Should we have a baby when I'm 13?

Heloo .. My Names Deanna ..Iam 13 Years Old .. I Have Bin With My Boyfriend For 2years ..We Have Slept ToGeva . We Do Alway Use A Condom But He Says Too Me Lets Not I Want To Have A Baby With You And Iam Going To Spend The Rest Of My Life With You. Soo I Bin Thinkin A Very Long Time Should I Or Shouldnt I ?? I Wish SomeTime I Was Older Then I Could Have A Baby .. Iam Just Scared If I Do Get Pergnant He Will Leave Me =[ What Shall I Doo??

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God let me think here, Hmm… Should a 13 year old have a baby… NO! Tell the guy F**k you, dump the guy and leave.

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And think about your chance of getting AIDS and your parents!

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Well do what ever you think is right but know you will always have your baby who will love you and tell you “mommy I love you”so this is comin from a 13 year old mom an it is hard and as much as you want to just remimber to follow your heart…an if you ever need any more help call me at 462-3658

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W0W H0W CAN y0U N0t ANSWER tHiS y0URSElf MAMA y0UR 13 WHy ARE y0U TRyiNG t0 GR0W UP S0 fASt ANd if ANytHiNG y0U SH0UldNt bE HAViN SEX N0R SlEEPiNG WitH A GUy WH0 d0ESNt WANt y0U t0 USE A C0Nd0M y0U dNt NEEd N0 BABiES tRUSt ME

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Please stop answering. Almost everyone - except one or two idiots - agrees, NO. It’s been six months now.

And I can’t seem to switch off emails telling me another answer has been received.

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I have a boyfriend that I’ve slept w too, and we’ve been together for 8 months. I think that you should wait until your 17 or 18. After all…you guyz might have different priorities in life by then so make sure that hes sure that he wants to be with you forever. also make sure that you have 100% trust in him and if any doubts come to mind dont shove them to the back of your head…listen to them and wait.

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YOU ARE TOO YOUNG!!! does the father have a job? would he support the baby? and if you have the slitest bit of doubt in your mind, DONT DO IT! YOU WILL MESS UP YOUR LIFE!!!

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nooo do not have a baby you are too young and it will ruin your life I say this as muture I can be

         DONT DO IT!!!

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your a child don’t do it !!!

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whatever I say will be rephrasing what anyone who says you’re too young. so I’ll just quietly state my opinion in one word.


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Whoa! at 13? No way… thats way to young you would be giving up your whole childhood

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this is obviously a fake question, and if it isnt

that is sick.

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in addition to all that these people have said.. youre so young yours would be a high risk pregnancy. You and your baby could die during birth… or other complications could arise.

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No Wayy .. your Still A Child Urself! .. Wait Untill your Atleast 18! .. And Why are Yu Havin Sex At 12 Anyway?? Itz Not Right! So Pleasee Make A Good Choice And DONT! ..

Love Tara oxo

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u 2 young sweetheart…I fink he myt leav you but datz just me…dont du it gal…most peepz I no get married when deh like 23. plus your stil in skl so you need 2 fokus on skl first…your choic but I gav you my advice

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well yer im 13 to and der is no point of having a baby yet your to younge and plus you dont no if he is the one ??

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You’re 13,seriously?That’s stupid…

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Oh, and if you really love this guy, and if he loves you - he won’t force you to have a baby. If he gets mad, dump him. He’s not worth it!

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helll nooo! he will leave you wait until your older!

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your nuts!!!

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Hi Deanna, I read your story and I got scared for you, I have friends and sisters who got pregnant before they were married and boy friends who promised to be with them after having babies but non had that luck because once guys see the preasure’s that come with supporting kids they get scared and run and babies get sick often and you never get a day off as a mom your job is 24/7 it is a huge responsibility that even married people sometimes cant handle even when they are together, I have been married for 8 years and we have two boys in those years we have been in and out of hospital like hot cakes and its was not easy for the first 4 years of our married life we dint have a car we had to take taxi’s or call neighbors at night to take us to the hospital, so can you imagine how difficult it will be for you especially at that age alone even when your parents might support you , you will always feel alone and you might even resent the baby becaus the man you loved let you down when you needed him more than ever.

Starting to have sex so young is another factor, you know its not late to stop because if a guy really love’s you they will want to see you healthy and educated without unwanted problems , I dated my husband for many years before we got married and he respected me and never ever asked me to cpmpromise my standars for him and you must learn to stand your ground and know you are special and that not any guy can just claim your best asserts, pls think about this you dont need this guy enjoy being your self and your studies and when the time is right you will find a guy that truelly love’s you for beig yourself and not for what you can give him, Your happiness comes first, it wont be easy to be without a boy friend but as time goes on you will be greatful for making that choice. Love yourself and every thing els will fall into place.

