How to make a guy jealous?

Ok so I think I have written in before, but my question is how do I make my ex boyfriend jealous , of me, and I want him to want me and I want him to regreet ever dumping me, I still love him but I can drive this other guy crazy simple, and its werid he gets jealous and then will be pissed and then will act normal , and I want him to want to talk to me and be around me, so someone help me.

Answer #1

I think its stupid if ure trying to make him jealous forget it…some guys really dont care..and another thing if hes hot cute sexi w/e then he can probably get any girl he wants

Answer #2

here’s what you do: You start hanging around his best friends and bat your eyelashes at them. Flirt! and then he’ll be jealous that all of his friends are getting all the attenetion and he’s not. It works, it does.

Answer #3

OMG. Its tottally easy, all you have to do is get one of your guy friends to put his arm around you when you walk by you ex. Or wear a really slutty shirt and walk up to him and say something really slutty to him and he will so want you back. Trust me, it works. I know. :)

Answer #4

go out with his best frind

Answer #5

if you want to make him jealous flirt with other guys in front of him.

Answer #6

ok yes all these people are perfectly right but you know they are NOT going to work.

and what if the person you want jealous has a girlfriend! so mhm you really have to think on this one. make your own decison! (the right onew that is!)

Answer #7

kiss another boy in front of him

Answer #8

How bout forgetting your ex, not using others, and moving on with your f*cking life?

Answer #9

work it like ya owwn it. :]

Answer #10

show him what he’s missing! flirt with other guys so he thinks you’re over him- act fiesty around him and don’t go begging him to take you back. basically have fun, love yourself and don’t try too hard! <3

Answer #11

go out with a guy he is really close to and that will hopefully make him jeliouse

Answer #12

you should firt with his friends infront of himm that sh!t kills us

Answer #13

that is such a no heart thing to do to both of these young men. you will likely hurt them both, but in a way that will turn out for the better.

they learn to be careful about who they are throwing their efforts toward because you certainly dont seem to have a very strong capacity yet to be a great partner.

Answer #14

So sad that the first thing to come in mind is looks. Looks aren’t everything. What you need to do is get over it.

Answer #15

Whenever you get the chance to talk to him always be talking about this amazing guy. And always be like yeahh. He’s amazing I think I love him. LIke he’s seriously the hottest guy ever…and if he asks be like oh he goes to a different school. you probably dont know him. And if you’re like on the phone be like “hey can I call you back the fake amazing guy’s name is calling…haha I love getting guys jealous. And also always make sure you look good and dont give them attention because then they realize how much they miss you

Answer #16

I’ve allwayz wanted to do it to this boy but when I tried it dint work out it made things worser. as I knew he was in love with my cuzzin but she don’t rli love him & he allways thought she woudnt go out with him because she dint wna hurt me

but I was thinking that I could make him jelous , ( wht ever you do DONT DO WHAT ii DONE! dosent WORK!! MAKES WORSER )

I started chattin about this boy , & hes really kind & caring & hes phit to my mate while he was sitting next to me’ & I kept chattin bout him

then after the lesson he went to my cuzzin sayin

  • she dont like me no more she like this ryan , so we might be able to go out.

& that made things worser

so I suppose best thing is, chat to his friends more then him & if you make a boy jelous they might do it back on you

I was chatting to a boy mate in english & we was laughin & crackin up and everythink & he kept looking & he had that face of jelousey & then he started doing back with some girls , but not all of them do it back

Answer #17

how to get rid of my ex bf?

Answer #18

go out with one of his BEST FRIENDS thats what makes guys really REALLY REALLY jelous cause I’ve done it before

Answer #19

date one of his friends! or someone he hates…and ignore him

Answer #20

Just don’t. =)

Answer #21

The first answer was right on the money. Go to the book store. Get “The Rules” by Ellen Fein and Sherrie Schneider. Follow the rules. Focus on your goals in life outside of the dating game. Watch men fall at your feet worshipping. Choose the man that truly cares for you just as you are.

Answer #22

You need to get a book called the rules. That will answer most of your questions. It worked for me. Trust me a guy knows if your intentually trying to make him jealous. Just act like your the hottest woman on earth and hes lucky to have you. Make him know your worth. If he doesnt then go get another guy. Just try it !!!!

