How can I tell my parents that I'm 14 and 6 months pregnant?

I was dating this guy for 3 wks. and we had s*x and when he found out, he left me. Now im dating someone else who said he would raise the baby, but the problem is im having twins two boys, but yet have I told my parents that I was even pregnant, what should I do

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okay every one need’s to chill out if she not want to give up her babie then she dont hve to , and why would ya’ll tell her to!!

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helpasap>your comment was VERY rude. You came here for advice, so you need to be open to whatever comes! It was her opinion…and it doesnt mean you have to listen to it! Shes right on her last comment. If your old enough to have sex…then you should be old enough to know what protection is. That is the first step to being responsible! Next step would be to tell your parents as hard as that may be. At your age…I really dont think you are going to get through this without them! The sooner the better…then you can all decide what to do from there.

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ok, so maybe I was harsh. since your living with your aunt, I guess you dont NEED to tell your rents. but you should tell them because you want to. imagine how they’d feel when they find out they were grandparents and werent there to experience that with you. they’d b heart broken.

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Well.. I agree with the girl… i would not give up my baby for adoption because i wouldnt want it in a differ home calling a complete stranger mommy! second of all no one can treat your child better than you. But i do agree that you are way to young to even be having sex! your 14! My neice jsut had a baby at 16 and she said it was going to be great and now she regrets it. so your gonna have to find out on your own. But i dont blame you for bein angry! But all i can tell you is to try to stay in school so you can get a good job to support your kids and i think your bf is way to old for you if he is 20 if he’s having sex with you they can call that rape! but yah just do that. GOOD LUCK!!! O and i think good names for girls is sara and ashley and for a boy jake and ryan… xoxox

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hi, i thk that u should tell ur parents, because they can help u the best in this type of situation… u might not have to give them up, but it might be the parents choice weather u have to give em up or not, because ur still young, hopefully they get to stay with u as u want. but think about ur twin boys, think for a secound, will u have the money to raise them, give them all the love that they need as they grow up and while ur in school almost the whole day. all i can say is… i hope every thing turns out ok, and i hope i helped. GOOD BLESS U AND UR 2 SONS AND MAY THEY COME TO BE TWO HEALTY BOYS, AND GROW UP TO BE STRONG, WITH A GOOD LOVING MOTHER.


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i think its you right weither or not you chose to keep the twins. yes you are a bit to young, but oh well too late now! so stink of the guy who got you knocked up to desert you like that!! but at least your current bf sounds great and supports you.

if your 6months preg then wouldnt you have a baby bump?? havent you parents noticed? and your gonna have to tell them soon because your gonna need all the support you can - finacially too!! they’ll prob be mad at first, but hopefully they’ll come through and support you!

Best of best luck towards everything!

x Jess x

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i have a close friend who had a son aged thirteen, she decided to keep him and look after him herself, and she has, she’s a great mum, all parents have a tendency to overreact at first to news like that so you have to be patient with them, tell them the truth and chances are they will respect you for being honest to them.

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I can’t imagine this being true - 6 mos pregnant with twins and her parents don’t know??? really??? Well if it IS true and I DOUBT it is - you would need to tell your parents. They are going to find out soon enough.

You do have options on keeping the babies and getting assistance to do so. There are always options. But you can’t do it alone and will need some help.

If you don’t feel you can tell your parents alone or you feel that they are going to react in a mean or abusive way - have another trusted adult with you - whether a teacher, family member, etc there with you to help tell them.

Just because you are going to be a parent doesn’t mean you aren’t still a kid.

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there is really no right or wrong way to tell ur 14 and im 19 weeks mom is dead and i live with my sister.i told her about a week after i found sister ended up telling one of our cousins.her mother already suspected about 3 days ago my aunt told my father (who lives in a different state).now he is really upset with me but he’s willing to talk it out.well to make a long story short u should tell them when your ready,but try 2 make it dont have much time left

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Well, if you are 6 months, then you are definitley already showing. They might already know, and just be denying wanting to ask you.

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ok sentrell she is going thru alot cuz of her own fault she had sex and now she is gonna have a kid thats her own fault she should have thought about it when she opened her i really dont feel sorry for her yeah she shouldnt have done it but now she did now she has to live with the consequences thats life

Answer #12

That’s tough. But I truly believe that you will need their help. So I think you should tell them. I would start with the one that you feel understands you better, and you seem to relate to better, and tell that one first and then tell the other one with their help. Good luck.

