Answer #1

Your kidding right? Because his term isnt over, because he hasnt resigned, and because there is absolutely no reasoon why he should be impeached. Just because people dont care for him much at the moment doesnt mean he wont be president….look at Bush…a majority of people hated him the last few years….but he was still president because he was voted there.

Answer #2

he wasnt even born here in the usa!!!!!

Answer #3

but obama has had his ratings continually drop ever since he was voted in to office. i am guessing that he will not be elected in to office again because there is so little favor for him right now. if ratings of a president decided how long they stayed in office then he would have been out within the first month

Answer #4

That’s a lame excuse, he wouldn’t be President if he wasn’t born in the US.

Answer #5

Because somehow he has yet to be assassinated….Man I gave him until February before someone would get rid of him… I was off by a lot.

Answer #6

That’s really um, sick to say, you honestly want the President dead…?

Answer #7

I didn’t say I wanted him dead I said I thought he would be.

Answer #8

Little favor is not enough to impeach a president, he’d have to REALLY and I mean REALLY screw up before he could be.

Answer #9

Daniel there is no way you really believe that…

Answer #10

I highly doubt that he would be assassinated. What makes you think that?

Answer #11

Little favoring won’t get him impeached but it will sure kill his chances at being voted again in office. Which is what I think he’s trying to say :)

Answer #12

Frankly, because he’s black.I figured someone was gonna have a massive problem with it.(For the record, I don’t care if he’s black or not.Not racist or anything) And now because he’s so far done a crap job at it.

Answer #13

Epic. I weep for my country, if you still believe that lie….

Answer #14

lol, sorry, a lot of people that are against don’t really give two ** for his skin color, he could be green for all they care. It’s because he’s done a crappy job. The media just makes it look like the one’s against him are racist. But even that won’t get him assassinated. I’m not denying that there are some people against him for simply his skin color but those would be some extreme conservatives if you ask me.

Answer #15

his grandma rated him out like a few weeks ago telling all bout how he was born inm some other country!

Answer #16

Yea I get where you’re coming from and I also get that they’ve got secret service and all that crap protecting him but still I never figured he’d be in office for long cuz there are those people who are out to get him. And he has done a really crappy job so far (I hate how I can’t type s**t) so that just adds to their “reasons to hate Obama” list.

Answer #17

Oh I’m sure there out to get him, but simply because he’s merely a puppet for the globalists. The most they would want is to get him impeached and go after the real trouble makers, that’s if you buy into the conspiracy theories.

Answer #18

his grandma told all

Answer #19

I’m not saying that I believe or don’t believe he was born here cuz I don’t know s**t (at least that I can prove) about his past but how in the hell would any of you know if he was or wasn’t? I don’t think any f you can say that you were his childhood best friend or anything close to it.

Answer #20

You’re right about the puppet thing and yes, many people do what him impeached but how can we know that there is no one who is out to kill him? Oh and btw, if you ask me, all of the conspiracy theories I’ve heard are complete bulls**t

Answer #21

so ur saying his grand mother knows nothing of her own grand son then??????

Answer #22

How do we know she(and any other person who’s testified for/ against him) isn’t lying?

Answer #23

It makes sense to some, and other’s not. We both don’t know for sure if someone out there is like that and even if they think they want to, executing their actions is what really counts.

Answer #24

Sigh. Hawaii produced the birth certificate…if you’re going to pay attention to politics, please don’t regurgitate everything either side says, verbatim, as they’re both wrong as often as they are right.

Answer #25

Really the whole thing comes down to a “what if” fight that’s entirely pointless but I do appreciate you not denying the possibility of someone out to get him cuz I’ve had people do that and it’s really annoying so…I don’t really know how to end that sentence.

Answer #26

Haha, it helps to know that the possibilities are endless, denying it won’t help it.

Answer #27

Well there are many possibilities and I don’t appreciate everyone just believing everything they’re told or everything they see on tv.

Answer #28

Yea… God, I hate politics :)

Answer #29

He is supposedly illegal. They are saying he was not really born in Hawaii and his birth certificate is fake.

