How do I finger a girl?

im 13 and my girlfriend is 15 and I want too finger her well she wants me too finger her and I dont know how to …can someone help me..

Answer #1

heyy im 13 tooo =]] haha anyway dont do anything you do not want to do!!! First if she has a skirt on lift up her skirt pull her underwear down and stick your finger in her vagina hole then move your finger up and down and twirl it around.. if shes wearing jeans do the same thing but take the pants off

Answer #2

ah…young love :D “Hold My Hand” by New Found Glory… listen to that… it will make you think of your girlfriend I swear thatz what I do :D

Answer #3

It’ll be more enjoyable if you wait, I promise. And the chick is a slut. Don’t get involved with people like that.

Answer #4

well…im 14…so I dont know about most of this stuff…even though I think I should…but..all I can tell you is you r probably ready but only do what you think is right…and definetly only do what makes your girlfriend feel comfortable…hope that helps. ^_^

Answer #5

make sure you change the speeds if you keep on making da same speed, itll get boring. trust me,I know. after shes horny enough, have sex

Answer #6

yeah you are way to freaking young, I mean you probably dont know anything about sex to begin with and if you dont then I wouldn’t even think about trying to finger a girl. go spend your time doing something more productive, my lord. and if your girlfriend is asking for that when she is only 15 herself, then I would run away from her, nothing good can come out of a relationship like that. and may I add, ew way to young for that.

Answer #7

Yeah im getting sick of a lot of you, unless your like 5 age has nothing to do with an intimate relationship. Im turning 14 in about a month and know that you guys saying eww your way to young are retarded. Your to dumb to have sex with in general. A person will finger or be intimate when they both feal that the times right, so howbout instead of ridiculeing the dude help him.

Listen man, if your ready, go for it. Im no expert because I’ve never done it myself, but youll know when the times right.

Answer #8

Do what they said step it up. YOUR NOT TOO YOUNG. Im 13 and by boyfirend is 15 . He fingers me a lot, and tbh its awsome. Ig you are ready do it! If not Wait.


Answer #9

im sorry to dissagree bt im 15 and I was pleasurin gurlz at 12, its young bt I made da rite decission because im still wid da girl now, its all bowt wedda you luv da girl and she luvvz you. gd luck and make da rite decission!!!

Answer #10

OKay Me ANd My Girlfriend finger all the time you take off your clothes and then you find a vaginal opening then you put 2 or 4 finger in and put them in and out and go as deep as you can then mvoe it around but practice on your self first

Answer #11

um… ya I think its fine I mean im 13 and have a girlfriend we make out and crap. but yea I havent even thought about fingering HER yet but I finger myself and use a vibrator so ya chilaxe people!!!

Answer #12

put two up her giney and give her a flower

Answer #13

ay don’t do it you 13 and she 15 no match you too young and u you need 2 mature and itz 2 much 4 you to see rite now

Answer #14

woa, thats terrible, but u might wanna do it in a pool.

Answer #15

your not to young just make sure what ever you do were a condom cus fingering her will lead on to a chain reaction of things. when my boyfriend found my g spot I went crazy, but ake sure she is realy wet and your nails are short becasue it really hurts the first time. like a lot but its like a…it hurts so good felling so be careful. Goodluck

Answer #16

Hey good question,

You first want to start with foreplay, some playing, rubbing, kissing and licking, next you want to move into massaging, and teasing her by going near her vagina, the you start actually finering her by doin the rockstar sign,

with the middle, and ring finer you want to go into her vagina. but remember go in but rub up,

Answer #17

A 15 yr old should NOT be asking a 13 yr old to finger her. You first need to grow up alittle more, and understand what you are doing.

Answer #18

everybody here’s basically got it covered… and btw, robs, or whoever it was whose been dating the chick for 2 years and hasnt kissed her… thats not called strict… thats called prude… and I feel very bad for ya… but hey, if youve got the patience, then congrats lol

Answer #19

Any sort of touching in this manner should be reserved for when you are old enough to understand what you’re doing and why. Your hormones are working on over drive and you may find it difficult to control yourself. CONTROL yourself anyways. Before you know it you may find that if you don’t wait that either you or your girlfriend might get a disease or she may get pregnant. A romantic relationship does not have to involve any sort of touching like this at your age. Take your time. Save yourself for the special lady in your life, bud. Don’t be in such a hurry to grow up. Enjoy being a kid. When you find that special someone and you do have a physical relationship under the bonds of marriage you will find that it was well worth the wait.

