How can I stop masturbating?

im a 20 yr old male.I mastrubate 3 times a week suggest some tips to stop mastrubating

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It makes your penis bigger lol when you stop my boyfriend stopped and his penis grew lol hella bigger then it was before!

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This works for both sexes. Just use jalapeno oil as a lubricant. Works great for either tugging or rubbing.

 Try it!
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Don’ stop. Studies show that people who mmasturbate frequently when young are less liable to contract prostate cancer when they get older

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i have the same problem but worse i do it so much it gets really annoying, i wish that i didnt have to do it so much

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its normal. everyone does it. even girls. maybe not as much but still. apparently I heard that it reduces stress and that its heathy.

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That’s normal. Some guys actually do it more than that. Find a woman. Only a woman can give you what you want!

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well if you aint in a relationship and you stop, youll only become sexually fustrated,

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if you didnt do it


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its not a problem…you are fine lol its called being human no worries! :)

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why do you want to stop??almost everyone masturbates,boys and girls,just enjoy it,its gud 4 u

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you dont have to stop or w/e…

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Masturbation is not a bad thing and will not hurt you. Ever. 2-3 times a week seems pretty sparse anyway. For males masturbation even can help reduce risk of prostate cancer. Everyone masturbates, even if they don’t want to admit it! I do, and it’s nothing to be ashamed of!

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Ok so I’m 15 and I’ve been masturbating since I was about 5. I practically do it everyday. Mostly every other day. And there’s nothing wrong with me. I just kinda wanna stop since I’m in a serious relationship with my girlfriend.

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garyslackjaw, thanks for explaining about the site not allowing the word. I’m new here, and was just getting pretty worried about no-one being able to spell it…;-)

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in no how u can stop!!! stop being soo horny!!! all u sickos r downloading 2 much xxx stuff!!! get a life!!!

Answer #17

always engage yourself in work or studies then you wont feel mastrubating again. just divert your mind.

Answer #18

Dude mastrubation causes bent in shape of penis it reduces our sex power and the hardness of the penis will be gone and because of this we can’t satisfy our partner Stop mastrubation and live a very happy married life. you have taken a good decision by quitting mastrubation.

  1. Don’t watch porn so that u’ll not get excited.
  2. When u’ll get excited just leave thinking about any scene just go for a jog or divert your mind.
  3. The best way to divert your mind is just go for a drive or ride or walk out side your home which means you can’t get excited on road.
  4. Never be idle or alone at your home lonliness will make you think to mastrubate if you are alone at home just read a book or watch a movie not (porn) watch a comedy movie which will not bore u.
    5.During cold days wear an underwear which will be helpful to control your excitement. 6.Never sleep in the position when your penis touches the bed. 7.Don’t play with your penis which will excite u. 8.Don’t watch scenes that makes you very excited.

For every reader there is an advice that mastrubation does not reduce your stress never mastrubate because of it your penis nerves get dead it get’s dead because of the heat in your hand the heat in hand is more than the heat present in vagina.

DISADVANTAGES OF MASTRUBATING: 1.Due to mastrubation your penis gets bent in direction 2.Due to mastrubation your penis gets dark in color because of using your hand using of soaps,gels,creams and lotion also causes darkness of penis if your penis is dark in color apply a cream BETNOVATE-N DON’T FEEL SHY (FOR BUYING THAT CREAM THAT IS NOT A SEX CREAM IT IS JUST A SKIN CREAM WHICH CAN ALSO BE APPLIED TO FACE HANDS ETC). which helps you to gain your original color of penis which is a skin cream dont be afraid by using it it’s just a skin cream. 3.Due to mastrubation your penis gets softer and it reduces your hardness of your penis due to which you cant insert your penis in vagina insertion of penis needs a lot of hardness which you had lost by mastrubation 4.Mastrubation in any angle is harmful using of hand or not using of hand is harmful. 5.If you don’t quit mastrubation you will not have a happy married life and your partner does not gets satisfied and she looks for other man. 5.Due to mastrubation you will loose your physical strength.

