Can you prove or disprove God without religious text?

Can you prove or disprove Gods existance without referring to religious text? If you can go for it if not hold your word * Rule of the question - No quotes from religions text or refferals to such. . ( Bible, koran, Ect.)

Answer #1

The Strong and Modified Weak Anthropic Principles: Scientific Proof there is a Creator The Anthropic Principles point out that there are over one hundred variables to this Universe, that would have made life as we know it impossible, if they were even slightly different. Either this Universe had to be finely tuned to the conditions that make the evolution of life possible, or there have to be googolplexes of Universes.

Consider the following analogy.

If you went down the street and saw a quarter on the sidewalk, you would think naturally, “someone dropped a quarter.” If you went down the street and saw a handful of quarters on the sidewalk, you would think, “Someone had a big hole in their pockets, or dropped a roll of quarters.” But if you went down the street and saw one hundred quarters on the sidewalk and they were all carefully balanced precariously on their edges, you would have to think somebody did this deliberately. The Universe as we know it, is that carefully balanced. This theory is known as the Strong Anthropic Principle. The only possibility other than this Universe was created, is there are so many universes that the equivalent of one hundred quarters falling out of someone’s pocket and ALL of them ending up balanced on their edges occurred, completely by random chance. This theory is known as the, “Weak Anthropic Principle.” So if you are a rational thinker here are your only two choices. Either this Universe was created , or that there are multitudes of Universes.

Now here is what I call the Modified Weak Anthropic Principle. If there are that many Universes, then the chances of a Being Like God evolving would also be equally increased by all that abundance. Ecological niches tend not to stay empty. You could, of course call such a Being something other than “God.” But if it quacks like a Cosmic Duck and waddles like a Cosmic Duck and builds little universe nests that produce baby Cosmic Ducklings, why not call it a Cosmic Duck? The Blind watchmaker may have started out blind, some universe somewhere, some when, but He/She/It evolved eyes right along with the rest of Life, and you can be quite sure sure, He/She/It will do whatever is necessary to guarantee His/Her/Its own development and continued survival, just the same as any other Life Form would. God does not play dice. He Plays poker, and He continually stacks the deck in His favor! Or, if we say He plays dice, He throws so many some are bound to land with the right numbers up.”

To name just a few of the finely tuned variables that are mentioned in the books, “God the Evidence,” by Patrick Glynn, John Leslie, in Universes” and from George Greenstein’s “The Symbiotic Universe.”

Gravity is roughly 1039 times weaker than electromagnetism. If gravity had been merely 1033 times weaker than electromagnetism, stars would be a billion times less massive and would burn a million times faster. Leslie, page 5.

The nuclear weak force is 1028 times the strength of gravity. Had the weak force been slightly weaker, all the hydrogen in the universe would have been turned to helium (making water impossible, for example). Leslie, page 24. Leslie got this information from P.C. W. Davies, 1980 (Other Worlds), pp. 176-177.

“A stronger nuclear strong force (by as little as 2 percent) would have prevented the formation of protons, –yielding a universe without atoms. Decreasing it by 5 percent would have given us a universe without stars.” Leslie, page 4, quoting Hawking, Physics Bulleting: Cambridge, vol. 32, 1980, pp 9-10.

The charges of the electron and proton have been measured in the laboratory and have been found to be precisely equal and opposite. Were it not for this fact the resulting imbalance would force every object in the universe–our bodies, trees, planets, rocks, stars, to explode violently. The Universe would consist solely of a uniform and tenuous mixture not so very different from air. There would be nothing else. Greenstein’s “The Symbiotic Universe.”

The very nature of water–so vital to life–is something of a mystery. Unique among the molecules water is lighter in its solid form than its liquid form: Ice floats. If it did not, the oceans would freeze from the bottom up and Earth would be covered with solid ice. This property is traceable to unique properties of the hydrogen atom. Leslie, p 30, quoting Barrow and Tipler pp 143-144. CF Debtys Wilkinson, Our Universes (New York: Columbia University Press, 1991), pp 171-172.

