How can I dye brown hair blonde?

I really, really want to get extensions and dye my hair blonde, is there any ways to keep my hair at least somewhat healthy???please help

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Well, I have to say, dying my hair blonde was the hardest and most stressful thing ever. As you can tell from my photo, I have REALLY dark brown hair, on the verge of black, but I wanted blonde hair for years just never had the guts to do it. I travelled around the world on my own, and left my boyfriend of 2 years behind, and needed to pick myself up and decided to just go for it. I went out and dyed my hair platinum blonde using the home kits, which turned it a light brown. So I was thinking, great, its a start. I then got my sister (who used to be a hairdresser) to bleach it - Bad idea. The bleach burned into my scalp and started making my skin on the back of my neck bleed. I had to wash it of as quick as I could before it done any more damage to my head. To my horror, my hair was left bright orange/red! I wasnt too bothered, I generally have a laid back attitude to doing outragous things. So I left my hair for a few hours to dry, and then decided to bleach it AGAIN. Well, it started burning again and had to wash it off within 10-20 minutes. My hair was still orange, and looked awful. No joke, it literally turned to spaghetti. Touching my hair felt like I was putting my hand into a wet bowl of slimey pasta. The bleach had completely stripped the goodness from my hair, and left me with my hair falling out in clumps. I was starting to think “Oh dear, now what?”, so I left it over night to dry. Well, I woke up in the morning and it STILL was soaking wet. Then I did panic. I rushed down to the hair dressers a.s.a.p, and the hairdresser just laughed and told me I’ll never be able to get it platinum blonde. But, like I usually do, I ignored her and said I’d prove her wrong. She dyed it a goldeny blonde colour to try and take out some of the orange - It didnt really work, but it didnt look AS bad as it was. I left it for a week, and conditioned it like mad EVERY day. My fringe was the worst, it literally stood up straight and refused to even dry properly because it was that dead from the bleach. By the end of the week it started looking better, and my fringe had sorted itself out. I went back to the hairdressers and got them to put a whole lot of Highlights in it, and carried on doing that until I got the right colour I wanted. It’s looking great now! I can’t imagine not being blonde anymore. Its given me so much more confidence!

If you’re thinking about getting it done, I’ll give you a few tips. - Go for it. Its pointless not trying something, you’ll only regret not doing it in the future. Just be careful! Make sure you condition it EVERY day, and leave it in for 20-40 minutes! Once you’ve got some of the condition up, just make sure you condition it at least every week. If your hairs naturally a lighter brown, then it would probably be best just getting highlights and gradually getting it lighter as time goes on. Be careful with red hair. I dyed it red a couple of times, and then went back to brown again, but a few of the red highlights were still in my hair which is why it turned such a vibrant ginger/orange when I bleached it. NEVER bleech it and then give up half way. What’s the point in dying it and ruining the condition of your hair, if you’re not going to follow it through and actually get a finished result? Stick with it! It will get there eventually!

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When I dyed my hair blonde ( I am naturally a very dark brunette). I asked my stylist what I should do and she said to make sure not to use store bought hair bleach, it could dry out my hair horribley. I had to go to her to dye it. It could just be that I have super natural curly hair (which makes it naturally drier) or it is for all hair types.

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I have always wondered why blonds go to all that trouble to dye the roots of their hair dark. mmm

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first off. dont ever bleach your hair - its horrible & you’ll regret it. just go to salon.

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honestly coming from a hair stylist, you cannot trust drug store color/bleach. I would do highlights a little bit at a time and build up the color. the reason why people’s hair turns orange is because you dont know what you are putting in your hair. theres a reason we go to school for hair. theres a lot more that goes into it then picking a color from a box.

  1. the person on the box did not have their hair colored with store bought color.
  2. her hair is usually not the same color as yours so it will not be exact results.
  3. if you absolutely cannot go to a salon, because I know it gets expensive, go to a public beauty supply store, I.e. sally’s beauty supply because at least theirs is almost professional.
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if you have dark brown hair use a transition color such as auburn or light brown CONDITION CONDITION CONDITION they have deep conditiioning treatments at the salon then bleach it. thats what I did.

still dont forget to CONDITION wicked important

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getting blonde highlights will look way better! or chunks…

Answer #8

get it done by a hair dresser. their dye is better for your hair. deep condition a lot, too. go to cvs and look for deep conditioners to use. I dyed my hair 4 times in the past year and finally stuck with brown hair & blonde high lights, and my hair is very very soft because of conditioning.

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condition a day before you do it. then go 2 a salon and tell them what you would like done I am sure they will b able 2 help you out.

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i am not an expert but you will never get brown hair to go a natural blonde colour without damaging it permanently. it also depends what natural tones you have in your hair, if you have a reddy brown colour expect your hair to turn orange! NOT A GOOD IDEA have you concidered highlights, they can be done to compliment your own hair colour. good luck!