Answer #20

DUDE IM 14 I HAVE HAD SEX before your NOT TOO YOUNG MAN IM NOT SMALL EITHER that MAY B REASON just turn her on slowly dont rush her make out with her first kiss her neck and run your hands on her bosy and her legs first and keep on kissing her in diff spots same time its what I do for sex!!! I have had it many times

Answer #21

how else would you finger a girl!? you put your finger in her hole and bam your fingering her. it’s pretty black and white buddy.

Answer #22

Lovinlife ‘half an inch above the urethra’ ? hes 13 dont science the fun out of it, well done evilpinkpunkfairy that was a fantastic addition :) , ataira3 that was the worst piece of advise I’ve ever heard lol

Answer #23

ok you stick your finger up her vagina then move it up and down and wiggle your fingers around and bend them a lot. k. I prefehavin apenis in me doing that…but…its yer choice.

Answer #24

when your old enough… start touching and listen to how she reacts if shes not breathing heavy your doing somthing wrong so try something else

Answer #25

wow little man…hmmm…when I was 13 I was at home watching cartoons…maybe you should try the same…before you wind up being a 14 year old daddy…

Answer #26

use a come here motion with your index finger inside her.

Answer #27

At 15, your girlriend is old enough to be wanting to do this sort of stuff, but not with a 13 year old - its almost child abuse. What is wrong with her!! You should get a girlfriend on your own level, one who is 12 or 13.

Answer #28

stick your finger in her vagina!

Answer #29

don’t just put it in and out, it’s least pleasurable that way. Move it around when it’s up there hahah :D

Answer #30

Well I’d say the only 2 things I’d be worried about is your hands being clean and it not hurting. Your not to young, my brother is 4 years old and hes already trying to get ppls pants off =/ Do what ever you want to do, I dont think anyone can stop you anyways, but personally I think a 15 year old shouldnt be asking you to finger her, its a little weird.

Answer #31

just put it in there, you will soon realise what she likes trust me or ask her to do it herself and you can copy x

Answer #32

its better layin down first eat her out but massage her thighs and buttcheeks then finger its a really good feeling!

Answer #33

You finger a girl by sticking your finger in and out of her vagina.

Answer #34

o hell. First play with her a bit.then start rubing her vigina a bit wara wara every onels told you already. But be sure to make u`r finger wet preverebly with spit before gowing any ware near the vigina inside. And if she wants it then give it to her just make sure of every littel detail and take her in consederation. I am sure you wil love it as well.

Answer #35

oh my god. no 13 or 15 year old should be fingering anyone. GROSS. You’re a KID still!!! Grow into puberity first!!!

Answer #36

Ok, I am a girl. The hole that you suppose to put your dick in, is where you stick your finger or fingers in. Stick your finger in and twirl it around. And lick her on the neck at the same time to drive her wild!!!

Answer #37

To actually finger a girl start off by rubbing/massaging her vagina OUTSIDE the trousers/knickers whatever! then go into the trousers and you can do a mixture of things but you first need to make her wet to actually go up her vagina.

You could rub/stroke the top of the lips of the vagina. also an amazing turn on spot is just where the outerlips start there is a nerve which you can rub from side to side or in circles but sometimes this can be a bit painful so remember to pay attention to her. also at the top(just inside the vagina) there is skin that is a bit like the skin on your forehead.

If you rub this in circles this is also a great turn on spot! be careful when actually going inside the vagina and dont jump in straight away with two fingers as you dont know how tight she is! and the most important thing is to be gentle! the vagina is a sensitive place and if you have long nails make sure you cut them so you dont stratch her. and always remember to pay attention to her to make sure your not putting her in any pain etc.

good luck! hope this helped! x

Answer #38

(I can’t believe I’m answering to this! Lol.) You mainly use your finger to slide in and out of the vag, but the thing that really brings orgys is the clit, which is about the size of a pea and can be found at the top of the vag and vag lips. Making sure that the clit or your fingertip is moist, rub this spot in circular motions. Slowly at first, but then faster. Trust me, this brings very strong orgys. This should help you with your perverted desires. Lol.