Answer #23

well, you must try to ignore him. flatter yourself and say infront of him “ im sexy!”, im looking gud na? something like that. never giv him the impression that he is more important in your life. dn’t give him the feeling that you cn’t live without him. never try to phone him all the times. try to go out and have fun with frnds. this will make urself ignore him. if he doesn’t have time for you!! dn’t worry, make as if you dn’t have time for him, and just have and xcuse that you hv lots homework etc… to do. do the same thngs he is doing to you. make him feel the same you you are feeling!! most important thing… dn’t faltter him in public, just say, yeah you r quite nice!! but anyway it does not show any importance for me,, I love you watever you r! ok? cheers gulz…!! : )

Answer #24

you have issues! why would you want to make him jealous. being jealous is not good. jealousy destroys alot of couples and its a sign of no trust and insecurity. what you need is to grow up and worry about getting his trust back not making it worst. jealousy is only going to drive him away but if you show him something smarter and worth keeping he might want to come back.

Answer #25

The obvious way to make a guy jealous is to ignore him and just act like you have better things to look at. He will hate this!!!

Answer #26

ok…perfect way…flirt on websites like myspace or something!! its brill…because you know that your ex looks at your profile everytime hes online…just to check out if u have any1 interested. get male mates to send u comments, saying how sexy u are. etc. works a charm!!! :D

Answer #27

mabye you should try this… what you do is discribe what every guy whats and say but I have to go do… try that it will probly work!

Answer #28

You buy yourself a Ferrari and an xbox 360 and taunt him. No jk making him jealous would only arise new problems.

Answer #29

I had this prolem me and this guy had been going on and off for a year and then recently he broke up with me because he thought I was ignoring him and liked other guys and he went out with this girl and it made me really mad but I just had to forget about it it was hard seeing them hug and stuff in front of me but I just got over it he moved on so I had to

Answer #30

..tRY to be un affected..I mean pretend to be happy when he is around..and then when you saw him…if ever you have..a firend GUy.. try to be sweet to your friend guy…and in that simple way he’ll get lil’ jel-jel ahaha

Answer #31

so you still like him? wear really low cut tops and like push up your boobs around other boys when hes around (my boyfriend gets really annoyed when I do that) flirt a lot!

Answer #32

Here is what I would do don’t make up a boyfriend because he will figure out that he is fake then he will rea,lly not like u.Just go about and talk to all of his friends and stuff lie that,and if he sayd hi just be like hi I thought you was done wit me and you moved on but I guess you didn’t.Start doin the thing he hated.Start dressin were you show a lot more skin and look more sexier guys love what they can’t have trust me.Send flowers and choclates to urself but say from a secret admirer.They’ll start to get jealous but it will take a while.Hang out wit all the hott guys.Go on a couple of dates wit them and go to parties wit them just hang out go back to there house wit your date and the guys.Then when he finally comes up and aplogizes to you say u’ll think about it.Then tell him when he ask you out that you don’t know and you don’t want to be treated like you was last time,and if he says he won’t treat you like that anymore say ok I will tell you my answer tommorow.Then tell him you will if he promsisesto respect u.That is what I have to say about it.

Answer #33

I cant really tell you anything about this because im trying to make my ex jealous as well and its difficult. ok so he told me that he wanted to take a “break” until we find enough time for eachother and I asked about seeing other people and he said he didnt want to do that. then again he could be leading me on because he doesnt want to hurt my feelings.yeah you and I are in the same boat so if anyone has suggestions for that then please let me know. I try to ignore him and move on but it seems like im drawn to him. another main thing is the fact that I go with him and his family to church every saturday..

Answer #34

The best way to make a guy jealous is to be friends with his closest friends. Whenever you see him with any of his buddies, give them all a hug and totally ignore your guy. Also, you gotta be sexy. Dress up nice, show some more skin, let your hair down… etc… everytime you walk by him flirt with a guy, hug a guy or hold a guy’s hand… what you also can do is tell one of your guy friends to walk by him with you and act like you guys are flirting and act like he’s not even there… I think it works.

Answer #35

best way to make a guy jealous…hang out with his closest pals and flirt with his freinds right in front of him! become flirty with all the guys and ignore him. pretend like he doesnt matter in your life anymore,and that you’ve moved on, and have forgotten him. this will drive him crazy! in no time he will be crawling back to you!! peace out and good luck!

