Do you find the bible to be a "reliable" source?

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whats your response to this then?

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i think its worse listening to :)

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Well, not really. There’s many different versions, many different beliefs and that was written a long time ago, who knows what is true and what isn’t. Some things are exaggerated, myths and some may be true but no one can know for sure. The bible and beliefs are just something personal and nothing more.

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Not really. The bible is supposedly correct. But it is written by man. And, as you can tell, man is not always correct.

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worth lol

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Why would you get in the way of someone else’s religion? Just leave it be with controversy.

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im not trying to get in the way of anything, people will believe what they want. im just trying to get peoples opinions on things and understand their P.O.V

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No. I’m a Christian and I still say no. Whilst studying the bible closely you’ll realize differences between each of the Gospels, each of the writers wrote things differently. Some omitted parts while other kept parts. There are many inconsistencies. I personally feel that the Bible is good to read but not so much if you are looking for historical accuracies.

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oh would you mind telling me about the inconsistencies? ive heard of them but i dont know them.

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No because a lot of its contents are not facts.

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I think if u look for controversy in the bible God will give u a moutain to build on. I think there is a bible verse about that…there will always be skeptics and believers. U can take anything and twist it into something else. Or u can put all ur trust in it and let it lead u to the righf answers. I definitely take the bible as a credible source. U can always say well how do i no the bible is real. U could say how is life real. How do we no we arent in the matrix haha.

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I think that videovis purely opinion. And doesnt make me believe any less. I dont need proof that Gox exists. God made this world how he wanted and left no fingerprints behind. Just as he wanted.

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Yes and no. I think its not necessarily all correct, as it was written by man, but a lot of it is fact and is verifiable. I wouldnt say I believe every little thing in it without question, but I would say its just as reliable as any historical document. As the context changes and as things are translated to different languages and more modern versions it becomes more difficult to interpret was the original meaning was, of many things not just the bible. And I think in many ways its much more reliable than scientists speculating about what things were like millions of years ago and presenting this information as truth where infact no one actually knows because in cases such as these no account, perfect or flawed, exists.

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what parts are verifiable?

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Not really… I know a million people have already answered ur question but tbh I don’t believe its all that consistent. Humans are known for exaggerating and mixing more lies into truth. We can’t be sure of whats true and whats false… Still, it is an interesting read…

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A reliable source for what? Toilet paper? Sure.

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There are alot if prophecies in the bible that have come true. I googled this the other day. There are over 100. And they are more detailed and correct than any other prophecies predicted by anyone ever

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no there are prophecies in the bible that are fulfillied in the bible lol

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what? i dont understand.

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oh nevermind i get it haha

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Not entirely

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Revelations itself has many fulfilled prophecies

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okay im interested. could you give me one prophecy that you found that was fulfilled outside of the bible? as in, after the bible was written

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These people dont go off opinions, they go off of hard facts and evidence.

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They are obvious to the found. People who trust in the bible find it easily. People who wanna be skeptics will find a way not to see easily.

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not really. it only predicts the destruction of the world and how it will come to be, which btw, there is always some Great Depression or trying time in our world. what we are experiencing today is no different than any other time in history

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if they are obvious than can you tell me?

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The bible talks about many things known to be fact. It talks about many people and places that have actually existed and the accounts add up with other historical accounts

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okay but like what? give me an example here. im not just gonna believe because you say it is.

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Like i said either u will trust or u will find a way out

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Ok yea if that was fact, that thd bible is wrong. Then tell me why is there still many followers?

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“I referred your inquiries to our staff archeologist, Dr. George Stuart. He said that archaeologists do indeed find the Bible a valuable reference tool, and use it many times for geographical relationships, old names and relative chronologies. On the enclosed list, you will find many articles concerning discoveries verifying events discussed in the Bible.” ~ National Geographic Society, Washington D.C.

R.D. Wilson who wrote “A Scientific Investigation of the Old Testament” pointed out that the names of 29 Kings from ten nations (Egypt, Assyria, Babylon and more) are mentioned not only in the Bible but are also found on monuments of their own time. Every single name is transliterated in the Old Testament exactly as it appears on the archaeological artifact – syllable for syllable, consonant for consonant. The chronological order of the kings is correct.

