anorexic sticks with boobs bigger then their heads? No. D: Pretty can be a lot of things.. You’re pretty for who you are, not for what some person thinks is “pretty”. And, if you want to loose weight, go for it.. But don’t do something drastic. You’re very pretty, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Be confident, that’s what makes a person sexy. haha.

Answer #31

you’re BEAUTIFUL and the only way for other people to know it is if you know it first. some of the most popular girls at my high school (when I went there) were in no way the prettiest ones. but they had the most friends and all the guys liked them. this is bc they were confident and walked with their shoulders back and KNEW their value as women. soon, so did everyone else. hope I helped!

Answer #32

hi i can relate to you loads and loads with your post i have always had an extremely low confidence level and realy , realy hated myself (yh you may think im not not fat but really i am) to be honest who is pathetic enough to call someone ugly or fat .. those who feel it themselves and i have always been the “fat friend” too lol or “hey fat one i wanna shag you” but im soo over it now you just have to tell yourself that you are beautifull and pick out one thing you love about yourself e.g- eyes or chest me i think i have a pretty face and am not ashamed to say it :) now but at one time i cried whenever i looked in a mirror and it used too take me 3hours in the morning to prepare for school (crazy isent it) i would also suggest buying so self help books and just google and you will find some easy enough to download amazon or ebay (i got the fat girls guide to life the other day :O amazingg .. anyway MOST OF ALL DO NOT LISTEN TO SOME HORMONELY IMBALANCED SHALLOW TEENAGE BOY whos trying to make you feel bad cuz he proberly has features he dislikes such as a small nob! JUST LOVE YOURSELF because i have been in your shoes and i know it is possible too :) .. take care - Emme p.s i hope this helped in some way too

Answer #33

hey - I have a question you could ask urself!

‘what really IS hott, or beautiful??’

someone who has big boobs? big eyes??

theres NO way of knowing, because, like your mom used to say, everyone IS different (and who thought your mom was wrong??)


Answer #34

maybe you have ugly duckling syndrome. prettyness will come along sometime. just wait it out. till then. have fun being hideous. :]

Answer #35

dont let any body tell you that dont belive them im not like huge…but im not like tiny either…and people have said crap to me just dont listen 2 em

Answer #36

dont let anyone tell you what you are.

and the key thing to remember is that if you feel pretty, you are pretty and if you act confident, you will look that much pretty-er i myself am not skinny by no means, but when i am confident, and dont care what others say about me, i look good. and thats all you need to remember!

but if you really want to loose weight, please do it the healthy way by exercising and healthy eating, instead of aneroxicia and bullimeia… because that is not attractive or healthy

Answer #37

everyone has a know to be honest I do have a small figure. but its not everything I get told im pretty but it still doesnt mean anything until they say you have a great personality. it makes me light up inside. and I get hyper and jumpy. as long as you have a personalitiy its all good. you look young contacts might boost your confidence a little expensive but worth it. try something new. cut your hair into layers possibly put highlights or even a dye if your “mum” would allow it. but remeber personality its the key

Answer #38

if you believe your are ugly people, especialy judgemental b*s will see that and usualy tease you, its like they enjoy to see other people down. dont listen to what anyody says about you, thats if its negitive ofcorse. You are not ugly at all. youve got beautiful skin, you look very naturaly pretty, your not wearing a lot of makeup like most of the “pretty” girls do. and you have lovely hair! I wish my hair was straigh like that, my hair is a fuzz ball and it takes like an hour of work.

Answer #39

YOU ARE NOT UGLY!! 1st rule to being pretty is believing you are pretty and loving yourself!, Confidence Then you can start dieting and excercising to help you live a better lifestyle! Good luck!

Answer #40

I’ve seen your pic… your gorgeous babe.. what uglyness you talking about??

