I need to know how to dress goth

I’m a 14 year old guy very scary looking and depressed for reason I’m never telling, how do you dress goth?

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basicly wear a normaly fitting plain black top and black or dark jeans/other heavy trousers and to top it off go with a nice dark and gothic necklace /chain/wristband trust me if you can pull this off you can make some dark and depressed girls verry happy so good luck

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there are many different styles. google it…pick whichever one you like. of go to vampirefreaks.com it’s a good gothy site and you can get ideas.

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My answer is posuer.

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listen. If you were really goth you wouldn’t need our advice dumbs**t. Your not goth. Stop trying to be goth you wannabe. Psssh. Poser

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you cant dress “goth” its like a dam cult type of thing

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Well. I have only been goth for a while but I would start by wearing some black items like t-shirts and stuff.

I have only just signed into this website and I have had a lot of grief reading the comments you just have to get used to it.

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Im a goth too, I know how you feel, alone and sad and cant tell anyone. Just dress in lots of black and combat boots is what I wear so those will be good! And eye liner on gothic guys is HOT so try that out…im a misunderstood girl and well I so know what your goin through.

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Ok, I am goth, and as the above say you don’t have to be depressed to be goth. Goth is free thinkers who are mostly anti-social. You can go with the classic combat boots look. Or you can go with the skater shoes (etnies are best) or you can go with converse (though that is more emo) Don’t follow trends make your own trends. Black is good for goth but don’t forget we like red and dark purple. Black/blue jeans with pins in them. Black eyeliner. And rember you don’t need my advice to dress goth, you make your own goth style. Just because one goth dresses one way doesn’t mean you have to dress that way.

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Goth is a subculture. Culture is about a variety of things. Food, music, language,art, social interraction, beliefs, and YES CLOTHES. Therefore it is not wrong in asking how to dress goth. The fact of the matter is: it is a clothing style. I suggest checking out pictures from the Victorian era. Also, look at how other Goth artists dress. I think black military boots are a must though…

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wear black and white all the times

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go to west ed and thers an awesome gothic store

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dress in black that all you need and hi black army boots

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cut yourself and listen to the cure and manson

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FIRST OF ALL, You can’t just go goth all of a sudden thats sorta being a poser , because you are who you are.Not someone your not.&& GOTHS arent depressed scary people trust me.I have a few goth friends and they are the most happiest friggen people I know.

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People who are depressed suddenly think they’re Goth.


Answer #17

Well…if you wonna look Gothic, theres alot of styles around. Punk Goth is the most commen these days. My style is an old style my dad showed me, The New Romantics. basicky, laice,netting,silk and fur (fake fur if you like and fake silk if you want) but i know know the girl side of The New Roamantic Style clouths……i’ll ask my dad for you if you like what the guys might have worn.

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Dang everyone took all the ideas already=(

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Well, u sound like a poser, cuz u can’t just choose 2 b goth, nd most of u ppl r posers as well, goth is not just about wearin all black nd wearin makeup (the makeup thing is just fruity) its a religion, nd only a few, I mean very few ppl actually follow the religion. Heck, u can wear nething as long as u follow the religion, but u cnt just label urself as goth, unless u truly believe n it. Nd ur either feelin depressed, or just tryin 2 get attention, nd I think its about attention. But, u dnt have 2 b “gothic” 2 express it, just express it thru ur music, but u wudve known u cud do that if u were rlly n a band. Sum ppl wear black, myself as well, but I dnt think I’m goth, or nething, I just think that black is a meaning 4 depression nd heartfelt, even death, nd wen I wear it, I feel invisible, nd I like it wen no one notices me, cuz I rlly rlly hate attention, but it dnt help cuz ppl, 4 sum reason, like talkin 2 me, but u shudnt just start wearin it. U wudve had 2 known uve felt that way 4 a long time, b4 u choose 2 dress dark the next day cuz ppl will def. think ur a poser. I’ve dressed like this 4 as long as I can remember, but Ive always felt depressed nd knew no one cud ever change me. I’m a middle child, so of course I feel like an outcast. I dnt wear dark makeup cuz it looks like u haven’t had sleep n days or a racoon. I just wear regular makeup like a thin line of eyeliner, foundation, lip gloss, nd eyeshadow (not black cuz it looks stoopid) nd I dnt like 2 look like I just rose from a grave or nething. But if this is wat u rlly wnt, then u can b prepared 2 b made fun of cuz ur on ur way 2 poser city my friend. I’m not a poser, cuz I didn’t choose 2 just dress like this out of the blue, I’ve always liked wearin darker colors, but do watever, cuz i dnt no u, wud b embarassed if I did, nd I rlly dnt care wat u do, just wnted 2 reply cuz I was bored nd thought ur post was rlly pathetic, cuz u sound rlly lame, nd ur other questions were lame as well. Most of em were about a girl but u gotta face it, she dnt like u nd probly never will, cuz she nos ur a poser. Y dnt u just grow up nd get a life u wanna-be, gothic poser.

