How soon after sex can you tell you're pregnant?

Ok. So I’ve been having sex for the past 2 days. My boyfriend has been ejaculating in me but the problem is, my vagina is hurting and it burns/hurts when I go pee. Whats up with that?..And another ? is …How many days after sex could I be able to tell im pregnant…I know all the symptoms and signs already but to get a lil more detailed, how would I really know?

Answer #1

14 days is usaually the earliest to find out if you are pregnant. To much sex could be irratating and may have caused a bladder infection thats why it hurts when you urinate

Answer #2

until your next period, A month. Most woman that is pregnant goes through a change in their vagina

Answer #3

your dumb why would you let him do that?

Answer #4

Well, basically ten days. But you need to go doctors for that because usual pregnancy tests work at a certain point in your mestrual cycle.

Answer #5

u would know in aboout a mounth and he may have gave you an std or sti if it hurt and burn whaen you pee

Answer #6

ok…I had the same thing happen to me…I had a urinary track infection with a yeast infection…go to the doctor..

Answer #7

u could have the urine infection it usualys lasts up to 2 weeks but drink loads of cranberry juice :)

Answer #8

I beleive its 2 weeks

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Answer #10

No one really knows how long it takes to become pregnant after having sex, it just depends on how your body works. Also the hurting might mean you have infection so get that checked out. Good Luck!

Answer #11

If your hurting thats not good, because when a guy busts in you he could be spreading bacteria to you causing you to hurt

Answer #12

10-14 days. thats when the egg attaches in the uterus.

Answer #13

dude thats how I felt when me and my boyfriend had sex. it was the first time for me and I was worrying so much about it. it hurted like heck when I peeed. just drink lots of fluids and it’ll go away like a normal bladder infection.

add me :) or try answer my question :) thanks

Answer #14

take a pregnancy test or blood test, when you miss your period

Answer #15

go to the doctor and take a pregnacy test tell the doctor the problem and get checked out!!

Answer #16

the burning thing happened to me when I first started having sex… it should go away after a little while. I wouldn’t get too worried about it… I’ve been having sex for about 3 months and I’m fine… I haven’t had the burning thing for a while… try not to get pregnant… good luck…

Answer #17

that could be a UTI! some girls go months before they know they are preg. get on birth control ASAP, and you should prob get tested for an STD

Answer #18


I had my last regular period march 15th then had one may 2nd but it was very light and short like three days but im very bloaded but I figure even if the may 2nd period was an actualy period and not vaginal bleeding? it wont come til the 2nd or most likely later my cycle is bout 32-33 days but im very bloaded and only one of my breasts are hurting I sometimes also feel like tingling inside my stomache also my stomach is tight do you think I am pregnant? im not really nauscious or dizzy I dont have morning sickness at all but I have been feeling pain in my lower stomach but mostly in my ovaries but it comes and goes?

Answer #19

also scary thought that many girls do not know…you can have up to three periods and still be pregnant! so its best to take a test or talk to a doctor if you have the slightelst inclination that you may be pregnant

better to be safe than sorry or suprised!

Answer #20

I know this question was written a long time ago. But I just want to write on here. The girl will not be showing any signs on an STD after only two days of having unprotected sex!!! The cause of UTI’s is from bacteria from the vagina may sometimes get into the uretha during sex.

I would say that what she is experiencing is a UTI (urinary tract infection) Which is not an STD! Get some “Ural” or cranberry supplement tablets from a pharmacy and drink plenty of water, and it will pass within an hour or two. I reccomend the cranberry tablets because the ural tastes gross!

If you see blood in your urine, you must go to the doctor for anti-biotics. I used to get these a lot when I first started having sex (I was using a condom) Always make sure you pee after sex, this will help also.

Maybe after 2 wks, she should have gone to the doctor for a STD and STI check to make sure everything is ok.

But I really reccomend to all people out there that you should practise safe sex using condoms, EVEN IF YOU ARE ON THE PILL. You can trust no one when it comes to your health. There are so many STD’s amd STI’s out there. You can get rid of a pregnanacy if you dont want it… but you CANNOT get rid of HIV/AIDS, the herpes virus and the warts virus if you dont want them. Also things like Chlamydia dont show any symptoms and if you have the infection for long enough it can cause you to be infertile.