Answer #41

no your not ugly,if you really want to lose weight just know that its for urself and none else and that you dont have to do anyhting to make people feel ahppy about you u just gotta do whats best for not them…and that boy that said that is one stupid dumbass bc your very pretty…but if you dont think you r just try some of these tips…: maybe try getting contacts,and wearing somemakeup,do your hair ,do whatever you want just make sure you feel comftorble with it…

Answer #42

diet and exercise are the best way to loose weight dieting pills are dangerous to your body just eat right and exercise a lot

Answer #43

No dont do any of that.sure highlight your hair,and maybe a lil tan,but dont over do it.u do NOT need makeup

Answer #44

well on the picture it dosent look like your fat !

Answer #45

no1 is ugly your only ugly if you make others feel bad.

Answer #46

That would hurt my feelings too. You have every right to feel hurt by what they said. They probably were jealous because they knew they couldnt have you. I have an idea. I always make my friends do this if they are feeling negative towards themselves. Name 2 things that you really like about yourself. Trust me it helps. I hope you get everything sorted out. and dont do anything silly to lose weight. Trust me been there done that.. Its not worth it. The best of luck to you.

Answer #47

You aren’t ugly. Trust me I know how that looks. And you need confidence. If you wanted really bad to become ‘pretty’. You can always try getting contacts, changing your style, makeup or excersicing. But remember don’t try too hard because if you do, your personality will change. And in the end that’s what really matters, in my opinion.

Answer #48

1.a lot of boys do that their just really immature. Your beautiful no matter what anyone says, listen to your friends they’re rght.

Answer #49

Hey You are really preety, Im 13 coming 14 and everyone says that they are fat but they really arent, they are really skinny. You dont look fat, It dosent matter how big you are its what your personality is like. Good Luck X

Answer #50

Thanks guys your all so sweet :) ill try everything to build up myself asteam and ill not listen to what other people say about me. i am who i am. thanks again :)

Answer #51

Evryone is beautiful in there own way and you should not think that you are ugly. You are perrfect the way you are and no one can take that away from you.

Answer #52

it doesn’t really look like your fat, ugliness I would rate you about a 4, but to be honest I rate everyone about a 4, unless I actually want to look like them and thats hard! hahah xD don’t get mad at me though, I am rated 7 8’s and 9’s so my life sucks =/ but yee, don’t lose weight hun, for looking prettier just get some cute clothes, cute clothes always makes me feel prettiest idunno why

Answer #53

Your not ugly! You are not fat! Look honey you just need to gain up some confidence! Any girl is gorgeous if they have confidence. And make sure if you do decide to change something, do it or you not anyone else! And if any guy or girl ever tells you are fat or ugly ignore them! Don’t let it get to you! Thats exactly what they want! Just go up to them and say “no I am pretty!” because darling you are! You do not need any diet pills or makeup! You are beautiful just the way you are! But to make other people believe in you, you must believe in your self first!

Answer #54

I’m guessing you noticed that your pretty and skinny friends have confidence, and you probably think that it’s because they’re pretty, but it’s probably the other way around.

Confidence, without being selfobsessed and cocky, is the most attractive thing.


Answer #55

okay.. if i were you, i’d put some brown in my hair and put a little bit of makeup on. You got glasses, but you know what, it works for you. Your not ugly and it seems to me that in the picture you arent fat. Just do something different. Dont do what your friends are doing. You’re yourself. Be unique. Be different.

Answer #56

I don’t think you are ugly… You are really pretty! Don’t let anyone break your confidence!! You really should be more conficent (which I’m not but I always try hard). My mother told me once that if you feel you are pretty, people will see you pretty. And if you feel you are ugly, then people will see you ugly… But you are not ugly at all!

Good luck.

Answer #57

your not ugly at all if you want to try some contacts they bother your eyes at first but he get use to them and wear some make up eye liner eye shadow…

Answer #58

for god sakes chica your tiny compared to me! hehe and very pretty =) dont worry about what the dumb boys are saying now, around your age, they are immature, and will say anything to get a girl down trust me. People will learn to grow up as you guys get older.

