What would you say if you could write a note to God?

Answer #1

Dear god, i know your not real, nice try though.. Hehe.

Answer #2

I would say ‘God all praises be to You and regret for those who think a small computer chip can never come into existence without any human brain and effort working behind and a simple 4x4 landscape painting can never be drawn without an artist work on it but a whole universe with all its beauty, balance, harmony and underlying scientific facts was came into existence and govern just by itself and evolution”.

Answer #3

LOL!!! Best answer ever X3

Answer #4

Thanks a lot, for everything. Jokes. My note would never reach him, because he doesn’t exist.

Answer #5

godddddssss not real lol

Answer #6

If you exist, why aren’t you able to save the damned?

Answer #7

I would ask him where he came from…..and if it was with a big bang…..

Answer #8

Please…………………….and thank you.

Answer #9

I would thank him for everything he’s done in my life, and I’d thank him in advance for the future events that he has already planned for me :) I can’t live without God.

Answer #10

You already can his actual name is Samuel L. Jackson.

Answer #11

Dear God, please show me a sign, and erase my doubts. I love you, always. Let me remember that you are always with me.

Answer #12

Dear God, Please help me to be a light unto all that is lost, a comfort to those in heartache, and a whisperer who dares to defy. I thank you for the hardships I’ve endured as well as the joys; through strength, they only pull me closer to you. For pain, you might say, brings out a wisdom of it’s own, brought about only and simply by experience. I Love You ~Jayde

To all those ppl who don’t believe in God: You might very well about now think i’m crazy. But you know what? You’re right. I’m crazy for Jesus X) Love ya ;)

Answer #13


Answer #14

9/11. You already knew it was going to happen, since you already know the past and future, why you play such cruel games? How about when 9 year old Jessica Lunsford after being abducted from her parents house by the rapist John Couey, well, he put her in that closet, and then he went to work. She stay there all day long, she probably prayed for you to do something, but you didn’t. Then he put her in a garbage bag and buried her alive while you sat in your awesome heaven. She wanted to breathe so she poked two little holes in the garbage bag but there was not enough air and died. That was not cool and I hope you can explain yourself.

Answer #15


Answer #16

dear god.. thank you for everything.. for giving us such a wonderful family, friends and life full of blessings.. i wanted to meet you someday.

Answer #17

Dear G-d, need more oil, thanks!

Answer #18

each of every one will meet him

Answer #19


Answer #20

Amen. God Bless :)

Answer #21

Difinitely no the bet answer Conor…..She believes God isn’t Real but many of us DO believe God is real and is looking over us….Each to their own (opinion)

Answer #22

ok i wont be behind in this,…………….oh my god!i wont worship any body exept you.you gaved me every thing i want.you helped me every time when i was in danger.take care of my dear grand pa and grand ma and my cousin..and let me rest in peace after am no longer in this world.until that day i shall praise you on my knees for every gift you gaved me in every night. one day i will climb your heaven and see how beautiful you are.after judgement day ofcourse.dear grand pa and ma. i wont be too late.oh god ! let us all enter heaven and save us from hell. amen…………………

Answer #23

Dear God, thank you for being my God and giving me the strength to laugh at people who have a go at YOU because they do not believe in you, but instead hide behind their ‘boldness’ and target you instead of the believers. :P

Answer #24


Answer #25


Answer #26

oh god forgive me,and let me rest in peace after this life.and make good future of my children.mother and father i am missing you too much.am coming to you.i have two sons and beautiful daughter,so i will takecare of them and after that meet you

Answer #27


Answer #28

Thank you for participating in my survey…God Bless (you even if some don’t believe)…:))

Answer #29

those people must already be in heaven…it was there time and God took them to paradise. Jessica suffered but God did not leave her.instead of letting her live with such pain from her past, He called her to come with him and now, she’s beside Him protected. Death is something we all have to face. I respect ur opinion that you don’t believe in my God but you need to believe in death. Its the only way to Him. he knew it was all going to happen, maybe but I know he never leaves His children. and thanks for participating in this secret survey of mine

Answer #30

God shot Jesus jelly all over the universe, thus we were born. (Kidding of course) maybe God exists maybe he doesn’t it’s impossible to prove either way but I respect your belief Malang.

