where can felons find jobs?

where can felons find jobs?

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I need help in fort lauderdale I need work

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this is a serious question that I have been in the process of coming up with some good answers for quite some time , we really must change the laws on how long you are to be considered a felon after your conviction

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Everyone who wants to make a difference by changing law to allow Felons right to work please contact us now:


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Wait a minute…I see some states on that list that have further explaination requirements…

Are you sure about that 7 yr rule for all those states listed?

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self employment, work at home, or small businesses.

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Name is mike. 2 time convicted. cincinnati, OH. Felons have to network with each other. AA has helped me somewhat with the job side. Anyone in Cincinnati with this problem give me a shout. mm45220@hotmail.com

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In California, there is a law firm that specializes in expungements and has lots of info online for free. See:


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this is my first felony I got conspiring to manufacuring meth! and I can’t get no job but burger king!

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Self employment is the way to go. I speak from experience.

I had a non-violent felony conviction 25 years ago and I to this day cannot get a decent job from a regular company. I was able to start a own home-based company about 12 years ago. Then I lost my largest client. So I had to try and find a “real” job.

While my company was falling I tried to find a job for about a year with not much sucess. I did find one job selling on the road in West Texas. About the time I started that gas went up to $3.00 per gallon. It was commission sales and I didn’t have the funds to pay all the expenses of traveling while I built up my commissions. So I came back home and kept looking.

Large and medium sized companies will not touch me with a “ten foot pole” because of the felony, even if I am fully qualified with many years of expereince.The mistake I made 25 years ago keeps me from getting “normal” jobs.

About 2 1/2 years ago a friend of mine offered me a job at his steel fabrication company being his buyer for raw materials. He knew I didn’t have any experience in that field. He also knew about my record and hired me anyway. But his business slowed down last year and I was laid off in November 2007.

Since that time I’ve applied to no less than 70 companies. These are for jobs that I am fully qualified for. I haven’t just applied for the sake of applying and keeping my unemployment going but to really try and find a job. Of the handful of companies that have even responded back to me, they all tell me that they cannot hire me because of the conviction once I fill out the application.

So…I have resigned myself to the fact that I will always have to be self employed. I know that now. It has taken me a long time to realize this. You can’t be licensed in Texas for most professions if you have a felony. The real estate commission says they will review any application but I know they won’t approve the license. I can’t even get a barber’s license in Texas!

So much for the bad news. The good news is that we still live in a free country that allows free enterprise!!! Here are some things that I’ve done in the past to get by. I started a HandyMan business on the side. I have built decks, fences, repaired plumbing fixtures, etc. You name it I’ve done it.

I’ve also bought items at garage sales or estate sales and then resold them on Ebay or Craig’s list. Sometimes it doesn’t make a lot of money but it all adds up. It also lets you know that we live in a free democracy where you have the “right” to be in business for yourself. It doesn’t matter if you are mowing yards or making deliveries for a courier service as an independent contactor. YOU CAN MAKE IT on your own if you’ll try.

Craig’s list is a good place to find odd jobs. Look under “labor gigs”. There is always somebody who needs help for a few hours or a few days. I answered an ad one morning for a guy who needed his brake pads replaced. He paid me $50 to do this and it took me about 45 mins. I had to drive about 20 miles but it gave me some confidence that I was able and ready and willing to do whatever was necessary to make money.

You might not find something everyday but if you keep looking and contacting people it may help you realize what you can do to make a living by helping others do the things that they don’t know how to do or don’t have time to do.

In December I answered an ad for a young divorced mother of a baby that owned a house. She had a problem with her water heater leaking. She wanted to have it replaced. I went and found that it only had minor issue with the pop off valve. She had been quoted $850.00 for a new water heater. I repaired the heater for $50. She was so appreciative that she has called me back two more times to do other things around her house. This is how you build a business from the ground up. Meet other peoples needs and yours will also be met.

Be creative. Think outside the box. Don’t worry that companies won’t hire you. Insurance companies sometime determine who they can and can’t hire. Stick with small mom and pop companies or work for individuals. And when you do be HONEST and FAIR. It will pay off.

So if you can find a good job at a good company, hold on to it. Be the best employee they have. Learn to love your job. Remember, you can’t just walk across the street if you get mad and find another job like everybody else.

I say all these things from EXPERIENCE. I hope some of what I’ve said will help others be encouraged. There is enough discouragement to go around for all of us these days.

God Bless all who reads this! Jim

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Yes I always thought it was funny that rich people would allow felons to cook their food and serve it to them, yet not allow them to work in banks, pharmacies, and large corporate white collar jobs. I guess they think felons can be trusted not to poison their food but not to shuffle papers in mainstream America.

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Hello fellow felons

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My husband and I were having this same conversation this morning. I was looking thru the job papers trying to find something, anything for me to do to help support my family. 11 years ago I was convicted of a felony. I was 20 years old never been in trouble before and have never been in trouble since then. I did not spend time in prison but I did do 5 years of probation and was released satisfactory. And now here I am 31 years old no job, no future and a family that is struggling because I can not help. I can’t even get hired at McDonalds. I had a great job working for the State it was thru a temp service but I loved it. I was just getting ready to get hired in and they did a background check on me. The temp service knew about my felony and still hired me, but after my background came back I was fired on the spot. Forget that I had been there for 2 years everyday and worked very hard for them. Companies have the chance to hire loyal employees but they pass us by everyday. Every one makes mistakes one time in their life and for the ones that want to work, that want to support their families we can not get a break anywhere. My husband goes to work every day and he works very hard to take care of us, I am very proud to have him by my side, but he will never understand the feelings I have inside. I have been with out work for over a year now and the depression is unreal. I have goals for myself and my family but to achieve them I need something! In order for my family and me to survive I have to lie to get assistance with anything. And yes that may be the wrong thing to do but if I don’t then my family starves because food cost money and for us it is either buy food or pay a light bill! I know my husband makes money but he does not make enough to even pay our bills. Here it is Christmas and again we have to see the disappointing look on our son’s face because we can’t even afford to have a Christmas for him. My son needs shoes and clothes and we can not even get them for him because if we do there goes gas money for the week then my husband will lose his job. I have never asked for a hand out, all I want is a little break so my family can finally be stable. The stress alone is killing my marriage! My husband and son do not deserve to live like this all because of my past, my family deserves better and if that means me leaving them both ( it’s easier to take care of 2 people) then that is what I plan to do. I am not the one to sit at home and let him take care of me, I am just taking up his space and killing him financially. Our credit is a joke because of this situation that were in and it all falls back on me, if I was able to help out we would be much better off. 2 incomes are always better then 1 if you want to get any where in this world.

Society looks at us like once a criminal always a criminal and that is not always the case. It makes me so mad when I see people living off the government; you got women that keep having babies just to collect more welfare and section 8,I have been on the section 8 waiting list for 10 years and still waiting! We have illegal immigrants coming over here opening restaurants, hotels, little corner stores and then you got the ones that come over here and collect welfare and section 8for years. Where is the justice for us? Me and my family are forced to live in sorry apartments in bad neighborhoods because we can not afford anything better. Were forced to deal with sorry landlords that don’t want to fix problems but still collect their rent and either it’s paid or were out just like that. We learned the hard way our landlord let us live in our apartment for 3 months with a huge hole in our ceiling, mold growing all over the place and we stopped paying our rent until it was fixed, it got fixed 2 months ago and we started paying rent again but for the months we didn’t pay she evicted us. We go to court this week and the judge is going to put us on the streets in the cold at Christmas time with out even listening to why we stopped paying.

I got something in the mail from the government that said I am at 185% poverty level. No one can possible know how that makes me feel as a human being. My dreams of opening my own business are slowly starting to fade, my husband tries to encourage me to never give up but after the year we have had I know it will never happen for me and I promise if it does I will not turn anyone away that needs a job for something that happened in their past. People can change and I am living proof of that! I don’t want to think that this is the life God has in store for me but I am starting to wonder, am I going to live the rest of my life like this?

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I’m a felon also. Not sure about the term “ex-felon”, maybe ex-convict or ex-inmate, but still a convicted felon. My felonies stem from over 10 years ago but I’m turned down for most every job I try to get once (and if) they run a criminal background check. I’ve got 3 felonies involving burglary and grand theft. I was charged with 4 prior but all dropped and reduced to a misdemeanor for lack of evidence and plea. Don’t think those show up though and also a different state. But I live in Virginia and they allow criminal checks past 7 years and pretty much any charges you’ve ever had. I hear some people say lie on your application and I believe it depends on the job. For example, I was a truck driver for a few companies and I know they will check it, so lying will only make you look bad. The more they stress criminal check the more they probably mean it, and you can take an educated guess that if you are trying to work at a bank or dealing with company funds, they are going to check. I’m pretty sure that being honest for a job I just recently tried to get, turned me down because I admitted it, and looking back on it, I would have at least had a damn chance if I didn’t tell them. Trucking companies don’t care much about having felonies as long as they aren’t recent. It’s one avenue that most felons could do. Swift Trans will train anyone but be honest, they will check. Can’t have numerous recent reckless or speeding tickets either. One post mentioned sales. That’s not a bad occupation, and I’ve done it before. Most don’t even run background checks or even check previous employers. Which leads me to my 2nd to last idea for others. Many of us have trouble getting decent jobs, fact, and because of this we tend to change jobs because under paid or completely unhappy. I make up a resume, depending on certain categories of jobs I’m tying to get. Like one for sales, one for warehousing, dispatching, technician, etc. Each sounding good for that job and employer. Some info is true but I alter to make sound better. One trick that I have actually used is, for whatever reason or time-frame, I use my own cell phone number as one of the jobs. Best for last job because you can make up your own company sounding answering voice mail and either you call back to verify that work history or have someone else read the dates and title and answer basic questions. A good thing is that because of privacy laws you don’t have to reveal much or anything past dates of employment, although some co’s will press knowing that. End call and you just verified work history for years with whatever job title you think you can pass for. Hint: don’t get far fetched, you may have to walk into that expects you to pass that off. My last thought.. (drum roll) is you can’t just walk on into Canada and start over. I keep reading that bs on this site. Hot Tip: if you walk into Canada and don’t already have permission from Canada from the office in DC, because of your felonies, you can be re-charged with your American felonies and put into jail in Canada and do more time. AND if you do get permission from Canada and pay the few hundred bucks for permission and move there, you are still a damn felon. Your record doesn’t just disappear. Most, if not all saying that have never tried it. Good luck to all out there and don’t let this world decide your happiness.

