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How to survive a breakup

Getting over someone is hard. You've been dumped and the world is about to come to an end. Shorten the process and move on with your life with this free guide from Funadvice.


Why do guys stick there fingers in your mouth?

I'm curious why do guys stick there fingers in your mouth and what are you even supposed to do? haha I had this happen not to long ago and was totally thrown off.

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Crush's Girlfriend hates me. IMPORTANT!!!

Hey! I just need to ask why does my crush's girlfriend hate me. She talks about me, evn though I have been nothing but kind to her and her friends. I dislike her, but she does not know that. Her boyfriend treats me better than her, plus he acts super s...

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How to know if he's cheating?

How to know if my boyfriend is cheating and how to catch him!?!?! All the signs point to it but he doesnt seem like that type... And trust me I know the type!!! Help!!! How do I catch him and ugh I'm just so frustrated.,,,


Am I wasting my time with this girl?

ok there is this girl that I love a lot an care for but she has not called me in a week a in her past she has cheated on her ex dud that cheated on her an that was post to be the only reason why she cheated ok I thought well im not going to cheat so w...


Please stop pornography!!!

I think the porn films should be banned in internet. It is spoiling millions of children who are hooked to internet. Many children are extremely addicted to porn. What do you think?


Where do you like to go with your boyfriend/girlfriend?

What do you do with him/her?


Is it a bad idea to sleep with your ex?

Is it a bad idea to sleep with your ex?


dating a freshman

hi im anita im 13 years old and I started going out w/ josh on january 16 09.he is 15 now and hes a freshmen (9th) wile im in 7th.I only c him 1x aweek at da sk8park but we tlk on da phone a lot two we kissed Billions of times :)but sum people are sayn...


hottie with a boddie

I can't keep thinking about this guy who goes to my school. ever since one of my friends told me that he look's like some celebrity we're obssesed with.. I can't stop thinking about him!
I guess I can't say I like him, because I've never chatted to hi...

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My wife wants to bring a friend home...but I'm not so sure...

I have been married for 4yrs...we live together and everything is smooth. recently, she asked me if I wanted to bring another girl into bed... she works with this girl who is pretty cute... but I can't seem to decide if this would be a good idea or ...

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What does it mean when a guy calls a girl thick?

what does it mean when a guy calls a girl thick? is it a good or bad thing?

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what should I eat to make my natural juices taste better?

what should I eat to make my natural juices taste better??

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Do guys think about girls all the time?

k, so i'm a girl and i think about the guy i like, all the time. i just want to know if guys think about girls as much as we, girls think about them. sometimes i just feel like all he wants to think about are sports, but is he thinking about me all the...

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How to stop a cheating boyfriend?

My boyfriend of 2 years cheated on me over a month ago. I am so upset because we just had a baby. He has always told me he loves me and wants to be a family with my son and I. A week after he cheated he moved the baby and I to live with him in anoth...


I text him and I dont get an answer

my crush finally got texting last week and it was the kewlest thing 4 me. he txtd me all the time. for the past few dyas, however I txt hima and I dont get an answer. I ask my friend and she says that he txts her all the time. what does this mean?
is h...


Another love question...?

I mean like I asked before about young love..
I mean for me love means you cant stop
Thinking about that special person
And he/she is all you think about.
I'ts making sense now to me..
The guy I like (I think he likes me?)
Well he did tell me he ...


Can sperm get washed off by water?

Like running your hand under cold water? My friend took her boyfriends condom off and said while she did he could have sworn something got on her hand and she said she just ran her hand under water then went to the restroom. Is she safe ?shes on the pi...


what the heck is a BULGE?

OKay s0o I talk to thiz girl and she is into BULGE she showed me a picture of it and its like where a guyz D*** is located but I don't get what a BULGE its like like baseketball so if you know what that is tell me because I dont understand that

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What is your opinion on plural marriage's and should this be allowed?

Me and my wife watch a program called Big Love and while we love to watch the show, my wife says, why don't they have marriages of one women and multiple men. I asked her how that would ever work, I thought the reason for these types of marriages was s...


How do I stop fighting with my girlfriend?

I have a girlfriend and we have been together for 7 months now. We are always fighting. The littlest things will turn into huge fights and arguments. Everything. Everything. I can't figure out why.

I love her to pieces. I think she is the most beaut...


What do you do when your parents don't allow you to date?

=? Well, part of the reason is i've been homeschooled for most of my life('cept highschool). Sometimes i really wish i could have one =( Is there anyone in particular? Well, no. But i still want one =P. You know how ppl talk about dirty things in schoo...

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What does it mean if he likes pulling my hair?

sounds silly but what does it mean if the guy likes pulling my hair really hard and pulling my head back by my hair so he can kiss my neck? he also likes biting. kinky?!

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I still love him but he doesnt want me anymore

My boyfriend just broke up with me last night because he decided to get back to his gal who he has dated for 9 years and she's been cheated 3 times. I had a long talk with him and he said he doesnt want to give anything for me anymore because he has to...


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