  1. Wear loose underwear

  2. If your penis is dark in colour apply BETNOVATE-N cream twice daily. 3.Never mastrubate. 4.Never get excited in bed or taking a bath. 5.When you stop mastrubating you will feel the difference with in one month your penis will become broader it will gain weight it will get it’s original color now you will feel like a man 6.And the nerves which was got dead will appear and you feel happy. 7.But after 1 month if you mastrubate you will go behind one month and all the changes will be gone. 8.Go for a walk daily which will exercise your testis.



Answer #19

Masturbation is not needed or necessary. If you want to quit masturbating keep yourself really busy, find out what your triggers are and do your best to avoid them. If things get bad go for a run, talk to someone (about ANYTHING else), take a quick cold shower, think of a positive uplifting thought. Do whatever works for you. Avoid pornography of any kind!

 I know this is not easy, but it is possible!  I know because I've done it.  And it was the best thing I ever did! I feel better about myself, more confident, and happier! You can do this!
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You are perfectly normal. Stop judging yourself. Familycoach

Answer #21

Attention HADES………agreed to some extent, that masturbation has some side effects but masturbation makes you dumb……….LOL……..seriously, If I wasn’t in med school I’d still laugh at that……..thats the stupidest piece of nonsense i’ve ever heard…….hahaha, you don’t jack off neurotransmitters or neurons……..get ur facts straight

agree with athletes shouldn’t do it especially the week of a big game/meet, it makes you relaxed, not because you need the nutrients because if makes you less agressive and docile……….

Answer #22

I THInk doing masturbation more than 2 times in a weak leads to various symptoms in ours body, firstly our male hormone TESTOTERONE ,this hormone will convert into DHT hormone if we do more masturbation. if DHT level is increased then it leads to BALDNESS and effects OUR KIDNEY ,,, hey guys and girls I am serious about this as I have experiend baldness because of this Increased in DHT level …SO please Avoid this BAD thing

Answer #23

Hades, your arguments against mastrubation sound like hysteria from prudish doctors of the 1950’s. It sounds to me like mastrubation is against your world view and you are grasping at anything you can find to backup your own views.

The most damaging thing about mastrubation come from kids thinking they are weird, unnatural, or perverted because they do it. It is far easier to get over mental hangups against mastrubation than to stop mastrubating

Answer #24

Im a girl and i do it all the time!

Its good for you, makes the blood flow round your body and more importantly, makes you feel satisfied! It’s a healthy, normal thing to do.

Some people choose not to do it for their own reasons and thats fine.

We’re human! You can be married and still enjoy your own sessions too, its just natural. If you stop then you wont be able to stop thinking about it and will probably make it worse! I’ve heard of people doing it like 20 times a day and they need help, your normal like everyone else :)

Answer #25

If this has somthin to do with fear of contact with a woman read up on sex…condoms and the like. and do things to boost your confidence so that maybe one day instead of masturbating u wanna hit the clubs or somthing meet someone and keeping busy is the best. when u think to urself “wow really need t’ ….(speaks under his breath)” just do somthing to decide and give urself crappier odds……flip a coin best 4 outta 7 like the NBA =) then ur thinkn about basketball and not masturbating see?

hope dis helps

Answer #26

Get closer to God he will set you free from that way of life =)

Answer #27

It is perfectly natrual and all I have to say is 3 times a week is not that bad.