Answer #31

After I gave him praise and expressed my emotional and physical love for him, I would ask about creation. The beginning and the end. I believe many people want to know these things, but unfortuantely, we never will (at least not in this life). Other than this, I would also like to know about the future. What does it hold? My family? Of course you never mentioned he would reply back. But the majority of the letter would be praise, honor, and worship.

Answer #32

Thankyou :]

Answer #33

Is cool. I think you asked a very good and intriguing question and not another one of those that normally get asked about God.

Answer #34

thank you.♥

Answer #35

no his name is Morgan Freeman lol jk

Answer #36

I totally agree with Sam… Mandyloo has absolutely no rtght to sasy that bu if thats her belief then thats her i know what i like and others know what they like and believe in…. if she doesnt believe in God, seh shouldnt have commented.

Answer #37

If you ARE real… reply to this note.

Answer #38

If I wrote a note to God I would speak what’s in my soul I’d ask for all the hate to be swept away For love to overflow

If I wrote a note to God I’d pour my heart out on each page I’d ask for war to end and for peace to mend this world I’d say Give us the strength to make it through Help us find love, cause love is overdue And it seems like so much is going wrong On this road we’re on If I wrote a note to God I’d say please help us find a way End all the bitterness, put some tenderness in our hearts I’d say Grant us the faith to carry on Give us hope when it seems all hope is gone Cause it seems like so much is going wrong On this road we’re on

  • Charice
Answer #39


Answer #40

Morgan Freeman has nothing on Samuel L. Jackson, Idc if he played God or not, if you’ve seen Pulp Fiction you’d understand how Samuel L. Jackson is God.

Answer #41

Like extra Godly lol

Answer #42

God also known as the FSM (Flying Spaghetti Monster), can be reached by praying to Italian foods just sit in front of a plate of spaghetti and your good to go. He promises he won’t listen and probably won’t care, but that’s okay because he has promised us all a personal beer volcano and strip club upon our demise. And yes you can touch the strippers. Praise be to his noodley appendage. Ramen.

Answer #43

I would write”Can you make my hair managable pppppplllllllleeeeeeeeaaaaaaasssssseeeeeeeeee??!?!!?!?!?!?!?!!?!?I just want it to not be so messy and full of tangles when I get up!Thank you!”

Answer #44

Mandyloo has every right to say what she said. She has every right to comment. Its her own opinions, and she has the right to express them freely.

Answer #45

Dear God, I’m sorry we haven’t spoken in so long, but I miss you. There’s an empty spot in my heart that only you can fill… I’m sorry I drifted from your path, but please help me get back on it. I can’t do it alone anymore.

Answer #46

hahahah thats funnyy .:)

Answer #47

That is a hard one. cause there is so many thing’s that i would like to ask

Answer #48

i would say whats in my soul ,, id ask for war to end and for some tenderness in our hearts , id sayyyy id sayyyyy ,,,

Answer #49

i would say whats in my soul ,, id ask for war to end and for some tenderness in our hearts , id sayyyy id sayyyyy ,,,

Answer #50

Thank you for all the opportunites you have given me to be a channel of your love towards those whom you put in my life. I know I dont always get it right, but I do know that you provide the time and place, all I have to do is the action. Even if it is just a smile or kind word.

Answer #51

It takes more energy to not believe than to believe.

Answer #52

Many People want to know these to things. . .but me and you both know that the only thing that matters at all is right now. this split second. Tha is where God lives, and this is what I can change. I cannot change my past, but it has value only for the experience from it that I might help others with similar problem. I cannot change the future by thinking of the future, but I can change my course by the actions I take right now, in this split second, and that is why I believe God is here, right now, in the present because it is where we need him the most.

Answer #53

Wow, great statement! Such pain in this world, sometimes it is hard to believe in a God of love. Free will is the explanation of course. People do not want to hear that I know, but I believe it is true. God gave us all free will, so that we may choose him.

