Anyone have proof of god?

I know this has been asked before but I want answers for my own question…Does anyone have any substantial proof that god is real?

Answer #1


Until the mid-20th century, the prevalent view across the world was that the universe was infinite, had existed forever and that it will continue to do so for all time. According to this view, known as the “static universe model,” the universe had no end or beginning. In maintaining that the universe is a collection of fixed, static and unchanging substances, this view has constituted the basis of materialist philosophy and has consequently rejected the existence of a Creator. However, as science and technology progressed during the 20th century, the static universe model has been completely uprooted. We have now entered the 21st century and a new dawn is upon us. Through numerous experiments, observations and calculation conducted by some of the world’s most prominent thinkers, modern physics has proven that the universe did indeed have a beginning, that it came into being from nothing in a single moment in a huge explosion. Furthermore, it has been established that the universe is not fixed and static, as materialists still stubbornly maintain. On the contrary, it is undergoing a constant process of movement, change and expansion. These recently-established facts all act as nails in the coffin of the static universe theory. Today, all these facts are universally accepted by the scientific community. The origin of the universe is described in the Qur’an in the following verse:

He is the Originator of the heavens and the earth. (Qur’an, 6:101)

This information is in full agreement with the findings of contemporary scientists. As we stated earlier, the conclusion that astrophysics has reached today is that the entire universe, together with the dimensions of matter and time, came into existence as a result of a great explosion that occurred a long time ago. This event, known as “The Big Bang,” is the catalyst for the creation of the universe from nothingness. This explosion, all parties in the scientific community agree, emanated from a single point some 15 billion years ago. (See Harun Yahya, The Creation of the Universe, Al-Attique Publishers Inc. Canada, 2000) Before the Big Bang, there was no such thing as matter. From a condition of non-existence in which neither matter, nor energy, nor even time existed-and which can only be described metaphysically-matter, energy, and time were all created in an instant. This fact, only recently discovered by modern physics, was announced to us in the Qur’an 1,400 years ago.

The sensitive sensors on board the COBE space satellite, launched by NASA in 1992, captured evidentiary remnants of the Big Bang. This discovery served as evidence for the Big Bang, which is the scientific explanation of the fact that the universe was created from nothing.


Edwin Hubble with his giant telescope In the Qur’an, which was revealed fourteen centuries ago at a time when the science of astronomy was still primitive, the expansion of the universe was described in the following terms: And it is We Who have constructed the heaven with might, and verily, it is We Who are steadily expanding it. (Qur’an, 51:47) The word “heaven,” as stated in the verse above, is used in various places in the Qur’an. It is referring to space and the wider universe. Here again, the word is used with this meaning, stating that the universe “expands.” The Arabic word “moosiaaoona” in the term “inna lamoosiaaoona,” translated into English as “it is We Who are steadily expanding it”, comes from the verb “evsea,” meaning “to expand.” The prefix “la” emphasises the following name or title and adds a sense of “to a great extent.” This expression therefore means “We expand the sky or the universe to a great extent.” This is the very conclusion that science has reached today. 1

Georges Lemaitre

Until the dawn of the 20th century, the only view prevailing in the world of science was that “the universe has a constant nature and it has existed since infinite time.” However, modern research, observations, and calculations carried out by means of modern technology have revealed that the universe in fact had a beginning and that it constantly “expands.” At the beginning of the 20th century, the Russian physicist Alexander Friedmann and the Belgian cosmologist Georges Lemaitre theoretically calculated that the universe is in constant motion and that it is expanding.

From the moment of the Big Bang, the universe has been constantly expanding at a great speed. Scientists compare the expanding universe to the surface of a balloon that is inflated. This notion was confirmed by the use of observational data in 1929. While observing the sky with a telescope, Edwin Hubble, the American astronomer, discovered that the stars and galaxies were constantly moving away from each other. This discovery is regarded as one of the greatest in the history of astronomy. During these observations, Hubble established that the stars emit a light that turns redder according to their distance. That is because according to the known laws of physics, light heading towards a point of observation turns violet, and light moving away from that point assumes a more reddish hue. During his observations, Hubble noted a tendency towards the colour red in the light emitted by stars. In short, the stars were moving further and further away, all the time. The stars and galaxies were not only moving away from us, but also from each other. A universe where everything constantly moves away from everything else implied a constantly expanding universe. The observations carried out in the following years verified that the universe is constantly expanding. In order to gain a clearer understanding of this, let us imagine the universe to be the surface of a balloon being inflated. In the same way that the more the balloon is inflated, the further away the points on its surface move from one another, celestial bodies also move away from one another as the universe expands. This was theoretically discovered by Albert Einstein, regarded as one of the greatest scientists of the 20th century. However, in order to avoid violating the “static universe model” that was generally accepted at that time, Einstein laid that discovery aside. He would later describe this as the greatest blunder of his life. 2 This fact was explained in the Qur’an in a time when telescopes and similar technological advancements were not even close to being invented. This is because the Qur’an is the Word of Allah: the Creator and Ruler of the entire universe.


The Big Crunch theory proposes that the universe, that began expanding with the Big Bang, will collapse in on itself with increasing speed. According to the theory, this collapse of the universe will continue until the universe has lost all its mass and turned into a single point of infinite density.

As we have stated above, the creation of the universe began with a huge explosion. From this point, the universe has been expanding ever since. Scientists say that when the mass of the universe has reached a sufficient level, this expansion will come to an end because of gravity, causing the universe to collapse in on itself. 3 It is also believed that the contracting universe will end in a fierce heat and contraction known as the “Big Crunch.” This would lead to the end of all forms of life as we know them. Renata Kallosh and Andrei Linde, professors of physics from Stanford University, made the following statements on the subject: The universe may be doomed to collapse and disappear. Everything we see now, and at a much larger distance that we cannot see, will collapse into a point smaller than a proton. Locally, it will be the same as if you were inside a black hole… We have found that some of the best attempts to describe dark energy predict that it will gradually become negative, which will cause the universe to become unstable, then collapse… Physicists have known that dark energy could become negative and the universe could collapse sometime in the very distant future… but now we see that we might be, not in the beginning, but in the middle of the life cycle of our universe. 4 This is how this scientific hypothesis of the Big Crunch is indicated in the Qur’an:

That Day We will fold up heaven like folding up the pages of a book. As We originated the first creation so We will regenerate it. It is a promise binding on Us. That is what We will do. (Qur’an, 21:104)

In another verse, this state of the heavens is described thus:

They do not measure Allah with His true measure. The whole earth will be a mere handful for Him on the Day of Rising the heavens folded up in His right hand. Glory be to Him! He is exalted above the partners they ascribe! (Qur’an, 39:67)

According to the Big Crunch theory, the universe will begin to collapse slowly and will then increasingly pick up speed. At the end of the process the universe will have infinite density and be infinitely hot and small. This scientific theory runs parallel to the Qur’anic explanation of this particular scientific concept. (Allah knows best)

The picture represents the Big Bang, which revealed once again that Allah created the universe from nothingness. The Big Bang is a theory that has been proven with scientific evidence. Although some scientists tried to advance arguments against the Big Bang, scientific evidence has caused the Big Bang theory to be completely accepted by the scientific community.


Scientists today are able to observe the formation of stars from a hot gas cloud. Formation from a warm mass of gas also applies to the creation of the universe. The creation of the universe as described in the Qur’an confirms this scientific discovery in the following verse:

He placed firmly embedded mountains on it, towering over it, and blessed it and measured out its nourishment in it, laid out for those who seek it-all in four days. Then He turned to heaven when it was smoke and said to it and to the earth, “Come willingly or unwillingly.” They both said, “We come willingly.” (Qur’an, 41:10-11)

The Arabic word for “smoke” in the above verse is “dukhanun,” which describes the hot, cosmic smoke in question. This word in the Qur’an, in pinpoint fashion, describes this smoke very accurately for it is a warm body of gas containing mobile particles connected to solid substances. Here, the Qur’an has employed the most appropriate word from the Arabic language for describing the appearance of this phase of the universe. Let us note that only in the 20th century have scientists discovered that the universe emerged from a hot gas in the form of smoke. 5 The fact that such information about the creation of the universe is given in the Qur’an is nothing short of a miracle of the Qur’an.