Until 1993 there was no proof of the existence of King David or even of Israel as a nation prior to Solomon. Then in 1993 archeologists found proof of King David’s existence outside the Bible. At an ancient mound called Tel Dan, in the north of Israel, words carved into a chunk of basalt were translated as “House of David” and “King of Israel” proving that he was more than just a legend.

Then in 2005 Israeli archaeologist Eilat Mazar found King David’s palace relying on the Bible as one of her many tools. She says, “What is amazing about the Bible is that very often we see that it is very accurate and sometimes amazingly accurate

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By the way, surely you should believe everything I say without question - Im a scientist

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all that means is that whoever wrote the bible took characters in his lifetime and wrote about them and used them in the stories. like i were to write a story about obama, obviously there is proof of obama existing, but there is no proof of my story with obama. for example, there are several things backing up Julius Caesars existance, who lived before jesus, but nothing to back up jesus existing. and there are thousands of similiar stories out there involving a jesus. just like there many stories out there with the same cities and people but different situations and stories.

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if i were to

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by different stories, i mean of different times and of different religions. which just confuses me because why isnt there just one story with the same person with proof backing it up like Julius Caesar? doesnt make sense to me.

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why do so many children believe in santa? because their parents told them he existed and read stories to them about his existance :)

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Finding a way out? Lol of course its not enough proof for athiest…thats how He wanted it.

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They are clearly more than just stories, they correlate with other historical documents, and are regarded by people with a great deal more knowldge than you as being highly accurate. If you go back to my original reply, you will find I said many things in the bible are factual and verifiable. I did not say I believe everything in it, for various reasons, but you asked if the bible in reliable. I think I have given good reasons for why I think it is in many ways reliable. Clearly all you want to do is start arguements and cause controversy, as you appear to have no interest in paying attention to what others have to say, and you are determined to act like nothing in the bible could equate to fact even when you are given sensible arguments to the contrary.

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lol ya its comparable to santa … u no like i said. U will find a way out if u look. Ur not trusting. And that’s u. Whatever u want. There is a holy war going on and the devil is almost winning. Not for me tho ;)

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no i dont want to start an argument. i want to know peoples opinions and there p.o.v and then put my knowledge in. im just trying to figure it all out. there are a lot of things in the bible, like cities, existing today, but my main question is, where is the proof that the events happened? im not trying to cause “controversy”

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well im not about to waste my life on the dim hope that this may or may not be true. if god showed himself in the image of a burning bush to moses, why isnt he doing the same to everyone else? its like i were to kidnap someone off the corner of the street at gunpoint and take them to a candy store with millions of different candies, and i told them, pick the right candy, like it, or i will kill you.

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Haha there will neved be proof to the blind. After all its about faith. Im sure u no this. U will never figure it out. Many have tried.

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well if i can find a way out of it, then its hard to believe that god really wants me on his side. i would think he would be trying a little harder. theres been a holy war going on for centuries and yet still, no impact. i would like to think that a loving god would come right now, to save others from pain, to save other souls, and not make us wait so long :)

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Proof to the blind? i am not blind. i was a christian all my life up until a certain point and god never showed me any proof of himself. the bible says, ask, and you will recieve. im still waiting for my 100 dollars.

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What does believing really hurt? Its all about good things. Teaches u how to live a good life. God had to get his name out there somewhere. Now that it is we are to have faith. Moses is a select few that saw him. If he showed himself to be real to everyone then whatz the point if faith? Its the hole thing. Free will.

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Its all a test and u failed

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I never mentioned anything about burning bushes or that the bible is reliable evidence that God exists. What I did say is that the bible is in many ways a reliable account of historical events, and can be backed up by other historical accounts. If you were being open-minded about this, you could admit that there is atleast some truth in the bible. I never tried to tell you that burning bushes etc actually happened. Maybe they did. But there is no actual proof and as such I cannot comment on the reliability of those parts.

