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Best way for a male to masterbate

What is the best way for a male to masterbate

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Does it hurt to get your cherry popped and how much blood is there?

ok! I have seen many different answers but I want to know seriously 1 girl thats not a virgin tell me...on a scale from 1-10 (10 horrible pain & 1 you couldnt feel it) how bad was it? and did you bleed a lot?? how much you think & how old are u? also, ...

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How can I make my vagina smell better?

I have a smell but it doesn't stinks or nothing it just isn't a smell I want down there. I want my boyfriend to perform oral sex on me but I am scared of what he would say and do. When he does I want him to like it and not smell a smell down there that...

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I want my boyfriend to suck my boobs

I and my boyfriend share a very happy and a satisfied sex life.but there is this prob.,I always want him to give more time to my boobs...I love him sucking them hard...the pain makes me feel on the top of the world.but is this normal that instead of al...

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Dirty text messages

I want to send a dirt text message to my guy...

Were crazy about eachother but were always away from eachother with work and stuff and I still want to drive him crazy (in a good sexual way) So GIRLS what have you used that your guy seemed to really ...

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Why does my vagina smell like fish?

my vigina smells like fish? whys that and I have not had sex or done anything and it smells really bad and I am embarraced to see my boyfriend incase he can smell my vigina I was my self 2 times a day down there and it still smells and it is itch but t...

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Why do I have stomach pain after sex?


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Ways for girls to masterbate

I'm kind of scared to shove a pen up there are ther any other ideas for masterbating?

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How long should you bleed after your hymen breaks?

I believe my cherry was popped recently after having sex and I just wanted to know how long will it bleed and how much.

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Does female cum look different?

Me and my boyfriend had unprotected sex and after he pulled out there was whitish looking stuff on my vagina. He said he pulled out before he started ejaculating, and said that stuff came out after we finished when I started shaking, so it was mine. Do...

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Does sex before your period make it come late?

Okay, I had protected sex, and he didn't even ejackulate. But We had sex, a day before my period was supossed to start.. & it didn't start? Does having sex the day before you start, throw it off a couple days or should I be worried?


Can you feel the guy's penis in your stomach during sex?

This question is completely out of curiosity, but I heard that when you have sex, you can feel the guys dick in your stomach. Is that true and what's it like?

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What can I stick my dick in?

I am a 15 year old guy. And I sometimes get the urge to stick my dick in something. I dont know what to use. And I cant get any sex toys, so dont suggest them.

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How soon after sex can you tell you're pregnant?

Ok. So I've been having sex for the past 2 days. My boyfriend has been ejaculating in me but the problem is, my vagina is hurting and it burns/hurts when I go pee. Whats up with that?..And another ? is ...How many days after sex could I be able to tell...

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Is it okay to get your period the day after sex?

Hi..I have another question.
I got my period this morning. The day after sex.
I hear that's not good at all. And that it means you could be pregnant.

But I was supposed to start it


does masturbation makes your vigina loose or not?

does masturbation makes your vigina loose or not? is it normal for a 15 year old girl to masturbate does it harm her?

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Do women enjoy watching men masturbate?

I know most guys really like watching a woman pleasure herself. But last night, I decided the sex with my girlfriend had gotten boring, so I suggested we watch each other masturbate. I often find I enjoy masturbation more than sex because 1) I'm look...

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How do I know if he cummed in me ?

Okay I feel stupid asking this but I stayed at my friends house the other night and I had sex with her brother , well he pulled out really fast and said "okay are you straight" in other words asking me if I'm ready to stop ... I said "are you" and he s...

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Why Can't My Man Cum?

My boyfriend and I have been together for a year and a couple months. And have been having sex for 11 months. But I have not seen any actual cum come out his penis except for a lil bit of precum. Hes only 19 and says its cause hes been having sex a lot...


why do I keep getting stomach pains after sex? am I pregnant?

I had sex 3 days ago and I keep getting stomach pains in my lower belly, bellow by bellybutton. and I honestly dont think I look pregnant, because im really skinny so I would be able to tell, but I just feel when I flex my stomach right by my left and ...


how to increase my girlfriend boobs size.

as my girlfriend have very small boobs, I want to increase her boobs size so that she looks sexy. pls help ???//

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Why does my vagina taste "salty"?

For the first time in like five months I let my boyfriend give me head again.
We've been dating for 7 months, and we're sexually active, but I'm so insecure about how my vagina smells.. and if it smells it tastes bad.

So for the longest time I've b...


How can I find new ways to masturbate?

I have been uber-horny lately and fingering is not pleasuring me as much as it use to. How do I get more climax if I cant buy anything?

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Household items for masturbation

I don't have a girlfriend right now and I was wondering what I could use to masturbate with that is almost like a girl. What could I find around the house? Please and thank you

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Can I be pregnant if the condom did not break?

Okay, so I had protected sex two days before my period, and the condom did not break. But I'm five days late. Am I pregnant?

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