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I don’t have the answer. Wish I did. I pray every day that things will improve. I was convicted of felony assault in 2005. Why?…

 Someone called 911 to report a disturbance during a verbal argument.  Then they told the 911 operator to ‘never mind.’   NEVER MIND, mind you!   I KNEW this wouldn’t work as the 911 operators know the address even if the caller doesn’t tell them who or where.  This seemed so stupid to me that I did a stupid thing myself.  I attempted to leave in my car before anyone could arrive.  Well, they got there and before I knew what was happening an officer (rodeo clown/stunt man?) jumped on my car.  They assumed that I was the cause of the disturbance because I was obviously in the process leaving the address.  Of course, I was arrested and charged with felony fleeing and assault.  The report read more like I purposefully ran over the bozo.  Amazing how incredibly fast you can bungle up the remainder of your life in this so called society.  This all occurred in a matter of a few minutes.  Cops couldn’t have arrived any quicker if they had a Star Trek transporter.   
 I used a ‘public defender’ and he recommended I plead guilty and apologize  before the judge.  I did.  I was given no time but I have a 5 year probation with an expungement at the end .   The probation officer tells me that even with an expungement  a prior record can show up.  As a former programmer working for a major demographic information keeping corporation, I understand how this happens:  In this day and age of computerized record keeping, even though expunge, according to the dictionary, means ‘to strike or blot out; erase; obliterate’ this isn’t entirely what happens.  Even though your record may be officially erased by law enforcement and governmental record keepers, your record can live on in lists owned by the private sector.  In other words, chronologically, (1) you are convicted=official record, (2) abc criminal records company, xyz personal information company, and any other record keeping entity who wants to, copies your official record information, (3) government expunges it’s copy of the official record, (4) abc co., xyz co., etc., don’t delete old information but just update their files with any additional data, (5) you’re screwed for life.  Might as well go ahead and order your tombstone inscribed ‘Here lies no good, neer-do-well, S.O.B.’ (if you can afford it).         
 I don’t know what to do.  Back when I had a life, I was a computer programmer.  I have a BBA degree and almost twenty years of experience as a good, solid programmer.  I am in the central Arkansas area and would be willing to go anywhere in this ‘great’ country of ours to find meaningful employment.   
 I have never lied on an application.  I don’t think it would work and it certainly wouldn’t be the right thing to do.  I have never tried to add an extra sheet to an application to explain my ‘crime.’  I don’t know what to say to make an employer understand that I don’t have a criminal mind and I wouldn’t be a risk to them or their business/company.  
 I’ll just keep looking for answers.
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Oops… 18 PA CSA Section 9125. Mea culpa.

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There are “real” jobs out there. You just have to find them. To fulfil the requirements of unemployment in Texas I have applied to at least 4 employers every week for the past 5 months. Finally I was able to get an interview this past week with a company in the Dallas area.

Being over 50 years old has it’s own set of challenges in finding a job. As some of you know most places want younger employees than those of us with “snow on the roof”. If you get close to having someone hire you then you have to pass the background check and drug checks. The background usually knocks us out.

But I found an employer that when I was interviewing with mentioned that they believe in second chances. The subject of my conviction had not even come up yet. I figured that would eliminate me. The guy went on to say he had been convicted of burglary when he was 19 years old and given a 10 year probated sentence.

Then I also found out that the owner of the company had also been convicted of possession about 15 years ago. So I was able to tell him about my own situation without fear.

He said that you would not believe how many people will come into a job interview and when asked if there is anything on the record that could be found will say “NO” when in fact they do have a record. If they check no and do have a record they will not hire you. So once again, honesty is the best policy.

After clearing that hurdle I met with the owner of the company a few days alter and I got an offer letter in the mail over the weekend for a job. You might say this is just fluke and very rare but let me tell you that there are a lot of smaller companies out there that will hire felons. You just have to find them.

This particular fellow and company ascribe to and believe in a higher authority. They also believe in grace and forgiveness. If you can find such a person and company you will be given an opportunity to show what kind of person and worker you are.

The building or rebuilding of your dignity can come from doing an excellent job whatever that job happens to be. Also having the highest standard of personal integrity will allow you to have others begin to trust you.

SO do what you say you will do. Lead out and be the best that you can be in all that you do. Those are such unusual qualities these days. They will be recognized by others and you WILL be rewared for them. It is just a matter of time.

I will continue to work my small business on the side to make money to try and set aside for retirement. I encourage everyone reading this post to find something that they can do as a side business. It doesn’t matter what it is. If you can make a few bucks a month you will be surprised how that will help you self esteeem. Plus you will be creating multilple streams of income and reduce your taxes because of all of the tax benefits of self employment.

I will continue to post here and offer suggestions. I will also try and find employers in this area who I am aware of that will hire convicted felons.

If you are in Texas and would like more info about the Non-Disclosure laws available to you go to: www.sealmytexasrecord.com. There is information here that may help you keep others from seeing your record and allow you to legally check “NO” on your applications. Since I didn’t take deferred and didn’t plead out, I am not eligible to do so, but your case may be eliglible for this right.

Sorry for the long post…

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Hello. First off I was convicted of both state and federal counterfeit and fraud charges at the age of 19. I served two years in federal camp and at this time am almost complete with my supervised release. I figured when I was done with prison that I could re-enter society and start fresh. Unfortunatley approaching potential employers with the thought that my honesty would pay off turned out to be horrible. When telling the truth didn’t work and having a minimum wage job wasn’t going to cut it…I tried it. That’s right I lied on my applications and just put school/personal time on the two year gap in my job resume. I didn’t want to do this because I really did want to do things correctly; however, I chose what was best for my situation. From my experience, this is how it works. When I said I had never been convicted of a felony…it worked. Once, twice, and three times without fail. Here’s why. First of all some employers state that they will run a background check on you and they may only use the credit reporting agencies which are able to provide some type of shallow report. Hence NEVER report your felony to your employer if you don’t plan on claiming it for the rest of your life. Secondly, since I have federal and state records I’ve noticed something. IF your employer does run a background check they’re only running THAT STATE background check. I was convicted in SC and GA but have passed state background checks in TX and LA (military spouse). I don’t think my federal record has ever come up. Also, my probation officer here has mentioned another female who abused this fact: that is if you’re married after your offense, the name will through off the background checks even w/ ssn. Unless you’re applying for a federal agency job or a high tech contractor, they are not going to pay the amount of money needed to run EXTENSIVE background checks. If you move out of your conviction state you should be in the clear according to my experiences. (This is true in my case even using my maiden name). Even my federal probation officer couldn’t understand how I obtained a management job at a retail store. I put no convictions and was hired. After being hired I was in CHARGE of recruiting and the computer stated for each applicant their results for background. I checked mine and it said NEG THEFT INQUIRY/NO CRIMINAL HISTORY.
Bottom line…you HAVE to have a job when you get out of jail…you should get a job..if you don’t you could go BACK. What do you do? Some of us (felons) want to change and some don’t..but if you do…you aren’t left with many options. I took matters into my own hands which provided me with a job and excellent income. I felt a little guilty for telling a fib…but I think I would have felt far worse going BACK to federal prison. Life isn’t over…

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I guess the word for the day should be “Hope”. I am facing a 5 yr stint, I have applied to over forty jobs and I have been upfront with them all telling that that I will be on probation. No one company said ok we will take the chance. So I decided that I was going to do the time because of the difficulties some of us have getting work. Yesterday one of the non-profits that I applied to called, talk about a head game.

I had already made the decision to go and do the time and probation isn’t the best way to go but atleast I will be able to make the decision myself. I guess I need to say as others, just do not give up, I will take this job and as others had mentioned here find something you are passionate about and put it to work. Also I had applied to trade schools, unfortunately they do not take convicts until a year after your convicted, and believe me I tried to convince them that they were making a mistake. There are certain individuals that I want to thank here for their support and again there is hope, just look into yourselves and you will find it.

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columbus steel and castings on Parsons hires convicted felons.check them out and good luck.

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wow…seven years in thoses states…that should be a national requirement.

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have any of you guys considered the military? Afer you get out the military, you can find a job anywhere. or you can make a career in it and retire with awesome pay and benefits after 20 years. They dont discriminate.

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Try Starbucks. They tend to look at the individual rather than what’s on paper. I’m not sure how they feel about people with a record of theft, though

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you could try fielddale chicken processing plant in murrayville, ga.

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hey … i live in Rhode ISland…I got in trouble cause I wrote bad checks but im in court and im getting it off my record..in the meantime NOONE WILL GIVE ME A CHANCE!! I am honest cause i know they are gonna look up my BCI..and im getting nowhere. ive told my po but noone can give me advice…i gotta pay my rent ..HELP HELP HELP..anyone ???

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Go to Dodge City Kansas and work in the slaughter houses.. they pay 12-15 an hour to start and cost of living is super cheap! The state of Kansas is very forgiving to felons!!!

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Hey I like your ideas!! My heads so full of so many different problems I cant use my intelligence like you!! Very good idea. Right now its warming up , up here. So thats always a positive thing. Thanks for the idea. And you are very correct about it being better than scrubbing floors and getting my scumbag ex boss rich!!

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thanks baypharm… how can I email u??? I have an appointment with an attorney next week…

question…arent you suppose to get 3 warnings before your fired???

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I heard that navy, army and marines will help us? also places like fedex and ups? is that true?


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I’m not sure if what you said was directed at me James but I feel as though a government is for the people by the people. I appreciate liberties that I am entitled to thanks to our forefathers who fought hard to ensure that our needs be met justly. I am sick of this government though. I hate speaking on politics but all you need to do is pick up a paper look at gas prices check out the economy . People with NO background are drowning. I am speaking from a Rhode Island perspective. That was my point … Take care

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heheh… thanks to everyones “get a job at ups” advice… I now have a job!

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Take your yourself and your degree and move to a country like Canada or UK where you can start afresh, this country is rascist and God forbid you ever do something wrong here you’ll pay for it for the rest of your natural life even 5 minutes after you die. Its a shame, If God can forgive us for what ever we have done in our past then who gives the right to these biggots over here the right to hold us over burning hell. That is my advise to you, americans who leave the US are doing well over there in UK and canada do your research that is w here I’m headed after I finnish my degree

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Well James, you are obviously a well read, inteligent person. I completly agree with your view on big brother. The more independent we are the better. When I finally succeed I want it to be because of my hard work . I hope all you say regarding the gas situation comes to fruition!! It seems we must be self reliant as you are to make it. And it feels good when we make money our way honestly as you have. So I hope you didnt take me wrong. I respect your view. I need to calm down. I was refused at another job. But what do I expect. I must keep going and rely on me. Thankyou for your reply and your viewpoint. It is well taken.

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I’ve heard that they are trying to pass a law that makes discrimination against us illegal . We have made mistakes ..YES WE KNOW!!! we still have to live !!! pay our rent , feed our kids etc etc. Im sure there will be huge amounts of people who say that we shouldnt ever be given a chance ..hopefully some human beings will look at what is going on in society and help instead of hinder!!!


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Starbucks is a good idea but they are closing most of their stores due to the worsening economy.

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Seems like a convicted felon can not find a job in the US

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wow…seven years in thoses states…that should be a national requirement.

