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Why do I get pain in my teeth when I breathe through my nose?

It's so strange XP I guess I have a cavity ? It's in my gums too ... It's in my two front bottom teeth (i think haha.) . Soo what could it be ? I won't be able to go to a dentist for awhile because we don't have a dental plan. It's kinda annoying. And ...


Homemade hard casts for broken bones!

Does anyone knowhoe to make homemade hard casts that won't come off, like the kind they give you when you break a bone? Cause recently I broke my wrist and I don't want to have to pay to get one if I can figure out how to make one..PLEASE HELP

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do bbb pills work

do bbb pills work

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Am I too skinny at 5'6'' and 110lbs?

I am 18 years old. I'm 5'6 and I weigh 110lbs. Do you think I am too skinny? Do I need to put on some weight? Everyone says I am too skinny but I'm not sure anymore.


how come when I insert my tampon it doesnt go up straight?

when I insert a tampon it doesnt go up sraight, I goes to the left. I have tried to push it up straight but it wont it can only go to the left, it doesnt hurt or feel uncomfortable when it is to the left but it hurts when I try to push it straight. is ...


Why can't I focus my eyes in the morning?

This only happens when I wake up in the morning. I have trouble seeing/focusing my eyes, especially the left eye. One time I could not open my left eye and when I did I could not see until I rubbed it.


Is it bad to bleed after this?

Is it bad for you to bleed after your Boyfreind fingers you? Even if its like the 100th time he has...


How can I clear my head of stress?

ok im so confused i love my boyfriend cut my ex is trying 2 make me jelous and its kinda working, school is just crazy 4 me because almost everyone hates me besides like 5 friends and my boyfriend how can i clear my head from the school stress and my ex?


How do you get over muscle stiffness?

My wife and I moved this weekend, and my muscles hurt. Everywhere. Is there anything I can do to speed the recovery, as I feel really stiff from lifting boxes, furniture, computers...etc. Is it as simple as "drink water and stretch?" or is there someth...


Do loud earphones damage your ears?

Even though its kinda normal for you?


Which foods make you fart?

This sounds creepy and disgusting, but I need to know which foods make you fart? And what can you do to prevent it? And which foods do not make you fart.?



How can I prevent having stomach ache ?

Hello. I have a really huge problem recently. That is, morning if I eat breakfast, I'll have stomach ache. From young till now, I dont have the habit to do my business in the morning. This is simply due to lack of time in the morning. I think if I use ...


Why do we have our period?

kay, well I know that basic that women have their periods to have a baby and it goes on but is the overies blood the blood that was supposed to be the baby's or what?
And is the blood like regular blood or different?
Because it seems nastier.



No period and I'm 13

I am 13 and I havnt had a period yet will I be ok and am I normal?


Breast Milk without a baby?

I have no any baby but i have milk in my breast what is is happing possible ????

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I want to produce breast milk

I have 46years, I hava an ambition to produce breast milk, how I get it


How many pints of breast milk can a woman produce?

How many pints of breast milk can a woman produce in 24 hours, when she is lactating?

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cant sleep at night im addicted to the computer?

I cant sleep at night im addicted to the computer when im bored
I mean its 5:00 am in the mornin now and I havent been asleep yet :(
what do you thinks wrong with me



I feel like I'm turning into a robot or something... For three years I've been completely emotionless...not caring...just breathing...I'm not depressed or anything, its just I can't feel your normal emotions, like love, joy, sadness, pain...ect. I'm li...


Is shyness a genetic disease?

Is it passed down genetically


How can I produce breast milk without pregnancy?

How can I produce breastmilk without pregnancy?


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