Answer #20

well first of all…what kind of goth do you want to be? cyber goth : A goth who is into the Industrial music scene. The urban goth. They usually wear flashy clothes and other accessories displaying a mechanical/industrial theme. cyber goths wear cyber goggles , dreads , and bright colours.

EGL (Elegant Gothic Lolita): Elegant Gothic Lolita refers to the fashion of frilly, ribbony, ruffled knee-length dresses, and ruffled headbands, and only refers to females. Elegant Gothic Aristocrat refers to a more subdued, refined dressing, usually consisting of longer dresses or coats, and can refer to both females and males.

vampire goth: Someone Who’s Heavily Into The Whole Vampyre Scene, Wears Anything, Like Victorian Stuff Or Leather Trench Coats. Often Buys Fangs, Or Gets Them Cut… Some Are Even Born With Them. They Also Have A Love For Blood, And A Lot Of Them Are Fond Of The Whole Bite Neck Thing. Music Taste, Same As All Goths Or Often Even Chavs… They’re Not Fussed To Be Honest. Some Actually Follow The Vamperic Religion, Although I Don’t Know Much About It.

punk goth: An other “type” of goth with a general knowledge of Goth Culture. They give their own “flair” to the scene by being to such an extreme of non-conformist that they often don’t get the approval of other more traditional goths because their quite a bit “wilder” in behavior than others.

lots of goths (classic goths) like to generally dress up into very dark and victorian clothing. spiked chokers are cool, dark eye makeup (depending on which type of goth). dont just dress all in black because people will think youre a poser. your hair can be really any colour, but spike it up and put a couple of colours through it. wear dark frilly bowties. make it creative and unique. get some gothic platform boots, those guy skirts are awesome as well. wear white makeup, draw Xs on your face with eyeliner.

Answer #21

Im a guy who is NOT DEPRESSED Im happy, easygoing and think outside the square. I have had an inner desire to change my appearance to a Gothic appearence, I want to do this for myself to make me a happier person as I’ve always been doing things and living the way other people think I should be/live. I think Girls who dress Gothic are so Sexy the whole Gothic theme appeals to me more than just dressing like another everyday person.

I would sure appreciate some real goths answers how to dress more goth NOT so much full on Gothic but just a little at first as I have a business to run and deal directly with customers, and also where I can meet some more people like us. Im 34 years old 6’6” tall of medium build and I have a shaved head, I like a shaved head so I cant dye my hair black so Please could some of you help bring the inner Gothic out in me, Im Living in Perth Western Australia. Again Im doing this because My inner desire is wanting out!

Answer #22

How to be Goth.

  1. Completely follow the stereotype, but get pissed when someone calls you goth.

  2. Yell at other people who want to dress “goth”. It makes you seem like you know what you’re talking about.

  3. Shop at Hot Topic when you start dressing Goth, as you get older you’ll realize why people who shop at Hot Topic are considered “Baby Bats”. by the end of the second year, you’ll shiver everytime you step into Hot Topic. You are not a walking billboard for ANY store, you’re an individual. Dress like it.

