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looking for gift suggestins for my 14 year old grandson

looking for gift suggestins for my 14 year old grandson

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How do I sell something on ebay or craigslist if I don't have a pic of the item, and do I need a credit card.....?

Also, does it cost anything to sell it, like if someone wanted to buy the item, do I have to pay to get it to their house through the mail? it's large and would probably cost a lot to send. Also, after I make an account and post my ad, how to I check i...


What are your favorite shoes?

What are your favorite shoes. I love air ones. I have custom made shoes and air ones with graffiti all over it. What are you favorite shoes.


What is a good secret santa gift for my 13 year old friend?

Okay so my friends and I are doing a secret santa thing this year. I got my friend Jade. She is an awesome friend. Are price range is from 10-20 dollars. I'm totally blanking on what to get her. Shes a gymnast, and is a girly girl. Any ideas?
Thanks ...

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Where do you buy your jewelry from, and what kind do you like?

I buy mine from Hot Topic, Spencers, Wal-Mart, and sometimes flea-markets or thrift shops.

I like jewelry with skulls, wings, tiaras, brass knuckles, and things like that. Gothic/scene type jewelry.
I love black jewelry, and some that has cool co...


Where to buy gothic clothes?

does any one know were a good pleace to buy gothic cloths is?


Lia Sophia?!?!?

I've seen lots of Lia Sophia people around my city. I've never been able to get a magazine or anything. So can anyone who works for Lia Sophia tell me where I can get a magazine and normal prices for the jelwery? Please and thank you!


What should I get my boyfriend for his birthday?

My boyfriends birthday is coming up in a few days... I dont know what to get himm!.. I've been going out with him for month and half, so I dont know like how big of gift to get him!, hes really into football.. and I know nothing about it so, I dont kno...


Which phone should i get: LG Sentio, Samsung Gravity T, or a Blackberry?

I'm on T-mobile. If you dont like any of those any other suggestions?


Where can I buy a bald cap?

i am a Amature makeup artist and can't find any place to get a bald cap.


Where can I find a cute backpack?

Where can i find cute backpacks other than lesportsac (I don't like the designs they got now)???

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Purple Beret Dillema

Tomorrow I'm going to a concert, I've got my outfit all sorted out, but during the day I'll be lurking around Sydney, so thats another outfit needed. I really want to wear my purple beret, so...

what can I wear with a purple beret?!


Scene boy clothes

were can I buy scene boy clothes?


What should I ask for for christmas , 17 yr old girl?

I am 17 . My mom is asking what I want for Christmas but I cant think of any thing else to ask for . I asked for a GPS, and perfume. I have no clue what I want . help ?


Good ideas for presents for friends?

I know its a while till christmas but if you read my other questions you'll see I'm pretty excited already.

That and the fact I hate hate hate leaving christmas shopping late because the shopping centres are ALREADY getting extra busy, and I need time...


What should I get my boyfriend for our one year anniversary?

Well coming up in 22 days me and my boyfriend will have been together for a year. So I need an idea of what do get him for a gift. So if you have any ideas let me know please.


Why does my best friend always try to be better than me?

So my best friend always has to be better than me and she will honestly do anything to make herself look better. She will lower my self-estem by saying mean shi*t. Like I love her to death but she always has to be the best and she thinks so highly of h...


scared to go to the mall

I used to shoplift but stoped once I got caught over a year ago. I havent gona back to the mall since and barley go to any other malls or stores. The reason is beacuse the dectectors still go off sometimes even thou I havent stolen anything. someone to...


why do gay guys like 2 shop?

I have a gay friend dame. He always wants 2 go shoppin. Why do gay guys like 2 shop more than strait men? Im just wondering!

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How much would an Ipod or Mp3 cost?

Im thinking of getting a Mp3 or a Ipod with my christmas money but I dont know how much they will cost :)
I would rather get a mp3 but yeah :D


Good Graduation Gift for Significant Other?

What's a good/ interesting graduation gift for male 18 year old boy? Nothing too expensive.


where do you buy the new addion elephant 4 littlest pet shop?

where do you buy the new addion elephant 4 littlest pet shop?


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