Love Charlotte

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I think you’re a bit, OK, WAY to young to have to raise a child. You really don’t fully understand what raising a child will involve. You may help watch other peoples kids or neices and nephews or what not- but it is not the same. When the baby is yours you can not just hand it back to its mother. You are the babys mother. How would you expect to finish school, get a job, rent a place? And I promise you, you may think you are in TRUE love now, but you will find out when you get old that it is not true love. No matter how much you protest now, you won’t understand that or the complications of raising a baby until you are older. I know you may want it all in your life right now (or by what you are saying- he may want it all right now), but its all just talk. He will split when things get tough. They all do. I’ve yet to meet one that is different. Just wait. Wait until you are older and then rethink that one. If you have any doubt at all you aren’t ready. I don’t want to offend you, don’t take it that way. I had my son when I was 17 and it was a huge struggle for me just to take care of him. And my so called “boyfriend” of 5 years- who wanted a baby too- he left me with that baby. He was my TRUE love. I told my parents that it would last forever. I was too young to know better. If you are still together after 2 years, you should just be proud of that accomplishment. And sex does not equal love, no matter what he says.

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If you were really ready for a child you wouldn’t have to ask people what they think. Instead you should be like I want a child. Thats not even the main issue though. You are not fully developed as a women yet; therefore pregnancy can possible kill you and effect the growth of your child. also your child may be born and you die in the process because your body cannot handle it. You should wait until your married because although your boyfriend says he wants to be with you forever, which is probably true, your still only 13, so many things can happen between you two in the upcoming years. There is a huge chance of him leaving you. If he really wants a child with you, he will be able to wait until your ready for one. Plus the way you asked this question makes you seem uneasy about it.

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Whoa…You are way to young. I am way to young and I’m 20. I have tons of friends that are 18-20 years old and they have had babys and they will ruin your relationship with your boyfriend and they cost a lot of money. You definatley need to wait you have your whole life ahead of you. Do you wanna be up at 3 in the morning feeding and changing a baby? Do you wanna be able to go out with your friends and boyfriend b/c with a baby you will be at home. Plus remember babies get big and you have them for 18 years. Your parents would be really upset and they would have to take care of your baby b/c your boyfriend will leave you. If you need someone to talk to im me or e-mail or bbygirl12187. Please do not get pregnant!!!

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Heyy i am belinda e mail me at if you ever need to tlk or if you ever need to express your feelings im here =] i may not no you butt i am 13 and i am verry good at givin advise =]

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the short answer is no.

mentally - you couldnt handle it, he couldnt handle it, your parents cant handle it. many people over like 30 cant handle having a baby, what makes you think you could?

physically - so many problems occur when young girls have babies, this is graphic but deserved, some girls get torn from the bottom of their vaginas to their anus’s. I dont care what anyone says, no matter how old they are noone likes being ripped in half.

socially - do you really want to be known as the 13 year old with a baby? you will be stereotyped as a stupid, ignorant, STD ridden slut. even if thats not who you are.

economically - there is no way you can support that baby, its cruel on it.

I am a 16 year old, I am having sex, I do love my boyfriend and I know he loves me. we want to have children too, we want to spend the rest of our lives together, just not yet. you need to know the facts before rushing into a year of regret

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Please do not do that! It will be the biggest mistake you have ever made in your whole life. A baby is A LOT of responsiblity and I bet you your boyfriend will leave you as soon as your prego. I’ve seen it happen a lot. I am 20 and all of my friends have kids and they are not easy to take care of. You won’t have a life anymore besides feeding and changing a baby. They cost money to by the time their 18 usually about $250,000. Do you have that kinda money…i dont think so. It would be wrong b/c your parents woul have to take care of it. Plus since you are only 13 you will have a high risk pregnancy which mean you or your baby could die. Do not listen to your boyfriend I was almost married and I left mine. You need to worry about school not getting pregnant! Stay young as long as you can I promise when you start having bills and a job you will wish you were 13 agian. Enjoy your life without a child b/c you are still a child yourself. Email me if you need someone to talk to I’m a great listener/

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No, I’m 16teen and I’m about to have one I would not be the way I was I just got married and if I would have not got pergnant if I no it was gona be this hard well, just to let yo8u no sum cons. here I go you never get any sleep you never got money you never get time to your self you are always going you never stop and you have to put up with your parents crying every nite thinking they did not do a good job at taking care of there little girl nad would your parents kill you b/c I thought mine was gona kill me so when he say that say are you relly ready and I do what you are going thought thats why I’m pregnant b/c I was with greg 4 five years and he said if I loved him as much as I said I would let him and I did and look what happend I’m going to school about to have a baby and working so I can get the money to pay for it and sum more con’s are no cheer leading no anything you stay at the house with that kid all the time and there will be no time for you and your b/f b/c of the baby

 ~$~Gabrielle Holland~$~
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if you luv being a slut thats ok!!!thats kinda easy to do think bout d consequences!!!slut