Answer #36

yeah! the best medicine is to ignore him dont pay attention to him dont come around for a while turn the tables make him want you men love the chase n challenge…

Answer #37

well i think you need to ignore him and then go shopping that should make you feel better and buy you some hot clothes and look good girl and talk to other guys that should be more then enough it will make you look good and him crazy lol

Answer #38

get another boyfirnd and makeout in front of your X boyfriend

Answer #39

Its not that easy. If the feelings arent mutual then theres no point to it! He must have had a reason for dumping you! It a normal reaction for him to be jealous, but that doesnt mean he wants you back!! You might just make things worse for yourself!!

Answer #40

get over him dont give him importance and walk with a lot of guys thats the one thing that drives em wild ;)

Answer #41

Stop, don’t do it. Jealousy is the fear of being loved. It is unhealthy. You can’t do something negative and manipulative like this and expect a good outcome. it’ll come back to bite you.

Answer #42

it’s easy I’ve’e gotten 4 guys jealous at the same time the look on their faces were priceless they looked like they wanted to kill me I wasn’t scared I just ignored them and flirted with michelle the whole time and made them even more jealous and angry all you have to do is talk to other guys like a innocent conversation he will get angry and jealous or if he dosen’t get jealous easily touch other guys in ways you never touch him before if that don’t work flirt. can you dig it?

Answer #43

HA! ok let me tell uuu. ok so I had a boyfriend and he broke up with I said hell neh IM GOING OUT WITH OTHER GUYS TO MAKE HIM JELOUS and so I did and I posted pictures of me and my boyfriend on myspace and of corse he saw them and I put my name and the other dudes name on the headline so I would be just BLUNT like “yeah im going out with sumone else” so then I go out with my girls and we go clubbing and I see this cute guy whos a marine and so im drunk and I KISS HIM,thats all I did I just kissed him,a then my ex calls me saying “hey whos that guy and why are you going around kissing that other dude at the party,u dont even know him”.and I say “well you and me arnt going out so that non of your business” and so I later found myself being lonly and I cried when I heard our song in the I decide to call him once in a while and towards the end we went again and didnt kiss then went out again and we kissed :) so now im still going out with him,its been 1 year and half :).so yeah make him jelous by kissing other dudes and kiss dudes that you know he will find out about but dont sleep around! ok because if you turn into a slut he wont want you back,TRUST ME, and at first pretend like you dont care abot him BUT when you notice that hes beginning to like you again you become sweet as ever and you make him food if he comes over and you DONT act jelous at girls he talkes about at first well because hes not your YETT, and make sure your hair smells great all the time and be flirty & laugh at most of his stupid jokes you know stuff like that :)

Answer #44

lol right now im tryin to make my man jealous .. he never gives me attention and always pisses me off ugh i usually am really good it makin ppl jealous but i cant seem to do this wit him cuz im pressed and when i do make him jealous he blows up … but anyways ive been it that situation b4 and i screwed up totally i begged for him back and it never worked and i learned .. dont act like u want him .. make up a boyfriend sit next to him wit a friend and talk about him .. i never have done that but i heard it works cuz im tryin to figure out how to make my bf jealous and i c all this non related crap .. uh wear less clothing … try doing something he hates .. uhh and if he gets pissed b like u aint my man i don have to listen to u and dont talk to him or if u do listen but dont talk much like dont have long convo make short comments to wat hes sayin and the first friend (guy or girl) u see leave him and go run up to them like ur so happy to c them bcuz he was boring u to fckin def .. invite all his friends places but dont invite him .. iono try some shit .. wat would make u pissed off that u seen ur ex doing well im out pC

Answer #45

Interesting !

Too The girl named ( love_n_regretts ) If you have to make up a boyfriend and send your self gifts thats pretty sad.If he was making fun of you and his friends were too hes probably not that interested and you were his little ho ho !…

Now if I wanted my Ex back … These are the things you need to do…

  1. Look Hot !
  2. Dress good! 3)Get a lot of male attenion aimed at your self
  3. once you have male attenion dont pay attenion to him dont even look at him …
  4. Get a sexy new hair cut …
  5. Work out make your self look good lose some weight…
  6. These steps will only work if you believe in your self and your good at it…
  7. DOnt be weak be strong
  8. The biggest steps of all
  9. If your Good looking witty &smart and know how to handle your self. You can obtain any female - male.. Dont call him to much because thats completely annoying ..I had a girl call my cell while I was out with another girl about 12 times in an hr thats annoying and now I kicked her away.. Dont act weak cause thats the worst..

