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Help my hymen feels thick

please help,I'm 24yrs and a hymen doesnt feel like a thn layer.and its painful anytime I try 2 stick a finger in. Is it normal. please help I'm so worried

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What happens if someone takes 10 pain killers?

I want to know how many pain killer pills can you take you kill urself (I dont want to kill myself, just wondering), and what happens if you take 10?


swisher sweets worse for you then cigarettes?

so I stopped smoking weed. but I liek the taste of swisher sweets. a type of cigar if you dont know. now are they worse for you then cigarettes?


Why does my friend have diarrhea every morning?

my friend has diarrhea every morning. I feel so bad for her, when we have sleepovers shes always running in the bathroom. she's not lactose or allergic to any foods.. and she wants this to be cured by the time we go back to school, in two weeks. what s...


How soon does pregnancy swell your stomach?

Well If I was 1 or 2 wks pregnant could I feel the swelling in my stomach or is it too early to show any signs? Please send me some answers.


Do you know how I could get weed out of my system like really fast?

okay, I smoked like a quarter of weed last saturday (july 26) and today is tuesday (july 28), how do I get weed out of my system really fast, im getting tested for drugs kinda soon (like a month) and please if anyone knows how I can get it out of my sy...


how to get rid of morning eye crust

k every morning I wake up and have eye crust and it wont wipe off unless I peel it completely off which takes 4 ever ny suggestions on how to get rid of it easier?


How can I tell if I have ADD?

A few years ago I realized I've always been hyper. But not only that... When im in class. I cant pay attention. I dont talk to other kids, I just sit there, I have to move, draw, do anything to try and pay attention. But when I get home I yell, im loud...


I have just found out that I am pregnant at 16

I dont talk to my mum...but any suggetions on how to telll my dad...??

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birth control can I still get pregnant if he cums inside?

if im on birth control and he cums inside me, can I still get pregnant?

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why do my boobs hurt

Why do my boobs hurt

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How to stop being so nervous?

Coming up this weekend something very important is happening - I'm attending a grading for martial arts.
I've been a black belt for four years now, & I am now attempting to grad to the next level. However I am VERY nervous about it.

I can spar, do my...


Is eating ice cream or anyting cold bad for your period?

like from what I heard, my mom said that I shouldn't
eat anything cold when I'm on my period because if I d,
it'll hurt my reproductive system and I may not have a child
later and in life if I eat to much of it. I just want to know if its true.


has this happen to you at all

so lately i have been feeling like throwing up and whenever i get to the bathroom it never happens. it will happen randomly and depending on the food. i don't know why this is happening but would like to know if this has happend to you ? . thank you


How soon can you take a pregnancy test?

Hello again everyone, I was just wondering; how soon after your missed period can you take a preg test. Please prompt answers wud b very much appreciated, my period is 5days late, please help


Cant sleep at night

What do you do when you cant sleep at night? Cant have no tv on, cant get on comp or internet and cant have on the lights.

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how much for an abortion?

how much for an abortion?


What should I do if I missed a day of birth control pills?

So i just started a new pack of birth control. I normally take it at 11 45 pm every night but i missed a day and never noticed it says the one i was suppose to was thursday but it is supose to be friday and i lost track of time so its actually saturday...


Why did i start gaining all my lost weight again when school started?

I lost weight over the summer and now im gaining some back..whats up with that??


What is this rash in between my legs from?

rash in between legs it hurts, whats it from?


what happens if you go to sleep while your high of marijuana?

what happens if yu go to sleep while your highh of marijuana? I always wanted to know ?


How do you detox your body?

How do you detox your body?


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