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wow at 13 im sorry but that shuld be the least thinq in your mind ; it doesnt hurt to smash as lonq as you use protection but to have a baby you still young and have a lot of thinqsz ahead of life so you can think about this . remember quys come and go especially at this aqe. and ii doubt therss any lovee yet. dont do something you might reqret . its not worth it. in the long run you want to party go out to placees. and having a baby slows all that down. plus is mahh moneyy when it could be going towards your colleqe or something that you have always dreamed of. buh baby at this aqe. not now you have a lot of time for that focus on what you want. and not what he wants because remember its your decison and you never know whut might happen when responsibilty starts to kick in and trsut me its alott. you want to enjoy life and take erry oppertunity presented to you that cant involve a child right now. so make wise choises and dont do it.

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I’m sorry, you’re a child yourself. How can you possibly look after a baby when you barely know how to look after yourself? Having a baby requires a lot of time, patience, responsibility and MONEY! You may have the support from your family and your boyfriend, but in my opinion you are too young.

When teenagers have children they miss out on their teen hood: going out with friends, going to parties…etc. They lose their freedom in a way, their friends, their social life. Sure, having a baby might require you to grow up fast and mature quicker than most of your friends. But just think, when you’re 20 and your baby is 7, you’ll look back and realise you wasted your teenage years away trying to be more adult than you were. You have plenty of time to have children when you’re older. Why start so early? I’m not trying to scare you, but getting pregnant at a young age also increases the chances of contracting cervical cancer.

So please THINK about what you really want.

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are you a mother friggin idiot??? since your soo young you cud die if it doesnt go rite

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AHAHahhahaaAHHAH!!! 13?!

Someone tell me this is a joke.

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Are you out of your mind?

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What the hell are you doing sleeping with someone at age 13? Your my age! Don’t have a baby, people will think you are a slut. And if you do try to have a baby, technecally you would be a wh*re. I would wait till I’m married or at least engaged.

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Are you f* kidding me? You are 13… Not 23, and not 33. Do you even know who you are, let alone who your boyfriend is? You don’t know what your life will be like, you don’t know what you will want or may want in ten years, and I promise you that you don’t want to take away your options right now. You’re too young!

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just don’t do leave him he is going to leave you when you have a baby so leave him right now

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Okayy If He Says He Wants To Spend The Rest Of His Life With You Then In The Future When Your Old Enough You Could Start Having Kids

I’ve Got A Friend That Is At Home Now Praying She Isnt Pregnant

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really sweety your too young,, you shouldnt think about that your body is not big enough to handle it if you do get pregnant you could die or be in the hospital for a while you should wait if he really loves you he could wait!

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um you are wayyy too young to have a baby… your wayy to young to be having sex period… with or without a condom… do NOT go through with this… you’re only in middle school… think about your life honey.

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whoa a baby ur 13 have you even thought about how ur going to raise it or if ur bf leaves you and what will ur parents think?…look its up to you but at least think of how the babies life is going to be with a mum and dad still in skool with grandparents who might not even care about you or the baby ! Not to mention how you will cope!

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go ahead be stupid an get pregnant. its not fun. im 18 i go clubbin 3 times a week this whole year .. girl jus break up wit him.. u shouldnt be havin kids now anyways. he is not the one.. ive been in love 3 times… there is never the right guy.. half of them are the same

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At 13, its not legal for him to have sex with you. Sounds like jail might be the best place for him.

The one I have sympathy for is any baby you might have. What kind of life to have a 13 yr old mother? Would you even be able to make enough milk for him/her?

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Umm… NO!!! You’re way too young, you can’t even drive and yes there is a 99.99999999999999999% chance that he WILL leave you. He’s just saying that cause he doesn’t like to use the rubber. You don’t even need a boyfriend that’s like that anyway.

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look im not havin a just givin friendly advice :)

yhur way to young hunnieee dont do it

yhu dont reali want a baby…I always feel like I want one but I no I wunt be able to cope..and im onli 14.

tell yur mum how yhuu feel & ask for advice but babes pls dont do it :)


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I know you r in love w/ him and im sorry to have to say this but you should wait till you r older because im 13 and I have a 4 month old its really hard because I dont have a job and my boyfriend left me after I got preg.

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yea I was thinking a lot to and im thirteen…but my boyfriend and have beewhen uear and we don’t evn have sex…me you should try to be absenet and wait until you get marrid and when you old eunugh amd when you can actuLLY pay fro the needs of the child!!!…

             GOOD LUCK
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wow. im older than you, been with my boyfriend longer, and still havent had sex! you need to slow dow, and take some time to enjoy your childhood. you will have plenty of time for babies when your older, but if you have it now… your going to regret it. dont let your childhood pass you up. and yall are just too young to even have thoughts or do what yall are doing.

