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How long does it take for a dog to show signs of pregnancy?

Hi my name's ashley and I'm 13 years old and my cocker spaniel dogs got stuck together about 20 days ago and my female cocker spaniel hasn't been sick or any thing. could this mean it's a false pregnancy or is it good? she's been acting the same as usu...


Can a chihuahua get pregnat if she is not in heat

Can a chihuahua get pregnat if she is not in heat

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D0g names

Ok so I just got a new border collie! And its a boy. I need help coming up with a cool name for him. He has a cute mask marking maybe something to do with thatd be a good


How do I know if my cat is pregnant?

How do I know if my cat is pregnant? So I asked this question last night and returned this afternoon to see that my question had been put in the wrong category and I had a very rude person give me a very rude answer. So, I rephrased my previous questio...


convince my dad to get me a hampster?

how can I convince my dad to get me a hampster?

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Why do people judge pitbull terriers?

why do people judge pitbull terriors? because of what their owners train them to be??


How long will it take for my chihuahua to go into heat?

How long will it take my chihuahua to go into heat again after her puppies are born? Is it 6 months from her last heat or 6 months from when the puppies are born? We need to get the stud out of the house so that there are no "surprises"!

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I have a 6 week old kitten who is very skinny and has stopped eatin

from its mother I have been giving it half an aspirin twice a day what else can I do to get it back healthy without going to the vet

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What age does a Chihuahua have to be to mate?

My Chihuahua is 61/2 mos old & the runt of the liter weighing 51/2 lbs. I just would like to know what age is safe for him to breed?


New Puppy - Coupons/Samples?

I am looking for puppy/dog coupons. If anyone knows where I can get them directly or in the mail, please let me know. This is my first dog, and I was wondering if maybe there are any samples or other things out there that I can use. Thanks!


Why is my puppy so skittish and how can I socialize him?

I have a 9 month old German Shepherd and he has always been a bit skiddish. Whenever I used to take him for a walk outside in the city his hair would stick up like a mohawk. He was up in the country for a few months being trained and socialized with ...


How much is a five year old chihuahua worth?

He is ckc regestered and He is utd on shots and he isnt a toy/teacup(runt)

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Why are geese so loud?

so im sitting out here on my deck and... WONK! WONK! WONK! sooo annoying!!

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Why does the porridge bird lay its egg in the air?

Why does the porridge bird lay its egg in the air?


How would I go about caring for a pigeon?

My dad found a pigeon at the side of the house and brought it to me assuming it fell out of the nest in front of his house, so he brought it to me. It's a baby...maybe 2-3 weeks, and its grey with black spots. He's scared, but has calmed down for now. ...


How can I get this garter snake to eat?

Snake has a broken spine and he's paralyzed from that point on. How do I get him to eat?

Granted, he is a wild snake, so I know it will be difficult, but I can't release him because he can't move about 60% of his body and he's not all that intereste...


How long do pitbulls live

How long do pitbulls live


Laser pointers for pet exercise?

I bought this one lazer pointer for cats and they really love it and it says its good exersize for them, but I saw on the dog whisperer that they did that to 1 of there dogs and he went crazy by just looking for the light all the time and wouldnt do an...


How will my pigeon response to fireworks?

I have a pigeon from the city. Do you guys think he'll be scared for the fireworks on new year's eve?


When is my cat going to have her kittens?

When is my cat going to have her kittens?

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What do I do my dog runs away

What do I do my dog runs away


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