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What do you think about him not hugging me?

okay get this, my ex bf was hugging all the cast at a resurant after the school play well, he came up to me and tried to give me one and my crush pushed him out of the way give me your comment what do you think


Won't answer my calls or texts!!

ok so the day before yesterday me and my boyfriend got into an arguement...and now he wont answer my calls or txts! what do I do??


When to get rid of her?

A lot of my close friends and I have been having problems with one friend(we'll call her Christie) of ours. All of us are always getting in fights with Christie. Three of us got together and were talking about it and we realized only the fights Christi...


should I give it another chance...

I was cheated on,played on ,and he wanted to reuse me...
and I have given up on love...
should I give love 1 more chance but not w/ the same loser?

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Why do nice girls always finish last?

I have always been the nice girl the one who is nice and friendly to everyone even the people who have not been so nice to me. Lately I been having this feeling that this is why I get taken advantage of by friends, is because im too nice and trust wort...

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What does it mean when a guy asks to talk dirty?

Well this guy keeps texting me on my cell asking to talk dirty. I want to know what to say without him thinking I like him. Anyone have any ideas?


Can you finger a girl while on her period?

okay, so I just got my period today (friday), and me and my boyfriend are supposed to stay the night together, and he always fingers me.. but, can he finger me while I'm on my period?

help quick!!

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Will we ever be together again ?

Me and my boyfriend broke up . He said we need a break for a while ; does this mean we will be together someday ! I love him & really want to be with him

Im 16 btw

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How to move on from a cheater?

I met the perfect guy in a summer program, or so I thought. Everyone knew we liked each other, and I thought things couldn't be more perfect, but then a mutual friend told me that this guy actually had a girlfriend back home. My first instinct was to ...


People talking

Okay well im 15 and it seems like everytime I turn around someone is saying somethin about me being a w*ore or about me havin a std (bacterial vaginosis) and its not really an std but then everyone at school is saying I have herpies and they sing std e...


Why do guys like lesbians and threesomes?

why do guys like lesbians and threesomes

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I met her online

I met this girl online a little while ago and well I've been talking to her a lot recently, and well she's so awesome. We always text each other, we always laugh 2gether, we always make jokes, and ya. We've seen pictures of each other but we've never s...


Does he still love me

I have been dating this guy for 1 year and 3 months...on saturday he went to go play dj at a party without me, because I didn't want to go ...on sunday when I went to his house his mother seemed mad ...sunday night we went to great skate but his eye lo...


Why won't my crush talk to me?

I have a crush on this guy and he knows I like him..and I asked him if he liked me and he said he still wants to get to know me but he does like we started talking and we used to text a lot...I only have gym with him and he used to say hi and st...


How to get my boyfriend to understand my sleep schedule?

me and my boyfriend been together for a while and I love him but things aren't going good. my boyfriend and I usually talk on the phone intill 2 or 3 am. and the next day in school I be sleepy and I dont finish my homework so I told him that we cant ta...


flirty truth or dare questions and dares

What are some flirty truth or dare questions or dares?


what does this mean Es verdad, Te amo mas?

In spanish what does Es verdad, Te amo mas mean? If a boy tells you this what does it mean?
and how do you say it back?


which should i pick?

So say you were in love with two people. One who can't step up but one that loves you an wont let go. Another who wants to marry you but you can't stop thinking about the one who can't step up. Who would you pick. The one who hasn't had the chance to y...


What do I do while his finger is inside me?

Me and my boyfriend have been going out for 3 months. And I know he wants to finger me badly. He always tries to but I resist. I want him to but I dont know what I should do while hes fingering me. Do I just sit there and and moan or what? Please help ...

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Can women feel the guy cummin inside them

Can women feel the guy cummin inside them during intercourse or do they feel nothin

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Does fingering hurt and what does the girl do during it?

I'm 14 and there's this guy that I really like and he really likes me too and we are basically going out. And so he said that he wanted to finger me and I have no problem with that, I actually want him to so ya.. but like a few questions:: Does it hurt...


When do I move on from making out to the fun stuff?

I love my girlfriend, but I want to get out of the "boring zone" as some call it, and on to ass grabing and fingering and things like that. And no im not some horny basterd weve been going out for three months

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Mad at me for no reason?

What do you do when 2 really popular girls in school are mad at you? They have no reason to be made at me I didn't do anything to them. My best friends think it's because they're jealous of me? Because my I'm really good friends with the boy one of the...


What to do about my boyfriend not trusting me?

What can you do if my boyfriend does not even trust me to go with my family for vacations?!
I love him and I know that I am not going to do nothing to harm him but he does not believe me! At times we are good but sometimes it gets hard because he is co...


What could I do

Well this happend today so you know my crush zach who is also my friend. Well I tolded my friend this rourmor in the girls bathroom that said she had a rush on him. So later she told zach and I guess he was okay. But I didnt know I thought he didnt wan...


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