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you are way to young for a baby. doesnt matter how long you’ve been “togeva” you need to wait until your actually ready. you have zero ways to support yourself right now . dont make life hard, so early. finish school go to college get a good paying job . THEN. have babies.

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honey dont do that my best friend had a baby at 13 and her boyfriend of three years left now she looks after her little girl all by herself. trust mi saw what she when through and you dont want to do that to urself!!

Answer #55

HELL NOOO no baby at 13 hel im 23 and I aint ready. damn why is this even on your mind. at least graduate from high school first you idiot

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Dont do it- Say to him, I lvoe you but iam not ready. thirteen is to young. If you get caught, he will go to jail. Wait until you a little bit older. If you get pregnant, you are wastin your life away. When your 15 and want to go out for a laugh with a mate. you cant because you have a baby. You will loose out big time on your life. Dont do it- Please email me - what you decide to do !

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hey don’t fill bad about what other people say imean some just don’t understand but I have been in your sit so yea I mean I can’t tell you do or don’t but if you realy think he means it and yalll have your priorities stright then what ever but yea it is your chose

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exactly bsinger! I mean I use slang sometimes just to get my answers poted fast but, she is just an idiot! and im not going to get kicked off for saying dis either becaus e they will find out she posted a stupid question in the first place! so they will tell her parents! so datz that!

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wow. you definatly dont need a baby. your still a baby yourself. anyhow, what are you doing wanting a baby now anyways? you have your whole life ahead of you. you’re like in 8th grade. your way too young. your baby would have a awful time. thats awful that your even thinking that way.

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NO! wait! I no its been two years but you cant tell if he is still going to be there in a couple of years time! wait and if your still together when your 16 for example then maybee consider it. but if he loves you he will accept your choice.

Answer #62

hun thats not such a good idea remember if your going to have a baby make sure your ready and your positive that you want a child not because your boy friend said so

Answer #63

well it up to you right I had a baby and all they do when they fine out they move away and dont talk to you for 4 year and is not good its up to you if you want to do if you dont dont do it then

Answer #64

OMG!! no no no no no!!! you do not need to do that yet!! you are 13 years old. You havnt lived your life yet!! do NOT do it yet

Answer #65

ok think about this:How old is your mom now?When the kid is your age, you will only be 26 or 27.U NEED HELP! GET IT SOON!dont do it im 12 and am suprised the 16 year olds would do it! what if he leaves u? how are u going to support this kid? think about it: wats your income going to be?

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shame on your boyfriend for trying to take your virginity away from you he shouldnt even be considering that question

Answer #67

hey girl your way to young im 13 to and have a boyfriend but I would never get pregnant at my age. you dont now if you will be together forever, things can happen. what would you tell your parents lol. and it might be illegal to depends on his age. you dont have to have sex to prove that you love him to.

hope I helped :)

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he will leave you,he wants a baby now,but when it comes to supporting the baby and you he will leave and your way to young to even be doing that

Answer #69

how would you like it if @ your graduation your mom was only 31??!! thats barely out of your 20s!! most parents are older than that when they have their firstborn!! this is a terrible idea an the boy is retarded

Answer #70

Don’t get pregnant until you learn to spell…

Answer #71

okay you are 13 years old. you still have a full life ahead of you! if you have a baby now you will screw up your life. you will have to drop out of school.

my advice: DONT DO IT

Answer #72

It’s now five months since this question was asked. She’s either decided on an abortion or it ‘s too late by now. The answer is almost unanimous - NO.

Time to bring this topic to an end.

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I have a question how did you get away with sleeping with him!?!?! I AM 13 and would love to sleep and do my boyfriend, and so would he but, what did you tell your parents.

Answer #74

I wouldnt have a baby unless you knew for sure he was going to stay with you and you both would want to have jobs that would help you a lot and think about what your family will say or do… just thik about it

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for a god safe…are u okay???13 years old??? IF U WANT 2 SPEND ALL YOUR LIFE ON RAISING A CHILD ITS OKAY…but think a little .u should finish school and find a good job then u worry about having a baby…the right time is about when you become 20 to 30 years …

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am let me think…NO.listen I am 13 going on 14 to and I no the feeling when you love someone that you r willing to give your all for them but your only 13 you shouldn t even b sexxually active if you ever waana talk you can send me a fun mail I am a great listener but if the boy really likes you he wouldn t make you do anything you don t want to do.

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seriously…13? and you wanna have a kid? GREAT IDEA! REALLY FANTASTIC! if you were my kid I’d slap a chastity belt on your a** and lock you up…what’s wrong with you? this looks a case only Maury could solve!

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Get a puppy…its easier than a kid..but still hard if you want to do it right…maybe it would teach you some responsibility. If you want a kid than you must want responsibility. With a puppy you also need to feed it and make sure it can get out to the bathroom and it needs to be taught bounderies, limitiations and rules. Sooo think about that before you have a baby.

