My boyfriend is in Jail and I love him so much!!!

My boyfriend is in jail and I love him so much!!! He is the best man I ever cam e in contact with, he help me in school, He open my eyes in many ways. I feel lonley without him, he is facing 15 years in federal prision. Honestly he was and is my future… Help me my soul is gone??? He is the best thing that ever happened to me!!!

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hey hunie, I say stick by his side, he really does need you there. The guy I’m talkin 2 is doing time, he’s coming out soon. I tried so hard to forget him because he wud take his frustrations out on me, but thank god im understanding and ii caring, I think I’m in love with him. Truth is… if you really love someone then no obstacle can change those emotions!!

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Wow honey, I cant imagine how you feel…but dont listen to most of these people here, they’re so quick to judge you & your relationship…If you love him, you’ll get through this, it’ll be hard, but you will..Just keep hope & stay in contact with him…dont stop living your life, live for the both of you guys =] just wish for the best, and I wish you the best =]


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look if you love him wait for him, and if he loves you then when his out of jail you’ll be the first person he’ll think of!! my mum lost her soul when my dad left I know what you’re going through… if you love him belive that your love is strong and anything can happen!!! lovage and good luckxx

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it’s been 3 years is he still locked up?

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Hey girl! Thought i would write back 2 your question because i know how your feeling. My boyfriends been in jail and currently got relesed on tag. Since he has been out its been the best, but the other week when i was at college i recieved a text message saying that he has been locked up. Luckily he got out later that day but we have been talking and its very likley he will go back, he has court this upcoming wednesday. But if you love him like i love my boyfriend you need 2 think and make a choice i am waiting for my boyfriend no matter what but 15 years is a very long time depending how long he does. I hope everything goes well and you make the right decistion. x

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what the hell your screwed!!! good luck being lonely for another 15 years!!! LOL

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you can always wait for him I mean if you realy luv him then you will…

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I am sorry to hear that, thats what happended to my dad.. 10 years

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I think it depends what he did.

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ok why is he in jail? and if you love him then wait for him talk to him on the phone and if he gets any visitation rights then make sure your the first one there send him letter reassure him that your still there…

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My ex boyfriend is in jail too. Just stay by his side threw it all go see him as much as possible write send money and pictures dont let him think you forgot about him.

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I know you may hate it but you should find someone else cause what if you found someone else you may have feelings for

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I feel your pain my last boyfriend got a 110 yr sentence. he was my first love/boyfriend. it took me awhile to realize that he was gone and what we had could be no more. we still write one another but not as often as in the beginning. I have been writing for about to years.I have slowed down because its depressing in a way. but did he get fifteen years or is that just what he caould get he probaly will not even have to do all of them

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Well just forget him because he seems to be a freak. I think you should move on and find another person.

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well someone that has the same position
I am in my ex or whatever he is to me has been there for me for almost five years on and off even though we break up over stupid things we always end up back togather now my boy is only a minor he is in juvie for 90 days so it may be a bit different for us but not really I honestly think that you should send him letters to let him know your there for him and that you will be there for him when he gets out,, you have to think its very hard on him as well as you also scary I think it maybe worth waiting for him because im sure if you think about it how many other girls do you think are going to write him 100% none and then when he gets your letters he is most likly comming home strait to you! but dont forget him being gone for 15 years mabe very difficult because you feel like your not with him when he is being locked up so remember if you love him stay faithful not only to him but to your self ;)

take care and maybe some advice back would be nice

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WOW..what is he in 4?? but i know what it feels in love with a guy that has done so many things 4 me and i luv him so very my would depend on what he did..if it wasnt that bad.. i would wait for him..because true love can last 4ever wherever u are..

                                good luck and stay strong!!
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try to talk to him. this is a descion you two need to make together. who knows you both may still feel strongly for eachother. then again he may say it’s okay to move on. you just have to consider what could happen in fifteen years. where do you hope to be? if you think you will still be in love with him, then stay with him. if you don’t, then it’s time to move on. I hope this helps with your sad situation.