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I have never seen proof either. But i will never stray. To ask of such things from God is disrespectful. Show me proof or i wikk forsake u….sounds like ur faith waz already weak

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so you’re saying that without god giving you instructions on how to live a good life, youd be out murdering people? if he showed himself to everyone, than surely he would know who truly believes in for him and who isnt. i mean thats basically like picking favorites. ill show myself to some of you and the rest of you can just go die in a hole.

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There is a reazon for all. Ur faith waz weak. He doesn’t force things….free will

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Haha no but wat could it hurt really

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i am very open minded. i did admit that there is truth to the bible, such as the cities existing, but no evidence to back up the stories. my faith was not weak:) and you forget that the bible says to challenge god and he will not fail.

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well first of all he did force things when he killed the whole world except for noah and his family haha.

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he is waiting for people to be saved. For when he comes it will be to late. He warned. There was a book written on how to go to heaven

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i would trust that book if it wasnt edited a million times by other people.

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Haha becuz he knew the reason behind it all.those people were evil and the world would have been a disaster. He did it for the better. If u wanna talk like he is real. Then u must no that God did that becuz the workd was horrible place then and corrupt by evil.

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so everyone else but noah and his family were evil. thats hard to believe. instead of proving to those people that he loved them and wanted them to believe in him, he just killed them all. he also killed many children. very hard to love a murderer. anyways, this isnt what i wanted to discuss. i wanted to discuss the reliablity of the bible. if you would like to debate further than funmail me.

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Your forgetting about free will again. He is trying. Ur in bible school. My words to u may be Him trying but a stubborn heart will not allow it. Ur pretty much committing the unforgivable sin.

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No thanks there is no point. Good luck to you

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free will is letting someone choose. he could have easily came to those people and shown himself to them and let them to choose, but obviously he didnt, because the only good people who believed in him, noah and his family, survived.

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Lol thats not the way it works. Its not show urself or i will forsake u. Yes he coukd easily zhow hisself to us all. How are u gonna choose not to believe and follow him if he showed hisself? Unless ur an idiot. Its about faith. Thats real love for him. Not fake love that needs more proof then the bible and everything so obvious to the found.

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God did show himself in Jesus. People are never satisfied with anything and always want more. They still resulted in sinfull ways

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well i dont think you’re one to be saying how “god” works. and im basically repeating myself over and over again here. if god doesnt show himself to unbelievers, than obviously hes perfectly fine with them going to hell.

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thats nothing i didnt already know. did you ever go to history class? in our history books, there are events in there from so long ago its hard to grasp. so i dont think big events like the red sea where god showed himself would be forgetten

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especially since you guys believe that the world is only 6000-10000 years old

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Oh man ur hopelesss. Im not saying how God works. Im sayin hiw the obvious works. Its about faith. Everyone knows that. He showed himself before the bible before jesus. Now that he has written a book even still its not good enough . If he didnt care none of that would have happened. It is mankind that is selfish and wants more

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Dont put me in the category of creationist. Im not.

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If u already knew that then why are u still questioning why he doesnt show himseld. It clearly states why

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well i wouldnt be hopeless if god gave a damn about me. and obviously everybody does not know because news flash, there are actually people out there that are completely unaware that christianity is even an option. he did not write the book, man did, and they changed it over the course of time. he created us, so he should expect nothing less.

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no it clearly states why he beats around the bush and doesnt care enought to get off his lazy butt and stop making angels and his son do his dirty work.

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He does love u. So much. U are being stubborn. Im sorry ur filled with that. He wrote the book through man. It is Holy and protected by Him. He did create us. He was nice enough to give us free will instead if being puppets on his string. Im sorry but i find it hard to believe that there are ppl that are not aware if God in some kind of religion

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he does more than u no. He is to Holy for us to understand the sooner u accept that the sooner u will see. His son was zent to save us

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im not being stubborn. it is not protected by him, by the simple fact that N.I.V changes the wording so that it applies to everyone, male and female. and yeah actually theres a little place called North Korea where they are controlled and have no outside knowledge of what is going on in the world. so then are you saying that every god in every religion is the right god?

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im sorry but i dont think somebody who sits in his throne killing people and setting up rules that people will break, is holy.