Answer #81

You are way too young to have a child. You can’t even use the correct form of words yet!! You just need to get an education and leave the sex thing alone! You have your whole life ahead of you and don’t need a child holding you down.

Answer #82

tell him that you dont want to have sex right now and if he loves you as much as he says he does, he’ll wait.

Answer #83

no. dont do it. your only 13! I mean I would understand if you were like 20 or something! but 13?!?!?! NO. just think about it this way, HOW WOULD YOUR FAMILY REACT?? AND YOPUR BOYFRIEND?

Answer #84

Are you nuts!! For 1 I think your parents would freak. For 2 I bet he would leave you after you are pregnant. For 3 you shouldn’t evening be having to sleep togeva. So you should say no. I hope you make the right choice. Good Luck!

Answer #85

You are way too young to have a child. You can’t even use the correct form of words yet!! You just need to get an education and leave the sex thing alone! You have your whole life ahead of you and don’t need a child holding you down.

Answer #86

you are a moron.

Answer #87

dont get pregnant.

Answer #88

ur too young have you thought about the responsibity of having a living thing to love and take care of day and night

Answer #89

Dear person, You are NUTS you are way too young. First of all it takes loads of money… second of all how will you get a job? Third, your body isnt even fully matured yet… You probably didnt have your period yet or go into full puberty… You are too young grow up the boy just wants to get you preg then leave you. To a man, Two year relationship aint nothing to lose. If he really loves you he will wait until you get married and get an education then think about a baby… I bet you a million bucks if you gae him a lie detector test he has cheated with about a dozen girls!!!

                                                                                    Good Luck,
Answer #90

Forgot what happens after the pregnancy. Girls your age aren’t physically ready to give birth. They can, but your best case scenario is giving birth to a premie, worst is death. As disgusting as it sounds, your “area” is underdeveloped and has a risk of your baby’s head getting stuck, causing it to have serious brain damage.

You either die, kill your baby, have it prematurely, or raise a mentally challenged child. It’s up to you.

Answer #91

ok from one sis to another… I am 14 I’ve been there done that. I got pregnant and guess what the father walked away never came back. My parents got pissed you need to know that he will leave and your parents will be pissed and disaponted. be smarter than me. I have to go to school and pay a babysitter to watch my kids yes I had twins. and the hopital bills were outragous and I had to pay them. please your lucky not to be preg right now and you and your boyfriend need to stop having sex or youll end up like me! please dont be like me.

Answer #92

ok i am a young mother i was 14 when i had my daughter i was not ready emotionally or physically ready u shouldn’t even be thinking about sex yet but i know kids ur age r but jus lkisten 2 someone who thought the same thing i thought my bf would be with me forever and boys lie, how old is he in the 1st place? listen u, me and everyone on here knows ur gonna do what you want but take it from a really young mom kids should not be having kids! i know!

well sweetie if u need some help message me cause i know wat ur going through well gotta go i have homework and my kid is sick so bye and goodluck,


Answer #93

well im 14, and i think that gettin pregnant at this point in my lyfe iz not a priority. i saw wat happend 2 my brother wen he was 15 and had a baby with a girl. btw, his daughters 12th bday iz 2day(coincidence). the two of them had a hard timme dealing with the responsibility. i just think that u should focus more on yur studies. how old iz yur boyfriend? i mean, u r probably in lyke, 7th ot 8th grade, not in high skool yet. wat do yur parnets think??? live out yur childhood and then think about all that. the not being a virgin thing, i think u r 2 yung!!!

Answer #94

well im 14, and i think that gettin pregnant at this point in my lyfe iz not a priority. i saw wat happend 2 my brother wen he was 15 and had a baby with a girl. btw, his daughters 12th bday iz 2day(coincidence). the two of them had a hard timme dealing with the responsibility. i just think that u should focus more on yur studies. how old iz yur boyfriend? i mean, u r probably in lyke, 7th ot 8th grade, not in high skool yet. wat do yur parnets think??? live out yur childhood and then think about all that. the not being a virgin thing, i think u r 2 yung!!!

Answer #95

A lot of people have mentioned this already but you are too young to be thinking about that. You should just focus on school right now…school comes before anything. I understand you love your boyfriend very much but you guys don’t even know what LOVE is. You’re going to find other people out there in this big world so don’t give it up to this one person that you think might stay with you. You’ll guys regret it in the long run! If you need anybody to talk to…you can e-mail me at

Answer #96

errr…NO you stupid idiot, can you no see that you wouldnt be able look afeter it have you got the money…NO have you got the expreiance…NO have you got a stable relationship…NO would your parents aprove…NO have you got any deceint eduication…NO are you in love…NO do you live in a stable home with a stable relationship…NO

im 15 and I can see that this is the most stupid thing in the world to do…your only 2 years younger surly you can see that this is the most stupid thing and SELFISH thing in the world to do… IDIOT!

