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Environmental Issues

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what to do when you HATE the sun?

for some reason i can't be out in the sun for even 10 minutes. i tired but i couldn't, no i am not sensitive or anything the doctor said he doesn't get why i hate the sun when its lil bit sunny just a lil and i was outside i get inside quickly...


What Would Be The Perfect World?

-no more cutting trees
- no dumping toxins into oceans
I need some ideas they don't have to be about the enviorment


Who killed The Electric Car

im doing an assignment on who I think killed the electric car.
im really indecisive and wondering if
anyone has their own opinion on who it truely was
and why??


What: do you think the Three Gorges Dam was a good idea?

Why or why not? trying to finish homework, but im stuck on this question. please help!!


Why does paper have to be made from wood?

Why does paper have to be made from wood? Cutting down beautiful stunning trees that have grown there for hundreds of years that belong to nature, its disgusting escpcialy when people dont recycle.. And if people are recycling then why the hell are tre...


Why wear green on Earth Day??

Why should we wear green on Earth Day which is tomorrow?And what exactly is it??I dont know what the purpose of wearing green would be so please explain.thank you


How do fish help the environment?

How do fish help the environment?


What will happen in the future if ocean pollution isn't reduced?

What will happen? The consequences if it's not fixed now? Should we be worried?


how can individuals prepare for an earthquake?

could you explain and discribe =) im no good at geography


does anyone else support global warming?

come on winter seriously sux.


Is the moon orbiting the wrong way?

i used to watch the sun set in the west and the moon rise in the east, but now for some reason, the moon rises in the west when the sun sets, and sets in east when sun rises, has anyone else noticed this? or am i just stupid?


What time of year does it usually start to get warm?

I know it's different in different places, but do any of you know when it will start to get warm in Virginia? :)


Global Warming: Good, Bad, Both?

Climate change is always happening, and it always has mixed results for human civilization. In Britain, the Romans were growing vineyards for wine production as far north as Hadrian's Wall. That seems a bit absurd today, when you consider they can't ...


my friends wont stop littering

god its so annoying. my friends are forever throwing their litter around! it damages the environment.
I always have to pick up after them. even when I moan to them about it they just say stuff like: "for gods sake Kim its just a bit of junk"
but it ca...


How will tribes be affected by deforestation?

How will tribes be affected by deforestation?

can anyone please answer this question?


Reduce, reuse, recycle...

I've been reading some really good questions and answers here about Green issues, but I notice that we all still talk about recycling as if it's the most green thing we can do. In fact it uses energy so it's a bit less environmentally-friendly than 're...


Why (or why not) will the world end on December 21, 2012?

They say that in May 2011 that the world would end and it did'nt. And on November 11, 2011 ya you know the 11.11.11 thing they said something bad would happen that day as well. But guess what we are still here. But everyone has been talking about the 2...


Will "going green" create the next economic boom?

The Stern Review estimates that by 2050, demand for low-carbon technology could be worth $500 billion annually. The UN also estimates that demand for projects that generate Greenhouse Gas Emission credits could get as high as $100 billion annually by ...


What is a good slogo for saving energy?

I really need a good, catchy slogo for saving energy and really soon. It can be about anyway for saving energy just once it's in that area. Please answer soon and thank-you in advance:)


Where else is it cold?

Is it cold anywhere else? Because here in Denver Colorado has been freezing for the past 3 days... And it just makes me wonder because the cold it's like so severe that I wasent able to move my hands at some point lol.


What do you "really" believe about global warming?

I mean come on, society almost believes everthing it hears and if the ice caps are melting, who's to say that "we" are causing it? The earth has been through many changes in it's history including an ice age, great floods, ect ect. How can the scientis...


Is life getting more stressful then it was or is this what happens as you age?

I remember 10 years ago, life was not hard, and now I feel like I am pushed and pull from the pressures of life on a daily basis. What gives!!!


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