The synthesis of carbon–the vital core of all organic molecules–on a significant scale involves what scientists view as an astonishing coincidence in the ratio of the strong force to electromagnetism. This ratio makes it possible for carbon-12 to reach an excited state of exactly 7.65 MeV at the temperature typical of the center of stars, which creates a resonance involving helium-4. beryllium-8 and carbon-12–allowing the necessary binding to take place during a tiny window of opportunity 10-17 seconds long.” Wilkinson, pp 181-183. See also John Gribbon and Martin Rees, Cosmic Coincidences (New York: Bantam, 1989 pp. 243-247.

A remarkable feature of the Universe is its emptiness. Stars are extraordinarily distant from one another. However, were it not for these vast reaches of empty space, violent collisions between stars would be so frequent as to render the Universe uninhabitable. The yet more frequent near misses would detach planets from their orbits around their suns, flinging them off into interstellar space where they would quickly cool to hundreds of degrees below zero. Greenstein’s, “The Symbiotic Universe.


The Gaia Hypothesis states that all the life forms on Planet Earth work together to keep the planet life-bearing. There is much evidence for this. The heat output of the Sun has changed much down through the ages, and yet the temperature of our planet has maintained the narrow range necessary to maintain Life.

The level of atmospheric gasses has also remained, for the most part, a steady constant despite changing conditions. This is extremely important. If there were not enough oxygen in the atmosphere, fauna would die. If there were too much oxygen and not enough carbon dioxide and methane, plants would die and the atmosphere would be so flammable, fires would overrun the Earth.

Too much of both oxygen and carbon dioxide would also be fatal. But a third gas, methane, (produced by termites and digestion) is just abundant enough to keep the oxygen and carbon dioxide levels in check.

Some kind of biological feedback system must be working to keep all this balanced. As of yet, there is no evidence Gaia is sentient, but She is biological. I strongly suspect that any sufficiently advanced Gaia would evolve into Sentience.

More about the Gaia Hypothesis at

I believe in what I call the Hyper-Gaia Hypothesis, that all or some of the Gaias in the Universe or Multiverse work together, to keep the Universe or Multiverse Life Bearing just as life on Earth works to keep Earth life bearing. This is a simple, logical, rational explanation for the Strong and Modified Weak Anthropic Principle, and for the testimony of billions of people, (the author included) who have felt a loving “PRESENCE” when engaged in loving, submissive and welcoming prayer towards Christ, or Whatever the individual chooses to call Him/Her/It.

An article in the December 2001, Reader’s Digest on page 141 on brain scan images of people experiencing the Divine indicates that feeling this PRESENCE is neither epilepsy nor Schizophrenia. We are hardwired to interact with what we call God, and you can be sure that, as with everything we are hard wired to experience, it has survival value.

Phase I Of Evolution and Beyond

The biggest leap forward in evolution occurred when different life forms learned to cooperate with one another. We went from being single celled organisms to multicellular organisms and from that major change grew all the variety we see around us. Love and cooperation, not competition, is what drives much of evolution, and among other things, “God is Love.”

I propose that the term, “supernatural” does not mean “antinatural.” God is as natural a Being as any other life form. I propose as Teilhard De Chardin did, that if the evolutionary process really is so strong that Humans and Whales can evolve from pond scum in just five billion or so years, God is perfectly capable of evolving in ten billion or so years. The pond scum did not even know where it was going and it had no will. We at least have a vague idea of where we are going, and we have the desire. Heaven also is buildable because Humanity is so tenacious we get what we want eventually. We saw birds fly we learned to build machines that let us fly. We saw the Moon, we went there. We want to live forever, we evolve into God and build Heaven, just as we built Manhattan, the Kennedy Space Center and Disney World. To understand the Universe, all of space and time, one must see it as a whole. The next five billion years are every bit as real as the five billion years that have just come. The Universe (and us) are works in progress and nowhere near finished yet. We are looking at a half unfinished construction site and seeing a mess. Do not judge any construction site by what it looks like while still half finished. Judge it only by its finished state. God is the natural result of a perfectly natural process we can understand. Every link in the long evolutionary chain is the natural result of the link right before it, one stair step after another, one long and difficult but far from impossible climb. The journey is difficult and often painful but I believe the results are well worth it!

