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How much do you have to weight to be a flyer for cheerleading?

So I made cheerleading for my highschool and I want to be a flyer and im short and not big and not too small so im nt sure if I need to go on a diet or sumthan to be a flyer?


How can I start my own motorcycle club?

How can I start my own motorcycle club?


Good songs for a cheerleading dance?

What are some good songs 4 a cheerleading dance!?? W/ out any curse words my coach would have a heart attack!!!


When does softball season start in highschool?

about what time does softball season start in high school???


Why am I scared to tackle somebody in football?

Ok, I've been playing foorball forever. Since 6. I played my freshman year and now I've been training for my 2nd. Im also a lineback. Why do I feel kinda scared when im about to tackel someone. Or during hitting drills


IS baby oil a good lubebricant for skateboard bearings??

IS baby oil a good lubebricant for skateboard bearings??

And what other household items can be use for lube for bearings??


What do girls wear...?

Okay so in sports like hockey and lacrosse guys wear jock straps.

Do girls wear an equivalent to that? If so what is it?

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Can two people go bowling?

Can two people go bowling in one lane w/o anyone else? or do we have to be with more people?


How do I do a gymnastics competition if I just got my period?

I just got my period and im 14... I've got a level 7 gymnastics competition coming up... I used a tampon in training but it only lastes for 3 hours... and gymnastics competitions dont go for that short... what on earth do I do???


What do you wear with your volleyball spandex?

I play volleyball. & I was wondering, which is better?:
1 Wearing regular underwear? (I do!)
2 Wearing a thong?
3 Wearing nothing at all?

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