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you HAVE to tell them anyway they’ll be able to tell in a few months and also when you go into laber you cant hide that, but talk it over with your mom she’ll understand (and dont let them push you into anything either)

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Everyone leave her alone! she can do what she likes. I’ve had S e x and im 13! we chose what we like .. were not babyies anymore. Good luck with your twins Babe xx :D

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tell them, they can help you, its good tho that you found a good guy and all, just tell them and it will be a bit better hopefully..

Answer #16

Just tell them. If you’re pregnant, you need to eat right, take your vitamins, go to the doctor, etc. If you’re only 14 years old, all of that stuff will be easier to do with their help.

They could also help you decide if you are going to put the babies up for adoption or not. Personally, I would highly recommend adoption. A 14 year old cannot raise two children even if they do have help from their boyfriend. Children cost money, they take time, they need health care, dental care, etc. 14 year olds just do not have the time, money, and knowledge to give a child a good home. So in my opinion, adoption would probably be the only way you could give your babies what they actually need and deserve. Some parents actually decide to adopt their grandchildren when their teen gets pregnant, so that’s always a possibility too.

In the future, if you’re having intercourse make sure you’re using protection. If you don’t know about protection or how to use it, then you’re not ready for intercourse.

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well i did tell my parents and everything is fine and im sorry to everyone that i went off on its just that when ur 7 months pregnant with two your ging to be bitchy and ur not going to like it when ppl tellu that u shouldnt keep your own child well my parents didint get that upset and everything is fine now.. so thanks to everyone mainly the ones who didnt tell me to give up my child and the ones who agreed to my opinion.. well me and the father who is 22 worked out ways for the child and my other boyfriend who is willing ot help out is 20 and everything is fine any baby names for boys and girls that would kinda match for twins

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U asked for advice. so Y are U yelling at the people who are trying to give U advice!

U are way to young! and I hope that the teenagers who read this will learn not to have intercourse when theya re that young!!

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Look my mum treats me like an adult! and She would let me have a child at my age! She can keep her Baby IF SHE WANTS TO

Answer #20

how have your parents not noticed? ur 6 months pregnate wit twins?!?!?! do ur parents live under a rock?!?! hun i dont think u need to tell them lol THEY KNOW

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Im 20 and also 6 months pregnant, a little older and probably alot more financially stable with a husband and Im scared to death. I’m not completely against you keeping them either, but before you think about anything else I would think about how youre going to raise kids when you are still one yourself. A 13-14 year old can be just as mature as someone older but with all due respect it doesnt sound like youre there. You can do whatever you want, but your actions have consequences as your probably already figuring out. You should tell your parents, if for no other reason then to have them there when you need them, because I can guarantee you will need them.

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ok first of all you were way to young to even be doing those kinds of things. now you have to take care of your kids when you could be having fun with you friends! WAY TO YOUNG!

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u guys need to be nice & get that ya she might have done it younge & is going to be having babys but if she wants to keep them or not its up to her & her only my sister got pregent & had a kid at 16 all on her own & been taken care of her on her own & i got pregenet at 14 going on 15 & i did not give my baby up i was the same way as her but i did not tell my mom & dad untell i was 8 monthes pergent & i lived with my uncle at the time but it hurt my mom bc i could not come to her & tell her but they were so nice & caring about it & everyone told me to give up my baby but i did not do it to this day i still have her & im 18 going on 19 know & she is 3 going 4 but she my world & like this girl i dont think she will care what u ppl say she just wanted a lil help to know what to do & know there are girls out there like her will girl i was like u & know im in my last year of high school & have a pretty lil girl & have a job & my own car & geting a place soon & i did all this on my own & bring her up even geting the car & all so u can do it it just takes time to get use to it but it will be ok but i do think u should tell ur mom & dad asap just to get it over with bc if u dont ur going to brinbg strise on u & the baby & thats not good will take care girl i hope what i said helped u & if u need to talk message me take care of u & the babys

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I agree with you, I think adoption is entirley up to you, the previous advice was a little shortsighted and didnt take into account of your feelings. Can i just say that why on earth didnt you use condoms? its not just pregnancy you have to be aware of it’s all manner of nasty STD’s, some of which can kill. You have the bite the bullet sweetheart and tell your family, they will step up and show you what they are made of. You have been completely irresponible but its not the end of the world. You can still go on raise your babies and have a productive and happy life but you will need the advice, wisdom and support of your family. Anytime now you will start to show and in 3 months you will give birth, you need proper pre-natal care. Be warned honey - get ready for the fall out it wont be pretty, but they will come round. You also need to tell the father he has a right to now. Stay in touch let me know how it goes, i shall be thinking of you.

