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14 im 130 lbs and I have a bra size of 32c is that normal?

im 14 im 130 lbs and I have a bra size of 32c is that normal?

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Why am I hungry ever since I began working out?

hey, I've been hungry ever since I began working out. Which was about four days ago. I haven't been exactly 'hungry', but I always feel like I need food, its not the 'I'm bored' urge. My workout is 100 crunches in the morning then 200-300 at night. I a...


how to lose weight fast.

how can I lose weight fast an tighten or gain some at the butt.


Is it normal to feel like puking when you're hungry?

I have a nauseated feeling like I'm going to vomit and I THINK it's because I'm hungry...

is this normal?

No I'm not pregnant or ill. I just notice everytime I FEEL like eating (not even hungry) I think? I start getting nauseated. Why is that?


f people telling me im that im fat is it nessecary true or not?

if had a lot of people telling me im that im fat is it nessecary true or not?

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How to make your breast firm without actually carrying weight?

How to make your breast firm without actually carrying weight? Is there any exercise you can do at home.. I do not have any dumbells at all.. Is there any method? Is firming breast machine actually works? Any side effect? Or breast firming cream/lotion...


Imm so fat and ugly !

Im sooo fat and ugly and I hate it
I just want to be pretty and skinny
But I just beinge eat all the time and when I try an exersice or diet it all goes wrong and now I feel useless and I reali need help with losing all the weight
Please help me x

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Am I fat if I'm 5'5'' and 130?

Do you think i'm fat i'm 5'5 and weigh 130


How fast anorexic people lose weight?

How fast anorexic people lose weight?


thighs and boobs

how do you looke weight in your thighs and make them not wrinkly. and how to you make your boobs bigger?

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Can you lose your breasts if you become anorexic?

Does anyone know if you can loose your boobs if you become anorexic?

and I'm just asking so please don't tell me that I'm stupid and all of the health risks about it.


Fat burning question

If I person goes to a new country to live.
If the place is colder will his body burn more calories than usual to maintain body warmth.
If the place is warmer would he not sweat a lot?, Sweating also has something to do with burning calories right?



I want to be skinny..

I really want to be skinny. I have a twin sister and shes like a tooth pick and everyone who meets us says no way are you twins. I am like a giant compared to all my friends.I want to loss weight but im not sure I want to do it the healthy way just the...


How can I get slim arms?

How do I have slim arms instead of muscular arms when exercising? what kind of exercise should I or should I not do? What about thighs? I just want to have slim and sweet arms and thighs instead of muscular ones...

Tanks loads!~

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How can I grow taller?

ho can I grow taler I want to lose weight and or get taller tips?wherei live I cant go cold.


How can cousin get tall?

Okay so I am 5'8 and I am cousin is 17 as well and shes 4'11..she cries most of the time because I am taller and well, half of her family side is taller..she looks devastated and doesn't show it to know body but I know cause I live with her..I f...


Does alli work?

That diet pill alli does anyone know if it works, or what the side affects are?


Why do I get so hungry at night when I eat well during the day?

I eat a good diet, 3 meals a day and maybe one snack. But at nighht I get sooooooo hungry. Like ill eat something healthy and ill feel full for maybe 30 min then I'm hungry again. Ik I don't have worms or anything and I'm as tall as I'm going to get so...


Weird body shape

So I know I'm only 15, but I'm far from self confident and I'm working on improving my body image so I can be happy with who I am. I dont feel "fat" but when I look at other girls my age, I wish I looked like them. I'm 5'3" and I weigh 134lbs. My body ...


How do you lose weight if you are an endomorph?

How do you lose weight if you are an endomorph?


What age do you have to be to buy vitamins?

I'm 15 and was wondering if you have to be a certain age before you can buy vitamins whether they are for you or someone else.


How do you lose weight with a terrible metabolism?

I have got to have the world's worst metabolism. I used to weight 340lbs, but over the course of two years, lost 110lbs. Unfortunatly, I gained back 40, but am still significantly smaller than I used to be, so I'm happy about that.

The problem is,...


Will pregnancy weight gain go away after an abortion?

If you gain weight from being 2 months pregnant...will it go away after an abortion??


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