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Thats ok..thats u. Im not trying to fight with ya. No not every god iz right lol. Not to me. Its ok. Im not trying to go all into this. There is really no point. U will believe what u believe and so will i.

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Even if God smacked u in the face u would find a way out haha. Oh it was ur imagination ;) it is what it is. U believe what u believe

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no if god smacked me in the face i would believe instantly. id be the biggest preacher and believer there is. but he hasnt, sooooo…. :)

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i think he has lol

Answer #86

no he hasnt :)

Answer #87

Right then :) U just do what makes ya happy. Goox luck to ya. See ya on judgement day

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you forget that it is a sin to say the fate and judge the fate of others. only god can do that. better start praying.

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I didnt judge u haha. U may be a really good person and still go to heaven. I simply said see ya when He gets here. As if saying he will get here becuz i believe

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Not once did i say u were gonna go to hell. U must be worried

Answer #91

oh but you forget that only those who believe in jesus get into heaven. you cant get in purely through good works.

Answer #92

True but i still didnt judge ;)

Answer #93

Ya never no u may be saved one day

Answer #94

pigs will literally have to fly.

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Not really im christian but some of there things on there i dont beleive and it is not reliable in my sight but i still love god

Answer #97

I do, yes, very much so. :)

Answer #98

Very disrespectful.

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Hahaha, a reliable source of edited, ancient, controling wisdom yes. A good read and it works for some. But it sure isnt for all of us. Living a good, clean, giving life is enough. I dont need a ‘bible’ to tell me that.

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Nope its not for all of us,,,but it is for some. I agree with onemandog…Grow up and learn to be a respectful well mannered person.

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Why do you think a person cant grow up and be a respectful well mannered person without reading the bible?

Answer #102

You putting words in people’s mouth?

Answer #103

haha no i never said that… a person can be just that without the bible. I was refurring to the toilet paper response.

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I fully admit that my response was disrespectful, but it was meant to be taken lightly. I initially just meant to ask her what she was asking the bible was a reliable source for in particular, and I suppose it didn’t come off so well and that point was missed. I can be a respectful person when I wish to.

Answer #105

well im sure you can, but you dont. we all can be anything we want if we put our heads to it, its if we chose to or not. I did not take that in offense. I dont expect anything more from you honestly. Not suprising at all. No harm done :)

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I thought it was funny. Merlin, no one is putting words in anyones mouth. There are lots of valid points and questions being put accross.

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I thought it was funny. Merlin, no one is putting words in anyones mouth. There are lots of valid points and questions being put accross.

Answer #108

Merlin was addressing your “Why do you think a person cant grow up and be a respectful well mannered person without reading the bible?” post. You pulled that out of nowhere, Hannah didn’t even mention the bible in her previous post. Made you sound like you were trying to attack her. I think, anyways. I may just be putting words in his mouth now.

Answer #109

Yes there is, but you did put words in my mouth when you said why do i think a person cant grow up and be a respectful well mannered person without reading the bible….when i actually never said that. Its all good though. Funny to some, disrespectfull to others. thats the way the world turns. Nothin to get all puffy over :)

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haha you remember my name <3 awe :p hehe

Answer #111

I may come off as rude to you most of the time, but I remember things about people.

Answer #112

Maybe it was the wording and the use of full stops and commas. I appologise. I thought you were saying that the bible is for some people AND that you agree one should grow up and be respectful. I thought the two statements were linked.

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Spatch - I see no prob :D Cassie ;) i remember too. Its ok, you are who you are. I love ya anyways

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H.ell no. Religions are organized by power-hungry conspirators who just happen to come up with a conspiracy that one can actually BS through and explain. I believe in science.

Answer #115

Prove it?

Answer #116

No. It’s a good conversation starter, when I say “conversation” I should have said debate, or argument, or war starter. The Bible is merely a book that Christians live by. It’s their rule book. Though Jesus was a real person, one of the few facts from the Bible, it does not mean the Bible is by any means s reliable source. There has been more bloodshed over what’s written on those pages than anything. All the hatred in this world had to start somewhere.

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There is absolutely no proof that jesus every existed.