Answer #30

but idk, or care

Answer #31

Good Answer!!! :)

Answer #32

Just because you hear something on TV or read about it in a magazine, doesn’t make it true. Yes, it is possible that his grandmother said that and it was true, a lot of things are possible. Did she say it and was it in fact a true statement? Nobody really knows except for Obama and his grandmother. So why argue about something that nobody knows?

Answer #33

So you’d rather believe a (possibly senile) 80 year old than the news? And you haven’t given a reason of why you think he should be removed. A fake birth certificate hardly gives reason for you despising him.

Oh and he is definitely better than your last president.

Answer #34

Honestly, if he was in fact NOT born in the USA, don’t you think that it would have already been taken care of? Do you think they would have even allowed him to come anywhere close to being president before checking to see if he was legal in the USA? Seriously…!?!?! Yea, some may think he isn’t doing a “great” job as president, but really, do you honestly think you can do better? A 16 year old kid who hasn’t matured yet? Obama isn’t perfect, he is trying. Nobody that becomes president is going to be perfect, and there is always going to be something they do that someone in the world isn’t going to agree with. Even if Obama was to be impeached and we got a new president, that won’t automatically make the USA perfect.

Answer #35

President Obama said he would rather be a good one term president than a mediocre two term one.

Health care reform really needed to be done. Now energy independence needs to be done. Unemployment is a pressing problem but health care and energy have long term consequences. If he let shifting public opinion decide his actions all of his actions would be tactical rather than strategic.

If President Obama isn’t reelected I suspect he will be remembered much like Jimmy Carter. Not appreciated while in office but fondly remembered afterword.

Answer #36

Ps. I was speaking to the kid above you. Just saying. Plus I might have read wrong.

Answer #37

You know what? I don’t care if he was born on Mars. I don’t like him because he’s done a crappy job as president.

Answer #38

Why has he done a crappy job as a president? You keep saying that, yet you have don’t seem to have a valid reason.

Answer #39

His promises that he made at his inauguration, he turned back on all of them. He promised he would bring back the troops from Iraq, turns out, he’s sending in more. He promised he would take out the Patriot Act, turns out, he’s supporting it and looking for ways to improve it. He promised he would let congress have 5 days to read any bill passed, he sent in a bill, gave congress 2 hours to read over 100 pages and the bill wasn’t even present.

Answer #40

1000* pages, sorry. not 100 pages.

Answer #41

Finally. I just sometimes need a reason. But then again, you guys seem to have had bad luck with presidents. In any case, at least he isn’t breeding like ours is. He has about 22 children (NOT JOKING) already. The father of our nation.

Answer #42

Yes, we do have a lot of bad luck with Presidents, and there’s a reason for that, they’re all puppets, Presidency in the US is a joke now… The last real President we had was JFK and look what happened to him…

Answer #43

haha, wow i started all this with one question!!!!! haha:)

Answer #44

Yep, but then again I think most countries have problems with politicians. They are just well…..politicians.

Answer #45

Yep, well, can’t deny that Obama has done some good but the bad outweighs any of that, whatever good he has done…

Answer #46

i started all this with one question awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Answer #47

Obama is the unfortunatly the president bc well idk. At first i was like woohoo ….obama…. whatever….., but now i really cant stand him idc what good he has done but i believe in the way the old america was and it seems he is trying to make america the way HE wants it which gets on my nerves sooo bad!!! and i live in louisiana and the he blew off the oil spill at first really p!ssed me off very badly!!! i pray to God that he wont be re-elected!!!

Answer #48

You really shouldn’t try to “start” anything on here. You know like, posting questions just to get people to respond negatively to them. Posting things just for attention…etc.

Answer #49

I don’t think he started anything, it’s a clash of opinions, that’s all.

Answer #50

I know, I didn’t think this was a really bad case, like I have seen. That comment he made though, “i started all this with one question awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” just strikes me as he is trying to start something, or trying to get attention. But then again, he could just be amazed at how many responses he got.

Answer #51

i think he’s just amazed….. i dont think he’s starving for attention or anything….

Answer #52

Yea possibly.

Answer #53

Really are you serious I really hate people like you. “old america” you are just saying that because he is black trust me if he was white you would have no problems with him and you know that is true.