Answer #39

bud your a little young to do anything why dont you two just makeout thats was a big deal when I was 13 which wasent to long ago only 4 years so dont say im old school and times have changed anyway good luck

Answer #40

tbf ! none of this straight finger talk !

get about 2 inches in and then curve your fingers upwards. pushing up. you will feel like a hanging bump that feels rigit abit like the top of your mouth, push that up and just be suprised at the reaction you get ;) she’ll think your a pro.


Answer #41

First of all, if you don’t want to, then don’t do it. But if you will, trying rubbing her through the outside of her pants. This will get her attention, and she will start to get aroused. Slip you hands into her pants, (if she’s naked, then skip that part.) start by rubbing over her clit. If she’s wet enough, slip one finger into her. Her body language will say whether it hurts or feels good. If you think she feels good about it, slip another finger in. That should get you started, and you’ll learn the rest on your own.

This is what my boyfriend does to me, and it feels ahhh-mazing.

Hope I helped.

Answer #42

You can listen to them just make sure that your fingernails are cut down so that you dont scratch her…

Answer #43

I was 13 when I lost my virginity…in a campground in a tent, to a girl I had met the day before,lol

I don’t regret it at all…I regret not knowing what the hell I was doing, it was awkward, especially cause the girls cousins kept runnin up and hitting the tent(I was 13, she was about 2 months from turning 13 at the time)

Answer #44

Well you can first start off my teasin her start to rub legs then get closer to her vagnia and take you hand back after this just start to rub on the outside then slowly rub two fingers in a circular motion but slow and soft then stick them up her and move then around if she starts moaning your doing good after that your fingers will do the rest

Answer #45

okay, well if you want to make her orgasm I suggest giving her head while you finger her. but WAIT A SEC, why the fk is a 15 year old trying to convince a 13 year old to finger her, thats a little fked up. if shes going to date some one younger then she should understand that they dont know how to do some stuff yet and that there not ready.

Answer #46

well first you should probably make sure you want to then get her wet somehow I dunno look around at the answers and make sure you follow how to finger her properly

of course if you don’t want to then make sure you tell her if she tells you you ABSOLUTELY POSITIVELY have to then beak up with her cause no one should have to do that if they don’t want to

btw this is just my opinion coming from my common sense here I don’t have any experience from this so I hope this was some help

Answer #47

Listen if you finger her here’s whats going to happen kid

  1. you might make her happy
  2. next shell start begging you for sex
  3. youll proballyget an std or worse
  4. by age 14 youll be a daddy
  5. byage 16 your life will be hell Trust me kid im living that life right now and im living in my parentsbasement broke and alone. Now heres what you do 1)tell yourgirl that your not ready and that shes rushing alsothat you need towait 2 years Talk to your parents about sex and have them show you std photos
Answer #48

man yall just need to chill im 14 I’ve prbly fingered around 5 girls in my life and made out with to many but yeah I was 13 when I fingered my first girl well yeah dont worry about wut people say lifes about making mistakes and fixing them try all sorts of techniques when you finger her but yeah wuts always worked for me is holding hands with her then try to get her to sit in your lap then put your hands in her lap start to rub her upper thigh then after a while shell prbly get bored with that then move up then start to rub her panty linge for a while then slow and I mean slowly move down her pants but dont stop massaging and rubbing then well ull have to figure out your own style

Answer #49

I wish my boyfriend was like u, feel free to do it to me anytime (soon please) lol joke srry

make sure shes wet, and not on her period theres nothing worse then being fingered when your dry its painful and nto pleasent, and when your on your period bloog will go everywhere or you will push up her tampon LOL,

you stick your finger in her butter fly and he legs will be spread open hopefully and theres a little hole and your finger will glide right in, and do 2-3 fingers depending how big her hole is,.. . and go up and down in fast motions but gentely. and dont forget to massage her clit.

