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Why do some dogs eat their own poop?

why do some dogs eat their own poop?


Is my dog having a miscarriage???

My dog is about 36 days pregnant Saturday she lost a puppy and another one Tuesday night, the second pup was a lot bigger and was more developed. After both miscarriages she was fine acting normal, playing and eating she acted as if nothing happend. Do...


What kind or rabbit is chester from one tree hill?

Ok jamie from one tree hill has a pet rabbit named chester. Can anyone tell me what kind it is?


how long does a dog stay in heat?

how long does a dog stay in heat


What does this mean if I feel like a wolf?

Im a human but I feel like a wolf. I need some advice. Please give me some advice because this is weird!


How do worms go through your feet?

how do worms go through your feet. My chicken was worms which are eating away her gut and mom said not to go into the chicken run without shoes on because from the poo and there are worms in there.

how do worms go through your feet


What pets do you have?

what pets do you have


How many puppies I can expect from my cocker spaniel's 1st litter?

My ccker spaniel is 1 1/2 years old. She's had two periods. An I was very curious as to how many puppies she might have. She's getting big around her belly area, and she's went from 4 nipples to ten. Whats a average number?

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How to take care of baby Molly fish?

I got a female molly fish that had 32 baby fish and I want to know how to take care of them?

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Can a chihuahua get pregnat if she is not in heat

Can a chihuahua get pregnat if she is not in heat

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What would happen if my butter corn snake constricted around my neck?

Right so i might get a butter corn snake, and i was wondering, if i put it round my neck adn it started constricting, what would i do?


What's a group of ducks called?

What's a group of ducks called? Is it a flock or something else?


Senegal parrot

We have an alexandrine parrot that likes to hang out with me a lot, but doesn't like my wife very much. She would like to get a parrot that will bond with her too , and I recommended a senegal parrot, as they are known be to gentle, easygoing birds. ...


My dog

Can you help me my dog was in heat and her and my male did it all the time but didnt lock but last time they breed they had no problem is there a chance that she can still be pregnant without getting stuck and the reason my male just had surgery like 3...


why do dogs eat grass???

why do dogs eat grass and/or what will that do to their digestion system or anything inside of them???


Baby robins and a bad nest location

A robin built a nest on the light at my back porch, laid two eggs, and both eggs hatched about five days ago. I've been watching the little family through my window, and the babies seem to be doing well. (I've dubbed them edward and henri.) I have k...


Do rats make good pets?

Do rats make good pets? I hear they are really clever and clean. Also on the side, is there a good and bad breed of rat, and where in South Australia could I get some?


Do fish poop?


How much should my 3 month old boxer weigh?

I have a 3 month old boxer. We feed her according to the instructions on the bag of dog food. She gets lots of running and her daily walk. I understand boxer's are a very lean breed. Just curious.


is it bad for my dog to mate with his own mother?

i mean is it natural?

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How much is it for a horse?

I REALLY want this appaloosa but my parents are saying no! How much will it cost to take care of a horse?

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How do goldfish mate?

Ok well we got this new goldfish and put it in the tank with one that has been there a while. (it is old) I dont know if they are boys or girls but the new keeps chasing around the old one even though hes smaller. And sometimes I see it putting its mou...


Weasels killing chickens?

Who do I bait and trap a weasel, they are killing my chickens.


Should I stop my dog from humping this pillow?

Oh my! My dog is humping this pillow and I want to know if I should stop it? because he gets this weird thing going on with his d!ck and it gets red, swollen, and DRIPS! So I think that means he is erect! Ewww!

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