The laws of Biology teach us that survival of the fittest favors a nurturing God. Sea turtles lay many eggs and then abandon them. Alligators lay many eggs and guard them carefully. Sea turtles are very endangered. Alligators are prospering. Survival of the fittest favors both a God who multiplies enormously and a God who nurtures His offspring. We can be sure God did not “wind up the Universe” and abandon it, as some Deists claim. The nurturing of offspring is a survival technique that works. He sticks around to guard His “nest.” Survival of the fittest also favors One who doesn’t do too much for His children. Interfere too much and evolution ceases to be efficient, and we would have no motivation to grow up into the Head. Death must occur so there is room for evolution. Suffering must also occur so we may learn compassion for our fellow “cells of God,”. It is more important that we learn love and compassion than any other lesson we could possibly learn. Without love and compassion we cannot evolve into He Who Is Love. It is also important that we are motivated to continue to learn medicine and other sciences. We are His past. He is our future.

More proof of God: Ecological niches. An ecological niche is the part of an ecological system that a particular life form occupies. There are predator niches, prey niches, plant niches, etc. Ecological niches tend not to stay empty. For example on the Galapagos Islands, the ecological niche of “woodpecker” was empty. So a little bird called the “Darwin’s Finch” moved in and took that niche. They are one of natures few tool using birds. Lacking the ability to peck like woodpeckers, they actually fashion twigs into poking tools to pry insects out of the bark of trees. If necessary, even tools become part of evolution. We can be sure if the ecological niche of “God” really was empty for some reason, some Life Form would move in to fill the empty niche. As a friend of mine admitted, “There is probably a waiting line.”

Answer #2

. Any of a limited number of newly minted coins or medals struck as specimens and for collectors from a new die on a polished planchet. I liked that one.

Answer #3

To Brabit. . . . If you would care to look you will find I have no problem with the existance of God. And right now I’m working on this question myself but I want more angles to look at it. Oh for the record. . . I’m a creationist.

Answer #4

Religious text. . . Yes lets see. So, who is this Jesus ?

He is the First and Last, The Beginning and the I am on His side, and that means all is well with my soul. Everyday is a blessing for GOD Is! This is an inspirational statement of Faith. . . . it is a religious statement of Faith written by an unknown author much like a writting of Billy Graham or Max lucado it Target a certain group namely Christians, it is meant to inspire other Christians but it shows no proof to an Atheist or Buddist or any other religious group that All mighty God Exist. He is the First and Last - If you study Isiah you will find God Gives himself that Title Father in heaven is also a Christian concept. Both would be considered from religious Text. They Both come from Scripture just to name a couple. . . . Maybe I should reword the Question to Can you Prove or Disprove God without Religion and Ideas of religion in the form of Scripture or any written statement of religious doctorine. . .

Answer #5

all it takes is a little research. . . Pick a search engine choose a few key words and start reading. . . I am kinda upset no rose to the occation to try and disprove it. . .

Answer #6

So where’s the proof of God’s existence? In accordance with our familiar axiom and in light of the tremendous advances we’ve made in molecular biology, biochemistry, genetics and information theory, the proof of God is all around us!

Through the microscope, we observe the E. coli bacterial flagellum. The bacterial flagellum is what propels E. coli bacteria through its microscopic world. It consists of about 40 individual protein parts including a stator, rotor, drive-shaft, U-joint, and propeller. It’s a microscopic outboard motor! The individual parts come into focus when magnified 50,000 times (using electron micrographs). And even though these microscopic outboard motors run at an incredible 100,000 rpm, they can stop on a microscopic dime. It takes only a quarter turn for them to stop, shift directions and start spinning 100,000 rpm in the opposite direction! The flagellar motor has two gears (forward and reverse), is water-cooled, and is hardwired into a signal transduction (sensory mechanism) so that it receives feedback from its environment. (“Unlocking the Mystery of Life,” video documentary by Illustra Media, 2002.)

When we apply the general principles of detecting specified complexity to biologic systems (living creatures), we find it reasonable to infer the presence intelligent design. Take, for example, the bacterial flagellum’s stator, rotor, drive-shaft, U-joint, and propeller. It is not convenient that we’ve given these parts these names - that’s truly their function. If you were to find a stator, rotor, drive-shaft, U-joint, or propeller in any vehicle, machine, toy or model, you would recognize them as the product of an intelligent source. No one would expect an outboard motor – much less one as incredible as the flagellar motor – to be the product of a chance assemblage of parts. Motors are the product of intelligent design.