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ma let me tell you this rite now dont listen to anyone but yourself…my man just got out of prison he dis 4 years, we have been together for 6 now, and him going upstate just tested our love…if its ment to be than its ment to be! o and to whoever said that all they do in prison is get raped lol ma you have been watching way way way to much hbo my man spent 50% of his time in the box for fighting when he wasnt doing that he was reading, writing me letters drawing me pics, and looking at our sons sonogram (I was 7 months preg when he got locked up) my mans home now and him being upstate really just made our relationship stronger! and girl the sex is AMAZING when they get out lol

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you will have to dump him let him go even if you love him he can harm you when he get out because he can go sicodic so you take my word and dump him and it coming for a 10 year old who has a sicdic aunt that came out of jail

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well the only thing that I can say is if you reeally love him stay in it but if you feel like its not the rite thing to do then follow your heart

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My boyfriend got sent back to jail recently for a probation violation, and was looking at having to complete his original eighteen year sentence. The time he was away was horrible, and I visited him whenever I could. He got out much faster than anyone expected, and now that’s he’s back, things aren’t the same as they were before. We’re working on it, but it’s hard. People can change in a short amount of time, especially in jail, and if your boyfriend is going to be locked up for 15 years, I think you should break up with him. Write him letters, visit him, let him know that you still love him and support him, but try to move on with your life. If you’re meant to end up together, it will happen.

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I understand exactly how you feel. My man is in jail and will be for another year to year and a half and trust me I know its hard. It’s all I can do to focus on everyday life + stay here for him + hold him down till we get through this when I have so many other issues to deal with. But trust me, if you love someone you stick by them no matter what. If he’s the best thing that has ever happened to you then he will continue to be that, in jail or out.

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well so is my boyfriend too, serving 5 years we have a 3 year old son together, and even tough I do love him I feel like is along time so imagine 15 damn thats a lot… is like what about if I do wait 5 years and he comes out and it dont work out between us, is like a waste of time for me, so only time ca tell, I will still be there for him but will still do my thing and talk to other guys , you never know I might find the true one,,, and might not be him.

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Look here girl in the end it’s all yoor decition no matter what anyone says on here yoor the only one that really knows him my man is in and out of jail a lot he is now back in there for a little over a year and yes he has done some real bad things but I know he is a gd person and he would take back everything if he could I know if yooh love him enough yooh will stick by him and yooh will be able to handle it if yooh just keep on writing to him sending him photos and reciving his calls letting him know yooh still love him and yooh will stick by his side threw anything and when he’s out yoor love will be stronger then anything my man has tried everything for me he has been on the run many times for me damn longest hes spent out of jail in 2 years is 1 month he’s in there usally a week or 2 after he gets out and he’s only 18 he’s with the big boys now and it’s hard to hear the stories they tell yooh about prison its hard to hear about them getting beat but no matter what I will stand by him he wants to have a child with me when he gets out this time and he wants to change his life he has sworn he wont go back and part of me belives he will end up back in there but a bit of me is holding on to hope that he will stay out because it hurts me so badly that he’s locked up. but girl just pull threw hold ya head up high show him that yoor strong enough aye it will be worth it in the end and I garentee his sentence will be droped after a few years and he will be out on parole soon enough.

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Do what you feel is right for you. I have been with my boyfriend for 13mths now. We have been through hell together, but that hasn’t stopped us. He is now doing time. I’m not sure how much it’s going to be yet, because he can either make bail or serve time. Well, no one is willing to help me make bail for him so time might have to be served =[. He got sentenced yesterday. The messages he left on my phone after court were the hardest messages ever to hear. The only thing I’m sure of is that he loves me and I love him. I’m willing to wait for him. I wouldn’t be able to move on anyway. He’s my world. I need him and he knows that. We just gotta get through this and then work on our relationship and work on him stayin outta jail. If you love him hun, stay with him. You can do it. It is possible. My boyfriend has only done a few short terms, but they are still hard. Where there is a will, there is a way though. Keep your head up and if you write him or go see him, keep things positive. You don’t need him worrying about things outside in the real world while he is locked up. It will only drive him insane and make him depressed. Good luck!