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we as people with the felony we need to help one another it’s like we all we got we n the same bt

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I live in snellville Ga I have a felony I was drunk and fought the police wher can I find a job.

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I myself have been convicted of a felon at the age of 35, I had an outstanding job before this. But there is good news out there for convicted felons, UPS definately hires convicted felons, I know this for a fact, and also try bail bonds companies, I recently was hired by a bail bond company who knows my who situation and wants to train me, you can be a bail agent with a felony. Good luck, and keep turning to God for all the answers and help will come…

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I was convicted back in 1987 and have had many jobs over the years. I think before 9-11, there was a lax in background checks but after the attacks and now with the whole emigration law problems, many companies are looking to protect there interest. Theres nothing wrong with that but I feel one should look into other ways to create wealth. One thing that worked for me was to start my own business a couple of years ago. I have been in business for about 4 years. I’ve gotten loans for up to $35,000 to help me maintain my biz and keep it running. One thing all should work on is their credit. Don’t let it go to waste or go bad! Credit is very important in todays society and it starts when you have decent credit. It has helped me get a loan through the SBA(small business association) more than twice. When you try to get a loan, felony is not an issue. It’s current job status and credit history. Once I was upfor two years, I was able to get the big loan for my biz.
I worked as a driver for a courier company which then was hired as a print operator for a small printing company making close to 50,000 a year with OT. They went out of business, but while I was working, I studied about real estate and small business all day everyday until I was ready to go at it. After self teaching myself (and still learning by the way), I was confident to start without any college degree. Nothing wrong with working for someone but to get ahead you need to start your own biz. Create your own destiny. Don’t ever under estimate yourself! Do your homework, read books, go to Barnes and Noble and read! PERIOD!!!

Get inspired about something you like to do and research. Theres so much info on the web, we can’t blame anyone but ourselves for not getting ahead these days. One of the post said, don’t go to college because all you will have is debt. Yes, but what if you get the education you need to start a business or a trade to start your own biz? Education is always good! Debt is not a good reason not to get it. I am tired of working for someone. Maybe it’s my mindset but at my age you get tired and take action. I got locked up when I was 18yrs old and now I am 37. I wish I had the mindset of starting my own biz when I first came home years ago. For all you young cats, start looking into business, real estate, home based businesses, or something you have a passion for. Remember, start working on your credit!

The reason for all of this biz stuff and research was because when I looked for a job years ago I found companies still found my crime in the database after 16yrs out of the slammer. Stay away from the BIG co’s because they will go way back like a old persons hairline! Hope this helps…

Answer #45

I commend all of you for keeping your heads up and continuing to try vs the latter. I am a former Court Clerk. I worked for a very known Judge in my state and a prosecuting attorney. I have no criminal background, but I found a man who was so beautiful inside that I let him into my life despite the fact that he had a prior record. This man is very very smart, intelligent, and a christian. He’s had such a hard time finding employment that it broke my heart. Prior to marrying him, I would listen to him talk and we would conversate about anything and it amazed me at how smart he was. He didn’t grow up from a loving family. Neither did I, but I had a mother who loved me and my sister unconditionally and she made sure we stayed out of trouble. My sister was married to a millionaire and now an attorney, my other sister has has her own salon, and I’m a licensed realtor who use to only date men with an income of 60k or more (engineers and doctors) mostly. I say all of this to say that just because a piece of paper states you are a felon, means NOTHING. You are still a human being and society needs to realize that. My husband gets very depressed at times because he can’t provide for me the kind of life style that I have always wanted. I have a decent job and I’m finishing college in a few months, but more important than it all is the man who is loving and caring (my husband). You all have to keep your heads up and stay focused. I find myself on the computer all day helping him find work. I started my own cleaning service (residential) which for me was easy since I use to be an Operation’s Manager for a nation wide cleaning company. I would market and bid on cleaning jobs and my husband would help me. Sometimes we would make $200 on the weekend just cleaning partime (weekends only). That’s one idea for some of you who can’t find anything. Yard work, lawn service, cleaning is a good way to go. My husband went to school and is now a licensed insurance agent. Yes, he is an agent now and has recently finshed school and obtained his broker’s license in insurance. He did have to explain; however, that he has a felony record and why (a victim of a friends wrong doing). I hope that you all can find what you are seeking and you should not have to live your country to do it. Focus on working for yourself. It works!

Answer #46

We can moan about our situation or we can proactively do something to better ourselves. We cannot and should not depend on the government for our support. I agree that some of the laws need to be changed to keep society from discriminating wrongly against us.

But we cannot and should not look to the government to supply all of our needs. That is socialism and has been proven not to work. Our capitalistic society is not perfect but it is the best in the world. We ALL still have the freedom to move about as we wish and we ALL have the freedom to start and run our own businesses.

Things are not great for me right now, but I will not give up and I will press on. I may have to sell my home if things don’t change but that is not the government’s fault. I don’t want them to bail me out. I want to bail myself out and I don’t want to feel like I owe the government anything except my allegiance.

We can cry and moan about our lives or we can take positive action to make a change. I think if we would all start making our plight really known to our representatives they might have compassion on us and push for change in our behalf. That is what representative government is all about. The opposite of this is not what we want. Do we want some single person or small group of people dictating our lives. NO. We live in America.

If you just can’t stand living here then there are plenty of other countries in this world that will take you. But remember, you will be in even a greater minority there and will not have the many benefits of living in America. Be sure and take your own clean water and living conditions with you because in many places you will not have that.

I messed up long ago but I am not giving on what we still have. Long live the the U.S.A.!

Answer #47

You know I am really sick and tired of people saying: I think people deserve a second chance, knowing damn well that they their selves have done something that constitutes breaking the law, but some of us were caught. It’s been 15 years since my conviction and 13 years since I’ve been released from prison. And still today it is hard to get a job. Hell I don’t have one now. When that judge in Ohio gave 18 months for a stolen car that belonged to my sister (who did not press charges) He gave me a life sentence. And I have even hear d people say : Well you can’t expect a just society to take ex-felons back in without some earning of trust. Well for one you show me a just society. How just is that if I or my family had money I probably would have walked with a warning, but since I or my family had no money and I was 18 years old and not enrolled in college or the military they(State of Oh.) decided to play God. O.J. killed two people and was found innocent, now had mr. Simpson had no money he would be seating on death row. So where again is justice? And did you know that back in 1993 that when a state sentence a person to prison on their fist offense the state receives $75,000 from the Federal Government for every first timer. And if some one is paroled and they mess up and are sent back to prison the state receives $35,000 for every repeat offender. This is not Justices , this not rehabilitating, This is about money BIG Money ,Greed and Power. So guess what the state does? They make as many prison within their borders as they can and they fill those prisons whit as many as bullshit charges they can and they give parole not to the one who tries and signs up for AA or NA or College classes, no, they give parole to the real criminals because the state knows they will be coming back and they receive another $35,000 from the Federal Government. Now after 13 years of being out of prison(I did my time) and no one will give me a decent job where I can actually make a living. All I have to say to society: Stick it all up your nasty,greedy,self worshiping, selfish a@# and F@##K You All. And if ya want go ahead and email me if ya think I am lying . troyw1974@yahoo.com

Answer #48

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again - Not telling the truth only prolongs your agony. It doesn’t matter whether it is on an application for employment or anything else. There ARE employers that will hire you. You just have to find them. I recently found a job and my boss is the operations manager of a multi-million dollar company. He was convicted of burglary of a habitation in his twenties. The knew his past before they hired him. He had worked at an aerospace company before that as an operations manager for 6 years.

30 days ago this guy I am telling you about hired me too. My record happened 25 years ago. The owner of the company also had a drug conviction 15 years ago.

Don’t lie unless you only want a temporary job. If you lie and then they find out later - guess what? They can’t trust you and will let you go.

Try taking a good resume in with you. Then talk about your strengths. Show them you are an honorable person and someone that will help their business grow. If they require an application (and most will) leave that part of the application blank and then intentionally talk to them about it. This is your best chance. Talk your way to a job or a better job.

I am tired of typing but I urge you, plead with you - tell the truth. Stop hiding in the shadows. Be up front and tell it like it is. BUT- Don’t keep playing the victim. Whatever happened to you may not have been your fault or it may have been. But for once and for all move on with your life.

Lastly, search the depths of your soul and find peace with God. He is the rewarder of those who seek Him. Seek and you WILL find…

Answer #49

Move to New Orleans and get a job. There are plenty of jobs here(i live here) and have never had a problem getting a job in New Orleans even with tons of legal trouble(5 arrests including 16 felonies and 15 misdemeanors,from distribution of drugs to burglar, but only 1 conviction for misdemeanor attempted theft of goods under 300 dollars, but i will plead guilty to 10 yers for heroin and defer it to drug court) New Orleans is the place to go, trust me, it is the most corrupt city in the United States by far and there are plenty of opportunities for employment (especially in construction and labor), especially underground employment, since Hurricane Katrina in 2005. Housing is affordable and most of the time you can find a job that pays cash daily, or at worse, weekly. I have been through a lot but have never had a problem getting a job in New Orleans. Also if you have experience as a waiter, New Orleans is a great place to work (plenty of restaurants) and they don’t do background checks. If you are willing to succeed anything is possible. For people who don’t think you deserve a chance, prove them wrong. Show them that they made a mistake by not hiring you by succeeding on your own, then go back and rub it in their face (most people would say thats wrong but since i am a “criminal” i don’t really care) It doesn’t hurt to be educated, well spoken, outgoing and willing to work hard, even if your job does not require all of the above. My advice, move to New Orleans, opportunity awaits, there is a whole city that must be rebuilt.

Answer #50

I am having a hard time understanding why people are having such a hard time finding jobs. In 2001, I have indicted by the Grand Jury (Arizona) from Fraudulant Schemes and Practices in excess of a million dollars(organized crime). In 2002, I was handed down my conviction. Since it was my first conviction, the judge allowed me 4 months in county jail and 5 years of probation. I was off probation in 3 years. Since I walked out of jail, I searched night and day for a job. I took jobs that I knew I was over qualified for. I did fudge my resume and made my prior careers less “sparkly”. I worked for Uhaul as a CSR for 4 months, then a vitamin company earning $30,000 a year, then my daughter became ill and I had to stop working for 2 years. Then when I was able to return to work, I waited tables at Applebee’s making nearly 200 a night. Due to the hours, I had to leave the position because of my daughter. Then, I am currently working for a doctor making $16 an hour. I do live in low income housing (they only check 2 years). My biggest advice, stay away from large corporations and look for small businesses. Benefits are not the best, but a job is a job. Also, state governments are a great place for a felon to gte a job. Start out in the clerical pool and eventually move up. My sister works for the board of nursing and told me that they will license nurses 5 years after absolute discharge, pending no consistent criminal activity, and they get jobs working for small offices instead of hospitals. Don’t let all this negativity get to you. Most of these people set their sites too high and didn’t look at reality! Best of luck to you and think positive!

