What home remedies will help me pass a drug test?

How do I pass a drug test using home remedies?

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drink a gallon of tomatoe juice.

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I heard if you put a couple drops of bleach in your piss then you’ll test negative.

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If you do the crime, do the time. Honestly… drugs are lame. Its your own problem.

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welll, I’ve heard that if you drink pickle juice, it won’t show. but I don’t know what drugs thats for.

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drink a lot of water

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Don’t do drugs. Maybe?

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dont do the drugs. most places that test are now testing for additives and unless you can change the specific gravity of your urine magically, diluting it with tons of water will not work either. trust me been fired 3x trying everything.

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How about DONT do drugs=)

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My friend drank almost a gallon of cranberry juice the day of the test, after smoking a blunt the night before… he passed

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All jokes aside drink a gallon of water the night before the test and up to time of test you will test clean , but eat some peanut butter that morning to put color back in your pee.this is for weed smokers

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hey guys…I dont do drugs, but I have before. so I dont know many remedies. but I do know to drinks lots of water. pee as many times as you can before your test. or get someone who doesnt do drugs to pee for you thats simple enough. DRUGS ARE NOT BAD!!!

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ANYWHO… dont eat any candy sugar like candybars cake cookies for 5 days THC sticks to FAT CELLS… if your needing to get rid of the drug trace in 4 hours drink 2 44OZ of water less then 10 minutes (dont drink to fast youll drown yourself) pee in the cup and take a lot of spit in your mouth and spit in it..thats what I did and it worked drink a lot of GREEN TEA and…hhmmm thats all I can think of

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For all the people who say that people who don’t do drugs don’t know the facts, yes I do. I know how many people die of drug overdoses. Even though people that do drugs say they aren’t trying to become addicts, and they’re just doing drugs to “blow off steam”, or “let loose”; do you think that anyone who tries drugs sets out to be a drug addict? No.

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Drug test now are the most accurate of all. As far as a quick rememdy, there are none, just don’t use drugs. Is this a company wide or scheduled test? If you are the only one pulled out to do it, then you may have a case. Check your state laws. In most states a person can not be singled out for suspension in a workforce and drugtested.

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OK people, I work at an alcohol and drug testing center. Debra78 is right. Nothing you can do. THC is GENERALLY out in 30 days (this is the time the courts allow for it to get out of your system after you admit to use) but there is nothing legal you can do to get it out faster. Sure, detoxing helps, but isn’t 100% full proof. Besides, if you are dilute or adulterated, most courts see that as a dirty drop anyway.

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If you ask any doctor they will tell you that they use Goldenseal root to clean toxins out of the kidney’s and bladder. Take a Goldenseal supplement everyday along with Echinacea which boosts your metabolism. Avoid Fatty foods because thc is stored in your fat. Don’t smoke for two weeks and you will pass. Everyone I know thats on probation has used this method and has never failed a drug test. Vitamin B will just make your urine yellow which helps only if you drink a ton of water and have clear urine which most places that give drug tests will not consider an adequate sample. When it’s clear they know you’ve been slamming water and are trying to pull one over on them. Warm liquids run through your body quicker, try drinking warm tea or coffee with a daily vitamin before the test along with Goldenseal root and Echinacea every day. This is what I was told by doctors when asking how to pass a test and it has never failed. Exercise helps too.

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I have been seriously ill with an illness that caused extensive nerve damage. I am heavy, have a slow metabolism, am only semi-active( as much as I can be with 4 children :-)) and take lasix already for high bp. I am on lyrica and morphine for the pain from my nerve damage. The morphine makes me really sick, so my husband (who is a chronic pot user) suggested I try it for the nausea. I used it for 3 days, then went to my pain specialist who said that the last time I drug tested a month ago the morphine didn’t show up, even tho I’d been taking it (except that by the time I had peed in the cup I was 2 hrs late for my next dosage). I already drink a ton of water, take my lasix (80 mg. per day) but I eat less than 1000 calories a day because my metabolism is sloth-like. When I am scheduled for the drug test it will be exactly 20 days since I smoked…will I be clean? also, how long before the drug test should I take my morphine so that it will show up? my appt is in 3 days…HELP PLEASE!!!