Answer #50

well 1st tro see if she got any put yo finger in your ear see if wax is on it if it is not too much then put it in there if she do an unusual moan than she got somethin if its a soft moan like hurry the f up cause im horny than play in it for about 30 secs then shell be ready to f cause you teased her azz

                                         I know cause personal experience 

still use a codom and get the best kind the 1 that warm up while ya doin it

Answer #51

well tell her you don’t really know what you’re doing. I mean she must like you if your gettin this far, so just tell her to tell you what she wants. obviesly fingering means you are putting your fingers in her vagina. but don’t just start with that. first start with rubbin her clit and slowly work your way down to the opening. slowly start sliding 1 or 2 fingers in her and go in and out slowly at first then start going fasster and faster. she will like it. promise ;]

Answer #52

If you have to ask then your not ready - Give yourself a break and stop trying so hard - Stick with a kiss and a hug for now

Answer #53

ok dude I can’t really tell you that your to young bc I’m 14 and I’ve done everythin mostly!lol!but when you get to see your girlfriend make out with her…kiss her neck go low but slow!than while your kissin her or w/e unbotton her pants and do your magic but for the best results EAT HER OUT AND FINGER HER AT THE SAME TIME!that gets a girl very badly

Answer #54

hahahha.I had a boyfriend who would keep on begging me to do “stuff” with him and I kept on saying works dude.he got too excited and yeah.did something while I was standing there.pretty gross.I of course laughed and ran.its fun messing with him.hahahahhaha.yeah I know this was no help but I broke up with him and he got soo mad that he threatened to kill me.pretty bad.I know

Answer #55

For 1 thing I think that if you’re young and getting laid/laying that you’ll be abled to decide that it’s not as great as everyone else thinks it is so that until you really DO want to get laid then you’ll also have some experience in the feild, but info like that from me is simple… 2 fingers in and out. You can go with the fancy rubbing and sh** but that’s your choice man. Sex is like art… you tend to get creative with the most basic of things.

Answer #56

Wow… Thinking about this is just crazy! You should be focused on other things, if a 15-year-old is asking you to finger her, you should probley get out of the relationship. Thats just weird, if she wants the attention that bad, she has two hands of her own. Don’t get into that stuff, your way to young and it can effect you a lot in the future. Be smart. I hope you make the right decision.

Answer #57

righty o. firsty there is no right or wrong. and oh! every girl is differant, in the way they react to what you do.

so what i do is get her to guild you into what feels good for her. (i know she may look weird at you for starters) but anyways. if you dont know. get her to show you. then you take over. the only way i learned. (and this was me over a few relationships)

i know it may sound fearly lame but it is the only way you will find out what works for her.

after a bit you know exactly how she will react. to curtain things you do. then you and her can start to enjoy yourselfs.


Answer #58

Everyone realizes that this is a 13 year old hormone driven boy right? Why wouldnt he want to do it? No matter how much you tell him hes too young, he’ll probably do it. None of the guys i know would turn that down when they were 13.

Answer #59

hey im 15..and hey..its your life after what you think is that is making her happy or yourself..if you want to then thats great..i have a boyfriend who is 17 nearly 18..and all he asks me for is to suck him off.and for him to “pleasure me” i give it him because i dont want to lose him…because he means the world to me..but right start off with making her WET thats very important, try rubbing her thigh, and kissing her lips then her kneck..while rubbing her thigh then rub her knickers, and slowing go into her knickers, and rub her clit…keep kissing her..and then find the hole.and insert one finger..and if she likes it…put 2 in..see how she feels and carry it on till she wants you to stop..ok..i hope this help mate..have

Answer #60
  1. make sure you dont hurt her
  2. defo wash ur hands and cut nails
  3. try and like kiss her or something whilst fingering her
  4. dont do it if u dont want to
  5. if ur relationship does go further, do not get her preg it will ruin your entire life. u wont be a ble to go to skool and get educated to get that good job u want and u will be stuffed moneywise for your life 6)have fun ( :
Answer #61

If your uncomfortable with it(which you obviously are to be turning to the internet for advice) don’t do it. At your age relationships have very short life spans and no meaning. If you two are serious about your relationship then she will understand that you are not ready for that step. Kiss and experiment if you both agree upon it. Don’t force her or let her for you into doing something that your both not comfortable with. Good luck and i hope you make the right choice.

