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How to survive a breakup

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How to get my parents to turn on the AC?

its almost 90f in my house! im dying and my parents still wont turn on the ac! they have a baby too and i dont think it healthy for a baby to be sitting in a sauna for a house!? its also humid out side and i have a cold with ahsma and this heat and hum...


Tried to commit suicide afraid to tell my mum

Tried to commit suicide and afraid to tell my mum!
I love her and I dont want to worry her but im not happy and I cant stand life anymore!


Were you spanked, and how?

I used to get spankings, until I was about 16, from my Mom. That was five years ago since the last time she did it. Actually, I don't think it was a bad thing, looking back, though I hated it at the time! She usually (not always) spanked me bare bot...


How can I convince my mom to let guys in my room?

Yesterday, I asked my mom if I could have three friends over (two boys + a girl). She said sure so we all headed into my bedroom (door open) + my mom called me downstairs + told me to make them get out of my room. I was sooo embarresed. It wasn't like ...

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Spanked as an adult.

Does any one get spanked who is over the age of 18 and still lives at home.

About a year after I moved back home after college, my mom became fed up with my immature behavior and temper tantrums. She informed me if I was going to act like a child ...


If you grew up in the seventies did you get spanked or not?

Is there anyone out there who grew up in the seventies that didn't get spanked?

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Can my parents force me back home if I move out at 17?

i'm going to turn 17 in just 5 more weeks, i have planned to move out with my friend at an apartment, i just want to make sure that my parents won't be able to to anything, like force me back to the house. can anyone tell me????


how can i make my parents stop spanking me?

I'm 14 and it doesn't happen that often but i hate it so much and i feel i'm too old for it. Any other 14yo who is still spanked?


am I too old for a spanking

im a 13 year old boy who still gets spanked over my mothers knee when im naughty on my bare bottom I think im to old but mum dosent

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Why should girls be spanked untill an older age?

Hi my name is sara I am 16 years old, I live with my parents and two brothers, age 14 and 15. Last week when I had a fight with my oldest brother my mother gave me spanking but my brother was only grounded and had to do extra chores as punishment. I ak...

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Nana Died

My nan died this morning and im really upset, Its also my friends birthday party today for her 16th. I dont whether I should go, My Family are telling me to go and enjoy myself and help it take my mind off my nans death.
What do you think I should do?...


How can I treat my mother better?

I live in a great neighborhood with a family anyone would want to have. The only problem is me. I always screw things up by making my mom cry or just being a complete idiot. She's a single parent so she works all day and is really stressed out. When sh...


How do I tell my parents that I smoke?

how to tell my parents I smoke?

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Why is my Mom forcing me to eat?

Hey guys,currently on liquid diet.So everyday I drink cold water and some other cold drinks.It is also because my tongue swell up.But my mum keep forcing me to eat.And she know that I cant.She say when I got better and I gotta eat at least porridge.But...


How to cope with my Gramma's death?

hey can anyone help me I need help coping with my grammas death. she is not dead yet but can't talk anymore and we think she is going to go in the next little while. if anyone has anyhting that can help me pleasae tell me


What if my friend's Mom doesn't like me?

Well I guess my Best Friends Mom thinks I take advantage of her. Her Mom has NO clue what are friendship is like if she thinks I take advantage of her. If I am such a bad friend why does my friend want to hangout with me all the time? I know Im a good ...


What should I do when I don't feel comfortable around moms boyfriend?

I don't know what to do anymore . I feel super uncomfortable around my moms boyfriend . I feel like he's always trying to see me when I'm changing in my room after a shower . The reason or that is because my room is right next to my moms and my door do...


Why do I have this dream ? Why am I such a B!tch .

The thought of mym mom or dad or Grandma or brother dieng makes me cry ,but I alwasy wish my mom wilL die and I sometimes treat my little brother bad and when im done it makes me cry and feel bad because I know that I cant live without them . I always ...


telling my neice she has a sister

okay so in feburary my sister had another baby.
She showed up drunk to givr birth
And she denied its even hers
She denied that the fathers the father and she lied toour whole family about it.
She doesn't want anything to do with the kid.
The baby is 4 ...


My mom is so strict!!!

My mom is so strict she barly lets me leave the house without makign a million rules or watchign me! I tell her to stop btu she doesnt understand, it is hurtign ym reputation. How can I get her to stop withouth getting her pissed off?


What do I do after losing my Grandpa?

my grandad died yesterday. just typing that I start crying.. jesus. I miss him so much, and havent stopped crying since
he was the most amazing man,
always so kind and made jokes when he was in hospital,
spent allot of time there but died at home .
he ...


Is it ok or not?

Is it ok for a 14 year old teen (thats pregnant) to move in with a 17 year old.(the dad of baby)???

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How normal is it for a sister to let her brother see her naked?

I've got a friend who apparently lets her slightly older brother see her naked when is like in the bathroom or changing clothes and she thinks its normal, so I decided to make this question on here to show her that it really isn't normal. Do you know a...

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