Furthermore, the E. coli bacterial flagellum simply could not have evolved gradually over time. The bacterial flagellum is an “irreducibly complex” system. An irreducibly complex system is one composed of multiple parts, all of which are necessary for the system to function. If you remove any one part, the entire system will fail to function. Every individual part is integral. There is absolutely no naturalistic, gradual, evolutionary explanation for the bacterial flagellum. (Michael Behe, Darwin’s Black Box, 1996.)

The bacterial flagellum (not to mention the irreducibly complex molecular machines responsible for the flagellum’s assembly) is just one example of the specified complexity that pervades the microscopic biological world. Molecular biologist Michael Denton wrote, “Although the tiniest bacterial cells are incredibly small, weighing less than 10-12 grams, each is in effect a veritable micro-miniaturized factory containing thousands of exquisitely designed pieces of intricate molecular machinery, made up altogether of one hundred thousand million atoms, far more complicated than any machinery built by man and absolutely without parallel in the non-living world.” (Michael Denton, Evolution: A Theory in Crisis, 1986, p. 250.)

Answer #7

OK this question it getting off topic And confusing to people so I’ll lock it and post it again reworded

Answer #8

You guys post so much information for me to read. Here is what I have concluded from the two above readings:

There are things in the universe that have come to be without explanation. I understand, accept and agree with this. However, each time something exists, or an energy force cannot be explained, etc, I guess we feel like we have to somehow explain it. Maybe we feel inadequate if we are not able to come up with an answer because humans are the superior species. Anyway, the unexplainable is always concluded with something like this; “the outside force MUST be…there MUST be not only a cause, but an outside force that caused such a reaction”. When you using expressions such as “there must be” is actually like developing a theory. Isn’t this how it works. Develop the theory then attempt to prove it? The quarter, If I dropped a quarter onto the sidewalk and I saw it fall from my pocket I could say this event happened with absolute certainty and it would be a fact. If I happen onto 100 quarters standing on edge, the only fact present would be, I have no idea how that happened. We do a lot of assuming and improvising. If there is not an explanation for something, how do YOU know it was God? Things without explanation have many theories, divine intervention, higher power, God, immense power, outside force, etc. Don’t misunderstand, I am not arguing because I do not have a valid argument to counter, what I am saying is just because something doesn’t have PROOF of how it came to exist does not mean God did it. To say this is closing the door on any other explanation. So if you conclude God is responsible for the unexplained, yet in 20 years some mad scientist proves how the quarters “appeared” and stood on their side assuming some person didn’t do it, has facts, indisputable proof, what are you left with? You have proclaimed God must have done this.

As a particular Captain pointed out, there is no PROOF of God’s existence only beliefs. Something to ponder.

As it would seem, I would be agreeing with the Assassin. Not necessarily true. But if you are to prove something, as you posed in the question, back it up with facts. It can’t be based upon, “no other explanation so it MUST be”. And if we are proving God exists WITHOUT using the Bible as a reference, that isn’t completely fair. We can direct people all day long to links, books, periodicals, history, etc for proving many things, like there is solid evidence the earth is round.

One more thing, I thought to believe in evolution is to not accept we were created by a Higher Power. Death must occur for room for evolution? I have not researched anything about evolution. I don’t know much about it, except this; If WE evolved from monkeys, why are there still monkeys? I know it is a common question among those who are skeptical, but it is such a profound question. Sometimes simple is more. Do you think monkeys know they are supposedly destined to eventually be human? If they did, wouldn’t they be pissed? Adaption is very different from evolution and should not be confused.

These things I say I pluck right from my brain. They are not to be taken as facts or insults. I have not read hundreds of books on these subject and I am not closed to learning or forming new or changed opinions.

Have we proven the existence of God yet?

Answer #9

So far what has been proven is that people have beliefs. And people say it is their belief that makes it true.

proof (prf) n.