Answer #28

i mastrubate 2-3 times a day and im 18. I think im addicted

Answer #29

Contrary to some of the myth like opinions here, “Jerking Off” actually causes the body to produce more testosterone and sperm. It’s a natural biofeedback mechanism within the body that constantly strives to maintain it’s homostatious, just as it does body temperature. I won’t go into the specifics but you can Google it and find out how it all works. Abstinance from cumming before an athletic event making you weak, etc. is pure garbage, an old wives tale just like jerking off will make you go blind. Taking Viagra might make you go blind but not jacking off. One might feel a little tired after cumming but having an orgasm is quite a taxing experience on the body but it’s only temporary, i.e. for just a few minutes. However, having sex before going to bed is a very good sleep aid. I once knew a H.S. football player whom jerked off every day and bragged about it, said he had to keep his pipes cleaned out. One day he was late for a game and when I asked him why, he said he had jacked off six times. Didn’t hurt his game any at all!! He was one of the strongest guys on the team.

Answer #30

Okay.. #1.. LOL I grew up a Jehovah’s Whitness! and this is frowned upon However.. Masturbation is found to be not only Healthy and good for your Heart! ( I don’t know many cronic-Bater’s that die of a heart attack. but know plenty of J>W’s that did!) This increasis metabolism and also “Clears your head of Bad Thoughts” ( I also know Many J/W’s who end up raping or molesting poor young Children! and it gets covered up!).. Masturbation is VERY healthy and in my advice you need to do it MORE! Get them “boys” moving OUT of your head.. Then you will be less tempted to go off and Rape some Chic Cause you’ll be all backed up! TRUST me I know this.. My Friends are mostly Male and those that Hold Back and try to do the So-Called Christian Thing end up hurting themselves and others in the End. Getting Closer to God Does Nothing but Make you feel Bad about yourself and A Natural Urge.. Okay Which would YOu Rather.. Wacking in a Towel or Getting some Chic Pregnant?(Which is often the Reason Christians Marry Sooo young.. they hold back for so many of their younger years that they are in ONE situation and that’s all It TAKEs to be Married to someone you don’t even Love! and then in the Christian sence you are stuck with that person for the rest of your life because of the Guilt Factor and that God frowns on Divorce, even if your in a abusive relationship.. I’ve seen it too much..) Or would you rather Get Aids or some STD!!! So buy a porn and Play with your knuckle children it’ll boost your metabolism and heart rate and will Relax you by releasing Endorphines.. Keep in Mind that Whacking a couple knuckle children now may keep you from making a horrible Mistake by doing it with someone you may regret later.. don’t Listen to the “jesus preached and bible banging” people They will die young of heart attacks and alone clinging to their bibles singing “You’ll get PIE in the Sky when you Die” and that’s a LIE!

Answer #31

Scientifically proven?! Hahaha! By which scientists?…the truth is there are pros and cons to everything you do to your body. Masturbation is normal for men and woman alike, however, it is stated in the bible that it is “a waste of seed”. This is “THE” truth and not “A” truth..((there’s a big difference in the definitive articles)) God created you semen to be fruitful and multiply, to enter inside of a woman and create life… (which is the most beautiful thing if you are married) God created “woman” for “man” to subside hie loneliness. After man completed every task for God, and he even had God…God looked down and saw that he was lonely so he “gave” him “woman” created from his own body. Not “hand” for “man” sweetheart. See nothing in this world gets by THE BIBLE. You have to know the history and the roots of everything. Check your bible, this is truth. However, we are humans and we do masturbate and no, that’s not abnormal in the world and you should not be judged for it. But you should know what your semen was created for and what God’s intentions were for it…TO CREATE LIFE. WE AREN’T SUPPOSED TO HAVE SEX BEFORE MARRIAGE AND THAT’S BIBLICALLY PROVEN. But if you read “some” facts, they say that sex is healthy and we have all of these articles, teachings, and sayings to encourage pre-marital sex. Let me say this, God doesn’t condone something just because the world has done so. He is still God and His word stands forever. THAT’S JUST THE TRUTH (BIBLICALLY PROVEN). Just like we are opening up to homosexuality and lesbianism does that mean God should??? No, and he won’t. He gives us choice, life or death… He won’t make us do right only encourage us to and give us the option and show us the way. Do I think you’re sick or hell bound if you masturbate? Not even! You’re normal by world standards and shouldn’t be judged just as homosexuals and lesbians shouldn’t be. The truth is when God formed you in the womb, He knew you. Doesn’t make it right, doesn’t mean im going to say anybody is wrong for anything, just says God is God! How to stop? If you want to? The same way to stop drugs… either find Jesus or find a hobby that feels good to replace that temporary fulfillment. When I want to do something like that, I write instead and its just as fulfilling! You’ll be okay, you just have to find your own way…


