What's so bad about Wicca Practice?

Do people who practice Wicca go to hell?

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give me a break, you act as though no one but people who believe in the bible know about it & go to church. I know about the bible & have been to church, that’s why I’m not a believer!

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I mean feminine & masculine deities actually. The egg & the rabbit symbolize that, it’s a fertility holiday. & In my defense I’m a lousy speller. I thought the holiday was spelt different from the Goddess name, like I said, I can’t spell worth crap. I actually type on a word check then cut & paste it to the response box. Things that the spell check doesn’t know you usually get wrong, lol. “it is from a celebration of life and rebirth, the passing of winter and the coming of spring/summer.” I temporarily forgot about that part, thanks for reminding me I guess. I need to start studying this stuff again to refresh my memory, lol ^_^’

I never heard that about the winter solstices like that. & I Just say witches to simplify things a bit, though I know I probably shouldn't.
& supposedly there's a document that gives the birth of Christ.

Wasn't the ancient Germans once apart the of the Celts? Though yes they did sever at one point. I recall reading a few passages in which it claimed Celts made the original cross. But hey, could be wrong, I will admit. The cross may very possibly have more than one origin. 

I realize the Celtic & such are not as ancient as cave men. I was referring to the Paleolithic beliefs that derived from cavemen really. 
I do realize it has evolved. The "one true God" was made from an Egyptian man you decided to combine all the Gods & Goddesses into one & call it the one true God, rather than worshiping varies deities & it went from there(just to say in short).

"Mary was pregnant with someone else's child", I'm not claiming that because I never heard of that 1 really. No, the females on her side of the family were literally prostitutes & wh0res.

I thought I put gospels, I guess not. But in truth(when you think of it) it's more likely that he was a little brat as a child than not & grew up to be a wise man rather than being pure all through his life. Knowledge can't be obtained without innocence being lost. Most if not all of wise men & women(least that I know of) were little brats & wild children that misbehaved & grew & learned form their actions. & I never claimed the heathens' gods to be saints. They were human like & vain a lot of them. But it would make since for them to be like that since it's believed that humans were made from god(s).

 You have a point there. 

Devenchi myth??? I don't recall ever seeing or hearing about that in the Devenchi Code, I look into though.

or rather the craft, witch derived from that word, but it didn't become a religion till modern day, or rather a few decades ago, least from what I understand.

I didn't know that 1 either, I look into it also.

I'm not Wiccan, & I can't be anti Germanic for I'm at the least 50% German.

I heard of that before though I never tied it together like that.(wow I've really slipped on my mythology in the past few years -_-) 

I actually put the k in magick to decipher the magic an illusionist does & a witch(etc) does, not to be cool or anything else. Actually I find that those people don't ad the k they just use it to replace the c. I don't remember who oringally did that, though. I think it was Crowely. Just to let you know though, I'm not found of him, however, I believe it to be a good concept.
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If it’s from the bile then it will be. Even if the bible is the word of god men created it, so no matter what it will be.

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blah no. and besides if your into wicca you would know there isnt a hell. I did it for a few years, im not so much into it anymore, but it is fun and interesting!

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I take it you have nothing left in your arsenal to fire back at me, warmheart?

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Satan does nothing as “told” by God. He has to ask God if he can do anything. All the results eventually bring a glorious result to the Lord. God wins and you know the end is glorious because of your biblical knowledge as preceding above.

Reread John again for the first time.

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there is nothing bad about wicca practice…the religion of “christianity” is just scared of being caught takeing some of the ideas that is why they put it down and make it seem like devil worship…

Answer #8

B.I.B.L.E. Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth. A Book inspired by the Living God who created it THROUGH man. God used men to pen His Word starting 4500 years ago and it took them 1500 years to write it. No man could have dreamed up such a masterpiece which still instructs and is relevant to everyday situations.

Back to the Wicca thread: We are given, from the start of time, knowledge of good and evil in our hearts. Steal and you know it is wrong. Do good and your heart knows it is good. When our brains catch up with our heart, we have the connection that God made in our soul to trust in His way. Many good things do work, but they are not of God. Such are the sugar coatings of satan’s deceptions as silverwings and orion (Bless her soul) talked about earlier. Those ways point to US saying look what I did.

All glory goes to the Father. We are just His servants trying to be obedient and running the good race for the crown. He has already prepared a place for you, if you accept His calling. How good it will be to hear those words, “ Well done, good and faithful servant” when that will be the start of forever, looking directly into the face of Our Creator, revealing every second of every minute of every day, what, and Who He is. And they all said Hallelujah! Imagine being flat on your face for a hundred years worshiping Jesus and then getting up the courage to look up to Him and ask HOW did you change my heart?

