Do you think I should have a kid?

ok im 14 and want a baby and I know its crazy but I see my 10 month old nephew and its just like I dk how to explain it and I really want one and I know how to take care of babys because I take care of my nephew so do you think I should have a kid?

Answer #1

I think its easier to want a baby when its not yours. There are a lot of things “behind the curtains” that you dont see, the constant crying in the middle of the night, the nausea during pregnancy, the thousands of dollars that have to be put into the care of a baby of your own. I think the best advice that I could give you is maybe start baby sitting. You have plenty of time to have kids in the future when you are older and more mentally and financially stable. I think having a childhood yourself will help you with your baby in the future. I never understood when people told me to enjoy my childhood because I would never get it back, but after years of no understanding, getting married, buying a house, and getting pregnant I’ve finally figured out what they meant. Dont grow up too soon because you will regret it later.

Answer #2

I say no. I dun think you would have 100% or at least 80% that you will be able to take care of the baby financially. You might have a money for milk and medical purposes for the baby but someday these things might be lost. One thing is that you have no job yet and where are you going to get money. IF ever you would say that you will get it from the boy, how about you. You still have to go to school in order to have a better life…

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I think you should wait tell your in your 20’s to have a kid because having a kid at 14 is alot of work and money because you would have to buy food , clothes, and alot of other things to take care of a baby ..

Answer #4

HECK NO. WAY TOO YOUNG. 22 or 23 would be acceptable. otherwise u will get the rep. as a slut.

Answer #5

no u should wait untill u can get better money and u know u can take care f it

Answer #6

no becuz its hard trust me.i have two of them. don’t runie ur life…i not saying that i runied my life but just take this advised and hold it…

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I have a niece and I love her to death. She is so much fun. But I’ve also seen the other side of her b/c I babysit a lot. They aren’t all fun and games. Being 14, your body isn’t ready for it and your mind/maturity level isn’t either. My advice, enjoy your nephew and watch him grow. If you can take care of him as he grows, you will be better prepared in the future.

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Oh god i almost got pregnant a couple weeks ago n i was soo scared that my parents would find out n it was the scariest thing in the world to me trust me dont have a baby wen ur 14!

Answer #9

No Dont have a kid now..your too young and you should live your life..your not gonna be young forever..So ENJOY YOUR YOUTH AND DONT TAKE IT FOR GRANTED..i hope you take all this advise in to consideration! good luck! and god bless!

Answer #10

NO WAY! You have your whole life ahead of you. What about college and a career? When you’re 16 you could be stuck at home while all your friends are at the party of the year. You should atleast wait until you have a stable career and maybe even a husband (instead of just a boyfriend). Besides, until that time comes you still have your nephew. :]

But it ‘is’ your decision, and if you really really want a baby (that you know you’ll take care of no matter what) and have your parents support, go ahead.

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im 15 and pregnant with my second baby (by another boy)and if i could turn back time i would i dont know what i was thinking i was a stupid teenager too young for a baby i couldnt cope and i was in labour for 41 hours because my body was not physically rwady for that much pain so wait til your about 20 so when your like 18 you can go clubbing and stuff just so you can have fun i cant do that til im about 25.

Answer #12

just because u see a little precuious baby u should want to have a desire to have one but there pleny of responsibilites for that baby i think u should. have another reason for having a baby so hope my advice helped u. bye now

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I know exactly how you feel i have always loved being around kids and have wanted one since i can remember. But seriously you are 14. it is so hard i just recently moved out and i have a steady job im an assistant manager at a sonic. and just me living by myself i can barely make it i watch my friend who is 18’s little boy all the time and try and help her out as much as she can but she can barely make it. and she is 18! so it will be the hardest thing you have ever done. SO dont do it.

Answer #14

omg hun u are way too young to have a kid. beside all that that was already said about yoyr life literally turning upside down. u have to think about yourself medically. the younger u are the more of a chance that there will be complications with the pregancy. You can die form childbirth or pregnacy. Being only 14 puts u at a high risk for all of that. believe me there will be plenty of time in your life for childern right now you need experiance life and just have fun being a teenager i miss being in high school life was easy and a little less complicated. i suggest u wait untill your out of collage or university and are on your feet with a great job then u can go crazy with having babies.

