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What happens if I cum when being fingered?

My boyfriend and I are planning on having him finger me. and I'm curious if I'll cum during it? Will it hurt? and what happens if I bleed?

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I am sooo pissed

ok I told my friend that a might be bi and what she said was oh umm really me too she makes me soo mad what should I do she keeps doing things totally opisite of herself and copying me what do I do

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I am in love w/ this guy but how do I get him to go out w/ me

I really like this guy and I have gone out w/ him a couple of times but it just never seems to work out.I need to catch his attension some way and get him to the point where he is totally crazy 4 do I do that?I really like him.

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How can I over come this fear?

Well im starting to like this guy but I just cant seem to talk to him and hes inside my best friend house and I dont know what to talk to him about??? Help me now plzzz!!!


Is there any way to convince my crush to stop smoking?

I recently found out that he smokes, and he's not ashamed of it. I've tried trying to make him feel guilty about it, I've tried telling him the health risks.. how can I persuade him to stop, I don't want him to throw his life away like that. His parent...


Am I being cheated?

I have a boyfriend who I'm in a relationship with for 9 days. Lol.
I know his msn password 'because he told me and I told him mine. And last night, he was talking to me on msn and then said he's really sleepy. So we said good night. But he was still on...


Is it love or just lust?

When you love someone and everytime you around them you kinda get horny .. does that mean I love them or just happy to see them? I am male and 16 ...

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Should I just forget about him and move on with my life?

ive been dating this boy for awhile now and last weekend he let one of my so calld friends give him a blow j** and hes just told me last night im glad he was ma enough to tell me but hes asking for a second chance and for me to forgive him and i dont k...


Why wont she forgive me?

I asked one of my best friends out after she told me that she liked me. She is 2 years younger than me and when my friends found out they spread a rumour that I was going out with her. I cant talk to her because everytime I see her I feel sick or like ...


Why cant I get a boyfriend or even a boy to like me?

I go to school and im nice and everything, is it because I'm ugly or flat chested or something? I'm shy and I don't look people in the eye unless I know them. If I'm walking down the hall at school I usually look down unless im walking with a friend.



What if I don't mean that much to my best friend?

my best friend can get on my nerves really easily. she really likes this boy but sometimes she doesn't. A week ago she hated him and this girl because were going out. now they broke up and she is in love with this boy and wants to be the girls friend. ...


The Next Step After Making Out?

Ok, well, my boyfriend and I have only gone as far as making out, but he wants to go farther. I honestly have never gone farther, I have never had a relationship where I was willing to, but the question is, what is the next step? He isn't really saying...


Somewhat Jealous

Do you think girls that have children between 18-21 ruin their lives? People I graduated high school with back in 08 are having kids left and right. I kinda feel jealous that they are having families and I'm in college, studying Japanese and Korean and...


How can you tell if a guy is hard???

How can you tell if a guy is hard??

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Married & In Love with another man

Hello please help me im 24 been married for 7 years and I have two little girls but for the last year I have been having an affair and im in love with this guy but I dont want to hurt my husband because I do care for him im so confused please help me P...

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Erogonist Zones??

Where are th erogonist zones on a woman? Aparently there are 7?
and also on a man??...


crush talking points...

every time my crush talks to me I'm completely like starstruck. I can't hold a conversation with crap once he starts. what's something I could maybe say to him to get the conversation going and keep it going?


How to make a girl nut

How do I make mf g/f nut

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Lesbians pregnant?

How are lesbians supposed to get pregnant if a guys semen is supposed to go into your vagina?

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stupid girl

so me and my boyfriend are fighting be I didnt mean to cause a fight, oops my bad. this girl ( a senior in high school) was talking to him on facebook so I texted him and was like ew I cant believe you talk to *** and he said I love that girl so I was...

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Trust or Not?

I found out my husband has a profile on lava life (the dateing website) He said that he made it when I broke up with him and then he forgot about it when I took him back. Should I believe him?


HELP me with my girlfiend please

im older then my girlfriend by two years and it was fine but now im in college and she is still in high school for another 2 years . I love her but I dont want to hurt her because she feels like we are going to get married and I dont really see it. I a...

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How do you know if your friend is pregnant?

How do you know if your friend is pregnant?

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