Answer #51

Don’t really have an answer, I’m sure those who were convicted don’t need pitty , but I really think its ashame that even though you paid your debt to society, they still treat you as if you don’t deserve a second chance. Instead of releasing ex-prisoners back into the “wilderness”, the “correctional” facility should make it mandatory that they find themselves an Agency that assist them in finding gainful employment. Here in Illinois, we have the “Safer Foundation”as well as others. Im sure other states have similiar organizations that can help. After seven years, the conviction should be wiped clean from your record. So, when they ask the question have you been convicted of felony in the past seven years; respond no. thats of course if you kept yourself clean and after your probation date. Your community Unemployment Office (Department of Employment Security) should have information on Employers who hire ex-felons; they receive tax credits.. So those who are out there feeling there is no where to go..Please don’t give up, its not going to be easy, you’ll just have to find the links..

Answer #52

Since I was convicted in 1985 of delivery of marijuana I have not only never got a job but never even got a single interview after truthfully answering the “ever been convicted” question. I have a BBA in Finance from UT in 1982, honorable discharge from the Air Force in 1976, and previously worked for five federal agencies before my conviction. It has been discouraging trying to fight a system that almost forces felons to continue a life of crime because of the severe discrimination in the job market. However, like many of life’s challenges, they can be turned around to become blessings. For instance, sales is the highest paid occupation in the world and it is a career field that relies far more on your abilities than your resume. Also self-employment makes it easy to begin lawn cutting, house cleaning, painting, etc. Finally, it never hurts to say your prayers. The Good Book says that “all things are possible with God.” He has sustained me through this humbling experience even though it seemed like the whole world was against me, at times. “The joy of the Lord is your strength.” Don’t let anyone steal your joy and you will be a success!

Answer #53

Thank you everyone…I do go to church every Sunday I light candles when I can… Bottom line I am a licensed CNA and I am in school on my way to being a nurse.. I must say it is true that people are SOOO racist. EXAMPLE:

I went to a job interview. I told the potential “lady” (she was a jerk and im being nice calling her a lady hence the quotes around lady) that I had a record. SHe went on and on about how me and her daughter went to an expensive all girls catholic school and we were cheerleaders together and I would be excellent for the company. BLAH BLAH BLAH… She called me the next day and I was offered the job…I told EVERYONE!!! One day later she called me again and told me NOT to show up for orientation. When she pulled my damn record she saw WHAT I TOLD HER WOULD BE THERE!!! She took the job back …and i looked like a fool to everyone. I told the judge (im in drug court getting this record of mine expunged hopefully) he said: “to bad keep trying i dont see why its so hard to find work with your great personality” HELLO HELLO!!!
FELONY RECORD??? What can I say …im sad frustrated This is all my fault i take full and total responsibilty but do i deserve all this??? DO I ???

Answer #54

Different Strokes For Different Folks!!! Some people get lucky,some are dealt a good hand and some just know the right cards to play this is advice is great but lets address the real issue everything about our system is just f’d up I am 25 years old and am still on probation for a robbery that I was (in their words ) an acsessory to for riding with a dude that actually did commit the crime and I was 18 so my only crime was bad choice of rolling buddy not to say that my crime is any less than any ones but mannn… how fustrated do u think I am?Well I cant give any advice, luckily I was able to maintain a CS job due to knowing somebody that knew somebody that knew somebody now that buisness is closed down and im married so my husband has to provide for us and im a mellineum woman I need my own.I’ve posted resumes everywhere Ican only say keep trying” they’ve” got it monopolized but we’ve got to find the loopholes.Futhermore,I wish I did have the means to start a buisness.Where can I get a loan???Borrow from who???Don’t nobody care about grown folk.IThey say its hard but its fair hummm sounds like the words of an unfair society. Well any body got a job,any job in Dallas Please inform me.I need help!!!

Answer #55

Find Jesus and He’ll find you a job! I know this sounds like a cliche’, but I promise you, there is life abundantly in serving a true and living God! I am in the process of trying to find some help for a brother in Christ at my church and I see that you all have struggled very hard to try to get it right, but a lot of you have already said it..you have to Keep trying! First, if you haven’t already, I urge you to get Jesus! He has made my life so much easier and so much better. My mind is right, my heart is right and my life is right, so guess what..all I have left to receive from Jesus is..you got it RIGHT!!! You can do it. You are strong men with great potential! Just look at how good you were in the world!!! You did amazing things for Satan…and look what he did…Stabbed you right in the back!!! But with Jesus, He will protect you! He won’t leave you nor forsake you, but He will always be there for you, if you just believe in Him and trust in Him today. I promise, your life will never be the same if you except His love today, Believe that He is the Son of God, that He died on the cross for YOU and that He rose again on the 3rd day! Just say, Jesus I believe in You, You are the Son of God, You died for me to save me from my sins and You rose again and are seated at the right hand of God waiting to receive me into Your Kingdom…if you said that, YOU are A SON of the most High God and He will do what you ask in Jesus’ Name if you believe it! I Love You All and I pray your strength in the Lord!

Answer #56

Hi,, I am afraid that Just like The Adam Walsh Act is Making the Sex offender Registry National,, there well be something similar in future for felons Period!!… I think most places avoid felons for Liability Reasons.. Everybody is SUE happy nowadays,,,if Something DID happen,, people want to sue because that Company Hired a KNOWN felon.. just like with Meaghans law,, when a KNOWN Sex offender kiddnapped and Killed that lil girl. I always wondered,, what would have happend if the guy who kiddnapped and killed the girl, wasnt a Convicted Sex offender.. would they have made all MEN register???

Just think about it,, that kid that shot of V tech wasnt a Convicted Felon,, Eric and Dylan at Columbine wasnt Convicted Felons. That Riems dude that sexually abused 100 plus Patients wasnt a Convicted Sex offender.

Thinking back,,, None of the Work place and School Shootings were committed by CONVICTED FELONS!!!

PLUS,, Convicted Felons and Sex offenders wasnt such the first time they commited their crimes..

The Devil works on the minds of all of kinds,, not just the CONVICTED..

Answer #57

Just LIE that is what I am going to do! I only have 8 more months and I am going to LIEEE. I worked for a huge corportation for 5 years right out of jail, because I had a hookup. Unfortunately I didnt know how hard it would be when I got a better education and went to switch careers. NOW I AM SCREWED. I had a lot of money saved up and stuff now I am in debt. SO SAD. BUT I SUGGEST TO EVERYONE TO LIE. YOU dont stand a chance if you dont!!! I think it should be illegal to hold us down (btw I was convicted of 2 drug felony posessions) for mistakes made in the past. I just might take someones advice and move out of the US, but is that possible? Will they take you? AND you wonder why we have homeless people??? Cause people like us give up! Go back to selling drugs. But that is what they want you to do. So they can put you back in the system and make more money off of you. It is called “Job Security” I had that at one point in time matter of fact I was a supervisor for the last 2 years I was there. Well I am actually through a process now and lied and will hope to get the job soon. I will let you guys know. They will probably fire me for lying on the application, but if I didnt lie I wouldnt of even gotten this far!!! Keep the faith, Drew

Answer #58

No Danisiena I wasn’t directing that at you. It just seems like many times we are quick to want the government to come quickly to our aid, but liberty is all about being individuals without the big government intruding in our lives. Our freedom was based on individualism. We became a seperate and free nation to keep the government(s) we all came from to stop telling us how to worship, who we had to work for etc.

I am just an advocate of person freedom. And the more we ask “big brother” to help us the less freedom we will have as he intrudes on our daily lives. I am for being positive about our future(s). I am also being hit hard with gas prices here in Texas but I think the truckers are about to bring this all to a screeeching… halt, if you know what I mean?

Our economy goes in cycles and unfortunately for us all we are in a down cycle. But when it comes back in a few months things will pick up significantly and it should benefit us all. This is also an election year and things get rocky before an election. The pendulum will swing the other direction again soon.

I will be working on one of our congressmen here in Texas to let him know of the plight of the ex-offender and the bleak job situation for us. I think he will listen and respond back to me. Whether or not he can introduce legislation in our favor or not, I just don’t know? But I will report back any results of these conversations when they happen.

I was able to make a few bucks this weekend by renting out a camper to come race fans for the NASCAR weekend. So I am starting to think outside of the box for opportuntities for income. I hope some of you will report back any ways in which you’ve been able to make more income.

Answer #59

There are some employers that only ask if you have been convicted of a felony in the past 10 years. If it has been more time you can check NO on the box.

Texas is supposed to have some form of employment law that says that an employer can only ask if you’ve been convicted of something in the past 7 years. But I can tell you with certainty that most employers and most especially employment agencies ask if you have EVER been convicted of a crime. If you check no and they do a background check they will not hire you after they find out otherwise. So we can feel like we are damned if we do and damned if we don’t. I personally would rather tell the truth up front if it comes up. The truth WILL win in the end.

Employers may themselves be breaking the law by asking IF EVER, but until someone stands up to them and sues them for breaking the law it will continue.

I can understand that people that have comitted violent crimes might need to be put into a different class. I’m not saying that they are less of humans than the rest of us, but as we all could attest, we would not want a pedofile getting through any cracks to become a child care worker of any kind.

We all need to undertand than our society just does not want to accept the fact that many people make mistakes, large and small. Some get caught and others don’t. If the truth were known some of the loudest critics trying to keep felons from working have themselves make huge mistake but just never got caught. This is the truth of the matter. Does anyone else agree?

Life is hard…but God is good.

Answer #60

I’ve been going through this BS for 13 years. I was 19 years old living in Ft Lauderdale Fla. Went to a few parties Started meeting people. got involved in in drugs.got popped.got a year in bro ward correctional charged with POSS/PUR/SELL/DELIVER COCAINE. Charge 3 counts POSSESSION OF COCAINE. 2 counts POSS/DRUG PARAPHERNALIA.Charge COCAINE-PURchase/POSS W/INT PURchase. I cant vote I cant use my brain to make money only my backbone im because of my size when I apply for work they always put me on the hardest most undesirable job .they treat me like CRAP like I am not even an American!! I’ve seen illegal immigrants receive better treatment than me and higher pay.I can rebuild computers upgrade install any OS but no one will give me a chance to prove it because of something I did 13 years ago .So I say you have to start your own business thats it and if you cant afford to do that,then your SCREWED.I am in the screwed department. If you know of a place in Austin Texas that pays decent,has some benefits and doesn’t care about a mistake I made when I was 19 please post it .


Answer #61

I think in the society of sue happy people,,,Not hiring felons may be in some cases,, a liability issue. Like you hire a felon, and somethin happens,, someone will want to sue you cause you hired a KNOWN felon. Something like with the MEaghans law ,,,the parents of the girl petitioned because a KNOWN convicted Sex offender had moved in the neighborhood and they wasnt notified. which is Bs Cause Criminal records are PUBLIC RECORDS,, so thatd mean that low teir non notification sex offenders wouldnt mean squat to protecting public safety.

