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how to jack off

Hey I have a question for masturebating as a guy and for some reason I have an internet blocker that my parents put on my comp so I can't go to that site so maybe you could just flat out tell me good ways that you think are good thanks for the help



Girls who play video games--turn on or turn off?

ok heres the thing I like video games and I think theyre fun !
but I wanted to know if guys think that girls who play video games are
weird or they think its cute basically is it a turn on or turn off ?

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boyfriend wants me to give him head

my boyfriend wants me to give him head and I dont know how to do that and if I do it will be my first time doing that, please help me and tell me what to do on this situation. If I do give him head how do I do it? Do I sit him down and do it or have hi...

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Is it normal that he's still hard after he cums?

Not after s*x, but sometimes after a hand job or a bl*w job, hes still hard after he cums, Is this a good or bad thing? Why does it happen?
& he says hes the kind of guy who cums & then there soft & they cant get hard for about half an hour after, are ...


Can you finger a girl while on her period?

okay, so I just got my period today (friday), and me and my boyfriend are supposed to stay the night together, and he always fingers me.. but, can he finger me while I'm on my period?

help quick!!

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When do boys start cuming?

what age do you start cumming

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Should I try to keep my distance from this guy?

Ok, so the guy apparently likes me...but he wants one thing and one thing only according to few people that are close to him. They all say it's for the best that I keep my distance from him. The problem is I don't want to. I care for him way too much....


Will shaving your pubic hair make your penis look bigger?

Does it really make you penis look bigger if you shave down there?

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I Dont know if it was my fault?

I have just broke up with my boyfriend, he has been away for almost 3 months as he is in the navy, i loved him so much but we always argue and he says its my fault 90 percent of the time, he calls me names like i am a F#$king retard ect...and then i as...


Am I too young to be fingered?

OK so im 13 years old and my boyfriend want to finger me...I want him to but im do I shave..or not..and am I to young..I need helppp...

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My friend's funeral and my boyfriends birthday are on the same day

Please help me to do the right thing.

My friend, Nick Lewis died recently [07.15.08] due to a motorcycle accident and I had never actually seen him in person but we usually always message each other on myspace, chat on aim, and text on the phone, et...


How do I tell my girl that I love her in spanish?

My girl is mexican she speak english and spanish, I wanted to know how do I tell her that I love her in spanish. I know how to read it but I won't know what it mean. So if anyone can think of some thing like that for me to tell her I would appreciate i...


jack off

I jack off a lot and I got like bumps on my penis now I don't know what to do and how do you get rid of them please help

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Why do only fat girls like me?

Why do fat girls like me do you now why please help

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What, is she prude, or am I pushing her?

We have been dating for about a month, and on the first date we made out, and on the 3rd, I felt her up, I always ask her if stuff is ok, but she hasn't even let me see her boobs, and it's not like my hands haven't throughly inspected every inch of the...


How can I ask him out without ruining our friendship?

Ok so me and my guy best friend and were both 17. We dated when we were 14. We dated for 3 months. I was too clingy thats why we broke up. So now were like super best friends and like super close and everything. Like were always giggling laughin at eac...

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What is a good nickname to call a girl in spanish?

What is a good nickname to call a girl in spanish. I want to give my girl a nickname in spanish but I don't want it to be really long, so what is a good nickname.

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What do I do my boyfriend wants to see my boobs?

Kk soo my boyfriend and me havve been dating for almost 4 months its been 3 now and hes already felt my boobs but now he wants too see them his hands kept going to my lala a.k.a vagina he kept rubbing it I guess to turn me on but iunno this was happeni...

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Is a 34A cup too small for guys?

I just want to know how many guy's like girl's with big breste or small one's is 34a too small?(not that I care cus of guy's)I need a vote, how many guy's say small and how many say big?

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Why did he hit my butt?

Me and one of my guy friends were walkin to the busses together and he hit my butt and I said ow and I hit him and then he asked me was I going outside and while I was givin him an anser he touched my vagina and I hit him because I wasnt payin attentio...


How can I get my boyfriend back?

How can I get my boyfriend back?

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Thong vs. G-String

What is the difference between thongs & G-strings? Dumb question I know but yea...

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does being fingered hurt? what will it feel like?

my boyfriend of 6 months wants to finger me ..

will it hurt??

what will it feel like??


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What does it feel like to get fingered?

what dose it feel like to get fingered?

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