Answer #15

Aw, babies are cute aren’t they? But do you even know the process? You are 14 and not fully developed yet, holding a baby would be stressful and grueling on your body. You woul dhave to give up boys, and friends, and going out to the mall and the movies. You would have no more of school, no more of anything. You won’t have prom night, you won’t have highschool, you won’t be able to pursue your dreams. All because, ti won’t be about you, it will be about that baby. You aren’t old enough to take care of a baby. You don’t have a job, or money, and your parents wouldn’t be too thrilled either. So you can take care of your nephew? Don’t make me laugh! You did NOT bring that child into the world. Babies cost around $500-$1000 dollars a month. They require constant care, and having one just so you can play with it and have it depend on you and make you fel good that you are loved, is SELFISH. If you had a baby, wouldn’t you want to see it grow up, graduate, go to college, fall in love, and get married, and then have children? Imagine how you would feel if your daughter came up to you when she was so young, at 14 years old and asked you if she should have a baby. Does that sounds right to you? NO! When you are 14 you should worry about school and what you want to do with your life. You need to think about the future. You won’t be able to care for this child and give it everything it wants. You won’t be able to have it grow up in a stable home, in a house with a mom and dad, with sports nights and music lessons, trips to the swimming pool and preschool. You are a child and you are so young. You have so much potential to contribute to the world! Girlfriend! There is SO much you could be doing with your life.

I want a baby too, but not now. I want one when I am married, with my University degree, and my career. With my husband whom I have been married to for a few years.And when I have a house that is ready for children. When I am old enough to understand that having a baby isn’t about making me feel better or making me feel responsible or loved.

Wait, it will the best decision you ever make.

Answer #16

I think it’s great that you have such a motherhood instinct at such an early age. I do, however, think you should absolutely wait until you are older for that responsibility. Here are the reasons for doing so: a) 14-year-olds are not fully developed and therefore it would create lots of problems - nursing, birthing, the pregnancy itself and it’s physical demands. b) Money. Most normal 14-year-olds don’t have the fiscal stability to look after the baby, and though your parents would help with that in the beginning, by the time you’re twenty, your kid would be 6, and going into school just as you’re kicking off on your own. c) Very few 14-year-olds have a boyfriend with whom they have a strong enough relationship to make a stable home for a baby. All babies should have a mother and father who are available to look after them at all times, and you should wait until you have found your life partner, the person you want to marry, before making such a life-changing decision. d) School and career. As you can imagine, having a baby at 14 would make for massive issues with schooling. One of my girlfriends in highschool had a baby at 16, which she kept, and it was a nightmare. The poor daughter spent all day in daycare, only seeing her mom at night and in the early morning, because the mother had to work to support her child. e) Having a kid is whole lot of work. I was 12 when my littlest sister was born, and even the small amount of work that got pawned off on me was exhausting. Also, teenage mothers are susceptible to depression, and you can imagine why. Juggling motherhood, school and probably a job as well is a huge feat. f) Imagine having a kid now. Then imagine having a kid when you’ve got a wonderful boyfriend and a paying job. Which baby would be better off?

If you want to look after babies - they are adorable, after all - I would definitely reccommend babysitting. You get to make money doing your favourite thing! See if you can take a babysitting course - it makes it all a lot easier.

Luck and lots of love!

Answer #17

No I dont really think thats a good idea.. I no what its like. But your only 14, If you had a baby naw, you would find it really really hard to deal with. While all your friends are going out clubbing or going to a partie, you carnt, mabe your mum or dad would look after him/her once or twice but you wouldnt be able to reliy on them all the time, And also it wount just be you who will get it hard, it will be your mum and dad, mabe your friends but whatt about the baby? When its older in secondery school, other children may be nasty to it and say “Your mum was a whore!” “Your mums a slag” sounds nasty I no, it could hurt you, but just inmadge how much it will hurt your child! .

Having a baby may make you feel good, but its the whole birth that will hurt you, Your at school! all those things might be called at you!, and the teachers may talk down to you as a stuipd little girl.. I think you should wait till your at least 18, but the best age is in your 20s because then you can finish school and mabe collage or uni.. and get a job and a house.

