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Holiday gift ideas for my wife?

Name's Steve (audience echoes, "hi steve") - I'm trying to come up with a banger of an idea for a holiday gift for my wife - am looking for ideas, suggestions and recommendations. She's into painting, so perhaps a gift along the lines of some brushes o...


Black Talon Knife

Is anyone familiar with the Cold Steel Black Talon folding knife? If so do you own one and is it worth the heavy price?


Can you buy condoms in walmart?

Can you buy condoms in walmart and do you need parental consent or something like that?


How long does it take to save up for a car?

I'm 16 and my parents said they would buy me a car but I want to earn it myself. I'm school still and only work two days a week 6 hours a day and get paid $10 a hour. Any idea how long it will take me and how expensive a car is?


What's a good present to give a guy friend for Valentine's Day?

whats a good present to give a guy friend for valentines day?
I like need to know :O

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What does "No Reserve" mean on eBay?

On eBay, I'm looking for a new cell phone. The one I'm looking at is a used pink chocolate that says "No Reserve." What does this mean exactly?


Can I get in trouble for buying them alcohol if I'm underage too?

I'm 15 my friends who are like 17 who can't buy things like achool and other things who can't get suvered for it, however I can because most people think I'm 18, can I get in toblle for buying them it?


What should I give my boyfriend for his birthday?

Long story. So my boyfriends birthday is when I am going out of town. He is so sad and I feel horrible. I want to give him something really special(delivery probably). He is turning 14, likes track. I want something other than flowers, 2 original. an...


Conch Piercing Earring

What type of jewelry do I use for my outer conch piercing?
Like for a rooke I know you can use an eyebrow ring but for conch...?


What gift should I get my boyfriend?

okay so im 13 and I have a 14 year old boyfriend and I have no idea what to get him
my friends tell me not to give him anything expensive but what to get?
weve only been together for about a month!
please help

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Where I can buy cargo-style jeans with front pockets on the knees?

I like to wear cargos, but i would like to buy jeans cargo style with many pockets on the knees if you know where i can buy one of those tell i never find them i just find the regular jeans if you know tell me please thank you.


What Kind Of Things Do guys Like For Gifts?

Christmas Is Almost Here!.. But I Have nothing For My Dad. What Do Guys Like? The Price Needs To Be Reasonable. But I Would Love your Ideas!!!


Prom dress websites?

i have prom coming up in 3-4 months and i cant find a prom dress anywhere is there any good prom dress websites. I want one thats quite tight fitted to my stomach and upwards and i defo dont want a massive poofy one please help id be soo grateful!

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What should I get my boyfriend for christmas?

Im stumped. We've been together for a really long time, and I have no clue what to get him. He loves the yankees, and tickets to a game was my first thought, but they dont come to the team where we live this year and I cant afford tickets to new york o...


WTF: Where To Get the Chanel Gladiator Sandals??

OKay, I'm freakin confused...where in jesus name do I go get chanels gladiator sandals...Im at a loss. It would be nice if someone helped...Thanks
Love, V

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What's the best brand of Plasma TV?

which is the best plasma Tv model...


Picnic baskets

Where could I get one?


What to get my friend for her card?

I need some ideas for my friends birthday card but I cant find anything and a poem might help


Do you know any good online clothing stores?

Know any good online clothing stores-that don't cost $100 and up..?!


my boyfriends 18th birthday, what should I get him?

My boyfriend turns 18 3 days before I turn 16 and our 7 month is on my bday. I dont really know what to get him for his question to you guys is...what should I get him?

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daughter loves Selena's clothes where to buy them?

On wizards of waverly place my 11 year old daughter loves Selena's clothes does anyone know where I can get them at?

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What can I get my Mom for her birthday TODAY?

I'm trying to think of stuff for my mom cause it's her bday and I don't know what to do.
I need ideas for something fast. I need to do it today and soon so can you please help me?


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