Answer #11

getting hair dye

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well okay I started off with brown hair then I had dto keep dying blone and now im black but in order for you to dye your hair from brown t blonde you need to keep dying your hair blonde the color you want it! well I hope my advice help you good luck! :)

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This is hard 2 get rite, so I suggest you let a hairdresser do this! I’ve been dyin my hair all sorts of colors, for years, so I know wot I’m talkin bout! My hair is black at the moment, but I now want mine blonde again! gud luck :)

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you can not dye dark hair to blonde. you need to bleach it. you’re going to need a good conditioner also. if you have weak hair I wouldn’t atempt it because your hair well feel dye and in some cases your hair will feel waxy,

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I went from blonde to brown and I hated it so I dyed it back blonde again and it was really easy! I got my hair to a light brown colour ( you might need to dye it, I didnt I just washed it loaaads to get rid of the dye )then when it was a light brown colour I put some highlights in myself, they went a gingery blonde but it brought my hair to a lighter colour, I waited a few days and washed my hair a few times to tone down the brassyness then used loreal recital preference in lightest blonde to dye it to a blonde colour. its now a really nice blonde with highlighted bits from where I had put the highlights in before. this is probably a reaaallly bad thing to put your hair through but it worked really well and was so much cheaper than a salon, I think as long as you condition your hair loads it won’t get oo damaged.

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being a red head,I HATE IT! if you are in a similar situation and don’t like your own hair colour and don’t want a hole big dramatic change. On a very sunny day try putting lemon juice in your hair. go outside for a while! its great, becuase i have naturally curly hair and the lemon acts as a moose. It will lighten up your hair! trust me!Try doing this everyday for 1 week. U will see the difference. i promise:)

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Years ago when I was taking training to become a beutician, I let one of the students bleach my hair (what a mess). Then years later I kept my hair blonde, I was also a light brown hair color, but I went to an experience beautician. Problem, I had to have it done often because of the roots, and I could not get a permanent only have it cut and bleached. Years later I decided to let it grow off and to my surprise I was grey. The funny part was when my second oldest son told me that if I would let my hair go back to it;s natural color, I would look better. I said sorry son, my hair has not been bleached in years, this is mine natural color now (GREY). ANYWAY IT’S YOUR CHOICE. TAKES A LONG TIME TO GROW OFF.

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3 words of advice if you decide to go blonde- condition, condition, condition! Because it won’t go light in just one application.

I went from black, dyed hair to platinum blonde- but not without consequences. Heavy, daily conditioning followed. And yes, it is possible! It was a gradual change. Patience is important. The first time I bleached my hair using Feria, my hair lightened up to a brown, then I deep-conditioned my tresses and waited for about another week. I bleached my hair again, conditioned it, and it would get lighter. You have to do it in stages. You will see your hair go from red to orange, but dont worry it’s part of the process. It will turn into a high-yellow and then eventually that pale yellow you’re looking for. It took about 2mts in order to complete the transformation to platinum with minimum damage. And to avoid that brassy look, I would apply a toner (L’oreal has an awesome one) after each bleaching.

Dont forget to atleast cut about an inch at your salon to avoid frizzy ends…and get atleast one professional deep conditioning treatment.

If you have straight or fine hair, I’d recommend going to a salon. Since my hair is thick and wavy, it was able to withstand the abuse I put it through.

I would try to hold off on getting extentions until the color has settled in and your happy with it. Because extentions are glued or sewn unto your head, it can damage your hair further. But if you’re really ambitious, I would suggest purchasing ones that are in 1/3 caps or clip ons.

Hope that was helpful and good luck!

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Ok for anyone who has brown hair and wants to be blonde:

I have naturally dark brown hair and have always wanted to go blonde. I decided to take the plunge this past weekend and went to the salon to have it done. I told the girl exactly what I wanted…just a really dirty blonde with some bright highlights. She told me she would have to strip my hair, bleach it, put toner in it, and then highlights. So I believe her and say ok lets do it. BIG MISTAKE. This so called professional wet my hair, mixed the stripper and bleach with shampoo and put it in my hair, then set me under the dryer for 4 hours. She then FINALLY rinsed it out after it was burning the hell out of my head. My hair turned out to be light blonde in some spots and red in others. She then put the toner in for an hour. After she rinsed and styled my hair she turned me around to let me see. I was shocked at what I saw, and of course teared up. My hair was a red/orange color and just plain out UGLY. I guess she saw me tearing up and she was like “oh I cant get your hair any lighter, so your going to have to come back a few times and get highlights.” After ALL that and $270 later she tells me I need highlights to be blonde?? Why didnt she do that to begin with? I was so upset I just paid and left. I got to my car to look at my now extremley ugly and damaged hair and then noticed this BIATCH left hair dye all along my hair line (she covered that up with a side part) all on my ears, on the front of my neck, back of my neck, and even on my arms. WOW what a horrible experience. I went home and immediatley called the salon to talk to the manager, she was just as bad. Was not willing to help me in any way, so I called the corporate office. They are now taking care of it. Well I went today to a different salon to get highlights all over. Thank god I actually got a professional. She told me my hair was so fried that if she put highlights all over my hair would fall off. She did what highlights she could, deep conditioned my hair, told me how to get my hair in better shape, and told me what products to use. Im really upset with my hair now because it is still really red ( and it doesnt go at ALL with my brown eyes and tanned skin) and EXTREMLEY damaged. I cant even brush it without seeing a ton of hair fall off. It gets it knots really easy, and is just a mess. Im going to be deep conditioning my hair EVERYDAY so I can get this nightmare over with as soon as possible.

To you girls that want to do the same, please, please, please, go to a stylist you trust. And you should start out with very fine highlights all over your head. Go about once a month and keep adding the highlights and you will get to where you want to be without this nightmare.

I’ve been doing the deep conditioning she told me too…but does anyone know anything else that I can do to help heal my hair super fast so I can get this mess fixed? Im a bartender and its extremley embarassing to go out in public like this.

Make sure blonde is what you really want. I honestly would go back to brown but I’ve spent so much money so far I might as well wait to see the end result of the blonde.

Good luck!!