Answer #21

not using a condom is dumb. me and my boyfriend use one every single time, im 17 so im definately not looking to be pregnant hah. well A: yeah you most likely have a bladder infection or a UTI, thats why it may hurt when you pee and you feel like you have to go every 5 minutes but when you do its very little or you don’t at all. or b: your having sex too much and all that rubbing and penatrating down there is irritating your vagina, so lay off of it for awhile and see, only have sex every couple of days or 1ce or 2ce a week.

and it takes about 2 weeks to know that your definately pregnant, I suggest a blood test because after 2 weeks my sister thought she was pregnant and took 2 pregancy tests and they were both negative (She was pregnant!) and thought she wasn’t. she kept drinking and stuff like that and she took a blood test cause she kept having symptoms and she found out she was.

hope my advice helped and stay safe.

Answer #22

I was having frequent unprotected sex with my partner and didn’t even know I had a bladder infection that turned into a severe kidney infection. Symptoms started with the chills and a fever for days, doctor at first thought it was a kidney stone and said I would eventually pass it. I ended up in hospital for a week to treat the severe kidney infection, only for the hospital to call when I was released to tell me they were treating the wrong bacteria(ecoli in my urinary tract) with the wrong anit-biotic and I had to start all over again. I was extremely sick with a fever of 108 and my stomach was extremely sore (I also have crohn’s disease) In any case I’m worried that this will just keep reacurring for me. How do I prevent constantly getting bladder infections. Is it just the sperm that is the bacteria? If we used a condom would that help? I’m on the pill so not too worried about getting pregnant or STD’s because we’ve both been tested.

Answer #23


Answer #24

so me and my fiance want to have a baby I’m 23 we have been having sex we did it like 5 times already and I dont know if I’m preg but how would I know like what symtomes would I have my tummy hurts and I pee a lot

Answer #25

I have had this before its most likely not from pregnancy (even though you still could become) its most likely from a lubricant you have used reacting with your body this is the most logical answer if it was an std and you have been with your boyfriend for a while you probably would have felt it before and if this is the first few times you have had unprotected sex with him then an std would react with your body for a few days. Secondly someone asked about the ability for pre cum to make you pregnant there has been some studies to suggest that pre cum can not make you pregnant or it has very very small races if any of sperm in it. pre cum is more of a natural lubricant the males acrete to make a clean area for the cum (sperm to travel) however it is possible for women to come pregnant off pre cum if they have had sex recently with there partner and he has not been to the toilet or showered and old traces of sperm are left in the penis and then get into the pre cum.

Good luck with your predicament and take care

Answer #26

well you dont really know because it takes 3 day for spren to swm where it needs to be and if you are not dry them the acid from your vagina might have killed them off I know because I took human a and p and as far as you burning you might have a std so you need to go to the doctor and get checkr=ed just to be on the safe side…

Answer #27

okay all these people that are saying you might have STD’s and that are wrong me and my boyfriend have had sex plenty of times and I have had the burning when I pee aswell it can be normal and I know some of you are thinking he might of caught something but im his first and hes my first. you might of had other partners or you partner might of, if your not using protection then you should otherwise you could get or give someone Sexually Transmitted Infection and that wouldnt be nice would it…

Answer #28

I know this was written a while back, but your symptoms that your having with it hurting upon urination does not always mean you have an STD.

Not saying that it couldn’t, you should always get checked out. In my opinion it sounds like you have a urinary tract infection, or it could be a number of things like a yeast infection. But with yeast infections, there will be discharge and quite a bit of irritation, mainly itching. Some people get UTI’s from having sex, I did.

When you are having sex, and the penis is moving in and out, it’s also pushing bacteria into your urethra, since it is located so close to your vagina. If you also feel like you have the urge to urinate often, but you end up not urinating that much, then it’s a UTI. You should urinate before and after sex, it helps clear the bacteria.

Makes sense, when you urinate after, it pushes all that bacteria out of the urethra that was pushed in. Doctor’s can also prescribe medicine for you to take before or after you having sex to prevent the UTI if it becomes a frequent problem. By now im sure you figured out what the problem was, but I hope this helps for future reference.

P.S. You could just be irritated if you have been having sex for 2 days ( more than usual), the skin becomes sensistive from all of the rubbing down there.

Answer #29

how soon can you take a home pregnancy test after intercourse?

Answer #30

huntercc21…I love you. and your answer. a lot.