Another verse about the creation of the heavens is as follows:

Do those who disbelieve not see that the heavens and the earth were sewn together and then We unstitched them and that We made from water every living thing? So will they not believe? (Qur’an, 21:30)

The word “ratq” translated as “sewn to” means “mixed in each, blended” in the Arabic vernacular. It is used to refer to two different substances that make up a whole. The phrase “we unstitched” is the verb “fataqa” in Arabic and implies that something comes into being by tearing apart or destroying the structure of things that are sewn to one another. The sprouting of a seed from the soil is one of the actions to which this verb is applied. Let us take a look at the verse again. In the verse, sky and earth are at first subject to the status of “ratq.” They are separated (fataqa) with one coming out of the other. Intriguingly, when we think about the first moments of the Big Bang, we see that the entire matter of the universe collected at one single point. In other words, everything-including “the heavens and earth” which were not created yet-were in an interwoven and inseparable condition. Then, this point exploded violently, causing its matter to disunite.


The Qur’an contains a great many verses concerning the creation of the earth, the heavens and what lies between:

We did not create the heavens and earth and everything between them, except with truth. The Hour is certainly coming, so turn away graciously. (Qur’an, 15:85)

Everything in the heavens and everything on the earth and everything in between them and everything under the ground belongs to Him. (Qur’an, 20:6)

We did not create heaven and earth and everything in between them as a game. (Qur’an, 21:16)

Scientists state that first of all, a mass of hot gas increased in density. This mass later divided into smaller parts to form galactic matter and later still, the stars and planets. To put it another way, the Earth along with stars around it, are all parts which separated from a united body of gas. Some of these parts brought the suns and planets into being, thus leading to the emergence of the many Solar Systems and galaxies. As we have set out in earlier sections of this book, the universe was first in a state of “ratq” (fusion: combined together, united) and then became “fataqa” (divided into parts). The emergence of the universe is described with the most suitable words in the Qur’an, in such a way as to confirm the scientific accounts. 6 On the occasion of every division, a few particles remained outside the new, fundamental bodies forming in space. The scientific name for these extra particles is “interstellar galactic material.” Interstellar matter consists of 60% of hydrogen, 38% of helium and 2% of all other elements. 99% of the interstellar matter consists of interstellar gas and 1% of interstellar dust, which probably consists of heavy elements in small particles of 0,0001 to 0.001 mm in diameter. Scientists regard these substances as very important from the point of view of astrophysical measurements. These substances are so fine as to be capable of being regarded as dust, smoke or gas. However, when one considers these substances as a whole, they represent a larger mass than the total of all the galaxies in space. Although the existence of this interstellar galactic matter was only discovered in 1920, attention was drawn to the existence of these particles, described as “ma baynahuma”-translated as “everything between them”-hundreds of years ago in the Qur’an.7

Answer #2

Let us first begin by admitting that we are not gods nor do we possess all knowledge. It is also necessary to remove from our minds and hearts any prejudices and prior notions of how everything came into being and how it is being sustained and perpetuated. This is the critical first step to gaining any true knowledge and establishing facts based on proof. Ask anyone the question: “Do you believe in God?” and you are sure to receive a variety of answers. The question should be “What do you believe about God?”

Think about this: • If there is a creation, there must be a Creator. • If there is a Creator, He must be the Sustainer • The Creator Cannot Create Himself • If He is the sole Creator/Sustainer – He must be ONE

God must be one.Otherwise we would see great differences and competition between the gods if there were one – Alone. Do we agree that this is a creation? Or do we accept that nothing came out of nothing to form this entire universe? This is a very clear message from Allah, in the Quran. Something does not come out of nothing. So, there must be something in existence already which created all that we know to exist. And that “something” needs to be called upon in times of need and thanksgiving. As Allah has said in His Book: “I only created you all to worship Me Alone.” He also says that we are all being tested by Him with regard to our wealth, families, children and social status.

Scientists’ Comments on Scientific Miracles in the Quran:

The following are some comments of scientists1 on the scientific miracles in the Holy Quran. All of these comments have been taken from the videotape entitled This is the Truth.

  1. Dr. T. V. N. Persaud is Professor of Anatomy, Professor of Pediatrics and Child Health, and Professor of Obstetrics, Gynecology, and Reproductive Sciences at the University of Manitoba, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. There, he was the Chairman of the Department of Anatomy for 16 years. He is well-known in his field. He is the author or editor of 22 textbooks and has published over 181 scientific papers. In 1991, he received the most distinguished award presented in the field of anatomy in Canada, the J.C.B. Grant Award from the Canadian Association of Anatomists. When he was asked about the scientific miracles in the Quran which he has researched, he stated the following: “The way it was explained to me is that Muhammad was a very ordinary man. He could not read, didn’t know [how] to write. In fact, he was an illiterate. And we’re talking about twelve [actually about fourteen] hundred years ago. You have someone illiterate making profound pronouncements and statements and that are amazingly accurate about scientific nature. And I personally can’t see how this could be a mere chance. There are too many accuracies and, like Dr. Moore, I have no difficulty in my mind that this is a divine inspiration or revelation which led him to these statements.”

Professor Persaud has included some Quranic verses and sayings of the Prophet Muhammad in some of his books. He has also presented these verses and sayings of the Prophet Muhammad at several conferences.

  1. Dr. Joe Leigh Simpson is the Chairman of the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology, and Professor of Molecular and Human Genetics at the Baylor College of Medicine, Houston, Texas, USA. Formerly, he was Professor of Ob-Gyn and the Chairman of the Department of Ob-Gyn at the University of Tennessee, Memphis, Tennessee, USA. He was also the President of the American Fertility Society. He has received many awards, including the Association of Professors of Obstetrics and Gynecology Public Recognition Award in 1992. Professor Simpson studied the following two sayings of the Prophet Muhammad :

{In every one of you, all components of your creation are collected together in your mother’s womb by forty days…}

{If forty-two nights have passed over the embryo, God sends an angel to it, who shapes it and creates its hearing, vision, skin, flesh, and bones…}

He studied these two sayings of the Prophet Muhammad extensively, noting that the first forty days constitute a clearly distinguishable stage of embryo-genesis. He was particularly impressed by the absolute precision and accuracy of those sayings of the Prophet Muhammad . Then, during one conference, he gave the following opinion:

“So that the two hadeeths (the sayings of the Prophet Muhammad ) that have been noted provide us with a specific time table for the main embryological development before forty days.Again, the point has been made, I think, repeatedly by other speakers this morning: these hadeeths could not have been obtained on the basis of the scientific knowledge that was available [at] the time of their writing . . . . It follows, I think, that not only there is no conflict between genetics and religion but, in fact, religion can guide science by adding revelation to some of the traditional scientific approaches, that there exist statements in the Quran shown centuries later to be valid, which support knowledge in the Quran having been derived from God.”

  1. Dr. E. Marshall Johnson is Professor Emeritus of Anatomy and Developmental Biology at Thomas Jefferson University, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA. There, for 22 years he was Professor of Anatomy, the Chairman of the Department of Anatomy, and the Director of the Daniel Baugh Institute. He was also the President of the Teratology Society. He has authored more than 200 publications. In 1981, during the Seventh Medical Conference in Dammam, Saudi Arabia, Professor Johnson said in the presentation of his research paper:

“Summary: The Quran describes not only the development of external form, but emphasizes also the internal stages, the stages inside the embryo, of its creation and development, emphasizing major events recognized by contemporary science.”

Also he said: “As a scientist, I can only deal with things which I can specifically see. I can understand embryology and developmental biology. I can understand the words that are translated to me from the Quran. As I gave the example before, if I were to transpose myself into that era, knowing what I knew today and describing things, I could not describe the things which were described. I see no evidence for the fact to refute the concept that this individual, Muhammad, had to be developing this information from some place. So I see nothing here in conflict with the concept that divine intervention was involved in what he was able to write.”