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A couple of months ago I decided that I wanted to go from dark brown to blonde. I knew it wouldn’t happen over night and that I had to be patient, so I started off with blonde highlights instead of doing a full head. A few months down the line I really started to get fed up with just having highlights, so I asked my neighbour to bleach my full head. WHAT A MISTAKE THAT WAS! - it turned out awful, my hair was a wreck, it looked in terrible condition and was so not worth the trouble! so my advise would be, DON’T whatever you do bleach you hair at home, deffinatly seek some sort of proffesional advise, it’ll be worth it! :)

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Bleach your hair blonde, If you’ve got highlights in your hair like red, dye all your hair brown and then wait about 2 months and then bleach it blonde Reason is a girl at my school had dark brown hair she put red streaks in and a few months later she bleached it blonde and she had peach hair with orange streaks. :/

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Dye of bleach? if you want it blonde forever id recommend bleaching it, I did that to my beard and ended up having to dye it.

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ive been thinking about dyeing my hair blonde 4 a while now….but i have naturally very dark brown hair….i recently had some blonde hightlights put through my hair but they came out bright orange!!! as u can imagine this wasnt quite the look i was going for!can anyone tell me how i can get my hair blonde without it going orange?? thanx. x x

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ok, if your hair is brown, you should dye it in stages. don’t dye it more then three shades lighter at a time. make sure you get a good brand if you’re dying it at home. after dying your hair, wait a couple days then use a hot oil on your hair. it should work! best of luck, nina

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Wash your a hair and bleach it the day before you dye. The next day use a blonde hair dye. Leave it in for half the time and use the conditioner. DONT USE SHAMPOO! The conditioner is supposed to do two things. One-make your hair shinier and Two-keep it from drying out. The next day when you take a shower use a little bit of shampoo and the same conditioner. Not a whole lot, though. That’s all the advice I’ve got. :) Good Luck with that.

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Bleache it, ;)

Answer #28

I am blonde, however I went through a stage of wanting brown hair, did that and it took me about a month to 2 months to get back to blonde as it is a gradual process and any hair dressers that tells you different is lying. Definately go to a hairdresser who is actually blonde themselves, and has had experience in hair colouring. They will then have a consultation with you and explain that going from brown to blonde is a gradual process, I started with highlights, and yes it will look a caramel colour at first as to full on bleach your hair will damage it and will just turn your hair orange, going blonde damages the hair cuticles therfore you will need to ensure you use a hair mask once a week plus a blonde toner 1-2 times a week. Just understand that you cant go straight from brown to blonde in an instant.

Answer #29

I’ve had my light brown hair highlighted blonde for years. I tried once all over blonde bleach ((BIG MISTAKE!!!) I didnt know the stylist. Its important to stick to one with coloring your hair. I get a full foil with bleach and my hair is blonde for afew months. Being light brown I can get away with not going every 6 weeks. I go more to 8-10weeks,lol.. Easiest way to be blonde is a FULL FOIL HIGHLIGHT, then everyother time you can do a “partial”foil highlight and it saves you money, b/c you really dont need a full everytime. :)

Answer #30

to go blonde you MUST start with high lights and work your way until your hair is coved with them and build up on the colour, depending on how blonde you want to go.AND GO TO THE SALON dont do this at home save up your cash,find a good salon the best one are what people have recomened.this is your hair were talking about, so dont play with it unless you know what your doing,and treatments are a must every week when colouring your hair. please dont listen to all this rubbish about bleaching at home TRUST ME been there done that many years ago dont make the same mistake thats soo many of us do today

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my hairs like platinum blonde and I have naturally dark brown hair. I’ve had it blonde for like 2 years now and I have no problem with it. itsj sut damaged from striahgtening it. jsut buy a deep conditioner when you wash your hair.

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Omg, wow. I’ve heard some incredible stories on here. Alright, so I’m naturally a very dark burnette and I died my hair like a white blond. I didn’t infact go to a stylist’s place for this. I couldn’t trust them enough to lighten my hair like that. (like in that one story. youch) So, I got my step mother to do it for m. She did a great job. infact, she didn’t use bleach because that totally destroys hair, she used lightener. It made my hair soft(er) then bleaching it would.

so I would recommended whn people would like to die thir hair a lighter color, that they should have a trusted friend or relative do it for them so they know thy’ll do it right, or try ahahah.

good luck (:

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Schwartzkopf colour xxl in platinum blonde works on dyed brown hair but dont use it if you have roots because my roots went lighter then the dyed parts! If your hair is all natural (never dyed) then it will go very blonde. Im naturally medium/darkish brown and my roots went almost white blonde, the dyed bits went more of a yellowy blonde. I recomend schwartzkopf dyes. Also, the dyed bits had been dyed about 15 times before so it was a lot of old colours in it. If your hair is any darker then mousy brown I dont think you should dye it blonde because of the hassels of dark roots.

Answer #35

A professional never refers to “dying” your hair only living things die. It is professionally called “Coloring” or “Bleaching” your hair. If you have the right professional your hair will be colored correctly. To find someone like that you find someone who has their hair done correctly and ask for the name of their hairdresser. Simple as that

Answer #36

I have BLACK hair. I BLEACHED my hair professionally to get it blonde so it could be colored. I did it in one sitting. sitting under a heat lamp and letting your hair get fried hurts.

Answer #37

try henna or dyes form the lush shp. both are healthy for ya hair. but I have got to ask why on earth would you want to dye your hair blonde?? yukkk!

