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Last pick

I am always last pick but I am like the best on my team and the 2nd or 1st best ahlete whats going on?

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Aren't the Philadelphia Flyers awesome?

is it just me or are the philadelphia flyers awesome?


Snowboarding down the hill on my left so what is that called

Ok I snowboard and I go down the hill on my left so what is that called, where should I put the stomp pad at and what binding should I take of to walk.


How much do you have to weight to be a flyer for cheerleading?

So I made cheerleading for my highschool and I want to be a flyer and im short and not big and not too small so im nt sure if I need to go on a diet or sumthan to be a flyer?


What if I don't like playing volleyball anymore?

I do & I don't. My coach is mean & I don't like him. & everytime I have practice or a game, I get so tense & nervous. I know I'm good at volleyball, & people say I'm good. But I hate getting so tense & nervous all the time. I'm not allowed to quit. So,...


Is 15 too late to start ballet as a hobby?

I've been looking at videos on YouTube of ballet and everyone looks so pretty and healthy doing it. I just want to to know how long it would take to get on pointe and if it would be worth it. I don't want to do competitions or recitals or anything, I j...


Bret Favre coming back to play again ?

So, what do you say - Bret Favre coming back to play again ?


How do I bowl better?

I'm in air cadets 2121 squadron (Woo) and I am attending an intersquadron bowling competition, at RAF Brize Norton. I was wondering, because I put my name down to do it, seeing as there were not enough boys, and I'm not all good at bowling.

How do I d...


Baseball Bat Debate

Baseball Bat Debate: Whats Better wood or aluninum?


fav sport

what is your fav sport mine is softball


Do you have to be really flexible to become a cheerleader?

Hi, im in 8th grade and I'm not really that flexible. I can touch my toes and everything but can't do the splits or backflip stuff(dont know how). But I want to be a cheerleader because it looks like so much fun, but am not sure if I could become one.h...

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Is boxing a good hobby?

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Whats the fastest way to learn a Toe-touch and Pike???

whats is the fastest way to learn how to do a toe-touch or a pike?? they are kinda hard. I dont really know to jump high off of the ground. I am trying out for my high school competitive cheerleading team. I am flexible I can do all 3 splits, a herkie...


Paintball vs. Airsoft

What is the difference in range of a paintball gun with an apex barrel(if you dont know what it is it is an awesome barrel that is like the fatline but better, so if you dont know what it is use a normal barrel) or an airsoft gun


bcs fiasco

with the bcs destined to implode again should there be a playoff system in college football?


How many players are on an american football team?

You know, I'm not very good with sports - American football, I'm practically clueless about. How many players on an american football team? I know on a soccer team there are 11, but I think there are more on a football team, yes?


Stranded at trying to ollie on my skateboard

How do I get so high off the ground when doing an ollie? I now that you have to press down on the tail off your skateboard and jump, but I can only get 1 inch off the ground!


united shirt?

okay well does anyone know anything about the manchester united shirt from moscow, the official one with the gold writing on the front and the 3 gold stars with the ball on the arm. it costs £100 and there are only 1000 in the world. I really want one ...


How bout them Lakers??

Who liked the outcome of the NBA Finals?? I know I did!!!


Should I do gymnastics or dance I can only do one?

Should I do gymnastics or dance I can only do one. Please help


shimano reels

im trying to find out how much a shimano dux auto spinning reel may be worth can you help?


light flyer player american football ateam flyer weigh person american football team kid football team