But, what if the guy that kidnnapped the girl wasnt a Convicted Sex offender?? would they have made all MEN Register??

The Kid that Shot up V tech wasnt a Convicted felon Eric and Dylan werent Convicted Felons Mr Reims,, the nurse that assaulted a hundred plus patients wasnt a Convicted sex offender.

I just think this fear and insanity with labels should stop. !!! you never know who your hiring ,, felony or no felony,, and I think people should be judged on idividual merit.

but yes, its said, just because you made a mistake once,, your labeled for life!!!

Answer #62

Hi there. It’s almost impossible for me to find a job, and I only have a misdemeanor conviction. (Involuntary Manslaughter) I lack the communication skills to make it in self-employment and the physical strength to do manual labor jobs.

I recommend felons start to sue if they are discriminated against because of their record. Discrimination based on criminal history is illegal in Pennsylvania, although everyone does it anyway because they’re either arrogant or ignorant of employment law. You can file a civil suit pro-se in PA against an employer that does not hire you for a conviction that is not job related. I did this once, paying a lawyer $1400 to gain employment at a factory, and wishing I had learned how to file pro-se suits while I was in prison. In my case, the suit was never actually filed; merely threatening to file it cracked the door open. I suspect many employers would just hire you (provided you are qualified and the conviction is not job related), rather than fight a suit if you threaten to file one.

The PA law is 18 PA C.S.A. section 1925. I would think other states have something comparable.

Answer #63

I am not very familiar with the job or market in RI but I had a friend here that started a small window washing business to make some extra money in the summer and it turned out to be a very good venture. I’m sure your weather is different from Texas but with not a lot of supplies this is a job that can be done out of the trunk of your car.

If you have Home Depot stores in your area, they now stock the window washing supplies and have a very good selection of things. But since it is a different market you might have to find some other supplier there.

You basically go online and find out the details of how to correctly wash windows and then you get some business cards printed up and just walk into strip centers or other small businesses and tell them you are the “window washer” and give them a quote and ask tell them you can do the job right on the spot. Just keep it simple. Some customers will ask to come back on a regular basis. Others will also want you to come do their windows at home.

This is just one of many ideas of businesses that really work. My theory is this, “if you sling enough mud on the wall some of it has GOT to stick”, meaning if you just keep going into business after business someone will give you the job of cleaning their windows. It is a simple and clean business that you can do pretty quickly. Let’s say you charged $20.00 per store and you did 5 per day on the average you’d make $100.00, maybe more. If you did all of that in 5 hours or less you would make at least $20.00 per hour, maybe more. It will add up quickly. I think you will agree it beats scrubing floors!

Just another one of my “hair brain” ideas (that I know will work)

Answer #64

Does anyone know of an employment agency in Texas (or elsewhere) that works with offenders in helping them find jobs? I know there are some state agencies that probably do this but how much help is the state really going to help someone find a decent job?

With the collaboration of a writer we hope to publish a book very soon that will be a guidebook for helping persons with a record find suitable and sustainable employment. It will have a section listing the steps required to start a business of their own. As you may have seen from my previous posts, I am really in favor of people who are disadvantaged in becoming self employed.

Working for yourself does have it’s challenges but they are much easier to overcome and palle in comparison to the hurdles of trying to find an employer who will trust you and give you a chance at a good career.

We will also be starting a blog soon that will offer suggestions and tips for getting a real job. We hope to create a database of employers who will hire felons and other resources to help those in need.

Let us have your feedback if you think such tools would be helpful.

“Never, never, never give up” - Winston Churchill

Answer #65

Opportunity abounds in Austin, Texas. It is a fast growing and progessive city that is tech savvy and skills in computers can be used. In Texas you can vote,even if you have a felony. You can’t possess firearms legally unless you get a court order restoring that right.

Starting a business is as simple as posting an ad somewhere like on CraigsList. You don’t have to have a lot of funds at all. Make your ad simply say I can upgrade or build you a computer for a small fee. Then when you are contacted give the responder a good estimate of what the cost will be. You might have to have a general idea of what a case/power supply, board, memory, etc. might be.

Once you do someone a good job they will refer others to you. Then you just keep repeating this process until you realize that being self employed can be done easier and cheaper than you think. Once you get going just keep good records of what you’ve done, the amount spent in parts, and finally how much you’ve cleared.

The best advice I can give you is to stay busy and always be looking for opportunities to help other people with jobs they need done. Most people do not have the skill or ability to tear down a PC and install a board or do anything beyond moving the mouse. You are way ahead of most people.

Keep trying. You’ll make it.

Answer #66

I just moved from Cleveland, OH to Daytona Beach, FL. I’m having a very difficult time finding a job. At least in Cleveland, you can always go to Minute man if you don’t mind getting there by 5:00am.There’s also a temp agency called Alliance that will send you out to factory jobs. I agree with several entries that state the best thing to do is try to start your own business. Honesty about convictions doesn’t seem to be working for me either. You would think that honesty shows integrity but apparently it doesn’t. I’m going to start lying myself. I do trust the Lord and I know he will bless me in His time. Meanwhile, I must try to keep a roof over my head. I think if enough of us come together and start writing congressmen and women Write the president as well. Write everyone we can think of. Just keep bombarding them with letters and e-mails. Prayerfully, they’ll get tired and start trying to do something for us. If they spent half the money on employing us that they do on incarcerating us, the country would be a lot less violent. Good luck to all.

Answer #67

I have been out of prison for a year and a half and it has been a lot harder than I expected. Every employer I have had since I was 14 has nothing but good things to say about me. But in todays economy that doesnt really matter. I always was employed prior to going to prison but was taught by my priorly imprisoned dad that as a black man in America you always have to have a hustle on the side. Well, long story short, I got laid off and my side hustle grew. After doing 4 years in prison and a year and a half on parole I am determined to not go back to hustling(illegally that is). So here I am now trying to do the right thing and have yet to find a long term oppurtunity. Dont get me wrong, I make money as opposed to letting it make me. But I need stability for me, my fiance, and my baby girl. I have a CDL-A, a horticulture certification, tons of on the job experience and I need a career. So if anyone has some resources in Michigan or anywhere let me know. I have no problem leaving this state. Email me at leakboy@tmo.blackberry.net Thanks and God bless

Answer #68

Sorry but we disagree with your state that truth will win in the end. We have talked to hundreds of non-violent felons from California to Florida and elsewhere in the world. They all have the same answer: if you list on your employment app that you have been convicted of a crime or felony, then they never get the interview. Ever. We are trying to change the laws to make it illegal to discriminate against non-violent felons. We are out there doing more than just talking about it. Something has to be done quickly as the USA leads the world in locking up people for non-violent crimes. It is imperative that we stand together and make a difference. We can show the nation that felons are not the boogie man that everyone fears. Or the reaper that has come to take you away. Most felons have done nothing more than be at the wrong place at the wrong time. One girl sold a computer on Ebay and got convicted because she received a bad check from the buyer. Read more about it on our web site. Please visit our web site and join us: www.kineticimagefilmgroup.com

Answer #69

Hello Everyone,

My story is simple like many of the stories here. I really like the fact that we can talk like this amongst such a broad spectrum of individuals. Experience is the best teacher we all have. I truly believe that we have to make a conscious effort to be reliant on the skills that we have, but also be open minded to more ideas. Abundance is all around us. It’s just a matter of how we attack whatever situation we are in with a clear mind, and integrity. True we are felons, true we made mistakes, but that does not dictate to us who we truly are. I am a 2Xs convicted felon. My first was in 2001 and I just recently got a second last year. My understanding is this though, those happenings don’t truly define who I am. I have held several jobs over the years, as a matter of fact when I got my first felony I was fresh out of the military. Even in spite of that I still don’t give up. I have an answer to the question but I would sincerely like to share an article that changed my view of a lot of things. Corporate america is a liar, it wants us to believe that our past should determine our future. I am living proof, that non-sense is ridiculous. If you would like to receive the article I am talking about just email me and I will get it to you asap. Once you have read my response please click my profile and drop me a line, and I will respond.

Answer #70

Man, with my experience being a felon is not the business. Its sick when your PO tell you how quick they are to violate you, but dont offer to tell you that you can expunge your criminal history! Im currently half way through my probation, and the day Im complete Im presenting the courts with an expungment motion.

Currently I own my own business, I figured I cant fire myself, so I offer assistance within and outside of my community regarding these very issues. Were called Brothas and Sistas MFCC (multi-functional community center) located in Pacoima California.

I encourage every felon to try the expungement process, you never know, you may get lucky expecially if your not a repeat offender, sex offender or murderer!

I’ve tried being honest to agencies, my work history is excellent, my criminal history has 1 drug possession with intent, and Im being treated like a terrorist. Than to top it off they say you do the crime you do the time, well when I accepted the terms an conditions of my probation I was never told that I will be opressed, denied food stamps, and given a minimum amount of cash, in an attempt to starve me and they wish I would fall for that trap, I euge all of you to stay strong and become your own business owner, dont fall for the systematic trap. They want to starve me and make me buy a quarter piece, and I refuse! I plan on leaving this piece of crapp as country a s a p!

Answer #71

“just like to say I was released from prison 17 months ago an I am still on parole now,is it still possible for me to get my cdl liscens?”

Yes you can. I live in arizona and I was convited with a class 5 felony for theft. Since then I have worked really hard to make a living, I swear I have slipped through the cracks. After My conviction I worked for a store as an assitant mgr. for 2 years. I currently work for a beer distributing company, I started out as a helper and I worked my way up to a driver, So far I have made 22,000 this year. Now about the CDL, you can get your CDL. You will have to pay a fee to take the written and drivning test, but there is no where that states you cannot get it. The only problem that I have encountered with this is, obtaining the hazmat endorsment, this allows you to haul hazardous materials,( its a home land security clearnece thing) if you are really interested in getting your CDL I recommend this website http://www.aitaonline.com/. if you can score an 85 or above on all of the sample tests you are ready for the real one. Good luck.

Answer #72

I’m only going to say this once people… DO NOT! I repeat DO NOT answer YES to being a convicted felon on the criminal history part of the application. Honesty is not always the best Policy.I know this by trial and error. Yeah,your probably not going to be hired by most fortune 500 companies,but there are a lot of companies that do not do a background check. Ever thought of working in the Petrochemical Industry? Chevron, Conoco Philips, Texaco, etc. Most oil companies hire ex-felons in the oilfields, and on offshore oil drilling platforms,(2weeks on 1 week off)great starting pay $15.00 per hour (entry level, or even the contractors doing a lot of the big oil company’s projects hire ex-felon’s regardless of your past criminal history.I know this because I work in the industry,and have an extensive criminal history.(NOT PROUD)but got to survive.Peace out to my fellow con’s!