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For all you people that say “ How bout dont do drugs”… shut up! whether you agree with them or not we dont want to hear your stupid answer! your not any better then us! so shut up!

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You can take a Vitamin B complex about 48 hours before the test…try not to skip any meals, and avoid heavy salt..drink lots of water and try to make sure you’ve urinated at least 6-8 times before the test…and last but not least, take some kind of detoxifying agent…there’s detox teas, supplements, and preferably about 1-2 aspirin with each meal. Try not to test in the morning if you can avoid it because the first pee always has the most toxins in it..test in the afternoon if you can work it out that way. GOOD LUCK!!!


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oh my… so I’ve been reading all your comments and it has really made me feel better about my choice of detox and drinking excessive amounts of water. I appreciate this site and the ones on here that have given helpful advice to the POSTED question. Even the advice to the uneducated “half” of the readers I found very entertaining and I noticed they didn’t have anything to reply. . lol. I’ve had a few days notice for my test and have gotten the GNC 2 day detox and am drinking a butt load of water, as well as surgel right before the test. Hopefully it will work b/c I really need this job! I think from everything that I’ve researched I am confident I will pass. I smoke habitually (and by habitually I mean at the LEAST 4 times a day depending on what I’m smoking out of) and it does not effect my work and or any other part of my life. It helps me concentrate, study, de-stress, celebrate.. aaahh.. the many uses of weed.. its great for all occasions. By looking at me and speaking with me you would never know I’ve ever done any drug.

I will let you all know how it goes for your future reference so that you all may pass a drug test. Oh… I’ve also stopped smoking until after. So we shall see if no smoking for a week and detox and water work for all the THC I have in my system.

Thank you to all my mary J smokin buddies!

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what home remedies can help me pass a drug test for majuana

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ok so, I’m in the middle of cleansing my system to ensure ill pass a test for a job. I havnt taken the test yet though I have read an awful lot of information online lately and I feel I might be able to help people here. as for the people who say dont smoke I think users have responded aproprietly… obviously its too late to simply quit smoking and we need somthing more. for me I only had 4 days notice so… I went to gnc and got a 2 day cleansing system as well as some daily multi vitamins, to replenish the vitamins being flushed out of me. I got cranberry juice and water and I have been drinkin a rather lot of it. I was curious as to what cranberry juice does to help and from what I gather is its a diuretic which means it makes you pea a lot. so paired with water it can help you flush out a bit. working out can help to burn the fat cells which store thc, but I read that you shouldnt work out within 48 hours of the test to stop the burning of fat cells, they burn and enter your blood which in turn enters your urine. I’ve read that vinegar might help low the ph, which will help flush anphetamines, but do nothing for thc, and quite frankly im a stoner… overall I’ve read that drinking a lot fo fluids and urinating a lot will help, but mainly by diluting the urine on the test date, so its only really important to drink lots of fluids on the test date, also I’ve read, and noticed, that the first pea of the day is the dirtiest, so its good to pea a lot before hand on the day of. also, I’ve read that the begining and end of the wizz are the dirtiest so if its possible to only take a sample from the middle of the wizz it will help. the detox contained almost all natural ingrdients, maily composed of fruits and vegtables. I’ve been eating salads. id like to eat more frutis and veggies… unfortunately I dont know how well all my efforts will turn out but I definetly feel healthier and with the aid of the detox I find that im not withdrawing so badly, perhaps because it got it out of my system faster giving it less of a chance to cry out for more… :D

so to recap, get a 2 day detox, drink lots of water paired with cranberry juice, cranberry to help you pea more frequently. work out, though not immediately before the test. urinate a lot on the day of before testing, and finally, attempt to only take a sample from the middle of the urination, missing the begining and the end… most of this stuff has already been mentioned, though I wanted to put my own spin on it, and id like to think I gathered the best of from many different sources…

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Well from personal experience, take b complex the day of , or if your on a very short notice take it 30 minutes before a test. Always stall and say that you cant pee yet, cause you haven’t drank enough water. And pee at least 3 times before your test. You will notice that your urine will be neon-ish,(from the b complex) you want to get your urine as clear as you can before you hand over the sample. I did this (without the b complex) 3 days after I had smoked a bowl and I was 100% clean of THC. I am not a daily smoker but I would say I smoke several times a week. I know for a fact that those drinks at a head shop contain large about of b complex, but you need to drink large amounts of water, its the only way!