Answer #54

they are only saying that because he is here to actually help unlike bush did and because he is black

Answer #55

I always find it funny that you still manage to distort people’s opinions and make it seem like they’re racist…

Answer #56

Only someone who has been beliveing the media would say something like this. He is the presidant because he was elected, peoople like him, and he can actually chage America. To the people that are saying that he hasn’t done anything he actually has, let me think, FREE HEALTH CARE did you forget about that and its gonna take some time to fix stuff because the country is so effed up from Bush’s 8 year presidensicy. Obama is legal too if he wasn’t he couldn’t even run for the presidant and I think he couldn’t even be in Congress.

Answer #57

I may make it seem like she is a racist but I am tired of people saying stuff like this about Obama. You can have your opinion but I also have mine

Answer #58

btw im not calling you a racist am calling some people in the media and pollits racist

Answer #59

You can have yours but it’s coming from your own distortion of others opinions. The only stand you have to contradict other peoples opinions is that they’re being a racist, do you even know what racism is?

Answer #60

Ya I do know what racism means I don’t call people stuff that I dont know what is it means cause it makee me look stuipd so dont say something like that about me. My opinion is coming from me not anyone else, not the madia, no one but me and this is not the only place I stand one this issue. Also since you have so much to say about my opinion whats your beacue I would really like to know.

Answer #61

Mine, is a scroll away down. Honestly, you didn’t use racism in the right context, I didn’t get any hint of racism in what she said. I’ve seen your posts a lot and honestly, you always distort peoples’ opinions just so you can shove yours down other peoples throats.

Answer #62

You know what I post and How I post It because I can post it and I really dont really care what you say anymore. I also say what I say because I know its right or is probaly a right thing to do so If you dont like what I post then dont read it.

Answer #63

Funny, why are you telling me what I can and can’t do? Oh and another thing, do tell how you can call Raynay a racist because I’m still trying to figure that one out.

Answer #64

As you said i cant tell you what to do but i can say what im going to do. Im going to end this silly conversation because I have made my point to you and to her. I wasnt really calling her a racist im saying what she said is pretty racist it may have been typed wrong but thats what i ment I dont know her enough to call her a racist.

Answer #65

Right, and even in that you’re wrong. You really need to keep an open mind about things, you’re attacking people because their opinion contradicts yours and you don’t find any other rational solution but to bash yours down their throat and think you’re ultimately right. You’re not, get over yourself.

Answer #66

I cant even really respond to this because you are doing the exact same thing that I am supposably doing to everyone else so if you are gonna keep talking about me put my opinion down other people maybe you should stop trying to do it to me cause its not working.

Answer #67

I’m giving you a dose of your own medicine, if you don’t like it, why do you do it to others? Oh wait, I know the answer, because you can as you said earlier.

Answer #68

See you keep doing it and as I have said what you are trying to do “giving me a dose of my own medicine” it really its working and you dont know me enough to keep making to keep making that assumtion about me and how I talk to people but I have seen how you have talked to to other people on this question and you do the same thing so stop jugding me and look at yourself in the mirror.

Answer #69

I know I’m jumping in…but she didn’t say ANYTHING about him being black. That was sort of totally unnecessary to say : / I’m not racist-I love black people, I have black friends, I’ve dated black guys- and I agree with her. The old America was way better in my opinion. Anyhoo :) sorry for jumping in there. Toodles.

Answer #70

I take back what I said about her comment because i really didnt read and just commented on it but I do think she could have put it better cause it does not make her look good.

Answer #71

Please show me where I called someone a racist and just blatantly attacked them, because so far, I’ve only done that to you because apparently, you did it to Ranyay. For, the obvious reason being, distorting her opinion.

Answer #72

I never said you called someone a racist and I never said that you attacked them but I am saying the instead of jugding me and distoring my opinion just look at your self in the mirrior and what you have said to me and to other people. And if you read my comment above I did take back what I said about calling her a racist but she still just could have said that better because her saying that he is “getting on her nerves” does not make her look good.

Answer #73

What you’re saying doesn’t make you look good either. What have I said to other people that is the equivalent of what you’re saying to her, so far, I’ve looked at all of them and pretty much, I don’t see anything, I may be looking at this through biased eyes so please, show me. You’re telling her to phrase her opinions better but you can’t even do the same for yourself, what right do you have to say that?