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Jesus is the way, the truth and the life, no one comes to the Father except through Him. If Jesus is asked to come into your heart, reign there, and you want to serve Him wholeheartedly, and you’ve asked Him to forgive all the sins past and present, you believe He died for your sins, was resurrected conquering death and that He is God The Father, The Son and the Holy Spirit, and this is done sincerely, then by all means, heaven is guaranteed!

No one on earth can ever take that simple message or act of faith away from you, NO ONE, NOTHING will separate you from the love of God in Christ.

There are many branches, but straight and narrow is the path to righteousness and wide is the path to destruction.

I have been asked “What is the motivating factor in your life?” It is the fact that I’m going to heaven and I’m taking as many as I can.

Nothing magic about it. Just as He called me, and at THAT time, I listened or I guess HEARD Him for the FIRST TIME, it was another miracle performed.

He is calling all of us and is singing over each and every one of us on this earth, all at the same time! Pretty amazing, “Follow Me” is all He asks.

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Believe me, No wiccan’s don’t worship the devil or such things! Yes I am a wiccan and I take part in witchcraft.However, 1. A common misconception is that you go to hell (Like you’re question)and wiccans-regardless of you’re religion (respectfully)- Don’t believe in a hell. Also, On the witchcraft side which brings me to number 2 is wiccans can control whom ever they want and the specialize in black magick. OK no Less than 0.1% Of the wiccan population uses black magick and only 0.1111% use it to control people. Wicca is a nature based religion and therefor they use there magick to betterment of themselves and the people around them. Also, self-defense black magick is way different if someone is coming at you with a gun and you have a spell to make the gun misfire or to incapacitate them is purely self-defense and even still 2.565% of wiccans have to use it! So no wicca is a largely based on nature and such. Hope I gave helpful insight. Happy Samahain everyone!

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Sorry it is seen that way, not in a real bible church, though, where God’s Word is not watered down.

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There is nothing wrong with Wicca…as for those who have said that Christianity has been around longer than wicca…shame on you…there is a reason that it is called the “old” religion. It predates any kind of Christianity…check your history. The first church was Catholic. If it was the first religion then why is there no mension of it in the Middle Ages?

Also…THERE IS NO DEVIL IN THE CRAFT. How can wicca be evil if there is no devil in it. If God created the Earth then why can’t the whole world be the church?

One last thing…If you fear something try doing a little research. You speak of “gifts from God”. Isn’t the ability to speak with those who have passed a “gift”? If everything comes from God then so does that.

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people GROW UP!!! it all depends on what you believe we can all tell you yes or no till we’re blue inthe face NO ONE KNOWS what truly happens till were dead so just believe in whatever or you can find out first hand by doing it then dying

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No, REAL Christians have nothing to do with wicca, the Bible clearly says not to. And really? we took the ideas? Christianity has been around much longer than ‘wicca’.

Answer #15

is wiccans can control whom ever they want and the specialize in black magick. OK no Less than 0.1% Of the wiccan population uses black magick and only 0.1111%

No they don’t. Wiccans don’t practice black magick at all so they don’t specialize in it.

Answer #16

Ezekiel describes the loathsome one starting out as a perfect creation by God. He had God’s covering and was beautiful and full of wisdom. This anointed cherub, the highest ranking one at that, was full of pride, and iniquity was found in him.

The wise and beautiful cherub was so full of himself, he wanted to be God. Trouble is, he had blemished beauty and corrupt wisdom. Not only that, he was brilliantly stupid and hideously fine and would be able to even deceive the very elect.

Of course, this person, whom God did create, turned out to be Lucifer.

In Genesis, Revelation and back to Genesis, then Ezekiel, describing a snake talking to Eve. We know snakes don’t talk, never have and never will, but Satan talking in the form of a snake, deceived Eve and she ate fruit from the tree of good and evil. An apple perhaps? Not quite. As Hosea says, it was the fruit of lies: what we want to make of things, trusting in ourselves instead of God.

I ask myself, how a pure and perfect God can do such a thing, but our thoughts are not His thoughts and we can not see the whole picture. As the account unfolds, there is a perfect plan exposed. Living under the Levitical law was impossible, so God made it possible by turning law into grace, summing up the whole law by living under two commandments. Love the Lord your God and your neighbor as yourselves. Those two encompass the whole law. He says, let me show you the most excellent way. If you love, then you have everything. You want what you have. Infants are excluded, they have innocent hearts even though they are born into sin. Ever watch a little one fuss, they’re either hungry or wet and it is all about me. Feed me, hold me, etc. God looks at the heart of man.