Answer #38


I have brown hair . thats kinda dark I guess. and its layered and I dye the layer right at the bottom bright blonde. I do this myself using that “nice ‘n’ easy” hair dye and “ xxl live platinum blonde” hair dye. and it comes out perfect blonde everytime . you just have to be patient, watch you dont have any metal clips in your hair thatll rust and make your hair ginger and condition it more than you shampoo it and lay of the heat products or use them on a low level and it goes all soft and doesnt feel or look damaged:] but the roots are a tad anoying I guess. but yeah aslong as you get good dye. and read all the instructions and read internet things like this you should be mmkay tbh :]

hope that helps some one? lol

Answer #39

I bleached it a couple weeks ago, &; it’s still looking pretty healthy. =) Use the Volume 4O one, so it concentrates less on your hair & stuff. =) I was like hellah scared that my hair would fall off like craaazy !

Answer #40

I would have to say that I have expierence this. The best way to do it is to get it professionaly done. I had.. ah brownish-dark hair and I wanted baby blonde so I asked for baby blonde and it looked wonderful , tell them what you want. It costed me sixty dollars and it was worth it for me.

Answer #41

NOOO ! I read threw most of the answers in there, but I went FROM BLACK TO BLONDE TO BLACK, IT WAS REALLLY HARD TRANSITION, but GET TOO COLOR REMOVERS . && THIS WILL MAKE IT AN ORANGY BLONDE OR BLONDE , than go to sallys and ask for BRASS remover . do that , && than get a dyeing BLONDE kit also, than that would work but its A LONNNG process !

Answer #42

why woould you want to,,, that is reaally stupid. I hate it when people dye their hair to be dumb blondes

Answer #43

you could probably bleach it, but it would completley dry out your should try asking your salonist what the best thing to do is.I got highlights, and im planning on getting more to lighten my hair.eventually, it will probably be all can try that, but it takes time.hope this helped :]

Answer #44

honey why on earth would you want BLONDE hair, I ask this as a concerned citizen! blonde hair is only ok to have if your born w it, its like a disease that stays w you for life, like aids or mono.brown hair is hot and blakc hair is even hotter! girl you dont want blonde hair its monochrome and has no shine to it, theres no contrast with your face and eyes and hair color and it looks dull and plain. be proud you have sexy brown hair, brunnettes are better :)!

Answer #45

You would have to get some really good bleach and conditioner because your hair will dry out other wise, and I suggest trying it on a strand of hair first (Cut a small strand of hair and tape it at the end then use the bleach on it to see how it will turn out) Or if you have the money you could always go to a good salon and get it done there. I mean I dye my friends hair all the time and I always make sure to do a strand test first other wise it wont turn out the way you planed.

Answer #46

Since I couldnt afford to go to a hairdressers to colour my hair, someone suggested I go to a school of hairdressers. They did a great job and was cheap. So I coloured my hair blonde (from a aubourn colour), then I did the roots myself, by going to a beauty supply store. They advised me on the right colour to buy for the roots. I dont use expensive conditioners or shampoos, however I use ones for coloured treated hair, which I buy at Wal-Mart for $1.96 each. I put conditioner in my hair 2x/week and let it sit covered by a shower cap for 1 hour. Then shampoo and rinse as normal. Use leave in conditioners (I make my own, 1part conditioner,to 4 parts water in a spray bottle. My hair is not damaged. However it is very important that conditioning is continuas.

Answer #47

I naturally have brown hair, but I recently dyed it blonde. if I were you, I would go to a professional, because they usually know what they’re doing more then we can, no matter how many instructions you get. and, I would recommend starting with highlights and working your way up to thicker, lighter ones (like I did), so you can get used to the color. also, if you dont want to wait the few months it takes for ^^, I dont recommend doing a single-process on your first time dying it. (thats all one color, usually really light). and, if you’re really impatient, use sun-in! I did it last summer and made my hair a LOT lighter. it was so cool :) hope you have fun with your new hair!!

Answer #48

I had light brownish dirty blonde hair and me and my stupid friend went to the store to buy hair dye because I wanted darker hair. Well we read the chart wrong and my hair turned out black! I looked like a gothic freat and when my roots grew in everyone called me skunk girl. not the best times of my life. it was supposed to be one of those 28 wash dyes but it has been in my hair since august and its february! I tried those at home hair dye strippers. nothing worked. so I went to a profesional and got the dye lifted. it was patchy and there was still black streaks. and she charged me 130$!! I was angry. now im going back every month and getting highlight. I hope its going to be worth all the waiting and money I have put into it! So yes it is possible

Answer #49


Im a brunette and have gone blonde twice. The first time it took a year of highlights to gradually build up to the colour blonde I wanted and I loved it, BUT It was expensive at 90£ a month, so I decided after being blonde for a year to go back to being a brunette because I thought it would be cheaper and less maintanence. Yes it was less maintanence but I hated it and the moment I saw my pale skin with my new dark hair colour I knew I wanted it blonde again!! I think it was a few months later when I started having highlights again, I must of had about 5 sessions, and I was a mid blonde, and I thought to myself, im not paying for these high lights any more, ill just do it myself… big mistake!!

I put a bleching maxi lightener on my hair, I cant remember the brand, but its what superdrug recomended. I put it on my roots, and all over my brown hair and my highlights. My highlights went white and they were totally frazzled, the brown hair went a kind of yellowy orange colour, NOT NICE at all!! My husband wasnt impressed at my new look :S

My hair way in such bad condition I left it for a week and conditioned it big time!!, then I went back to super drug and bought another bottle to see if it would lighten my roots up any more and take them to a nice light blonde, and just in case I also bought a dark ashy blonde, as a back up if it all went wrong again. Well it did go wrong again, very yellow, looked tacky cheap and patchy. I dyed it with the ashy blonde a few hours later, and it looked wishy washy, still orangy, Just not nice.