What drives female nuts if they break up with there Ex boyfriend…

1 If he looks hot..

#2 If he looks like he dont care #3 has a lot of females around him #4 other females are talking about him #5 his body looks ripped… and hes improving…

and even if the guys cocky the woman cant help but look…

Answer #46

its simple really. I just broke up with my boyfriend and its all fun making them jealous. all you have to do is: 1.Start really taking care of yourself

  1. everytime eve if hes there or not look fabulous soo people start taking.
  2. start being polite to even his friends, there’ll look at youwith more respect instead of you being bitter because there friend dumped you. 4.when you DO see him, be casual and smooth, only small talk he’ll crave your attention if you dont throwit at him. so just be like sorry my friends are waiting see you around?
  3. NO CALLS, EMAILS OR TEXTS. that will make you look desperate. AND YOUR NOT!
  4. Get into shape, get a victoria secrets body! he’ll be wowed. and THEN throw a pool party and BBQ great excuse for him and his friends to see your fantastic look.
  5. Dont get down about it, he’ll be crawling back in no time. and if he doesnt. F* him. Boys will be boys eh? Take care and GOOOD luck! x
Answer #47

ok well one he dumped me becasue he wanted to be friend , which is bs and his friend were making fun of me at the his lunch table and he is made fun of alot so he knew his friends would make fun of him, but he is finally acting normal and he is better and i am happy cuz he will willing talk to me and i do act like i still like him from time to time but now i looking for a new guy, a month was long enoguh to wait to see his reaction to differnt things, i still care about him and i mean not all hisfriedns were like that thou, just the ones at lunch and that is changing with a threat of i find out they made fun of me i will kick each one of them in the balls, but dylan and fry but they never did it in the first place, i think he has finally realized that i do care about him and i want to be near him even if we are just friends, i found out some thing about him and i want to singel for like another week or two , before i truy go after this other guy i have had my eye on, but too bad he is going back to germany lol >< i t’well, thanks for the advice.


ps. also the last comment i could not take the stuff that reminded me of him and burn it, it was only places and his house so i have nothing to burn lol oh well ^^ thanks anyways

Answer #48

Well… To be perfectly honest… Whats the point… If he broke up with you hes obviously lost all the feelings he once had. let him get on with his life and if he wants you he’ll come running back. dont chase him or try to make him jelous it will make things worse. Leave It Be !


Answer #49

okay, I’ve been through this EXACT situation. like exactley!!! but you want to talk to him right ??? if thats the case then this isnt the way to go through it.

so my story, my boyfriend and I brok up over summer and we came back to school. well I wore like this really nice and somewhat revealing dress, and had my hair look really nice and I wore like nice make up and stuff. you need him to notice you, and I culd tell he was noticing me because he kinda followed me at a distance. and I wanted to make him pay, like you did. and so the key is to once you get him to notice you, totally ignore him. this will crush him. and make sure you show him that this break up hasnt had an effect on you.

now, I did this with my ex-boyfriend at the beginning of the year, and then we didnt talk. and then it was really hard to start talking to him, and because there was this sorta battle at the end I still have physical attractions to him, and now it makes it harder to talk to him and not think about getting back with him…

Answer #50

okay, well I am pretty young, so I can help the younger girls. first, ignore him, hes not worth it. then look really good. then hangout with him and all his friends, hug all of them but him, hah, thennn you go and dance on all the guys and be happy, but ignore him, and then at the end of the night, say bye to everyone and give them hugs, then you go up to him and say “goodbye” you turn around and leave, it should work:) goodluck

Answer #51

Don’t ever try to make an other person jealous… thats really low

Answer #52

mmkay well if you want yur guy back,, you’re not going to make him jealous by being with other guys.. thats just going to make him think “well obviously she’s moved on, I guess I should really move on too”… and thats the opposite of what you want.. therefore, you should just tell hiim how you feel.. and I don’t know. do whatever you have to to show him how much you care for him.

Answer #53

how do I make my ex jealous. I mean I broke up with him but I didnt want we brake up all the time and he always come back but this time he didnt lol.I mean we hang out. and I always call him. but its like he is trying to make me jealous.I dont know if should stop calling him or keep calling him but still talk to other guys.

Answer #54

Just say look here ilove you so much and sould not acting like this And you broke my heart then start crying.

Answer #55

“accidently” send him a text that no one should have read, especially him. Make it say something about some other guy liking you or you liking him. trust me, It will bug him. and if he’s like what? just say “Sorry wrong person” and absolutely nothing else. When he writes back don’t text him back.

