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How to survive a breakup

Getting over someone is hard. You've been dumped and the world is about to come to an end. Shorten the process and move on with your life with this free guide from Funadvice.


Is it true that sperm dies once it hits the air?

Is it true that sperm dies once it hits the air?


Grape nuts gas

Does 5 servings of grape nuts cause really bad gas??


Does brown discharge mean I'm pregnant?

I had my period June 3rd and had fertile discharge June 17th, so guessing that my fertile week. June 27th, i had brown discharge for half a day and then nothing so far 2 days later. Is this implantation? Im trying to conceive. Am due for period around ...


do you get headaches while being pregnant?

So Me and my boyfriend think im pregnant, I have every symptom except I get lots of headaches almost every night I get one. At first I thought it was from smoking to much but then even when I did not have any I still got the headaches. So is it normal ...


What is this called in English (read please)?

I know the name for this in my language but don't know what it's called in English.
When i'm sleeping sometimes it feels like i'm awake and sense stuff around me and hear stuff it's kind like i'm hallucinating. When i try to wake up i Can't; i try ge...


How does weed make you feel?

How does weed make you feel?


No toilet paper

Ok, so one of my stupid friends asked this..has any one acutally done it? Have you ever went to go "#2" and right in the middle you relized you didnt have any toilet paper so you stuck your finger up your butt to push it back in. Gross I


whats a histerectomny, need help

im not the smartest person int the world so ya, my girl says she cant get pregnet, is that true si so forget tne condums,lol, but ya I could us some help any one??


Keep going to the toilet a lot!

Hi I am a female and 14. Last year I had a water infection and kidney infection. That all got cleared and now I keep going to the toilet a lot. 2 weeks ago I visited my doctor. Did a water sample and that got sent off to the hospital to be checked. Las...


Why am I still jumpy and nervous after my shroom trip?

I took an eighth of shrooms the other night by myself but I was with a few friends and they knew. I've taken shrooms at least a dozen times so this isnt my first time. Everthing was going fine and I had complete control. I was able to turn my trips on...


How long after taking antibiotics can I drink?

How long do I havta wait after im finished my whole course of antibiotics to drink? I couldnt drink while on them but im nearly finished and want to know how long I have to wait? Can I drink the day after?


Why am I sweating so much?

im sweatin a lot, I tried everyyything, but couldnt help, I went 2 Dr, but stupid Dr said thats natural and he cant help,
what should I do :(((, im gettin crazy I cant wear colorful clothes, I neeed helllp :(((


can I scare myself into having the signs of pregnancy?

can I scare myself into having the signs of pregnancy? kinda like scaring yourself sick?


birth control can I still get pregnant if he cums inside?

if im on birth control and he cums inside me, can I still get pregnant?

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Getting High Off Pixie Stix?

Okay, I just saw tis quiz that I was taking and it was liek have you ever gotten high off of pixi stix??/
Can that even happen???OMG

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Does garlic cause insomnia?

What are your experiences with garlic? Has it helped you sleep? Has it caused you to lose sleep? I was reading that it has a reputation for doing both. If I want to sleep better, should I stop eating garlic...or should I eat it to sleep better?



How do babies breathe in the womb?

Aren't they swimming in like a jelly type thing the whole time they're in there? How do they get air?


How many people don't drink or smoke?

Sometimes when I am around my friends I think I must be the only person who doesn't drink or smoke. I've never had the urge to smoke...ever.

I have however tried drinks before, but I just do not like the alcohol taste. Which is fine by me the...


How do I make my boyfriend come?

He is used to his penis wakin up because he get turned on fast but now it takes longer for him 2 come. She tryed everything like started off slow n getin faster or doing the back while rubbin his balls & dick . She said she would come before he would a...


Does having a yeast infection mean that I'm pregnant?

2 days ago on friday night I had s*ex with my boyfriend and the 3rd time we didnt have a condom but he pulled out. but I know you can get pregnant from pre-c*um and now I am really worried especially because I ovulated the day before, what are the chan...


Is it normal to get your period while pregnant?

I was wondering when your prego is it normal to still get your period I was just wondering

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Will dehydration hurt a person in a day or two?

I would like to know will dehydration endanger a person`s life within 24 to 48-hours?


Are there any quick ways to detoxify yourself of THC?

Hi People! got to a question, probably a stupid one but hey. I need some advice on passing a pee test, I smoke reefer everyday, several times a day, it's like a daily religion to me. But anyway, I just got a call for an unexpected job and would like fo...


Does milk in my breasts mean I'm pregnant?

I noticed milk in my breasts, could I be pregnant?

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