My lessons learnt, if you want a nice colour, youve gotta pay for it. Dont believe what people say about home dyes working, Im my experience, only the best will do when it comes to something thats on show every day and is such a big part of the way you look. DONT Gamble with your hair

Answer #50

yah so im only fourteen and I had just figured out the lovelyness of what happens when you die your hair brown from blonde , it sucks my hair use to be so beautiful and now I have this hair that goes black at the tips brown at the top , *slightly reddish and then blonde roots . uggghh ! its terrible and I know people just say get your hair stripped but im so terrified its going to go to mush or be a rusty orange =( ahhh I need help please

Answer #51

you have to bleach it first. and if it doesn’t turn out the color you want, you’ll have to tone it. its best to get this done professionlly.

Answer #52

People need to stop sayin “get highlights blah blah” If you want to go blonde then go blonde. I would say bleach it, thats what im doin. There is a chance it will ruin your hair and leave it very dry, but you might aswell take the chance it will be worth it in the end. If you do bleach it, get one that is either 6 or 9% never get 12% that will DEFFO ruin your hair. Also buy a light blonde hair dye at the shop to put on your hair after, because when you bleach it, it strips out everything here is in your hair, which is why it leaves it soo dry. If you bleach it properly, use a good hair dye after and use a leave in conditioner in your hair for about 3 hours it should be okay.

Hope it works :)

Answer #53

I am a teenager. Im Caucasian and African-American. My hair is thick, curly and somewhat long. My natural color was a medium-dark ash brown with red undertones and yellowish low- lites. I wanted to be blonde so I bought over the counter dye which was a dark golden blonde (brassy) My roots and ends got a blonde tint but the rest of my hair stayed the same. After that I died it over 10 tens at home with all different shades of brown. Tried going blonde again in the summer but I looked gross so I died it dark again and than red (which loooked great) and than dark again. AFter that I got extensions glued in.!! They looked awesome but than the glue made a lot of my hair fall out. I have so much hair though so it didnt make a difference to me. After that and then a soft black. Long story short I now have blonde hair. I went to the salon to get a chocalatey color.. the hairdresser told me I needed to bleach it so I was like fine I might as well go blonde… I wanted it light golden blonde and now its a strawberry reddish - honey blonde color.. I cant blame the stylist cause my hair was so many different colors.. im going to go back and have a light ash blonde put it cause of the brassiness

I now know a lot about hair cause of my mistakes so heres my advice… if you want to do it at home yourself for not a lot of money.. YOU dont have to bleach it unless you want it bleach blonde..Natural hair takes best to dyes so make your first shot worth it.. buy loreal preference dye.. that says it is for people with dark hair only.. the shade is light ash brown.. leave it in for way longer than it says (it doesnt damage your hair because the dye stops activating after a while)1 hour or more …

after that deep condition (use a african american product ; it adds more moisture )wet a towel and put it in the microwave then wrap your hair with it while the conditioner is in

wash it good about a week after and condition again !! CONDITION CONDITION CONDITION - I cant say it enough

Another week after that get african american dye such as dark and lovely and get a light shade of blonde that says its a lightener… leave that in for longer than it says also .. about an hour


VOILA! you will probably have a nice shade of blonde hair

the reason why you being a caucausian using african american products is because they are stronger since their peoples pigments are deeper..

GOOD LUCK… wait about a month to get extensions and get them sewn in NOT GLUED!

Answer #54

I do the dark brown hair in winter and bleach blonde in summer- have always done it myself and hd no problems, I also have hair extensions and my hair is in fine condition- you pay for the quality and profesional work.if you will get rows of self glue in hair then your asking for trouble, get them done by a pro and you are fine, schwarskof livecolous- absolute platinum blonde hair dye to bleach your hair back. give it two weeks maybe with two applications and then condition condition condition- v05 hot oil is good as a leave in butobviously you cant treat hair with leave in conditioner with extensions.try and limit how many times you wash your hair so its natural oils come round again to help

Answer #55

you need to get it professionally done but if you dont have the money you can always dye it from a box but only go one or 2 shades lighter at a time. if you go from brown to light blonde you hair WILL turn orange so dye it dark blonde and then keep going if you like it and MAKE SURE to you a deep conditioner that you need to leave in for at least 5 minutes so it wont be dry all the time

Answer #56

My hair has been dyed multiple times, because I have a fairly short attention span when it comes to my hair. At the moment its got several colours on top of each other, though I haven’t used permenant dye in about 7 months and haven’t used any kind of dye in about 5 months, and at the moment its a fairly light brown. I was originally planning on going to a salon to go blonde (because I want to go crazy blonde) but have recently cut most of my once mermaid hair off and think I can do it on my own. I’ve been adding hairlights on a weekly basis by mixing bleach with a tiny bit of semi permanant blue hair dye (this works suprisingly well for taking out any orangey or yellow tones, and doesn’t makes your hair blue unless you add too much) but I’m getting impatient with this. I suspect any day now I will give in to the temptation and blonde my entire head of hair. This is insanity isn’t it? Though otherwise I’m like to get too impatient with this gradual thing and just make all of my hair darky dark brown again, and then regret it in a few months when I feel like being blonde again.