Answer #56

okayy I can’t tell whether this guy likes me so I tried dating someone else to see his expression, well when I walked down the hallway he looked at me and turned to gossip to his friend. Later I got home and went online. his personal message was “how you expext me to handle”. what does that mean?? The guy has called me ugly and called me cute couple of minutes later. It doesn’t make sense. I need helppp!!! Does he like me or not??

Answer #57

Hun… I don’t mean this is a cold way, but if its gotten that far… forget him… it’ll be hard to do, I know that much… but… it sounds like this guy to you is like Kevin was to me… an ex, and the kind that you want to keep forever… no matter what the situation… but hun, if he’s not come back yet, then there is no reason to try to get him back… I’ll tell you one little bit of advice… Stop trying to be the best thing out there… be honest and true to yourself… pretty much… be a little goodie 2 shoes… k? Also, your going to think I’m weird… but, if you notice your best best guy friend… doens’t he seem standoff ish when you talk about another guy, or does he seem to always worry if your going to get hurt or not? Take HIM into consideratuon… that may cleay a few things up for you…

Answer #58

If you want to make your ex jealous of you then flirt insanely with other guys when he is around. If he has feelings for you then he will get really pissed and want to get you back. I am going through the same thing and it works. My ex got really upset when a bunch of guys and I were just talking and he made them all get away from me and kept calling to make sure they weren’t around me. So make him see how other guys might want you and he will see what he lost.

Answer #59

Try to forget about him. Get him and all the memories out of your mind. There is nothing a guy likes more than to know that you want him more than anything. You can put pictures or memories into a box and put them into your garage. Just someplace you won’t look at them. Don’t think about him for a while and act like nothing happened. When he sees you have moved on and that you don’t care, he will wish that all your attention was still based on him. He wil want you back then.

Answer #60

flirt with one of his friends. act like your over him dont fall for him so fast if yall still talk talk about a cute guy

if you ever saw taylor swift-tear drop on my guitar you be the guy and make him be the girl

[[<3]] Mykaylia

message me:

or if you have a mysapce add me on


Answer #61

why do you want to gain love from someone who didnt think twice before dumping and hurting you?? Look for someone who genuinely loves and cares about you.

He decided not to be with you thats why he broke up with you. You should respect his decisions. You cannot make someone fall in love with you.

In this case, the word love shouldnt be even used. You want him to feel jealous, regret losing you. Sounds like a total infactuation! Its time you stop thinking about him and let him go. After all theres plenty fish in the sea!

Answer #62

here’s how I made my ex jealous (I dumped him for cheating bdw)

  1. Got a new look
  2. Hung around with my guy friends (Hug/wrestle/tickle them! annoys him like heck)
  3. Not even LOOKING at him, but giving my attention to other guys.
  4. When out clubbing, getting all the male attention (being a good dancer works) and dont pay any attention to him at all
  5. Show off.
  6. Go out with other guys and flaunt them!

Trust me it works.. I broke up with this guy almost a year ago, he asked me out ten times after I dumped him and even went as far as to have my best friend dare me to go out on a date with him (And I have a rep of never turning down a dare.. so I gotta do it. Gah. )


Answer #63

let me tell you…I wanted the same thing from my ex- but listen here is what you need to do.. you need to be ok with yourself first. love things for yourself..the second that he thinks that you dont need him he will come back crawling to want what they cant his forbidden polite to him..a man may also think that the true face is revealed after you brake up..surpise him by being the same charming girl that he fell in love with in the first place..thats what I think

Answer #64

get anot5her boy friend and makeout in front of you7r x

Answer #65

just don’t get Involved with another guy and hurt him in the process.

Answer #66

If you truly want to make a guy jealous obviously don’t be all over him. but at the same time don’t act not interested. hang out with other guys like hot guy frineds the ones who are single. there a tons of ways to make a guy jealous it really just depends on the guy. good luck though.

