Why do people believe in global warming so blindly?

As it stands there are far more ways to disprove global warming than there are to prove it. So why do people, especially many scientists, believe so whole heartidly in something that relies on, well, faith! Why are we told that there is a consensus in the scientific community, when this is a straight lie!

I do know that any scientist who speaks out openly challenging the ‘theory of global warming’ (because no matter what anyone says it is still no more fact than any other scientific theory) are ridiculed and outcast, preventing them from getting grants and getting on with their careers.

I think we all need to remember back to the late 19th century, right through to the mid 20th to realise how dangerous singling out scientists who go against the mainstream can be. There was a theory called eugenics, widely believed and adopted by the science community. And as with the theory of global warming any scientist who spoke against this ‘consensus’ basically had their careers ended. So what was so wrong with this theory I hear you ask? Oh nothing much, except that it basically fuelled the nazi’s campaign for a ‘final solution’. many people might say, ‘but yeah, that hitler was a psycho’. And theyre right. Only it wasnt just hitler who believed in this theory. It was widely accepted by the western world, including the leaders of both britain and america. Something that the west is no doubt ashamed of because anytime your taught in school about the nazis, they leave out this major factor in the philosophy of the nazis.

One of the points of science is to question and re-question facts until we come closer to the truth. Sadly this is not being allowed to happen. And while I dont think that the theory of global warming will cause as much destruction as the nazis did, we should always be allowed to question what we believe to be true. Otherwise its not science, its faith.

An idea is a wonderful thing, but when it becomes a belief it becomes impossible to change and therefore we end up stuck in a box. The only way we can evolve is to constantly keep thinking outside the box

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Go listen to Al Gore’s, the inconvienient truth. Michael Crichton also wrote Jurassic Park… lets leave it at that.

Answer #2

lol I think global warming exists, but I don’t think we are speeding it up. they have no proof whatsoever because last time, I believe there were no humans around

Answer #3

Ummm you would have to be retarded to not believe in global warming, scientists have proved that there is more co2 and other pollutants in the air now a days.

stop looking at the rising temperature which by the way is going up; polar bears are dying because the ice is melting, but anyway stop looking at the temperature change and look more at the pollutants, which have been proven there are more of them in the air, which in turn it has been proved that those help insulate heat and cold (not as well known).

It is ignorance to not believe in climate change, but one thing I do believe to be wrong is they are taking away funding from people who are a little suspicious and are not ready to believe it yet. I think they need that funding to further understand and investigate the concept of global warming so as to prove it further and perhaps stop it better.

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nope not real. and if it was real… it’d be great to be on a coast in St. Louis, MO. NO COMPLAINTS HERE

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really good reading that was. I mean it was a completely biased site and post, as were most of the comments, but then so was state of fear. I read all the comments but not all the links and while I dont think it proves global warming exists, it brought to light some really interesting facts. my mind is definately more open to the subject now, although I think its sad that it is sadly something that can only be proven with time.. or at least thats the way it looks. cheers for that!

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I realize this was an old post, it’s just nice too see a response like yours.

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if you actually look at temperatures from the 70s to the 90s, there was no increase in temperature except from near cities. and in isolated areas, the temperature actually decreased! certain places getting warmer doesnt account for global warming. for this to exist, ALL places must get warmer. hence the global part.

Answer #10

I believe in global warming. It can be demonstrated by the extreme depletion of ice in the Arctic.

I don’t, however, believe that it is caused by man. Man’s contribution may be very minimal with more of it being caused by natural processes of the earth.

The earth’s climate changes are cyclic. There have been many periods in the past where the earth had a much warmer climate than now.

What we should be concerned with is the ice age that is destined to follow this warming period. It will probably start within the next 50 years and may create a climate that the earth has not seen for tens of thousands of years.

In any event, the earth is always evolving. Things change. Those species that cannot adapt will perish and those that can adapt survive and other species evolve to fill the niches in between.

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actually dude, polar bears are at record levels in some places and have already survived the melting of the ice caps in the past.

and dont you think that the thousands of underwater volcanoes that are constantly erupting might have more to do with the oceans temperature increasing than us? the fact is, until we can track just how much the underwater volcanoes effect the temerature of the sea, we cant put changing sea temeratures down to the theory of global warming.

you misunderstand, I wasnt comparing the nazis directly to global warming, I was stating how dangerous it can be when an idea becomes a belief without necessary proof. the only thing that can prove global warming to be true is time.

