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How to clear blocked ear or severely blocked sinus passage na

How to clear blocked ear or severely blocked sinus passage naturally?


How can I fix my iron deficciency ?

It sounds silly but I got a 18 carot gold ring and rubbed it across my forehead and a black line apearred meaning I have an I ron defficiency. I dont eat red meat and I always feel tired is there anyways I can fix it without going to a doctor ?

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How can I produce breast milk without pregnancy?

How can I produce breastmilk without pregnancy?


Fishy smell after my boyfriend ejaculates inside of me, why?

Has anyone noticed a fishey sort of smell from your vagina after a man ejaculating inside you with no protection? This happens to me, and its most off putting. I know this is the reason for the scent as it always happens with my boyfriend. I just want ...


Why is there a K in EKG?

It stands for electrocardiogram, and there's no K! lol

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Excess flesh hanging out of vigina

Hello, I am in my teens and about 18 months ago a large piece of flesh grew and hung outside my vigina. I was a bit worried at first but just ignored it. It was uncomfortable but I slowly got used to it. It's the same colour as the rest of the inside o...


Shaking fits what do I do?

Hello everyone
This saturday just gone I had a shaking fit and my boyfriend daniel couldnt help me what could it be ?


IQ Test

How can I take a free IQ test online without downloading anything or having to give out my phone number... Also what should my IQ be at 14 for female?


Do any other girls on here have big feet?

I wear a size 9 :D whats your size dont be embarrased come on


What do I do if my muscles hurt a lot?

I can't walk my muscles are pressing on my legs it hurts, because today I ran 2500 meter in a one run I can't walk


Why am I acting like this?

I don't know am I psychotic or something?! I've been acting really weird lately and I know I have been but I don't know why...truth is...I kind of like it. Like I'll read lots of really scary stories right before I go to sleep just because I love the f...


When you go to sleep high, do you wake up high?

If you smoke really strong weed and go to sleep can you wake up high the next day if you only slept like... 4 hours? Or less? Because, I know someone who got high for their first time then came to school all mellow, giggly and zoned out. Could that be ...


is it a bad thing for a 14 year old girl to want to just try and smoke weed. just to see what its like?

not to always do it but to just try it once. if you get what i mean.


How to get over a sinus infection fast?

Okay, I have a sinus infection, had it for about 3 days now, and its really getting to me. Does anybody have any advice on how to get over it fast because I have to take the ACT tomar.


Why do I have these negative thoughts?

im worrying so much I have really bad visions going through my head thinking that really bad things will happen
and im always worrying about everything its been going on 4 about two months im 14 and im just wondering weather im having a mid teens cris...


Is there a way to jumpstart puberty?

im about to turn 15 and i havent gone through puberty. is there any way to jump start this


Why does the smell of my mom's make-up make me feel sick?

I've always had this weird thing.. My mom's make-up, the way it smells to me was fine if I was just giving her a hug or something, but today she put some on my face and the smell made me feel like I was going to be sick O.o Could I be alergic to somthi...


how can I get a bowel movement fast???

I havnt had one in 2 days. my abdomen kind of pertrudes out and I just hate it!!! I need to have one fast, and no I cant go to the store and get anything. what are some at home reliefs? what about saline salution??? I need help, I want to go like tonig...


Can you re-infect yourself with Chlamydia by using an old applicator?

if I was to have had bacterial infection and chlamydia at the same time and the doctor gave me a vaganal gel to use for the BI and pills for the STI and they all where cleared...later that year I got another BI and decided to use the remainder of the g...


when I wake up my breast hurts really bad

Hello I have a question when I wake up in the morning my breast hurts really bad then after awhile they.ll stop hurting. But if I press on them theres still a pain.


can feel a lump just above my nipple and im really worried

I'm only 13 so I dont think I have breast cancer, and it doesnt run in my family.
But I can feel a lump just above my nipple and im really worried.
What could this be ?
Thanks xo


Why do girl get periods?

I dont get why girls have to go throw all this bleeding once a month and boy only have to go throw wet dream once a year I hate it so why duz it only happen to girls


Needle Phobia

Hi. I want to get my ears pierced and I think that they would look good pierced. However, I am afraid. I have a phobia of piercings, needles, shots, etc. Basically anything that pierces the skin. I really believe that this phobia is stupid. When I...


will people bring me to the ER for this?

will people bring you to the emergency room for a panic or anxiety attack? like, im terrified of doctors, but lately I've had like, minor panic attacks from stress. if you faint during a panic attack, or look super pale, or freak out, will they bring y...


How do you get acne off your chest?

How do you get acne off your chest?

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