He was in that closet with her, holding her. You bet he was.

and evidence of God Can be found in every tragedy on this planet. He is the courage of the those firefighters who were killed on 9/11. He was in the compassion that spilled out in the aftermath. He is in the love of those who clean the oil from birds down in the gulf.

He does the absolute best he can with what we give him.

Answer #54

Be the sign.

Answer #55

Wow!!! that was amazing!

Answer #56

Dear God,

i love you (:

Answer #57

i guess..

Answer #58


Answer #59

If we have the right to say we believe in God, then she has the right to say she doesn’t.

Answer #60

It’s true :) Ugh.. it’s so true..

Answer #61


Answer #62

Dear, imaginary being that does not exsist Why am I not rich?

Answer #63


Answer #64

Well in my opinion theres no such real god but i wont insult cz i respect others .but if somoene came to me and told me write a note to god and ill give it to him ,well i would give it a chance -nthg to loose- and write ‘Dear god I dont really believe in u and i dont want some prouf or else but if u r here just wanted to ask i u could whipe away my depressions and cutting and bring make my life as it was ,so happy ! And i really need it cz im getting all blackish and at my skool emos are hated :/ god im bagging if u are here just help am not asking for more and -if u do exist- i hope u r a good man full of peace as the bible said cz i wont really like to know that all the humans on this earth (christians) trust and pray and sacrifices a lot of things for someone ho’s not good :] thanks agn and i hope u understanD my doubt about life about u and about all this that is keeping me holding on …’

Answer #65

i love the way tou’re saying i’m ignorant but iamsantaslittlehelper said it in a much meaner way (No affence iamsantaslittlehelper) yet you ONLY reply to me?

Answer #66

Dear god, Your mean for giving people the though you’re real:D

Answer #67

ummmm lol ok Ryan… you’re weird. ure kool though lol.

Answer #68

you have helped me in everything i want…i feel sometimes when you help us its great..and when you don’t hep us then you trust us pretty much to help ourselves…i am waiting for _ this to happen..i want you to help me in __ … thank you…i love you..you are everything to me…

Answer #69

Haha ;)

Answer #70

Haha, great answer ;D

Answer #71

that was an awesome answer haha

Answer #72

Actually… I disagree “freefromself”.

Answer #73

That was beautiful!!!!!!!!

Answer #74


Answer #75

yeah it may be her opinion but the person that asked most likly believes so thats dumb to say tht!!!!!! >:(

Answer #76

i dont think theres any point in her saying it though, yeah she can think it, but you dont need to put it where so many people can get insulted by it. Its not like it was imperative that she couldn’t stop herself saying it, i’m actually quite annoyed at that blatent arrogance and dis-respect.

Answer #77

FFS if you dont believe in God just don’t answer

Answer #78

dont misunderstand me ,i mean that am agreed with nanaboo

Answer #79

thank you allison

Answer #80

Dear God, if you’re real, what kind of God are you? Are there others? If so, how many? Can you make yourself known to people ina public area and prove that you are?

If you are the biblical God, why does your word contradict itself, and contradict recorded history, and why do you not make your presence known as much as you use to? If you are the godof the bible, can you explain what I’m missing?

Answer #81

I really loved this. =]

Answer #82

I agree freefromself….I give up agruing with people who trash God around…Why not pick on the believers instead .considering the non believers do not believe in God, why have a dig at something you do not even follow…..Att-ck the believers not God.

Answer #83

I would talk to him as though i was a child looking for comfort…

Answer #84

awh thanks. :)

Answer #85

Isabella your 13 thumbs up have gotten you an invitation to the only Christianity “war” that is known to exist considering it would be beyond contradictory/hippocritical to start a war or fight over why any wars exist in any religious form…..start your note to God to accept your ranking and maybe along the way we will get an answer as to why such seemingly contradictions occur in religion.

Answer #86

I’m sorry, but that is just stupid. What makes you think that your opinion is most important, or more valid than hers? She can write it here if she wants to, this is a public question and answers site, of course you are going to get people with lots of differerent opinions and viewpoints, and if you get offended easily, or can’t take other people disagreeing with you, then maybe you shouldn’t be on here. Why should people be insulted by HER opinion? I’m actually quite annoyed at your arrogance and narrow mind.