Answer #32

No offence but the advisors are all encouraging something that’s devastating to all us males. Sure there’re temptations, cosidering all the sexual advertisement and immodest way women dress today there’s no question why men wouldn’t be bothered about sexual thoughts. I may seem like a prude but I don’t deny that this is natural, some extreme ways would be to perhaps surgically damage those nerves that allow for erection and ejaculation.

“Sperms are produced all the time so it’s healthy to let it out here and then”

Ever wonder why men have tonnes of sexualproblems I.e. sexualdysfunction and the like??

Masturbating seriously has a lot of side effects, these include:

Weakened erections - Consider the difference in the handstructure and that of a hand, hand has muscle and bone, when you trust your penis against your hand your’re slowly tearing and wearing down the muscles in your penis. It wasn’t made to be thrust in a hand, it was made to be thusted inside a comfortable and soft, muscular vagina.

Chemical imbalance - Now this is a huge issue if you masturbate a lot and then I mean 1 once or more per week. The semen - (sperm + otherfluids secreted by the prostategland etc) does NOT regenerate to normal levels if you masturbate several times a week. Much of these nutrients, hormones and neurotransmitters are required by your nervous system and other parts of your body so that you can function normally. Side effects include reduced memory, reduced eyesight, headaches and if you’re an athletic person you will not want to masturbate at all, as your body requires all these nutrients to recover after a day of workout.

If you do not believe me (trust me I have been struggling with this for some time too) then you can just check with wikipedia or look up website related to sexual health. Why do you think they sell drugs for sexual enhancement? It’s because guys are messing up their biochemistry and suffer either in general health or in their sexual relations.

Personally I can just say that you should take some of the advises (as in how to stop mb) like try not being alone, don’t touch your dick and DON’t think about SEX or women, keep yourself busy.

But the bigger solution I guess is that you engage in a relationship, marriage etc. As it gets your more tired to have sex than masturbate and intercourse is so much more fulfilling than pathetic masturbation, you’ll realize that there’s more to love than just genitals. Some married men even get tired from when their wives want more as it can get tiring.

Anyhow good luck and STOP encouraging this - get married instead as it’s the natural way for this problem.

Answer #33

I mastrubate many times a day and it doesn’t stop me from focusing. It doesn’t make me have to go and whack it everytime that I see a hot girl. I don’t know where you got your information from but I saw a study that was done that proves that mastrubation is good for your body.

Answer #34

Just don’t damage yourself. Use a good lubricant like vaseline or k-y sensual silk, since they don’t dry out fast like water-based lubricants. They are thicker than astro-glide, so you get more sensation. (I didn’t know to use lube when I was 13, so I spent a lot of time with my tip scabbed over.)

You have to distract yourself. I all but stopped when in the military (age 17 to 23.) The more time you spend alone, the more temptation you will have. The better solution would be for you to marry young. That way, you & your wife develop together, becoming dependent on each other. When she isn’t in the mood, she could still be helpful if you were gazing on her when you did it yourself, so she knows your desire is for her, and not for other women.

If you go for basic, pure, Hebraic Scriptures, you can avoid the guild by realizing when a person has a nocturnal-emission, they simply washed themselves in water, and remained outside the camp until evening. Just try to focus on women in clothes, like swimwear or common undergarments. When they don’t arouse you, then lay off for a few days.

Three times a week is a good balance, since it keeps hormones flowing without causing your strength to be continually drained. Abstaining from release & meat cause you to become susceptible to impulsive behaviour, usually involving poor judgement, which is hurts your finances (phone sex) or your health (STDs.)