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15 year is a long time, if you are young which im sure you are, you have your whole life ahead of you! Yes, love is blind..If you stand behind him kudos to you, but you never know what will happen in 15 years. You may find someone else and move on with your life. If he was doing 1-5 years I’d say oh yah stand by him! My husband is currently in jail, for bein stupid of course but I have stood behind him 100%..Standing behind you guy is a lot of work and its a very emotional roller coaster. My husband will be home soon hes only doing 18 months but its been extremely hard. From the worring, to the not bein able to see them to being lonely! Its hard and to make it worse I was pregnant with he got locked up and had to give birth pretty much by myself and he has YET to see his son..Think long and hard on what you want to do and like someone else said, follow your heart! Just because hes in jail doesnt always mean they are bad people, some get in with the wrong crowd and follow the wrong people and jail is what has to make them grow up and open their eyes! Good luck to you and I hope that it all works out for you!

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I completely understand what positon you are being faced with. my boyfriend stays in and out of jail CONSTANTLY!!! he recently just f**ked up,hit two police officers,and now he’s on the run. I love my boyfriend with all of my heart and I would NEVER EVER leave him no matter what. I know that he’s going to be in there for a while but im guna be here for him. you should INDEED stay with him. dont listen to what no one else has to say about it because your choice CONFLICTS on you and him…if you love him and would rather be with him than anyone else STAY WITH HIM. there isnt much that he can do for you while he’s in there but thats what bein in a relationship is…its now your TURN to show him how much you love and care about him by being there for him and sticking to his side. TRUST ME…in the end it’ll all pay off…and if it helps just think as if he’s on a vacation trip when you guys are writing and talking on the phone…it’ll probably make you feel a little bit better…so I mean yeah the BEST THING FOR YOU is to follow your heart…stay with him…he will LOVE YOU MUCH MORE for it…G00D LUCK!!!

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Do not let anyone tell you how you should feel because it comes from your heart not from what someone thinks. My boyfriend went to jail 2 months ago and he has 3 years to serve. It is nothing compared to 15 years though so I cannot say I entirely know how you feel. I lived with my boyfriend for 4 years and we brought the best out in eachother until one day circumstance led us into crime and we have become coaccused meaning legally I am not allowed to even so much as wave at him for 5 years. I believe if what your saying is true then your boyfriend is probobley a good man who just makes bad decisions. It is hard to move on espessially when you dont want too and it is extreamly hard to deal with the time frame in which you have to be apart from him. You should send him letters, visit him if you can. . show your support and share your feelings with him though do not make yourself seem as if you “ can not go on” because if he loves you how you love him he would not want to think that your life is ruined because of him. You should focus on you and do good for yourself so that when that beautifal time comes when you can be with him again then it will be better then ever!! I hope all works out well for you.

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Holy crap. I hope you read this. If not then I understand why you didn’t get to this. So, here we go again.

What I read is basically two things. One, stay with him. Or, two, leave him and move on. And, therein lies the dillema. I like the responses you got of “Girl you should leave him” and “you can do better” those things make me kind of chuckle. But, anyway, Federal Prison? Holy crap.

So, let’s make a pro’s and con’s list of if you should stay or if you should leave him. I’ll put some questions in this that you really need to ask yourself and answer yourself honestly because no one really can tell you if you should. Only you can decide this one for yourself. So, here they are.