Answer #73

Here is some information you may find useful:

Asking job applicants to indicate whether they have been convicted of a crime is permissible but Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 appears to restrict an employer’s ability to use criminal background information in the hiring process (42 USC. § 2000e, et seq. ). The Equal Employment Opportunities Commission (EEOC), the federal agency that enforces Title VII, has decided that disqualifying people who have criminal records from jobs is discriminatory because the practice disproportionately affects African American and Hispanic men. (Those two groups have much higher criminal conviction rates than do Caucasian men. ) The EEOC has ruled repeatedly that covered employers cannot simply bar felons from consideration, but must show that a conviction-based disqualification is justified by “business necessity. ” The legal test requires employers to examine the (1) nature and gravity of the offense or offenses, (2) length of time since the conviction or completion of sentence, and (3) nature of the job held or sought. Under this test, employers must consider the job-relatedness of a conviction, the circumstances of the offense, and the number of offenses (EEOC Compliance Manual, § 604 Appendices).

Hope this helps! www.kineticimagefilmgroup.com

Answer #74

Thanks Dawn80227 for giving us the perspective of the employer who has hired ex-offenders. It really helps to hear from you. Not just because I have a record myself, but I have also hired others who need a fresh start and a good job.

The ones that have come in with a good atitudes and dressed appropriately were the ones that got my attention. I first tell them that their conviction will not barr them from employment so that it puts them at ease. Then I ask them to tell me about their conviction, probation, conditions of parole, etc.

Once I have good picture of who that person really is, I go down the list and check every reference (job and personal ref). After just a few phone calls you have a very good understanding of the person’s character. I go through the same process for any employee and you can tell pretty quickly who will work out and who won’t be a good fit for your company.

All feedback on this is very helpful. Keep your chins up and keeping being positive and good things will start to happen!

Answer #75

Hi to everyone

Dont give up. I have a brother in law who spent most of his adult life in and out of prison mostly for bank robberies. The last two charges were life sentence in Australia for aggravated bank robbery with a deadly weapon and the last one for importation of class “A” drug and was sentenced for 8 years in Portugal. He got out after 3 years and now settling in England.

The point I am making is that he is now working as a drivers mate for the past 3 years and making good progress. I can be quite hard on him at times. However I am proud of the progress he has made so far.

I am not sure how things work in USA but maybe you could try driving jobs or drivers mate like my brother in law. How about counsellors for prisoners out of prison? Or maybe you could try selling some thing in the flea market, window cleaning buy cheap stuff from wholesalers and sell it in a market.

Once again this is just a suggestion, please accept my apologies if these ideas do not apply to your situation.

One thing you must not do is Give Up. It will be worth it in the end. Sometimes it is tough. Let me know if any one wants a chat.

Answer #76

Just wanted to let all of you know about the Offender Job Fair coming in September to San Antonio:


Specifically for: Individuals on federal or state supervision*

Dress for interview and bring resume


Wednesday, September 10, 2008

9:00 - 2:00 PM


The Neighborhood Place

3014 Rivas Street

San Antonio, Texas 78228

Hosted by:

U.S. Probation & Pretrial Services

Western District of Texas

San Antonio Division

in Partnership with

Crosspoint, Inc., Bexar County Adult Probation; Project Quest; Goodwill Industries; Bexar County Detention Ministries; All of Us or None; United Way of San Antonio; Alamo WorkSource; Project SER; U.S. Bureau of Prisons; Prison Fellowship Ministries; TDCJ Parole Division; S.A. Fighting Back; Dress for Success; American Indians in Texas at the Spanish Colonial Mission; Antioch Church

Answer #77

I am a convicted fellon, drugs and iuntent to sell, with a bachlors degree in network managment, have about 3 interviews a week with all the knowlage and the best resume my mind could think of. it is not the second year I have not been employed. I tried wallmart, yeh they employed me on the spot untill they found out my background. the best thing to do is think of something people need, even if it is as small as a postit idea, they guy is a milionare now, and make it a reality. every night before I go to sleep I spend about 2 hours thinking about my future, I have yet to think up something that is worth while. so remember if you get a felony, DONT WASTE YOUR TIME ON ANY UNIVERSITY. you’ll just end up in debt. the best advice I can give you is keep trying, and I am near giving up on that advice myself. (start your own business) with minimal cost and high output (not possible anymore) and even if it was, you cant get a loan from any bank. soo. whats left but to sell newspaper and penuts on the streets of chicago? you tell me… (employment agencies will not halp if they find out your a convicted fellon) dont even go there. in some cases you can wipe the fellony clean, in others you can hide it from non-government employers, in my case non applies. hmmm cant think of nothinhg else, how about going to europe, starting fresh. yeh… that crossed my mind too :P JUST FACE IT your a 2nd class citizen now, and if your not a citizen, BYE BYE, cause deportation isnt far behind. (thats what I’m facing) heheh. and here I am trying to give advice.


Answer #78

“just like to say I was released from prison 17 months ago an I am still on parole now,is it still possible for me to get my cdl liscens?”

Yes you can. I live in arizona and I was convited with a class 5 felony for theft. Since then I have worked really hard to make a living, I swear I have slipped through the cracks. After My conviction I worked for a store as an assitant mgr. for 2 years. I currently work for a beer distributing company, I started out as a helper and I worked my way up to a driver, So far I have made 22,000 this year. Now about the CDL, you can get your CDL. You will have to pay a fee to take the written and drivning test, but there is no where that states you cannot get it. The only problem that I have encountered with this is, obtaining the hazmat endorsment, this allows you to haul hazardous materials,( its a home land security clearnece thing) if you are really interested in getting your CDL I recommend this website http://www.aitaonline.com/. if you can score an 85 or above on all of the sample tests you are ready for the real one. Good luck.

Answer #79

I personally think that everyone who had been convicted of a felony and is really trying to do their level best to seek and gain employment in a field of their experience should be allow to collect disability from the government! I serious! I feel like the government is the one who makes us have to wear this lable for the rest of our lives, and won’t allow us to try to redeem ourselves after making a mistake why not support us? We have the right to make a living and try to regain what is left of our lives! What else are we supposed to do?

Answer #80

Damn!! I MEAN DAAAMMMNNN!!! Isn’t there ANYone that secured a decent position with a felony conviction?!! I don’t want to complain, but this is ridiculous! I just started down this new path of convicted felon, and I’m scared to death. I’ve done everything right in my life–got good grades in high school, graduated cum laude from college, got married right out of school, became a school teacher. It was the picture perfect life. Two years out of school my wife leaves me and three years after that I met someone INCREDIBLE (after a string of horrible short term relationships). It happens that the girl I met was a student. That was three years ago. She’s 20, I’m 28. If I was ANY other profession it would’ve been completely legal. I know..”waaa waaa”..I hate sob stories as well..but I have no idea how to do anything else but teach..I’m an academic at heart. What the hell do I do now? I’m gonna give life 5 years..then I’m done.

Answer #81

I am 22 yo I just got a associates at a community college I am getting my bachelors in another two in business it looks kinda grim from what you all say but I’m def going to lie my fuggin aarsse off , I got a job at this cafe like place I’ve had it like a year and half pretty easy serve lattes get nice tips eventually I moved up to baking started 10 then 12 an hour I dont remember the application asking it pretty cool I can go whenever I want at night as long as the muffins what not done by the am I just bring my lap top and talk to myspace ho’s lol but ah ya like lil shops are good and like those cafes dude latte drinkers tip good I used to get 30 a day on 8-2 tips like sometimes plp get like 60 during summer or if they work the early shifts course like we get minium wage and boss hides the tips from tax plp but w,e good luck I know my associates I was .02 off from high honor and im cum laude and if no one hire me im going to flip out oh yeah I also have like 5 felonies and did two year mando but oh well good luck check lil cafes easy job!!!

Answer #82

a friend of mind in michigan is having a hard time finding a job in michigan because hes a convicted felon 3times and trying so hard to find a job what can i do for him to help

Answer #83

I been trying to help my lil brother find a job he got three theft related felonies and just got released so I want to help more people because its aint right how this system works I geuss its “KEEP THE RICH RICH AND F*CK THE REST” anyway try www.hard2hire.com it may help good luck -Casper

Answer #84

Hi thesystemwithin

I also have a non violent felony from 9 years ago an can not find work due to the background check. I am always up front and honest but that does not seem to work, I am willing to do any kind of work. I will send you my resume

Answer #85

If I could find my husband a decent job to keep him from going back out there, to keep him off those streets…

He tries so and gets discouraged, it hurts my heart. He is a loving father to our daughter, a good and a smart man. He has only his high school education. Its hard to keep telling him, we’ll get it together, or I’ll take care of it. He is the type of guy who you wouldnt know only has .30 in his pocket!! He is used to being able to take care of everything.

I myself work in sales for a wireless company. It pays well sometimes, but it gets hard. Im tired!! I would like to go to work part time and finish school. But that isnt going to happen anytime soon, without his support.

We reside in Austin, Tx and if we need to make a move, I am willing and ready. I only want the best for my family. Please someone give me a WORD!!



Answer #86

I’ll try to keep it short. Don’t try Wal-Mart. Even if you DID get a job there, they’d end up letting you go or making it so uncomfortable that you’ll want to quit.

I live at the beach and there are a lot of construction jobs here, if you know what I mean. They’re always building, which includes electrical, plumbing, roofing etc. A lot of times, you have to be a felon to get a job. I’m kidding but it is easy to get a job at the beach. There’s restaurants so you could wait tables or do kitchen work.

And you have the beach. Sometimes you can split the rent with someone to get a cheaper rate but I’d be honest with them about the history.

Good luck

Answer #87

I applied at road masters truck driving school to become a pro truck driver. The guy at the school said my felony conviction would keep me from getting hired on with any trucking company so why bother with school tuition and book costs, so I said forget it. I have tried everywhere to get a job. Every application now asks if I have ever been convicted of a crime or felony. When I mark yes, I never hear from them again. I give up. I am soon to be homeless and it is just so depressing. My civil rights were restored but that doesn’t do a thing for getting a job. What a game. We’re screwed.

Answer #88

I ahve been trying for 2 months now to find a job. I moved to Columbus, Ohio 2/2005 when I got married and I came back to GA in June of this year my mom was dying from gall bladder cancer. She died 2 days after me and my family came home. Since then I have been trying to stay here in Rome Ga but nobody will give me the chance like Ohio did. Sometimes you have to relocate and believe you me I miss driving the bus. I am a Class B driver with PS endorsements with no job. But I keep pushing and praying and eventually something will come thro’. wileen2008

Answer #89

Guys, if it’s been more than seven years since your last brush with the lawand you live in any of these states (www.cir-nc.com/documents/StateLawsregardingpublicrecords_000.pdf) just start answering “no” on the criminal history question. The states (in the link) won’t allow criminal reports to go beyond seven years so just put no and you’ll increase your chance of getting the job by about ten thousand percent because laws in those states say they can’t check past seven years. Sometimes it can hurt to be too honest. They’re depending on you to be intimidated into checking “yes” because they think you don’t know about the seven year rule. Now, you do know. So if they run a background check beyond seven years in these states, ask them where you should send your lawsuit paperwork because you’re about to be one very rich felon.