Plus, Rosie Palm your hand never says you forced her when she wasn’t in the mood.

Answer #35

Interesting question.

Can’t imagine why someone would want to stop though. It doesn’t harm anything, and is actually healthy for both genders to do this.

However; if you do really wish to stop altogether, just quit watching porn. Even most members of the opposite sex don’t find “pleasuring yourself” as offensive if you don’t do it while viewing pornography.

Here’s an interesting fact, if anyone’s interested. For men, Masturbation can actually cause arthritis of the knees if done too often.

Answer #36

All this is so stupid. If you stop masturbating for one week then you will not feel the need to masturbate again. Anybody who disagrees with this has definetly not stopped masturbating since they found out how.

Also, don’t look at porn, avoid movies that have explicit content, and keep yourself busy, don’t sit around doing nothing.

Answer #37

some of these answers are retarded and too opinionated. Masturbating is normal at your age the testosterone is flowing this urge is completely normal. We are animals and have sexual urges, masturbating a s great way to relieve this drive. If you stop you may notice a climb in stress, not that I’m emphasizing you stop. Some people masturbate every day more than once, everyone is different. There is nothing wrong with it. Unless you dont want to and wish to control yourself then its just ‘will power’

Answer #38

P.S. Probably the best way to break this habit is to find a girl or wife to do it for you. It’s a very difficult habit to break once you’ve conditioned yourself to experiencing this intense pleasure, esp if you are looking at some type of visual aids while doing it.This can develop into a obsessive compulsive behavior. Find a girl who enjoys giving pleasure to a man and somone who isn’t squeamish about how she does it even if she doesn’t always get the same satisfaction in return. That is to say a girl who gets gratification from simply giving her man pleasure and not always requiring the same pleasure in return. Many women are like this and will do things just to satisfy their loved one but “always” be ready to return the favor. It can’t always be a one way street.

Answer #39

you must feel guilty because of a religious practice, right? Im a christain and I know that the only way were supposed to feel sexual pleasure without sinning is to be married and only sexual intercourse. Oral and behind sex (sodomey (spell check) ) is frowned upon by god, same with masterbation. I was curious once myself and I asked my pastor at my church when I was younger and they said it was bad!

Answer #40

Masturbation is a sin. Jesus says that immoral thoughts about someone of the other sex are just the same as committing adultry.

But I do understand, it is tough. I’m struggling with this issue at the moment. I managed to give it up for about 2 weeks, but now I’m back to doing it every day.

DON’T GIVE UP! Remember, God will never tempt you more than you can withstand. If you feel temptation coming on pray to God that he’ll help you not give in straight away.

Other advice: -get your computer some sort of filter thing that blocks out sexual sites -go to the toilet lots -if you are the last one in your household awake- go to bed -read the Bible and pray before you sleep -find a Christian friend to keep you accountable, get them to follow you up how you are going with it. -when you stuff up, don’t feel guilty, remember Jesus has taken the penalty and start concentrating again on not doing it again -focus on getting closer to God

But it still will be tough. I’ll be praying for all my Christian brothers around the world to continually strive for purity. Pray for me too please.

Answer #41

Hey guy’s, mastrubation is bad, it has been proven that the capability of focusing is reduced after mastrubating ( within a week your brain starts to refocus, but till you have your full focus potential it’s 2 weeks-6 weeks). When your mastrubating and feeling good that is when all these chemicals spinn in your brain, you feel good and your body gets used to it = you get addicted, it has been proven that addiced people are have significant mental problems not to ignore ,then on the pro side all your blood gets pumped through your body, which reduces the chances of a stroke. But is it worth it to be mixed up all your life, being addicted, not being able to control yourself when you see girls being f**ked or a hot chick at a party or the beach, having to go to a WC and jerk off to satisfy a strong tingeling feeling throught your body. I don’t think so it’s a 10m. of extasy and day,weeks of not living your full potential.