  4. You can still listen to whatever music you want to, watch whatever you want to. Don’t conform to just one type of music, that’s exactly what you’re trying to avoid.

  5. Get ready to be laughed at. Many people will not understand, and they really don’t want to.

  6. Black is the Norm, but other dark colors are acceptable. Hell, even white can be Goth if you fix it up right.

  7. When speaking to everyone else have a huge ego. After all, you’re the ONLY one who dresses goth.

a lot of these users yelled at you, but if the “goth” culture is ever going to get bigger, they have to understand and allow others into the culture without getting angry. The culture will dissapate if we continue as we have been.

Answer #23

Wow. Some of these comments are interesting. Honestly, like one person said, if you have to ask how a “goth” dresses, then it may not be a good idea for you. Being Gothic is not about being depressed all the time. It’s not about listening to angry music and dying your hair unnatural colors. It’s a personal style that some people have tried to turn into a trend. Gothic people are not mean or dramatic. If they are, then they may be the type who do it because it’s “cool.” They are very real.

My suggestion to you would be to try talking to someone about your depression. Perhaps it will help. If it doesn’t, then you might want to try finding your own style. You will feel better about yourself and other people may be more drawn to you if you do your own thing.

Good luck.

Answer #24

If you’re REALLY depressed stay the heck away from goths. they can be drama queens and vicious! they will push you over the edge and hand you the razorblades. If you arent too sad then and don’t mind people asking you if it’s halloween yet every fricken day., for guys; Black jeans, black band shirts (music is essential) or something with a twisted outlook on it like “can’t sleep, clowns will eat me” or stony gravestone/celtic print is good. dressup is a black dress shirt buttoned all the way up with a necklace rather than a tie . clubby is a basic black mesh shirt with pvc pants (think patent leather) and a studded belt for all these. the big circle loops are significant for s&m which means if your not into bondage dont wear it or it will be expected of you. some ego freaks can wear corsets and long skirts. Docs are good, Creepers rock, but if you can afford New Rock boots then by all means wear them if you dare. black jellys (bracelets) are staple. DO NOT buy out Hot Topic! it is Trendy and goth is anything but mainstream. But a few things aren’t too bad. get an earring. wear eyeliner. white is okay ,red is okay ,pink is okay, but no yellow! Do whatever you want to your hair but spikes are more punk than goth. a good black dye is nice but do not fry your hair. and dye it WELL goths are very fashion concious. a bad dye job is for baby bats and loser drug addicts. if you smoke, try clove ciggarettes they add smoky atmosphere, reek and taste sweet and are completely harsh but legal. drink green things. Mostly just be yourself .

Answer #25

There’s more to being goth than the way you dress. I agree 100% with kemikalpsykosis. If you need advice on how to be goth, your far from the real thing and shouldn’t try to be something your not. Nobody likes a poser.

Answer #26

dude, i wear the black clothes and eyeliner but cant seen to find the base powder or lipstick. i dress like this because i want to break the mold and stand out. i also do this as self expression as well as write/ preform my own songs. dont let what ppl say to you get through, iv had so many people tell me in a freak or w/e. but i dont care this is who i am and if they dont like it they can blow it out their asses. i personally feel there are allot of “ clones” shal we say in our schools, nobody wants to branch out and be different because they have fear of ridicule. i have a few close freinds but even they are starting to get freaked by my persona, but again i say if they cant accept you for who you are then they arent true friends.

Answer #27

well just type in goth look on the computer, usually black anything will do. You are a)confused,not sure what directions you are going, you are half sad and half happy but the real you is really a happy person, you just are unsure of what career directiont to take, you don’t have to do what everyone else is doing. You know you will come out of this okay, I do psychic reading and I see you married with 2 children and having a business with another male. Now that should perk you up. Keep in mind I do reading for entertainment only…I just thought you needed to know things will be okay.

Answer #28

hm ok

lame :S

dress goth because u like it…because its an expression u dont need to dress goth to show people youre dead inside

many people are depressed, sad and lonely, and don´t need to immitate

create. Observe!

