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IS baby oil a good lubebricant for skateboard bearings??

IS baby oil a good lubebricant for skateboard bearings??

And what other household items can be use for lube for bearings??


Do you think that I play too much sports

Do you think that I play too much sports: softball, baseball, soccer, basketball, hockey, and soon I might even do dancind or cheer.


How much do you have to weight to be a flyer for cheerleading?

So I made cheerleading for my highschool and I want to be a flyer and im short and not big and not too small so im nt sure if I need to go on a diet or sumthan to be a flyer?


What is the most popular sport in Japan?

What is the most popular sport in Japan?


Is Manchester United better than Chelsea

What do you think guys which one is better I think barca vs man you would have been a better showdown cause chelsea has come to its first final because chelsea played weaker opponents than barca poll it wrong spelling sorry


Kickflipping higher

How do I kickflip higher I cant even kickflip up a curb


what doe sit mean when somebody says its the bottom of the ninth?

what doe sit mean when somebody says its the bottom of the ninth?


My idea for a college football playoff

OK, so we take the winners of each major conf. regardless of rankings then the independent with the best record. That’s 12 teams
Then we take 4 so called wild card teams, the wild card teams would be the highest ranked teams not yet in the playoffs an...


Who do you think will win the FA Cup - Chelsea or Liverpool?

I predict it will be a stunning 2012 FA Cup Final - between Chelsea and Liverpool, two teams with a strong history in the cup. I think it will be a 3-1 victory for Chelsea, Drogba scoring a brace, with Mata scoring the other. Suarez will score Liverpo...


What age did most of the MMA fighters start training?

I'm 18 with no MA training so there's pretty much no hope for me to do that even if I pick an art tomorrow... But I'm just curious if I could at least become efficient in an art if I chose one. Also which one should I choose?

Thank you.


The wwe divas

So I am very much wanting to be a wwe diva, I love working out and I love karate and the whole sport would be so amazing to be a part of and meet so many different people. I was wondering do I learn to wrestle and become a diva...I am 5'8 ...


What is a good mile time for a high school pitcher?

Just ran 3/4 a mile in gym the other day and I ran it in 5:05 which put me on pace for a 7-7:30 mile is that good? I'm 6'2 185lbs if it makes a difference


Would it be copying if I took up swimming like my brother did?

I was gonna do gymnastics after martial arts but bah. So my brother was in his school's swim team, one of the best swimmers. Now that I finally learned swimming(don't judge me -.-) I want to do it took but I'm worried my brother will see it like I'm tr...


How am I going to afford cheer when my parents are out of work?

i have 2 months to make 2,000 dollars so i can do cheer this upcoming season. my dads out of work and my moms a stay at home mom so money from them is out of the option. i dont know what to do for money and babysitting is out too cause there arent any ...


Cheer Tryout Help!!!

Does anyone know what they make you do at cheer tryouts? I need help . Thank You!!!


Ielts vs. Toefl vs. Sat, which is better?

Which one is better and why???


Why am I scared to tackle somebody in football?

Ok, I've been playing foorball forever. Since 6. I played my freshman year and now I've been training for my 2nd. Im also a lineback. Why do I feel kinda scared when im about to tackel someone. Or during hitting drills


Varsity cheerleading or volleyball

Ok I have a choice to do varsity cheerleading or volleyball I have been a cheerleader for seven years and havent played volleyball at all what should I do? All comments needed please:]] I take gymnastics right now and all star cheerleading :]


Does boxing help anger?

When I get extremely mad I like to punch things.
Does boxing help vent anger?
I'd like to give it a try. [:


How is it spelt racket or racquet ?

Im not sure how to spell it
I've heard americans spell it racket
And english people spell it racquet =/

Im utterly confused

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What is your favorite part of cheerleading?

What is your favorite part of cheerleading?

Dance? Cheering? Stunting? or TUmbling?


Is surfing hard?

I want to learn how to surf this summer.. but im sorta scared about it because im extremely clumsy (lol) ... it sounds wicked fun.. but another thing is I cant hold my breath tht long under water really well because my nose is stupid haha.. and im n...


flyer weigh light flyer