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Do you need a provisional driving license to take the driving theory test?

Do you need a provisional driving license to take the driving theory test?

just wondering if i have to have provisional to take the theory test ? in the UK by the way.


How much does an average rolls royce cost, are they expensive?

I'd like to know how much does an average rolls royce cost, are they expensive? The other day I saw this one parked out side a hotel - amazing looking car. I'm curious, are these the most expensive brand of cars?


What car should I get

What kind of car should I get . I have 3 kids and I need sumthin affordable and nice ..I was looking at the 07 yukon .mini vans are out of the question I cant oush that ,,,lol any ideas..gas is a plus to it needs to be good on gas


Who killed the electric car?

Have you seen that movie.It's a shame that oil industries killed the electric car I hope somebody will make the electric car again, I wouldn't mind if another country like Canada or china make the electrical, if they made that car again people wouldn't...


What color of pin-striping will go best with a black car?

I know! i made it difficult because black goes with everything. i need some suggestions, i cant figure it out on my own.
i have A 1995 mitsubishi eclipse just if you wanna imagine a color on it


Can you drive with a friend in the car, and a parent, if you have your temps in Wisconsin?

I've had my temps since last june,, and yes i know i should probably get on getting my liscence, lol anywho, i took two drivers ed classes and BOTH teachers told me you can drive with ONE friend in the car with a parent as well, with your temps..howeve...


How do I remove drivers inside door panel in a 2002 sentra

how do I remove the inside door panel to get at the electric window motor and the window control switches ( driver's door window will not go up)


Which would be safer - a car with a front end that crumples in a crash, or one that doesn't crumple?

I feel it would be the car that crumbles because ...I don't know how to explain. But then I want to say the car that does't crumble because then your legs don't get crushed etc.


What is the safest sports car to buy?

In lieu of my recent car accident (check my pics if you need reference), my husband and I are looking for a safer option for our next vehicle. We're mustang people. I had a Cobra that was in the crash (so sad) and I drive an 05 GT now (or I will when I...


What do you think of hub motor, electric cars?

I have been looking at alternative fuel cars for years now, and feel the electric drive train is a much better solution than the ICE "Internal Combustion Engine". There has also been talk of hub motor and this would remove the need for a transmission a...


Where do you personally hold your hands on the steering wheel?

I realize I hold mine at about 8 and 4 in general and have no idea how people can hold it at 10 and 2.


Does putting gasoline in the freezer make it last longer for cars?

if been reading a post about putting stuff in the freezer and i wonder is this is true.


Are hondas good on gas?

Everyone keeps buying hondas because of oil prices... We need a new car and I was wondering what kind of gas mileage hondas get and if you know of a car that gets a better type of mileage what kind and how much are they maybe like a 2005 or 2006 model ...


What does rotating and balancing tires do and why?

I got em balanced today. How do they do it? What does it do?


1995 Acura Integra interference engine?

The timing belt has broken on a 95 Acura Integra with dual overhead cams, will this result in bent valves?


how to start my four wheeler without a key

how do I start my 2000 honda recon 250 without my key


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