Parents are all up tight about me being wicca?

My parents are all up tight about me being wicca. My father has even said that he will disown me if I don’t stop. My mother is freaking out and my brother said I’m going to hell. I don’t get why parents what to control their kids instead of letting them figure out things on their own. How can I get my parents to stop their whole hate thing of me?

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Wicca is a deception and I can prove it. Haha Yeah right…If you can prove it then prove it.

Answer #2

heh. Father: how can he disown you for your beliefs? Mum: thats typical for mums to freak out Brother: wrong! There is no such thing as hell in wicca

Explain to them how you feel about wicca and how they a treating u. if that doesnt work… then I’m sure I’ll think of sumthin. email me @ funadvice. Yeah?

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Humph. I don’t agree with what Wicca thinks and I advise you to stop. I hear the main point of Wicca is to make your life better and let you have more control, am I right?

well obviously that has not worked. if your parents are threatening to disown you than this Wicca thing hasn’t really worked has it? Overall: It’s probably made things worse.

I know life is a very confusing thing and sometimes we want to have things OUR WAY. Well, our way is not always right. I end you with this:

Proverbs 3:5-6 Trust in the Lord with all your heart, And lean not on your own understanding; In all your ways acknowledge Him, And He shall direct your paths.

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tell them that you live in america and in the american bill of rights it says freedom of religion freedom of religion means any religion

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Whats wrong with wicca? I ask a christian as if I didnt know what they would say

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hey man it is kinda wrong. Please realise that Christ is the only way my man! Your folks are right and im only 18 and I believe

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it deoends on the parents, mine are just fine with it. but for you I’ld say you might have to do what my friends did. Pretend to be Christian or whatever & practice in secrete. Best of luck to you.

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crowdog, a relationship with Jesus thru belief and love for Him is what saves us from our sins. Religion does not do this. Being born again thru Jesus Christ is the way one goes to heaven.

Religion is man/womans attempt to make themselves somehow OK to their god. In reality, God did the opposite - He reached down (thru Christ) to His most prized creation - us humans - to make a way back to right fellowship with Himself. He did this out of His love for us and yet some of us spit in His face and reject Him.

You do have a choice, but you still need to pray/seek/research/dig to find out if you are serving the true and living God or a lie!

Answer #9

okay, you need to hide this thing because the fact of the matter is…they are your sole supporters ($$$). This is very similar to kids who are gay, they arent positively sure if their parents will accept them, and lo and behold once they come out, the parents kick them out, disowns them, which leaves the gay kid no money for college. If your family is hardcore about you not being wiccan, you need to stage some sort of “agghhh im saved!! I see the liggght!!!” moment. That way your parents will trust you 100% and you can get their financial support (especially when it comes to college, etc.) So, keep practicing wiccan, but dont let your true colors show until your are no longer dependent on your family for support and cash.

hope that helped!!

Answer #10

medeab, The negative energy you say Dean was exposed to…are you referring to his ouija board experiences or when the Christians prayed for him? Yes, you say wiccans need to protect themselves from negative energies, but what if such negative energies are really ancient fallen angels who only seek to deceive and ultimately destroy people? Be honest and admit that these “energies” have personality and purpose. They have a will and an agenda. Therefore they are not “energies” at all. Just for the mere fact that they can be called forth and they can respond. They have intellect too. Therefore they are truly demons. You may not know, but demons are masters at shape-shifting. They can transform themselves into angels of light to deceive those who call on an angel or goddess. That’s why prayers of Christians (like in Dean’s video on youtube) have a powerful effect period and on wiccan rituals specifically. Such prayers render the rituals null and this is because the prayers are to God as He’s revealed in the Bible.

God is real. I’ve met wiccans that will attest to that fact that God is real, yet they may put an impersonal label on who God is in their estimation. I believe what God said about Himself rather than what people choose to say about Him. People are often liars.

On the contrary, I would like to know about ouija board side effects and what can brought over from them. Please tell me.

It is obvious you have chosen to worship the creation (earth/cosmos/etc) while I have opted to love the God who created the very creation you worship.

Unfortunately these beliefs are mutually exclusive and while co-existence is a reality, absolute truth is truly on the side of God the creator as revealed in the Bible.

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Unfortunly the bill of rights dont all apply to minors

Answer #12

If they were going to disown you, they already would have. But for the sake of family peace, I advise hiding your religious practice and lying to them about it until you’re able to move out.