  1. Dr. William W. Hay is a well-known marine scientist. He is Professor of Geological Sciences at the University of Colorado, Boulder, Colorado, USA. He was formerly the Dean of the Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science at the University of Miami, Miami, Florida, USA. After a discussion with Professor Hay about the Quran’s mention of recently discovered facts on seas, he said:

“I find it very interesting that this sort of information is in the ancient scriptures of the Holy Quran, and I have no way of knowing where they would come from, but I think it is extremely interesting that they are there and that this work is going on to discover it, the meaning of some of the passages.” And when he was asked about the source of the Quran, he replied: “Well, I would think it must be the divine being.”

  1. Dr. Gerald C. Goeringer is Course Director and Associate Professor of Medical Embryology at the Department of Cell Biology, School of Medicine, Georgetown University, Washington, DC, USA. During the Eighth Saudi Medical Conference in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, Professor Goeringer stated the following in the presentation of his research paper:

“In a relatively few aayahs (Quranic verses) is contained a rather comprehensive description of human development from the time of commingling of the gametes through organogenesis. No such distinct and complete record of human development, such as classification, terminology, and description, existed previously. In most, if not all, instances, this description antedates by many centuries the recording of the various stages of human embryonic and fetal development recorded in the traditional scientific literature.”

  1. Dr. Yoshihide Kozai is Professor Emeritus at Tokyo University, Hongo, Tokyo, Japan, and was the Director of the National Astronomical Observatory, Mitaka, Tokyo, Japan. He said:

“I am very much impressed by finding true astronomical facts in [the] Quran, and for us the modern astronomers have been studying very small pieces of the universe. We’ve concentrated our efforts for understanding of [a] very small part. Because by using telescopes, we can see only very few parts [of] the sky without thinking [about the] whole universe. So, by reading [the] Quran and by answering to the questions, I think I can find my future way for investigation of the universe.”

  1. Professor Tejatat Tejasen is the Chairman of the Department of Anatomy at Chiang Mai University, Chiang Mai, Thailand. Previously, he was the Dean of the Faculty of Medicine at the same university. During the Eighth Saudi Medical Conference in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, Professor Tejasen stood up and said:

“During the last three years, I became interested in the Quran . . . . From my study and what I have learned from this conference, I believe that everything that has been recorded in the Quran fourteen hundred years ago must be the truth, that can be proved by the scientific means. Since the Prophet Muhammad could neither read nor write, Muhammad must be a messenger who relayed this truth, which was revealed to him as an enlightenment by the one who is eligible [as the] creator. This creator must be God. Therefore, I think this is the time to say La ilaha illa Allah, there is no god to worship except Allah (God), Muhammadur rasoolu Allah, Muhammad is Messenger (Prophet) of Allah (God). Lastly, I must congratulate for the excellent and highly successful arrangement for this conference . . . . I have gained not only from the scientific point of view and religious point of view but also the great chance of meeting many well-known scientists and making many new friends among the participants. The most precious thing of all that I have gained by coming to this place is La ilaha illa Allah, Muhammadur rasoolu Allah, and to have become a Muslim.”

After all these examples we have seen about the scientific miracles in the Holy Quran and all these scientists’ comments on this, let us ask ourselves these questions: Could it be a coincidence that all this recently discovered scientific information from different fields was mentioned in the Quran, which was revealed fourteen centuries ago? Could this Quran have been authored by Muhammad or by any other human being? The only possible answer is that this Quran must be the literal word of God, revealed by Him.

Answer #3

TORIKEENE I actually saw a documentary a yr or so ago on tv a while ago about the facts that can disprove noah’s ark and the things are are not provern either way, but very questionable. I live in england, so I’m not sure if or when this docu’ was shown in the USA. I don’t know how to find the information from this prog’, esp’ as I cant remember what it was called. instead I’m trying to find info’ on the net.

I found these interesting points on

they think noah’s ark was in turkey…so how did animals from the whole world get onto the ark? evidense shows animals and people were spread over the whole world, not just turkey. in those days they had no knowledge of such contries as australia and america, so how did they collect those animals? how did they catch difficult things like insects? how did so many species survive when they had been reduced to just one pair? no geological or archaeological evidence had ever been found of the universal destruction of all human societies, all plants and all animals except for the ones on Noah’s boat. No evidence exists of a universal flood. the measurements suggest the ark would have had to be so big that it could not have floated. How many forests would it take to provide the lumber for such a boat? How many people working how many years would be required? Building a pyramid would be peanuts compared to building the ark! How did he get to the remote regions of the earth to collect exotic butterflies and Komodo dragons? how did they find them? By the time he collected all his species, in twos and sevens, his boat would probably have rotted in the desert sun! There is still the problem of keeping the animals from eating one another. Or are we to believe that the lion was lying down with the lamb on the ark! Did the carnivores become vegetarians for the duration of the flood? How did he keep the birds from eating the insects? think of how much food they would have had to store for everyone to eat for months on end! it seems difficult to imagine how such a small crew could feed all these animals in a single day. There is just Noah, his wife, their three sons and three daughters-in-law. The “daily” rounds would take years! imagine the problems of the “clean-up”after all the animals and themselves. *the noise of all those animals didn’t drive Noah insane? (not to mention the insect bites), the smell should have killed him.

there’s so much it would be easy to just look on that site:

*I was going to post this as a question, but it wouldn’t let me!

Answer #4

looking4love Hey Why don’t you kill yourself and see if God’s REAL? God is real. There is historial and bibical proof. No matter what anyone says you need to believe in him. If you don’t then you’ll send eternity in hell. It’s not enough just to believe either. Please believe… I hate seeing people who throw away their lives.


My father’s friend was in an acident and he died for about 10 minuets and came back. When he talked to my father he told me father he saw demons welcoming him to hell and voices going “Good job you did it our way” Now he is a good Christian man because what he saw whether it was a dream or the real deal freaks the fudge right out of him.

So think about it..

The proof we have is substanchal.

Noah’s ark - Layers and layers of mudd on top of eachother with bones and fossils.

Jesus’s coming - the Islams, Jews, saw him met him. See Islams hate the Jews because they are both decendances of the same man. He promised them land but they do not share. That is why Iraq attacked Newyork because many Jews live there.

All answers you have would be answered in the bible.

Also just so you know I was raised a christian and my grandfather is a pastor but that has no effect on my decision. I have always believed in God and never doubted him. I dont even see how he can’t exist. Why would there be a world without someone making it.

To all you who are thinking “The big bang” Well I say that is the big bullshit. First of all.. the real name is The Big Bang Theory Wait what was that word? Theory.. why is it a theory you may ask? BECAUSE IT CANT BE PROVEN!!!

Answer #5

xxlovehurtsbabexx - should someone who believes in God really be encouraging suicide? the word is substantial? who are the islams exactly? if you mean the muslims, there were no muslims around the time of Jesus (Islam as a religion came about 1000 years later), the word is descendant, who promised the “islams” land? Iraq did not attack New York, Al-Qaeda did, they are in Afghanistan (the rest of the world already knew this but the Pentagon has decided to finally confirm this), and they didnt attack New York because there are a lot of Jews, if they wanted to attack a place with a lot of Jews, they would have attacked Israel, I hear the place is filled with Jewish people… The reasons behind the Middle Eastern angst towards the US could fill a book, and so could the reasons between the Israel-Palestine conflict.

I suppose your lack of knowledge is understandable, you’ve only been listening to your president, and he doesnt quite get it all…

Answer #6

Wow. There is a lot of misinformation on both sides of this argument. The thing that I missed hearing here though was an admittance by the religious side of this discussion that there really is no imperical scientific proof to back the existence of a god. Spirituality depends on faith that our pleas in the silence of our solitude or the wails from the Sunday congregation will be heard by a higher power. I am highly spiritual, and very non-religious. I believe in a higher power. I don’t believe in “God” because “God” was fashioned as a male figure by the Romans and was used as a reason to kill the followers of Gaia whom followed a female deity. The sex of my higher power does not exist because I know in my heart that our creator does not hold onto the human failings that we grip onto and embrace in our society.