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ok little girl.. you are 14 years old.. 14!! i am 25 and i stil dont want kids.. i like to party, hang with my friends, and i like to buy things for me.. not any one else except my boyfriend.. you are not ready for a baby. non less TWO. all these people are helping you. they arent being mean or any thing. you need to chil out. you going off on people that you do not know shows you are still imature and has not matured yet. your kids need protection and the right care to be succesful. they need clothes, dippers, toys, are you going to let your kids grow up and not live the life that you wanted to live? by you not telling your parents is prob. the biggest mistake you will make. My sister had a baby when she was 18, her baby is now 2 and she is soo cute ya.. but um she hasvery little toys, her mom( my sister ) has 3 jobs and is on welfare and the goverment is taking care of her as well as my parents.. so you need to decide if you are ready to work 3 jobs, have no life, and not get a high school degree or a college degree.. you decide.

Answer #26

helpasap just one more thing - you said before that your boyfriend said “nothing goes up there but him” (i just saw that now) - then he’s absolutely not right for you if he can’t even respect your wishes - ouch girl you’re gonna het reaaally hurt!! does he command you around like that all the time? he just wants s e x with you and evidently doesn’t care much about how you feel!! my boyfriend and i have s e x with a condom AND i’m on the pill, because we’re both responsible adults and care about each other… maybe you should consider the consequences of having unprotected s e x with a guy ESPECIALLY when you’ve only been dating 3 weeks - this guy proved to be a user by dumping you when he found out you’re pregnant :( you should seriously still be playing with dolls, not big men - and i say this out of concern, coz I have a little sister whom i dont wana see messing up her life

Answer #27

sit your parents down and just tell them I’m pretty sure they’ll get mad but your their daughter and your having a baby either way thats sweet that a guy said he will help you take care of your babies and their not that many boys around that would say that so consider yourself lucky one door closed and another opened your going to be a mom soon and your children will be the love of your life and there going to be your parents grandchildren so just tell them they still will love you and don’t take stuff from people saying that you ruined your life or why did you do it just keep on going with everyday because while your sitting at home thinking of what they said they are not sitting there worried so take your time and the best of luck xxx :)

Answer #28

tell them as soon as possible, because if they do get angry or upset they’ll get over it it friend got pregnant and shes great now, she kept her baby too and her parents are helping her take care of it and theyre even paying for its education right now..she has a job and works 4 days a week to save money for education and stuff, but it all works out better when you tell your parents.. just tell them “mom and dad, if there is ever a time in my life that i need you, it’s right now, so please try your best to understand and help me because i need you more than ever..i’m pregnant” then very calmly offer to tell them anything they want to know about how you became pregnant (it makes them more comfertable). also make it VERY clear you want to keep your baby, and that if they want to get rid of it theyll have to get rid of you aswell because you are sticking with them as a good parent should. i hope this helped ;] congradulations i’m happy for you

Answer #29

okay so your 24 right? your pareants have asay so over you until the day you turn 18 or move out completely which ever comes first. not saying am a saint I’ve done things not to great ut come on your 14 an talking bout keeping the kids(not that its a bad thing) but if your on here pickin fights with everyone you asked for help then your not ready for a child or two. you say your aunt is doing everything then what are you to do when it ALL up to you to take care of the twins. and as for this new cat thats supose to be helping you take care of them even if there not his, how old is he? what does he know bout kids? and having a lil sister or brother doesn’t even count!! trust me nothing will prepare you for the full time parenting unless your parents are there to help you along the way. I mean at 14 your not even old enough to get a job so where is the money coming from, go a head and say your aunt but soon enough it will be all on u. just know krama has a way of getting you in the A** tell your parents because you want to because you want your kids to know there grandparents, waitting this long will only make it worse. I dont take to kind to smart remarks from child espeacially one who asked for help

Answer #30

wow, i was reading this forum and am quite shocked!! i am 21 now and have been having s e x since i was 18, which i personally think was even maybe too young. You kids should really start thinking about not messing up your lives with grown up stuff - and rather go to school and enjoy your young life. I know you do not want to hear this but you are really just children. You are not emotionally or physically ready for such turmoil. I promise you when you’re older you will look back and understand. When you give birth at 15 or so your child will be going to school when you’re 23! Thats a terrible thought because in two years I still want to party and live the life of a young adult - my student life is the most wonderful time of my life! and I think many would agree.

