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There's a bug in my ear

Like,a mosquito,or somehitng.
an I can feel it moving around,and its the weirdest thing I've ever experienced in my life.
how do I get it out?!

I've tried q-tips but they didnt work.



Stds and giving head.

Can you get an std if you give someone head giving head?

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Poision Halloween Candy?

Has any heard about the rumor going around about some chocolate coming from China being bad? I got an email on Myspace about this.

The ones I am talking about are the little round chocolates they kinda look like a large gold coin.


Why do I keep angry so quickly?

Okay, I keep getting super annoyed when I'm around my family and they don't even do anything. I could just sit in the same room as them and I'm annoyed, someone in my family could look at me and I feel like yelling at them. Is that even normal??


Can I control what I say or do with him when I'm drunk?

Cause i don't want to start telling him embarrassing stuff.. Like do people usually have control still of what they do? and would you remember it? not wasted. just drunk? because i usually only get to the point of a buzz. Im always worrying about other...


How do I control my hormones lol?

When it's ''that time of the month''.. I get REALLY moody.
I can't help it, I get annoyed very quickly and snap at every little thing.
My friend put an alarm on his calendar in his phone so he knows when the time's coming! That's how bad it is.


Controlling farts

Im a lil embarassed but l8tly I been having bad gas
(silent but deadly) a lot
Can sum one give me a home remedy or sumthing that can help this problem?
Like seriously this is not a joke
I need sum help lol


How to stop being angry?

how can I become clam and stop being angry? I am a only child and it gets lonely sometime plus I have something like chonic anger and I wanted to know what are somethings that I can do to make my situation better?


What age will I be able to notice and control my ADD?

I am 13 and I have ADHD and ADD and very bad anger problems. So I get angry really often then I either swear or punch someone. So if someone makes me mad they better say sorry fast for they are in trouble so, What age will I be able to notice that I ne...


How to get ecstacy out of your system?

I will be taking a drug test soon and I am really worried because I took extacy and valiums and weed about two weeks ago. I want to know how to get my system clean and pass the test. How long does the drugs stay in my system? For the past two days I ha...


Why am I always sad or angry?

I don't understand why I am always sad or angry. It does not make sense, I got a nice girlfriend (she goes to my school, so people that have read my posts, calm down, not doing the long distance thing again), I quit drugs, and I am going back to Franc...


period/birth control helppp

Okay so I started taking birth control October 29th, and its now November 10th, and I've been on my period ever since I started taking it. So I've been on it for over two weeks now. My question is, is that normal for just starting birth control or shou...


What controls our balance to stay up standing straight?

Some people say our ears, some say if we loose our fat toes we can't balance??


What is this lump above my left nipple ?

I think I've asked this question before, but I keep worrying.
im 13 and I have this hard lump right above my left nipple, and right now its kind of big and hard. I think it grows and get harder when im near my period, but im not sure if this is breast...


Clear like jelly.???

Ok I went to the bathroom to pee lmao. But when I did it was clear like I did nothing.?? So when I look down I seen this clear like thick stuff.?? Whut is that.!?

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Clear jelly discharge came out my part

ok sorry if this is nasty but this morning I went to the bathroom to pee and some Clear jelly discharge came out my part lol it was nasty Could that mean I am ovulating? whats ovulating means?? im just 17
and I know im not pregnant I had my period la...

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Controlled Hatred

Is it considered "normal" to think of killing those around you?


Birth Control Overdose

My little sister just got rushed to the hospital. She took a full month of birth control pills. Can she die?

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How to stop my life from getting out of control?

I nneeddd help!!cutting myself..depression..anerxia...failing school...

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What does out of control mean?

what do you mean abot out of control?


is there any disease that increases one's appetite ?

is there any disease that increases one's appetite ?


What if my armpit hair is uneven?

I am 14 in the middle of puberty all I have left are things still have to grow and I am starting to get taller vertickly
I have more hair in my left armpit than my left and there is a big difference
I am a male


When is the best time to use hand sanitizer?

That Hand Sanitizer is not as good as we think it is.

I use it after the toilet or after playing video games or handleing cash or when i go out and wanna eat with my hands.

but when i am at home i use soap and water

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