NOw a days it’s all about money. 5 mins of preaching, hours of advertising thrown in with some song & passing around the bowl about a dozen times. That is TV.

Satan is able to deceive the very elect with his craftiness.

Answer #17

How was Satan able to defy Him so easily? Just as easy as we go about posting differences. I believe this and you believe that.

On men writing the Bible: Nowhere do they say, “To the best of my recollection” as does the book of mormon which is purely man made, therefore I cannot capitalize it. “My recollection” is purely a “me” thing. How did you change your so young a heart to defy? Whoever makes a child turn from the Lord has done them so wrong. Was there abuse that is pent up and raging loose here to those who follow Christ as being…brainwashed?

Satan can never do good. He is always seeking to destroy your friendships, your family relationship, your (if you have one) relationship with the Lord, and your life. How many different boy/girlfriends a person has is just a set up for divorce(s) later in life!

But wait! If there is no relationship with the Lord, he already has you and is not worried. TRY to turn to the Lord and see the fight you will have. He will want you back in the most deviant way. It is spiritual warfare everyone deals with all the time.

Living for the Lord is not easy, I’ve been there and still am… forever. Accepting Christ, God can look upon each person who has, and He only sees Jesus covering for us, in what He did.

And who inspired Shakespeare, Einstein, Michelangelo, Aristotle, and you to be able to pen your thoughts?

And your last sentence– great!…where did common knowledge originate?

Three weeks ago, a young man was involved in a pickup wreck with three others who were all thrown from the vehicle at 4:30am when they were returning home from a party 90 miles away. College town. Nathan was the most severely injured: bashed in left side of head about an inch deep and two inches wide along his head, broken pelvis and shoulder. His parents were told to come to the hospital for his seriousness. The doctors put him in a drug induced coma. He now has a metal plate below his left eye and numerous stitches and pins required to make him whole again. Five different pastors prayed over him, besides his loving family, and when he came out of the anesthetic, he immediately called out seeing his mom there, “ I love you mom.” Nathan has been home for one week. He has been going to therapy and calls it boring because he is pretty much normal.

Another miracle the doctors accepted. They were just instruments of His Grace and they knew it!

Answer #18

Yes, men wrote the bible so it may be flawed. & yes, people can write such master pieces, Shakespeare wrote moral stories in such a language surpassing the bible. The Brother’s Grim collected moralful stories of what to do in life, how to live, & such like that. The bible is malicious & treachery. The idea of an all loving God is fairly new. It even quotes in the bible that God is a man of war.

& how do you know God was the one inspiring him? It could of been Satan. You don't know for a fact that it was God, if there was anything at all, inspiring these people. Don't say because the bible says so, of coarse the bible would say so, that's kind of a "duh" response. Don't say "because I can feel it deep in my heart" that can be dismissed as delusion & there's no way to prove that, it's just a gut feeling that may very well be wrong.
It's just a book that has you brainwashed into thinking there's an invisible man in the sky watching you every second of every minuet of every hour of every day of every week of every month of every year of ever decade & so forth. & if you do something he doesn't like he puts you in a place full of smoke & fire for all eternity, but he loves you. That would be like me putting my child in the oven with "mean evil people" to torture them because they did a "no no", but "I  love them". Don't try to justify it by saying we have free will & we sinned, what would be the point of making some one you know is going to turn against you? uhh...just to condemn them to hell? If you say "well maybe he knows us at first then he has to test us" then he wouldn't be all knowing, & he would be flawed like us. Which brings up another question.
If we're made in the image of God, wouldn't that mean he's flawed like us? If not then wouldn't that mea we're not created in his image?
& another question I mean to ask in the second paragraph put couldn't gracefully fit it in, if God is all powerful then how was Satan able to defy him so easily? As we all know, without evil there can't be good, & vise versa. For a being of pure good there has to be a being of all evil. So wouldn't Satan be just as equally powerful as God? Then how do you know for sure that God is going to win, it's a 50% chance of winning as well as a 50% chance of loosing, it's toss up. The again, didn't God create Satan? How could a being of pure good create a being of pure evil? Wouldn't that mean that God isn't pure good? 