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Dean’s testimony certainly makes interesting listening - it is obvious that this Dean never really believed in the Goddess to begin with, not that She is our only deity. Without true, total belief in the power of nature and the astral plane that envelopes every one of us, people will never flourish as wiccans / pagans, and more likely expose themselves to a horrible dose of negative energy like this man. He had bad luck brought upon him, such as he indicated when talking of the deaths of his relatives. This was not brought about by the ‘wrath’ of the Goddess who loves us, nor did She or another of our exalted deities set him alight at that meeting! I’ve heard of this happening before as well - do you want to know why that happens? When people practice witchcraft without protecting themselves, faith or no faith, they create an open door for negative energies, exorcised through faith - why, how well this fits to my own belief that all faiths are interlinked and deep down, emerge from the same spring of divinity! This +is+ a universal truth, and cannot be regarded as just a moral relativistic opinion, as it is something everyone should realise is true. Your ‘truth’ and my ‘truth’ I’d like to add are one and the same. There are right and wrong answers when it comes down to faith, there are people who damn themselves through the lives they take - we’re talking about Wicca here though. Wicca does not teach believing a lie that simply ‘works’ for everyone. Back to your video - Dean so obviously abused his ability to ‘dabble’ with the divine workings he ultimately will sound to any true witch or pagan like he was following the left-hand path from the start. He used Ouija boards, which I personally have never touched - and will never touch, in my life - these communicators are in my opinion dangerous for those ‘just trying them out’ or beginners in general. That video isn’t the first time I’ve heard of someone’s life turning upside down from their use. You of course wouldn’t want to hear about side effects of their improper use, or what can be brought over from them, but all that’s easy enough to find out over the web. I’m glad that the stupid man has finally found some peace at last, even in the form of another faith, for he abused his right of practising Wicca, and has set out now to obscure the true beauty of following this ancient path. My ‘flowery’ post is not anything else except for the whole, simple truth - religions will always co-exist with each other, always and forever - they’re all connected to the divine in it’s diversity as we know it, people +who lead a life of peace and helping others+ will not be damned for eternity to a god-less place, simply because they do not follow the ‘right’ path. The Goddess and the God, blessed be, are living, breathing parts of the world. They are omnipotent and everlasting as long as people exist. They tremble, you say, at the sound of Jesus. They are the earth he once walked upon, the very air he breathed, the sky that existed above him!

Answer #14

“Wont be made a monster by a monster” Very nice quote there.

Infolic, what do you have against Wiccans & other occult practitioners? We try to live in peace & yet people like you deny us that right. We’ve done nothing to you & done nothing deserving of the verbal abuse & slanderous lies you spread. We are not of the self demonizing. It is people like you who self demonize their selves unaware of the words that slide off their forked serpent tongues.

You claim the bible holy, & yet, have you ever read it cover to cover & truly grasp every word of it? It only says friends a mere 18 times as apposed to the word slaughter appearing 56 times, slay 118, slew 171 times, & smote more than 226 times. It’d full of genocides & homicides. If a movie was made that truly depicted what the bible it would surely be band from mainstream society.

You claim the bible to be of truth. It contradicts itself numerous times Genesis 1 Man created Adam & Eve from the soil Genesis 2 Man created first, Woman from his rib bone Which one is true?

EXO 15:3 The LORD is a man of war: the LORD is his name. ROM 15:33 Now the God of peace be with you all. Amen. So is God a peaceful loving God Or Is God a man of war, which ones true?

The bible condemns people who practice sorcery, & yet, many people in the bible practice it. Solomon received 13 seals from demons that he used to live an easy going life. Jesus himself used sorcery to revive the dead, heal the blind, make better the sick. Really, Jesus didn’t have a problem with witches, so why do you? Sorcery is condemned Or sorcery be okay, which one is true?

2CH 11:20 Maachah the daughter of Absalom 2CH 13:2 Michaiah the daughter of Uriel Which one be true?