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Answer #98

hunny, you shouldnt really have a baby at the age of 13.I know you might think your in love but your 13 you have your life in front of you.Having a baby could also possibly kill best friends mom almost died having her at 16. I dont think your body could handle the pressure.With a baby it could bring out the best & worst in each other but mostly the worst.he probally could leave you & sorry to say most men do because they cant handle the pressure of being a teenage father.& then your left to raise the baby alone. Jo

Answer #99

yeah the anwers you got are right YOU ARE WAY TO YOUNG! I mean sounds to me that your man or so to be called man is just using you for one thing and one thing only! yeah Your are probly right if you get pregnant he would NOT stay around watch it girl their are alot like him. I mean how in the world does he think that he is going to support you and a kid unless he’s like 30 and is doctor or a lawyer do dont it wait at least 6 more years!! DONT DO IT

Answer #100

Dont have a baby that early. You dont have the money nor the support to have a baby at the age of 13. You will be regretting it when you are older and want a job thats pays good money that you couldnt get because you had to stay home and take care of a baby. Tell your boyfriend to wait till you are sure you will have the support you need or at least you need to think greatly about your future and career life before you risk it. Im 16 years old and my boyfriend is 18, we want to have a baby.. we have been together for 2 years as well and survived through highschool with no argues at all, but we come to a conclusion that the age of 23 is the best for us to have a baby (we will both be out of college and have great responsibilty and the money we need to take care of one) i advise you to do the same… i hope i helped =) Take Care and make good choices!

Answer #101

Think about your parents how would they feel? Do you think you’re responsible enough to have one? Let alone pay for it? You have some descisions to make in your life, and at this age, it shouldn’t be one. You should wait to think about this in about 3 years, that’s still a young age, but it is legal working age. You DEFINATLY SHOULD NOT BE GETTING FUNKY WITH A 19 YEAR OLD AT AGE 13!!! IT’S JUST NOT RIGHT!!! HE COULD GET THROWN IN JAIL!!!

Answer #102

Think about your parents how would they feel? Do you think you’re responsible enough to have one? Let alone pay for it? You have some descisions to make in your life, and at this age, it shouldn’t be one. You should wait to think about this in about 3 years, that’s still a young age, but it is legal working age. You DEFINATLY SHOULD NOT BE GETTING FUNKY WITH A 19 YEAR OLD AT AGE 13!!! IT’S JUST NOT RIGHT!!! HE COULD GET THROWN IN JAIL!!!

Answer #103

Think about your parents how would they feel? Do you think you’re responsible enough to have one? Let alone pay for it? You have some descisions to make in your life, and at this age, it shouldn’t be one. You should wait to think about this in about 3 years, that’s still a young age, but it is legal working age. You DEFINATLY SHOULD NOT BE GETTING FUNKY WITH A 19 YEAR OLD AT AGE 13!!! IT’S JUST NOT RIGHT!!! HE COULD GET THROWN IN JAIL!!!

Answer #104

First off, stay in school, learn to spell and speak English properly. Then and only then should you even consider it. You sound ignorant when you type in slang, its bad enough to speak that way. I can’t get over the fact that so many of you young kids want to have a baby, buy a damn dog. Wouldn’t you rather be rich and successful? Kids don’t let that happen. Work on your life before you wreck someone else’s. Read a book, that’s what you should do, read a GOD DAMN book.

Answer #105

hey I’ve been reading a lot of hesepost on people that want to have baby’s at young ages and I support that because if I wasnt scared my dad would kick me out I would be pregnant right now, and it shoulds like your thinking rationally at such a young age and althought there are lots of considerations involved as long as you know there is something one of you can do to support this child you should go for it. And I know all you other people are going to disagree with me but I know how it is I’ve been with my boyfriend for 3 years and I’ve wanted a kid for about the past 6 months and I know I could support it, talk to your parents, I talked to my mom about it and she said she would support my decision, just hang in there they answer will come to you

Answer #106

I think you are way to young for have a baby!!!

you are ONLY 13!, gosh! I’m 13 too! how could you even think about that! it cost serious money to raise child! you have to buy him or her a clothes, food… and you will not have any time to spend it whit your friends! and what you will going to do if your boyfriend lives you? you will raise your child alone or what?! this is a serious decision and I think that you have to follow your heart, but as I think its totally STUPID decision to have a baby if you are old ONLY 13! if I would have a baby I would proboblly have it when I would be at least 20! so you should better think about it VERY WELL! and if you will decited to have a baby I think that your parents should support you! but as I told you before—> its totally absurd for even think to have a baby in your age!

Answer #107

First off, stay in school, learn to spell and speak English properly. Then and only then should you even consider it. You sound ignorant when you type in slang, its bad enough to speak that way. I can’t get over the fact that so many of you young kids want to have a baby, buy a damn dog. Wouldn’t you rather be rich and successful? Kids don’t let that happen. Work on your life before you wreck someone else’s. Read a book, that’s what you should do, read a GOD DAMN book.