& no, Wiccans don't take the credit of things they do good, they credit the God & Goddess. Like Christians they believe they were put here to serve, they believe to be the children of the God & Goddess. 
& pl who don't believe in higher powers & such usually don't take the credit, they dismiss it as something that should be common knowledge to do(helping others).
Answer #19

Okay, let’s get one thing straight at least. Satan goes by one name, & one name only, that be satan & nothing Else. Luicifer was mistranslated by simple minded people like you. Notice Lucifer appears only ONCE in the Bible. “How art thou fallen from heaven, O Lucifer, son of the morning! how art thou cut down to the ground, that didst lay low the nations!” …Isaiah 14:12. Lucifer literally translates as the morning star & is identified with the planet venus(Goddess of love in Roman mythology incase you don’t know). Use in context as in the passage it’s clear that Lucifer wasn’t being used as a name, rather a title. The author addresses the king of Babylon, Nebuchadnezzar. Isaiah it stating that Nebuchadnezzar is all high & mighty, the brightest star in the sky, & that being up that high is setting him up for a big downfall.

“St. Jerome, translating Isaiah from Hebrew to Latin in the 4th century, made the choice to use the word Lucifer, meaning “Light Bringer”, and not long after, Lucifer began to seep into Christian mythology as a fallen angel. By the time that Milton wrote “Paradise Lost,” it was well established that Lucifer was the devil–all due to a simple misreading.”

Exactly, GOD created him. Why would God create something of evil if he knew it was going to turn against him? Makes no since. 

Eve causing the fall of men, yes I know about that. Some say it's Satan, some religions in the holy lands will say it was Lilith. The story of Eve causing the downcast of men denotes the fall of the goddess & the rebellion of the feminine power. One reason was then why some males would accept it easier then females. If you do research on ancient mythology you'll see that once friendly & neutering goddess became malicious & brutal. Goddesses of power were married off to gods. It was during the time of the fall of the goddess, or feminine power, the masculine power became more widespread. Celtics & Druids were some of the only groups left that worshipped the traditional feminine deity. The makers of the bible sought to demonize the feminine deity & convey masculine power.

Again I emphasize, why would gad have to look into the heart of men, he made us. Why would he have to “test” us if he already knows us. Could it be seer amusement? Way back when Christians believed in condemnation, makes since when you think of it.

"Satan is able to deceive the very elect with his craftiness."
That's just an excuse. Satan is used as a scapegoat. Rather than accepting reasonability for their own actions they blame it on the devil. How pitiful. At least witches are able to accept responsibility for their actions.
Answer #20

Everybody should be able to follow and believe in what they want. Without having people come door to door and try and convert you. I went to a christian shurch and at the end of service they did and altar call. ( turn your life to jesus) and people tried to get the visitors to go up and get saved ( holy ghost, follow jesus) when they didnt the people said its the devil inside them . This is why I left christianity. Own up for your mistakes dont blame everything on the devel. I am converting to Judaism. We view it as wrong to be a wiccan. But hey I think there is no right or wrong religion. There is more than one path to the divine. If people had this mind set. a lot of the things (wars,crusades,holocaust,9-11) would not have happened.

BLESSED BE!! hehehehe

Answer #21

Either way, God is allowing Satan to toy with you. What kind of loving God is that! Again, How can God be pure good if he created something pure evil? How is it I be the one who needs to re-read? Perhaps you should I’ve read the bible & re-read it too many times Each time I re-read I find something more malicous & Again, you’ve failed to answer my questions.

Answer #22

I invite you to come out west and celebrate meeting the God of the universe in our church through true worship. Worship that starts with Sunday school and through songs and the sermon and fellowship afterward. He is calling you and singing over you, too! Not even I can help with a transformation, it is all done by our creator, He is the only one who will change a heart. If it is hardened, He will make it moldable as clay if you let Him. I am not your messenger and never will be, but soon there will be. TODAY is the day of salvation.

Answer #23

I don’t think many wiccans do black magic anymore. and the magic is more like a ritual. it’s not like many people go find “three peeled eye of newt” anymore. Just like christians take communion, there are a lot of rituals that are misunderstood. don’t get me wrong, I am not wiccan. but I have no problems with those that practice. I think it is just a different way of connecting with god. like I said… really misunderstood. thanks for looking out for me though, that’s really sweet.

Answer #24

I kinda believe that wicca do channel the (authentic) powers of god. they are not devil worshippers. They worship the earth and the power of mother earth (god) from what I understand. I think wiccans are very misunderstood.

Answer #25

Sorry you were burned. Many imperfect people try to find the perfect church. If you do find a perfect church, GET OUT, you’ll mess it up. Goes for me, too. The only good in me is Jesus.

Answer #26

What’s so bad about Wiccan traditions?

Nothing. Are Wiccan’s going to hell? From monotheistic religions like Christianity and Islam the answer is yes.

Other religions including the Wiccan faith would undoubtably answer no.