But why be I even asking you? A mere human, like I. We’re all be humans! Humans wrote the bible. How can you be so sure that God was the one who inspired the writers of the bible? Just because the bible says so? Satan would never of guessed to put that in there, now would he? Or would he? Here’s a quote to clear things up a bit:

“If I were Satan, and I were given permission to tempt humanity but had the foreknowledge that God’s true Followers would try to stop me, then I’ld figure the best to tempt the most humans would be to subvert those who could pose a threat. How? I’ld write a book. Not just any book, mind you, but a book more blasphemous, seductive, and evil then had ever been seen by mortal eyes. A book full of deceit, preaching a hypocrite God who imposes a more stringent set of rules on flawed humanity then He does on himself, yet who is somehow, the source of morality. Those who don’t buy into this twisted logic will be said to be immoral. A book of lies, with blatant contradictions, from a flat Earth to cities and places that have never existed to cruel actions taken in the name of a God who calls Himself “loving”. A book that describes the false God in cynical detail, yet leaves me (Satan) as a shadowy menace, always in the background, always scheming, but no real threat to TURE follower of the false God, who are completely immune to my powers, Still, I must save my pride, and to do so, I would make it seem as if I were a thousand times more active than God, my forces constantly at work doing evil. They would seem to be constantly winning yet people would cling to the hope of a false prophecy that involves billions of deaths and the end of the world. A book that is chock full of sex, violence, murder, torment, filthy language, intolerance, and hatred. A book that would be used to justify all forms of atrocities against men, women, and children, including the extinction of entire peoples from the face of Earth. This book would be diabolically written that people would drown themselves in it completely, giving up sanity and reality, and then try to pull others in with them. They would hold up their own pride and greed and lust for power. They would prey on the weak and wounded, the suffering and the sorrowful, with false promises of happiness and light. They would behave exactly like me, yet they would be to far gone to recognize it. The, when the real God decides it’s time to judge mankind, all those people, all those who believed my book, would come before the true God, expecting to be saved…an He would turn them away. And standing there at the gates of Hell would be me, beckoning them to enter.”

Think about what you’re doing. Do you honestly think it’s what any true loving God would want? Medeab is offering to live in peace with you. Wiccans mean no harm & are broad in acceptance. I’ve many Christian friends and we live in peace. Why do you wish not too? Do you enjoy the constant fights? Do you even realize what you’re saying? You’re encouraging violence & mass genocide! Is that what a Loving God would want? I would think not.

In all honesty, the biblical God is no different from heathen Gods. Sacrifices were made to this gods, as were the heathen gods. Impregnated a mortal woman, heathen gods did that. He even went further than that & demanded the sacrifice of his own son. But not all heathen God demanded sacrifice. Some were very peaceful & loving. Ask yourself, what kind of God do you worship? Just to top things off here’s another quote, though I forget who it’s from ^^ Though obviously from an atheist, so I would assume anyway’s. “we’re both atheist. Once you figure out why you don’t believe in all other gods you’ll realize why I don’t’ believe in yours”

Answer #15

“Unleash the God/Goddess within” are metaphorical terms. Basically they seek to unleash their true selves.

Again, how can they deny what they do not believe? & You’re belief in something doesn’t make it real either. & here we go with God & the bible again. As I said in another post & what evidence are you referring to & to what God? The biblical God? The bible? The bible was written by men, & the biblical God came after hundreds of other Gods & Goddesses. The very first being the Earth Goddess. Perhaps evidence of her existence being the earth? What about the river goddess Shannon? She exist because the river exist? If not, why not? It’s the same saying the biblical god exist because of the bible-that was written by men. At least it can be proved that the earth & river Shannon were not man made. Wouldn’t that make them more tangible.

Usually Wiccans credit their God(s) & Goddess(es) along with the guardians of the watch towers, not to harnessing energies, though that’s basically what’s going on. There really is nothing “supernatural” about the Wiccan practice. Magick is basically just “The movement of natural (yet subtle) Energies to manifest positive, needed change. Magic is the process of rousing energy, giving it purpose (through Visualization), and releasing it to create a change. This is a natural (not supernatural) practice.”

Again, how can we rebel against something WE DON’T believe in. That would be like rebelling against Santa Clause. Ridicules & pointless.

You didn’t prove anything, you just managed to waste the 15 seconds it took to read that paragraph. Please. A friend of mine was sent to Christian Boot camp & was open to it. She called me& said while she’s there she’s going to devote herself & fully & holly. Nothing happened. She turned back to being a witch a few weeks after she returned.

