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How to survive a breakup

Getting over someone is hard. You've been dumped and the world is about to come to an end. Shorten the process and move on with your life with this free guide from Funadvice.


How can you tell if a guy likes you?

well basically I like this guy,and I was wondering if there is anyway that you can tell if a guy like you in more than just a friend with out him actully having to say anything? so please any advice will be welcome!!
thanks X


How do I make a girl eat cum?

How to make a girl eat cum?

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how do you get fingered?

I have a boyfrend and people keep asking me if I will let him finger me. I want to let him but im a virgin and im scared it mite hurt and he might not find the right place...I only think that because I've had trouble getting tampons you think i...

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How do I pick out of three girls?

Girl A -met her last year through aim friend gave her my sn and we are close friends we talk about anything and we botb turst each other and she told me im one of her closet friend ands she great and shes likes I would go if I didnt love him ( her x an...

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How do i kiss my boyfriend for the very first time?

right so my boyfriend(name changed to protect his identity) Nathan, and I have talked about it before so I know he wants to and so do I, but I don't know how. I want it to be special because im his first girlfriend and it'll be his first kiss so... hel...


Why does he always want to do this?

Every time me and mii fren are together he eventually tries to finger me. Why is this? Does he truly like it or is he trying to please me? boys please respond. girls you can too.

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How can I get her back?

I was best mates with this girl for seven years, then this other girl came along last year and completely changed her! I was friends with the other girl but then they both started going off with each other, leaving me and my other friends out, acting a...


Why am I so jealous?

You see, I have a friend and I feel she has all these great things happening to her. Things I want but I feel like I can't get. I'm homeschooled so I don't have many opportunities for a social life. I mean my friend has all these friends and now she ev...


How do you undo a front-clasp bra?

My new girlfriend always wears bras that do up at the front which has had me confused lately... I've never struggled with bras before and can easily undo them with one hand or two but have no idea about front clasp bras..

anyone got any tips on how to...

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Which finger does a promise ring go on?

I got my first promise ring and I'm super excited.
We haven't been dating very long so he was a bit scared to give it to me yet but it all worked out really good. I've never gotten a ring from anyone so I'm going crazy.

Can a promise ring go on any fi...

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How do I convince people its ok to sleep in same bed as my dad?

People think there is something pervy going on between me an dad because im always with him when hes not at work and I sleep in the same bed as him im stuck as I really love him

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I feel depreesed most of the tims I dont know why it just comes ramdomly or when I miss someone. I feel depressed right now feels like I lost everything I loved. and sometimes I feel like none of my friendss notice me, I feel ignored, and left out at s...


What does it feel like to get fingered?

what dose it feel like to get fingered?

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how do I tell my mum I think im depressed when were not talking ?

I have recently been through a lot, I had a miscaraige, which led to my boyfriend being abusive, then getting raped, which the police did nothing about, since then I have been raped twice more, which I havent told anyone, and have also lost my appetite...


why do some girls hurt guys so badly?

why do SOME girls like to hurt guys so much and torcher and put them in missorie and laugh at the guy like me when I cry they laugh at me and act like im a toy why is that

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Should I have an affair?

I have been with my husband for 17 years, he doesnt satisfy me in bed, do you think it would be hurtful if I had an affair!!! I am 34 years old, and only ever orgasmed twice!!!

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How to give my boyfriend an orgasm?

I have been dating my boyfriend for about 6 months now. We have been friends for 5 years. Lately I can't make him cum for the life of me. When we first started sleeping together I always made him cum but it did generally take a little longer then I was...

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How do you like to lose your virginity ?

its known that girl loses her virginity by a guy penis (normal case). so for you girl, with who you like to lose it ? husband or boyfriend ? and why ? :D

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Can you eat and kiss underwater?

Is it possible to either eat something or kiss someone underwater?


I think a guy likes me at school

I think a guy likes me at school...I am afraid to talk to him. What should I do?


How do you know where your turn on spot is?

Brests neck clit but??? Becuse my boyfriend and I are concerned about where it is

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What does it mean to keep dreaming about girls when I am a girl?

Okay so I keep having a dream about doing stuff wiht one of my frieds and irs not just kissing and im not bi or a lez im stright. I dont know what this means ? Can anyone help?

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You swallow it could you have a baby?

Cumms inside your mouth and you swallow it could you have a baby

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We're both married but in love with each other!

Ok so we're both married and totally in love with each other! Now what? He's ready to leave his wife, Im not ready to leave my husband. We both have children and have talked about us all living together. However this isnt his first time cheating. He sw...


How do I get my boyfriend to agree to sneak out and come see me. We've been dating two years and used to sneak out all the time. Now he wont

We have never gotten caught. He usually goes to sleepover at his friends and then his friend helps him sneak out to come see me. Idk why he won't anymore. How do I convince him to tonight???

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