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Where can I buy clothes like Selena Gomez wears?

My little sister is 11 and she loves the clothes that selena gomez wears on the Wizards Of Waverley Place (im not sure if I said the name right) where do you think I can get clothes like that for her?


Niece went gaga over clothes from Hot Topic

Does anyone know if there is a store similiar to Hot Topic in Toronto? My neice will be turning 14 very soon and one of her closest friends bought some clothes at this store on a recent family trip.

Being an older female, I have to be honest and tell...


Where can you buy a fake pregnancy belly?

Where can you buy a fake pregnancy belly?

I need to show my sister that It's not as great as she thinks it is.


Brass knuckle jeans

I am looking for a pair of blue skater jeans with a white brass knuckle stain on the thigh. Could you tell me what brand or what kind of jeans they are


Where to buy a vibrator if I'm under 18?

Is there any place I can buy a under 18 and I have a credit card but its under my moms name so she would see what I had bought.


What should a buy as a gift for my boyfriend?

okay so my boyfriend is 27 and im 17,I know what your thinking but dont worry my parents approve and are kinda the ones that hooked us up. I majorily in love with him. We exchange gifts every month. Although we have only been dating for 2 months. he go...

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Where can I buy Kerrang magazine in the U.S.?

I want the new issue of Kerrang, but I can't fing it in the U.S. I don't want to order it online. Does any one know a store that would sell it?


How many disposable contacts come in an Acuvue box?

I really want disposabel contacts because they're cheaper than the regular kind, but how many PAIRS, one for each eye, of contacts do you get from an acuvue advance box of disposable contacts? disposable contacts last up to 2 weeks but how long do the ...


Good Electric Heater

Can you suggest a really good electric heater (maybe with a blower) I could buy to for a bedroom ?


What should I get my best friend for her birthday?

What should I get my best friend for her birthday!!! I have already given her a scrapbook clothes and everything you can imagine. This year I already got her a hollister jacket but I want to give her something else too any advice


Water Beds?

Does anybody know where you can get a water bed? My dad is getting an apartment because he is getting seperated from my mom&im gonna have my own room there..So I want a water bed& I know they are sort of old..can somebody tell me where I can get one? T...

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Online Websites Like Hot Topic

First let me get this out of the way. Never go to Hot Topic if you're looking for shirts or a bookbag. All the shirts I've gotten from Hot Topic end up having holes in them,no matter how hard I try to prevent that from happening. I bought a Gir bookbag...


What to get my 12-year-old boyfriend for Christmas?

what should I get my 12 year old boyfriend for christmas

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What should I ask my parents to get me for my birthday?

its mt birthday soon and I dont know what to ask my parents for ? x

has anyone got any good ideal presents I can ask then to get me ? x

also has anyone got any good ideas what I can do with my friend to celebrate me turning 14 ? x


Does Victoria's Secret have good nude lipsticks?

tell me your review :)

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I need to buy a gift that starts with Y

I am going to a wedding shower and need to find a gift that starts with Y? Any suggestions?


Original Ideas For A Birthday Present For A One Year Old Girl?

I Need Ideas For What To Get My Baby Niece For Her Birthday.. She's Going To Be A Year Old And I Want To Get Her Something Original.. A Keepsake Maybe? I Have A Budget Of About Twenty Pounds.. Help?! x

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Where can I buy German DVDs with English subtitles online?

I have looked everywhere but I can't find any good ones. All the websites that I have checked have got the dvds but I live in the UK so I need either region 0 or region 2. It has to have subtitles because my german is not good enough for me to watch it...


Where can I get a sim card for a Nokia phone?

I have recently had a nokia 7380 phone come into my possesion, where can I purchase a sim card for this phone?


What to get my best friend for her birthday?

My best friend's birthday is tomorrow , 17th ! ... and I don't know what to get her ... well it's night here and all the shops have closed ..and I really need to find something for her ... and I want to give her something that really means something to...


Can I buy sea monkeys at walmart?

Can I buy sea monkeys at walmart?


What to I get my boyfriend for his 18th birthday?

what can I get my boyfriend for his birthday that is under $100

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