And for those idiot on this page and many others regarding this subject, who insist on preaching how marijuana is bad and blah blah blah, well marijuana cannot kill you, overdose is impossible, the only side effects are hunger, and drowsiness. Marijuana doesn’t interact with medications and has been proven to aid in prevention of caner. It aids Multiple sclerosis patients, cancer patients, bulimic and anorexic patients, arthritis patients,glaucoma patients, aids menstrual cramps, and people with chronic back pain from degenerative disks like myself. I suggest you mind your own business and realize that marijuana is the least dangerous drug you can do. Alcohol and amphetamines is what is ruining the world. O course anything that you overdo wil hurt you mentally or emotionally, but not everyone is an addict. Don’t judge a book by its cover, you might be needing marijuana for a health issue one day.

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No kidding, all the people that say “oh drugs are bad” are generally uneducated on the subject, or just uneducated in general (kathyrh69). Marijuana does not have near the negative side effects as things such as long term alcohol abuse which includes seizures and rapid aging.

Anyway as far as passing the test, a lot of headshops do sell detox things that give you a window of opportunity of a couple of hours. A few other things I’ve heard is if you keep an eyedrops bottle of bleach and put a drop in the cup you urinated in if youre a light user and two drops in if you are a heavy user. Be careful not to put too much as the smell is strong and too much will turn th urine ENTIRELY CLEAR which is suspicious.

Home tests are easier to fake because you could just dilute your urine, pee a little in the cup and fill the rest with water, or drink large quantities of water all day up to your test.

That is one thing I can’t stress enough. DRINK LOTS OF WATER!! Urinate as much as possible and work out. THC is stored in fat cells so burn them out!

I noticed a main and common ingredient in detox kits was Creatine. The same stuff used in muscle mixes for working out. The stuff volumizes your cells and forces more water in to them. You gotta drink a ton of water when you use it because your cells are storing about twice the water they usually do. When your body disposes of the creatine, it pulls out a lot of the THC with the creatine. This is a valuable way to help yourself.

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Hey stephanief987, if drugs are so lame, why the heck are you looking into drug questions anyway?! Especially, a category about how to pass a drug test! I mean, aren’t you lame for reading and posting answers no less, about drugs and drug tests??!! I think you’re lame! Honestly, if you don’t like drug talk, get out of the drug category! Duh, that only makes sense, right?!!

By the way, stupid people, there is ABSOLUTELY NOTHING that anyone can do to alter their drug test results! Whatever is going to happen, is what’s going to happen! Regardless of how much water you drink, or cranberry juice, or whatever! How dumb can people be?! I guess if you were pregnant, you’d be able to make yourself test negative for being pregnant too, right?! LOL LOL!!! Wake up, people!! I smoke and I could give two shits about testing positive or negative, but fortunately that’s just me!! I just wanted to check this out to see what people are saying about it!! It is my entertainment for today!! It’s just so funny to think that some people actually believe this stuff!! God Bless them! If you smoke pot, you are going to come up positive, unless, you stop smoking for 1 month, because that is how long it takes for pot to leave your system, it only takes 30 days!! Not 3 months, like some other person here said! Anyway, stop smoking for a month, and a little more after, get tested and you will be negative! And, you didn’t have to pee your brains out, or spend a bunch of much-needed money, for some ridiculous product! Good Luck, everyone!