I no what I’ve said isnt what you were looking for.. you probllii wanted “Yeahh go for it!!”

But its more then just 4 words, its your whole life..

So please think about it ! x lotz ov love immiie x =]

Answer #18

Not yet! Your only 14, at least wait until your 18 or 19. I know it’s along wait, but I you should be done with high school first. If you have a baby, you’ll end up dropping out, and have a terrible education. And thats not good for a baby. Second of all, you need to have a guy who you love and who loves you and will support the baby. A lot of guys would just break up with you as soon as they find out your pregnet. And last of all, your parants will freak out. They might even go crazy and disown you. Just because you see a baby and think it’s so cute, imagine being an aunt of twins who had to live with you for 3 months because of their depressed mother who didn’t want them anymore (but eventually came around). It’s harder than you think. They wake you up in the middle of the night, poop to much, cry to often, and sleep. But its worth it to see their cute smiling faces..almost.. it’s harder work then you can imagine.

Answer #19

hello i can understand you wanting a baby there soo cute and they laugh and smile but on the flip side theres much more to it the feeding , diaper changing, waking up all hours of the night when there sick going to the emergency room because your baby has a fever of 103 its very hard basically you have to put your wants and needs on the back burner cuz now its all about that child it will depend on you till he’she is 18 and evan now days they tend to still want your help its never ending basically im 25 i had my son at 18 i was a young kid my self i thought i was ready but i wasnt it was really hard all my friends were going out , getting new cars having parties wearing hip clothes and i was at home with my son you have to think the guy you have the child with is probibly just a s young as you and alot of them tend to not stick around wgich means you will be alone which is more dfficult hope this helps ..missv

Answer #20

I think you shouldn’t have a child until you are over 20. What kind of life would that baby have? you are way to young. You will regret it if you do have one.

Answer #21

Do not have a baby. The fact that you think you want a baby before you can legally drive a car is beyond me. I have to admit, I am saddened by young teens thinking at ages 13-16 they are ready to become mothers. Do you think that your baby will love you unconditionally and replace the love of someone who maybe did not pay attention you? I believe you are special person and you need to spend some time with yourself figuring out what is great about you. You have things to offer the world that have not been discovered. Learn to love yourself even if there are no adults around you that you have felt loved you. If you can find happiness within, the desire to have a baby now will leave you and then someday, years in the future, you will be a great mother and have some great values to teach your child. You will know that when you do have a baby, you have to hug him/her several times every day and remind them how much you love them and you will be proud of everything they do from the macaroni necklace to graduating college. You will know how to instill positive values and self-worth. You also will have prepared yourself if you have a daughter and she comes to you at 14 and says she wants to have a baby. You could start by telling her, “When I was your age, I thought I was ready to have a baby, too, I decided to wait…” Last thing, being an aunt is completely different from being a mother. I know, I have 5 children, 3 nephews and 1 niece. I had all of my children years after high school and I was married.

Answer #22

A kid having a kid? Haha. I’m sure all these guys have already opened your eyes with their wonderfully said advice. But, it doesn’t hurt to extend a topic, eh?

You still have many things to learn about life. You have many relationships to run through and many knowledge perking whatnots. You have a LOT ahead of you.

Unless you want your child to come crawling out just to tell you that they TOO want to have a baby when they hit the age of 14.. Think.

If thinking doesn’t help you realise that you’re too young, whack yourself with a frying pan.


Answer #23

Listen you don’t want to have a baby at your age your body won’t handle it i just went through it 8 weeks ago but i got pregnant at 15 and had my daughter at 16 and let me tell you something it’s very painful even if you have pain medicine you can still feel everything and trust me if your boyfriend is staying he wants a baby right now just wait until your pregnant i can at lease tell you he won’t be saying that when you tell him your pregnant the first thing that will go through his head is oh my god can you get an abortion and yes it may make you feel really sad but whatever you do don’t do that i was pregnant once before but i was ready to have sex i was 12 and i was rape and i found out i was pregnant and i had an abortion and i still keep thinking to my self oh my god i kill a baby i ended in life streams and it was just very bad if you do get pregnant and then you figure out that you don’t want to have a baby after all then you can just give your baby to a couple that has tried and tried to have children and just can’t seem to have one of there own you would be making there life’s a lot better and you can also can still be in your baby’s life even if she still has a new family all you have to do is ask the couple if you could see your baby when ever you can but good luck my the right choice