Answer #57

Hey. My natural hair colour is blondey brown, and a while ago my hair was blonde. I got sick of regrowth so I got it dyed professionally at a salon, and it was dark brown with blonde chunks. Now it’s light brown with blonde in it because the colour has faded. I’m getting it dyed blonde tomorrow at hairdressers but I want a natural caramel/ streaky blonde. AH. Im scared it will go orange. Will it go orange from going blond to brunette and now back blonde?! What do you suggest I ask for?

Answer #58

hey all! well i have always had really blonde hair, white bleach blonde! and i love it!recently i decided it would be fun to dye it brown for a while, it looked nice! but i missed being blonde. a few weeks later decided i wanted to dye it back! i used a 30% creme developer and bleach power, left it on for about 35 minutes, then toned my hair with a blonde toner from the supermarket, but because my hair had red tones in the brown it went orange and i used too much toner it had purple streaks through it!! obviously i freaked out a little! anyway i applied a nice and easy ‘light natural ash blonde’ colour over the top and left it for around 30 minutes. after this my hair was very blonde, it was still a little yellow but alot better than the orange it was before, i left it like this for a few days then thought i would try and get it a little whiter so i applied a ‘natural beige blonde’ again nice and easy and left it for 25 minutes, then used the same toner ( just a little bit this time tho) . now my hair has no yellow tones and is the white blonde it once was! suprisingly it still looks and feels healthy! just remember to condition, condition, condition!!

Answer #59

I’m a natural blonde but started having high lights at the age of 15, then i decided to have brown streaks put in and becuase i was a student and couldn’t afford the hair dressing bills to have two colours and a cut every six weeks i started dying my hair brown myself, slowly getting darker and darker and eventually going right to black and having long black extensions… so then i got bored, decided black was too dark, (although many people thought that it was natural and wouldn’t believe i was a natuarl blonde!!) So i went to the hairdressers an had the colour stripped, god it was painful to watch, my hair was bright orange and patchy, i had different light browns (Semi perms) put in with ‘copper’ strakes (Orange/ peachy colour-Yuk!) so i cried and cried, they never told me i wouldnt be blonde, so i started putting more semi’s on (light brown) and have now decided to let it grow out naturally because it has taken 3 months to get my hair back into shape and lots of cuts, ive now had my long hair bobbed off so i can get the colour out quicker but am still really paranoid about roots, anyone got any ideas at all? Should i risk having it sripped again?maybe my brown will go blonde now? It really guts me when mu ash blonde comes through cause its a really nice colour! x

Answer #60

In order to go blonde from brown you will have to bleach there is no escaping it what I recommend is doing a double process bleach blonding by using the Clairol Born Blonde Ultra Blue followed by the Clairol Born Blonde Extra Light blonde toner to get rid of the rawness. Don’t worry these products are safe and won’t damage the hair. First Bleach your hair with Clairol Born Blonde Ultra Blue and leave it on your hair until it is lightened to a yellowish color which will take around 2 hours . Pre toned bleached hair usually looks like a rusty gritty yellow no worries after you shampoo and towel dried your hair what I recommend is using the Clariol Born Blonde Toner in the Extra Light Blonde leave it on your hair for no more than 15-20 minutes. In less than three hours you will have the blonde of your dreams. To keep your color vibrant do a lot of deep conditioning and use the John Frieda Shampoo Conditioner plus colorglaze platinum to Champagne for lighter shades of blonde hair.

Answer #61

To becca83:

Oh sweet-heart, my heart goes out to you. The first thing I would do is take that so called hairstylist to court. It could’ve been a lot worse. If she continues working or perhaps I should say torturing, just think of all the women she’ll harm. I don’t know how long ago it happened to you, but if it hasn’t been long, you can have a claim against them. My advice to you is to deep condition each time you wash your hair. A really good product I recommend is called (Silk Elements Mega Silk Intense Conditioning Mayonnaise). Don’t wash your hair everyday!! By doing so, you’re stripping all the oils away. Wash your hair every 3 days or so. Another thing I advice you is to keep away from curling irons, hair dryers and so forth if you can. Also, another amazing product I recommend is Bio Silk; it’s an oil so don’t use too much. Use it after you wash your hair or after your hair is dry, and mainly on the ends which probably need it most. It leaves your hair shiny and tames the frizz. Depending on the condition your hair is in at this moment, I would dye it close to the natural color and start the conditioning regimen faithfully. Another pointer I have is to do home remedies at least once a week. It’s not the most pleasant thing to have in your head, but know that nature works best. In a bowl, mix 2 tablespoons of olive oil, 1/2 an avocado (preferrably riped), 1 egg yolk, 1/2 cup of real mayonnaise (can’t be reduced fat or dressing). Apply all over your head and cover with a shower cap. Wrap a towel around and keep it for at least an hour. Wash your hair and deep condition. Your hair will be shiny and super soft. As for your hair falling, it’s a sign that your hair is weak and brittle. After washing it, never detangle it with a brush, always use a wide toothed comb. I strongly suggest taking vitamins and minerals that contain Biotin, B-6, Folic Acid. I hope I was helpful. And to all you girls who want to look drastically different, learn, learn, learn. Not only learn from other people’s mishaps but learn to love yourselves the way God made you. Think about what would happen if you went to an inexperienced hair stylist and instead of achieving what you desired you ended up with a big dissappointment and later you find out that all the chemicals used will cause all your hair to fall out. I’m sure that by that time you’ll wish you had all your hair and were a brunette again. Oh and one more thing, if you are not a professional hairstylist please, please stop experimenting and being do-it-yourselfers!!!