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Okay, so, yeah, I have a headache from reading all these posts. Anyways, my boyfriend’s sister signed him up for a shut down(a temporary job that pays excellent money but has strict drug-free policies) without him knowing and we discovered this today. Well, he used two days ago and his piss test is tomorrow. We picked up some home drug tests and Sure-Jell and we went through the motions of it. The first time he tested himself he failed miserably. Well, we weren’t going down without a fight so I found this site and here in the dead of night we went to Wal-Mart to get a bunch of this stuff to try. Well, he had continued to drink the Sure-Jell anyway just in case and before we wet into the store, he tested himself again. IT WORKED! He tested clearly negative. Sure-Jell really works! I highly recommend it, just follow the steps correctly.

And to the ahem drug bashers, sod off. If you don’t do drugs then mind your own business. I smoke pot regularly and I graduated Valedictorian of my class with Honors. I’m a novelist and computer technician. Not ONCE have I ever heard of someone overdosing on Marijuana, yet alcohol poison is highly common and it’s legal. I say good day!

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To the people posting “don’t do drugs”, “drugs are bad”, those comments on this site are niether productive, nor helpful, just a waste of space to someone who is trying to have their question answered.

I too beleive drugs are bad, but I also believe people have the choice to do what they want with their body, just as I have done with mine, just because it is bad for me doesn’t mean it is bad for everyone, and I sure as hell would rather be around a pot smoker than a cigarrette smoker, at least their second hand smoke won’t kill me.

And a question to all those posting such comments, do you drink? because the affect alcohol has on you make you way more dangerous than someone who is high. Ever hear of a high driver, no, because its the drunk ones who kill people, why don’t you advocate, “alcohol is bad” or “tobacco is bad” instead, because both of those are killing way more people then pot.

Now to answer the question, my husband has been a daily pot smoker for years and this is how he passes… two nights before he quits smoking for one, takes 6 cranberry pills and drinks as close to a gallon of water that he can right before we go to bed. He holds that in his bladder over night. He repeats the same process the next night, (the night before the test) then he takes vitamin B complex and drinks lots of water the morning before. He works at a legal firm and has not failed once.

Good luck sweety

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ANSWER1 ight homies I’ve been on probation for 2 years always failing my peetest for mary jane so what I do is a A-B pill which means AQUA-BEN aka water pills what it does is make you piss a lot it for women on there pierod and are blouted you can find it at any store Longs Walgreens ect. Directions 1:Get at least 4 water bottles 2:Take four pills before you begin to drink the water 3:and pee at least 6-8 times (if you aint peeing as much then you can take more pills they say it dangerous but really its not. 4:Before you get peetested pee twice espacally if its in the morning because the first pee CONTAINS THE MOST TOXINS. ANSWER2 If you just got surprised out of random for a peetest then what I do every time trust me it works pee at least a little less than half way an spit in your cup or if you cant manage to spit in it piss all the way to the top an act clusy an drop your test it always buys me more time to detox my self from my mary jane GOOD LUCK!!!

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if you can’t get to or can’t afford one of those drinks they sell at head shops, go to the supermarket and get knox gelatin in the powder form, mix with a littlw water drink 90 minutes before the test, drink 1 or 2 glasses (not too much)of water and pee pee pee. it is good to take a multi vitamin the day of. the gelatin absorbs the THC that normally would be released in your piss

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I’ve used the apple cider vinegar trick 5 times now. It works too well. The night before, and the morning of take a multi-vitamin. This is to ensure color. Then a few hours before the test drink 4-5 shots of the vinegar all at once and follow right after with a 2 liters of water or a large gatoraid. Urinate at least 2-3 times right before you take the test. The 3-4th time is the optimal time to take the test. Using the middle of the stream is the cleanest. The whole trick to all of this is to try to keep the vinegar down. It’s worse than gasoline. Good luck everyone.

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I agree you play you pay I dont care if you dont like that answer or not there is so many people out here fighting for there life and here people out here doing stuff harmfull to their body and know I have never done nothing like that but I was just browsing the internet and I wanted to see what people would say so if anyone got a problem with me deal with cause I am here and I aint going no were…

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I must have taken 70 to 90 drug tests already and never failed one. I smoke several times a day. I used to go to the local head shop and get the detox crap that you boil and drink. It tastes like alfalpha. I know people who work in kidney dialisis and they highly recomend that I do not do this or GS anymore. These mixtures are terible on the kidneys. Their is a company out of portland oregon called liberty research. They have a product called stealth that I have used numerous times. you just pour it in the sample and you pass. If you know chemistry you will know that this can be. The last time that I have used stealth was 1998. they have a excellent new product called minute man. I don’t even piss anymore when I go take a drug test. I just pour it in the sample cup and leave. the temp is were it should be. this product can also be used for physicals. I love to smoke pot when I want, but as of June 09 I’m actually gonna quit at 43. This is all my buddies use now. they love it. Go in, pour it in the sample container and leave. Pretty simple.