Answer #108

hey I know by telling you this a lot of people on here are not going to like me but every one is intitled to there on opinion and I am very young I am pergnant and it is hard and a very painful thing to go through see my story is I was drinking and he promised me he loved me and wanted to be with me forever and I told himi was pergnat when he got sent off to boot camp se he had told me he wanted a baby to but when it came dowen to it he had lied to me not saying all men are the same but it looks that way to me and now I am stuck raising a wonderful baby boy and it is daddys fault he want get to find out how proud my son is going to make me and he is the one missing out on it so be prepared to do it on your on it is your choice your life you can’t let other people live it for you look write to me if you just want to talk

Answer #109

A lot of people on here need to calm down. Stop telling her that she’s an idiot. Now here is my advice, take it from somebody who knows. I have twin girls and they are A LOT of work. It’s not that I don’t love them but seriously. Having them was not my choice, I was raped. If I could have prevented it, I would have. Now that they are here, of course I love them and would not give them up for the world. But you on the other hand have a choice. I can’t tell you what to do and I’m not going to. Best of luck in your decision…what ever it may be. God Bless.

Answer #110

I am 15 I an preganat and I don`t think you would want a baby at 13 because you will want to go out and party and have fun like other gurls your age. while you are pregnant/had a child you cant do anything you have to support that baby and you will need a job so that will take up most of your time,and you may have to drop out of school your parents will have to work to support you and your baby.

Answer #111

r you nuts? Your 13… if you do have a baby hope oyu got a good supportive family because if not your baby will be in a foster home due to you and your think he is in love boyfriend cant get a job yet.. still have school… trust me im taking parenting class and it is by no means cheap… can you afford around 1,500 a month or mor because youll need it… grow up you aint in love it wont last forever… Man this makes me sick to my stomach lil kids like you having sex having kids thinking your in love… your not een responsible yet…

Answer #112

Babies/ chidlren normally cost $11,000 US dollars a year, where will you get the money, and who will supply it. Your child could be born with birth defects and mental disabilites due to your body`s young age and development. There is NOTHING wrong with wanting a baby NOTHING, but there is something wrong with not loving your baby enough to think about things like how you will feed it, nurture it and love it. You cannot be a mother, go to school ,and recieve an education WHILE paying your bills, it is not possible, nor healthy, wait until you can provide a home and a good life for a child before taking the idea.

Answer #113

TO start off, ill say that I would say no. Even your words shows that you are in a deep confusion and anxiety as you state that you are afraid that he may leave you.

Even if he doesn’t leave you, your life would be so stupid. It is better to live in a meaningful way than to start off having a baby. YOu should get back to school and stop having sex…you may be boyfriend and girlfriend but dun jump into those circumstances.

Answer #114

Well I think you should wait until you have finished highschool. This posting sounds uneducated. You should not have a baby because you think it would be fun and exciting. Your biyfriend will eventually leave you. Relationships at 13 - wow…I dated a guy at thirteen for a year or so…what was his name again??? Ryan…or was it…?? I dunno for sure actually. Things change…baby’s aren’t dolls. Think about the reasons why you would want to have a child. Is it because you want to bring a life into the world to teach and build…or to play with and show off. Grow up!!! Or actually don’t! Be a 13 year old girl and have fun. Go to movies with your friends and do kid stuff. You just added the teen part to your age…think about it!

Answer #115

GOD!!! 13!! IM 13 AND I CANT EVEN THINK OF HAVING A GOD D*MN BABY!!! SO HOW CAN YOU???!!!gosh…13!!! what will your parents say???what will your friends say??!! and what if you have a baby at 13 and one day, when your child is 13, he/she will ask, “mommy, how old were you when I wa born” you’l;l say 13…what if he happens to BE 13?come on.. your boyfriend will probably leave you, right after you have the baby…

Answer #116

Some girls don’t even have their period at 13! You would be an absolute idiot to have a baby when you just got weined off dolls!Pull out your old trunk of dolls and play dress with them…dont bring a life into this world because you and you’re boyfriend want to play house! It makes me sick to think of 13 year olds having sex let alone having babies! Thanks JamieLynn spears for making teen pregnancy cool!

Answer #117

I want a kid too but not know cause I am to young

Answer #118

I’m 13 as well and I have absolutely no want for a baby until at least like 22 cause then you can turn all of you attention on the baby. how old is this guy anyway? please DON’T HAVE A BABY but if you do know that people will never really look at you the same and that the chile would NOT have a good life. Also don’t have sex anymore because your 13 and don’t know everything about sex. just take my advice please it would be so much better. and also if this guy, who I still want to know his age, is pressuring you to have a baby leave him. No guy can make you have a baby!!!