Answer #29

Wear black or dark coloured clothes, striped clothes are good too like black and red or black and white or something, also arm warmers and black belts and checkered stuff like wristbands (you can get things like that at claire’s accesories) and the socks at new look.

Answer #30

im some where in the middle of goth and emo.. I wear ALL black ALL the tome, and I am depressed for some reasons that no one but me knows, and I am a 14 year old girl. my parents HATE the way I am I cut my wrists… which I don’t recommend that you do that.. because it leaves YEARS worth of scars that are not very easy to get rid of.. but if you dont mind goths have pale skin. and they wear their eyeliner DARK. trust me. and they have dark hair, and dark clothes on most of the time.

Fun mail me if you want more tips on how to dress goth.

Answer #31

why do you want to dress goth? it ugly as heck and pple will look down on you IN A VERY VERY VERY BAD WAY. say im stuck up are w/e I dont rele care k ? got it? plle will think your just goin out to kill someone are get a peircing, which a lot of pple (like me) do not like. lemme put it this way k? ULL LOOK LIKE A FRIGGEN NUT! I hope you get the picture. a lot OF RETARDS don’t AND THEY END UP KILLING THERE SELVES!!!

Answer #32

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Answer #33

actually, you are a poser for attempting to instantly become goth, there is no such thing as an instant goth, you must take a gradual turn, and btw, get some piercings and grown your hair then, start wearing tripp pants and get some demonia boots then start changing to the dark side

Answer #34

I am goth…and black and white is the way to go…U can get lots of goth stuff at HoT ToPiC.com…black hair, eyeliner, nails, and lipstick…red lipstick is good to…look at Marilyn Manson he fkn rocks…music is the most important factor after the look…and anarchy rules…

Answer #35

ok if your asking for help over the computer how to dress goth the means your not goth that just happens!!

And you also say that your depressed your going to get over that every teens go trow that I did over summer I got over it the best thing to do in that time is be your self and everything ends up going good!!!

and after you get over being depressed your not going to want to dress goth so people are going to start calling you a powser.

so just think about it I ended up being a prep and thats that.

But also tell someone that cares about you and dont try anything dumb!! :)

Answer #36

first of all, stop putting urself down, you don’t look scary in that pic. and the dressing goth part, wear eyeliner, dye your hair black, wear chains, get a chain wallett, basically, change most of your wordrobe to black and chains. hope I helped! :-)

Answer #37

Actually there is no right or wrong way to be Goth, the Gothic sub-culture is very adaptable. Black is not the only colour worn by Goths other colours such as white, blood red and purple make a common appearance to goths every where. Make-up is optional and even black nail polish is optional.

Answer #38

well iam goth my self..I dress black outside and all …but I wear colour at home .. I fell like its so wiered ..like that I have diff styles at home and diff outside the house ..anyway I besst thing to look gothic …read scary stories, wear black, scary is the best thing to goths …me myself like SCARY MIVIES, STORIES …Scary is my middle name …LOL althought iam a girl .. :P so what /…Right …hope I help u!!! -evi

Answer #39

Oh wow. This is possibly the saddest question I’ve ever come across.

Answer #40

why goth?

Answer #41

this is the advice i was givin

Every goth is different, and going goth for the wrong reasons (i.e. your friends do it, it is all the rage, etc.) will get you serious trouble. Just dress the way you feel like dressing and look how you want. Don’t copy other people, just be true to yourself. I know this sounds like BS, but it is coming from someone in the same predicament. To start dye your hir black, dark purple, or some weird color. Wear black lipstick and eyeliner and nail polish. Yes, this is coming from a guy, but I swear I’m straight. Anyways, go to hot topic, that will give you an idea for clothes, and you should probably love some sort of rock, preferably not new metal, and go lightly on glam metal too!


First off gothic is a lifestyle. Second if you want to dress as a goth go to hottopic.com. It really depends. There are the chain pants and bvand shirt stuff. But then there are people you take on a more victorian gothic appearance like the men wear the suits like in vampire movies and the women wear the dresses. It just all depends but again it isn’t just clothing it is a lifestyle.

hopes this helps

Answer #42

Well, for starters, I know this may sound like a broken record, but you probably need to talk to someone about your depression.