So each to his / her own, but please please please don’t make your young life so tense for yourselves! Its so terribly short and the only time in your life you do not need to worry about stuff like paying rent ect ect. Enjoy it - and wait - the grown up stuff will come. S e x is wonderful and fun, but it could also be detremental (pregnancies, STD’s ect) so if you want to do it sweeties, get on the pill and definitely use somethink which protects you form all those nasty diseases out there (condom, diaphragm, ect).

And have a relationship with someone a little bit more in your age range - 14 year old with a 22 / 20 year old guy is not only wrong you guys cant be on the same level - and believe me older guys love having little girls who are easy and they can brag about their friends to - what they want emotionally and on a inter-personal level are women, not children!! So I am sorry but you’re probably being used. Besides - you know in most countries this (the s e x) is illegal since you’re under the age of 16 and he over. So if you really like him… don’t make him go to jail :(

Anyways, enough from me, good luck with your babies and I really do hope you get enough support to bring them up healthy and happy. Please be safe next time and good luck on being a teenage mom - I can just imagine how hard it must be. And finish your education - it might look like too much right now but on the long run it will be very advantageous!

Answer #31

this is for the texaskimmie okay whatever to u!! i dont agree with giveing up sum thing that i help created!! im not attacking anone i just idint like her advice and u dont have to tell me what to do or what not to do!!and i having been staying with my cousin and her mom has takin me to da doctors!! by the way i can go to any guy that i can go to !! u dont have to tell me to stop worring about guys when evry baby needs a father no matter if its not its biologically father or not!!1

Answer #32

shut - up all ya’s advice is not helping here. crasy, stupid people i dont care if your 25 or 18 you have no right to say mean thing’s to her she is going threw a lot 2 twins dang girl get help!!!


Answer #33

stupid, so so stupid. come on thats not his place and you said he left you and some other guy suspose to be helpin you keep the other guy out of it. but I give up you asked for help them dogged us all out. so do what ever the hell you want it’s not going to be easy so get help where you cn and take nothing for granted!

Answer #34

tell your parents asap cuz you need to be goin to a doctor asnd twins congrads but you kno tht u r bout to hav hell on yo hands. but stay with yo new bf and 4get the father he is the missing out hope things go well let me kno

Answer #35

Your mum isn’t very bright then, either that or you just don’t know how parents think. Of course she CAN keep them, but she also needs to do what’s best for them

Answer #36

Please think of the children that this involes and think of what the impact on their lives. I think you should talk to your parents and talk to them about how you can care for them. You parents would be hurt first but then they would thank you that you told them. I don’t think that you should put hem up for adoption. so good luck and i hope everything goes well

Answer #37

‘I dont think my comment was rude at all it was MY OPINION.. be open to it!! FIRSTLY: it is ur opinion but the fact remains you came here for advice so listen u dont have to oblige its not like enione forced it on u. jeeez its obvious ur still a kid. My boyfriend said nothing goes up there but HIM.. amd an occasion tampon!! SECONDLY: ur boyfreind says?? dont u have a mouth? cant u stand up 4 urself? does he control u? now ure pregnant and on some random website with strangers giving u advice you cant even make your own decision. AND TO TOP IT ALL HE DUMPED U!!! ure 14 pregnant, dumped, u havent had the babies yet you already have another boyfriend…IRRESPONSIBLE i am ashamed for you. tell your parents. no one can help u through their computer. AND KEEP URE LEGS CLOSED!!!

Answer #38

You’re 14 and you’re old enough to know whats right from wrong, it’s your fault your pregnant. You’re an arrogant little punk that has no idea what the real world is like. Use protection you little idiot. If your so smart then you know what? Raise your kid, I don’t give a damn about you. But when you hurt others when they are trying to give you advice like that, you’re the rude one. Go ahead, make a smart asc comment back to me. It’s not going to do anything but make you feel better for only awhile. Btw.. child birth is something you never forget. I’m a 14 year old male, I have done it before yes, but with protection. You need to learn that.

have a nice life..jerk

Answer #39

hey, im probably a little late but here’s my advice: i think you should tell your parents. your baby needs the correct nutrion and as its mother you’ll want to give it to it. although it is still unborn your baby must have certain things, and not all of these things are accesible to you. if you are not able to talk to your parents talk to a trusted adult friend that can help you or a friend’s parent you can trust.

although you may not want to think of it . adoption is a choice. you may not be able to take care of the baby and as its mother you want to do whats best for your baby. BUT IT IS YOUR CHOICE ALONE!!

good luck, miss7604

Answer #40

helpasap i totally understand. im fourteen too. i dont think i would want to give up the baby either. but you do need to think about adoption. if you dont want to, i totoally understand. thinking about adoption is just a step in the process. its okay if you dont want to give them up. anyway. you should just sit down with your parents and tell them. they may be mad at first, but how can they throw away their grandchildren? just tell them. you need all the help you can get. also in the future if you dont want a baby, ask your mom to take you to the doctor to get pills or use a condom. hope i helped. GOOD LUCK!!