My question is can you guarantee you are going to heaven if you are Christian. Are you sure that your christian denomination isn’t a cult that breaks away from true Christian beliefs. My Christian friend from India was told not to get baptized in a church here in the U.S because her family thinks that these newer denominations out here are false.(This is not my opinion, I’m Wiccan and think there are many branches to a tree and that none is more important than the other.)

My question to Christians is are you SURE you are going to heaven?

Answer #27

Same as the spells that really do work through harry potter stuff. It is not of God, even if it is called white magic, natural healing, etc. God lets us choose what we want. It really isn’t free will either, because He has given us the ability to discern truth from counterfeit. If you have doubts about it…

There are even a few covens in our little town of 6200 and they are not just seen as harmless.

There used to be a sex shop on main street. The mayor said because of free enterprise, the town council could do nothing…Two years of prayers dried up the business and the house was razed. One down, one to go. The other is three miles out of town and they just announced a going out of business sale. This process has taken four years.

Answer #28

lol. Looks like everyone took my lines! ^^

But, the answer to your question really depends on who you ask. If you ask anyone who isn’t some version of Pagan traditions in some form, then yes… A Wiccan or Witch (Wytch) would go to a place of eternal suffering (Aw shoot! Let’s call it hell!).

But if you were to ask someone who practices some form of the Craft, what do you think they’d say? Any guesses? Let’s go with a “No…” for the sake of my sanity. Also depending on who you ask, they may tell you where they would go. Some would say that the spirit would move off to the west to a place called ‘The Summerlands’ or a Witchy version of ‘Heaven’. And, some would tell you about reincarnation… But if I have to explain that too, it’ll take another really long post that Circius would make a big fuss over… (She’s quite the hypocrite when she does so…)

In my oppinion, I believe that what I’m doing is completely justified. If you really think I can be damned by something that doesn’t revere evil in any such way, so be it.

But I know that what I’m doing is right. I’m not going to try to convert you, and I don’t suggest trying to tell me what I’ve already heard. If you really think Pagan traditions are so terrible, why not go ahead and get rid of the traditions that come around with your own holidays. So, no wreaths on the doors or trees to put presents under at Christmas. No bobbing for apples on Halloween. No decorating of eggs at Easter. And no Dancing around the Maypole on May first. (There actually are people not of a Magickal faith that still do that! I, for one, was shocked.)

We really aren’t so bad. Just take a few minutes to read up some of what we actually do with an open mind. You may be surprised at what you find. And if you think that you’ll be struck down for learning such things, then don’t.

Well, I got off topic, didn’t I? ^^

Personally, if a Witch/Wiccan/Pagan truly believed they’d be sent to such an awful place like the Christian ‘Hell’, I don’t think they’d have continued to practice. I know I wouldn’t!

I guess we won’t know until we die… Until then, there will always be more than one perspective and more than one answer depending on who you ask.

Feel free to funmail me!

Blessed Be!

Answer #29

Theres nothing bad about wicca and now wiccans don’t go to hell. There are different types of magik theres black magik white magik you know.IF you hex someone then for sure thats a bad thing hexing is like cursing. people do die from hexing so positive energy is what I think is recommended for you but you can do what ever you want

Answer #30

sigh I feel like being an dumb @$$hole right no so I will

Though Christianity has been around longer than wicca, Pagans are ancient along with Egyptian magickal practices & such. & yes YOU DID take OUR PRACTICIES!!! Halloween is SAMHAIN Christmas IS NOT the birth of Jesus, it’s YULE the winter solstice of the withes, Jesus was born in JUNE on the 4TH, THE CROSS WAS CELTIC, Easter was OSTRIA, a FERTILITY holiday, ever wonder where the coloring of eggs & the bunny came from? It was celebrating the union of the God & Goddess, & also celebrating the Goddess OSTRIA

Wicca me not even be a centry old, but ti’s candy @$$ magick inspired be the celts(no offence I swear) & white magick. Also, look up Maseen Sorcery it’s be around since the paleolithic times! Hmm…lets see, WITCHES ARE MENTIONED IN THE BIBLE, which is nothing but mistranslations & lies conjured up by 2 men who wrote under various pin names. Mages, sages, NATIVE AMERICANS(which the Christians slaughtered, plagued, rapped, & stole their homeland as well as BURN their homes, one of the reasons why almost all the MAYANS are extinct), & other such beings of the occult are far more ancient than Christianity sweety. The beliefs of the occult go back to cave men. Evidence such as carved skulls or even venues figures support that claim. Try doing research before you let something ignorant slide out your @$$.