Answer #12


I never referred to the Antarctic. I only referenced the Arctic where it is a fact that the ice cap has gotten smaller as a result of global warming.

I stated that I thought the next ice age would START within the next 50 years. That means that the earth’s climate would start cooling in the next 50 years which would lead to the next ice age. I think I’ve actually seen references where it speculated that the cooling trend could start within 10 years.

    I hope you do not take offense,
    To that that's gone before;
    'Tis only that it's my two-cents,
    And not one penny more. §;o)
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Ohhh, thank you sooo much. I am studying (grad) oceanographer/marine biologist, and the sad thing is you are right. Most in this field have evidence that disproves Global Warming… but to actually publish it would be scientific suicide, and wouldn’t even make it past the scientific review. Much like the other instances where the peer review system completely slaughtered good scientists with bad reviews, even claiming their evidence as a hoax. Sad really, hard to fight it though… thanks to certain groups that I will not mention… Great post. Ash

Answer #14

thanks guys. gave quite a bit to think on and research myself. much appreciated

Answer #15

“Earth has cooled since 1998 in defiance of the predictions by the UN-IPCC….The global temperature for 2007 was the coldest in a decade and the coldest of the millennium…which is why ‘global warming’ is now called ‘climate change.’” - Climatologist Dr. Richard Keen of the Department of Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences at the University of Colorado.

check out this link http://globalwarminghoax.com/e107_files/downloads/senate_minority_report_650_scientists_dissent.pdf

Answer #16

Honestly, does it matter why we believe in it?

Answer #17

Global Warming has become the new religion, going green is the new trend, how much of this actually has to do with “saving the earth”? Zilch, the fact of the matter is climate change is a reality albeit not a man made one. What the global warming community fail to grasp is that all the planets on our solar system are undergoing similar increase in temperature. So what then, are we to assume that our greenhouse gas emissions are causing polar ice caps in mars to melt? I’m not scientist, meteorologist or astronomer but simple study on this subject will lead to the “MEDIEVAL WARM PERIOD” lasting A.D 800-1300, around this period some 1000 years ago temperatures are 1 degree celsius higher than they are today. The ramifications of these conclusions are staggering as it means in a period prior to industrialization and excess pollution earths’ temperatures were still higher. By the way the majority of the scientific community are skeptics on the global warming issue, Al Gore is no scientist hes just a politician, so perish the thought that he would have an ulterior motive to “an inconvenient truth” Open your eyes people there is an agenda here and it has nothing to do with “saving the planet”.

Answer #18

well yes! belief in a scientific theory without reason basically turns it into blind faith. I cant believe you actually asked that there!

Answer #19

How do you NOT believe in globel warming? Look at the tempatures this year - compared to 20 years ago at this time. There is a drastic change. There is proof for global warming - that’s why people believe it.

Answer #20

well I strongly dissagree with you global warming is happening humans have created a whole bunch of crap like cars, factories that produce smoke and have poluted the world with chemicals over a billion people own a car all thats pollution doesnt just disapere, it stays here, and affects the things around it if humans didnt exist and didnt make these things or pullute the world, it would be fine, every single animal could thrive happily and the air and climate, ect would be perfect to sustain those living creatures but the things man has invented obviously affect the earth after a while and pollution affects many things in the world

Answer #21

The earth is warming because of pollution and the hole in our ozone. polar bears are dying in the Arctic because the amount of pollution is reacting with the heat of the sun and raising the temperatures slowly but surley. also in the oceans , corals arent surving becasue of the raised ocean temp. factory= pollution=damaging the earths ozone which helps the earth from burning up, if you dont think these emmisions wont have a toll on the earth later, jsut watch. you will be wrong. and what does the natzis have anything to do with global warming it isnt science. .. and not faith.

Answer #22

It depends on what you mean by global warming. There really is no debate in the scientific community that the mean surface temperature and tropospheric temperatures are rising. Seven of the eight warmest years on record have occurred since 2001 and the 10 warmest years have all occurred since 1995.

The debate is over what the impact of this warming trend will be…on global weather patterns, ecosystems, and the atmosphere itself.

The reason global warming has become such a political issue, is that evidence indicates the cause of this warming trend is increased levels of CO2 in the atmosphere, due to human activity (fossil fuel consumption, deforestation, etc.). Obviously, curbing or stopping these things is easier said than done.

Personally, I don’t believe this warming trend will be reversed. There are too many factors contributing to it. However, I do believe its negative impacts can be mitigated, and hopefully that will happen over the next century.

