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What can I get my dad for his 53rd birthday?

My dad is turning 53 tomorrow and his birthday is a sad time because his dad died on his birthday three years ago. I really want to do something special for him. He is really big into harleys and I was thinking maybe a travel thing for him and my mom? ...


Where can you find tutus?`

Where can you find tutus? Instead of hot topic? And I need like a good one

How do you make one? Where do you get the material?

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who knws if they sell india ink at walmart or walgreens?

do dey sell india ink at walmart or maybe evn at walgreens


What would a guy want for his 21st birthday?

this is to all the men out there (girls you can answer 2) if you were turning 21 what would you want for your birthday?


I need to buy a gift that starts with Y

I am going to a wedding shower and need to find a gift that starts with Y? Any suggestions?


Can security tags be removed by any shop?

When you go to a clothes shop, you get like plastic security tags that the salesperson has to remove with a machine. Do you know if the security tags need specific machines to remove them or can they be removed by any machine in any shop?


Abercrombie and Fitch

Why is abercrombie and fitch soo expensive? like I only buy clothes that are on sale there. not because I dont have the money but because I just think its insane to buy clothes for full price there. but why is it soo expensive?


Hottest shoes

What brand is the best shoe


What do I get my 15 year old boyfriend for Christmas/bday?

mmk, so im 15, he's 15. we've been going out since the beginning of 8th grade. we're ALWAYS together and we got voted, most likely to be high school sweethearts(: MY problem isss I don't know what to get him for his birthday and christmas. His birthday...


What should I get my goddaughter for her 2nd birthday?

What should I ? she is turning 2 years old and I love her to death!


What can I give my girlfriend for her 16 birthday??

What can I give my girlfriend for her 16 birthday??

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Where to buy UGG boots?

WHERE do every one get UGG boots from? can I buy them at a store?


Where do I get cute clothing that costs less?

My parents don't have a lot of money. Neither do I. And I'm sick of walmart shirts and JC Penny pants. I have really cheap ugly cloths that are definatly not fashionable, yet I have a good fashion sence. Yet, its hard for me to find cloths anyway becau...


8th grade graduation dress in Ontario?

So, I'm in eighth grade and I'm graduating in a couple months,
I really need a dress that's not TOO expensive..

Are there any stores in Ontario that you know of or any websites that I can go to and buy one?
Help please !


birthday gifts could I give to my 69 year old grandma?

What birthday gifts could I give to my 69 year old grandma. I need to make them homemade too and I please dont make them need a lot of supplies. so basically they are just basic and easy to make. please help me, im completely out of ideas!


Where is a good place to get my graduation dress for cheap?

Graduation is coming up soon, and I need a cute dress that doesn't cost too much. Anyone know any places I can go to? I need answers quick..


What's a good 1-year anniversary present?

I have a pretty good idea as to what I want to get him, but does anybody have any good ideas for a gift to give a guy on our 1 year anniversary?


Can you buy condoms in walmart?

Can you buy condoms in walmart and do you need parental consent or something like that?


Which store would you prefer to shop at?

Picture this, in your town there are only 3 department stores.

They are Kmart, Target and Walmart.

If you had your choice, which would be your preferred shopping place?


What to get my best friend for her birthday?

My best friend's birthday is tomorrow , 17th ! ... and I don't know what to get her ... well it's night here and all the shops have closed ..and I really need to find something for her ... and I want to give her something that really means something to...


Do you like aeropostale?

It seems as if everybody hates aeropostale but I love aeropostale am I the only one that likes aeropostale


What store do you shop at the most?

I shop at Kohls a lot.


Do you know any good online clothing stores?

Know any good online clothing stores-that don't cost $100 and up..?!


Original presents for a girl?

Okay, I had no idea what to title this question, it's kinda hard.
So theres this friend of mine, that I'm kinda good with, not that good, but she thinks we're like BFF. She's turning 15 and I'm already 17. So she's much younger then me.
She is a really...


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