Immaculate conception is not a proof of God. Divine Intervention (as it has been used in history) is not a proof of god. The only true proof of “God” can be found in the miracle of life. Or if Jim Carrey or Steve Carell can convince you that Morgan Freeman is God, then there you go. Don’t worry about proof of God’s existence. Worry about your connection to the spiritual.

Answer #7

You Can neither disprove or prove Spirit And God is Spirit. . . . . Proof of God lays in the true believers heart. . . . . those who will not believe will never know the power nor God or will You ever find proof. . . .

Answer #8

ALEXANDRARZ many people who work on hospitals don’t believe I God due to the pain, sufferng and death they see innocent people go through.

XXLOVEHURTSBABEXX telling people to kill themselves to see if God is real!! you believe so strongly, so you should do that youself. besides don’t you believe suicide will send you to hell? Iraq didn’t attack new york, it was Afganistan. religious beliefs can not be proven either! btw noah’s ark has been disproven.

ARRANROCKS mormons are not christian. they have some similar beliefs, but some things are very different. the mormon religion and the mormon book was created a long long time after jesus was alive.

AMBLESSED post your proof God is real.

TEACHEL how do you know God saved your dad? and why doesn’t he save my fiance?

SILVERWINGS simple…biology and evolution through natural selection.

WWFSMD I just looked up your religion…cause I’ve never heard of it. this is what I found: pastafarian = Worshipper and follower of the Flying Spaghetti Monster what a joke!

Answer #9

Nothing finite can be infinite (eternal). Since the universe is made of finite things (matter, time, space), it therefor must be created by something without time (timeless), thus making it eternal. If it is eternal, it must be infinite, and if its the Creator, it must be God.

The universe changes, and time is the measure of change. How many changes have happened before right now? If you claim an infinite number of changes (which is impossible because you can not have an infinite amount of finite things), it is a logically impossible to conclude we could ever have reached this moment in time. In a world of cause and effect (which we live in), there can not be an infinite regress (an infinite amount of cause and effect reactions to get to a certain cause).

Allow me to rephrase. Imagine that the Earth orbits the sun every 365 days (it does). Now, on Mars, a year is much longer than an Earth year, being 687 Earth days (basically double). So, for every 2 years of Mars, Earth has circled the sun approximately 4 times. Now, imagine that this has been going on for eternity. By your logic, they would both have circled the sun the exact same amount of times, because its been going on forever (this is clearly impossible). This shows the impossibility of an infinite regress, whereby there could not have been an infinite amount of (x) before right now, in a finite universe based on time.

Now, back to God. God exists outside of time, in Eternity. God created time, and time is irrelevant to Him. God is Eternal, not created. Firstly, you have 2 choices; either everything came from nothing (which is impossible), or something always existed and created us. You have no other choice. Take a moment to think about that, remembering that it can not exist in time, that would be impossible. Time can not be eternal.

This thing that always existed would be considered Eternal, having transcended time, space, and matter, being everlasting, having always existed. If you argue this is impossible, I would argue the contrary; it is impossible for this Eternal ‘thing’ to not exist, because the alternative is that nothing existed, which could only produce nothing. So, something always existed, and is therefor Eternal.

Now, for something to be Eternal, it can not consist of time, because time must have had a beginning. We exist in a universe of causality, so an infinite regress is impossible; there could not have been an infinite amount of time before right now, because we never would have reached this moment in time. That means time had a beginning, and whatever created time exists without time, beyond time, in timelessness; Eternity.

So, this Eternal Creator, created time, and the universe. This Eternal Creator clearly is extremely powerful, because the energy of the trillions of stars in the known universe were created by this Creator. And obviously, the Creator is extremely intelligent, having created an intelligent being such as mankind and a world in which to populate with it.

Answer #10

The Universe is not eternal. It had a beginning. The Universe always existing is not scientific. Matter, time, and space are finite and had a beginning. The Universe is dependent on time. Einstein showed that time and space are manifestations of the same thing; spacetime. Spacetime is finite and had a beginning. Time is dependent upon space and cannot be separated from it. Similarly, space cannot exist without time. Time is essential to measure anything. Without it, space cannot be measured, and cannot exist. Because spacetime is finite matter itself also has to be finite. Einstein showed that matter is a manifestation of energy. Without space there would be nowhere for energy to manifest into matter. Without time, when do you put matter? Matter, time, space, and energy are all dependent upon each other. The Universe could not have existed without time. This throws off the Universe existing as a singularity. The Universe had to have had a beginning because time had a beginning. The Universe could not have come about by itself. It had to be created.

In advance of matter and spacetime there was nothing. How can something come from nothing? There is absolutely no way. Something had to have existed prior to matter and spacetime. This something can only be God. Was there a point in time when he was created? Time began a finite amount of time ago. Prior to the beginning of time there was nothingness. There was no time. God existed prior to time. Therefore, there was never a point in time when he was created. He always existed. He exists outside of time and is eternal. God is not limited to matter and spacetime because he created these things. He is not bound by the Laws of Physics. He is all powerful. Because God is not consisted of matter he is immaterial. He cannot be seen, touched, tasted, or smelled. Because he is not limited to space he is omnipresent. Finally, because God exists outside of time he is eternal. He sees the past, present, and future at the same instant. Also, God can never be measured or proven scientifically because he is not consisted of matter and spacetime. You cannot understand God with science. The only way you can know God is by believing in him with your heart and soul. You must have faith in him.

Hebrews 11:6 But without faith it is impossible to please Him, for he who comes to God must believe that He is, and that He is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him.

Hebrews 11:1 Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.

Hebrews 11:3 By faith we understand that the worlds were framed by the word of God, so that the things which are seen were not made of things which are visible.

Answer #11


We built seven firm layers above you. We installed a blazing lamp. (Qur’an, 78:12-13)

As we know, the only source of light in the Solar System is the Sun. With advances in technology, astronomers discovered that the Moon was not a source of light but that it merely reflects the light reaching it from the Sun. The expression “lamp” in the above verse is a translation of the Arabic word “sirajan,” which most perfectly describes the Sun, the source of light and heat. In the Qur’an Allah employs different words when referring to such celestial bodies as the Moon, the Sun and the stars. This is how the differences between the structures of the Sun and Moon are expressed in the Qur’an:

Do you not see how He created seven heavens in layers, and placed the moon as a light in them and made the sun a blazing lamp? (Qur’an, 71:15-16)

In the above verse, the word “light” is used for the Moon (“nooran” in Arabic) and the word “lamp” for the Sun (“sirajan” in Arabic.) The word used for the Moon refers to a light-reflecting, bright, motionless body. The word used for the Sun refers to a celestial body which is always burning, a constant source of heat and light. On the other hand, the word “star” comes from the Arabic root “nejeme,” meaning “appearing, emerging, visible.” As in the verse below, stars are also referred to by the word “thaqib,” which is used for that which shines and pierces the darkness with light: self-consuming and burning:

It is the star that pierces through darkness! (Qur’an, 86:3)

We now know that the Moon does not emit its own light but reflects that reaching it from the Sun. We also know that the Sun and stars do emit their own light. These facts were revealed in the Qur’an in an age when mankind simply did not have the means to make scientific discoveries of their own accord. It was an age when peoples’ knowledge of celestial bodies was severely restricted, to say the least. This further emphasises the miraculous nature of the book of Islam.