Answer #67

me and my ex have just split up and I have tried so hard to get him back I phone him I go to c him and it just hasnt worked because im looking to desprate it is so hard to leave him and ring him but he has told me that I am the one for him but he just cant be with me now I thought that that ment that he wanted to get bk with me but its a lot deeper than that they liked to play games with you to keep you on a string when they dont have anyone else and there feeling a bit horny they can just call you dont be that just keep your distance dont spk to him he wil wonder what has happened to you what your up to now and he will ring you because its just human nature to wonder good luck xxx it is hard to get them bk hes obviously made his mind up and thats the hardest part to deal with im still trying to deal with it you cant make people want you I wish you could but you just cant by looking independant and do your own things makes him think that you wont rely just on him so he doesnt feel so much under pressure beleive me stalking him or making him jelous wont work to him your just trying to show out to much it is much more attractive been independant men like to b domanated there looking for a mummy figure but not to much lol just keep your distance if you see him say hello dont be mean and I say again good luck xxx

Answer #68

well this is not my first time making aguy jealous but it dosent always work the same for everyone but from my experience just act like he dosent exsist totally ignore him dont talk to his friends guys catch on to that just go on about your life like nothing about him concerns you if he really wants you then he will come back in time if not then maybe you’ll decide you never really wanted him anyway

Answer #69

Im a guy so I should know a little. To make a guy jealous make sure you know his best friends very well. then you go and flirt wit his best friend in front of him lol. But it dont have to always be his best friend it could be a lot of other guy you could flirt wit. Or like other a lot of girls when they break up with a boy or a boy break up wit them they start to dress sexy to make there old mate and other boys notice them and thats hitting the jackpot lol

Answer #70

Girl I have tried for months to make my ex jealous and if it was his choice to end it no matter how much you love him or care for him he doesnt want to know so I would try and move on I learnt the hard way. No matter how much I tried it didnt work and it hurts you even more so just try and forget about him or else your just going to keep hurting yourself and its not very nice feeling as you know hope this helps huny xxx

Answer #71

well recently me and my boyfriend broke up and i acted like it didnt bother me even know it killed me inside, truth is the more that you let it slide off your back the more it drives him crazy. well a day after we broke up that followong night we got back together.

hope this advice will help you it helped me. =)

Answer #72

you should never make a guy jelouse its just rude,now I may be wrong. but you should tell him that you want more of him! like start a conversastion at school with him you can walk up and down the halls talking to him and then he will start making eye conctac with you and talking to you good luck ^_^

Answer #73

u need to just get on with your life. feel pretty about your self. and love your life and self. I have had the same guy crawling back and all I do is show him that I DON’t need him. then it worries him

Answer #74

Don’t completly ignore him. never go up to him first but if he says hi to you first casually say oh hey with a smile and keep walking. Do NOT go out of your way to talk to him. and I agree with everyone else FLIRTING WITH OTHER GUYS AND SHOWINNG MORE SKIN DRIVES THEM COMPLETLY CRAZY!

Answer #75

if you know who his like mortal enemy or whatever , date him, if you can, he’ll go nuts!

Answer #76

STEP ONE>>> Put everything that reminds you of him in a box. STEP TWO>>> BURN IT! because you got to forget him. HE WANTSS you to want him . HE is just lovin allt he attention you are giving him. STEP THREE>>> adopt a who cares attitude and get over him. When he sees that you dont care he will suddenly want you to be looking at him again. EVerytime he does, say to yourself: FORGET IT! AS IF IM EVER going to TAKE YOU BACK! and ignore him. good luck

Answer #77

‘Looking good is the best revenge’. Be your normal self- don’t ignore him or give him too much attention. Just be a little flirty, sparkly-eyed and show him why he liked you to begin with.

Answer #78

I think you really shouldnt bring another boy into your problems.. only because the other boy might fall for you and you’ll hurt his feelings too… if you really want your ex to talk to you and be around you..I think you should talk to him.. tell him how you feel and if you guys cant still be together.. at least for a relationship you guys can still be friends

Answer #79

first make sure he still has fealings for you so you can make him jealous but ushuldnt because ull be hurting him and urself in someway

Answer #80

ok here is what I think. A lot of times making him jealous doesn’t do anything to help you.Yeah, maybe it is kinda fun sometimes to see his regret but stiil if he dumped you then guys usually have a ggod reason.Believe me I would know.:)But if You really want to know something that always works for me is first acting like you are totally over him, even if your not.Next I like to just lightly flirt with someone somewhere I know he will see.Not to seem cruel or anything but it usually works even better if you get one of his close friends in on the plan and have them do you a favor and lead him on. Tell him that they saw you with someone else and you looked perfectly happy. That usually makes them want you back for themselves even more. I dont know why. It is sooo strange how the guys mind works. But yeah thats my advice. Hope it helps you get that someone back.

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