Answer #31

Usually your vagina will hurt if you had really rough sex and when you pee it hurts too, but it shouldn’t last long. Rough sex is sometimes a bad idea especially if you are trying to conceive as you may be damaging your abdomen when the penis penetrates to deep that you actually feel it’s comung out of your “mouth.” Two days is just too soon to know if you are pregnant, I would advice to wait for your AF or do hcg test, usually accurate few days before your AF. Sometimes you just feel you are preg, but it might not be the case a test would really help. I am also worried if I might be preg though, well atleast I would love to be now. Goodluck…

Answer #32

Okay your vagina may be hurting because of a BLADDER INFECTION. That’s very common and treatable with antibiotics. Next time, drink LOTS OF WATER before sex so you pee all the germs out of your bladder afterwards. For now, go to a doctor.

And let your boyfriend know birth control is more important to you than the ‘heat of the moment’ or whatever.

Answer #33

when ever I have ruff sex are sex that last ages I get cyctitis,that sounds like what you got ,the burning feeling,I always end up needing antibiotics,and you cant tell 4 sure if yur pregnant unless you do a test,u can get ones now that can tell if yur pregnant even before yur period is late

Answer #34

ohh god! im 16, && someone said I had sex with someone. it would be my first time, and I dont remember. I dont think I did. but im sooo scared I might be pregnant! its been 8 days. I should start my period in like 3 days. I never had a regular period, but around 3 days it should start. im so scared to tell my mom. I dont know what to do. please someone help.

Answer #35

damn lo0k im 15 im my period havent come since june I hope im not pregnant either im really scared you should protect yourself but yeah that happened to me everytime im havin sex my stomach hurts and I dont knoe why im not feeling no pleasure

Answer #36

Its normally a week, but the burning could indecate a possible STI, and you might want to go to a local clinic to get that checked.. use a condom and dental dam next time…

Answer #37

Do you not use protection?? YOu should be! Your boyfriend could have an Sexually Transmitted Infection if he’s had unprotected sex (oral/intercourse) with others before you. So you could have an StI so you should get that checked out and take a pregnancy test to find out whether you are pregnant (I am unsure though how long you should wait to take a pregnancy test)

Answer #38

You have a Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) and you want to get tested by your doctor asap! It could lead to a serious kidney infection. I had one once and I ignored it thinking it was a strained muscle in my back… I ended up in the hospital for 5 days and a possibly a damaged kidney.

Answer #39

You could have a sexually transmitted disease, depending on how many different partners you or your boyfriend have had. Or as many people have said, it could just be a yeast infection, etc. Also with the pregnancy scare, it is a warning sign that you should be using condoms at all times, in addition to birth control pills. We really do not need anymore children in the world where the parents can not look after them, so please be responsible about sex. If your too embarrassed to buy plan B or BC pills, you are too immature to be having sex. To answer sexi_kitty333’s question, yes you could still get pregnant. You should ALWAYS be using protection and a back up method. I am 17 and I ALWAYS use condoms, I’m on the pill, and we use the pull out method even with the condoms (My boyfriend and I have been together for almost two years so we’re okay with doing that.) Even with the pull out method, sperm is inside the vagina (it’s a pre-ejactulate sperm) that is very fertile. I do not want to worry you, but I would suggest a pregnany test if your next period does not come, or plan B.

Answer #40

I had sex over a week ago a few days before I was suppose to get my period and it never came. I have symptoms and all could I be pregnant? I was gonna take a test but I didn’t want to be too early and it come out wrong. Any ideas?

Answer #41

It usually takes up to 10 days. and if youve been having sex for the past 2 days ts probably friction burn.

Answer #42

I did sex and now im worried if im pregunt or not because ma boyfriend put his penis with out a condom but he said nothinq came out like you know sperm

Answer #43

I think that your hurtin because you propably didnt have sex 4 along time thats what happened to me hadnt had sex 4 3 months and when I finally had sex with my boyfriend it hurt like the first time..after a month without sex its like if your still a should still get checked out by the doctor

Answer #44

hi I am a psw I know a little about this but everyone is pretty much right about what there saying but I think you may have a yest infection get checked for that pls but with a pregnancy test 6 to 8 weeks and you will now by the doctor at least 2 weeks and they should no but all depending if your body is fast at producing pregnancy hormones or not its all a waiting game hunn

Answer #45

i think with a pregnancy test its something like 2 weeks after conception…im not really sure. i ended up taking a test because i was late for my period because me and my boyfriend…well, ex as thing stand right now, were doing the same thing. i really hope your not trying to get pregnant because its a BAD idea! USE A CONDOM! or BIRTH CONTROL or SOMETHING!!! you might just end up pregnant. i did.