One of the most important reasons for the great equilibrium in the universe is the fact that celestial bodies follow specific paths. Stars, planets and satellites all rotate around their own axes and also rotate together with the system of which they are a part. The universe functions within a finely-tuned order, just like the wheels in a factory. There are more than 100 billion galaxies in the visible universe and each small galaxy contains approximately a billion stars. Furthermore, each big galaxy contains more than a trillion. 16 Many of these stars have planets and many of those planets have satellites. All these celestial bodies follow the most finely calculated paths and orbits. For millions of years, each one has been moving in its own path in flawless harmony with all the others. In addition to these, there are also a great many comets moving along in their own pre-determined paths. In addition, the paths in the universe are not restricted to a few celestial bodies. The Solar System and even other galaxies also exhibit considerable motion around other centres. Every year, Earth, and the Solar System with it, move some 500 million km from where they were the previous year. It has been calculated that even the slightest deviation from celestial bodies’ paths could have drastic consequences which might spell the end of the entire system. For example, the consequences of the earth’s deviating from its course by a mere 3 mm have been described in one source as follows: While rotating around the sun, the earth follows such an orbit that, every 18 miles, it only deviates 2.8 millimetres from a direct course. The orbit followed by the earth never changes, because even a deviation of 3 millimetres would cause catastrophic disasters: If the deviation were 2.5 mm instead of 2.8 mm, then the orbit would be very large, and all of us would freeze. If the deviation were 3.1 mm, we would be scorched to death. 17 Another characteristic of heavenly bodies is that they also rotate around their own axes. The verse which reads “[I swear] by Heaven with its cyclical systems,” (Qur’an, 86:11) indicates this truth.

Naturally, at the time when the Qur’an was revealed, people had no telescopes with which to study bodies millions of kilometres away in space, advanced observation technology or our modern knowledge of physics and astronomy. It was therefore impossible to establish that space had “its oscillating orbits,” (Qur’an, 51:7) as described in the verse. The Qur’an however, revealed at that time, provided clear information concerning that fact. This is proof that this book is indeed Allah’s Word.

Answer #12

There are only 3 reasons for believing anything.

  1. You observe it for yourself
  2. You can reason your way to that logical conclusion
  3. You believe reliable witnesses that testify to the proposed truth

The Existence of God is no different. The reasons for belief are still limited to those 3. I myself am a believer. I believe that God exists mostly for reasons 2 and 3 (although the Lord has worked in my life in ways that I cannot ignore).

You asked for proof, which implies you want logic rather than witnesses. I will provide you with logic shortly, but I urge you not to ignore the testimony of witnesses, particularly of miracles that have taken place in modern times (Ex. the Spring in Lourdes France

Reason alone can lead a person to believe in the existence of a “natural” in “impersonal” God. (“We Hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created…”- Thomas Jefferson; also Aristotle had logical proofs for the existence of a single God.)

The Christian God can only be known through revelation of himself, and through the testimony of witnesses (“What was from the beginning, what we have heard, what we have seen with our eyes, what we have looked upon and touched with our hands concerns the Word of life—for that life was made visible; we have seen it and testify to it and proclaim to you the eternal life that was with the Father and was made visible to us—what we have seen and heard we proclaim to you” (1 Jn. 1:1-3)).

Now for the logic. St. Thomas Aquinas developed 5 logical proofs for the existence of God (a god). He wrote them in the 13th century, so I will adapt them for the 21st century to include advances in science since the 13th century.

  1. The Argument from motion: According to Newton’s first Law of Motion, Objects in motion will stay in motion until an outside force acts upon it; objects at rest will stay at rest unless an outside force acts upon it. Nothing is capable of moving under its own power, but rather it has to be moved by something else (even a person needs muscles which rely on cells which rely on the digestion and consumption of organisms for energy, etc).

Everything is in motion, therefore something has to have moved it, because if it had never been moved, then it wouldn’t be moving. Furthermore, the Big Bang theory implies that everything in the universe came from a single atom. Something would have had to have to set it in motion.

Also, this “mover” could not have been moved itself, becaues then it would just be one in a long of movers. Therefore there must have been an “unmoved mover” (Theorhetically, it would also be an “unmovable mover”).

  1. The Argument from Cause/Generation: According to the Law of Biological Geberation, no organism is capable of generating itself. It must come from a parent organism.

Again because everything “is,” everything must have come from something else. Assuming that Darwin was correct in his analysis regarding Speciazation, everything presumably came from one common ancestor. Therefore, there has to have been a time when life “was not”. There has to have been something that “caused” it to be.

Furthermore, the source matter has to have been “caused” as well. (Aristotle and Aquinas actually distinguish between 4 distinct causes for any given object.) In order for “everything that is” to exist, it has to have been caused, because if it hadn’t then it wouldn’t exist.

The Conclusions that both Aristotle and Aquinas reached was that there must have been an “uncaused cause” which would, by definition, have to have been eternal, uncreated, and compatible with every form of existence.

  1. Argument from Death/Contingency: Everything that depends upon something else for its existence eventually ceases to exist. Therefore, if everything were “contingent” upon something else to exist, existence itself would have to be eternal, which is not true (Big Bang theory contradicts that supposition). There was a time when existence had to start existing.

Furthermore, if there was a time when there was nothing, then by all right and logic, there should be nothing now, because nothing comes from nothing. Therefore, the thing that caused existence to exist, (and the thing that sustains it, preventing death from taking over) is the thing that “all men speak of as God.”

  1. Argument from hierarchy of beings: There is an apparent structure and order to the natural world, with some beings superior to others. (For example, a dog is superior to moss; a dolphin is superior to a sponge, etc.) Even the greatest creature (man, by virtue of is self-awareness and “rationality” according to Aquinas) is finite.

According to Aquinas, everything in the lower orders of creatures points to something in the higher orders. He reasons (by the process of extrapolation) that mankind in his greatness points to the existence of an infinite higher being.

  1. The Argument from Design: Everything in nature has rules and laws governing its existence. What is the source of the laws of physics? Who wrote the rules? If conditions were not exactly perfect on earth, the planet could not sustain life (ex. if oxygen levels were not 22% we would either burn or suffocate). When one takes into account the number of factors that need to exist in order for the planet earth to support life, it is evident that that it is (in terms of sheer probability) a mathematical impossibility.

Furthermore, everything on earth that the human race has observed is very precise in its structure, even down to the smallest atoms. Take animal cells for example. The complexity of the cell membrane alone is unbelievable (it’s brilliant if it’s designed and it’s miraculous if it evolved; personally, I think it’s both ). Going smaller, the structure of atoms and the behavior of their component parts smacks of something being designed. (Just think the rules of the periodic table of the elements were in place even before there was a man to know what an element was.)

There has to be something in nature that’s smart.

Like I said before, these all point to the existence of an impersonal God. The Christian God is a mystery. (The definition of mystery according to the Catechism of the Catholic Church is: something that could not be known unless God revealed it.)

If you want further reading that includes information on both the natural and the Christian understanding of God, I suggest “Mere Christianity” by CS Lewis, “Orthodoxy” by GK Chesterton, and “Yes or No” by Peter Kreeft. (If you’re really feeling ambitious, you can try “Introduction to Christianity” by Pope Benedict 16 (aka Joseph Ratzinger), but that is a tough read.)

Answer #13

If you don’t believe you won’t ever know. I chose to believe and I believe everything good in my life is all God. So. How do you know what good and bad is? What do you think “peace” is? How do you know what “love” is. It isn’t something you see. You feel it. If you don’t believe then your mind is not open. You can’t understand if your mind is closed. Peace to you anyway. :)

Mama K

Answer #14

Aarthur, don’t be silly, I wont debunk your answer!!! I was just angry OKAYY!! I wont debunk it unless you want me to, if not good, because it’s just going to be a headach!!!Even though I still back the previous comment

Answer #15

Neb, When You argue honestly, the truth is the only one that really wins. The Jesus that I believe in is reported to have said, “I Am the way and the truth…” (John 14:6). If you think that the argument can be debunked, and want to take the time to argue honestly, go right ahead.

Answer #16

Fine then rneal, I have a book that says “‘don’t even try to reason with a believer, they’re all idiots’.

I’ll quote from it in regards to you in the future, and defend my position by pointing out that it’s a quote from a book rather than my own original intent. By the way, that book is spot on.