  1. The evidence or argument that compels the mind to accept an assertion as true. 2. a. The validation of a proposition by application of specified rules, as of induction or deduction, to assumptions, axioms, and sequentially derived conclusions. b. A statement or argument used in such a validation. 3. a. Convincing or persuasive demonstration: was asked for proof of his identity; an employment history that was proof of her dependability. b. The state of being convinced or persuaded by consideration of evidence.
  2. Determination of the quality of something by testing; trial: put one’s beliefs to the proof.
  3. Law The result or effect of evidence; the establishment or denial of a fact by evidence.
  4. The alcoholic strength of a liquor, expressed by a number that is twice the percentage by volume of alcohol present.
  5. Printing a. A trial sheet of printed material that is made to be checked and corrected. Also called proof sheet. b. A trial impression of a plate, stone, or block taken at any of various stages in engraving. 8. a. A trial photographic print. b. Any of a limited number of newly minted coins or medals struck as specimens and for collectors from a new die on a polished planchet.
  6. Archaic Proven impenetrability: “I was clothed in Armor of proof” John Bunyan.

amblessed> What you believe may not be the same as what others do, but I do feel that you are an example of what I think is right. Let me explain. You believe strongly in your Christian faith and the Bible is your guide through life. You are not swayed or open to your mind being changed. You always state your personal beliefs when answering questions. I have not seen you try to persuade others to your way of thinking. That is my point. There are MANY different beliefs, concepts, ideas, theories, faiths, religions, etc. When you find one that completes you, live by that 100%. Be prepared to defend your belief from time to time. Share it with others. But don’t push it. Know that others will not agree with “your” way. I feel you do this amblessed. You are true to your convictions. The last thing I want to tell you is the only mistake you made was apologizing. If you believe completely in something, you don’t apologize for that. rmealw does not apologize for what he believes. When you start to apologize for your faith, you cast doubt immediately in yourself and to others around you. It is ok that people don’t agree with you or won’t see things the way you do, but you should not be sorry for what you believe. It is your faith and in your heart of hearts, it is the right way.

rmealw> I think the same thing about you. You are true to the bone to your convictions. That is something I repsect a great deal in individuals. Although you asked for proof without religious text, amblessed is true to himself and the God that he worships and he did not feel he could answer without text. Broke your “rules” maybe, but he is showing something that I hardly see in others. Although the Captain’s view are different, he is true to himself, as you and a few others are. I respect that in you. And I LOVE your sense of humor.

The three of you have proven something. Do you know what that is?

Answer #10

So, who is this Jesus ?

He is the First and Last, The Beginning and the End! He is the keeper of Creation and the Creator of all! He is the Architect of the universe and the Manager of all times. He always was, He always is, and He always will be … unmoved, Unchanged, Undefeated, and never Undone! He was bruised and brought healing! He was pierced and eased pain! He was persecuted and brought freedom! He was dead and brought life! He is risen and brings power! He reigns and brings Peace! The world can’t understand him, The armies can’t defeat Him, The schools can’t explain Him, and The leaders can’t ignore Him. Herod couldn’t kill Him, The Pharisees couldn’t confuse Him, and The people couldn’t hold Him! Nero couldn’t crush Him, Hitler couldn’t silence Him, The New Age can’t replace Him. He is light, love, longevity, and Lord. He is goodness, Kindness, Gentleness, and God. He is Holy, Righteous, mighty, powerful, and pure. His ways are right, His word is eternal, His will is unchanging, and His mind is on me. He is my Savior, He is my guide, and He is my peace! He is my Joy, He is my comfort, He is my Lord, and He rules my life! I serve Him because His bond is love, His burden is light, and His goal for me is abundant life. I follow Him because H e is the wisdom of the wise, the power of the powerful, the ancient of days, the ruler of rulers, the leader of leaders, the overseer of the overcomers, and is to come. And if that seems impressive to you, try this for size. His goal is a relationship with ME! He will never leave me, never forsake me, never mislead me, never forget me, never overlook me, and never cancel my appointment in His appointment book! When I fall, He lifts me up! When I fail, He forgives! When I am weak, He is strong! When I am lost, He is the way! When I am afraid, He is my courage! When I stumble, He steadies me! When I am hurt, He heals me! When I am broken, He mends me! When I am blind, He leads me! When I am hungry, He feeds me! When I face trials, He is with me! When I face persecution, He shields me! When I face problems, He comforts me! When I face loss, He provides for me! When I face Death, He carries me Home! He is everything for everybody everywhere, every time, and every way. He is God, He is faithful. I am His, and He is mine! My Father in heaven can whip the father of this world. So, if you’re wondering why I feel so secure, understand this… He said it and that settles it. God is in control, I am on His side, and that means all is well with my soul. Everyday is a blessing for GOD Is!