Answer #46

If you aren’t trying to get pregnant, go to your pharamacy or planned parenthood and get the morning after pill. If you are, you wait about two weeks, then take a pregancy test. The results are pretty accurate.

Answer #47

right, you said that you had sex and after that your vagina hurts when you pee and that, this is eiver becasue:

  • he is big and it hurt when he was geting in you
  • when he was in you
  • hurt your vagina by making it bigger so could be sore and in pain.

and you should use a condom becasue that is the safest thing you can use, pill can work so can birtt control ect.. but I adivse you to use condom nex time to be safe or if you want to have a baby of cors.

so you said if you had sex and soon after how can you tell if your pregant or not?

  • well when was your last period?

  • when are you due your period? KEEP Track

  • FIRST SYPTOM: missed period

  • sore nipples

  • moning sickness

  • tired

  • cravings

  • pain/movement in stomack

but I would go to far and worry on this unless you missed your period !

if your period is due after when you had sex: take pregnancy test 2 days before due period.

if your period is late, take a test a week after your missed period. take the test when you get out of bed and you need to go toilet! you get better urine of the day. to get a accurate result more urine you get the better ok

so I wouldnt get your self woryed or anything just find out your last period and when you period is due ok first of all.

hope this helps

anymore questions please ask!

ker x

Answer #48

Id advise you to tae a test a week after your period is due, any time before that your HCG levels are too low and they wont show up, at 3&1/2 weeks I got a positive result only through blood test at the doctors though and even thats quit early, so Id wait atleast 4weeks if I was you so you don’t get misleading results

Answer #49

girl, I just want to say you should practice safe sex with condoms. because I do not know why your vigina is hurting/burning after you had sex. unless you two were being very rough or aggressive during sex, if thats the case, the pain will not last long at all. another problem could be you may have contracted an std. if it lasts a couple of days or longer you should definitly go to the doctor. but if your virgina only hurts/burns while your peeing theres a good chance that you might have got an urinary track infection, the best advice is to go to the doctors!!

Answer #50

Okay me and my boyfriend had sex on the 9th of this month I don’t come on my period til around the first but I’ve been having these brown spotting and a little blood spotting too, the past morning I’ve bein waking up like I want to throw up but I dont and I get really tired easly too…could I been pregnant?? or is it to early to tell if I am??

Answer #51

why on earth are yah having sed without a condom and leting him cum in you if you are not ready to have kids stupid. no afance and you proberly have some sort on sexual transmited infetcion if you have pain while your peeing.. so I dont think that it is pregnecy you should be worried about at the minuite get cheked out! ( sorry about spelling ) good luck x

Answer #52

The whole hurting to urinate after sex. yea that happend to me. [[PLus we took eachothers v-card.]] [[so no worries bout std for me.]] and it only hurt b/c it was to dry, rough, and long[if you havent had much sex] =] if the burning still consist’s a week after intercourse. yoo may have a UTI.

Answer #53


Answer #54

you could have an infection down there, you should get checked out by a doctor! and make your boyfriend get checked D:

Answer #55

—you can get pregnant at ANY day of the month…it’s just that dome doays you have a greater chance…these days are called OVULATION. but yes…you can get pregnant at any day…even on your period.

Answer #56

wait til your missed period. or a week before it

Answer #57

well there are some tests that you can use that can tell you within three days of conception just look around at the store and the hurting and the burning sounds like well either a yeast infection or and std but I would lean towards a yeast infection if you know hes faith ful and clean

Answer #58

The Burning when you urinate could be a water infection?… or an std?… go to the docs and get it checked out…

you can tell 14 days after sexual intercourse that you are preg with a HPT. . . if not go 2 the doctors and get a blood test x

Answer #59

huntercc21 .. Lol made me laff “You have a rare condition called spermitis. This is when the sperm lives inside your body and grows into a fully grown frog.” :S frogs dont grow inside you Lol :S

Answer #60

well a reason why your vagina (your walls) could hurt when you pee and what not is because you where dry as in not lubricated as in cum that is a reason why its irritated

Answer #61

After Morning pills ARE NOT 20 dollars. Their like 55 at walmart. You have to wait 12 hours between each pill. I know this because I had to take one. :[ And yes you might have an STD. But after my boyfriend and I has Sex it burned to pee as well, he might have ripped your hole a little and the pee is burns because of touching it. hope I’ve been a help. Bye.