Answer #23

global warming is hoax if you do the research ull soon find out that it really is a hoax. they mentioned this years ago to they can put a carbon tax on people so they can make more money. if you look at the global warming charts ull see that there has been a gradual decrease in earths co2 levels. let me tell you y they did this. one is of course to make more money. they use scare tactics to get people into submission. an example of a scare tactic would be. lets say someone told your parents you were going to die unless you gave them $10,000. your parents would be more than willing to give those $10,000. its the same thing the government does. its the same thing with the drug war, which is a war on its own people. “One of the traditional and obvious ways of controlling people in every society, whether it’s a military dictatorship or a democracy, is to frighten them. If people are frightened, they’ll be willing to cede authority to their superiors who will protect them…The Drug War is an effort to stimulate fear of danger people from whom we have to protect ourselves. It is also a direct form of control of what are called the ‘dangerous classes,’ those superfluous people who don’t really have a function contributing to profit-making and wealth. They have to be somehow taken care of.” -Noam Chomsky (1988) zeitgeistmovement.com

Answer #24

Ummm you would have to be retarded to not believe in global warming, scientists have proved that there is more co2 and other pollutants in the air now a days.

stop looking at the rising temperature which by the way is going up; polar bears are dying because the ice is melting, but anyway stop looking at the temperature change and look more at the pollutants, which have been proven there are more of them in the air, which in turn it has been proved that those help insulate heat and cold (not as well known).

It is ignorance to not believe in climate change, but one thing I do believe to be wrong is they are taking away funding from people who are a little suspicious and are not ready to believe it yet. I think they need that funding to further understand and investigate the concept of global warming so as to prove it further and perhaps stop it better.

Answer #25

All you libtards have failed to recognize the atmosphere is NOT STATIC, it is in constant motion, as well as CARBON CYCLES, as well as many other types of cycles that take place regardless of humans, and have occurred for millions of years. To think we puny humans have any effect on our massive atmosphere is absolutely asinine- it’s equivalent to pissing in the ocean and fearing you’ve polluted it. Things like phytoplankton and trees/plants do wonders to control the amount CO2 in the atmosphere (it’s kind of been doing it consistently for a long time, even through the Industrial Revolution). It’s B.S. and it’s a way for politicians to further tax us with phony Carbon Taxes that don’t solve or do ANYTHING.

Answer #26

Ummm you would have to be retarded to not believe in global warming, scientists have proved that there is more co2 and other pollutants in the air now a days.

stop looking at the rising temperature which by the way is going up; polar bears are dying because the ice is melting, but anyway stop looking at the temperature change and look more at the pollutants, which have been proven there are more of them in the air, which in turn it has been proved that those help insulate heat and cold (not as well known).

It is ignorance to not believe in climate change, but one thing I do believe to be wrong is they are taking away funding from people who are a little suspicious and are not ready to believe it yet. I think they need that funding to further understand and investigate the concept of global warming so as to prove it further and perhaps stop it better.

Answer #27

Global warming doesn’t just mean everything gets warmer. temperatures change drastically. and it causes things to go haywire.

Also over here temperature have changed a lot. Our summers is much longer (last year we basically didn’t even have a winter). This is not normal.

Also have you looked at how the artic ice has depleted in recent years. What about naturaly disasters and hurricanes that are getting worse and worse? and if you read magazines such as national geographic you would know that in turn many animals are becoming endangered because of the drastic effect on their natural habitat. Y

ou can see the effects everywhere, and humans are the largest cause of this, cars, factories etc are only a few.

If you want even more proof go google it or read on wikipedia or just go and check how rapidly the earth is changing and the strange natural disasters everywhere.

Answer #28

nice answer. im no expert on the subject by any means and I dont think either of us will ever end the dispute! but what I will say dude, is you should read a book by michael chrichton called ‘state of fear’. its a fiction book but if you know the writer then you ll know he is an extremely well educated man. all through the book he gives references to many different verifiable facts regarding the theory of global warming. and also an excellent bibliography at the end. my statement about eugenics above was inspired by his epilogue. I personally dont believe it, as you know. I believe over the years far too many facts,graphs and charts have been manipulated for the benefit of the ‘global warming community’. none more so than the charts which show ‘all’ the gasses and how much they contribute to climate change, yet fail to put the biggest in there. water vapour. how much water vapour factors in overall climate change is debatable. but the mere fact that it is left out says it all for me. this is just 1 example of manipulation of facts and if you look out there (which am sure you will) you will find many many more. on what you said about it getting hotter over the past 10 years, I ll gladly take your word for it. but the Co2 emissions didnt start 10 years ago and there could be a number of reasons known and not, as to why this is happening. that being said, if someone proved tomorrow that man made global warming exists, I would gladly follow the facts :)