As for worshipping earth, the creation. Wiccans GLORIFY the earth & WORSHIP their God(s) & Goddess(es) & should be free to worship theirs without criticism as you are yours! We do not ask for sympathy or to be pitied. We DEMAND RESPECT & are nothing less then deserving of it, as is everyone else.

You’ve no proof that you’re religion is the “true” religion. Jews believe in the bible, but they do not believe that Jesus was the Messiah. & Originally Gnostic Jews & Gnostic Christians did NOT a devil.

Again, as I stated. If I am a rebeler, than you are one thrice as bad. Your religion was carved out of the rebellion against Pantheism(the 1st religion & the root all occult religions). So basically your religion is a rebellion against mine. So if anything, YOU are the rebellious one, not I. I believe you need to brush up on your history, sir.

No hate or abuse? Then what would you call it? Slanders & falsehoods, shrouding the Wiccan religion even more in your lies. Demonizing & ridiculing it because you are too stuck up & close minded to research something that you do not understand.

Again, which God? There’s a variety in which Wiccans will choose to worship. You’ll lash out if someone dares take the bible out of context(which you never answered me on how I did so, I’ld love to hear your explanation) & yet you do the very thing to this Wiccan religion that you detest when people do to you. How hypocritical of you. As the old saying goes, practice what you preach. I try with every fiber of my being to do so. But it would seem to me that you are one of the many hypocritical bigots that does so only when it’s convenient to you. Pantheism has existed for as long as recorded history, long before your precious Christianity was even thought of.

As for your Dean nonsense, I’ld have to agree fully with medeab. It’s not the first time, nor will it be the last. People go into the occult dabbling without truly knowing wth they’re doing set their selves up for such happenings. When I first came into the occult, I myself was actually a dabbler& I went through quite a few mishaps because of it. But I did not put the blame on someone else. I took responsibility for what I did, realizing that I had done things without fully knowing what I was doing. I studied up & was able to get through it just fine. Ouj’s are not toys! ask any true practitioner of the occult. I find it offending that their sold in toy stores & industrial stores. Ouji’s are used in the attempts to contact dead spirits. Used as a toy, it’s no wonder the man went through what he did. I doubt he even knew what a magick circle was. He was no Witch or any kind of practitioner, he was merely a dabbler. Probably another teen thinking it would be “kool” to get into the underground religions. ~~I am an ex Christian, how about hearing my testimony? Just ask me~~ ~~What about reading these ex Christians’ testimony, I challenge you!~~ I’ll even take it a step further than you & make it easy on you & provide the links

I’m not attempting to change anyone’s beliefs or views. Believe what you want. But before you go out to demonizing what other people believe, do some research. Each time you lash out with nothing more but your lies I will lash out with nothing less than truth. I refuse to be made a monster by a monster!

Answer #16

My paretns was the same way when they found out I was wiccan I was raised in a southner baptist family my parents thought I was a satanist cause thats what they thought wicca was instead of trying to get information about it they just assumed the worst I think most parents do that I myself think it is wrong for your father to say he will disown you because of your chosen religion but as it is said what people don’t understand they fear and hate

Answer #17

My suggestions would be:

  • Reaffirm to your parents that your different religious practices don’t make you an immoral person. You still believe in acting ethically, being a good person, and so on.
  • Tone down any overt signs of your religion around your parents. You don’t need to push your religious choice in their faces, and your lives together are going to be easier if neither of you are pushing religion on the other.
  • If you think you can handle it, agree to continue to go to church with them. You can go even if you don’t believe in it, and again, it may help make living with your parents easier.
  • Move out as soon as you’re 18 and can afford it and can arrange somewhere safe and affordable to live on your own.
Answer #18

There is no hate or abuse in my posts. The real problem comes from those who have adopted moral relativism which says “your truth is your truth & my truth is my truth” …you don’t bother me and I won’t bother you. This is what makes those outside of the body of Christ call those that stand for the truth “haters/intolerant/narrow minded, etc.”

The real matter is that God provided the only way back to Himself (thru Jesus) and those who (for whatever reason) choose not to believe are deceived & headed for a God-less eternity. The evidence is overwhelming and yet many take the broad path to destruction.

Your post is flowery and full of a “let’s just all co-exist” attitude and while I can appreciate that, but just a 2 + 7 = 9 not 4, so is the only hope and truth in the God revealed in the Bible. Call it narrow, for it is truly narrow and few that be that find it. Call is a brain washing religion and you know not that it’s really a soul-cleansing relationship with Jesus Christ the living lord of the Universe. All the other so called “gods” tremble at the name of Jesus!