Answer #90

I can’t find a job! I have been on probation for almost a year, I have had to jobs and when they found out my background I was let go for other reasons. My probation is over in about 4 weeks, if I don’t find a job in 2 I go back to jail. I am living with my mom and I am 3 months pregnant, I haven’t done anything wrong except not find work and they want to send me back and extend my probation. I have lots of experience in sales and office but no one will hire me because I made one mistake. What can I do?! I live in Oregon.

Answer #91

wait tables folks!!! working for kids half my age as my boss is all i have been able to do. if you can fake a good attitude and play politics an average of 10-20 bucks an hour can be had.yeah it’s utter b.s. but it pays my bills so far. PAYLESS suppossidly doesn’t do background checks as well. just a small glimpse of hope from a two time loser in dallas tx . still hate it though!!!

Answer #92

WOW! I am not alone am I? Even though I am getting my record expunged …I am at the mercy of the JUDGE…the judge who speaks to the “private” attorneys but ignores MY public defender..my public defender is great but the judge takes out the private judges for lunch…I’ve been in court for 12 months ..peeing in cups to prove im clean EVERY WEEK for 13 months and he plans to keep me for another 6…yep im a felony scumbag…and the judge loooves to make that clear to me…gotta keep going ..SOMEHOW>>>??? oh yea and I work and mind my business!!! still cleaning houses…for pathetic pay…take care

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Answer #94

I don’t know. My boyfriend has tried and tried and tried to find a job. I’m working three and going to school and it makes him feel bad that he can’t take care of me. He does odd jobs, but its so sporadic that when he gets money it doesn’t go far. He is trying to start his own company and with any luck that should take off after a while. But, I’ve been self-employed before so I know a while could be years. We want to get married, but he insists on being the breadwinner before we go down the aisle. It’s a difficult situation, but self-employment seems to be the only solution.

Answer #95

The trade schools I talked to were MMI, I had called upon some dealerships before hand and spoke to the HR’s and said they will hire, I know it is tough. Dont let the prick at the Driving school determine your path, call the trucking companies and explain your issue before and find the one that will hire you. There are some even though few that will take the chance

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Answer #97

I been trying to help my lil brother find a job he got three theft related felonies and just got released so I want to help more people because its aint right how this system works I geuss its “KEEP THE RICH RICH AND F*CK THE REST” anyway try www.hard2hire.com it may help good luck -Casper

Answer #98

I have a felony conviction that has prevented me from even looking for jobs in my field. From this page I’ve been linked to http://www.cir-nc.com/documents/StateLawsregardingpublicrecords_000.pdf I live in Texas and wanted to make sure this was valid and current info. So I checked here http://tlo2.tlc.state.tx.us/statutes/bc.toc.htm and it told me the same info. I was released 7 years ago this past summer. I didnt even know about this law. So thanks to others sharing their knowledge I feel like I can go out and apply for ANY job that Im suited for. Not the under the table jobs I had been doing. So thanks! Now I get to put my degree to use!

Answer #99

Ok here we go if I have to hear we cant hire you because of your felony again I think that im going to lose it seriously this is bullsh)t. I commited this crime 12 freakin years ago when I was 19 years old im 31 now when I got out I went to college got 2 degrees do you think that im the same person I was back then its not like I killed someone sh)t All I want is to to make a good life for my kids and I cant do that making $10 a hour It also really pisses my off when black people say they get discriminated against and they say try being black hey buddy try having a felony on your record you will get that job before me sorry for venting everyone just had to get rid of it

Larry in Kansas City Missouri

Answer #100

Yeah those easy jobs will take you far. So much future in them and all. Must be nice to not do much work and get paid so well. That degree will really get you a good job like being the asst. manager. But get ready to move on if you lie. With 5 felonies in that short of a period you must be learning a lot?

What about becoming an upright person and start by telling the truth? Then apply your talents, to more profitable endeavors other that being able to talk to ho’s online.

Give us all a break!

Answer #101

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Answer #102

Thank you james53 for the wonderful advice. I read one of your earlier posts and advised my boyfriend to check out Craigslist. He found 2 jobs in less than 6 days. One started out as temporary, but they decided to keep him and gave him a raise. The other one is permanent. Both pay pretty well and did not do a criminal history check. He has also been working as a bouncer and doing home repair on the weekends. He’s happier, and nicer, and buying me flowers, cards, and giving me money for half the bills now. This has been a difficult time for us, but your advice has helped tremendously. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Also, I used to work nights at FedEx because they have excellent benefits. One of the gentlemen I worked with told me that he had a felony on his record and they still hired him. His felony was more than ten years old, so to those who are looking for benefits, that may be and option.

Answer #103

I had a bench warrant for my arrest last june and havent been able to work ever since. Life is hard on everyone out there just like me. Try finding a job?? Thats great, but are you going anywhere in the business? Probably not. Its like the whole world telling you to kill yourself without them pulling the trigger for you. and for the person who said thank god??? ya ok. he loves us sooo much he helped us become criminals. sorry there is no god. I stopped believing after I was punished for the thousands of things I have done or been blamed for. as for a job. constuction or temp agency these = Getting no where in life. Where I am in life… lets just say my life sucks and I feel hopeless in every way

Answer #104

I started working for myself, I found a company on-line that allowed me to make a small investment of fifty dollars to get started I used the steps that they told me I started making money immediately from home. I own my first business I am glad of what happen because it forced me to step out and trust myself and invest in me and not a big company.

Answer #105

I am a small business owner that has hired two ex-felons (one is a sex offender). I know of several other small business owners who have hired ex-felons.

To acquire a job, my suggestions are 1) dress appropriately. Whether you are a felon or not, dress like you want the job. I’ve had people come in with cut off shorts, tank tops, dirty jeans and expect me to hire them. 2) No matter how down you are, at least act happy. Small business owners have so much going on, the last thing we want is someone who is depressed and brings ‘drama’ to the environment. Leave your personal problems outside the door. 3) If you’ve worked before the felony incident, bring in letters of recommendation or at least names and contacts. Give the business owner someone who can vouch for you in terms of quality of work, work habits and general character. We don’t know you and if you want us to take the chance on you, we at least need to know that your prior work history was good and that previous employers would hire you again (if it weren’t for the felony). Let us talk to you Parole Officer.

One of the reasons employers don’t hire felons is we’re afraid of what our customers will say if they find out. My employee with the sex offender conviction cannot be near any children under 18. My other employees are aware of this and when customers come in with children, we have a system to get him out of the building through the back door. Many employers may not be willing to do this.

I also have to accept unexpected walk ins from Parole Officers. This has created some awkward moments, but we worked through it. We’ve had to install software on computers so the PO can monitor key strokes. Again, a cost to me and an inconvenience, but this employee brings an enormous amount of talent and maturity.

I think the biggest hurdle you face is “fear”. As a business owner, we have to protect our assets, our employees and our customers’ best interests. We fear that hiring a felon will give us a bad reputation, may harm our employees or create issues with our customers. There is a lot of risk on an owner to hire a felon. But I have found that it is a win-win situation. I have two great people who care about my company and have made a commitment to growing and making it a success.

I am not a liberal - but a very conservative Republican However, I do believe people deserve a second chance after making a mistake in their life. I think there are many business owners out there like me. You just need to be persistent and find them.

I don’t know if any of this will help anyone. Best of luck to all of you.


PS I didnt’ even know there was tax credit for hiring felons. I’ll be looking into that as well!

Answer #106

I don’t have an answer and I don’t have a felony, but my son committed a crime last year, he was celebrating his 19th birthday with a 15 year old (same age mentally). They were getting high and got the munchies and the 15 year old told my son there was food in the high school. They walked into an unlocked window and got caught on the way out, they didn’t eat anything, so they didn’t cost the school money. The 15 year old got expelled, my son got a Burg II charge and is now in HELL. He is still immature, but he is supposed to go to drug classes and finish community service. When your immature like him and have no hope, I don’t know, he is suicidal. I can’t believe it was a felony, if he had done it here at home it wouldn’t have been, we know the principal. I am sick about all of your posts, cause I know that sometimes you just get caught doing something stupid or your young like my son and you don’t “think” about what your doing to your future. I don’t understand, they should just execute you if they never let you be “free” again, he even cried to me “mom, I can never vote” how sad he never did get to vote. The whole thing is heartbreaking and finding a job now, never gonna happen. He is an asthmatic lazy kid with no drive, he wants to work fast food, not hard labor, he sucks at that. My son isn’t like a lot of you, you are ready to work, but he is young and immature, is there hope for him? Scared to death for my son. His last court date got him 2 more years of probation, he is on probation until he turns 22 and he wanted to leave that state. Why do they do that to them? I just don’t get it, the biggest thing of all, he has NEVER EVER been mirandized, so if I had had money, he wouldn’t have this issue at all.

Answer #107

Start with asking your probation or parole officer. Sometimes they can be helpful, but it is not often. My suggestion is to try: Walmart, temporary agencies, Minyard, UPS, newspaper delivery, sell products at the flea market, get your barber, cosmotology or nail license, purchase property at tax sales and resale or do mystery shopping. Mystery Shopping is very easy, I have received payment of $9.00 up to $50.00 an hour and was reimbursed for the items that I purchased. As a Mystery Shopper remember to always keep your assignments. You can get more assignments by getting certified for about $10.00. Also try truck driving, it is possible to do local runs and not go out of state because of your probation. Some truck driving companies will sponsor you and pay for your classes. You are even guaranteed a job (in most cases) after completion of your truck driving classes. I have noticed that some truck driving classes will even pay you while training. I really do realize how hard it is to get a job. Keep trying and don’t get discouraged. The legal system is not always right. If Jesus was alive he would have been charged with a felony just like you and have difficulties finding a job just like you. Keep your head up.

Answer #108

I called United Way by dialing 211, not 411, 211!… The CSR gave me a list of companies in my area that do job placements for felons. This has worked for me, hope the same for you.

Answer #109

Start your own buisness. there are many great opportunities out here in the lines of small buisness that cost next to nothing to start and run. That would be the best thing you can do. All Business requires hard consistant and persistant work, but you can not be discriminated against by hiring staff. And like many others stated “sales” is one of the highest paying jobs in the world, products or services your choice dont you be discriminative against sales posistions and learning to be a great sales man. It worked for me and a handfull of my close friends that didnt let their felonious past hold them back. Keep in touch by e mail if you find something or email me if maybe I can help someone find something I would be please to serve in that manner. Hope it helped God bless

Answer #110

Ok I have a great answer. I recieved a felony about 2 years ago. tried to get jobs everywhere and after a long search I found that 99 percent of all restaurants do not do background checks. The average server at your regular applebees makes around 12 up to 25 an hour in tips alone. Theres so many jobs in a restaurant and so many restaurants to work at. I currently work at a high class restaurant called Firebirds wood fire Grill. I started serving tables and moved to bartending. I make a killing. So trust me go apply at a restaurant.