Answer #11

Actually you did Quote Titles Given to God in the Bible and that would be considered A referral to Biblical text in a structered debate. He is the First and Last - A title Jesus used for himself in Rev 1:8 I am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the ending, saith the Lord, which is, and which was, and which is to come, the Almighty. Alpha and Omega is used in a figurative way meaning the first and Last. . . some later bibles even write it as first and last. And No one is perfect except the Lord almighty. Amblessed I admire your faith and I never said My knowledge was superior I’m just more determend to prove God Exist to someone that doesn’t believe in him not stating what I think of him. I placed 2 answers myself because no one else was PROVING GOD EXIST with science Now have you noticed that No agnostics or Atheist have rose to the challenge? They can not prove God does not exist with science and they cannot argue the fact of science. . . . . See what I did here was I stepped on threir side of the fence and beat them at their own game.

Answer #12

If title quote = text quote, you are indeed correct - in my opinion, you projected a superior than thou attitude on the subject when responding to me and ignored questions i asked directly - if my perception was wrong, I apologize - I don’t apologize for standing up for my Lord in what appears most probably (reading scripture and comparing it to world events / world news) nearing the last days - eternity is a very serious matter and I have no desire to play a ‘game’ with the unsaved - I strive, don’t always succeed, to do and say those things which point them to Jesus.

Answer #13

Ah, I know. Once in a life time offer. BUY THIS PROOF, now. Comes with a letter of authenticity, etc…

Answer #14

Okay, I’ll use science and logic…

  1. The Universe began to exist.

-However we learn from science, especially Newton’s laws that there must be, not only a cause, but an “outside source” that caused such a reaction.

  • From physics we also determine that time, space, matter, and energy are all mutually dependent upon one another and all are inter-related. Therefore, the “cause” for the existence of the Universe must be an “outside source”- meaning that the cause must be: timeless or eternal, must either encompass NO matter or ALL matter, must either be located in ALL space or NO space, and must have either NO energy or All energy.


  • we can first rule out “timless” because we ourselves have time.
  • We can also then rule out “no matter” because we ourselves have matter. -We can rule out a non-spatial entity because we certainly occupy space. -We can rule out “no energy (power)” again because we have strength and energy.


But we’re not done there. There are certain universals that everyone knows to be true.

There are certain things that are right and certain things that are clearly wrong, one universal that I think that most people will agree on is that beating, killing, abusing an innocent child is wrong.

Because there is a moral component in each of us, a fairness that is imbedded that says what is right and wrong- this outside force must also carry with it some sort of inherent “Rightness” or “Wrongness.” Even though there is “wrongness” in the universe, because there is some joy, happiness, and overall “goodness,” within the design, it seems that this “outside force” must posses at least some goodness. Then, when we see that most of the “wrongness” that is found is found in humans, it is safe to assume that this “goodness” must be outside humanity. Humans responsible for the systematic destroying of the planet and each other, but humans very clearly have more influence over the rest of the universe (or at least this planet) than any other. Given that we must be somehow “unique.” Humans are given a choice between “rightness” and “wrongness,” and this choice separates us. This choice is also what is killing us and the rest of the planet. Therefore, the outside force must contain the “goodness” since nothing in the rest of existence gives witness to its own annihilation, but rather its own survival.

Answer #15

How does creation prove the existence of God? Some believe in the big bang theory and say they can prove how every living thing formed from a single-cell organism. Creation does not PROVE anything. Refer to the question. You have to have something to back up your answer. Living trees, breathing animals, sun and moon, etc., how does that prove anything other than things grow? I can grow a tree if I plant a seed. And just because I cannot make the sun or an ocean, how can you prove God did without religious text?

Answer #16

Correction to my above entry:

I tried my best…sorry it didn’t meet your expectations.

another note - you told me above, ‘it’s not that hard’ and ‘I’ve seen it done’ - If it makes you feel better, I cede/yield to your surperior intellect - I’m not perfect, but I am forgiven - also your question stated ‘without religious text’ - did I quote ‘text’ ? - on the 9th entry in this thread, did you use any referrals ?…Take care !!

