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Hollister, abercrobie and fitch?

What do they sell exactly in these shops? I heard hollister sells punky stuff but what do the exactly sell?


How old do you have to be to buy things from Spencers?

How old do you have to be to buy intimates from Spencers? Such as lingerie, toys?

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Where can you get real converse shoes?

and what are the price ranges?


Valentines ideas for my girlfriend?

somebody please help me valentines is right around da corner and im broke and I cant anything 4 my girl all I have is 5 bucks 2 my name I need some suggestions NOW ASAP!!!


Abercrombie kids?

so I wear a size 2 at abercrombie and fitch and a friend told me I'd be able to fit into kid's jeans so I won't have to spend as much money. has anyone done this? I just want an idea as to what size I'd be.


What's the most expensive iPod?

What is the most expensive IPod? My Mom is going to spend $400 on me for Christmas, and I want an IPod. So what is the most expensive. I am just curious. it can be over $400. Just please let me know, also what IPod's should I not get? Thanks


Gift ideas for boyfriend of one year?

okay sooo. me and my boyfriends one year is coming up. anyone have any really creative ideas. like something I could make himmm?

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How much would something that costs $498.00 be, AFTER tax?

How much would something that costs $498.00 be, AFTER tax?


Where can I buy pickle juice?

Where can I buy the juice without the pickle?


Where can I get goth bracelets in boston?

My family and I are going to boston for the weekend and I want to know where I can buy some spiked bracelets in Boston because I cant get them where I currently live so please help.


Edible lotion?

does anyone know where you can get edible lotion?

and do you know the product name?

thanks, xoxo!


What should I ask my boyfriend for my birthday in 2 weeks?

Ok so my birthday is in less than 2 weeks, its on dec,9. My boyfriend wants to get me something even if I said I didnt want something, (though I do),I need good ideas for what he should get me, cause he is asking me for what I want, mind you that we do...


Should I buy a thong or G-string?

I can't decide which I should buy? PLLZ!! anwer girls and boys

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What should I get my 12 year old boyfriend?

My 12 year old boyfriend is getting me a really pretty bracelet for christmas and I do not know what to get him.
What should I get him?

We have been going out for like 2 weeks

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Where can I find cheap but good skateboards?

Where can I find a cheap but a good long lasting skateboard ?
Its been long since I did that kind of stuff ... I mean I didnt really use it for tricks or any thing just for transportation ya know what I mean


What shall I get my Mum for Mothers day?

uurghhh I dont know what to get herrr

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How old do you have to be to buy a shaving razor?

in boots, semi-chem etc?

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Is $1,500 for a bag too much?

My neighbour recently bought a Gucci bag for about 1.500 dollar. (onethousand fivehundred). I would never spent that much money on a bag-The most expensive bag I have was 150 dollars, and I got it from my grandparents for my birthday.
I don't think yo...


Do boys like flowers?

would my boy feel gay or lame if I gave him a bunch of flowers for a surprise ?

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Where to buy nice waist belts in smaller sizes?

howdy, I was just wondering does anyone know where you can get some really nice waist belts in smaller sizes. Like the ones with adjustable sizes. All the ones in topshop,riverisland etc are too big...actually I have seen some adjustable sized ones but...


Vintage store names?

Name me all different types of stores, do not tell me abercrombie and fitch, hollister,american eagle, or aeropostle, charlotte russe, wet seal, hot topic, mandees, forever 21 or juicy.
Anything but those!
Or urban outfitters!


How many days is one buisness day?

If I order something on a monday and the description says it takes 1 buisness day...How many days is that in a week?


What do I get my best friend for Christmas?

I am at a loss as what to get my best friend for christmas. To start off she is more than a best friend to me. I am madly in love with her. She is dating someone else at the moment. I want to get her something nice, but I don't wait to cross that line....


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