Answer #29

hey ethmer, saw a few of your posts and I quite like what you have to say. :)

what you said about the next ice age is true yes, whether it will happen in the next 50 years or not though is debatable (and also impossible to predict). however, I am led to believe that what you said on the antarctic getting colder is a very much debated subject. and in no way has been proven. in fact soon after the large chunk broke off in 2001(I could be wrong with the year there) scientists found that yes, while a big chunk did break off, the rest of antarctica is actually getting colder. as was iceland.

I have also just read on the internet (not verified im afraid) that scientists from the British Antarctic Survey and the Desert Research Institute in Reno, Nevada, have just released a paper entitled ‘A doubling in snow accumulation in the western Antarctic Peninsula since 1850.’ they go on to say that while this in no way disproves global warming, it makes it impossible to use the antarctic as a reference. please if you have time research this because if its b/s I would like to know

Answer #30

I’ve read State of Fear. It’s an interesting book, but Crichton plays fast and loose with the facts on global warming. Most of the issues he raises have already been addressed in many places. Here’s one: http://www.realclimate.org/index.php/archives/2004/12/michael-crichtons-state-of-confusion/

They talk about the Urban Heat Island Effect, the cooling trend between the 1940’s and 1970’s, and the cooling trend observed at some stations. None of it really disproves the mean global warming phenomenon, the rise in sea levels, or the sharp change in weather patterns resulting from all of this. There are numerous other responses to Crichton’s book all over the internet and bookstores.

CO2 emissions have increased dramatically in the last 30 years, following the increased population of the planet and the rise in economic activity in developing nations, not to mention increased energy consumption in developed nations. It’s this trend that has scientists worried. While it’s true the earth goes through glacial and interglacial cycles, it’s also possible for the earth’s climate to change very rapidly, within a century, and that’s what we may see.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a doomsdayer nor am I a Malthusian. I don’t believe the population of the planet has surpassed the planet’s ability to support us. Many scientists and engineers are optimistic about existing technologies, which can improve fresh water conservation, healthy food production, and use renewable energy. What they are not optimistic about is the political will to make these changes happen.

Answer #31

Global warming is another politicians excuse for raising taxes. Mark my words!!! 20 years ago they were complaining about global cooling. Sure one side is warming but the other side is cooling. You little humans think you are so powerful, able to destroy what G-d has created. THERE IS NO GLOBAL WARMING, go ahead and turn off your lights, I will turn mine on. Go ahead and by a hybrid, I will buy a bigger truck. Go ahead and stop showering, I will fill up my pool and turn the heat on in my hot tub. The scientific researched that has been done and submitted before congress and the united nations has been tampered with.

Answer #32

I don’t believe in global warming. There isn’t enough evidence.

In fact, you can go to look at records of temperatures that go back more than a hundred years. THERE IS NO DIFFERENCE.

Periodically, the Earth gets a little hotter or a little colder. It’s natural.

Answer #33

I m starting to hate a ot of you guys say8ing were going to die global warming has happened lots of times in the past and its goign to happen again until our poles switch pretty soon then your going to be yelling about global cooling and how dangrous this might become the oceans will freeze over and ahhh im scared it exist but its happened before

Answer #34

I should add that the warming trend that has scientists most concerned is the one occurring over the last 30 years. The average rise in mean surface temperatures over the last 100+ years is harder to identify.

Answer #35

pollutants do not alter climate ! there is going to be pollutants as long as man continue to develop new things. these are not the reason for the earth getting warmer. a large number of scientist’s do not believe in global warming, actually im going to go there and say a majority. I think there is climate change, yes, I do not however believe that it is man made, or caused by me driving my car and leaving my lights on.

Answer #36

Whether global warming exists or not I (who suffers from asthma) will realy like to have less polution and stuff in the air, would make my life a lot easier

Answer #37

sometimes its hard to believe in it when its 20’s outside LOL im not going to say that it doesn exsist. but just b/c it isn in your country or where ever your from, doesn mean it isn starting in other countries and places.

Answer #38

ummm WRONG! Let me educate you. The science is settled on the fact that AGW is a scam. Read the following very carefully..