Was it something really bad? Why do I really love him? Is he worth waiting for? Can I handle being without him for 15 years? Does he have a past of repeat criminal offenses and if so will he change when he gets out? (Probably not change) Do I really love him or do I love the idea of being with someone who makes me feel special? Does he work or does he live off of me? Has he ever hit me? (That one is a definite you should leave him) Has he ever treated me badly? Has he ever cheated on me? Has he ever lied to me about anything?

The reason I am not saying to leave him or to stay with him is because I know not everyone that goes to jail or prison is a bad person. Everyone makes mistakes. Sometimes it happens to end them up in jail. No matter what people tell you on here the final decision is really up to you. You can’t listen to people and some of the stuff they are telling you because they really don’t know what is going on in your life with this man and maybe it could have been a really bad circumstance. No one here knows that. All these people asking you what he did is really none of their business. But, some of the people asking are really asking to make a better informed opinion about how to best answer this question you have posed. But, go through that list of questions I posted. It’s something you really need to decide when you can think while you are alone. This is the next 15 years of your life we are talking about and a lot can happen in 15 years. Will you meet someone better? You might. Or, you might meet someone worse. Life is uncertain. So, meditate on this and do a lot of soul searching on this one. Hope you find the answers you’re looking for.

Answer #30

hey girl I understand exactly how you feel. one day my boyfriend was getting off of work and one of his cousin’s frends threatened him to get in the car with him..the police pulled them over and come to find out the car was stollen!! so my boo is duin time for that plus they had a AR Rifle in the car(and his finger prints were on it) and on top of everything he fit the description of another crime so he has some serious time to do. I know ma baby is nothing like that. he is sweet, caring, and anything I could ever hope for. he understands and admits his mistakes and he always writes me and calls me and makes an extra effort to talk to me even if it means having his family call me on threeway during their phone calls. if your boyfriend is anything like mines I suggests you stick with him. luckily for me I get along with his mom hella good and she keeps me posted on everything. if you have someone like that I think you should most definatly become really koo with them so you can be support for eachother. I am 16 and ii know if ii kn take it day by day with prayer and hi hopes you can do the same. best of wishes and luck!!

           - BriiBree <3
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Honestly hun listen to your heart if my man went back to prison I would still stay by his side no matter what. It shows comitment and loyalty. And people on here jumping to f*ing conclusions is ridiculous he could be in there for being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Girl keep strong and let your man knwo you love him always no matter what he did

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Hey dont listen to any of those heartless fucken bitches. Jesus christ 15 years is a long time, but you have to make the decision urself. Actually listen to them, but let it go in one ear and out the other, because the more people that tell you not to stay with this guy the more ull want to be with him. Fuck the world, you know what you got and you know wats going to be coming back to you. But think on the reality side too, 15 years can take a big toll on someone, it can make them bitter and depressed. Do you want to have to deal with that? Probably yes because you love him… but go with it girl… get back to me and let me know wats up with the situation now…LYLAS I know what your going thru!!! -Sunshine

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check dis out!! if that n!gga killed somebody or harmed sombody else…let that n!gga go because if he cud do that to sombody else he cud damn shure do it to you trust me!!! other than that I feel ware you come and from but he gon b there fo a good lil min so dont be scared to mingle wit new people but dont forget bout him if you really love…send him boxes write em answear his calls do what you gotta do.but dont let your self get lonely because of his mistake. and also keep in mind that if he really cared about yaw relationship he wouldent have did what he did ya feel me!! but do what feels rite k!! take care

Answer #35

I know it may seem like he really is your life but your life should not just be about your boyfriend or you are gonna lose focus on everything else. can you visit him in jail? just try to visit him and send him letters and stuff. he may not be able to see you that much but he will appreciate the letters. just chill out, you are gonna get through it. just have faith

p.s. for all of the people who are like “ you shouldn’t be dating a guy that is in jail anyways” PEOPLE MAKE MISTAKES!! so back off

Answer #36

This is an interesting post. I see the past started several years ago. I wonder how the original post person is doing? My thought is stay with him, see how it goes. If someone else comes along be open to that. May be then you will be willing to let him go. I agree with the person who said men have sex in jail/prison. Yes this is true. Also when the man comes home jail/prison they have all kinds funky weird skin problems, etc.