Answer #24

i wasnt ready, mum, why did you have to let me come? to this cruel, heartless earth, i wasnt given the life i deserved faced with shame since my birth, and looks of pity people reserved; for me, and i was made to wonder, what made u commit this blunder.

yes, what you did was bold and stoic a touch of bravery, flavour of heroic but did you ever wonder once, what happens after the nine months? i just want to say this, mum it wasnt my time to come…

i hoped for a life well protected and got something unexpected and u wonder why i feel dejected? my life has been so far as such its pain to which i’ve been subjected and my happiness, my life neglected.

you think u’d been sad if i hadnt been? well, i’m glad u had me, now at least we are together, partners in grief, and its ok mum, we all make mistakes only i hope, my heart would’nt so ache… when i look at a normal kid, eyes bright, smiling, and wonder what i did

and then i know, mum, what it is… you shouldnt have had me, mother apart from your life…you’ve ruined another.

now this one is writen down by my bf..n not that he is or i m against having baby n not that i dnt know how it feels like having a baby but sweety u urself is a kid…u’l ruin urs as well as ur kid’s life …sweetheart this isnt a toy u can thro away once you are thru with it…this is a very sensitive matter t includes u as well as ur health …if u wont be healthy how wud u take care of ur baby… god bless ya

Answer #25

I dont think you should have a baby ay first it sounds good and it feels good when you taking care of somebody eles baby I think you are to young to have a baby you should be having your head and books and thinking bout having a baby when you get older and find that right one and have a job and education so you can your baby every thing he or she needs

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Answer #27

having a baby is a big responsibility! do you have any means of supporting the baby after you have it (not including your parents’ help)? you need to finish school first & at least a year or two of college under your belt before you make a life changing decision like this ..

Answer #28

look shawty u 14 and want a kid?? me im 15 and i got a 1 yr old and its hard as hell trying to support him i love him to death but sometimes i kinda wish i woulda waited plus you only 14 you cant work to support him

Answer #29

see im the same way im 15 and I love babys so much! I plan on having one when im 17 when I know my boyfriend has a job and a house to support it! I’ve almost been dateing my boyfriend for a year now and he loves me to death he would do anthing for me! thats what you need if you wanna have a baby! so wait a lil bit!


Answer #30

Your still a baby yourself. I’m 14, and I know everyone matures at different stages, but there is no way I would be ready for that sort of commitment. What about having a baby when your older with some one that you want to spend the rest of your life with :) xx

Answer #31

well alot depends on whether you should have one will you beable to support it will your parents dis own you will y ou beable to handle the stress of a mother and the stress of dealing with the other kids and rumors.

Answer #32

I honestly haven’t read through these answers, so I dont know if I will be repeating what other people have already told you to do lol.

I dont think you should have a baby at your age, I’m not much older than you but there is no way in hell I’ll be able to raise a child at my age. Having a kid is supposed to be about love with another person you want to share the rest of your life with. I mean sure people are having children before they are married, and even before they turn 16 or 17 too. But those teenagers - no matter how ready they think they are, are not.

The best idea for you right now is to do the best you can with helping to raise your nephew, and if they day comes where you know you’ve found some guy you know you can have in your life for the rest of your life, then I think having a baby in a FEW years would be best for you.

xo lauren.

Answer #33

Sweetheart! You have a whole lifetime ahead of you, to have all the babies you want! Now is Not the time! You are way too young, you cannot support yourself or a baby! Right now, you should be going out with your friends, enjoying your youth and having fun. You are only young once, and once that’s gone, there is no getting it back. In order to have a baby, you have to be financially responsible, a responsible adult, and your whole life, is going to be dedicated to that baby. You will not be able to go out with your friends, or do the things that you are doing now, or that you really want to do, because you are going to have to give all your time to the baby. Please don’t make a serious mistake and get pregnant now. Wait until you are older and ready!