As for Jesus, he never claimed to be a peace bringer, the female side of the family are literally prostitutes & wh*res, he’s related to king Solomon whom received 13 seals for “everything” BY DEMONS, he caused riots & mayhem & THAT’S WHY he was Crucified!! As a child he was a wild & a little brat. Read the gossip of Thomas. Oh, & one of my favorite quotes from Jesus-“Thou who does not have a sword shall sell his mantle & buy one”. He wasn’t the son of god, there was no son of god, it was mistranslated from Sun God into Son of God. & Jesus never died, he was put into a coma state. It would takes nearly a day if not days for people to die on the cross, he was only up there for 6 hrs, that would be less than pathetic if he died within 6 hrs & was the son of god. The shroud portrays that he was bleeding, DEAD MEN DON’T BLEED! Like I stated, he was put into a coma state. A plan was forged to save him & he got away.

“Do they do ‘black magic”? “

No Wiccans don’t do black magick, the REDE is against it. NO wiccan can practice black magick, if they do they’re not really wiccan.

Answer #31

megan, my friend. As your friend I’ll talk to you as such.

What do wicca do? Do they cast ‘spells’? Do they do ‘black magic”? Those types of things are not of God, but of Satan who want to trick you into thinking it is harmless. What you are playing around with is very dangerous. Turn from it while you still can. May God lead you.

Answer #32

No… Actually we believe in reincarnation… good or bad… unfortunatally for us good even the bad too. Good do not believe in harming innocent. We do protect our selfs from the evil.

Answer #33

warmheart said: “It really isn’t free will either, because He has given us the ability to discern truth from counterfeit. If you have doubts about it…”

Yes, that is right, God did give mankind the ability to discern truth from counterfeit, but it is our ‘free will’ which comes into play when we decide which way we ‘choose’ to go.

Answer #34

I also know that wiccans believe that anything they do to others will come back on them times three. so having good intent in anything they say or do is strongly encouraged. that clearly clashes with the devil worshipping, black magic, voodoo bs that some people associate with witchcraft.

Answer #35

to thex13thxchild :

*It’s Ostara not Ostria, and yes Easter is from her veneration however it’s actually from her English form Eostre, English Heathenism being a branch of Germanic Heathenism…Ostara is the German name for that Goddess.

*Easter was not “the union of the God & Goddess, & also celebrating the Goddess OSTRIA” it is from a celebration of life and rebirth, the passing of winter and the coming of spring/summer. It was dedicated to the Goddess Eostre/Ostara but we have no evidence of a male consort. Also the God &Goddess stuff in “Wicca” is an over-simplification and is quite detached from Germanic Heathenism (and even in many way Celtic Heathenism) that is not to say Mother Earth (O.E. Erce/Eorðe, O.N. Jörð…etc..) was not important, she was very important. It’s just not as simple as Wiccans make out.

*Yule is not the “winter solstice of the withes” (withes? I think you mean witches, however you may mean “willow”, “withe” being another word, from O.E. wiððe, which also gives us “withy”, whatever the case you are wrong). Yule was indeed a Heathen feast, again a Germanic one, it was known is England as “Giuli”, “Geol” or “Geola”, the last two being from the Norse cognate “Jul”. Father Christmas, the Yule Father or Santa Claus as he is known is actually thought to be inspired by Woden/Wotan/Odin in one of his old guises (such as Grimm/Grimnir) and the eight reindeers (Rudolf is not a “real” one but fakelore invented by a shopping chain) are “memories” of the eight legs of his mighty horse Sleipnir.

*”Jesus was born in JUNE on the 4TH” actually it is unknown when he was born but that is within the period he would have been born.

*”THE CROSS WAS CELTIC” actually many cultures had the cross. In Europe the so-called “Celtic Cross” itself is equally Celtic and Germanic, as it is actually a “Sun Wheel” the Ancient Germans associated it with Woden. The cross in Christianity is from the Roman torture/execution device, though it’s Northern European forms are based on Celtic and Germanic Heathen art forms (hence not only the Celtic nations but also England and the Scandinavian nations have a history of using that symbol). Please do not claim one origin for the symbol, even Native American cultures used similar symbols.

*”& other such beings of the occult are far more ancient than Christianity sweety. The beliefs of the occult go back to cave men. Evidence such as carved skulls or even venues figures support that claim. Try doing research before you let something ignorant slide out your @$$.” Yes but even Celtic, Germanic, Greek…etc… Heathenism are far removed from the Religions of the “Cave Men”. You yourself have been letting “something ignorant slide out your @$$”, especially if you think Christianity just appeared one day rather than evolving from the belief-system of primitive man. It is derived from the old Levantine Religion which had many God including El (the Christian God), Baal Hadad (considered a Demon I’m afraid) and most of the other Gods sadly considered Demons in Christianity. All Religions are ultimately derived from the same place, the Human mind, and though I believe in God I think he/she/it has been seen differently by different cultures with none being able to claim to be correct (though I favour Germanic Heathenism, specifically the English form. And also Hinduism…as I like Indo-European faiths the best)

“As for Jesus, he never claimed to be a peace bringer, the female side of the family are literally prostitutes & whres,” Evidence please? And don’t say because Mary was pregnant with someone else’s child and not her husband Joseph’s as it’s a myth and should be taken as such. So as far as it is concerned she didn’t do anything wrong. You don’t have to believe it but then the whole story could be completely made-up. Or it may have some truth. Who knows…it’s a myth (which doesn’t have to be false)!