Answer #62

If I were you I would go to the salon and get blonde highlights. It will look really good and get a cute layed cut to go with it. But if you really want to go all blonde, then have a professional hairdresser do it. They can check your hair and will most likely deep condition it as well as blow dry and style and all that…I had blonde hair and it really made it super dry and wouldnt do it again. My original color was dark brown. Then finally just went for highlights…it made my look more sexy and sleek. Its easy to maintain and my hair wasnt falling out anymore. Been there done that, wouldnt do it again!

Answer #63

Oh My!!! All you girls seem to have the same problems as I ! [Now I don’t feel all those fingers pointing all at me] Born a Dark Brunette and Wish to go Blonde! I Would look through Magazines Seeing Dark-haired (like mine, which is Dark dark brown) Models & Celebs and then maybe a month later see the same person again with Reallly “PERFECT” Platinum, Dirty, and/or White Hair that just looks, . . Wonderful!!! Ok, How the hell do they get that Gorgeous hair?? Hmm, well i figured they go to Salons and pay literally Thousands to get that perfect Shade. But is there a better way??

I just follow my Ma’s Tips by using Ash-Blonde dye to get those Stubborn Orange head colours out. Ugh! Talk about Ugly!

I’ve been made fun of and laughed at and am so sick of it. I already spent too much trying hard to get to the color i want , So I Started it, Now I need to END IT.

soo . . . ASH-BLONDE!

Answer #64

in my opinion it’s not even hard to get brown hair blonde. i mean obviously depends whether the hair is dyed a dark colour or whether its brown naturally. i’ve had all sorts of browns on my hair over the past 5 years or so of all different shades and i’ve just got platinum blonde. i just went to the salon and got lots and lots of bleach blonde highlights through a cap, but it almost looked like the whole thing had been dyed. it was quite yellowly so i put a light blonde cream colour of the top. this matched my remaining brown bits quite well to the rest of my head. then the next day i bleached it all over again and put another blonde cream colour of the top. but it didn’t really soften the yellowly colour of the blonde. a few days ago my friend suggested i try a loreal cream colour of more of an Ash kind of blonde shade, this was also one designed especially for orangy copper tones after bleach. it worked amazingly and now my hair is almost a white shade of blonde with no yellow tones in.

my hair’s condition isn’t even that bad. just going to deep condition it every week.

so i suggest ure hair dresser gets you started then you do the rest yourself. its likly ure hair may be in poor condition. but it probably won’t fall out. you have to bleach it and colour it ALOT for that to even come close to happening no matter what anyone says.


Answer #65

if you have a dark hair color, I seriously do not recommend dying your hair blonde or bleaching it by yourself, with a home kit. GO TO A SALON.!! bleaching dark hair will make it orange, trust me- I’ve tried everything (sun in, lemon juice, olive oil, avocado, hydrogen pyroxide, EVERYTHING) and nothing has even faded the orange in my hair. I had to go to a salon and get it re-dyed brown. I ignored all the warnings from my parents and friends to NOT dye my hair, but I ignored them and i regret it big time.

As for extensions- they look nice, but they ruin your hair. I use the jessica simpson HairDo ones, which are made with real human hair but they are clip ons, and they can be reused. they are about 100 bucks each, which is a pretty good deal considering they stay in good shape for about 5 weeks.

Answer #66

If you have had your hair coloured with red streaks and they are now coming through I would think twice about trying to go back to bleach blonde again unless you are willing to shell out alot of money on the hairdressers. Speaking from experience the look you desire will end up looking like lots of bright orange and pale orange streaks unless you go to a pro unless they strip it off and then add colour but your hair will be wrecked. I am one who lik eyou gets fed up and changes more often then I know is good for me, or at least my hair. I have to say I know a few people on here have said how awful extensions are but I find them alot better then having to bleach my hair every six weeks to cover the big dark roots. And the bonus with the extensions is if you buy the weaves you can cut them to however thin or thick you like, put as little or as much colour in and change it every two weeks if you wanted to. The only thing I would say about them is make sure if you do use them buy the rubber glue and not the gold one as that is a nightmare to get out, hope that helps! ‘-)

Answer #67

ok…..i am a naturally mousey colour, which is quite boring at times. so then dyed the top half bleach blonde and the bottom dark with a inverted bob style, it looked lovely. then silly me wanted to be different again, and dyed it brown, with red streaks going through it…..then a few months later….i dyed it all brown……and a few weeks later again……..i dyed it plumy!!! not the plumy coulour has faded and looking at my hair now you can slightly see the red streaks again….but i really miss the bleach blonde…do you think i can go blond again?? even if it is not bleach?? someone has said that if you wash your hair with washing up liquid before shampooin it, it breaks the colour up very gradually….im wondering if that would work….then possibly get it stripped?? any ideas anyone??

Answer #68

If you have naturally dark hair you really can’t ever have natural looking blonde hair. The only exception is if you go to a really great salon and pay loads of money. My advice is to be happy with what you have. Brown hair is beautiful! It brings out your eyes better than any other hair color. If you start dying your hair, you’ll never get your natural color back- believe me I know!