Answer #37

all you can do is write to him and try to be there for him. imagine how he feels hes the one thats is unable to live not you. do things to keep your mind busy try picking up a hobbie or go to school and try to build a career for yourself so it can be easier when he gets out. hope that I helped. fun mail me if you want anymore advice on this

Answer #38

My boyfriend just got out after 22 years two months ago. We were together from 1994 when we met until 1998. He was already in prison when we met. I went my own way for about seven years but got back together with him three years ago. I know how you feel, it’s a hard road. You have to make your own decisions, do what’s best for you. I love my man, he has a wonderful heart but made a bad decision one night which cost him a large part of his life. If you feel you need to stick with him then do it, only you know. If at some point you feel you may have to walk away that’s fine also he loved me enough to allow me to walk away, but when it was time to go back I knew what I had to do. I wish you all the luck in the world because like I said it’s not easy. If at some point you feel you need to go another way just remember it may not be forever. You may find yourself right back there with him in the Visitors Room, and it will be as if you never left. I know from experience.

Answer #39

hiye my boyfriend is in prison too and I love him to bits and im waiting for him but hes only in their for a yr and a half, 15 years is a very long time to wait for someone, if it were me I wouldnt wait, but if he means that much too you den wait, but it will be really hard mines only gone a week and im finding it hard without him, you should talk to him about it because im sure he would want you to move on and you writing in here just shows you have some doubt too but.. good luck any way hun :)

Answer #40

the only way you can really get through this is with the understanding that your going to get to talk to him on the phone, and see him like once a week. it’s harsh, its more like your getting punished then him. You need to keep on living your life. With 15 years… honestly I would come to an agreement with him that it’s just not fair for you for your just to stop livivng your life for that long of a time, but that you will always be there for him, even when he gets out.

Answer #41

I think its that you guys are going to have problems because its his fault for getting in jail for15 years. And you guyz wont be able to communicate at all. Why did he go to jail in the first place? He nos you are worried about him and you love him so why did he do something bad and go to jail? explain a little more and calm down.

Answer #42

I understand how you feel all of this is new to me i havebeen with my boyfriend for one year now and he might be facing up to 5 years in jail. I have never felt so stong about a person one day in my life, you stay by his side because he needs you more than anything and i know it is going to be hard but we have to let go and let god! If you really love him then your love for him will get you threw all the tuff times. Yes love does make yo do some crazy things but its those crazy things is what we love so much!!! Be a good women and stay by his side because no matter what I will be by his!!! I wish you the best of luck…

Answer #43

I don’t care what anybody says…I’m with you. You shouldn’t care if he is in jail. You shouldn’t care what he did. As long as he is/was faithful to you… it doesn’t matter. I say you try to keep in touch, and if it is as you say it is…wait for him. GO FOR IT! Ultimately, you got to follow you heart… <3

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I know the situation. Im 16 years old, my boyfriend is 18. Hes just been sent to prison, 6 days ago. But hes only got to serve 4 months. Even so its killing me. But I know he needs me now more then he has ever EVER needed me. Imo, stick by him, yes it will be hard but when he gets out you cherish every single moment you share together, it it will make you a much closer, stronger couple.

Good luck.