Answer #41

Ok so many people on here are saying give the baby up. dont. honey if oyu want to keep the babys KEEP them! But i do say tell your mother. My mom get prego when she was 15 and hade me when she was 16. with support from friends, family, and with a little love they will be fine. my mom is fine and doing well. keep the babys. you never know 16 years from now if you gave them up you might sit down and wish you hade them back so back it would hurt, no one wants that. If oyur parents say put them up for addoption tell them you are of an age to deside! they cant tell you what to do. So i hope you have the best of luck with these babys. and just keep stong, you’ll make it threw alright.

Answer #42

I say you should tell your parents. That dosnt give them control and they may be upset but they will get over it. it is a good thing you are getting help by your auntie. but some of the people have a good point. what are you going to do when they are born? I’m glad your doctor is respecting you not telling your parents but i think it might be a good thing. a warning and this is not being mean or anything. but it is hard to be a mother at a young age. but im glad you want the baby and are not just dumping it away.

Answer #43

jst be real with your parents shawty me im 15 and my girl 18 and we got a 1 yr old when i found out she was pregnant it was hard as hell for me to tell my moms but i jst ended up sittin down with her and tellin her and she was kinda upset at first but at the end she was happy now she loves him so they might be kinda mad or upset at first but at the end it will b all good

Answer #44

Just tell ur mom you r pregnant and u made a mistake but it’s to late.

don’t put them up for adoption. U don’t know what type of family they will get. Oh and i recomend not getting a abortion. Studies have shown that woman who get a abbortion often get a depression when they r older. And u might not think this but it is actually killing a baby. Where do u draw the line to how far into being pregnant u can have a abbortoin.

Answer #45

no how u feel im 14 n 7 months pregnant ! x i found it very hard to tell my mom about it but i knew i wanted to keep it so i told my mom and told her i was keeping it she soon came round to the idea and no is fine with everything the father of the baby can be supporting but also can not be but i no i can cope with my baby now i have the suppport of my mom . i have 2 months left and im soo glad i kept my child ! i love it sooo much alredy just stay strong and u will be fine x good luck

Answer #46

omg! these people are trying to help you! you were the one asking for their advice! are you hormonal or sumthing! its your fault your pregnent. and you obviously need help. you havent told your parents. the people who you should trust the most in the world. you need to tell them. and if you’ve seen a doctor, a responsible doctor would have told your parents whether you liked it or not. and if your pregnency hasnt shown yet, what will you do when the babies are born and you still havent told them. so, for the sake of your children talk to your parents, theyve done this before and WILL help.

Answer #47

im happy u told them & thinkgs are working out for u just keep ur head up girl its gets better

Answer #48

Helpasap, please do not attack people who are trying to help you. The above poster was giving you options to think about.

You need to sit down with your parents and just tell them. They will stand by you, you are their child. They will be mad and hurt at first, but they will come around. What’s done is done, and everyone needs to band together to raise your children. Yes, you are young, but I’m pretty sure your parents will want to help you raise your twins. They won’t want two grandchildren out in the world that they don’t know.

One thing I would suggest, and please don’t try to attack me for this, but I would suggest you not be jumping from guy to guy at your age. You said your boyfriend left you, and you have a new guy. The last thing I would be thinking about at this point are more guys. Your unborn children need your total focus. Get to the doctor, get some vitamins, and get your family rallying around you. Good luck.

P.S. I’m assuming since you haven’t spoken to your parents, and you are just 14, that you probably haven’t been to a doctor. If thats the case, how do you know you are having twins??