Answer #69

I get bored very easily with everything. I have always been blonde but i think i got too blonde once and looked liked a barbie doll, so i went dark and some people said they liked it, and some didnt. Most people said i could get away with both .I loved it at first because i changed my makeup and clothes and felt great but then a few weeks later i felt really pale and felt like i had to put loads of make up on all the time to look half decent. So i went back blonde . This is my advice never never never buy a dye from a shop go to a salon because they know what they are doing and after about 3 times of going to the hairdressers i was back blonde but 3 weeks ago i went back dark cus i got bored again (c still a blonde at heart) and im booked back in next week to get it back blonde. i am paying £200 at my hairdressers to get it back blonde and i know i will have to have it cut but i know i will never go back dark again

Answer #70

I am a natural bright platinum blonde and I thought it would be fun to dye my hair dark brown. Well it did look cute and then it started to fade a little so I wanted my hair back blonde because it is 4 months until my wedding. Well It’s been 3 dye jobs later and my hair is a redish blonde color. Just be careful>>My hair is thin and fine and now it’s about shot and it’s right to the time of my wedding I just hope it all works out.

Answer #71

going blonde isn’t what is going to hurt your hair…the extentions will i had then for 5 months and i have to cut out a lot of my own hair after. they do look awesome but just to you know you might have to deal with it. if your anything like me you’ll just go get them anyway and even with my hair fizzing, dreading, and drying out the $700 was worth it

Answer #72

I am naturally blonde and have dyed my hair very dark brown twice now. It took a while to get back to the nice natural blonde after the first time I dyed it, but I actually wish I had never gone to a salon in the first place… Usually, going to a salon is the best option if you don’t know how to do stuff yourself. I had always cut my own hair and done highlights with Sun-In before, and I would have done it right. I told the lady I wanted to go back to blonde and she put in bleached blonde highlights. I was so annoyed because it looked sort of salt-and-peppery and afterward it would have been a bad idea to bleach it all (the highlights, I feared, would break off entirely).

IF you trust yourself with your hair, just buy the ingredients from a Beauty Supply store- color stripper (if you’ve dyed it dark) and bleach. Buy a good deep conditioner there as well and condition a lot before and after each treatment. Don’t be afraid to let your hair look kind of greasy around these times. (My friend got her crazy-curly hair straightened with that Japanese method and she had to keep it greasy-looking for like a week so her hair didn’t fry off) You’ll need two or three bleaching sessions before you are back to blonde too, not all at once. Then of course it will just be one plain color that does not look natural if it is very light, so you’ll have to probably go to a salon for highlights/lowlights, etc.

When I dye my hair back eventually I will do it this way, and probably just to dark blonde so that it can naturally lighten with the sun and/or lemon and it won’t look trashy.

Answer #73

I suggest to fade the dark colour out!!! …Try using dandruff shampoo it fades out your hair colour the quickest which will help make it lighter and get rid of some of that colour build up also grow your hair out as much you can handle to wait… remember to deep condition and once a week hair treatment to have it as healthy as possible cause bleach can be quite damaging it wont happen straight away but be patient and keep your hair healthy and Never attempt it yourself always go to a salon and make sure you tell them how many times you have dyed your hair and what desired colour you would like to end up with…remember after it has been dyed try to stay away from heat styling if you feel that you cant,then do it less often and use a great heat protection I suggest using Kerastase heat treatment that actually activates when you apply heat to your hair may be pricey but well worth it hope this has been helpful !!! Good Luck

Answer #74


Answer #75

well…you can first try one of those sprays that lightens your hair up with the sun…I believe the one I know of is called “Sun In” apparently it lightens your hair up once exposed to sun or heat…that should help it to start…then go to a professioanl and have them bleach or lighten it further…as for keeping it healthy…you will want to invest in a all natural/ mild shampoo and a heavy duty thick conditioner…

I would recommend herbal essence for color threated or extra dry hair for the shampoo…then go get a nexxus conditioner for color treated hair…or…this might be a bit out of your way…but look up a hair product called “when” its a all natural shampoo and it really will help your hair…

Answer #76

Build you hair up with blonde hight lights starting with darker shades of blonde building up to lighter and get clip in extensions :D

Answer #77

I’ll go ginger. if you just die bronw hair blonde trust me my friend came to meet me at the park yesturday with ginger hair I had to die it again be for he went home.

Answer #78

I’ve been wanting to go blonde for ages, + im a brunette. so my mum brought hair dye, left it for 1 hour. no change few days ago, done the same fing, no change. tried blonde highlights. no change. soo, my hairdresser said, to strip my hair to its natural colour, then bleach blonde it.. + once I’ve done that, ill tell you how I got on.

Answer #79

As far as I know, there is NO way to change the color of your hair without damaging it, besides using a spray-on or something else fairly temporary.

Every time I’ve tried to dye my own hair, it’s ended up a disaster. So I agree with those who have said go to a professional – they’ll know what’s best for you and your beloved hair, and they’ll limit the damage as much as possible.

If you choose to bleach it, make sure you ONLY shampoo your hair once every other day, and make sure you DEEP CONDITION once a day. (Leaving conditioner in your hair for 5-10 minutes). Also, as always, use shampoo/conditioner designed for color-treated hair.

I had my hair professionally dyed brunette two days ago and it looks brilliant, much better than when I dyed it brunette on my own. Remember, after you bleach your hair, there is no way to “un-bleach” without going to a professional and getting their input. May as well just go to the professional first, so you don’t have to risk going out in public with godawful, ruined hair.

Hope this helped, at least a little bit!! :)

Answer #80

I dyed my hair and the color came out right away becasue the hair was so dry becasue i had bleached it about 4 times so i went to Sally Beauty supply after and a person who worked there said that i needed this protein conditioner that they sell their for 3 dollars i had dyed my hair again i used the protein thing after i dyed it and left it in for 5 min it made my dry hair feel soft and healthy so you might want to buy the protein thing after you bleach it or dye it.

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