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How to survive a breakup

Getting over someone is hard. You've been dumped and the world is about to come to an end. Shorten the process and move on with your life with this free guide from Funadvice.


How do you pop your cherry?

I am a virgin and I want to lose it with my boyfriend. But he has tried but it hurts too much so we stop. What should I do?

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How and when should me and my girlfriend have our first kiss?

I'm 14 and she's 15 and we're in the same grade at school. I'm her first boyfriend and we've been together for two months now and I really want to kiss her but we are both kinda shy about it. We are going on a one day camp with some friends in a month ...

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What can I use to pleasure myself?

I want to know how I can pleasure myself. I want to finger myself but my fingers dont go deep enough and im unsure of how to finger myself with anything else. I know to use something clean. any advice? my mom wouldn't let me buy a toy and im under the ...

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Show my cock on webcam...

I am 14 and on msn this girl always asks to see my cock, well her exact words are "get it out" lol. So I show her! She likes it but should I show her with a boner or not ? and also will she talk to her friends about it. She says its big (6 1/...

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What are the pantomimes of liars?

I heard that they're are 17 pantomimes of male liars and 19 or 20 for female liars. Does anybody know what they are?


I regret letting my boyfriend eat me out, is he grossed out by me now?

So last night my boyfriend told me that he wanted to eat me out, and I was like I don't know... about it because I didn't want him to be grossed out by me, and I'm really shy about down there because I'm a virgin. So we made out for a while, and then I...

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What are some naughty dares to do alone?

Hi I am a 14 year old guy and I need some good dares to do by myself when im bored and they need to be naughty.

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How to deal with our unhealthy relationship?

I dont have a healthy reletionship with my boyfriend; well so I am told. we cheat on eachother all the timee, we tell eachother that were going to change, but something always keeps happening. lieing, cheating, just things that shouldnt happen. BUT whe...


how to ride a dick

I need help on some new techniques

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How do you feel up a girl?

Im 13 and a girl is getting really horny with me and she offerd to let me feel her up but I said mayby some other time. But I really want to so how do I do it? Plese help

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How to moan on the phone?

When a boy asks you 2 moan on the phone what do you say what kind of sounds do you make when you moan would he like or not I want 2 kn0w how 2 m0an on the phone and what 2 say when I moan


What do I do while his finger is inside me?

Me and my boyfriend have been going out for 3 months. And I know he wants to finger me badly. He always tries to but I resist. I want him to but I dont know what I should do while hes fingering me. Do I just sit there and and moan or what? Please help ...

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How do you like it when you're being felt up?

for do you like it when your bein feeled up?

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He is calling me now

Okay, I asked you guys a question awhile back asking how do you know when your ex likes you and might come back. Well you guys said different things but overall you guys said if he wants to come back he will call you more and more. Well first I saw h...


What trick can I do to kiss my boyfriend?

What trick can I do to kiss my boyfriend

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Should I let my boyfriend finger me?

I am 14 and my boyfriend. said he wants to finger me. What is it? and what should I do?

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We're both married but in love with each other!

Ok so we're both married and totally in love with each other! Now what? He's ready to leave his wife, Im not ready to leave my husband. We both have children and have talked about us all living together. However this isnt his first time cheating. He sw...


How to transition from making out to fingering

How do you transition from making out to feeling up to fingering?

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Why do people pick on redheads?

Ok so my friend is a redhead and she has neva been out with a guy before..x
She blames it on her hair and freckles, and she does get the mick taken out of her sumtimes..x
She is not allowed to dye it..x
She asked me for help all I can do is get rid ...

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Can you finger a girl while on her period?

okay, so I just got my period today (friday), and me and my boyfriend are supposed to stay the night together, and he always fingers me.. but, can he finger me while I'm on my period?

help quick!!

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How to make a guy stop liking me??...

Okay there is this guy that really likes me but I dont like him...he sent me a friend request on myspace a couple of months ago and he lives in my area...I have never met him in person but we txt each other sometimes...I've told him that I don't want a...

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Should I tell my Boyfriend I cheeted on him...?

Oh, gosh... Ok, So, I'm kinda in love with this guy named Anthony.(: We're dating by the way, lol. Ok... He lives in Oregon City, and I live in Portland. Different School./:
So, gosh, I would go up to Oregon City EVERY weekend just to see him. I woul...


Our one year

Me and my boyfriend will be together for a year in about two weeks.
We are Juniors in highschool and I hate being like every other couple honestly. I believe were are a more mature couple than that.

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'Let's quit arguing'

The relationship I am in, is really confusing and complicated. When we are together we are always having fun and never fight or argue. But when we are on the phone we don't really talk, we kinda just argue. But when we are in person, we don't talk abou...


Is the seventh wedding anniversary a significant milestone worthy of an announcement in the local newspaper?

(read more) I see them all the time for 5, 10, 20, 30 year ect., But wondered if placing one for the 7th year would be out of place or look stupid.


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