I challenge all wiccans/occultists to look up “Dean’s Testimony” on and ponder deeply what he went thru as a wiccan. What are you afraid of? Check it out!

Answer #19

Why don’t you explain to them what Wicca is? Many people think they know everything about it (I.e. the devil, cults, hell, the dark side, etc.) and they are extremely wrong. You believe exactly what you want whether you believe in Jesus, no god, 100 goddesses or that we are all actually plants dreaming we are humans. Nobody can take that away from you. For the sake of your family, you may want to tone down talking about Wicca if they continue to be rude to you after your explanations. Just be mature and responsible and respectful and there won’t be much for your parents to get on your case about besides your beliefs, and like I said before, there isn’t anything they can do about that. Peace :)

Answer #20

The Craft is not a rebellion in the face of God at all, infoholic, and your slurs upon it subsequently fall upon ears deaf to such narrow-mindedness. Wicca, and by an extent Paganism in general, has existed alongside Christianity for ages. If so-called demonic deception was at work here, people would have moved away from the Craft by now. But no, we do not because we will lead as fruitful and love-filled lives as any other person in the world is entitled to. Unfortunately of course, the hatred and condemnation of this religion continues today.

Straying from the topic a little, it’s amusing to add at this point that many people - and cultures - may celebrate elements of Wicca/Paganism sometimes despite whichever religion they belong to - ever decorated a tree at Christmas/Yule time before? My point here is that no one, despite the extent of their rhetoric, can fully justify the condemnation of an entire religion; just as how there was a singular origin for humans, all religions are linked to one another. A path is a path, and people should learn to accept religious diversity.

Your rather blunt-ended, stereotypical view upon the Craft, and your insistence upon this ‘abuse’ of free will is upsetting to behold; just as your condemnation of Wicca is in fact is a mirror-image reaction to that of the original poster’s own parents.

So tell me, is it still acceptable for someone to use their free-will as a Christian to disown their own daughter? Never.

As you yourself stated, we could both continue throwing our viewpoints at each other ‘till the cows come home, but it won’t solve anything. Infoholic, I have no wish to make debate with someone spiteful enough to imply to this Wiccan she has misused the ‘gift’ of free will - how dare you make judgement upon another religion’s truths, covering your own, lonely opinions up with religious dogma?

There is no single religion that will show people the right way to live alone. Both Wicca and Christianity are no exception to this. Truly, people in the world could end so much suffering if we could all simply put aside our differences and see that +all+ religions may lead to salvation.

Answer #21

My parents don’t mind. And I figure it doesn’t matter what they think. Be who you are. It is your life. You can’t live it acording to what everyone else wants you to. After everything I’ve learned in what short time I’ve had on this earth, I think you should “LIVE FREE”.