Answer #42

if you quit it 4 a week you do six times the next week,seek someones advice,it will do you good

Answer #43

Why would you want to stop? 3 times a week is very normal if not below normal. Masturbation is very healthy, it keeps your sperm healthy because you are constantly producing it.

Answer #44

I used to m@asturbate 3-4 times a day but then I learned the error of my ways and that I was pulling my way straight to hell!

I confessed my sins straightened things out with the big man upstairs and found out i wan’t alone. Father O’Neil confessed to me he too gets those devilish urges in his lower extremitys (penis). We put our heads together and came upon the obvious solution of rubbing each other off.

The moral of this tale DO NOT M@STURBATE!

Get an elderly priest to do it for you.

P.S does nobody else think its a joke that this website wont let you use the word m@sturbate, i mean isn’t this the standard English and polite way of saying w@nking.

Answer #45

I think the OP is pulling our leg, yes? No? I would love to know why you want to stop please tell us?? to me, its as bizzare as saying you want to stop drinking water? is it because someone made you feel bad about it? surely it’s only a problem if it interferes with the rest of your life- like if dont have enought Time left to do anything else, or you cant meet your parters needs.

I’m an attractive, fun and healthy female. I love mastrubating (no asterisks here- because there’s nothing wrong with the word, either!) Wanking (or self- pleasuring as its now commonly called, to remove any negative or guilt connotations), is just delicious, as we all know. I do it as part of lovemaking with my hubby and (more often) on my own.

Answer #46

dude your a guy why stop? isnt it natural all my male friends have a wank once in the mornin and once at night lol

Answer #47

I have a friend who masturbate 3 times a

Answer #48

you dont need to stop, three times a week is nothing if anything, try doing it more times a week

Answer #49

u can stop by

  1. getting closer to God
  2. not being alone
  3. not looking pics or movies that give sexual enjoyment.
  4. always be busy (if you dont have anything to do, watch a movie etc.)
Answer #50

The “advice” on this thread is appalling, inaccurate and harkens back to the middle ages! A little light reading would help everyone. Masturbation has no side effects. If you do it dry (I.e. no lubricant) you can irratate the skin, causing the area to become sensitive. That is it! Everything else is hogwash! I am 32 and masturbates twice daily. I am not a sexual deviant, a voyeur, exhibitionist, etc. I am not in a relationship at present and instead of shagging everything on two legs, I choose to get off by myself. Sure when I am in a relationship that number dwindles. But even then I don’t stop. Please people wake up and smell the coffee! THE GREATER MAJORITY OF THE WORLD”S POPULATION MASTURBATES! Masturbation transcends race, gender, age, religion and sexuality. Nothing wrong with you, keep it up!

Answer #51

There’s no proof whatsoever that carrying on the way you’re going will do you any harm. Many doctors actually believe that masturbation is healthy. I wouldn’t worry about it if I were you. It won’t kill you, even if you do it five times a day! Just remember, millions of people have done this often. If anyone tries to make you do something you don’t want to do, tell them to take a long walk off a short pier!

Answer #52

lol guys coming from a girl.. I know it’s dangerous if you do it too much it can have realy bad effects but I’ve seen guys that masturbate a lot but nothing happens to them.. so tips is get a girlfriend or boyfriend (if your gay.. and if your cute that’s a shame), or just don’t watch porn

Answer #53

Like it’s been said before to similar questions, masturbating is normal and healthy and you shouldn’t think you have to stop. You shouldn’t feel guilty or wrong. Everybody does it whether they admit it or not. Plus, it has been proven impossible for guys to stop once they learn to masturbate; the battle is lost - so relax, don’t worry too much about it, and have fun :)

Answer #54

Keep it flowin…its the right of every male to wank rahul just like shahrukh khan in kuch kuch hota hai. but anyways its like workind days a week…5 times a week is good but after that its overtime, whichs not bad sometimes either and ofcourse u can wank on week-ends more than weed days lol *week days as its perfect time to do it. Chak de!

