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What to do to a friend dieting, making me uncomfortable?

I have an friend dieting, she didnt tell me but I can tell, this is annoying and is making me feel uncomfortable when we have meals together.!!!


What to do about BFF

My best friend of 12 years doesn't answer her phone when people call her- she screens them in voice mail (when the mood strikes her) This is really starting to trouble me and affect our relationship, because if she's doing it to everybody else; I know ...


Why are my in laws are ruining my marriage?

June 6, 2007 my father-in-law drank a lot. He told me that I was a bad parent and proceeded to say terrible thing about my mom. My husband was there and never bothered to stick up for me. His father was trying to turn him against me and I couldn't bela...


How do I kiss my boyfriend for the first time?

how do I kiss my boyfriend 4 the first time. im 13 and havnt had my first kiss yt so I don't know how. his b-day is comin up and and he asked if I wud giv him a b-day kiss and I sed sure. I REALLY want 2 but I don't know how!! pleez help me

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Why doesnt my boyfriend act like a boyfriend?

We have been going out for almost three weeks now & we go out & stuff but he never acts like a boyfriend, he never holds my hand he hasnt kissed me or anything,


Should I call this guy who gave me his number?

While walking home from school this guy walked up to me asking for my name. We started to talk and he seemed like a really cool guy. He asked me if I had a cell or something so he could call me. He didnt have his cell on him so he put his number in min...


Who can tell me if Puerto Ricans have big penises?

This might be a stupid puestion but do Puerto Ricans grow long c o c k s if they do I'll be happy because I'm puerto rican.


is it ok to speak your mind?

I have my own ideas and the way I look upon things if I dont like what someone says I really feel the need to say what I think or feel.I dont disrespect others opinians and dont speak my mind if its going to hurt someones feeling.But I have done this i...


How can I get back his trust?

well all this happen after I gave birth. I get mad for a stupid lil thing. to get my anger away I have to hit my man. I brake up with him for stupidity but knowiin he going 2 beg me not 2 brake up with him. well I guess everybody well get tired of dis ...


I need to discuss myself

im a grown woman who acts like a child, I get into arguments that are oh so childish. I am the richest one in our family and I have snobbed them for years. I hung up no smoking signs in my house and shoes off at the door up until I found men to date an...


What is bothering my friend?

if you were good friends with a girl for almost 2 years and you knew she only wanted to be friends and you talked a lot but them all of the sudden she stops talking to me, replieing to email, texts and wont tell me whats wrong. she hasnt talked to me i...


how can i be more flirty this year?

i have a boyfriend thats in college and im gonna be a junior. im still with him and like him a lot but i feel like my whole high school life is being in a serious relationship. im not trying to cheat in any means.. just a cute flirt. im sick and tired...

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I want my ex-boyfriend back but he has a girlfriend...

Okay I had a 3 years relationship and I broken off with him for another man. For that other man during those 3 months of summer was, perfect. I mean he took me out boating, dirt biking and all those kind of fun stuff for the first time. I'm 18 and he's...


why do guys put their hands on others shoulders?

At school we've been cooking and whatever. So whenever these like 5 guys reach for something and I'm in the way, even when I move they put their hand on my shoulder and reach for whatever they where reaching for.

So is this something that guys do, I...


Black And White

Well, overtime I have noticed that young people ( teens ) only date people their race. Like, a white male with a white women or male, and a black male with a black women or black male.
Of course, there is a good amount of people that don't do that, bu...


Confused just a little bit

Um ok. My name is andre and I just met this girl named crystal 1 week ago. And we started to communicate and text each other for a while. Then her boyfriend got involved and he started to get jealous over me and her relationship though it was just a fr...


Do guys care about breast size?

do guys care about breast size? what sizes are nice?

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How do you uncrush/forget a crush?

Ok well its obvious that this is a crush issue lol but I majorly need some answers. Well I had a crush on this guy since the 7th grade, he seemed nice and well down to earth. Well now im in the highschool and things got more complicated, he got cuter a...


There's a guy I might like, should we just stay friends?

well theres this guy I might like but im not sure. He makes me smile and laugh and when he flirts with other girls I get jelous. I talk about him a lot. So much my friends think I like him. they tell me it too. I just deny it cause I dont want to belie...


How can guys tell that you have been spanked?

I go to a private school (sucks) and the teachers can spank yor there and at lunch a couple guys always ask me if I want to sit on there lap instead of the hard benches or chairs I guess im trying to say how do they figure out you were spanked an...

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Do you agree or disagree that it's ok to go through your partners phone or vice versa?

I know in my relationship my boyfriend hordes his phone and freaks if i even touch it, but he takes my phone all the time and goes through it like its his right. i believe it should be either equal i should be able to go through his too, or we both sho...


How do you finger a girl, and how do you get her wet?

How do you finger a girl?

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Why do I feel like I have to pee before I cum?

when I am near orgasm with my b/f it feels like I need 2 pee.. I have been told this is normal and that its what happens when girls c*m but it feels unconfortable and I keep stopping my b/f b/c I am worried and embarrased if I pee on him! I cnt seem 2 ...

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What should I do my best friend lied to me ?

My best friend recently told me and our other friend that she was raped when she was seven by an old friend of ours - we'd recently got back in touch with -- we're only 14 but I dont think I can forgive her, everyone in our school found out and she wen...


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