Answer #74

jeez. ok..honestly i’ve read her comment like 10 times and cant find anything racist in it BUT its her opinion ya know everyone looks at it different. Im black too by the way =] i just wish the world wasnt black and white..we should remember our past and focus on our future…Its a shame =[

Answer #75

You see, stuff like this adds to the black and white perspective of how people live. When she distorted her opinion, it pretty much added to the notion of this being black and white. I have a question for you, babygirl528, do you feel that everyone against Obama is ultimately a racist, because that’s what your making it seem like.

Answer #76

honey i understand what you mean but i also know alot of black people (IM BLACK) are quick to throw out the statement “its because we black”..and i feel you alot of the times it may be but you need to you saying that it makes you look quite racist too…im on the same page as you but im telling you from what it looks like to others.

Answer #77

You what I am so tired of you and what you have said to me and about me. I have made my point a couple of times so im tired of this stupid conversation I just cant reason with you. You cant see anything becasue they are your comments but if they were someone elses then you wouuld be attacking then just like you are to me. And if you want proof look at the last main comment cause about all the ones that you have writing look like your attaking them.

Answer #78

So how’s about we step away from the fighting, what you’re trying to tell me is that you take back what you said, you read it wrong or didn’t completely read it. And all I’m trying to tell you is that you distorted her opinion.

Answer #79

No I dont that everone against Obama is racist and You are making me seem like a racist so let me remake my point. I am not a racist, I dont think that everone against Obama is a racist, but I do think that if you are going to talk about him like that then that word will be tossed around. But when Bush was the president stuff like this was not said about him or any other president for all I know but when someone else outside of the “white” rase he gets attacked by the media.

Answer #80

I’ll let you believe that, if you want to. Agree to disagree.

Answer #81

I did not distort her opinion do you even know what it means? If you dont then stop saying that I did that and you are really making your self look bad and how am I adding to the “black and white” problem if she was any other race I would have said the same thing.

Answer #82

Yep, distorting means to take something and twist it. You’re adding to the issue because you’re distorting her opinion to make yours fit.

Answer #83

Dont “let” me do anything cause what you said makes you look like a jerk.

Answer #84

What about what you said, it makes you like an angel…?

Answer #85

jeeeeeez you guys are intense…i love how your so calm miguel…i wish i could do that =[ lol

Answer #86

Good thing you know what it means because you are doing it to me so just stop

Answer #87

I never said I was an angel and you arnt being one either.

Answer #88

I’m not really hype or anything, a bit depressed. But yeah, I mean, I’m trying to work out the problem here because she’s generalizing a lot of people…

Answer #89

How are you trying to work out this “problem” casue all I see is you trying to tell me that I dont know what im talking about and “please” explain to me how I am generalizing people

Answer #90

ok IM NOT RACIST!!!! and thank you so much Miguel for trying to tell her that…. and also, babygirl528, please if you hate me for saying that…. thats like saying i hate the grass bc its green…really? you could have kept that comment to yourself….

Answer #91

No I dont that everone against Obama is racist and You are making me seem like a racist so let me remake my point. I am not a racist, I dont think that everone against Obama is a racist, but I do think that if you are going to talk about him like that then that word will be tossed around. But when Bush was the president stuff like this was not said about him or any other president for all I know but when someone else outside of the “white” rase he gets attacked by the media.**

The white race, I mean, really…? Are you really saying that A) Only white people are racist towards Obama but also B) denying that people didn’t like Bush..?

Answer #92

I get what you are sayin Im mean a lot of people just throw out the “race card” and I just threw it out right here. I guess it does kinda make me a rasict but let me make this clear I am not a racist.

Answer #93

You’re welcome Raynay… :)

Answer #94

Because he is good and he has to deal with all the crap bush did to our country.

Answer #95

I did not say that only white people are racist toward Obama there are blacks, mexicans, and many other that are racist to so do not twist my words. and I what the heck to you mean by “B” people did and did not like him. why dont you prove your point that when as soon as a someone that is not a white presiedent get attacked by the media the way Obama has been attacked pease prove that for me.

Answer #96

Exactlyyyy!!!!! The best and truthful answer.