Answer #55

its normal get over it.. male or female its very very very normal ok… some people are just idiots.. now one more time say this to yourself as many times possible…its normal its normal its normal

Answer #56

dont stop masturbating lol, 3 times a week id not a lot, you shud play every day

Answer #57

Perfectly normal

Hurts no one

Cant catch STD’s

And as an added bonus, IT FEELS REAL GOOD!

Go for it!


Answer #58

btw the neurological part ur talking about is estradoil which is derived from free roaming testosterone in the body…….

functions of testosterone(b4 conversion into other substances):

  1. sexual 2). Agression 3). masculinity 4). muscle growth and subsequent strength

hope this helps

Answer #59

since you want to stop, try to get into the habit of looking into girls EYES when talking to them. When not talking to them work on NOT looking at them.

Answer #60

If you lay on your arm untill it goes numb then it feels like someone else is doing it for you (:

Answer #61

your having fun without another. whats so bad about that? its healthy

Answer #62

That’s like saying, “don’t drink water because someone over there is thirsty.” Masturb*tion is healthy! Especially if you don’t have a girlfriend or anything

Answer #63

ha I learned this through my mom who is a nurse people…masturbating three or more times a week is healthy and prevent prostatic cancer

Answer #64

this is all a load of crap!!! I am a 21 year old female who masturbates twice a day maybe more!!! it’s perfectly normal!!! don’t let anyone make you feel that it’s something to be ashamed of because it’s NOT!!!

Answer #65

omg thats nothing i do it so much, i really do wish that i didnt have to do it so often, im a girl and i do it when ever i get the chance. it really is annoying im sick of being so horny all the time

Answer #66

Get closer to God he will set you free from that way of life =)

Answer #67

my boyfriend masturbates about 12-14 times a week compaired to him you dont do it much

Answer #68

I hope that God is upstairs laughing at all you people saying that you’re going to make your self sick and on top of that go to hell. It’s normal. It’s Healthy. And no one has ever died from it or gotten sick. You can’t get any STD’s from doing it. You can’t get anyone pregnant either. And if God didn’t want us to do it, he would not have made us the tools. Don’t listen to someone that is just trying to hide behind God because it makes them uncomfortable. Really if you want to bring God into it, you have to think that HE has a sense of humor because HE made those people able to talk and think that they know what they are talking about. I’m 20 also, and you know what, I have neither died, gotten sick, or gone to hell, and I very much believe in God. SO don’t stress buddy, because stress can make you sick, and there are worse things to stress out about.

Answer #69

dont trust the people saying its a danger to your health, visit they have answers

Answer #70

so master of disaster is it good for you or no?

Answer #71

Masturbation is a natural thing to do…and at your age, it’s practically expected that you would do it!! and I don’t feel that 3 times a week is ‘wrong’ or anything like that…you are human, and have these needs…Just don’t make masturbation such a habit that you cannot enjoy sex with another person…but at your age, 3 x a week is not wrong, or bad, or anything like that…Religion may be OK for some people, but it’s not for everyone…we were given these desires and when they cannot be fulfilled thru intercourse with another person, doing it yourself is the next best thing…please do not feel any guilt…if you were doing it 3 times a day, then that would be a real problem!!!1

Answer #72

masturbation is GOOD for your health. it increases endorphins and relaxes you, it can also make it easier to sleep. there’s nothing wrong with three times a day- just be careful, you don’t want to start chaffing or whatever. haha.

Answer #73

3 times a week isnt that bad but if you want to stop then keep your mind on somthing else and if you feel like masterbating, just remeber how it felt to BEAT the URGE. but the bible does not prohibite masterbation & it actually keeps you from having sex

Answer #74

God, you blokes are crazy. Going for extended periods of time without sexual relief impairs your reproductive organs. Each time you don’t wank, your testes die, a little. Also, christfans, the only people not allowed to whack it are Jews, Levitican law isn’t a christian’s responsibility.