Answer #111

Where can one serving diversion and one-year probation for a one-time offense have any luck whatsoever finding employment?

Answer #112

I’m not a felon - but reading some of the stories here makes me think that if I were a small business owner, ex-felons would be some of the hardest-working, punctual, ready-to-please workers. I hope anyone who owns a business and reads these posts will be inspired to give ex-felons a chance. There are a few good ideas in these posts…also, if it makes some of you feel better - I’m a NON-felon who is having trouble finding work in So Cal (after moving from the Midwest)…so it may not necessarily be your background - it could be that businesses are a little slower now than a year or two ago. It’s a numbers game - don’t give up!

Answer #113

Not all hope is lost guys… I have a felony on my record from 12 years ago…I was on vacation with my cousin, she shoplifted several music CDs..and because the amount was over 150.00 (162.00)..it was a felony. We were far away from home, scared and at the mercy of them. Our public defender said to plead guilty..so I did.

I have no problem getting a job..I even got a job with the state last year. I almost had my criminal justice degree when this all happened 12 years ago..and I didnt finish it because I was so downhearted. But I just explain to potential employers what happened, and surprisingly, I’ve not had any trouble obtaining the jobs I’ve wanted.

Point is…keep your hope and faith…It’s not fair to keep paying for our past mistakes..but unfortunately this country is very judgemental and it wont change..but there is always Hope. Good luck!

Answer #114

This is a web site that has some information for felons to find resources to acquire jobs. Some states have more assistance than others. If you dig deep into some of the organizations, there is information on how to expunge your record and what is legal and illiegal to ask in each state as far as employment questions.


Answer #115

Thank you for the advice james53. It took my boyfriend all of 6 days to find 2 jobs on Craigslist that pay pretty well and didn’t ask for a criminal check at all. He’s been at one for less than a month and has already been offered a raise. In addition, he is working as a bouncer and doing home repair on the weekends. And I’ve been getting flowers, cards, and money for half the bills. Thank you for some very good advice.

Answer #116

Hang in there Danielle, consult an atty, you might have a case if they fired you because you are pregnant. Email us at info@kineticimagefilmgroup.com and we will try to help if possible.

Answer #117

I had the same problem and started making money with the information at www.richkits.com and a few bucks here and there at www.piggybuck.com. But if you really want to work hard for low pay, then I suggest you check job assistance programs in your area. In California they have City Team and Sacred Heart. These may be in your area too. Good Luck

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Answer #119

I tried Wal-Mart twice and they do ask if you’ve been convicted of a felony or “other violent crime.” Which is misleading because all felonies are not violent crimes. Wal-mart would rather hire illegal Mexicans anyway. I agree with you - it is better to lie because I have told the truth to every potential employer about my situation and have NEVER gotten hired by any of them.

Answer #120

I’d highly recommend talking to your local employement office, run by the relevant state or local goverment. In Oregon years ago, I worked with a number of social services agencies helping people to find employment, and I’m sure that you local employement office can help you out.

Also, there are lots of seasonal / temporary jobs this time of year that might be worth looking into while you get back on your feet.

Good luck!

Answer #121

just like to say I was released from prison 17 months ago an I am still on parole now,is it still possible for me to get my cdl liscens?

Answer #122

I cant tell you where to look for a job, BUT, you can go to www.removeit.org. It’s a company called Expungement Assistance Services, and they can help you take care of your record so that you CAN find any job you want.

Answer #123

man im a 2x looser and it hurts because I feel like I am no help to anyone I cant get a job that pays like what im use to so now im faced with going back to the streets for money its harder than ever now and I dont know what to do I turned to rapping like that would help but its not doin nothing since I have no money to do anything all I can say is keep trying keep going on its not the end of the world good luck as for me I just hope something comes my way soon


Answer #124

I found my job on careerbuilder.com. Its not much pay but it pays the bills. I know how hard it is to get a job being an ex-felon. You have to keep plugging at them and fill out a reaume and put down everything you have done,but leave out prison. I sent my resume to everbody and had a company hire me. I have 2 years to go on parole and this job helps with bills and keeping the p.o. off me. Once you get a job you have to prove to them they made the right choice. Its hard for us and we have to prove ourselves all the time. Good Luck and give that site a chance and see what happens.

Answer #125

Glad this is here, I am getting ready to be criminally found ‘guilty’ and I was wondering if anyone here has tried to got to a felon supported school, for ‘whatever, engineering,motorcycle mechanics and has seen it work all the way through? I just followed other information point and went through the process of information and that is where it lead me.

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to: Dawn and James

I commend you both on your open and honnest approach to the evergrowing problem facing “felons” right now in this country. It is great to hear from you. Thankyou from the bottom of my heart for seeing people for who they are not what they’ve done. I speak for the felons who from their hearts want a good productive life, and a fair shake at it! GOD BLESS YOU THANKYOU!!

Answer #128

I don’t encourge lying, to a just society!!

Being creative is helpful at times. A great man once said…

“Necissity is above all law” Thomas Jefferson

I also have a felony conviction (12 years ago), so I know that there are many times where we don’t get the job based on that (on paper, sometimes I can’t blame them). I want you to remeber something though, you are what you believe yourself to be, I am not A FELON, I have a felony, but I am not a criminal. Who am I? I’ll tell you who I am, I stand up to bullies, I have traveled the country and left the country at times. I have started and sold businesses. I have fought injustices. I have made mistakes. I have morals, principlas, dreams, goals, and dam it PEOPLE LIKE ME. I have something to offer! FUCT keeping your head up – keep your feet moving if you want to get somewhere!

As for the job search, wow, I KNOW!!!…one area that we may be over looking is CREDIT RATING…especially when combine with the conviction history. Now this is a bit of a catch 22, I know - it’s hard to maintain good credit without a decent paying job, but life is just that way and we have to coupe with it, the people who care, rarely can help, so it’s on you to find a way & make it happen. I can tell you first hand, when your credit score is sub 500, you’re in TROUBLE with or w/o a felony even. I reached a 680 at one point and even with felony conviction and a scattered job history, I was able to find good jobs. I’m sub 400 now and the world is very different for me. I won’t say lie about you record to get job (I do). It’s better to have a chance, than no chance. Since everyone is focused on the felon aspect, I’ll spice it up and focus on credit. Here is my sage advice…

  1. Get your free annual reports I believe it’s annualcreditreport.com - you’ll know it’s the wrong site if they ask for credit card info. However, to get the actual SCORE there is a small fee, pay it if you can, if not, do what you can with what you have. Once you have you report you’ll know where you are at & what others see. (sub 400 is DEATH ; sub 500 is trouble ; 580 you MIGHT get a home loan through a motgage broke, you MIGHT get a decent car loan through a credit union ; 620 a mortgage broker will get you a home loan, you can get a car ; 650 and you’ll get store credit cards ; 680 and you MIGHT get a signiture loans for under $10K ; 700 and you are looking good ; 720 the world is almost yours : 760 the bank offers you back massages LOL)

2.You’re online, you may be able to dispute your credit report online depending on what state you’re in. If not, look up credit dispute/verification letters and do it by mail. You will send these to TransUnion, Experian & Equfax. Follow the instruction, give a reason why you dispute the credit report accuracy (ie.this account was never late, ect.) This will usally result in several items being removed = score goes up.

  1. Dispute inquries if/as unathorized. This will often get those removed = score may go up. Very seldom will any creditor bother to verifiy a credit inquire especially one that was declined.

  2. You are allowed to explain poor credit so after everything is removed that can be, get creative (honestly LOL) and explain why you kept those 2 movies, why you hid that car for 2 years and had to use the note money to do it LOL. I’m kidding, don’t get that detailed, but if you were divorced, explain it. You are sharing a “hardship letter” and it may help, and it seldom hurts.

  3. Buy some credit, I mean a secured credit card.Expect to spend about $100 up front and be billedd $275 for a $300 card. This only helps if you are willing to be worthy of good credit, use it wisely. Don’t expect it to be a great deal either, you will be charged high interest and a “through the roof” annual fee. Also increases to your credit line will cost as much or more $$ then you’ll get. You are in fact PAYING for a chance to prove your worthy. It takes 2 years to really show, but 6 months of good history will help and there are other factors as well, that make this important. Keep +65% of your credit line limti, availible, for the best results.

  4. Ok, so you’ve removed what you can and started building some good credit, now it’s time to pay wha’s left. After 7 years whether you pay or not, items should be removed, so start with the newest/cheapest. I mean, if you have a 1 year old debt for $200 and a 6.5 year old debt for $50, pay the $200, the $50 is going to be removed before you pay off everything anyhow - I’d guess - . Now, if you have a 1y $200 and a 3y $50 pay the $50 first, it’s not going anywhere & most times it seems that it doesn’t matter the amount of the debt, just time, so if you have a 1y $20 and a 1y $400, paying the $20 will do as much good as the $400. Ok, with me so far? Next in this step is that when you are paying off things, contact the creditor and negotiate, offer to pay less, say principal. They will often refuse. Be willing to pay the entire debt ONLY IF THEY REMOVE THIS ITEM FROM YOU CREDIT REPORT…get it in writing!! Don’t except “paid in full” or “discharged”, unless you have no choice, it’s almost as bad as just being unpaid. Be polite, even though they’re not, be stern, but don’t start a war. Have a hardship reason and show that you are willing to “make it right”. Don’t be heistant of wishy washy. You have to be realistic so you don’t start giving inchs right away, giv’em before you ever call. You first few calls are practice. Be prepared to give up all your contact info before they even talk to you. In your favor…with all the defualts happening, it’s our market, they are scrathing for pennies and you have an upper hand, even though they won’t say so.

Lastly on this note…do you like it when someone owes you money and doesn’t pay? Me neither…you owe, pay up if you can and don’t borrow what you can’t pay back if possible.

A few more words… +3 applications a day (leave by 10am or sooner and never stop before 2pm) +2 phone calls a day (open the phonebook & start calling & asking if their hiring) +1 Walk-In (if you see a sign in the window, you have a good shot at a job, they are in need. Also, if it’s mom and pops and they like you, they see no need to run a check with a cost of $20-$100+) +1 read a self improvement book a month ()() Never except that “it’s god’s will” your gift is FREE WILL, use it or you deserv e nothing!!

Answer #129

BECOME A ROCKSTAR! Can you sing?? Get a band and sing about your time and what you learned from it…or sex drugs and rock and roll. Whatever floats your boat. It’ll pay off if it works out for you= metaphorically and tangibly.

Let me know your bands name if you do.

Answer #130

to: lauderdalebadass

What kind of work do you do or can you do? I know someone in that area that might hire you. Let me me know back and I’ll try and assist you.

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