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Refrain from doing drugs.

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Get a Fdkljgilfhgkduin Cannabis card. It isn’t hard. It is like 150 dollars…But then you cant get in trouble for it unless you are driving under the influence… DUH. I know at least 20 of my friends have them for weird random reasons…and they don’t get in trouble ever. =]

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I know from a personal recent experience that either this stuff you get from the grocery store called “certo” or “suregell” works for weed. mix it with a gallon of water about 2 hours before your test and keep pissin as much as you can be-4 the test. This stuff really works and it costs under 5 bucks! good luck 2-ya!

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Hi I would like to start with that weed is not all that bad…if you are a few of the drug hates then fine be that, but do not go around judging please…

I have two days till my test, I bought and have taken 250mg niacin I plan to take it, run, and drink about a gallon a day or less of water, to be on the safe side I also bought Stat Flush at GNC…I need to pass this test, my is about riding on this…

DO you Think I should be Clean by then???

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man thats easy all you need is 2 drink Vinegar man trust me…but you need 2 drink water and cranberry 2 and drink it before the day of yo drug test…and when the day comes drink it in the morning before you go 2 take yo drug test… the vinegar stuff is nasty but it makes you pee a lot so drink like 2 cups and then drink cranberry juice after you done…after that just drink like a lot of water and you should b aight … BUT THAT ONLY WORKS IF you DRINK THE VINEGAR THAT DAY you HAVE THE DRUG TEST IT VERY IMPORTANT…I did it and I still smoke :Dhahahaah

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dring lots of water for one, another buy some coconut water is sold in cans now in days, cranberry juices, and any I mean any green tea combinie ( NOT TOGETHER BUT SEPEARLY NO ORDER NEEDED JUST DRINK AS YOU ACCORDINGLY DECIDE MAKE SURE YOU DRINK ALL 4 SOLUTIONS STADED HERE ) all this, and I hope that anyone try this, a few days boyfriend at least, taking the test and this works for heavy non heavy smokers one thing is for sure you will pee like a freaking horse but the more the best you want to let all those fat cells were the thc is store out of your body this will help you do that now this would not work if your pot head those not keep your from tooking one remenber you dont need to stop months ahead for this to work just make sure the minute you start the process you stop tooking good luck and long life to all my 4:20 tuckers

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pot will stay in your system for atleast 30 days if they do a test where they pull a strand of hair for the test it will show up everything you smoked, shot up, or snorted for a year. Pot also gets absorbed in the skin even if you didn’t smoke the pot but your friends were close to you smoking it and you breathed it in. you need to say what way they are going to do the test when the test will be and what drugs they are looking for. they will stir a liquid into the cup after you hand it to them and they look for certain colors. how close will they be watching you when you take the test? Ask a friend who you know doesn’t do anything and have them piss in a container that you can close up put in your pocket and take with you.

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certose you can find it in the jelo part of the store mix it with water and drink it its nasty tho

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The reason I’m looking at this site is because my son has been using weed a lot and his grades have gone from A’s and B’s to D’s and F’s this school year. He works 2 or 3 days a week and never has any money. I am wondering what he’ll try to pass UAs, so I thought I’d see what you all had to say. Thanks for the info. I’d like to see him get his life together so he can go to college, but we’ll see.

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lots of green tea orange juice and water

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I’ve been told by people in the navy of a solution that takes an hour and a half to beggin working and lasts up to 4 hours. there is a certain “jelly” not shure what its called that you can get at any supermarket…its what they use in cans to preserve the food…u know the tasteless yellowish gel coated around the can…anyways take that an hour and a half before your drug test itll coat your bladder and youll be cool…im pretty shure its only for pot though.