Answer #75

It’s a healthier option than having irresponsible sex (and possibly becoming a father when you’re not ready for it) or marrying the wrong person just to have a sexual outlet.

Answer #76

wow…this really created a conversation!!! I don’t think its bad…just dont make it your world. there is much more to life, your self, and relationships than orgasms. thay are good so keep it up but once you find a woman, who needs your palm?

Answer #77

I think masturbatiing more than 2 times in a weak will give you baldness as there is a male hormone know as TESTESTRONE this hormone on increase will DHT LEVEL IN our body,which leads to decrease in hair develpment ,,,I haved experiened it as avoid it guysss

Answer #78

thats not bad…I mean… iy..and its just because your going thought something right now so…keep it up..I am right now too…and oral

Answer #79

Hey I do it like 3 times a day…and im a chic…shucks im going to do it right now!!! lol At least you arnt doing it with random people!!! That spreads disease and seeds!!!

Answer #80

…oh for those days again. Wait ‘til you’re my age and you sometimes don’t even want real sex more than once a week.

Answer #81

yea im sure it made his penis bigger, are you completely stupid. its perfectly normal for everyone to masturbate, girls do it just as well as guys. just dont be over doing it more than a couple times a week

Answer #82

I know how you feel, im a 17 year old male and I masturbate like twice a day almost every other day, I tried to stop by juss not thinkin about it, it works after a while but in the end your like ah wtf?!, and your going to start doin it again, juss be busy all the time, do hwk, or work on sme projects or juss go out and have fun, make masturbation the least you can think of in your mind and u’ll be working urself out lil by lil…

Answer #83

Just ask JESUS to come into your life & to forgive you of all of your sin`s & to cleanse you from all uncleaness in your life.You must get saved & get in a good Bible beliving Church to help you learn about God & Jesus.Pray also. Every time you want to do this thing call on the name of Jesus & get your Bible in your hand & read it.

Answer #84

If it’s just 3 times a week, it’s nothing to worry about. If masturbation starts taking over your life (daily routine, activities, hobbies) & you do it constantly throughout the day, THEN you need to get help. But until then .. keep masturbating. lol.

Answer #85

Don’t worry about it, whatever some people said, it is not a “bad” or “good” habit and certainly it won’t harm your health or your mind. These ideas have been proved old fashioned for long. I’m really surprised that some people still believe in those old wive’s tales. It’s 2008 ¡Please! If there should be a God, certainly he’d be too busy to care about what you do from the waist down and it must be insulting fom Him, the All Mighty, that those who pretend to be their servants degrade Him to such stupid task.

Answer #86

just control it for a week, you’ll manage it after that. keep yourself busy

mastrubation reduces the balance of mens orgasms comparing to female orgasms, so the wife or girlfriend will look for other man., beware Guyz. STOP mastrubating be healthy, be aggressive, boost yourself by keeping your blood for you, give more to girls by storing rather then loosing them

Answer #87

My vote is to not worry about it.

If you follow a religion that condemns mastrubation you will either have to find a way to not mastrubate, change religion, or go through life feeling guilty all the time. The last one is what most people do.

Most 20 YO males mastrubate frequently; generally as often as time and privacy allow. Mastrubating daily or even multiple times a day is not injurious and 20 year olds have short enough a refractory period that should a sexual opportunity occur having mastrubated earlier in the day usually isn’t a problem.

There are good reasons to mastrubate. My wife notices this when conditions keep us from being intimate for several days. When I start snapping at her she says that I have ST or semen toxicity and suggests that I take care of the problem.

Many men get noticibly irritable after several days without an orgasm.

Mastrubation can help men avoid premature ejaculation.

Mastrubation can help women discover what feels good and what is necessary to climax. Once she figures out what works she can teach her partner.

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