Answer #97

Did you see Bush…? I mean, he’s pretty much the most hated President in the US. He tore up the economy, torn down America as a global power, and yet, you say that he isn’t being hunted by the media like Obama has been? Come on, I thought you said you didn’t buy into the lies of the media…

Answer #98

girl you dont have to tell me u not racist trust me im black and i know exactly how you feel. but just watch what u say cause stuff like this happens when people dont fully understand what you mean. but you cleared it up so there should be no more arguein between yall

Answer #99

If you read my comments you would have seen that i took back what I sadi and if you really read my comments I did not actually call you a racist.

Answer #100

What about this thought…… What about you just stop trying to start sh!t with ppl and realize ppl have their own beliefs and things to say….. so please stop wasting your time bc to be honest you really sound like a jerk…..

Answer #101

I know that Bush is the most hated person in America ok. And I NEVER said that I did or didnt believe in the madia so dont put words in my mouth

Answer #102

Now I really don’t get you, at all… You keep changing what you say to make things fit… I mean, really…? And you did say you didn’t believe in the media, I’m taking what you’re saying and showing it to you.

Answer #103

Thank you someone who undertands….. and I am trying to clear up the stupid arguement above so that we can stop fighting

Answer #104

Ok you know what I give up just give up… win..whatever… i dont care anymore

Answer #105

Well I think Obama is doing a pretty good job. Its not his fault that he was dumped with all the stupid things bush did. And I really don’t listen to the media… maybe some of it but mostly Randy Road and the John Stewart show, things like that. But I do not listen to Fox news.

Answer #106

jeeezzz….. ok, “babygirl” why dont you just stop trying to act like you know what your saying….bc your horrible at it!!!! so just do us all a favor and just STOP!!!!!!

Answer #107

I can’t really bring myself to care either… Good debate, I guess…

Answer #108

and btw im not starting anything he is so just stay out of this…. thank you

Answer #109

haha yes indeed!!! YOU WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YAY :] lol

Answer #110

No pride in winning, there isn’t anything to win and honestly, arguing is not my thing… And well, you’re right, I did start something but either way, you where looking for it.

Answer #111

and if your talking to me….. telling me to stay out of this……. wow ITS MY FREAKING COMMENT YOUR TALKING ABOUT!!!!!! God, i pray for you!!!!

Answer #112

Well I really don’t think you can say she doesn’t know what she is talking about and that she is horrible at it, it is sort of hard writing what you say/believe on here.

Answer #113

i disagree but ok…..

Answer #114

Raynay stop being a little btch cause this arguement is over so why dont you do everyone a favor a shut the fck up and stay out of this

and to miguel yes this was a good debate i guess but i dont really give a sh*it about this anymore

Answer #115

Well its ok. We all have our own opinions/beliefs.

Answer #116

It is Melanie, but remember who puts the bark down to set the fire.

Answer #117

Agreed! I have an Impeach Obama shirt and everyone either loves it or hates it. It’s hilarious when I wear.

Answer #118

Now you see, why do you have to be so mean, babygirl? In reality, the first thing you did was call her a racist, denied it and said her post was racist, denied that, changed the whole story and well, now you’re telling her what to do… Come on, have a hint of humanity in yourself…

Answer #119

i can say that….. a little thingy called freedom of speech

Answer #120

Haha Miguel, don’t worry I remember. :)

Answer #121

It’s annoying when people blame Bush for all the problems this country has. The dude was a f*cking jackass, no doubt, but the people voted for him to be president. It’s this country’s fault that this country blows. Do you honestly think Bush made all the decisions and crap on his own? No, he just went along with whatever people wanted him to do no matter how blatanly ignorant it was.

Answer #122

im the b!tch…..really…….wow……your just angry and taking it out on me….. you are such a great person…

Answer #123

Oh good, I was hoping I wasn’t the only one… Thanks for the little bright up, appreciate it..

Answer #124

exactly :]

Answer #125

Ya know, that’s the biggest issue in this country, the first amendment lol…

Answer #126

Oh my, I wasn’t just blaming bush. I was going to write more to the comment I posted, but I was also in another comment and I forgot. I’m sorry for the miss-communication in it. :)

Answer #127

I just defending my self from her and seriosly this just needs to stop cause this is not what this website is for, it for asking questions and geting advice and not bashing and calling people names and being rude to other people so why dont we all just stop

Answer #128

You’re welcome :)

Answer #129

finally… say something i agree with….