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I would say the best way to pass a drug test is to not do drugs. If that is out of the question then you can drink lots of water. Also you need to eat something that digests fast so your pee will be the right color.

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I would say the best way to pass a drug test is to not do drugs. If that is out of the question then you can drink lots of water. Also you need to eat something that digests fast so your pee will be the right color.

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Drink that one sh!t

that you can buy at uhmm a drugstore

that cleans out your system

its nasty but helps

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Wow I thot weed was really bad for you, one of my classmates smokes weed and his only 13

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Wow. Just freaking wow. For one, yeah, you shouldn’t be doing marijuana. I’ve used it twice, and not for medical purposes. It made me dizzy, slightly nauseous, disoriented, unbalanced, and just an all around douchebag. It doesn’t effect everyone in the same way. So all of you people claiming that others need to be ‘educated’ about such issues, need to learn that people aren’t all the same, and get over it. It might not be as harmful as meth or all that other junk, but it is obviously still a drug. If it is an unlawful thing to do, then I’m pretty damn sure it can’t be all that helpful to you. If you have to grow it in a field and keep it hidden from prying eyes and fly overs by the police, then there’s something wrong there. As with any other ALTERING substance, it makes you ignorant. Moreso than you probably already are. And by the way, before anyone says anything, I was actually looking up other questions and I saw this thread and thought to myself, “oh this should be great.” And it was.

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Poppyseed bagel before you leave. just in case have 2

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Yeah. I just got arrested for possesion in school because, I don’t know it was retarded. But now I have to take a test before I can come back. What you do is drink a shitload of nothing but water and cranberry juice. Substitute orange for non cranberry lovers. Then go to a local head shop and purchase Vale or any cleansing kit that removes toxins from your body. You have to drink it an hour before your test and then keep filling it up with water and drinking it for a half hour. It works, I passed. And I only had five days to get clean from when I smoke everyday. Good Luck!

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lol some of the comments are ridiculous weed stays in your body for bout a month if your a heavy user, not three months water is the best thing or you can go to your local headshop and buy something to clean you out. a bottle of some kind of juice that has vitamins that cover up traces of weed for a certain amount of time or you can just drink a lot of water but not excessively. just pee a lot and try to be clean at least 48 hours be4 the test you should be fine im a heavy user and passed my test even when I smoked 2 days prior

oh and uh dont listen to people that say drugs are bad, they are just ignorant little do they know pharmaceuticals kill more people than illegal drugs

lol dont listen to what people tell u, its all misleading information you need to do your own research and see for urself

These are some of the comments I have copied from a forum

-pharmaceuticals are known to kill more people than illegal drugs

-marijuana is the number 1 cash crop in the world it serves as a natural medicine and has many other uses thats why they prohibited it so big companies can make more profit thanks to “bad journalism”

-can also help aids patients, aids diminishes appetite have them smoke a joint and they regain their appetite counteracting the illness

-no one can die from smoking cannabis and has been no known deaths compared to everything else including alcohol, tobacco, etc..

I myself have asthma and smoking opens up my airways making it easier to breathe with no side effects when medically legalized in my state I look foward to becoming a patient for prescription marijuana. 12 states have already legalized it along with other countries in the world and more following my job is to educate people that are not aware of the plants uses


-I did most of my research through websites, books, magazines, and the news norml.org high times magazine etc..

  • theres more to it than just getting high and I believe legalizing it would make this a better world to live in

-God bless the whole crop!

