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How to survive a breakup

Getting over someone is hard. You've been dumped and the world is about to come to an end. Shorten the process and move on with your life with this free guide from Funadvice.


Boyfriend/girlfriend touching,rubbing,kissing, ect.

Well I guess you could say im...young. :p I have a boyfriend and we've been together for like um, 10 months. :) things are great, never fight..never argue everythings really perfect for us, and neither of us can imagine life with out the other. Yeah we...

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Who is the sexiest actress ?

Who is the sexiest actress ?

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Is trying to kill yourself a sign you need help?

Is killing yourself two times consider you as one of the psycho's?
First I tried to cut my wrist but I survived, because I felt alone and all these problems way back from the past! I can't forget about evrything that happened, I was sexually abu...


How do I know if he cummed in me ?

Okay I feel stupid asking this but I stayed at my friends house the other night and I had sex with her brother , well he pulled out really fast and said "okay are you straight" in other words asking me if I'm ready to stop ... I said "are you" and he s...

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Is it normal to miss periods if I haven't had sex?

is it normal to not have your period after a couple months and no I have not had sex with a guy so im not pregnant

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I don't want to have anal all the time and he does, what do I do?

My boyfriend likes anal. And we've done it a few time but it hurts so bad & I dont like doing it but he always wants to. I mean every once in awhile is ok but not everytime we have sex. And I've told him no but he gets mad. What do I do ?

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Why would it have been difficult to enforce the equal pay act 1970 and the sex discrimination act 1975 (in terms of woman's and men's rights, ect)?

I need to find out this and, also, what rights it would have given women and men in the workplace?



I had sex with my boyfriend on the 2nd (two.days.after my periodperiod)and he came inside me.I started feeling alll the signs except vomitting. I had headaches,nausea, backaches, white milky discharge,lower stomach pains but than on the 16,17 i started...

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What to buy my girlfriend from Victoria's Secret?

my girlfriend said for fun I could get her anything from victoria secret and she will wear it for me. What should I get her? I am thinking maybe a teddy or a g-string thing or botty shorts what do you think the sexiest gift would be for your girlfrie...

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Is it wrong to want to have a baby at 14?

I think I'd be a very good mom. I'm not a partier; And I'd love the baby more than life itself. I'm only 14, and I'm not sure how my mom would react, but I don't think it'd be horrible. I'm not very financially stable, but I'll always find a way. My bo...


Best way for a male to masterbate

What is the best way for a male to masterbate

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What age do girls generally become horny and want to have sex?

Ok I am a young teenager now and I have become very horny and attracted to girls and been have more fantasys about have sex with some, I feel as If I am a step ahead of them with this feeling and that sex does not interest them in anyway at this time....

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What does it mean when a guy says "you make my dick hard"?

Just the other day I was making out with this kid who I'm attracted to but I don't think he's really into me that much. I mean it was enough for him to kiss me, but I still don't get that vibe that he likes me. So anyways, as we were hooking up he goes...


Can i get pregant even if he didnt cum or precum?

I stayed the night at my boyfriends house and we had sex but we didnt really finish. He didnt cum but could I still be pergent?

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can I get pregnant if the hymen is not broken?

today me and my boyfriend tryd to have sex but it was very painfull for me of course. after a little bit of stroking it didnt hurt as much anymore well in fact it didnt hurt. he was not all the way in and did not break the hymen. but he came. he pulled...


how do i sext?

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How do I get my girlfriend to have sex with me?

Me and my girlfriend have been going out for almost a year now. She knows I want to have sex but she wants to wait till marriage T_T. She also fingers herself so I think she thinks about sex. How do I convince her???

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My face

I dont like the way my face is how do I make it sexyier (n yes im a boy and I ant gay)

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How is it possable to fall in love through a dream?

How do I begin, I just got back from a deployment to Iraq, and while you are there you get close to people, you know there weaknesses and the good point, there ups and ...


What are my stomach pains a week after sex caused from?

I had sex about a week and a bit again
Ever since I've had pains, could the pains have anything to do with the sex or am I thinking to much into it?


Why does my vagina taste "salty"?

For the first time in like five months I let my boyfriend give me head again.
We've been dating for 7 months, and we're sexually active, but I'm so insecure about how my vagina smells.. and if it smells it tastes bad.

So for the longest time I've b...


Eyes tear when I give head

Almost every time except once or twice when giving head to my boyfriend, my eyes tear. and it looks like im crying and it freaks my boyfriend out and turns off the mood for both of us cause he feels bad. I really can't control it though and it's not li...

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Sex on saturday got my pierod on monday

I need help I don't know wats wrong. I had sex on saturday got my pierod on monday but I dont get my pieord till september 30th does anyone know wats the probelm? I know I should ask my doctor but I need a second opion


I want my boyfriend to suck my boobs

I and my boyfriend share a very happy and a satisfied sex life.but there is this prob.,I always want him to give more time to my boobs...I love him sucking them hard...the pain makes me feel on the top of the world.but is this normal that instead of al...

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How to stop m*sturbating because I feel guilty?

Masterbation, I would like to quit because I feel guilty afterwards


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