Answer #62

Y IN THE WORLD IZ A 15YEAR OLD ASKIN A 13YR OLD 2 FINGER HER??? why DONT you NOT FINGER HER IF you DONT WaNT 2? do you want 2 finger her?? also, you only 13. you dont need 2 do all that. focus on important things

Answer #63

Out of all these responses I didnt see anyone say anything about you washing your hands before you stick them in her vagina.I could have missed it but personally i think you’re too young to even be engaging in that type of behavior or to understand the full dynamics of it. But i also understand that kids are going to do what they want to do. So if you do decide to finger her, make sure your hands are clean so that she does not get a vaginal infection that can be very serious and painful.

Answer #64

wow,13 reminding me of my nephew. thought i was gonna haveta kick his butt,lol. but seriously, you’re too young right now to be doing that sort of stuff. i’m not just saying this bc im a girl either. first of all 4 play leads to intercourse,lol. you should just stick to going to the movies and making out deal. be careful if shes already wanting you to finger her, shes gonna want more. thats bad news for you. bunch of girls rushing into getting preg at the age of 16,hope shes not like that for your sake if ur together for a while. and wait to hit puberty lol. dont do ne thing you would regret. most ppl regret a lot of stuff, even when they get older.

Answer #65

hey dude umm I am a girl and when my boyfriend fingered me I like loved it its the best thing ever soo do it to your girllfriend but before you finger her like emak out alittle but just dont have sex if you guys do use a conmdon she should not be pregent at the age of 15 pleaassse hope I helped

Answer #66

Wel wel wel i prefer it wen u move it bout a bit wen da man is acually in der ;) If u get me (once ur fingas r in jus wriggle em bout a lil bit) Lol! Also sex is very good!! :D

But ur waii 2 yung 4 dat OK!!

And if u dont wanna finga her… DONT!!!

She aint wurf it if all she wanna do is dirty lil fings wiv u i means she gonna b 16 wen ur 14???

Jus mke sure she da 1 b 4 u do ne fin oK!!!

Much love__CHARLOTTE

Answer #67

Simple put your finger insider go up until you dell a bumpy spongey feeling thingy, play with it use the circular motion. You should be doing it, but who am I to say no! If you go in put on YOUR RAINCOAT

Answer #68

makeout withe her 1st and kiss her neck softly…when her pants are off brush your fingers against her inner thighs…then just lick your index finger and start playing with her clitirus but gently because thats the most sensitive part of the vagina…she’ll get turned on by that and just slowly work your way 2 the hole(make sure its the right 1)and if its dry just lick your finger again and stick your finger in slowly and go slow and if she tells you 2 go faster go faster lil by lil

Answer #69

alright dont listen to that too young bullshit. you might b to young for sex but not that. rub it and make her wet. but before that play with her boobies. put her nipple beetween yur index finger and thumb and rub up and down while squeezeing too. then start rubbin. next you penetrate with one finger, and if you can , two. then go in as deep as possible, and go in and out and stuff. if you get to a point where you can feel a little ball like thing, play with it a lot and shell go crazy.

Answer #70

you are to little dude o my gosh I have a twelve year old friend doing that with her 18 year old (BOYFRIEND) and they had sex adn she is pregnant wiat till your older man

Answer #71

I feel like all you have to do is to just do it. If it doesnt feel exactly like she wants it to, then try to adjust to her. Thats the only way you learn anyway. just stick your fingers in nice and slow and if she wants more then give it to her. just keep adding fingers and going the speed that she would like for you to go

Answer #72

DONOT LISTEN TO THE PEOPLE SAYING YOU ARE TO YOUNG you ar only too young if you aint ready I presume that if you are ready you will read this. When I first fingered a girl slide middle finger down untill you hit the spot and enter then the other finger follows naturally This question does amuse me slighty heh…

Answer #73

haha wow this is some funny stuff.

well im a lesbo so I’ve had plenty of practice.. but im not going to tell you what to do cuzz im not encouraging a 13 year old but umm fingering a girl is not just putting you fingers in her & pulling them out & thats kinda boring.

but if you fingered her an ate her out at the same time they like it more..

why is a 15 year old asking a 13 year old to do that in the first place thats stupid

Answer #74

bud your 13? thats waay to young first off. But if you really want to start by rubbing her vag a lil. Then play around with it. Then stick 1 finger inside and just move it around. Like press it up against the inside and start wiggleing it a lil bit. That will get her off pritty fast. Then when you loosin her up a lil start going in and out really fast. But I recomend you wait a lil bit and do a lil growing up man.