Answer #34

well girl am 14 making 15 and i know how u feel me andmy bf want a baby too but we have school we think about that we ready to give up the friends they no good but school nah we got 2 more years aand we gonna wait but baby girl its ur life you got to know what u want and no one can make thatdisicion for you and ur momie and dady can show u the right way but its up to you to be on the right lane and getting pregante does not include in this thing about ur perents and the baby dady not only about ur self think about what the doing for you and stop thinking of ya self it will be hard my sis is 25 and its hard for her baby always sick so just imagin that boo and think before u make ur choice:D

Answer #35

HELL NO! you say you look at your nefew and you take care of him, well he isnt your kid, there is SO much more responsibility to taking care of a child, a baby. having a baby this young would be the worst mistake in my opinion because you dont want to be TIED DOWN for another 18 years! you wont be able to go out and have fun with your friends because you have a baby at home. i mean you can always go out but it wont be the same! all your friends and peers will be going to parties, having the best times of their lifes and your taking CARE of a BABy! wait til after you start your life, for real. a baby is another life, another soul and at 14, with no career, no house of your own, not much education- not a good start to your life !

Answer #36

Babies are very cute, but you have the rest of your life to have one! Wait until you are older and meet a guy who is perfect to help you raise a family. I am 15 and really mature, and I know I am not ready to have a child, which leads me to belive you arent either. You really need to look at how having a kid could effect the rest of your life. What will your life be like if you have one versus if you dont? Think about the difference in the childs life…are you really going to give that child a good life at 14 versus 30?It sounds pretty selfish of you to me. think about yourself, but also your family and the baby.

Answer #37

for me to answer that would be no your way to young & have your whole life a head off you for now id b thinking about school & maybe boyfriendss believe me its hard work my sister is 16 & has a child & she really gets stressed a lot you cant interact with your friends & what do you no you cant go back to school unless your parents will take charge never mind that what would your parents say but its all in your hands chickenn totally up to you big decision & change to your life (: good luck

Answer #38

Hello, NO you should not have a baby!Cause, you got to SQUEZE it through that small tiny hole of yours,and it will hurt,and your cherry may pop and hurt even more.Here’s a little story. My mother and father were in bed on day, they had s*x until the next day. My mother sat there, weezing and coughing, it’s too much work for them.

CAN’T you see, doing all this work is going to hurt you. I hear 98/100 kids have died by doing this. And you DON’T want to be one of them, do you?So. I hoped this helps.

PEACE OUT! Sweetancute4

Answer #39

In my opinion you are a bit young. If you have a child at your age it will destroy part of your life. You won’t have time for school and you won’t be able to go out and chat with friends. You will have to pay for medical and clothing along with food unless someone will give you money. As said before there is a chance you could die in childbrith. Wait a few years and once you get a job and sturdy feet under you then you might want to consider a baby. You have to come and realize that babys aren’t all fun. When they grow you have to deal with attitudes and then what if you have a girl and they want a child at 13. I am not saying that you can not have a child at your age but you should really think about it.

Answer #40

You definatley should be having fun right now…but i am 15 and me and my boyfriend want to have a baby too…but the thing is, is its really hard work and you dont want to bring a baby into the world if it is going to have a shitty life…but if you think that you can do it, Go for it…but if you “make your own bed, you gotta lie in it” always remember that!!! I hope this helps!…Good luck hunnie!:)

Answer #41

Hey, i’m 15 and i know what your going through. I really want a baby too but i know that if i do thats going to be the end of my education. So i would really advise you to wait. I’m going to wait until im at least 20. If you decide to have a kid now just think of all the pressure you’ll be putting your parents under, think of all the expenses you’ll have to pay and without good education you wont be able to get a good job to provide for your baby plus you could go to court for having sex under the age of 16! So i would strongly advise you to wait. I think about having a baby every day but i know i’m better off waiting.