Answer #119

I think that yu shoudnt because yu never noe if he will leave yu buht thats just meeh I have been with my boyfriend for 3 years and we ahve slept 2getherz buht before we did he told that he respects any doubts about doing it …wuht im trying to say is safe sex is great sex so use a latex and im 100 pecent sure yur going to hate being a young month oh yea and think about it … Thos is just my opinion tho!

Answer #120

Ok, you can’t spell, you can’t legally sign contracts, rent an apartment or other place to live, you can’t afford to live on your own…

…and, you think it makes sense to even consider having a baby? It costs serious money to raise a child. Day care, medical bills, toys, clothing, cribs, diapers, those cost money.

And you’d be paying for this how?

Grow up, get a job, and when you can provide for a child - have one. Until then, please consider how much hate your child will have towards you if you live in poverty as a result of reckless decisions made whilst a child for the rest of their life.

Answer #121

Okay, first of all, you’re dfinately not ready. You’re 13, you have your whole life. Neither of you two have job I assume. So, how are you going to pay for it? They do cost a lot. There goes your life, dedicated to a baby. Use a condom, he just wants to experiment and see what it feels like without one. He says he wants one now, but when it actually comes down to it, he’s going to freak out and back down. Than what? You’re 13 and stuck with a baby while he’s living his life with no conscience of what he did to you.

Answer #122

personally its up 2 you n your boyfriend 2 decided the outcome…being 13 and having a child is fine…of course you need to being getting your period…another thing iz that if your boyfriend stated that he wants 2 b with you 4 your life he will need 2 pt in a lot of effort in2 looking afta u , himself and your child. I have wanted a child since I was 14 or 15 and now Im 16…im not pregant @ the mom nor do I have a boyfriend but good luck with the choice you make and be a good motha! xoxo

Answer #123

Okay my sister was 17 when she had a baby. And it ruined her life sure she loves her baby. But they have to live in a trailer 2 houses down from my moms and mine. She is with the father of the baby Steve but I dont think they actully like each other. They always fight and my mom was devastated when she found out she was pregnant. And we didnt find out until she was 6 months along. I am 13 and I thought about having sex and my boyfriend asked me to sleep over his house. But I knew he wanted to have sex I am so glad I said no because I know if that happened I would be treated as a sl*ut for the rest of my life. And I probally would have gotten pregnant please dont do this.

Answer #124

yep. you should definitely. I would be fun!

Answer #125

defiantly not!!!

Answer #126

u are 2 young 2 have a baby ok??? and he is 2 young to say: ill stay with you 4ever

 you shouldnt.
Answer #127

ok there is no way you have been sleeping with him since you were 11

Answer #128

NO WAY get married 1st!!!

Answer #129

You are one crazzzy lady. Baad badd baddd idea.

Answer #130

im 15 I have 3 kids and im fine…

Answer #131

no you shouldn’t it is very bad on your body expecial your crevix

Answer #132

Look, for one if you have all those worries then your best bet would be 2 tell him no. If he acts stupid after that then throw the dueces up at his butt. you are waaay 2 young 2 have a baby. Give your self some more years 2 grow.

Answer #133

It sounds like you need a good slap round your head-I don’t believe you are being serious- it’s a joke right? please tell me its a wind up!! I had a baby at 16 (still way too young) by’’accident’ , because I wasnt that bothered if I got pregnant or not. and anyway, I felt I needed someone to love- or something like that. She just cried ALL the time because I didnt know how to relate to her. Love. milk and nappies are no way enough- you got to have a lot more understanding of life, and of yourself before you will be able to make a child happy and feel safe. You cant learn this stuff from childcare books either! It comes only from growing up and getting in lots of life experience. You have to look after their perpetual needs ALL DAY LONG and half the night. POOR KID! I’d hate you to be my Mom! I can’t beleive that a anyone under 21 would have a child on purpose- thats got to be the worse Idea ever. Aside from being the worse possible scenario for yourself and the child - where’s you Mom and DAD? how could you put them through this- It’ll make them heartbroken! absolutely heartbroken! you daft, stupid, hairbrained child! Mark these words;YOUR CHILD WILL NOT BE A HAPPY ONE.

Answer #134


Answer #135

god your a chav.

Answer #136


Answer #137
  1. you’re waaay too young 2 ) if I had to bet, you’re right on both counts: - you’d probably get pregnant and - he would be nowhere to be found…in my opinion, please do not go through with this, it would alter your life forever.
Answer #138

If you think your ready then its up to you a baby is not just for christmass but for ever you’ll have sleepless night lots of nappy changes & cry to deall with if you can cope with this & your boyfriend say’s he will stay with u & help you bring up the baby if he doesn’t then go for it. yes have a baby you are quite young to have one but still iff you want it go for it have one.

Answer #139

I really want to a baby but im not in a relationship I would wait till you no for surehe wont leave u!!! hope every thing works out

Answer #140


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