*”As a child he was a wild & a little brat. Read the gossip of Thomas. Oh, & one of my favorite quotes from Jesus-“Thou who does not have a sword shall sell his mantle & buy one”. Firstly you mean GOSPEL not gossip. The Gospel of Thomas is as true or false as many of the other gospels and less likely to be true than some of the earlier ones (which I forget). All are myth’s anyway, you can believe whichever ones you wish. The Heathen Gods are hardly saints also (and I say that as a Heathen…it’s why I like them)!

*”He wasn’t the son of god, there was no son of god, it was mistranslated from Sun God into Son of God.” Erm, sorry? How would that work? “son” and “sun” are both English words and are unlikely to be similar in Aramaic or Greek, which is what the original Gospels were written in.

*”& Jesus never died, he was put into a coma state. It would takes nearly a day if not days for people to die on the cross, he was only up there for 6 hrs, that would be less than pathetic if he died within 6 hrs & was the son of god. The shroud portrays that he was bleeding, DEAD MEN DON’T BLEED! Like I stated, he was put into a coma state. A plan was forged to save him & he got away.” Is that from ‘The Da Vinci’ code, what is your evidence of this, or even that the event of Jesus being crucified actually happened? Again you are believing a myth (odd as it’s nothing to do with your religion but never mind) others may see it differently. Also I don’t see what is so pathetic about being crucified though as a Germanic Heathen I know Woden went through a similar ordeal (though for a longer period of time).

*””Do they do ‘black magic”? “

No Wiccans don’t do black magick, the REDE is against it. NO wiccan can practice black magick, if they do they’re not really wiccan.” What is a Wiccan hardly any Wiccans seem to even know the origins of their faith never mind what they should do to be a Wiccan…Wiccan is an incorrect word anyway that makes little sense…It’s like calling a Witch a Witchan…

“Wicca” was the Old English male form of “witch”, the female being “wicce”, their craft/art was “wiccecraeft” (“witchcraft”).

Rede is also from an Old English word and survives in Northumbrian and Scots English with the meanings “counsel, advise” and “council” and “advice”. It was in Old Englsih “ræd, red” (advice) and rædan, redan (advise, explain, read) and was the element in such names as Rædwulf and Rædwald, Ælfred. As may be obvious the Standard English “read” (as in to read a book…etc…) is also from this root.

“Wicca” sure steals a lot of it’s terminology from the Germanic peoples (mainly English) doesn’t it, odd how most “Wiccans” are as Anti-Germanic as they are Anti-Christian. Please try and claim it’s all Gaelic derived, that’s always a laugh!

And as “Hell” is Germanic (yes Christianity does take a lot of Germanic concepts also) is from the Germanic Goddess and Underworld (In Norse she was called Hel and her home was “Hel” or “Helheim” ) I’m not sure whether “Wiccans” would go there but I doubt it would be because they practice their “faith”. Also Hell was not thought of as a purely bad place, hence Balder (the most “good” and “sinless” of all the Gods) himself went their ready to return to Middle-Earth (OE. Middengeard, O.N. Miðgarðr) after Ragnarok (“Gods’ End” or “Gods’ Twilight”).

P.S. It’s M-A-G-I-C, I’m fed up of that cheesy M-A-G-I-C-K spelling teenagers use to seem cool (which is exactly what it is). By the way the word (in both it’s spelling and mis-spelling) are from the Biblical Magi anyway, though it is from the O.Pers. Magush (and thus Indo-European), but why use it anyway? It was popularised by Aleister Crowley and his ‘Thelema’, however he could be little weird at times and had very little to do with Wicca.

Answer #36

I see you ignored half of my questions & gave a petty attempt to do psychiatry on me. You must of failed that class if you took it.

The angels are the followers of God, no where does it say that they have free will. & How can the devil be pure evil if he was supposedly made from a being of pure good? How can God be good if he creates evil? 