Answer #130


Answer #131

Yep, I was waiting for that… Thanks, no hard feelings?

Answer #132

nope no hard feelings we were just expressing our opinions and there is no one to say that yours or my or raynays opinions are right or wrong

Answer #133

Good, well, that drained me… Just goes to show how passionate humans can be… Ha.

Answer #134

True I actuallly agree with you on something….. haha

Answer #135

Need a fresh new start… right? Okay, I lost my humor, pick up from there, if you want to…

Answer #136

Thank you!!! Melanie

Answer #137

You’re Welcome! :)

Answer #138

Can you stop commenting on this -_- I’m being FA r.aped :P

Answer #139

Yes i would like a fresh new start but no more talking I am so drained from this conversation

Answer #140

I’d be the hate side srry!!but it seems like a funny shirt

Answer #141

He has done NOTHING good for our country at ALL! He has gotton us around 1 trillion dollars deeper into debt. Do you think that health care is free? No its not. we pay for it with taxes. The oil spill…we have been offered extreme amounts of help to clean up the accident…but he rejected! Currently, the oily is still being forced out. Obama doesnt know what he is doing. Lets stop blaming Bush for all of Obama’s mistakes. I hope his term is a good lesson for America; actually look at canidate’s policies before you vote for them. People need to start researching for themselves. Not just let the news channel tell them everything.

Answer #142

yeah because his term isnt over.

wish it was though. i hate him.

Answer #143

How did I know someone names “jesusobsessed” would hate Obama. Lol. You just hate democrats, don’t lie.

Answer #144

I don’t hate him or democrats, i just don’t agree with what he is doing. He is being extremely ignorant during this term. :( And wat does my username have to do with anything?

Answer #145

i agree 100% with you :]

Answer #146

troll bait

Answer #147

There is a major difference between Republicans and Democrats. Republicans think that government is bad and should be mistrusted but we should trust the free market and business to provide the most benefit to the largest number of people. Democrats think that government can make our lives better and that business and markets can’t be trusted and require regulation.

Since Republicans believe the government can’t do anything right they see all government spending as wasteful. Where Democrats might want to raise taxes to fix roads Republicans might wish to sell the roads to a corporation to maintain and charge a toll. Both sides have an ideology that says their solution is best.

The two heaviest drains on our economy are spiraling health care costs and our energy dependence on other nations (also the biggest contributor to our trade imbalance). At this crossroads these are the two issues that will most determine how our society will do decades from now. These are also the two issues that President Obama is attacking even though he is taking a beating politically.

The main thing that has bankrupted the big 3 automakers is health care. They are obligated to provide free health care for life for retired auto workers. They misjudged the number of employees would retire early, how long they would live, and how health care costs would rise. At the time they thought the would come out ahead by offering health care for life instead of high wages for their workers but instead it is bankrupting them. Every other industrialized country provides health care for their citizens so foreign auto makers have the advantage of not having to provide it.

So Republicans might see most of the $1 trillion as waste where Democrats will see it as investment that will pay off in the future..

Answer #148

well are you a democrat?

Answer #149

Having argued the facts ad nauseum at FA on more than one thread… I have concluded that few people actually know the facts to argue. The lesson I came away with is that people engage in either a cognitive dissonance… a contrarian dismissal or true believer syndrome whenever this topic is broached. This is a general truth for most controversial topics. Since there is little payoff other than full disclosure of the truth to be gained in argument… best to let sleeping Americans lie.

Answer #150

Eh, not really. It’s a black shirt with Impeach Obama in giant white lettering so that the message is clear.

Answer #151

i had so much fun reading this :D Obama sucks, end of story. We dont need proof or reason, its all there, in black & white :)

Answer #152

That’s a good point about the health care. Japanese auto makers looking to build plants in North America have a pool of very talented auto engineers in the Michigan area, but they also have to consider the cost of providing health care to those employees. That’s something they don’t have to consider in the neighboring Canadian province of Ontario, so this is definitely an issue that affects American labor and economy.