I understand that you want your clothes to reflect the way you feel on the inside, but goths aren’t really depressed all the time. I have some gothic friends but really they just hate how mainstream everything is; they are individuals. Goth is a trend here lately and if you really want to show how you feel by the way you dress, maybe you should single out a few feelings you’ve been having and think about that when shopping.

But, if you are trying to send the message that you don’t want to be messed around with, by all means, goth is a great look for you.

Answer #43

My first questin iswhy goth? Is is because most people say that goths are depressed and sadall the time?

That’s not true. You could call me a goth. I definalety used to play up to the fashion and music side of it - but I am female so my make up and fashion tips probably won’t help much unless you can see yourself donning a very high pair of PVC boots. But what I discovered - Is that wearing black all the time actually bomes a little boring and depressing in itself. This could just make you feel worse. Although some online boutiques have great gothic clothing lines for men..

What I suggest is that you discover what it is you’d prefer to look likeand alter your look accordingly. If that is the generic black dyed hair, eyeliner, black clothes and NRs then fair enough.

You might find you don’t want to.

Or can’t be bothered =P

Answer #44

No, you don’t “need to know” how to dress Goth/ What you need to know is what Goth really is. The same goes for the rest of the people to commented(with some exceptions). Goths ARE NOT depressed, DO NOT wear only black(though it is a predominant color, white being the next biggest color in the SUBCULTURE). Heck, I’ve been through a lot of crap, but you don’t see me mopping about it. Do you even know the styles? Trip pants & a band T-shirt with combat boots ARE NOT Goth it is METAL for those who said that. There are well over 15 different types of Goth. What inspired you to become Goth? If it’s Marilen Manson(however you spell that morons want to be loser’s name), you “love black”, want to express your inner darkness or crap like that, don’t even bother, you’ld be a poser! By the sounds of it, you might want to look into Emo!

Answer #45

I hate labels…Just be your own style..Goth is a very iffy line and I found myself crossing it.., and I found myself being called a poser at first..No, I hated wearing makeup because I was too lazy to put it on..If your going to dress ‘goth’ then do what you feel is that…I mix between lolita styles and trip pants and such..My mom hates it, but I tend to change at school..I suggest wrist bands, makeup if you want, black shirts, and other things…Though just because its goth doesn’t mean you can’t be colorful..I wear carebear t-shirts and purples and blues..Do what you feel is comfortable and don’t let anyone tell you your a poser..Its not a style its a form of expression. Hope I helped^^

Answer #46

As many people have said here, goth is not a look it’s a way of life.. However you can go with the look Gothic, which many people say is emo. But the difference is that with the Gothic look you’ll need long dark flowing clothing, stuff which masks movements greatly (Like footsteps)

Then you need some to apply second layers either shorter or longer with many holes in it. Make-up is optional really, but if you choose the make-up you need to pretty-much coat half your face with pure black or dark dried blood red eyeliner, forcing a very egyptian or a spiked look. Then get a lip peircing directly in the center of your lip.

Or if you make yourself look like any creatures from a clive-barker movie or comic then you’re pretty good.

Answer #47

Dear actionfigures, Goth is not a society of depressed people… Goth by definition: Goths are free thinkers, people who do not accept the moral rules of society because they’re told ‘This is just how it is. Rather goths tend to listen to what you have to say, and make up their own mind. So if you are depressed go see a counsellor…A true Goth would not accept depression as a way of life since they are such free thinkers they have a true drive to find the answers and that would include the answers to their own happiness. Sue…good luck

Answer #48

To BE Honest i am feeling the same way but the thing is i dont dress or do makeup like one the more i noticed that i was depressed…. i started losing friends and dropped outa school so really … i know how u feel but i feel very bad for myself dunno but i do feel like im emo and gothic but the thing is somethings holding me back to be one i am what u call a covered goth/emo just people dont know what i am yet ……. Mexican/American So dont know if thats wrong but thats as much as i can tell u …… i love dickies pants and anything thats black

Answer #49

Lots of black eyeliner also looks edgy and sends the message to STAY away. But remember, goth isn’t a fashion trend, it’s a lifestyle. You don’t want to seem like a poser, so it’s kinda all or nothing. I feel your pain you know, I’m kinda/sorta goth myself, I wear a lot of black and black eyeliner, but I don’t wear chains or listen to metal, that would just be pushing it. I’m very depressed and I see myself in you. Life just isn’t fair, I should go goth myself.