Answer #120 i ended up answering my own question through my own research hahaha

Answer #121

Absolutely. I can go to it for any situation im going through, no matter if its specifically mentioned in the Bible or not. Ugh, I love it. Its my favorite book. And totally true and trustworthy, mm

Answer #122

If “God” wants people to follow “him”, why would “he” make it possible for one to find so many inconsistencies?

Answer #123

Let me get this straight. Christians believe that a magical being created the earth by talking to it, rules over everyone, is going to judge people and send them into Hell (which is, by definition, “separation from God”… egotistical?) if they don’t do what he says. Nobody’s ever seen this “God”; though people have claimed they do, there’s no proof or credibility seeing as all descriptions have been completely different. Think about it. “God” is just another story people have made up to manipulate each other and make each other follow certain rules, like Santa for kids. THERE IS NO SENSE IN THIS.

Answer #124

Its a lot deeper than that. Learn and understand it. Its actually a lot more sensable then that

Answer #125

not really, no. thats exactly what it is.

Answer #126

Enlighten me, cause I’ve only been in a Christian family for 16 years. What, exactly, is sensible and deep about it?

Answer #127

Don’t bother Hannah. Some people are just plain stubborn, some are just plain stupid. And they shouldn’t try to pin you in a corner of your own belief.

Answer #128

Your right Merlin. You have been in a christian family but are blind to what is the meanin of it all. I seriously wont waste my time lol. You can believe what you want. But for me its way deeper than that. Only ignorant uninformed people think like that. Even the most athiest people i no, think that God is more complex and sensable than that.

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Man seriously. Let people believe in God. I cannot explain why the bible contridicts itsself. Alli no is I trust God and I know he is real. I have my reasons i wont go into detail. I dont need people judging every little thing about God. its like yal are hiding waiting to jump out and attack. Sound like dam antichrists. Seriously… get over it. People wont stop believing

Answer #130

Actually i really dont care anymore about what anyone says. I am not to argue with an unbeliever. There is an explanation for all bible contridictions in my eyes. Probably not in yours becuz you dont trust. You thrive off attackin beliefs. Get over it lol. Have fun trying to figure out the impossible. PUT TWO AND TWO TOGETHER… ITS ABOUT FAITH.

Answer #131

Yeah I thrive off of attacking peoples’ beliefs… OPEN YOUR EYES. Faith is one thing, pure stupidity is another entirely. There’s literally no proof that Christianity exists besides people saying so. Don’t even try to tell me that people are trustworthy. Merlin, I’m not pinning anyone into any corners. I simply commented on the question like everyone else did. I didn’t initiate a debate on my comment. The fact that you “won’t even bother” only shows me that you have no answers for my questions. I honestly would like to know how you people can believe something that is not backed by any evidence. I wouldn’t call me stupid if I were you, PRETTY POSITIVE I have a higher IQ than both of you…

Answer #132

You think your smarter than me? :) Why did you even say that, it wasn’t relevant. But you want proof Christianity ‘exists’? What do you need? Witnesses? Done. Documentation? Done. Do you want to engage with the entity we worship? It’s as easy as asking him. But according to the Bible, he doesn’t delight in fools, so if go, ‘ehh ill see what happens. Hey God, ya there?’ don’t expect a miracle. Btw, heard of the Dead Sea Scrolls? Or how about Israel’s multiple unbelievable military victories? Do you really bother reading about Christianity, or do you just look at a Bible and say its not real? Why do you think there’s no proof? I only said you backed her into a corner because talking to nonvelievers can be irritating and pointless.

Answer #133

I don’t understand.. Christianity exists… God may not i am seriously confused on what Tori is talking about. But I do agree a bit with Tori even tho Annie tried persuading me to believe more :P remember that Annie? I guess there is some evidence to God existing but every year we find Science to smash what the Bible says is a work of God. Now Annie don’t get angry cuz i know how much u love to say that the Bible has the answers that Science doesn’t I am just giving my opinion :)

Answer #134

Tori, people like you are the reason most people consider athiests to be ignorant d*cks most of the time. Attacks like that are uncalled for.