Answer #17

Do you know how many people have had NDE (Near-Death-Experiances caused when a person dies and is then revived)? Many people! And many report seeing dead loved ones! Can anyone explain this?

Answer #18


I’m sure your points 1 and 2 have been very profound and powerful experiences in your life but they simply aren’t scientific evidence. I accept that you believe based on faith. I’d like for people to accept that I cannot believe for lack of scientific evidence.

Answer #19

try working in a hospital and seeing the dead, or the super natural. Just about all hospital personel have seen the super natural, because they’re surrounded by death 24/7, and they’re all believers. You get your proof through the dying.

Answer #20

I think that was intended to have nothing to do with witnessing to nonbelievers, it’s talking about Christians being hypocritical. It is the Christian who “cast pearls before swine”

Answer #21

* The only way you can know God is by believing in him with your heart and soul.

You went through that whole diatribe about the nature of reality trying to prove a creator exists, only to admit at the end you haven’t really proven it. If you had, no faith would be required.

Answer #22

…2 people saying “prove god doesn’t exist” in response to a quest for proof OF god? How sad that they have no idea why they believe.

There is no substantial evidence of any gods, in spite of thousands of years of trying to prove it. The evidence and proofs provided thus far are worth less than spit.

Answer #23

I guess if there was proof…everyone would believe, until then…there will always be those who question the existance of GOD.

Answer #24

How could evolution do that???

Easily. It’s been doing it for BILLIONS of years. If it was ‘intelligent’ design, there would be no cancer, etc, etc.

Answer #25

My proof: 1) He lives in my Heart and has saved my soul and 2) Look Around at creation and ponder whether He has ever blessed you !!

Answer #26

I’m a pastafarian. I think you guys are all idiots to believe in something called “God”. Our only true lord is the FSM. Believe or be choked by His appendages!!

Answer #27

NDEs are the result of a malfuctioning brain. They’re nothing but anecdotes. People still report seeing Elvis too. Does that mean he’s still alive?

Answer #28

I agree with xplodezeus, if you follow most of the logic given thus far, then leprecauns will be real, the easter bunny, santa claus, etc. if someone truly wanted to put forth a valid argument for the aforementioned, none could truly put up any evidence that they didn’t exist. of course we all know they do not exist. I believe that the omnipotent god does not exist. I have personally studied many different holy books- I believe what I have discovered to believe- without outside interference or the sunday school brainwashing. I say look around intelligently and form your own opinion of what is the truth- I am not going to stop you- knock yourself out. just don’t be bringing christianity to my door- my pentagram states- NOT WELCOME.

Answer #29

think about this:

If this were a court of law, and I asked you to prove to me that you have a mind, you couldn’ t do it. Physically it does not exist. You have a brain, but that is not the same thing as your mind.

Yet we all know that we have “minds of our own”…so there isn’t much arguement, but physical proof does not exist, we JUST KNOW.

It is the same with god. You just know that something bigger than yourself exists, whatever that means to you. GOD, the universe, the source, energy, whatever you want to call it.

Nobody could prove in court that god exists, or on this board…it is something you get or you don’t, either way trying to convince another is futile…one day (or not ) you just get it.

Answer #30

You will never find proof because there is none.
Not everyone believes the same thing. We all form our own opinions bases on the evidence or lack of evidence provided.

For example, one person may only need to see people dying in a hospital as proof to their belief in a GOD. Others all they need is their parents to brain wash them into believing there is one.

I like to look at the facts gather as much information as possible and make my own decisions. Look at all the new born children and young kids dying in 3rd world countries. Would a just and loving good do that? Maybe? It all depends on how you perceive reality. The truth is there people just need to open their eyes and take responsibility for their own actions.

Answer #31

Yawn…this argument will go on for another 2000 years no doubt. This is much of the reason that humans war against one-another. Arguing over whether GOD is real…or whether your worshiping the GOD your neighbors want you to. The place we all should be worshiping, whether is was made by this GOD or the other is EARTH…that is our mother, without her there is no life.


Answer #32

*“ Of course use believers really do not need to prove God to a scoffer, It’s like throwing pearls before swine”

rneal, is it acceptable to call other posters pigs here? What if I had a science book that said “don’t even try to reason with a believer, they’re all idiots”. Would it be appropriate for me to quote that here even if I agreed with it?

There are 2 Bible verse you should never quote in mixed company. The one you alluded to, and the one that goes “the fools says in his heart, ‘there is no god’”

Answer #33

* “f this were a court of law, and I asked you to prove to me that you have a mind, you couldn’ t do it. “

Sure I could. I would just say “I have a mind”, and the jury would agree with me and I’d win. We know we have mind, because we sense it.

It would also be easy to show that mind is the result of brain function. What isn’t easy - or even possible today as far as I know - is to explain HOW mind is a matter of brain function. That’s the current gap supernaturalists have attached themselves to.

Answer #34

There will never be any proof of God, If you could prove his existence. Then his existence would be a moot point. It’s all about faith with lack of evidence. But statistically you have better odds of winning the lottery every day for the next 40,000 years straight than for the universe to have ended up as it has without some divine intervention. Read Carl Sagans book Billions and Billions. The math is all their.

Answer #35

I think that the girl lovehurtsbabe is very relgious, but she is wrong. jesus is forgiving and gives people chances its the same with his father, god. I didnot mean 2 get into this reliugiuos disscusion.but o well. luvhurtsbabe, try attending the church of jesus christ of latter day saints. im a mormon, and we are christians that love god. try 2 pray for truth, looking4love.

Answer #36

May I just say that beliving is one thing. As a aethest myself you can curse people and tell someone their going to hell by as I belive that when we die we are wormfood it doesn’t scare me. Ask yourself why there are so many relgoins? And why if god once spoke to the people in biiblical times on a regualr baises does he no longern speak to people? Really I hear over and over that the bible is proof of god but the bible was written by man. Besides I would never worship someone who says you don’t belive you are damned for all time I mean really over reaction much. And if that wasn’t enough some of these relgions gods degrade woman no thank you.

Answer #37

“Noah’s ark - Layers and layers of mudd on top of eachother with bones and fossils.”

Noah’s ark was the worst possible example you could have brought up to prove God’s existence or the Bible’s accuracy. Very little in that story is even remotely possible. You say the Big Bang can’t be proven and mock it for being “only a theory” and yet you believe that a man, his wife, and their three sons and daughters-in-law sustained several ecosystems with millions of species on a giant wooden boat for 40 days using pre-Bronze Age technology.

Be gone…

Answer #38

* is it acceptable to call other posters pigs here? Actually I took that from Holy Scripture. . . “Do not give dogs what is holy, and do not throw your pearls before pigs, lest they trample them underfoot and turn to attack you. (Mat 7:6) Of course the next Scripture is more to what we christians would like to see for you. “Ask, and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find; knock, and it will be opened to you. (Mat 7:7)

Answer #39

mamk: How can you believe in something you’ve never seen any proof of? That’s like me asking you to just “believe” in leprechauns and then you’ll experience the good luck they can give you.

silverwings: Evolution through natural selection did bring about all of us - just as we are. The natural law sustains us and will until we are no longer able as a species to adapt to environmental pressures.

Answer #40

Yes, Look in the mirror, and ask yourself how, you came to be, if not for a loving God.

Also, ask yourself, how a world with 6 billion people in it, could possibly exist, without intelligent design to sustain them.

Also, how could each of those 6 billion people have voice prints and fingerprints that are unique to them. Only.

How could evolution do that???

Answer #41

Once again. You Can neither disprove or prove Spirit And God is Spirit. . . . . Proof of God lays in the true believers heart. . . . . those who will not believe will never know the power nor God or will You ever find proof. . . .

Even your science states you can neither prove or disprove spirit.
Of course use believers really do not need to prove God to a scoffer, It’s like throwing pearls before swine. . .