Answer #50

Actually there is no right or wrong way to be Goth, the Gothic sub-culture is very adaptable. Black is not the only colour worn by Goths other colours such as white, blood red and purple make a common appearance to goths every where. Make-up is optional and even black nail polish is optional.

Answer #51

well you need a lot of black things and black jeans. first you need to put on heavy black eyeliner then pain your nails black were like a black shirt and a white long sleve shirt under with ripped black jeans with suspenders and black converse and your hairs needs to be like extra goth and depressed !!!

Answer #52

Life Is Confusing, Over It All, Be Yourself. Be Goth If Thats How You Choose To Be. Just Never Lose Who You Really Are Inside. Depressed, Lonely, Or Just A Punk Like Me, Be REAL.

Answer #53

No, you don’t “need to know” how to dress Goth/ What you need to know is what Goth really is. The same goes for the rest of the people to commented(with some exceptions). Goths ARE NOT depressed, DO NOT wear only black(though it is a predominant color, white being the next biggest color in the SUBCULTURE). Heck, I’ve been through a lot of crap, but you don’t see me mopping about it. Do you even know the styles? Trip pants & a band T-shirt with combat boots ARE NOT Goth it is METAL for those who said that. There are well over 15 different types of Goth. What inspired you to become Goth? If it’s Marilen Manson(however you spell that morons want to be loser’s name), you “love black”, want to express your inner darkness or crap like that, don’t even bother, you’ld be a poser! By the sounds of it, you might want to look into Emo!

Answer #54

sue90 has the right idea, being depressed really just doesn’t work for too many goths. Yes, they have a darker view on life, but these are also the kind of people that will just overall get excited about anything and everything. If you want to go for the mall goth look, I would suggest just going to your local hot topic and you’ll find something, you actually want to be goth, you can’t just ask how, you either are, or you aren’t.

Answer #55

well first if you have to ask how to be goth then dont do it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!y is being goth suddenly the numb. 1 icon of depression and sorrow????if your depressed write,sing,cry about it!!!!!!!dont change your wardrobe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!i understand how depression is trust me i do……………but dont let some thing so stupid make your existence become null!!!!!in simple words”just because ur sad right now it dosent mean you have to let a little lump in the back of your throaght rule you whole life”

Answer #56

Goth=not depressed but,calm about life. and black eye liner,white face powder black clothing and other clothing such as silk,vinyl,leather,and fishnet and mesh,and the sorts.oh and lipstick-red black purple doesnt really matter and hair could be blck&red,green,purple,dark blue or just all black. Boots the higher the platforms the better,dont be afraid to cross-dress either,if your small Example of Goth music-.. Cradle of Filth.Chains and.. I think thats it,oh Cradle of Filth and Marilyn Manson Are good examples of gothic clothing

Answer #57

u need to wear black most of the time and if u have alot of chains that might help also and well black nail polish is always the way 2 go with goth oh and so is eyeliner,black eyeshadow and sometimes black lipstick

Answer #58

Many people say I look/act goth, but like many above me have said, its not so much a fashion as it is a perspective on life. As far as looking goth: just dress out of the current mainstream fashion, but it honestly depends on what type of “goth” you’re aiming for. Yet, what you seem to be describing is more “emo” than goth. Major difference, dude.

Answer #59

Um… If you are trying to dress goth, please don’t. I have no problem with people who are gothic. A lot of my friends would be considered gothic. But if you are trying to be gothic, you are kind of eliminating the whole “gothic mind-set.” Be original, dress in what you like. Whatever it is.