Answer #22

Infoholic, Why would you think that I’d believe Dean was exposed to negative energy from a Christian prayer? A prayer is to communicate spiritually with the fundamental core of your religion – to God, in Christianity. Wiccan traditions are prayers unto themselves as well; though as is the nature of paganism, our own spiritual communication with the deities involves a lot more practicality than most religions nowadays, known as rituals. It goes to show that no matter what religion you belong to, people may cancel out and expel ‘negativity on the soul’, by means of utilizing strong, positive energy – something which can be achieved through prayer, a powerful spiritual practice. It’s a shame there are so many people out there who don’t comprehend just how important the Wiccan threefold law, regarding practice of witchcraft, is – Dean certainly felt the laws’ expected effects. In the case of Dean, no ‘rituals’ were rendered null: from his own doing, the man had marked himself with the shadow - the unluck brought about by his unsafe dabbling - this is what the prayers thankfully expelled. Pagans and Wiccans acknowledge and take heart from the energy / spirit / magick / divine (can you truly describe colour to a blind person?) and from our prayers and rituals, utilize positive energy that can quite astoundingly, improve an aspect of our lives. And this is where the crux of the matter lies – the belief in the energy that envelopes us all and the planes that we cannot physically see. Every last atom in the Earth plane including ourselves, is bonded minutely (at a quantum level) by energy. You link this energy to really being fallen angels and demons that have existed all along, but truthfully there is no original source of negativity, like in the form of some fallen angel, or to be more blunt - Satan. This doesn’t mean I don’t believe demons themselves exist – simply that we ourselves are the creators of such things, through our initial emotions. I don’t need to admit they have personality and purpose either. Their purpose largely lies in being able to access our (Earth) plane. For these reasons and others, some can certainly be sentient and deceptive – remember that since they are formed from pain and hatred, this is the dish they serve to others. I feel inclined to ask what if any, first-hand experience you have in this matter, if you don’t mind? Demons and hostile entities in general are conjured up through unprotected access, even for a brief time, to the elemental plane – you don’t have to be a witch to achieve this; no matter who might use them, Ouija boards are a good example in explaining how this all works. Our universe is infinitely complex and beautiful – and potentially dangerous… As I’ve said, the boards are communicators, and allow people to speak with entities on another plane/dimension to us. These ‘planes’ exist in layers over reality, our Earth plane. To get technical, a higher frequency plane existing is the astral plane – there are many more names/layers involved here but I’m keeping it simple. The plane nearest or lowest to our own is called the elemental plane. It is the place where the most hostile beings commonly exist, and where all our immediate emotional turmoil will filter, such as anger and grief. Ouija boards are more capable of accessing this plane than any other, like the astral plane. Though in practice people may already be ‘talking’ with an entity through the board, its only until they ‘open a door’ into our plane for them when things start to get really dangerous. This happens usually when someone asks the entity to prove its existence by say, moving an object in the room. From this invitation, they may enter the Earth plane and possibly create havoc until someone: perhaps through group/individual prayer, perhaps even an exorcist, banishes the baneful influence back out of the plane. So there you go. Being deemed to ‘worship creation’ I find insultingly, far too resonant of the dogma of Satanists. In summation, I believe in our duty to protect and care for our world, just as the Goddess and God in all their aspects, watch over and protect us all from the spiritual plane. And on a side note; yes, people are often liars, but I would always prefer to listen to what my heart tells me I believe – how can I explain this to you? Paganism is routed deep in history, practiced before humans even developed proper civilisations and made use of scholarship. We all know -really- what holds ultimate power over everyone: Us. And. Our. Earth. Let’s face it, there are many, many names and forms for God – what the Bible, written by man, tells us, makes this no different.

Answer #23

ok. this is my opinion, and this is what I think, I believe that everyone has the right and choice to believe or not to believe in whatever as long as it doesn’t hurt anyone else…I’m spiritualist raised in a catholic school / home etc, but I was spiritualist befor ei even left, I just kept it to myself…

regarding your mum and dad, few people understand wicca and percieve it as ‘sacrifice’ and ‘blood bonds’ etc, naturally this isn’t the case, it doesn’t stop people thinking this though. I am assuming that your parents have their own religion / belief? if they do, then they are (realistically) unlikely to accept yours (that’s the hypocracy of religion in my eyes)…

I’m afraid, although I really don’t agree with your parents reactions, I think you may have to calm down your belief, you can believe and practice without it being common knowledge…I, of course, don’t agree with this, however, I don’t think the normal route of trying to talk to them and rationalising why you feel the way you do will work..since they seem so determined to intimidate you into stopping…

this is a tricky one, and I have never really been able to openly voice my beliefs with my mum because she poo poos it, and thats fine, I don’t need her to believe or accept my belief in order for me to have it…

moral of the story is, I guess, your mum and dad are your guardians until you are independent enough to support yourself, if they are going to abuse this position by dictating what you do, then I’m afrad there’s little you can do. but please remember, you don’t need a church to pray and you don’t need your Athame on the desk to show you are wiccan…

parents generally do what we THINK is best for our children, and sometimes when we don’t or don’t want to understand something, it makes it frightening…and generally people deal with fear by removing the cause of it…

just relax, believe what you want to…you’re not hurting anyone, but just keep a low profile until, the day when they may well, one day, accept your belief… :)

Answer #24

Unforutly they are right for the most part. Because they are your gaurdians and your underage than they have the right to do whats “they think” is right for you. Know they love you and beliving what they do they want to do their best by you. accordian to your profile your 16. 2 yearsand you will be 18 and able to do what you want. If your parents make yu go to church use it to your advantige. Learn their relogion and understand it as well. It might help you in the future. In Wicca something thats hidden is often more effective than if its hidden. for example its belivied that if you were a pentacle for protection it would be more effective if worn on the inside of your shirt than the outside. I dont know about staging some sort of ‘agghhh im saved!! I see the liggght!!!’ moment. But these are your belifes so you belivie Blessed be

Answer #25

Their disbelief doesn’t change the fact that God is the God revealed in the Bible and only thru Christ can we spend eternity with God.