Answer #49

she should have had her babies by now, so her parents would know, any ways i wonder how it went

Answer #50

Okay. Heres the deal. Your 14 and you had sex with a guy after only being with him for 3 weeks?? Thats pure stupidity right there. And the fact that he left you after finding out just shows that you couldnt have been in a great relationship - 3 weeks is hardly enough time to tell if you really want to be with someone for the rest of your life, and im sorry to say, but no matter how much you think he loved you, or he said he loved you, a guy like that only wanted what he got. sex. And now you have another guy in your life?! Come on! Havent you learned anything yet? Dont rush to another guy, whats he know about having kids? or raising them? its sweet he says hed help you with it, but the sad truth is, he wont be much help, especially if hes close to or of your age group. And I see you arguing with people trying to help you. If you didnt want to hear their advice, then you shouldnt have asked the question. And sorry to say, I know you dont want to hear it, but your too immature. seriously. Your not old enough to take care of yourself. Nevermind a child..and two? FORGET IT! Im not saying you cant keep them, but those children will be more like your aunts, not yours. That child will have to rely on her because theres not much you can do at your age to care for it. You have more important things, like school to worry about. BOOKS BEFORE BOYS, learn that. Its great you want to bring new life into the world, and call it your own, but your too young to handle it. You have no clue how to raise a baby, and dont try to tell me you do. My sisters friend who is 20 gave birth to a healthy baby boy, and she was so stressed and had barely a clue what to do. I dont expect a 14 year old to do any better. Your a baby yourself, and you’ll probably hurt your children more than help them. My mother remarried and had 2 children when I was about 11. They are currently 3 and 5. I watch them A LOT, and I mean A LOT..and they are so stressful, sometimes I want to rip my hair out and kill someone! Imagine taking care of a child all the time, even at night..having a child screaming at ridiculous hours of the night, endlessly, every have to get up at night and care for them, whether you want too or not..and regaurdless of how tired you are, you still have to get and and go to school/work. And having a baby will be no excuse for not having homework or performing poorly at school or work. When you want to go out and do something, you cant, you’ll have to be home caring for them. And at 14, you cant get a job, at 15 you MIGHT but you’ll get the min. pay..and its unlikely you’ll get hired anywhere anyway. At 16, its a bit easier..but still..hard. 17 is okay. but really 18 is when you can have the best bet at supporting a child, but even then its very hard. Like I said before, you can keep them, but just keep in mind how much your aunt will have to take care of them and just how much you actually that even fair to your aunt? She didnt go and get knocked up. It shouldnt have to be her responsibility. I understand though, that giving up your own child is hard. But do you really want a baby? Or do you want a healthy happy baby? Your too young to be thinking clearly. You dont have a clue what being a parent is. Maybe I sound like a b*tch, but I dont care. Someone needs to tell you this. Your being stupid and immature and very selfish! You shouldnt be thinking about boys and sex and babies right now. school should be your main priority. And if your going to have sex, do it with protection and contreception, such as birth control pills or depo provera(birth control shot).And least date the guy for 6 months first..half a year. AT LEAST. And for your own health, get a pap test done to check for any STDs or STIs that you may have aquired from any male partner you have had intercourse with. You may be at risk, along with your baby if your doctor hasnt given you some form of test already to check for anything harmful to you or your child.

Its a lot to read..and it may be harsh depending on how you look at it. but you need to hear this. One last time, you can keep your children. but it may be better for them if you put them up for adoption and allow someone who can care for them better to do so. You can always try again when you are older. And then you can truely raise a healthier, happier baby. And hopefully with the father. Be mature about this. And stop b*tching at people who are trying to help you. Grow up, or you’ll never hope to raise a child on your own.

Answer #51

If you can’t type properly, you’re too young to have sex or too moronic to give advice. Fourteen and pregnant. That’s slutty. I’d give up the children; you’re young enough to be their sibling. You can’t give them the kind of life the deserve to be given. You’re holding them back. You’re not fit to be a mother if you aren’t putting THEIR lives first. You’re all about yourself and what you want, not what is best for those innocent children.

Answer #52

That fact that shes &months pregnant and you are still telling her shes too young to have sex… a little late…the girl is about to pop…and she came up with the courage to ask for advice from total strangers…either give constructive advice…or move on…

Answer #53

Ummm…yea. You guys aren’t thinking about this girl and her twins! She doesn’t need to be even more upset by something you guys post! She asked for advice not a lecture! She is preggo! That pretty much gives her the right to say and type what she wants. *I’m sure that if you want to have these babies and keep them your mom will understand. It’s great to have a guy by your side but, just remember never to let yourself put him before your kids. If he will be emotionally supportive hold on to him! Good Luck!

Answer #54

keep the babys dont listen to them i really think you should tell your mom because you need to make sure your babies are healthy and that your healthy i know its scary thinking about telling your mom but if she loves you she will support you she might get mad at first but it will get better

everything will be okay

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