Answer #153

Oh haha!!!

Answer #154

‘Raynay Nicole Thibodeaux’ (wow that is a long name! :) ) I am definitaly republican. I do respect democrats, and understand they have their own point of view.

Answer #155

Ahaha, I should have got one of those funny shirts with him on it that makes fun of him. When I wear the one I have I just look like an ass. :) I love it, though.

Answer #156

haha yeah it is…… but oops i meant to ask that question to filletofspam…………. and im republican too:)

Answer #157

oh haha!! i have like two obamba shirts but i like obama so they rthe good ones! haha!!!

Answer #158

“Can you stop commenting on this -_- I’m being FA r.aped :P” LMAO….alerts getting to ya Connor? HAHA…. :D

Answer #159

I started out as Republican. My whole family are dyed-in-wool Republicans. In high school debate I spent a year debating heath policy and afterword found myself for socialized medicine. I still considered myself a Republican though. The Republican party wasn’t as conservative back then and was more diverse than today and some Republicans were for socialized medicine so I still considered myself one. Then I spent an entire year researching and debating energy policy and ended up being for nationalizing energy. I still considered myself a Republican though. At the time the Equal Rights Amendment for women was a big deal and Republicans kept it from going through. I couldn’t see any justification for women not to have equal rights in that day and age so I was a pro-ERA Republican. Betty Ford was for the ERA as well so I felt like I was in good company. I went off to college and not knowing anyone couldn’t pick a roommate. I ended up on the homosexual wing of my dorm. Prior to this I never knew any homosexuals; even the suspicion of being homosexual in my high school would mean getting frequently beat up by other kids. After living on that wing a while and making some good friends I realized that I really didn’t have anything against homosexuals. As the Moral Majority took over and the reactionary religious right gained power in the Republican party I was further alienated. I knew that not all Republicans were bigots but as the anti-homosexual rhetoric ratcheted up I found it a little embarrassing to be one when so many people I knew were homosexual. Then it dawned on me that I had almost nothing in common with the Republican party any more. This was tough for me because in my family liberal and Democrat were dirty words but low and behold I was both.

My conservativism was ideology based. Things I learned and life experiences destroyed the premises that my conservativism was based on.

Being a former Republican and still being surrounded by them I don’t hate Republicans. I really think that in every conscientious conservative there is a liberal trying to get out.

I’m not sure I would even consider myself a Democrat. The Democratic party has slid so far to the right that I’m left of it now.

I like Obama but like Bill Clinton he is not a liberal. He is a moderate and as far as our country as slid to the right moderate passes for liberal now.

Answer #160

As far as people who want the old America back how far back do you want to go? Do you want to go back to pre-Civil Rights Act when schools were segregated and it was still legal and common to discriminate against minorities? Do you want to go back to when it was legal for husbands to beat their wives? Do you want to go back before the 40 hour work weak when many men worked 12+ hours/day 6 or 7 days/week and it was legal for companies to pay employees in company paper that was only good at the company store instead of money. Do you want to go back to when we had child labor? Do you want to take away women’s right to vote? Do you want to bring back slavery?

When people long for the “good old days” I wonder how old they are talking about.

You can thank liberals for women’s sufferage, ending child labor, giving workers the right to a safe and dignified workplace, and ending segregation and overt discrimination.

Conservatives are almost always on the wrong side of history. Every time any sort of social progress is proposed conservatives fight it with dire predictions about how this will destroy our society but when it comes to pass they grudgingly accept it. Now most Conservatives are against slavery, against child labor, and against racial discrimination, and wouldn’t deny women the right to vote but they say to trust them and that letting homosexuals marry will destroy our society. They predict that the government helping more people get health insurance will bankrupt us. They predict that any meaningful energy policy will destroy businesses and send jobs overseas. They are still the naysayers who are against everything.

Answer #161

Miguel I just relized what you mean by “i believe in the madia” i was talking about the guy who posted the question miscommunication srry.

Answer #162

Wow that make a lot of sense fillietofspam!!!

Answer #163

because he is something your not…….GROW UP

Answer #164

Obama is a good president.And he’s helping the country to get back on track,and if anyone says Obama hasn’t done anything to help us you must not watch the news or TV period.My opinon :}

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