Answer #42

My answer for you is no. You shoudn’t have a baby if you do it will mess your whole life up even if it your first time will just hurt your life.Me i have a 16 year old boyfriend that only want me for My virgin hood and i am not stupid to that . I always knew that but i went out with him becouse he had some intrests in me and he cute but i not going to do with him even if he dumps me. So my point is no you should’nt

Answer #43

I am 14 years old myself and pregnant…It wasnt my choice per say…I was takeing the pil but one week i was unable to buy it but me and my boyfriend didnt think I could ever get pregnant but I did…Now we are haveing dificulty with telling my family, me geting a job because no one will hire a 14 year old and being pregnant also makes people turn me down…& the worst part about it is im going to have to take a cyber school because Im not going to beable to go to school and be sick and everything…Wait until your older…Trust me you dont wanna yhave to go throught this

Answer #44

NO DON”T HAVE A BABY. You’re 14! Its probably a stage and you will grow out of it. Babies are a lot of work. Wait till you find a man that is willing to marry you and provide for you. Otherwise you may end up a single mom taking care of your baby yourself. Men at this age tend to be scared and run away from their responsibilities. Would you want your baby to live without a dad? Ultimately its your decision but I am 21 and don’t want that responsibility yet untill I am married to the man I love.

Answer #45

I dont think that it is a good idea. because u r only 14!! having a baby is hard work. i remember my mom telling when i was born she was 24 and she thought she was in hell. so if my mom couldnt do it can u? i dont think so. remember do not have a baby!! wait till ur married and ur an adult!! ok? do not have a baby!! im warning u!! plz take my advice into consideration.

Answer #46

Of course you should not have a baby, don’t be selfish. There is no way you can care for a baby at your age. Caring for a baby means more than feeding it and changing diapers. You have to have money first. You need money for clothes and food. This baby won’t be a baby forever. Can you afford to send a child to college? Do you have health insurance? Do you have your own place to stay? Do you have a job that will offer maternity leave? Do you have a partner that will cover some of the work? Are you finished with college?

I highly doubt it. So that means that you cannot even come close to giving a baby everything it needs and deserves, and if you had a baby right now it would just be out of selfishness. Think about the baby and wait until you can give it what it needs.

Answer #47

NO> !!! ok, you are only 14, you have plenty of years ahead of you to have a child. if you like babies that much, babysit as much as possible.

your not even at a good age to have sex. and your Not old enough to Get a Job. or Drive. or get Married.

Answer #48

You need to screw your head on straight, and grow up. If your seriously considering having a baby at the age of 14, that shows that you are already predisposed to make terrible decisions and you are in for a life of hard knocks. look at some of these answers posted by people who are your age. they also say they want children and they can barely spell. Grow up first. Good luck.

Answer #49

I might be pregnant and it is probably the most amazing thing i have ever felt. It is really getting irritating to here people saying so muchabout teen pregnancy. DONT LISTEN TO THEM! It is your life, not theirs. Its your body, not theirs. So if you want it. Go for it. I wish you the best of luck! Don’t listen to these people. Listen to your heart. Goodluckk!

Answer #50

if you get pregnant at such a young age think of all the things youll miss out on! all your youth will be taken by this baby you wont be able to party and do all the normal stuff teenagers do! and how would your parents react? would they take care of the baby while you at school? if not, how would you graduate and do secondary education, if your thinking of that? where would you get the money to support this child? you dont realize how serious it is to bring a child into this world it is a HUGE HUGE HUGE responsibility!! until you can support yourself on your own, you shouldnt consider having a baby

Answer #51

Trust me, you don’t want a baby. Sometimes they’re fun to be around and take care of, but ur not there 24/7.

Answer #52

Better You should give more attention towards your study.