Oh dear. It appears you are yet another politically compromised arm of the Government propaganda machine.

“Naysayers, who deny, discount or disbelieve the reality of climate change…….” Number one, you are voicing a prejudicial subjective opinion by implying they’re wrong, number 2 you play the tired old race card characteristic of the Obama worshippers “white male…”. number 3 Scientists making up data to protect their job security is a fact and you are doing just that. There is documented proof of scientists artificially adjusting data upwards, for example Darwin http://funadvice.com/r/3jujcfscip There is also the removal or ommission of measuring stations at colder, higher altitudes http://funadvice.com/r/3jujcfsco9 and the attempted removal of the mediaeval warm period by selective use of faulty proxy data. There is also the fact that many stations are placed right next to strong urban heat sources.



The Earth has been warming steadily for 300 years, well before humans could’ve had any impact, and cooled for the past 8 years. As the climate has been steadily warming naturally, independent of human influence, then of course the hottest days are going to be at the end of the record!!! So claiming the hottest days/years being evidence of AGW is a fallacy.

The medieval Warm period was warmer than today. CO2science.org provides comprehensive collation of studies around the globe and has found it was hotter. Temperatures have been steadily increasing since a period called the maunder minimum, a mini-ice age straight after the MWP. This is a start/end point fallacy as it is taking the low point in a stochastic dataset. Despite that the steady upward trend shows no human signal as man had no heavy industry then.

Global ice levels are normal and sea levels have not risen significantly for 60 years. Sea temperatures where many alarmist priests claim the missing heat is hiding have remained flat since ARGO buoys were introduced.

Also climate models and IPCC predictions vastly exaggerate warming, they overstate CO2 levels, and exaggerate climate sensitivity forcing equations for CO2. They propose a fictional runaway feedback effect as the CO2 heats up the oceans which then release more CO2 into the atmosphere in a vicious circle. While this feedback does happen to a certain extent, not only is CO2 a lesser greenhouse gas in terms of contribution, the greenhouse effect is counterbalanced by other factors. For instance, the climate models vastly exaggerate upper tropospheric water vapour leading to understated Outgoing Longwave Radiation, and thus vastly exaggerating warming. In reality, Increased cumulonimbic convection and humidity creates more return flow subsidence and radiative mass sinking, leading to less upper tropospheric water vapour. This leads to more OLR escaping and thus less warming.

The models also ignore or understate low level clouds resulting from increased humidity that reflects radiation back to space and cools the planet.

The mid tropospheric hotspot that should be there according to the IPCCs greenhouse gas warming contribution projections is NOT there.

Lindzen (you might have heard of him, the top climate scientist in the world) has studied the climate for 40 years and has plotted the satellite data that shows that Outgoing radiation goes UP with surface warming, NOT down as the IPCC suggests.

Sea acidification is also complete rubbish as even if all the CO2 in the atmosphere was dissolved in water it would not even come close to approaching a neutral PH, let alone acid. Corals, crustaceans and other life forms flourish with more CO2.

Add to that all the data tampering and manipulation, for example the Darwin tampering, the elimination of weather stations from higher altitudes, the attempted removal of the mediaeval warming period, and the bullying of scientists who didn’t support the AGW scam, in other words the bullying of scientists with a least a shred of conscience and morality and you have a 100% certainty that AGW is a scam.

Answer #39

I apolgise, I pasted a previous letter which includes reference to another article but the information is still valid.

Answer #40

Yes, you foolish girl. If it’s being used by a bunch of greedy global elitist bankers to destroy world economies, and kill millions in poorer countries by denying them fossil fuels in order to make people desperate and scared enough to accept the draconian global government forming and whatever evil laws they want to implement, all in the name of a non-existent problem……then yes it matters. Honestly, it’s no wonder they get away with so much with all the idiotic peasants that comprise the masses.

Answer #41

soooo…where is the evidence that CO2 is he cause of rising temperatures? The trend from 1970 to 2001 has been repeated multiple times in the past and before the turn of the century, it has cooled in the past 8 years. Even the IPCC admits that GHG overall CO2 contribution minus feedbacks would be a maximum of 1 degree celcius over the next century, and feedbacks have empirically been shown to be negative.

But then it’s the alarmists who never back up their claims with science.

Answer #42

If you don’t believe in Global Warming, that’s great for you. But there is no reason to call people foolish for their beliefs. People are going to disagree with you, it’s part of life. Get over it.

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