Answer #42

proove to me that god DOESNT exist.. I acually know this guy who has a friend named pete. he didnt believe in God but the guy I know does. so pete told alex (the guy I knw) that if god does exist have him proove it to me. alex just started praying for this guyy and it took months but something miraculous did happen. he had desparately needed 2,000 dollars to pay his bills.. etc etc.. he got a check in the mail for 5,000 DOLLLARS..he has no idea who gave him the money.. it was all god. pete is now saved and never been happier in his life.. God works in many mysterious ways..

Answer #43

Common courtesy demands that you not call people pigs, directly or indirectly, unless they’ve actually done something to deserve it.

Common sense states that those who do not abide by common courtesy do not deserve it in response. Common sense also says not to cast pearls before fat stinky stupid ugly filthy smelly foul odoriferous foolish dumb ignorant nonthinking reactionary pigs who equate the Socratic method with spouting off, at least, that’s what my book says. But you won’t hear me saying it, nosiree!

Answer #44

Whether you want to admit it or not, every person born is born with the knowledge that there is a God somewhere out there. You for yourself choose whether or not there is a God. Things such as bad past experiences will most likely make you want to believe that there is no God, but it boils down to the fact that I really don’t need to prove God because I for myself have chosen to believe and I know him personally.

Answer #45

No, no one has proof of any gods. Doesn’t mean that they don’t exist - just means we have no evidence and that is reason enough for me not to believe. As for those who say that we must provide evidence that God doesn’t exist - we are not the ones making outrageous claims. The person who makes an extraordinary claim must be the one to provide the extraordinary evidence needed to back it up. If I tell you that invisible dinosaurs don’t exist, would you really ask me to prove it? Of course not!

Answer #46


He Who created the seven heavens in layers. You will not find any discrepancy in the creation of the All-Merciful. Look again-do you see any gaps? Then look again and again. Your sight will return to you dazzled and exhausted! (Qur’an, 67:3-4)

The billions of stars and galaxies in the universe move in perfect equilibrium in the paths set out for them. Stars, planets and satellites rotate not only around their own axes but also together with the systems of which they are an integral part. Sometimes, galaxies containing 200-300 billion stars move across each others’ paths. Yet amazingly, no collisions take place that might damage the great order in the universe. This miracle is something over which all of us should reflect. In the universe, the concept of speed assumes giant dimensions when compared to earthly measurements. Stars, planets, galaxies and conglomerations of galaxies-whose numerical properties can only be conceived by mathematicians-weigh billions or trillions of tons, and move through space at extraordinary speeds. For example, the Earth rotates at 1,670 kmph. If we consider that the fastest-moving bullet today possesses an average speed of 1,800 kmph, we can see how fast the Earth is moving, despite its enormous size and mass. The speed of the Earth as it orbits the Sun is some 60 times faster than a bullet: 108,000 kmph. If we were able to construct a vehicle capable of moving at that speed, it would be able to circumnavigate the Earth in 22 minutes. These figures apply only to the Earth. Those for the Solar System are even more fascinating. The speed of that system is such as to exceed the bounds of reason: The larger the systems in the universe, the greater their speed. The Solar System’s speed of orbit around the centre of the galaxy is 720,000 kmph. The Milky Way, with its 200 billion or so stars, moves through space at 950,000 kmph. There is no doubt that there is a very high risk of collisions in such a complicated and fast-moving system. Yet nothing of the sort actually happens and we continue with our lives in complete safety. That is because everything in the universe functions according to the flawless equilibrium set out by Allah. It is for this reason that, as stated in the verse, there is no “discrepancy” in the system.


He Who created the seven heavens in layers. You will not find any flaw in the creation of the All-Merciful. Look again-do you see any gaps? Then look again and again. Your sight will return to you dazzled and exhausted! (Qur’an, 67:3-4)

Do you not see how He created seven heavens in layers? (Qur’an,71:15)

He to Whom the kingdom of the heavens and the earth belongs. He does not have a son and He has no partner in the Kingdom. He created everything and determined it most exactly. (Qur’an, 25:2)

Materialist philosophy emerged with the claim that all the systems in nature and the universe were like machines that functioned on their own, that the flawless order and balance within them were the work of chance. However, today, the false nature of materialism and of Darwinism, its so-called scientific foundation, has been scientifically demonstrated. (See Harun Yahya, The Evolution Deceit, 8th ed., Taha Publishers, 2004 and Darwinism Refuted, Goodword Books, 2003.) The scientific discoveries of the 20th century that followed swiftly, one after the other, in the fields of astrophysics and biology have proved that life and the universe were created. As the theses of Darwinism collapsed, the Big Bang theory has shown that the universe was created from nothing. Discoveries have revealed that there is a great design and fine-tuning in the material world and this has categorically demonstrated the groundless nature of the claims of materialism. Considering the conditions necessary for life, we see that only the Earth meets these particular conditions. For an environment suitable for life, there are innumerable conditions taking place simultaneously and unceasingly all around us. There are some hundred billion galaxies, each with-on average-a hundred billion stars. In all the galaxies, there are perhaps as many planets as stars.8 In the face of such overpowering numbers, one can better comprehend the significance of the formation of such an exceptional environment on the Earth. From the force of the Big Bang explosion to the physical values of atoms, from the levels of the four basic forces to the chemical processes in the stars, from the type of light emitted by the Sun to the level of viscosity of water, from the distance of the Moon to the Earth to the level of gases in the atmosphere, from the Earth’s distance from the Sun to its angle of tilt to its orbit, and from the speed at which the Earth revolves around its own axis to the functions of the oceans and mountains on the Earth: every single detail is ideally suited to our lives. Today, the world of science describes these features by means of the concepts of the “Anthropic Principle” and “Fine-Tuning.” These concepts summarise the way that the universe is not an aimless, uncontrolled, chance collection of matter but that it has a purpose directed towards human life and has been designed with the greatest precision. Attention is drawn in the above verses to the measure and harmony in Allah’s creation. The word “taqdeeran,” meaning “to design, measure, create by measuring,” is employed in Qur’anic verses such as Surat al-Furqan 2. The word “tibaqan,” meaning “in harmony,” is used in Surat al-Mulk 3 and Surah Nuh 15. Furthermore, Allah also reveals in Surat al-Mulk with the word “tafawutin,” meaning “disagreement, violation, non-conformity, disorder, opposite,” that those who seek disharmony will fail to find it. The term “fine-tuning,” which began to be used towards the end of the 20th century, represents this truth revealed in the verses. Over the last quarter-century or so, a great many scientists, intellectuals and writers have shown that the universe is not a collection of coincidences. On the contrary, it has an extraordinary design and order ideally suited to human life in its every detail. (See Harun Yahya, The Creation of the Universe, Al-Attique Publishers, November 2002 and A Chain of Miracles, Global Publishing, May 2004.) Many features in the universe clearly show that the universe has been specially designed to support life. The physicist Dr. Karl Giberson expresses this fact thus: In the 1960s, some physicists observed that our universe appears to have been fine-tuned for the existence of human life. 9 The British astrophysicist Professor George F. Ellis refers to this fine-tuning in these terms: Amazing fine tuning occurs in the laws that make this [complexity] possible. Realization of the complexity of what is accomplished makes it very difficult not to use the word “miraculous” without taking a stand as to the ontological status of the word. 10

Everything in the heavens and everything in the earth belongs to Allah. All matters return to Allah. (Qur’an, 3:109)

The speed of the Big Bang explosion:

The balances established with the Big Bang, the instantaneous formation of the universe, are one of the proofs that the universe did not come into being by chance. According to the well-known Adelaide University professor of mathematical physics Paul Davies, if the rate of expansion that took place following the Big Bang had been just one in a billion billion parts different (1/1018), the universe could not have come into being.11 In his book A Brief History of Time, Stephen Hawking recognises this extraordinary precision in the universe’s rate of expansion: If the rate of expansion one second after the big bang had been smaller by even one part in a hundred thousand million million, the universe would have recollapsed before it ever reached its present size. 12

The Four Forces:

All physical motion in the universe comes about thanks to the interaction and equilibrium of the four forces recognised by modern physics: gravity, electromagnetic force, strong nuclear force and weak nuclear force. These forces possess extraordinarily different values to one another. Michael Denton, the famous molecular biologist, describes the extraordinary equilibrium among these forces thus: If, for example, the gravitational force was a trillion times stronger, then the universe would be far smaller and its life history far shorter. An average star would have a mass a trillion times less than the sun and a life span of about one year. On the other hand, if gravity had been less powerful, no stars or galaxies would have ever formed. The other relationships and values are no less critical. If the strong force had been just slightly weaker, the only element that would be stable would be hydrogen. No other atoms could exist. If it had been slightly stronger in relation to electromagnetism, then an atomic nucleus consisting of only two protons would be a stable feature of the universe-which would mean there would be no hydrogen, and if any stars or galaxies evolved, they would be very different from the way they are. Clearly, if these various forces and constants did not have precisely the values they do, there would be no stars, no supernovae, no planets, no atoms, no life. 13

The Distances between Celestial Bodies:

The distribution of celestial bodies in space and the enormous spaces between them are essential to the existence of life on Earth. The distances between celestial bodies have been set out in a calculation compatible with a great many powerful universal forces in such a way as to support life on Earth. In his book Nature’s Destiny Michael Denton describes the distance between supernovae and stars: The distances between supernovae and indeed between all stars is critical for other reasons. The distance between stars in our galaxy is about 30 million miles. If this distance was much less, planetary orbits would be destabilized. If it was much more, then the debris thrown out by a supernova would be so diffusely distributed that planetary systems like our own would in all probability never form. If the cosmos is to be a home for life, then the flickering of the supernovae must occur at a very precise rate and the average distance between them, and indeed between all stars, must be very close to the actual observed figure. 14


  • If gravity were stronger, excessive ammonia and methane would collect in the Earth’s atmosphere, which would have a most damaging effect on life.
  • If it were weaker, the Earth’s atmosphere would lose excessive quantities of water, making life impossible. The Earth’s Distance from the Sun:
  • If this were any greater, the planet would grow very cold, the water cycle in the atmosphere would be affected, and the planet would enter an ice-age.
  • If the Earth were any closer to the Sun, plants would burn up, the water cycle in the Earth’s atmosphere would be irreparably damaged, and life would become impossible.-

The Thickness of the Earth’s Crust:

  • If the crust were any thicker, then an excessive amount of oxygen would be transferred to it from the atmosphere.
  • If it were any thinner, the resulting amount of volcanic activity would make life impossible.

The Speed at which the Earth Revolves:

If this were any slower, the temperature difference between day and night would grow enormously. -If it were any faster, then atmospheric winds would reach enormous speeds, and cyclones and storms would make life impossible.

The Earth’s Magnetic Field:

  • If this were any more powerful, very strong electromagnetic storms would arise.
  • If it were any weaker, then the Earth would lose its protection against the harmful particles given off by the Sun and known as solar winds. Both situations would make life impossible.- The Albedo Effect (Ratio between the amount of light the Earth reflects and the amount of light that is absorbed):
  • If this were any greater, an ice-age would rapidly result.
  • If it were any less, the greenhouse effect would lead to excessive warming. The Earth would first be flooded with the melting of the glaciers, and would then burn up.-

The Proportion of Oxygen and Nitrogen in the Atmosphere:

  • If this were any greater, vital functions would be adversely accelerated.
  • If it were any less, vital functions would adversely slow down. The Proportion of Carbon Dioxide and Water in the Atmosphere:
  • If this were any greater, the atmosphere would overheat.
  • If it were any less, the temperature of the atmosphere would fall.

The Thickness of the Ozone Layer:

  • If this were any greater, the Earth’s temperature would fall enormously.
  • If it were any less, the Earth would overheat and be defenceless against the harmful ultraviolet rays emitted by the Sun.

Seismic Activity (Earthquakes):

  • If this were any greater, there would be constant upheaval for living things.
  • If it were any less, the nutrients at the sea bottom would fail to spread into the water. This would have a damaging effect on life in the seas and oceans and all living things on Earth.-

The Earth’s Angle of Tilt:

The Earth has a 23 degree angle of inclination to its orbit. It is this inclination that gives rise to the seasons. If this angle were any greater or any less than it is now, the temperature difference between the seasons would reach extreme dimensions, with unbearably hot summers and bitterly cold winters.

The Size of the Sun:

A smaller star than the Sun would mean the Earth would freeze and a larger star would lead to its burning up.

The Attraction between the Earth and the Moon:

  • If this were any greater, the powerful attraction of the Moon would have extremely serious effects on atmospheric conditions, the speed at which the Earth revolves around its own axis and on the ocean tides.
  • If it were any less, this would lead to extreme climate changes.- The Distance between the Earth and the Moon:
  • If they were just a little closer, the Moon would crash into the Earth.
  • If they were any further, the Moon would become lost in space.
  • If they were even a little closer, the Moon’s effect on the Earth’s tides would reach dangerous dimensions. Ocean waves would inundate low-lying areas. The friction emerging as a result of this would raise the temperature of the oceans and the sensitive temperature balance essential to life on Earth would disappear.
  • If they were even a little further away, the tides would decrease, leading the oceans to be less mobile. Immobile water would endanger life in the seas, and the level of the oxygen we breathe would be endangered. 15

The kingdom of the heavens and earth belongs to Allah. Allah has power over all things. In the creation of the heavens and the earth, and the alternation of night and day, there are Signs for people with intelligence. (Qur’an, 3:189-190)

The Temperature of the Earth and Carbon-Based Life:

The existence of carbon, the basis of all life, depends on the temperature remaining within specific limits. Carbon is an essential substance for organic molecules such as amino-acid, nucleic acid and protein: These constitute the basis of life. For that reason, life can only be carbon-based. Given this, the existing temperature needs to be no lower than -20 degrees and no higher than 120 degrees Celsius. These are just the temperature limits on Earth. These are just a few of the exceedingly sensitive balances which are essential for life on Earth to have emerged and to survive. Yet even these are sufficient to definitively reveal that the Earth and the universe could not have come into being as the result of a number of consecutive coincidences. The concepts of “fine-tuning” and the “anthropic principle” that began to be employed in the 20th century are further evidence of Allah’s creation. The harmony and proportion therein were described with magnificent accuracy fourteen centuries ago in the Qur’an.

Answer #47

Faith is a belief not based on outward proof - it is the evidence of things not seen.

Answer #48

please dont go there trust me you will get verbally abused by the religious people on here its happened to me

Answer #49

…until then…there will always be those who question the existance of GOD.

Answer #50

True I havew no doubt God exist and Totally has no doubt God doesn’t exist. . .

Answer #51

There will not be actual proof of God because they are not real.

Answer #52

Why Is my religion any less worthy than the christian religion? (I’m a pastafarian)

Answer #53

Sooo nebula, Are you going to enlighten the rest of us or keep it to yourself?

Answer #54

I personally believe you don’t need physical proof to believe something.

Answer #55

You obviously dont work in a hospital, but if you ever do, I promise you’ll think different.

Answer #56

GOD is real because he answered my prayer and got my daddy saved!:)

Answer #57

Toadaly I let you know where I quote from. . . . It’s called common courtesy . Plus it shows your not just spouting off. . .

Answer #58

a book is written by biased minds…please give me proof

Answer #59


Answer #60

those guys that wrote the bible must have been really bored.

Answer #61

Aarthur, I notice holes in your answer… It can all be debunked.

Answer #62

gerian - Can you please send me the info you found on the ark?

Answer #63

rneal, are you saying you think it’s ok for me to present that if I tell you the book, chapter, and page?

Answer #64

Author and title please? maybe chapter and page for the quote also. . . .

Answer #65

Post your proof that God doesn’t exist.

Answer #66

I am quite interested in reading this debunking by the way…

Answer #67

the book was witten when jesus was alive

Answer #68

death doesnt prove god exists…

Answer #69

GOD is real!:)

Answer #70

ask him tonight for something that you want,something reasonable and pray for him and you will get your proof

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