Answer #135

thank u Okaio because i don’t like people classifying atheists as ignorant douchebags…

Answer #136

Merlin, you referred to “people like me” as stubborn and stupid… So yes, it was relevant. And I HAVE read the bible, all the way through twice. I HAVE done my research, I’m not one of the ignorant people who just says things without knowing what they are saying. Israel’s miraculous victories are highly comparable to the few times that the Oakland Raiders win an NFL game… Just dumb luck. Whether nonbelievers are irritating and pointless to talk to or not, I didn’t corner anybody. There is more scientific evidence against the existence of your “God” than there is for it. @0kai0, if you don’t like what I’m saying, you can remain quiet :) I was attacking nobody.

Answer #137

Haha just be cool man ;) we all love u anyway. Thats my xtian duty :p lol Not mad at ya smashdown- we all have our opinions. Tori-is its that senseless then why does half the world believe? Obviously there us more to it than just that crap that u said.

Answer #138

haha yeah! :P thank u annie ;)

Answer #139

do yal all get an alert when someone comments on here?

Answer #140

no just an email saying u commented on it but no alert :/

Answer #141

Why, for instance, did an unstoppable armada of Syrian tanks bound for Tel Aviv at the start of the Yom Kippur War in 1973, suddenly stop just north of Tiberius and simply wait for the Israeli army to arrive so they could surrender without a fight? When an Israeli tank commander found himself and his men in the middle of a mine field, how was the prayer of one of his men suddenly followed by an unprecedented wind that blew away nearly a foot of topsoil and then just as suddenly stop, revealing the hiding places of thousands of mines so the soldiers could escape unharmed? Why, during the war for independence, did a battalion of Jordanian soldiers approaching the position of a handful of Israeli soldiers defending Mt. Zion without ammunition, suddenly shout “Abraham” and turn and flee? How could three dozen teenagers, survivors of the Holocaust, walk right past a company of Egyptian soldiers in the Negev without being seen? -taken from a synopsis of Against All Odds, check it out. And the Oakland Raiders… alltime regular season record of 426-351-11, not including 21 postseason appearances, and 3 superbowl titles. If the Raiders are christianity, i like my odds. And yeah, that comment was a generalization, not referring directly to you, thought your insane genius woul recognize that. Ill point it out next time. Gimme some of this scientific evidence you seem to want to defend with your life.

Answer #142

I like :)

Answer #143

Merlin, i like how u have great examples to back up what you debated about. Respect.

Answer #144

i know a LOT about football. That was her biggest mistake. ;)

Answer #145

yeah haha but i also meant the israeli military miracles :P

Answer #146

slashdown- oh …i thouht i was missing out haha. Ur cool

Answer #147

me? or merlin?

Answer #148

Well u both are lol

Answer #149

thank u annie ;)

Answer #150

I have read several versions of the bible including the KJV with Strong’s numbers. The Strong’s Concordance is a (English) translation of Hebrew/Aramaic and Latin words used in the Bible. Concerning the first 5 books (Pentateuch or books of Moses) I think it is a story of an “experiment” that went wrong. I believe it tells a story of what happened, what went wrong, the steps taken to try to remedy the situation and ultimately abandonment (of the Hebrews).

I think it is a story of misunderstood technology (cloning of Eve), (processing trees into lumber) that was written, not to be understood at the time it was given to Moses, but for a future generation of people who had the technology and vocabulary to understand its message. The ‘tree of knowledge’ was a barrier room or jail used to house an undesirable entity or person.

Unfortunately, as is usually the case with men, someone got the idea to use this story to ‘control the masses’; found messages of morality that may or may not be there and created a whole ‘industry’ based on selling salvation and a sales rep for god.

Concerning the rest of the Bible, I have little or no opinion.

Answer #151

@ Tori Atheists have their god too! They commandeered a word that originally meant, a single non-reproducible event, turned it into a proper noun by capitalizing the first letter, endowed it with all sorts of mystical powers including omnipotence and omniscience that defy ALL the laws of physics and called it the “Singularity”. True Science says matter cannot be created nor destroyed, but the atheist religion of the Sacred Singularity can…without question. True Science says nothing can happen in this Universe without it being caused by another event preceding it, but the atheist religion of the Sacred Singularity can violate this law…without question, and cause a whole Universe to be created by its own whim. The atheist religion says that the Sacred Singularity is outside the laws of physics, and this is okay because it is THEIR god, but other gods are held to a different standard, because they belong to someone else; and therefore are worshipped by the ignorant and unsophisticated.