Answer #87

Oh, so now you have to believe in God to talk about him? That’s a new one.

Answer #88

Because, in our eyes, believers are REAL people, with REAL feelings, and we don’t believe in God, so what harm can it do “Att-cking”, as you put it, something that isn’t existent?

Answer #89

iamsantaslittlehelper, you are very confronting by nature…You had a go at thedude’s comment about teens asking questions on sex (and end up with egg on your face) now you are having a dig at my comment, I am going ignore you because I never ever chat to you before on FA so not going to waste anymore time having it out with you….Peace :) Find someone to have your ‘annoyance’ with…I’m thinking you might be the girl who has the nic “youcancallmejess”

Answer #90

Yeah, she seemed less hostile before, though.. lol. She came back with a bone to pick!

Answer #91

Haha, I saw when she had it out with the ‘thedude’, the wrong person to have a dig at but she lost miserable….I will ignore her like she isn’t here on FA, I can’t be bother discussing stuff with members I do not even say ‘hi’ too, it’s a waste of my cyber time. :) LOL, you think she is “youcancallmejess”? ….

Answer #92

OOPS miserably

Answer #93

Hmm.. well she hasn’t asked to become advisor, yet has she? If not, she can’t be jess LOL that girl was determined to become an advisor :P But when people are mean and bitter and just want to argue, it makes me happy God gave me the strength to ignore them haha ;)

Answer #94

Haha…Hope you are feeling better again Moe, was thinking about you and your bf earlier. :( Ryan said you should ‘let it ride out and see what happens, there may be a simple innocent explaination he’s not ready to tell you yet’ :)

Answer #95

love ur comments samantha.. :-0

Answer #96

Aw that’s really sweet. He came over before leaving to Oregon for 2 weeks… I didn’t tell him anything yet.. I figured I’d enjoy the few minutes I had with him.. give myself those couple of weeks to cool off a little.. lol I hope there’s a simple innocent explanation haha thank you guys :D

Answer #97

Thanks yashica, you are very bright for your age, which I keep repeating :P

Answer #98

I’d ask him to keep my friends and family safe!

Answer #99

wow..looks like u guys are chatting lol..nice!=)

Answer #100

God is definitely real. ^-^

Answer #101

dear god.. give me lots of money and more girls :)

Answer #102

It’s inconsiterate, being that this question was probably diracted at Christians, but since that wasnt empasized and she has every right to her opinion, why is there so much controversy???

Answer #103

dear God, is karma real? if it is, what did i do to deserve everything thats happening to me? and why are emo people so sad? why dont you help them? they are taking their own lives and cutting their own bodies. why do you let them do that? why are you making them go thru so much at one time? and another thing, just out of curiosity, if you made the earth, who made you? where did you come from? and one more question… are you black?

Answer #104

It’s controversial because of the thing you said at the start, I don’t mean to be offensive but she probly wanted this reaction, she knows some would dislike it and yes ffs everybody has a right to an opinion but you wouldn’t walk up to someone and say “I hate you” for no reason, sometimes you need to consider other peoples feelings, have some respect and bite your tongue

Answer #105

I will be like Dear God, I am a person…..being a person sucks chiz i know you know…NOT BECAUSE YOUR LIFE IS PERFECT AND IM NOT! people blame me for crap they did you did big things but im invisible! why did you put my on this earth if everyone i know is leaving me. And people say im a Suicidal emo B*! and my bf loves me but still, the only one that does…..so im basically saying…fml!! xD and this came from my heart……no lie

Answer #106

awwww thats sooooooooooooo nice and beautiful and on my judgment day i will be crying on my knees saying im SOOO sorry for everything i did and will he forgive me for everything i did…

Answer #107

this is great and my name is Jessica so…… _> im gonna get body guards :D

Answer #108

You are most welcome Stevie!!!!!!=D

Answer #109

That is beautiful too! I think I am going to cry!!!!!!!! =’)