Answer #59

sweetie don’t let anyone make u feel that way. everyone has their own beauty. maybe some people may not think so but u are beautiful the way u are. your friends are right. dont let anyone bring u down. all it does is hurt u. believe this or not, i used to get made fun of, i acctually still do sometimes… it does hurt. i have had tons ofd problems with people like that. they’re ideots, dont let it get to u. people are just doing it to make u feel bad.

Answer #60

Hey Rebecca don’t let anyone make you feel you are ugly. You are not ugly but, you are beautiful. If you want to lose weigt lose it because you want to not for someone else to make you feel better. If you are always trying to please people you are going to keep yourself miserable. Say to yourself ,”I AM PRETTY”. Tell yourself everytime you look inthe mirror. This will help you build up you self esteem. God bless

Answer #61

your not ugly, don’t listen to people who do call you one is, i think what makes a person ugly though is a bad personality

Answer #62

well that jackass dude dont know what he is talking about some guys can be jerks just because your not what he is looking for in a woman their will be that guy who will think your sexy
ps your NOT UGLY

Answer #63

You’re not fat or ugly. Try to get contacts or different frames for your glasses. Be more confident for who you are. If you have confidence, your personality will shine through. Get some of your friends and have a makeover party or something if you’re still self-conscious about your looks. You could watch some movies and stuff too.

Answer #64

Aww :(

First. if you really are overweight, focus on being healthier, not skinnier. Exercise more and make better food choices. You can improve your overall health if you do so. Start with walking, and work your way up to running. Do exercises, and drink a lot of water. Cut out fast food and refined sugars, and eat a lot of veggies. But do NOT starve yourself! NOTE: This is only if you are actually overweight. If your doctor says you are a healthy size and you friends are just crazy, don’t try to lose weight. By society’s standards these days you practically have to be underweight (which is really unhealthy) to be considered “not fat.”

Also, do this for your confidence…not to “fix your ugliness.” Get a cute haircut that you like. Buy some products for your hair type, and some hair accessories. Buy some natural makeup to use, like mineral foundation, a touch of blush or bronzer, light eyeliner and mascara, and lip gloss or a natural lipstick. Find clothes are accentuate your body type and don’t try to be a body type that you’re not.


-Don’t try to improve your appearance to get a boyfriend. -Do this for your confidence.

And here is the most important one of all: realize that God loves you more than you can imagine! He thinks you are beautiful. You are His expression of beauty to this world!

Answer #65

Stop hating yourself!No matter wut they say you r pretty,I think your adorable.My mom’s hard to talk to too!she dont giveme advice but my friends do!U cant fix ugliness or prettiness because everyone’s pretty in their own way!

Answer #66

well, I think youre pretty. I always thought I had a big ugly nose and thin lips and a flabby stomach. theres so many things about me that I pick on. but it doesnt matter what you look like on the outside. I learnt that ages ago. I mean if you had the choice, would you go out with a hot boy who was really mean or a not so good looking boy who was really nice and sensetive and funny? if I were you I would go with the not so good looking boy! oh and remeber the pretty girls are usually the most lonely in the end!

Answer #67

your really not all that ugly, but if I were you… I wouldd..

tan. wear contacts. green ones.. highlight your hairr get your hair tapered.. and like put your “bangs” to the side.. but make sure there not like stright kinda curl them in a lil!!! at the end thats very important… wear make up, like know how to put on really pretty eyeshadow, like make it light all around your eyes and a dark eye shadow on the arc of the bone in your eyelid.. start wearing abercrombie/hollister go go that laid back bum at the beach look… brush your teeth all the time, white teeth are always imporrtant..

and if you think your fat start eating healthier… im no one to give you advice on how to lose weight becaus eim tryng to myself.. just google search on how to better yourself and how to do eye shadow.. dont forget bronzer, conceluer, etc…

good luckk.. if you neeed anything “fun mail” me and I’ll give you my myspace…

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