Please tell me the difference between the god named Singularity and the Christian god, they appear have the same exact ‘super powers’. Why is the Sacred Singularity the TRUE god and the Christian god is a delusion of the mentally infirmed?

Answer #152

@elone I never claimed atheism. I believe in science.

Answer #153

I find it funny how uninformed and gullible some of you are. I’ve spent the greater part of my short life bugging librarians and old people for a little something that i like to call: research, and reading all of this just reminds me of why i hate religion to begin with. so if you all can stop waving your wands around like harry potter and forcing your false knowledge down the throats of innocent, unknowing people, then maybe one day your grown up words will be taken into consideration. after, of course, we stop associating god with football and relying upon hearsay folklore and stories that are less believable with less evidence than santa clause existing. so, why dont you all go read a book or something because i will be damned before i let my younger sister and future children grow up in a world where people slaughter the meaning of love by relating their god to it. What you people do is ignore all the bad parts of your religion and bible and then expect others to fall over heels for a god who killed over 20 million people in the bible and condones slavery and beating your wife, and who, lets face it, is a complete douche bag. so come to me after you are all r.aped and stoned for not screaming, are asked to murder your own child, are turned to a pillar of salt for turning back to look at your burning city, have had your unruly child stoned to death, have had to be forced to eat your own family, and then come to grips with the fact that atleast one of you is gonna end up with a gay baby. and then tell me you are all hot with the idea of them going to hell. after, of course, you teach this baby about a jesus who cant even get his story straight with his dad first before he sacrifices himself on the cross, and a bible with more flaws, contradictions, and inconsistencies than a old mans face, and nevermind the fact that there is more evidence that a vagabond psycho path lived in the era that jesus lived, when there is none that proves jesus existing. and after you all spend 50 days burning in hell, then you come to me and defend your god who requires a savior for each of you when im pretty sure none of you has murdered 20 million people because you were pmsing. at this point, i have a rotting piece of toast under my bed that knows more than the lot of you.

Answer #154

@ Tori And Im saying that the modern science you believe in is an Atheist religion, based on faith, the same faith that Christians and Muslims have. There is no scientific evidence for a Big Bang creation of the Universe, just like there is no scientific evidence for a god creating it. In fact there are so many holes in the Big Bang theory that 10 dimensions of space and multiple universes are needed to try and explain it. Physically show me some of these added dimensions? Physically show me one of these other universes? It only looks good on paper, in mathematical equations; JUST LIKE it looks good on paper in the Bible. Science has become science fiction and has a cult following (which qualifies it as a religion). Sadly that cult following includes teachers and college professors. Im not trying to ridicule you. If you believe in science demand some evidence, do your own research.

Answer #155

OMG you will never understand.

Answer #156

That’s where you’re wrong. I understand completely. I could say that YOU will never undestand, as you seem to be in some weird state of denial concerning this information hahaha

Answer #157

Hahahaha ur so cool eyeroll grow up. Ur not smarter than me. U dont no everything there is to no. Stop actin like ur so much smarter than everyone and we are all wrong. Its a matter of opinion and ours just dont match. Get over it :)

Answer #158

I never claimed to be smarter than you eyeroll but i will point out my amazing skills in spelling. i know, its quite shocking. at first, i suspected myself to be unearthly because of these skills. but as i journeyed far and wide, i found others out there that were like me. and i realized that no longer will I be alone in this cruel world. get over it :P

Answer #159


Answer #160

I’M NOT ATHEIST. I believe in science. I never said the big bang theory, SMARTIE. You’re trying to categorize me and it’s laughably inaccurate. @Pistol Annie’s Angel you’re just coming off as stupid… Seriously just stop talking…

Answer #161

wow yea sure you both need to stop being so dam rude and act like ladies. ur both acting like children. People will believe . respect it. get over it. and my spelling is fine. i am using text form spelling. Any idiot would see that

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