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How to survive a breakup

Getting over someone is hard. You've been dumped and the world is about to come to an end. Shorten the process and move on with your life with this free guide from Funadvice.


Can getting married help my man get out of prison early?

My boyfriend was just locked up for 6-8 months in prison... They have not found an institution for him yet, he is still waiting in the county jail... I heard that if we were to get married than he has a chance at getting some days takin of his sentence...


What should I do if I keep having flashbacks about my ex?

/: I try moving on but. how do I set my mind to the fact he used me ? HELP .


What turns on a girl?

What turns on a girl my girlfriend wants me too see if I can turn her on

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well there is this guy I think he is player but I really like him
well here is the story sometimes we talk but only in one period and in the rest I feel like I don exist for him but I like him a mean sometimes I can feel him staring at me and I loo...


What do you do when your hearts in a million peices

And the only one who can put it back together is the one who broke it ? When you love some one I mean truly love some one should it really matter weather or not you can see that person ? I am in love with my friends we r / where I don't know going to b...


Can you pop your cherry fingering yourself?

Can you pop your cherry fingering urself?

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I was raised to be proper and my boyfriend thinks its cute but all of the people I no say they dont want to hang with me because it gets on there nerves...I cant help it that I dont sware or lie.what do I do???


What exactly is the hymen??? Please help

Okey when I put a finger p my vagina I feel this circle thing and it has a whole its like a dime size and its bumpy what is that


Where else can I touch my boyfriend during kissing?

I'm 18. My boyfriend and I make out a lot. When we start, I'm usually laying on top of him. We start out kissing and then he'll pull my shirt up and start rubbing my back and stomach. A little while into it when we get pretty into it, we'll roll ov...


What is the best flavor condom?

what is the best flavor condom???


Why doent she want to miss me?

My girlfriend says to me evry now and again I think we should have some time to miss each other? Why dose she want this or dose she mean something else by it?


What do you do if you feel unwanted?

What do you do when you feel like no one wants you
like no one likes you
and no one wants to be around you??
I feel like that sometimes almost everynight.
I don't know what to do
I lost my best friend at the end of this past school year..she moved to P...


When a guy touches your Face means?

What does ti mean when a guy looks into your eyes, and stare for about 5-10sec and then touches your face, and kisses you? does it mean he likesu?


in love with thw impossible

im in love with my ex boyfriend ans cant seem to get over him h we still talk and he tells me he did love and well that he still cares,i need him to realize that im a good girl and that i really love him and im the one for him how can i make him realiz...

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I love this guy but his cousin is mean

I love this guy but his cousin is mean but I like him but ihate his cousin

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How to tell if a boy whos your friend likes you?

How to tell if a boy whos your friend likes you?

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How can I get my old BFF's to like me again, making me popular?

Okay, so in kindergarden, 1st grade, and part of 2nd, I was BFF's wth the 3 MOST POPULAR GIRLS EVER. And I was really girly. But then, we wern't in the same class so we drifted apart, and 3rd - 4th grade I tried to make my title TOM BOY. Not girly. Now...

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Does every girl finger themselves?

I read about it all of the time how these girls are fingering themselves and stuff but I just cant do it. Should I? I dont feel that comfortable doing it but I want can I?

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Pain in bellybutton area

Theres a pain in my belly button area whenever I urinate or stand up straight or stretch my mid male and 14 does anyone know what this is?

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I only can tell her how I feel if I write it down.

No I dont hit her its like I feel like I cant do nothinq right but I love her so much and I would do anything to keep her in my life she's my everything. But I have trouble with telling her how I feel cause I had my feeling played with so many times in...


How do I have my erection unrestrained during a lap dance?

When I go get a dance at a strip club I would get an erection but sometimes it is stuck there in my underwear or pants. I do not feel comfortable reaching down there and repositioning it. Is there a way to make it so that when it goes erect I do not ...


What kind of ways are there to pleasure yourself?

ok I'm a girl and what to know
different ways to pleasure myself?
anyone know good ideas that feel good?


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