Answer #45

ok… so how many of you people on here thhat has said something negative towards her and her guys relationship have ever done anything illegal?? whether its under age drinking, stealing a piece of candy from a store, etc. Or im sure you know somebody that has done something illegal, do you think of them diff.?? are you still their friends?! UHH im sure you are! so but yourself in someone else’s shoes!!! If you were in love and this man you were with is all u’ve ever wanted or needed then you wouldnt drop him! He kind of becomes your responsibility and you need to take that responsibility! Im in love w/ someone in jail to for a pretty big crime! But I love him with all my heart and I wouldnt trade him for the world! im going to be by his side because so many HEARTLESS people in this world have put him down and made him feel like NOBODY!! he is HUMAN and HUMANS make mistakes! He needs me to be there and your man needs you to be there too! 15 years. is a long time, but the way I see it is God is testing your strength and feelings for eachother! Love conquers all!!

Answer #46

my boyfriend just went to jail, and hes going to be in there for a reallly long time. I didnt even get to sy bye to him. I know how you feel girl. I have been an emotional wreck for the past week. just stay stong, and try to think of the best.

Answer #47

my boyfriends amazing, and im so in love with him. hes in jail because he kidnapped and threatened his old friend who raped me… and got caught. so maybe you think 15 years is a long time, but how long have you already been waiting to meet your boy? how long have you been searching for that one person who makes you feel like no others can? I know ill sure as hell wait for my boy.. and write him every single day until I can go pick him up :] good luck hun.

Answer #48

I have been with my b-friend for 4 years and he has been to jail 2 times, all for breaches of probation. Before me, he has had a sorted past of drugs, booze and violence. He is trying to change with couciling and AA/NA groups also anger management. It takes a lot of effort and a long time to change, nobody is perfect and there are reasons why these guys are in jail, they are not all bad people, just some have had a really rough life. If you really love him and you think he is really the one, then stand by him… You can visit, write letters, talk on the phone, etc… (Some people have online relationships for years without ever any physcial contact) People are very quick to judge when they hear about Jail, however if it was them or their partner, their tune would change. These guys need support and couciling-not for people to turn their backs on them and judge without knowing the whole story…

Answer #49


DId he thought about your happiness before he got himself in trouble! HELLO!!!

Answer #50

my boyfriend is in jail too. he was in jail for five months came home for about one and then messed up and now hes back in jail for another six months plus he has to go to an in patient rehab. If he fcks when he comes home though he’ll be going to state prison for years. Which I don’t want to think about but if it happens I’ll still be there for him because he’s my best friend and my lover. I’ve been with him for two years and everyone tells me that it isn’t real love and that we won’t work because of all the sht we’ve been through. They don’t know the connection we have and if you feel as strongly about your boy as I do about mine then you won’t listen to what anyone has to say and you’ll do what your heart feels is right. I love my boyfriend and he loves me and we’re going to get married someday. No matter what I’ll always be there for him. And there’s always the chance that your guy will get a deal or get out early on good behavior. But if not you can still visit him once a week. Hear his voice when he calls you now and then and get excited about getting letters from him. It’s not the best but it’s better than not having him at all.

Answer #51

Girl dont listen to anyone on here, they dont know what kind of a relationship you two have. STAY WITH HIM, let him know that you are there for him. My boyfriend is in jail( not in prison), im still with him right now, but what ever your boyfriend did sounds bad, BUT stay with him. How long has he been in there 4? well I hope you take my advice on this and stay with him, he needs you right now.

Answer #52

my boyfriend has been in jail @ least 30 times literrally and you knw what we are still together because I bail him out lol or my parents do or people that want to help me tooo!!!1

Answer #53

ok,first of all… Let’s start with why he went 2 jail? you may not want to tell, but as soon as you mension JAIL it doesn’t sound any good. But LOVE IS BLIND. Girl, he is in there 4 a while… Get 2 know someone else and you’ll fall in love again… it isn’t the end of the world you know!!! But anyways… Your last call… you’re soul is not gone and he ISN’T IN YOUR LIFE… wake up and smell the coffee girlfriend… I don’t want to sound mean, but you can do better.. Think about the reason he is in there and come to your senses!!! Again you know what’s best for you and your life!!!

Answer #54

I’ve never seen so much stupidity about one subject in my life.