Answer #60

Why do you need to know how to dress Goth? If you need advice at being Goth, you obviously aren’t a real Goth and shouldn’t try to be one.

Answer #61

Dude, you are totaly pathetic. Go wear a clown suit. U’ll be totaly goth then.

Answer #62

Perhaps he is confusing goth w/ emo ?

Answer #63

where black clothes and black make up listen 2 marilyn manson

Answer #64

People start feeling depressed and then suddenly think they ‘re Goth.


Answer #65

People start feeling depressed and then suddenly think they ‘re Goth.


Answer #66

go to hottopic.com and browse around thats like teh store for goths.

Answer #67

dont bother

Answer #68

Gosh..he probably just likes the style..I dont think he’s poserish..and what do you guys care..he’s going to be Himself anyways.. ok..maybe you should like wera eyeliner(yes its for guys too) and wear those big jeans from hottopic..with chains..find a cool black hoodie you like and wear it..try and find cross necklaces and black unisex bracelets from hot topic.Maybe a pyramid black belt would work and some band t that you like…go for the all black look..consider dying you hair black if it already isnt and keep it over your eyes…if you want..you could put black lipstick on and wipe it off to give off a faint look for your lips ( if you want…its optional) wear wristband from bands .paint you nails black his helps!! ^

Answer #69

I agree with you 100% lullaby148! thank god there seems to be someone who knows goth from their a** hole because I am thinking that most of the privious posters don’t.

Answer #70

From what I understand: all black, boots in black, and a bit of make up. To top it off, you need a wallet chain (bigger the better) and depending on how self concious you are, more or less metal jewelry…eg, if your self esteem is really low, get more, if it’s not that low, go light on the make up & accessories.

Good luck.

Answer #71

BLACK deffinately & the best place to get ur clothes is from the best place ever HOTTOPIC {hottopic.com} u’ll find it helps lol well hope u get the answer u were looking for {CuppyCake}

Answer #72

If you want to be goth. Don’t, because you’re a poser. I waer a black floor lenght coat. A quen of darkness shirt( not going overboard because those guys are posers) and black bondage jeans. If you are doing this also because you’re depreesed that stupid. Goths are noyt depressed they are free thinkers who are compassinate to other people.

Answer #73

If the only reason you wanna go goth is because youre depressed please dont it gives goths a bad image not all of us are are depressed im goth and im very cheerful.And being goth in my opinion is not about being depressed but about being different and not doing what society tells you to do

Answer #74

Goth is ACTUALLY a state of mind, anarchy may be a good word to keep in mind (: To be honest, I don’t think you should change how you ARE, but if it’s simply “Been wanting to dress this way” blah blah blah, just put on quite a bit of black. There are so many different types of “Goth” that things could get confused from there on. Make up on guys is good too, if it helps any .

Answer #75

honestly, if you have to ask how to be goth, your just going to be called a poser.

be who you want to be. dress in what you like- you don’t have to follow one stereotype.

Answer #76

wearing black and dressing in dark colors and dying your hair black and you wear dark make-up thats all I can think of. But why would you want to be goth anyway

Answer #77

okay why scary ok I dont see it and plus you dont want to go to goth at once becuase then to a lot of people you will be a poser!and you dont want that start little by little…let your hait grow out were balck pant shirt black jackets of goth bands and music and black is your basic color and maybe some eyeliner and black nail polish …basicly dress how you feel dark sad ,u know

Answer #78

-_- stupid people when you dress goth you know what to wear its instinct, in fact goth and preps have this in common they just know… here try this go to the mall walk into hot topic let the magic happen

Answer #79

You don’t need to be depressed. You don’t need to be sad. Trust me, I’ve been through all of that. And it doesn’t feel good. I found that Jesus is the only one who helped me. He took me out of my depression. He’s done more for me than anyone in this world could. Turn to God. He’s the only one that can help you and show you how much you’re truely valued and loved. I’ll be praying for you…

Answer #80

just wer BLACK yea shop at hot topic wear chains dye your hair SUPER BLACK and make it cover your eyes cut your wrist lol just kidding emp pple do that

well the pple above have good ideas too

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