Answer #17

I quoted no text - only who He is and what He has done in my life - He couldn’t do those things and be those things, if He weren’t God - certainly proof to me in my life - not asking anyone else, just stating my belief/opinion, of which I am entitled - I’m thankful for what He’s shown me and done in my life.

Proof: what He’s done in my life (you’re free to accept or reject)

Text: what text did I quote ?

Would you ask your Doctor to explain your operation using no medical terms ?

Answer #18

Quote: Would you ask your Doctor to explain your operation using no medical terms ?

Actually Yes I would. . . . And I have and He has. It’s not that Hard.

what I see in the Answer you made up there is a statement of Faith. The Whole thing is a referal to Religious Beliefs. I am a Christian And know it is possible with some studying to prove God exist. . . I’ve seen it done.

Answer #19

It is ignorant and arrogant to believe that the great energy that gave life and inteligence, has no intelligence of its own. In fact it would be quite the opposite with an energy great enough to create the vastness of space and all that fills it, that its intelligence would be at least on the same ratio as that of man, making it so infinitly more inteligent than anything we could comprehend. And if this is true and this great energy used it’s creative intelligence to create all of this it would be by defenition God.

“The same sun that hardens clay, melts wax. So, it’s not the circumstances that make the man but rather what that man is made of that determines his destiny.” me

What are you made of?

Answer #20

There was a story bout this learned man who was asked some questions about religion. The first question was “ Prove God’s existence , if He really exists”, second one “ How can you define fate? “ and the last one “ If satan is created from fire, why would they be afraid of burning in Hell since it shouldn’t be painful for them” The young man who asked the question was a given a slap on his face and thereafter, the learned man asked the young man, “Can you see the pain on your cheek?” “No”, answered the young man. God cannot be seen but it can be felt. “What is my skin made of? What is your skin made of? Even if they are made from the same matter, they can still inflict pain on each other.” Thirdly, the learned man asked. “ Did you expect me to slap your face just now, today, or yesterday?” “No?” answered the young man, “This is fate” says the learned man. .

Answer #21

There is no scientific explanation for the development of the flagellum? Is that what I am to understand? I am posting this question without checking out the website yet, so I may get the answer there.

And in saying there is no evidence of how the flagellum came to be would prove that creation is proof God? I just want to make sure I am understanding correctly what it is you are explaining to me.

Answer #22

I took an astronomy class a few years back. Along with all the physics and math homework we talked about evolution versus creation. The teacher I had wasn’t particularly religious. He knew more about the universe than most people. He had studied the science behind how the universe was made and had really looked into the theories out there. He could not believe that a universe that was so organized and orderly just exploded into being. There were laws behind everything that was happening in the universe. It could all be measured and explained. He knew some higher power, some higher intelligence had to have engineered something so organized and logical, not to mention the beauty out there to be seen. My teacher couldn’t really go in to religion in class, I’m not even sure he was part of any organized religion. I do know that he believed.

Answer #23

I wasn’t trying to say that you didn’t believe in creation, FYI, I was trying to prove the existence of God through the creation, without using religious text. Tends to be more difficult without scripture, but not impossible. If things were created, someone or something had to have created them, they could not have just happened. Based on the example of my teacher who does not believe necessarily in organized religion, believed in God because of the organization and order of the universe. It had to be created in his opinion and if it was created there had to be a creator. Hope that made more sense.

Answer #24

Look around you at creation - hardly happenstance - there is none so blind as he/she who will not see.

Answer #25

I’m explaining that somethings would not exist with out divine intervention.

Answer #26

I hoped someone would rise to the occasion but no one was willing to research. . . . Anything. . . .

Answer #27

I would say so. . . . . But we haven’t heard a word from the Atheist and Agnostics. . .

Answer #28

Amblessed How does that prove the existance of God without religous text?

Answer #29

I took the creationist line as directed at brabit and I, sorry ‘bout that, not to worry. He’s 18 months (my nephew).

Answer #30
Answer #31

…mostly water.

Answer #32

Aliasajent: unless you have 2 profile the statement was for brabit not you.. . . Cute Picture how old?

Answer #33

i believe a very large part of god’s existence is people’s belief in him regardless of text

Answer #34

I tried my best…sorry it meet your expectations.

Answer #35

yea i got one but if i cant use relidgion you cant use evalution so… if not how was the eart created if u cant use the two point then you will never find a awnser my friend =p

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