  • and for people that dont smoke, you dont need to smoke it to support it

-all the better reason for the government to legalize.. couple reasons why it should be legalized: -will be removed from black market and stop empowering gang members -medical reasons -would be sold like alcohol, remember alcohol was once prohibited too (in stores away from children, have to be 21+) -would be a law that you cant drive while intoxicated on weed -prison population would lower (prisons are overcrowding with nonviolent offenders) -keep patients from being convicted -would provide millions of jobs for people -would make us an independent country (fuel, etc.., debt free america)

people with an addiction (including hard drugs) shouldnt be thrown in jail, they need help theres more people in jail with mental illnesses than there are in mental institutions

the list goes on

  • the War on Drugs is a failure, its a war on its own people. policies need to be changed we pay billions in taxpayers money to keep the war going and neither side is winning thats just a waste of our tax money I wonder what they do with all that money.. those greedy bastards just sell drugs back onto the street, you can even check urself on that there was a time when there was a cia operation transporting drugs overseas into america the government also provided Rick Ross with plenty of heroin to go around, course making money from it

the truth must be exposed, theyre dirty work must stop!

-Of course we can do something about it, we all just need to unite screw the federal government remember slavery? if no one stood up im pretty sure it would still be going on people were tortured, beaten, killed and thrown in jail but that didnt stop them standing up for their rights eventually slavery was abolished same with alcohol prohibition eventually became re-legalized

  • its like theres some kind of conspiracy going on I sense the government is up to no good and trying to control us. credit cards, money, and now they have chips that can be implanted in skin for uselful reasons but if in the wrong hands well were pretty much fuct they hiding the truth from us its dangerous to be right when the government is wrong they got theyre privacy but we dont. they want to know everything were doing on our leisure time

get up stand up!

  • marijuanas not anti-establishment because its illegal, its illegal because its anti-establishment

all facts stated have been double-checked and confirmed want to learn more? norml.org americandrugwar.org hightimes.com lets all make this a better place to live in!

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Wow you are seriously SO stupid. Drugs are horrible, and it changes you as a person. All you assholes need to get a life and quit doing drugs. Hugs not drugs! Xoxo Natalia

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Weed??? If so and you got three days minium then drink a gallon of water first day 32 ounces of pure cranberry juice (morning) followed by 16 ounces of pure green tea (nite) second day then another gallon of water with a tea spoon (small teaspoon)of bleach divivid it into the gallon an bam!!! oh the the guy who said eat peanutbutter for pee color is so right

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Ok, if its weed then drink a lot of GREEN tea. Nothing flavored, just regular, green tea bags. A whole lot of them because weed stays in your system up to 3 months. Good luck

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simple: DONT DO DRUGS!! You aren’t only hurting yourself. Trust me.

Answer #58

This is really hard to do, and it actually only works if you do it just right, but if you pee in a cup (say for like a doctor or s/t) if you catch the middle of your pee, for some reason the chemicals in the drugs cause it to split making the beginning of your pee, and end of your pee have the particles in it, the middle however doesn’t. But it’s extremely hard (for me) to do, and you would have to know when the beginning is over and the end starts. Good luck (I need to pass one too lol) and actually I think I can now thanks to Athena5 that wrote on your comments. Gotta go get some cranberry pills lol anways, good luck =)

Answer #59

Which drugs?

Probably your best bet would be to wait until after you test positive then express shock and disbelief then claim to have taken something that can cause a false positive for that drug.

The current drug tests produce many false positives. If you can build a case for a possible false positive that might buy you enough time to clean up your act for the next one.

Answer #60

okay this really helped

thanks abunch :]

Answer #61



Answer #62

do they sell that in ny?

Answer #63

A couple things:

  1. There is such thing as water toxicity. If you drink too much water your insides can literally swim in it and drown you. I’d consider buying detox solution or fake urine before drowning yourself.

  2. There are places that sell synthetic and high quality urine that passes most tests. Just do a little research, it’s better than drinking bleach, tomato juice or something else that can seriously harm you.

Answer #64

I find that the secret of passing a drug test is being prepared well in advance by having a good study regimen that you are able to stick to. Plan to set aside at least 2 hours per night studying in a quiet, well lit spot that is free from noise and distractions. On the day of the drug test make sure you know exactly where the test is to be held and plan to arrive at least 5 minutes early. Ensure you have a good quality, sharp 2B pencil with you.

Now…stick the 2B pencil repeatedly in an appropriate body orifice.This is to simulate what it feels like when you end up in jail and you’re raped in the showers by Mister Big who’s in with the warders. Finally say the following in a loud voice : “I am a retard. The best home remedy for passing a drug test is not to take any drugs in the first place.” Drugs are bad mmmkay.