Answer #62

I think that your vagina hurting is from your vagina being too dry while having sex if you havent had it for long because that happened to me and how to know your preg you should wait about two weeks

Answer #63

I think if you wait like 10 days then you’ll be able to get a answer but I recommend you waiting till you miss your period. I’m 19 and my husband and I are trying to have a baby. we have had unprotected sex every night since my period ended. as far as the hurting goes, the same thing happened to me and I’m fine you don’t have aids or a frog growing in you.

Answer #64

with a good test (there’s at least one site that tells you the best ones) you should be able to tell about 5 days before your missed period. I used First Response and found out I was pregnant 3 days before my missed period. The second line may be faint, but if it’s there at all you are probably pregnant. That’s how I found out I’m probably only about 4 weeks along now. the second time I took a test the day or the day after my expected period date the lines were both dark red leading me to beleive I had only been pregnant for a month or less. if you’re not ready for a baby STOP HAVING UNPROTECTED SEX or get on birth control ASAP! there are only 2 days a month when you are really really able to get pregnant according to my doctor so there’s a good chance your’e not pregnant.

Answer #65

Unfortunately this is your boyfriends superpower manifesting itself. He may be like a superman and the stinging and burning is too much force from his ejaculate. Eventually he will blow a hole in the small of your back and fly back to Krypton. I’m sorry, you’ll have better luck with spiderman. But sometimes he bites, unless you’re into that sort of thing…

Answer #66

Ok the burning is natural if yooh are having so much sex in 2 days its probly just from the rubbing of the penis on yoor vigna kk’s so dont stress

as for pregers sitch 2 weeks then take a specially marked test yup yup

Answer #67

I would suggest going to get the morning after pill at your local pharmacy… it costs about 20 dollars… the burning I would say would just be from the sperm.. or you may have a slight reaction to any lube you are using? It could be a yeast infection or a urinary track infection

copied from “Symptoms of urinary track infection or bladder infection are not easy to miss and include a strong urge to urinate that cannot be delayed which is followed by a sharp pain or burning sensation in the urethra when the urine is released.”

These are not STDs ofcourse… they are pretty common and not something your boyfriend is at fault for… however I would suggest you see a doctor to be sure… because I can’t diagnose you… in the future though you should wear protection or get on birthcontrol… and maybe you both should be tested before you continue unprotected sex.


Answer #68

hi it sounds like you got thrush! you can get medication off you doctor, are you getting any signs of prenancy? if so I would wait it normally takes place 19 days after you have last had unprotected sex ok ta and goodluk!!!

Answer #69

umm did it occur to you that you could have an STD if it pees when you burn hello this is a year late but I hoope you don’t have a kid or anything or a std

Answer #70

the reason why it burns when you pee is because you are irritated down there and thats the reason why it burns…the same thing happend to me…NOT AN STD

Answer #71

okay…I think the spermitis comment was a little too much.

if you want a baby and youll be a good mommy, good for you. if you dont, then I suggest open adoption (never abortion).


Answer #72

well it usually takes at least 2 weeks for a pregnancy test. the burning could be either from it being to rough or if you were “dry”. If you have sex while your “dry” it could make you swell, burn, and make it hurt to go to the restroom. usually if your not producing any wetness down there then lubricant is always best.

Answer #73

-burning could mean you have some sort of infection or sti, or if this was your first time, it could just mean that you hymen was broken and that may sting a little for a few days.

-take the test …I think a week after the first day you miss your period…

-just “pulling out” can get you pregnant. it’s called “pre cum”.

Answer #74

well, you should probably go to the doctors if it hurts and or burns when you pee because that’s usually a sign of a urinary tract infection, but if you are pregnant, you could tell as soon as 5 days before your first missed period. the route I would go is wait until the day after you miss your period and take a test with your first morning urine. on the other hand, all 3 times I was pregnant, a test wouldn’t pick it up until I was 6 weeks.

Answer #75

If you rubbed yourself off while you were having sex, you most likely pushed bacteria into your “pee hole”… This usually happens when you have sex, don’t shower… and then you have sex again. You mose likely have a urinary tract infection.

Go see a doctor. You need to go. They’ll give you antibiotics and send you on your way.

If you don’t go, it can turn into something much worse… like a kidney infection. It’s safer to go now, the medical bills wont be as much either.

Answer #76

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