Answer #53

yer well I think you shouled do what you want and I dont think 14 is too young and I dont think its crazy lol just do what you want its youre life which obviously is have a baby if you think it will make you happy do it and you wont be being selfish its a free country and also I think having a child is the best gift you can ever give bringing another life into this world is a beautiful thing and even if my mother neglected me through my childhood I wouled still so greatfull to be alive and what im, trying to say here is that I wouled still be really really lucky to be alive and really happy and greatfull to be alive .. and there are people that are saying that having a baby at a young age will wreck youre life and if you really want this baby how can it wreck youre life and youre family can help you with money I dont think you have anything to worry about and youre parents will always be by youre side to help you and to comfort you and if things get abit on top of you you will have family to help get you trough it . and it really gets on my nerves people saying ..youre too young girl blady blady blaa some peple say wait till youre married its just one of them things that really make me think who has been convincing these people and if you have a baby you can still have fun you can leave it with family or something once and a while to party and s**t and do you know why people dont think people shouled have kids under the age of 21 or sommert changing youre ideas because the goverment is controling you telling you whats right from wrong he goverment trying to tell you what to do on the tv radio internet and then people get convinced and then they try to convince other people ect and it just becomes normal for them and the only real reason why people dont think you shouled have a kid here becz I think is otherpeople convincing them and thats why the govorment are trying to convince you because they want to get as much work out of you as they can an all that rubbish and people are saying that changing a baby and feeding a baby waking up at night and putting up with its crying is a bad thing well thats what comes with a baby but personaly I wouldand think of it as a bad thing I wouled think of it as what goes along with looking after a baby and what all of the ancesters before us did and its sort of built in to us I woulecd think of it as quite a fun thing to do .. looking after youre own baby and youve heard a lot teen mothers saying they wouldant change anything for the world when you think about it its quite a big thing ti say so just think how happy they are they wouldant change anything for the world …changing it feeding it laughing with it going to fun places with it having picknicks with it in the sun having something of youre own and caring for something of youre own and there sooo cute its just a beautifull thing and people are saying youre body isnt ready for a baby and do you think if youre body werent ready for it wouled you be having periods and its not exactly like youre going to die well there is a chance but not very high and just think about what happend in the past about 700 years ago people were having kids in there teens then and some people here are saying that youre not mature enough how are they supposed to know if youre mature enough or not to look after a baby and people are saying dont do it because youre still going school do you think work is everything ..really .no its not sometimes work can be harder than looking after a baby working in gd knows wt and it couled turn out to be a job that you completely diddnt want and then you are stuck with that job for gd knows how long and even if you diddnt have this baby you might not even work when youre older anyway and if you wait till you get a hubby you wont be able to work then anyway so if you want to work when youreolder when are you going to have a baby lol at atleast having a baby you know what youre in for thats if youre not thinking about a certain job right now people are saying wait till youre financially stable well you can have help from youre family till you are actually financially stable by the way im really tyred and I have been typing fast so you might find a few spelling errors and when am actually taking my time im quite a good speller mabe full stops wouled help lol sos bout that just so tyred and wanted 2 get ma word out well at the end of the day its up to you isnt it well I recomend taking my advice hope it all works out the way you want it .good luck .bbe

Answer #54

you really shouldn’t even consider getting pregnant until you’re about 18. that is the legal age to live on your own in most states.

Answer #55

You would be a baby having a baby - First, get an education, be financially independent, and marry well, and establish a solid, Loving Family..the choices you make in life all come with consequences..please make Good choices !

Answer #56


Well yur saying dat yooh want a baby. And dat yooh can ake care of one cause yooh can take care of yur nephew but do yooh wanna wake up just to change and feed da baby in da middle of da night. Do yooh wanna spend money on yurself or on da baby? Do yooh wanna be spending yur childhood watching a baby or wit frends. Trust me here, i have two younger siblings i had to spend my time watching them since i was 10. i couldnt spend time wit my frends as much. so just think twice about this

I hope ive helped yooh out!

Answer #57

you need to wait till you can support a baby you dont just have to know how to take care of one you need a lot of other stuff I really wouldnt know butg trust me wait!!

Answer #58

Listen its normal for you to actually want a baby but your only 14. You need to relize that if you have a baby at 14 you may not be able to finish school. you could get kicked out. and it cost a lot of money to raise a baby. it will cut into your social life, you wont be able to go anywhere with friends for a while

I suggest that you dont have a baby and wait til your older

Answer #59

Sweetheart! You have a whole lifetime ahead of you, to have all the babies you want! Now is Not the time! You are way too young, you cannot support yourself or a baby! Right now, you should be going out with your friends, enjoying your youth and having fun. You are only young once, and once that’s gone, there is no getting it back. In order to have a baby, you have to be financially responsible, a responsible adult, and your whole life, is going to be dedicated to that baby. You will not be able to go out with your friends, or do the things that you are doing now, or that you really want to do, because you are going to have to give all your time to the baby. Please don’t make a serious mistake and get pregnant now. Wait until you are older and ready!

Answer #60

Thats a bad idea. your too young and probably will regret it your young and shouldnt have to worry about kids. live your life,party do things you want to do befor you start having kids. (:

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