Answer #110

That is really good!=D

Answer #111

ROTFL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!XD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I almost peed my pantsROTFLMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Answer #112

“Dear god, When I go to heaven,can I help you look over people?And make my hair less frizzy and full of tangles every 5 minutes.PLEASE?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?Thank you!Your little angel(of you know;) ) -Allison

Answer #113

thats deep

Answer #114

How do you think we came to this planet idiot! How do you think earth was made, do you think it just all of a sudden went POOF! oh wow it,s a planet. well if you do then thats your fault Because i read the bible and i go to church so if you keep not believing in god I know excactly where your gonna go oh yeah and you toconner and breaking fan 2006!!!!!!!!=[

Answer #115

I’d say I promise not to tell the answers of everything if you tell me. I wont say anything about it one bit

Answer #116

dont let me go to hell! :)

Answer #117

HE IS THEE MOST REALEST THING ON THE FACE OF THE EARTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Answer #118

READ A BIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Answer #119


Answer #120


Answer #121


Answer #122


Answer #123


Answer #124

As my dad who is a pastor has told me; the suffering in these world isnt from God but satan himself. God didnt create suffering, he sometimes let them happen which hurts us, but its all in our own actions and he lets them happen to teach us through out our life, every actions has their own consequences but he does things that we dont have answers. So God shouldnt be blamed, its all us. We always sin through our daily lives and they all build up and sometimes those suffering would make you realise to look to him for help, walk with him and be more like him. Satans responsible for every sin that goes on in this world, and those could be little as lying or temptations not only the 9/11 or the little girl. But through all of it God hasnt left us, not even a tiny bit.

Answer #125

I like how atheists like mandy say that God isn’t real but keep defending their position on it. If he wasn’t real and they knew it, they wouldn’t care and they would just let us believers go about our mary lives with God.

Answer #126

Y do u need 2 write a letter 2 him when u can just pray? nevermind that is a deep thought though. I would probuably tell him how much i luv him and how thankful i am that he sent his son Jesus to die on the cross for our sins. I would praise him about how i feel so relieved that i have someone that wil not judge me and wil always b there for me. I would pray to him that all the other nations and religons would find the light and would b saved. I think its heartbreaking of the amount of ppl that wil not go to heaven. I would ask him to guide us christians into witnessing and miracle working. I <3 God!!! amen

Answer #127

If I could write a note to God, I would say:


Thank you for being in my life, even when I thought you were gone at times. I appreciate those craptastic miseries you gave me in my childhood because it made me the person you wanted me to be. If I could repay the favor(which I probably won’t), I’d tell people that you’re not someone who is meant to be worshiped. You’re the person who tells us to believe in ourselves and no one else. You probably don’t ask to be worshiped, only to know that we know you exist in some way.

Thank you so much for doing the things you did to me and the world. Oh and one more thing, can you give me a nice wife who will give me 5+ kids? I need lots of kids, so I think 2 wives is acceptable for me. I know you can, cause you gave that pharaoh Ramses like 20 wives so he could have 150 kids!

Khuda Hafiz, Aleksandr :)

Answer #128

For Real.

Answer #129

I second that. Thank you JESUS for everything you have done for me and for those I love and for giving a chance to those who refused it too. YOU are awesome and I love you GOD.

Answer #130

Keep your faith and keep asking for that and HE will give it to you. Sometimes it is nessicary for our own growth that we keep praying for something, because its an important step to geting it and getting it grows us greatly.

Answer #131

jimmypop, God will reveal all truths to you when God knows you are ready. Learning about God and creation if you are not ready is equivalent to asking to study Calculus based physics in elementary school. And allow me to share, we are all at different levels of growth to God. Keep your interest, hope to know, and continue on in your preschool journey to prepare yourself TO learn the calculus based physics of Gods eternal truths without doubts……..You obviously have the first step and that is an undying, no doubt faith and while you are learning no one can distract you from what God would teach or reveal to you.

Answer #132

freedom of speech just leave it to that people could say anything they want eather beliving or not!!!

