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Does your nose shrink when you lose weight?

Does your nose shrink when you lose weight?


What is my max bench

Hey people.. I'm really into weight lifting..and I want to max bench.. I am reppin out 150 6 times right now.. and I want to find out what I can do 1 time... I want to know before I just throw on some weights and kill my self lol help me out


What is so special about smartwater?

So I'm trying to get in shape and bigger for the new baseball season and a couple of guys at school drinks smart water. These guys are "bodybuilders" and some of our star athletes but i don't really know any of em too well so I think it would kinda be ...


How can I decrease inches as well as body fat?

I have been going to the gym for a couple of months. I am seeing my body fat going down, but my inches are increasing. I want to try to keep the inches down too. What do I do?

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Does Welbutrin really work for quitting smoking?

Does Wellbutrin really work for quitting smoking? I was told by an ex-smoker friend of mine that they tried everything and nothing worked until they tried the drug wellbutrin that their doctor recommended. I know it is a psychiatric drug? Does it re...


How can I lose 40lbs in the next 7 weeks?

I want to lose 40lbs in the next seven weeks. I need someone to answer who has actually done it. Help please?


how I can loose the weight I've gained in the past year ?

I've gained about 20 to 30 pounds in the last year how can I get back to my old weight at bout 140 I now weight 173.


How long can a diabetic live without food

I was just wondering how long a diabetic can live without food (not including water). Does it make any difference?


How to properly work out?

Alright,this is a multi part question,so bare with, I bought this 25 pound dumb bell, how should I work out with it, how long will it take to atleast get some kind of bumps on my arm, and if I do this for a couple of months will I lose weight?


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Need to put on weight

I really want 2 put on weight but want 2 do it in a healthy manner does anyone know how?


Why can't I sleep a normal pattern anymore?

ello, I've been in a sleeping pattern starting from 10:30 pm for about 3 - 4 weeks thn wake up at 8:30 - 9:00 am but I can never get to sleep. I cannot take sleeping pills because im 2 young(13) but am planning to start a new diet, I've had sleeping pr...


Losing Weight in thighs

I have a perfect shape body, I don't want to change anything about it but my thighs. I have really big thighs and I really don't know how to lose weight in them and them only. I can't leave the house and jog everyday, so do you have any suggestion for ...


Losing weight at a young age?

I'm 14 and I want to lose 7 pounds I'm 5'6 and weigh 117 pounds. I play volleyball almost everyday and I'm athletic too. Do I need to lose the weight or am I okay to stay the same? Please help me! Thanks a ton!


Want to lose weight without anorexia?

Its sad. One topic leads to another. one girl killing herself because she wants to be SKINNY
what are you doing girls.. honestly who r u trying to impress does skinny make you happy? if you never feel skinny enough? its not going to end. look at your p...


how to get super skinny fast!!! please help

how can I get super skinny really fast. I have to go on a trip to Hershey park atthe end of may with my school and me ad my frieds t going bathing suit shopping and I wanna b really skinny now I m fat. my friends don't wanna tell me but I tell the to t...

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At wits end in the middle

I am 5'3 and I have a medium frame but a fat stomach that I can not get rid of I have tried everything and I do not flab anywhere else what is my ideal weight? and how does one get rid of belly fat that is over stomach muscles that get harder wi...


How to easily lose 9 lbs?

how can I loose 9 pounds easy

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How much weight will I lose by eating 600 calories a day?


question: I am 5”7 and weight about 55 kg… If I eat approximately 600 calories a day for the next two weeks and exercise around half an hour everyday.. how much weight do you think I can lose by August 18th?

heh. that sounded like a math proble...


What is 5'4 in inches?

im 5'4 and just under 9 stone am I over weight or normal ?


sunflower seeds?

well when ever I get the munchies since I try to maintain my weight I chew gum because it keeps my mind off of food, but now I have braces and cant chew gum so I munch on those salted roasted sunflower seed things ya know? well any ways is it loaded wi...


What is the average height for a 14 year old boy?

Is being 5'3' male at 14 an average height or short? Im constantly told im too short or I'm average height which one?


Yet another weight loss question.

I am 5'4", 164 pounds, with a 32" waist and 42" hips. I've lost like 20-30 pounds in the last 9 months, but my stomach fat is disproportionally large. I have what is commonly referred to as a spare tire, and I can't really find specific exercises to ma...


How can a 14 year old girl lose weight?

I feel really fat and I always feeling left out meaning that all of friends are skinny and I’m not. I try to do a diet plan but it doesn’t work for me. I don’t know what to do. I’m feeling less confident about myself every day. I want to lose 20 poun...


Fat waist

Ok,im 5 ft 9 inches and weight 8 stone 11 lbs,my hips measure 33 inches but my waist is 29 inches,I workout 5 times a wk and eat fairly healthy,how can I get a slimmer waist?

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