All these people dating convicted felons? You can’t find decent law-abiding boyfriends? Speeding is one thing. Getting 15 years for whatever is completely different.

Aim higher…

Answer #55

It’s Federal everyone he didn’t rape or kill. Love him stay there for him and do whats right. I would be there for him but I would have to move on though I wouldn’t discontinue my relationship with him. He needs you

Answer #56

I know how you feel I love a man dats also in jail we been on and off for 4 years. I know my sotry is going to sound crazy but he was a married man and I never knoew until after I caught feelings im 20yrs old and he 28 he has 2 beautiful kids and he was my world. I told him if he really had feeling for me he would leave her or 4get me and stop string me along and he actually listened 2 me they they were gettin a divorce and everything but on Aug 14 @ 12;30 am he caught his wife cheatin on him and he murdered him. Now he in jail and I lost the LOVE OF MY LIFE. he been in my life through the thick and the thin ill never see him again I miss him so much I totally understand you so much and im here for your support k. if you wanted 2 look him up his name is Brooks G Harris look in and look up south nj news I totally understand how you feel and im here 4 u

Answer #57

You should wait for him to get out. If you are truly in love with him you will pay for his mistakes that he made. You will miss out on a lot of great opportunites such as meeting people and going out with friends. And when he comes back he may be a whole nother person. He might not be the same person you remember. People change over time, and if you want to waste 15 years of your life to see , then go ahead. IMO I wouldn’t do it. Life is short so live it up.

Answer #58

He is not worth it, he is going to probably have sex with other men that is what they all do in there, my brother was in jail and that is what every single one of them did, either they raped someone or got raped, he will probably have aids and you are wasting your life, no future for you or him if you stay, and he will still think you are not being honest with him even if you are 10000 percent faithful, it will never work leave and get out of it as soon as possible

Answer #59

15 years is a long time…ask yourself these questions; why is he in prison? can you wait? is it worth it? what are his plans? your answers are the answers of your questions… I’ve been in jail once for physical injuries which aint my fault(wasn’t been there for long) but the few hours I was there life began to turn visibly beautiful and selfish I’m just saying that your boy is an a bad situation and my sympathy goes to him but then again try to weigh things okay? what do you want for your life? and what does he want? Bless you guys good luck!

Answer #60

Am Anita from Canada i want to share my life experience to every body on this site.i was in a serious relationship with mike i love him so much we have dated for almost 6 years now.until he meant another girl called charity he told me that he is know longer interested in dating me any more. i was so confuse i don’t know what to i told my friend about what my love just told me and he told me that she can solve my problem i was doubting her how can that be she directed me to a spell caster called Dr i contacted him and i explain every thing to him and he told me that my problem will be solved within two days if i believe i said OK.So he cast a spell for me and after two days my love came back to me begging me on his knees on the ground asking me to forgive him.Am so happy now. so that why i decided to share my experience with every body that have such problem contact him @ ACOGBESPELLTEMPLE@GMAIL.COM you ca fined me in facebook and as me more about him. my facebook name is Mike Anita, search for me and i will tell you more????

Answer #61

Am Anita from Canada i want to share my life experience to every body on this site.i was in a serious relationship with mike i love him so much we have dated for almost 6 years now.until he meant another girl called charity he told me that he is know longer interested in dating me any more. i was so confuse i don’t know what to i told my friend about what my love just told me and he told me that she can solve my problem i was doubting her how can that be she directed me to a spell caster called Dr i contacted him and i explain every thing to him and he told me that my problem will be solved within two days if i believe i said OK.So he cast a spell for me and after two days my love came back to me begging me on his knees on the ground asking me to forgive him.Am so happy now. so that why i decided to share my experience with every body that have such problem contact him @ ACOGBESPELLTEMPLE@GMAIL.COM you ca fined me in facebook and as me more about him. my facebook name is Mike Anita, search for me and i will tell you more????

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