I form the light, and create darkness: I make peace, and create evil: I the LORD do all these things. Isaiah 45:7

If God is not pure good it mean the Devil Is not pure evil. & I never said that the Devil did any good now did I, I suggest you re-read what I typed, & this time considering answering the rest of the questions. & how is he out to destroy the relationship of man & God? He’s just doing what he’s told by God. He cannot torture or test men without the consent of God. So wouldn’t it be God seeking to destroy our relationship with him? &(As I stated) why would God need to test us if he already knows us? He created us, nitted us together in the whom, knew us before we were born, yet needs to test us? Or could he simply be toying with us for his own pleasure? In the olden days Christians believed in condemnation but didn’t wide spread the belief out of fear of mass chaos. makes since. God makes a person that knows is going to be defiant & casts them into hell, yet could so easily change them without effecting free will, or not make them at all. He creates people that don’t follow him just so they can be cast to hell, what’s the point of that?

Hmm…god creates a place for sinners, in the bible every one is a sinner… So basically God creates a category called sinners, he defines it so that you, myself, & everyone else in the whole world, even infants fit into this category, & then casts them in an eternal place of torture for these people, let me know if I missed something.

& Again, How do you know God will win against Satan? They’re equal in power, it’s a 50% God will win as well as loose.

Imperfections in society inspired Aristotle, along with some Greek inspirations

Funny you bring up Shakespeare, he was homosexual When constructing his historical plays Shakespeare sought inspiration from a primary text called Holinshed’s Chronicles of England, Scotland, and Ireland. He also sought inspiration from other great authors. Also home tragedies inspired him, for instance, Hamlet was a play made in memory of his son He enjoyed exploiting human imperfections

It should be obvious that Michel Angelo was inspired by the churches, but then again what Artist wasn’t at the time? At the time he lived back then almost everything drawn, painted, wrote has to be related to the church somehow.

Einstein defied the bible so obviously not God.

Who inspired William Blake?

I was raised a Christian, I got out of it, I went back into it, there is no struggle. It’s all a delusion, there is no struggle. Either you believe it or not. I’m not so simple minded like most people. You’ld have to be simply brainwashed to believe the bible to be a “holy book”. It’s about Child Murder, Rape, torture, genocide, incest, tyranny, mass slaughter of innocents, slavery, killing pregnant women, mutilation, child molestation, infanticide, intolerance, cannabolism, hate. Have you honestly read it from cover to cover? The Hebrew god is a petty, mean spirited, vengeful God. He declares himself a God of war, he also declares himself a jealous God.

As quote from Your bible “..To Fear the Lord is wisdom”
–Job 28:28

“…for I the Lord thy God am a jealous God” -Deut 5:9

“For our God is a consuming fire!” – Hebrews 12:29

“He cast upon them the fierceness of his anger, wrath, and indignation, and trouble, by sending evil angels among them. ” Psalms 78:49

“Behold, the day of the Lord cometh, cruel both with wrath and fierce anger…” – Isaiah 13:9

“The Lord is a man of War!” Exodus 15:3

“The Lord will rejoice over you to destroy you” [Deut. 28:63]

“The righteous will rejoice when he sees the vengeance, he will bathe his feet in the blood of the wicked” [Ps. 58:10]

I have a link to an online bible under favorites that I refer to incase wondering.

As quoted from this one website I found: The insanely wrathful god not being satisfied with floods, fires and plagues, had to come to earth, take human form and kill himself to appease his own homicidal rage! The system is oppressive and filled with guilt, it is also of course filled with injustice and bad “lessons” We should not have to hate ourselves in order to be spiritual, and then “get saved”. We should not have to fear a wrathful god; being threatened with eternal torture. We should not tell children they are “born with a dark dot.” Any “relationship” with this conception of divinity would have to be described as “dysfunctional.”-taken from the truth about christianity

Hell, if I were to believe in any type of God it wouldn’t be the biblical! Perhaps Selene or something of the such, but that’s if I ever choose to believe in a divine deity.

As for God answering your prayers, it’s all in your head, literally. It’s all an = exchange thing. Everything vibrates(less the temp is at absolute 0). Your brain produces waves - &vibrates, what you believe in, you’re state of mind, your mood, all determines how you vibrate. When you want something bad enough you put enough energy into the thoughts & such it effects the vibrations, chain reactions, & there you go. Basically all mind over matter & = exchange. Look up the quantum theory.

Answer #37

Wth are you talking about? I didn’t get burned, if I’m thinking in the same terms as you. Do you not grasp half of what the bible talks about or what the preachers preach, or preached. NOw a days it’s all about money. 5 mins of preaching, hours of advertising thrown in with some song & passing around the bowl about a dozen times.

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