Answer #65

Why would people who do not do drugs be searching for how to pass a test? I am surprised that you people came down off of your pedestals long enough to post a response to us “druggies”, “addicts”, and “potheads”. Does it make you feel better about yourselves? We are seeking answers on how to mask our poor decision making, not sermons. If you do not have anything more to contribute other than “Don’t do drugs”, then may I refer you to the “How to not sound like such an A*S when responding to posts” section of this forum. Thank you, come again.

Answer #66

maybe yhu and yhur friend cna go tew the test and yhu ask him tew pee in the utp for yhu and yhu hand it in as yhur namee

Answer #67

the water is makin me sick I blazed last night and I took a drug test this morning but it was really clear and my dad (a doctor) thinks that I put water in it even though I didnt. my next urine test is either later on todai or tomorow morning wut should I do?

Answer #68

One of my buddies also tried using the pectin with water…He smoked a bowl with me before he went in to take his test and passed..I’m just wondering how much water do you mix with it?..

Answer #69

a lot of people say oh if you drink bleach it can kill you but not this mucjust one time get a tiny cotton ball as big as your pinky tip and put it in a coke drink the coke and your clean for about three days but try all the other stuff to it never hurts

Answer #70

This is tried and tested– drink about 1 cup apple cider vinegar (not at once) and as much water as you can tolerate the day before–preferrably 2 days before the test. Tests should be fine. If you want color in your urine, take vitamins (especilly vitamin-B complex) the night before).

Answer #71

Buy this stuff called pectin in the grocery store. It is what you mix into water to make wax for canning fruits and jellies. Near mason jars and what not .Mix it with water and drink it before your test. My ex hubby did that and he passed his.

Or just get your butt to a head shop and spend $30.00 on the detox stuff. It works. But stop smoking pot ASAP and drinking water to aid these home remedies.

Answer #72

hello citzens of the drugathon takers

I would like to announce that blut yes man is right about marstabsting have a fiddle with you penis and you will be fine

marvalous day eh tally hoe!!!

as blut yes man said and I quote

peace out …

Answer #73

if you go to the mall their are ushley stores in their are these vidamon stores and they have theirs juces that will clean out your systom for inpuritys and of course weed well it takes about 2 days for it to be all out of your pee it ushley takes 30 days to get weed out of your pee if you drink a galon of water a day it should get it all out in about 7 days for those who dont have money for the juices

Answer #74

Okay, this really helped. But one question. Should you or should you not exercise before a test? Wouldnt it make sense to exercise? To sweat the toxins out?

Answer #75

To the people that have a problem with the “Don’t do drugs” answer… Maybe you should try the whole “Don’t do drugs” theory… I do and I always pass drug tests!!!Wow!!It really works!Try it sometime…

Answer #76

Oh, by the way katiexxxnichole, I was just going to drink a lot of water, but now I think I will drink a sh*t ton of water. Just how much is that? 1 or 2 marks above the ton mark? lol

Answer #77

Ok, Check this out, this worked with some people I know that were in Parole. This product only cost you 3 dollar any pharmacy or grocery store. Is call SureGell, is a gellatin that you mix with 20oz of water and drink it. Eat something greasy and drink 20oz of any drink you want. Do this 2 hours before you get the test done. To be sure it works buy a drug testing kit at your local pharmacy and check yourself before you take the test. It works all the time.

Answer #78

welll… I wasnt looking for questions on how to pass a drug test, for some reason it was just under my search list. AAANNNDDD just dont do drugs. lol. AAANNNDDD you probably shouldnt use the “f” word so much if your trying to make a point because it just makes you sound redundant. sure everyone makes mistakes, like doing drugs and saying the “f” word too much. I’ve done it too, but I grew up. ANYWAYS ALSO to the person who said it relieves menstrual cramps… thats interesting because the first time I smoked pot I got the worst cramps of my life. and pot is a dangerous drug. my cousin who smoked pot everyday for three years (he was quite functional, actually) got into a car accident and died because he was high.

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