Answer #133

well fallerina people that dont belive in god feel insulted to. if we posted something about who doesnt beilive in god. people that do belive in him would say ‘’i do’’. but we where really asking the people thAT dont belive in him not that do so we coukd just leave it as is and let people say what they wanna say wether others dont like it or not. tell me that this isnt true??!!!

Answer #134

plz nicole,many of us do believe in him.if he,s not real,who created this all universe,chair is maded by chair maker,peace is made my peace maker,universe is created by creater.GOD,if GOD doesnt exist,how can you explain all around ya

Answer #135

Your God or Allah is imaginary like any other man made god and he didn’t create the universe.

Answer #136

Dear God: I would like to start this off by thanking you for everything you have done in my life, in my families life, and those i don’t even know. You are very good to all of us you deserve all the love and praise we give. Please God help my family with all the issies we go through. Help us so we will stay away from temtaption. help us walk away from all the people who tempt us. od Help me with my struggles, help me so i wont walk away from you. I know You havn’t given me the opportunity to feel the Holy Spirit Jesus and I confess that i feel frustrated at times but I still have my faith that one day you will give me that oppotunity. I don’t know when that day will come but I hope it is soon :) Oh God please help my father and mother get close to you…They still push you away Jesus and I don’t know why..Maybe it just isn’t there time yet…but jesus don’t let them go without first getting closer to you. God for those who are hurt or going through a difficult time show them your there for them jesus…Hold their hand and walk them through those problems. I understand we need suffering Jesus we need to fail in order to get better…Help us God so that in the process we don’t abandon you. But please don’t abandon us in our tough times…so like I said God thank you for giving us this opportunity to live help all of the christians out there and even those who are not God don’t let them go without meeting you God…Thank you so Much God :) -Liz

Sounds more like a prayer but yes I would say all this :)

Answer #137

Okay Spell Check…. Issues Temptation God Opportunity *

Answer #138

God im sorry I tryed hard to be a good person…..I guess i’ll have to try harded and i’ll try ALOT harded if you help me get a scholarship to a great animal Vet College…..please.pouts ill be good pinky promise!!!!

Answer #139

id say you had a good idea but something went wrong when you talking to muslims, jews and christians. Nice try but you just give us some proof that you don’t exist.

Answer #140


hope you don’t mind me sharing the truth. if they can sit there and say how god is ‘fake fake fake’ and crap then i can say as much of the TRUTH as i want!

Answer #141

Dear mandyloo, I think I just fell in love with you. That made me ROFL.


Answer #142

I dont need to write a note to HIM because I can talk to HIM any time i want, HE is allways available for hearing our thoughts and worries

Answer #143

i can see ypu invested quite an effort to do this. Very commendable….but: 1)God didnt appear from nothing, He was allways there, like time. Is like trying to find the smallest negative number… 2)He did not create the universe out of nothing. He is abundant in dinamic energy and according to your equation (e=mc2) He just transformed huge ammounts of it into mass… 3)If there is a law (like e=mc2) must have been a legislator… 4)To try to find God as a factor in any equation is like trying to find a watchmaker inside a watch…have a good day

Answer #144

Thank your for life and for teaching me how to use it and to help me understand the answers to my existentialist questions, like why we are here, why there is wickedness, what holds the future for us….which i thank him every day, not by note but by prayer

Answer #145

Heavenly clouds descend from the heavens with a warm welcoming glow, The love and happiness in my heart continues to grow, While being welcomed by the one person I was anxious to meet and know.

Standing at the pearly gates are loved ones welcoming with loving arms, I know now, I will feel no more pain and safe from harm, For I know I am in the Kingdom of Heaven in the presence of God and in loved ones’ arms.

Please don’t grieve of my death, just only be happy for me, For I am and always will be happy because I am where I am supposed to be, Someday we will see each other again, to be loved, happy and free.

Death is the end of an old life and the beginning of a new life. It’s like a portal to pass from one life into another.

Answer #146

Celinaa, are you Charice?

Answer #147

Got to be good-looking ‘cause He’s so hard to see!

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