Answer #75

There are a lot of answer’s nay Good answer’s but me myself tend not to stick to the clitrus or just insrting my finger’s in and out! No I get her wet then I put 1 finger in if I dont know this irls body verry well get her a bit more wet then insirt my 2 middle fingers and keep them in there push them to the back and point m finger’s up and yo will feel a little bump and you should always check you have got your fingers in the right place caus if you haveyou will be toutching The G-Spot (Joy Spot) once you are there unlik the clitorus which you have to be verry verry gentel with the g spot you must use a bit of force and if you keep pushing up and down on that your girl will scream! well hopefully XD 100% percent of the tme for me but difforent poeple difforent things you know!

Answer #76

First of all, props to the intelligent people who are saying this kid is too young. Second, why are the rest of you giving this child advice like this? OMG!! I’m keeping my kids off the internet.

Answer #77

hunny, you honestly shouldnt do that at your age. thats disgusting..think your making a girl lose her virginity and also shes 15 and your 13 so shes probably using you for sex and stuff. I would break up with her if I were you.

Answer #78

Wow 13.. Stop trying to grow up too fast.. next thing you’ll know you’ll be on here asking how to fu** her and stuff.. Your just too young. And you need to find a girl more your age.. Girls at the age of 15, me being one, are often addicted to sexual contact. You being as young as you are dont need that right now.

Answer #79

Guy - 15


The first thing you want to do when you finger a girl is to make sure that she is turned on and wet. A good thing to do is to kiss her on the lips, neck and/or nibble on her ears/neck (if she likes it), feel her breasts and massager her nipples with your fingers or mouth.

Once she is turned on, as evilpinkpunkfairy said, play with her snatch over her pants/panties. once you are sure that she is wet you can pull down her panties (or put your hand inside, depending on your situation) and play with her lips and clit. some say that the clitoris is hard to find but this is rarely the case and if you know where you are looking (about a half inch to an inch above the urethra) it is not hard to locate.

Massage her outer lips and use some of her wetness to rub her clit. Try to avoid touching the clit directly with your fingers (tongue is ok) but rather rub the hood which covers the clit around in a circular motion, up and down or side to side.

Once you are sure that your girl is REALLY wet, it will be safe and easy to insert ONE finger into her snatch. Be careful which way you push your finger as the canal may not travel in the direction that you expect it to. Be very gentle for the first few strokes, and make sure that you are constantly reassuring her if she is nervous. Take note of any body language which indicates discomfort and stop if she asks or if it seems that she is not enjoying it. As you are fingering her, keep building pace and strength, but make sure that you do not get rough or that your fingers do not become as fast as pistons, as many girls will not like this. you can then move on to more than one finger, however if your girl is a virgin and it is her first time getting fingered you should be careful not to break her hymen (thin membrane covering the inside of the vagina) as this will cause pain and discomfort for her and the situation may become awkward.

If you can find the g-spot, a small walnut sized piece of flesh located on the top wall of the vagina about two inches inside, run your fingers over it and apply pressure. CAUTION: IF YOU HAVE NOT DISCUSSED THIS WITH YOUR GIRL BEFOREHAND, MAKE SURE YOU REASSURE HER AS PRESSURE ON THE G-SPOT CAN CAUSE A GIRL TO FEEL AS THOUGH SHE HAS TO GO TO THE TOILET.

If your girl seems uncomfortable throughout any of this, reassure her by keeping dialogue open, kissing her mouth, neck, breasts and stomach and making sure that she feels safe.

This is about all I have for now, but remember, these are only guidelines. Different women enjoy different techniques, and although it may be awkward, the best way to find out what a girl likes is to ASK HER.

Answer #80

you put your finger in it

Answer #81

Seriously though make sure you know what she wants, with me i like it gentle or it hurts, check she’s not in pain or not feeling anything at all, make sure everything is comfortable for her. Also make sure you’re ready!!!

Answer #82

You spread her legs open and stick your finger in the slit between her legs and push it in and out. You should be asking how to fuck her. Is same way but you slid you dick in her pussy and push it in and out slowly.

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