Stating your beliefs as facts, doesn’t change the fact that they are your merely your beliefs, NOT facts…

Wicca is a deception and I can prove it.

No… you can’t…

Answer #26

They should be up tight and you should reconsider being a wiccan. Wicca is the quest for knowledge and the attempt to achieve balance. They seek to obtain knowledge, have power and use their power to achieve balance. Then they seek to unleash the god/goddess within.

The problem is that they are deceived as they deny the existence of heaven/hell/original sin/demons/satan. Their disbelief doesn’t change the fact that God is the God revealed in the Bible and only thru Christ can we spend eternity with God.

The wiccan belief fits in with the major lie that there’s no absolute truth/no one way to God/etc. Satan and his minions are evident when wiccans experience things that are supernatural. While they give the credit to the harnessing of energies, satan/demons laugh at their blindness. When will they realize that their spells/works are of darkness & do little to change anything on a mass scale.

These are the latter days and rebellion against all things true & holy has begun on a grander scale the likes of which this world has never seen! Those on God’s side must uphold His Word for His Word is the truth. Satan gets people by giving them immediate gratification or he shows them stuff fast. God deals with the heart and He changes us from the inside out. God’s way may sometimes require patience but His ways are always what’s absolutely best for us. His eternal power & glory are truly unmatched by any god/goddess/devil/satan/demon/witch/warlock/person/machine/thought/ideology/deception/etc!!!

Why are you seeking to become a slave to the unfruitful works of darkness when God is there for you to give you true love and eternal life!

Wicca is a deception and I can prove it. Go to a Calvary Chapel or other Bible believing church in your area and ask them for prayer. Tell them you are seeking the truth and need help. You will now see the spiritual warfare that takes place as satan tries to keep the truth of God’s Word from opening your spiritual eyes. Just ask yourself why are you opposed to God and His Word? Why are your parents upset too? Question everything until you truly know what you are going to devote your life to. I pray you choose to worship the Creator - Jesus and not mother earth which is only the creation.

Answer #27

It is saddening to see such articulate Christians attempting to ‘demonize’ the Craft. There are many ways to the afterlife - in whatever aspect of this you believe. Though you insist Wicca is evil, by your own rationale you are also implying any other religion besides is also ‘the work of satan’. Do you really hate Jews, Muslims and Buddhists as examples just as much as Wiccans? Or are you simply lashing out at the unknown? Someone here made the very good suggestion for the newly made Wiccan to learn their parents religion too, which is entirely acceptable - why don’t you step into our shoes for a day, too? Wicca and paganism in general I beleive are as heavily stereotyped today as they were since the burning times - but are the beliefs of the ‘witch-hunters’ of those times actiually those of yours? I think not. They were profiteers, leaching off the money and land of the recently deceased accused - go figure; and while you’re at it, show Wiccans the respect and understanding they truly deserve, as much as how any true Wiccan or Pagan would show to Christians or any other religion. To the person who began this debate with their unfortunate circumstance, my best wishes - follow your true belief but as already suggested, keep it low-profile around those too selfish to accept who you are - Blessed Be ;)

Answer #28

medeab: No, this Christian is not attempting to “demonize” the craft as you say. The “craft” is already demonized by it’s own merits. No one said anything about the Salem witch trials, etc and your reference doesn’t garner any sympathy as it’s not pertinent to what I said earlier…mainly that those who worship/call on or otherwise communicate with the dead/so-called gods & goddesses/energies/entities are really being deceived by the demonic realm.

You can try to justify it forever, but the facts remain & speak for themselves. God, the true God, gave us free will and you have certainly used yours accordingly. Sadly you are opposed to God by your rebellion in the craft. It is truly in love that I say to those in the occult to wake up and smell the deception for it will damn your eternal souls! Hate is not applicable here as God’s word is proclaimed to those that are lost in their sins. We all have fallen short by our sins and therefore need the Savior - Jesus Christ. Only a personal relationship with Him can give us peace/love/joy/eternal life with God!

Answer #29

don’t try to convert people.

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