How long do you think you should be dating before having sex?

So that things don’t get screwed up, how long is it good to wait to have sex?

Answer #1

It really depends on the people involved. In my opinion, you should get to know the person first, and really know them - but that takes a varying amount of time. When it feels right for both people, it is; if you’re worried at all, then it’s probably not the right time.

Answer #2

Untill your married :)

Answer #3

It makes me happy knowing you think that way lol

Answer #4

Well that’s good :) haha

Answer #5

I waited 2 months with my boyfriend and he had no problem with that. If you wait a while you have that bit more control in the relationship.

Answer #6

Btw Imma Christian ^_^ JESUS ROCKZ !! <3 lol :)

Answer #7

how would having sex screw up your relationship? it should be bringing ye closer together and more intimate, fun ,enjoyable also a loving expierence for both people,theres really no time limit on this kinda thing,however most girls are inclined not to give it up so easily,make him wait to see if he’s worth it,it really depends if you’ve been sexually active maybe in the last relationship,it really depends on the person and their needs,id roughly say though give it a few months to get used to him and find out all about him and then gradually move closer and ease into the whole sex end of things,but if you cant wait that long well talk to him about it,you’ve obviously been thinking about this,maybe its been on his mind too but ye are afraid to ask,make sure ye are both ready for it and plan ahead,don’t forget safe sex,best of luck :)

Answer #8

your 15 right?,i had that notion too but lets be realistic here lol

Answer #9

I personally Think people should wait until they are married it makes everything so much more special. When people do have premartial sex they sometimes end up feeling guilty. Also you avoid unwanted pregnancies and Std’s.

Answer #10

Me or moe214??

Answer #11

Whenever the two people in that particular relationship feel they’re ready to. It may or may not ruin or make that relationship stronger, though, so I kinda think people should be warned of it, you know…

Answer #12

so what if shes 15, I’m 18 what diffrence does it make?

Answer #13

whenever you feel ready to have sex with that person. some people wait a day, a week, weeks, months, years, it doesn’t matter. it all comes down do how you feel about the person and if you want to have sex yet

Answer #14

I think that it should be 10 months- 1 year. Just because if you guys wait that long, you will know eachother better, and you know you are together for love not for sex. But really sometimes it depends on what the pearson, or the couple wants every relationship is different.

Answer #15

I think it depends on the relationship. There’s a point where you’ll feel it’s too early, and a point where you won’t. You’ll know the feeling where you cross that point. I don’t think marriage signifies anything for myself, I mean, it would be kind of cool to wait that long in a way, but I doubt I’ll be that strong willed and I’m not looking to jump into an early marriage this young.

Answer #16

If your sexually active 3 months if nt a year or 2

Answer #17

I definately don’t think there should be a certain time on having sex. If the connection is strong and you feel it’s right or you would like to do that with someone go for it. Don’t strive for a certain amount of time because you may or may not be ready berfore or after this time frame. Just go with how you feel.

Answer #18

until you feel ready, and use a condom

Answer #19

if its your first time. . atleast six months , if its not. . wait a few months so you know the person isnt using you .

Answer #20

Frankly, I am astonished that so many people here seem to believe that you should wait until you are married before you have sex with your partner !

A full and satisfying marriage to someone whom you are sexually compatible with is a wonderful thing, …..

whereas marriage to someone with whom you are not sexually compatible is almost certainly doomed to failure.

How on earth are you supposed to know whether or not you are sexually compatible without actually trying it first? Read your horoscope ? Consult a witch-doctor ? Deal a hand of Tarot Cards?

Marriage means nothing whatsoever in my opinion, ….. unless it REALLY IS a firm and faithful promise “for better OR WORSE ‘till death you do part”.

That is a long time to go with someone who might prove not to be a sexually compatible partner - why risk discovering that fact on your wedding night after you have already made your solemn vows..

It is no wonder at all to me that so many marriages end in divorce so quickly if people take sexual compatibility as some sort of foregone conclusion or irrelevant triviality.

– Best wishes - Majikthise.

Answer #21

Lots of people talk up chastity. They fill out virginity pledge cards, wear purity rings, girls go to formal purity balls with their dads where the girl promises to stay virgin until marriage and the dad promises to protect her virtue.

Peer reviewed studies of virginity pledges showed that not only are pledgers just as likely to engage in sex than non-pledgers but they are also less likely to practice safe sex.

If being a virgin makes you happy than more power to you.

Couples decide among themselves when they are both ready to take this step. As others have said, there is no set amount of time. One couple might feel comfortable enough on their first meeting while another might decided to live their entire lives without sexual intimacy (not even all marriages are consummated). It just depends on the people.

Answer #22

This was another point I was going to make. Sexual compatibility is an important aspect of marriage. Personally I think it is foolish to marry someone you have never been intimate with. In addition to the sexual compatibility thing you do learn a lot about someone by being intimate with them.

I don’t think that sexual compatibility is the most important factor in a marriage. It is a factor though. A couple should know if it is an issue before tying the knot. There are a lot of couples where one partner wants sex twice a day and the other only wants it twice a year; one constantly feels frustrated while the other constantly feels pressured. This puts a lot of stress on the marriage. If one partner is sexually adventurous while the other only wants straight ahead sex this is another issue; a couple where one thinks their partner is a pervert while the other thinks their partner a prude is also a problem. There is also the physical aspect. Some people just fit better than others. If coitus is painful than this can throw a damper on relations.

Answer #23

I agree absolutely. If a newly married couple discovered the worst case scenarios among those that you highlight I cannot imagine the marriage lasting much beyond the forced civilities of the honeymoon.

Answer #24

until ur married is OBVIOUSLY the most favorable answer, but frankly in this day in age that’s not so likely. not sooo sad, but DEF true. I’d say juss wait till it feels rite and not a second earlier :)

Answer #25

yes PLEEASE practice safe sex !

Answer #26

To me, it kinda seems like it depends on your age… Sex is an emotional connection too. I’d say just wait til whenever you know eachother quite well and can easily communicate. Or, at least a month or more. lol

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Answer #28

I agree with you too. Sex isn’t important untill you get too little or bad quality. Better to know beforehand whether it’ll work in bed for you.

Answer #29

Being married is not going to avoid unwanted pregnancies or STD’s.

Answer #30

If both are virgins before they are married yes they will avoid Std’s, as for unwanted pregnancies it will be easier to accept the baby even if it wasn’t planned.

Answer #31

you can still get sick even if your both “pure” its less likely but still possiable.

Answer #32

i agree with waiting till it feels right but you need to keep in mind the sex changes you in ways you may not see till later, and will change you partner too. So make sure you have a rock soild base before you take that step.

Answer #33

6 months. Not too late not too soon(:

Answer #34

Until you are completely comfortable with the person and when you are both in love with eachother :)

Answer #35

i think u shud wait at least until 2 or 3 months but u shud only do it if ur ready too…..

Answer #36

y do u think that it sud bbe so long i have bin dating the same gril for 8 mot.

Answer #37

There’s not really a good time to wait until you have sex. It just really varies for different people. When you are both really in love with each other and when you are both ready. And make sure you know the things that may go wrong during or afterwards.

Answer #38

Wait 4 to 6 months

Answer #39

until you feel ready :)

Answer #40

until you feel ready :)

Answer #41

Untill you are married. your partner may not like it but if they really care about you they will wait also.

Answer #42

It Dosent really matter how long your been together really well maybe not like two weeks but when your ready, me and my boyfriend had sex the day we were before 5 months and we were each others first but generally i think when your ready and you want to with them cause you love them or they’re special to you

Answer #43

wen your ready…now whether thts in 5months,5years,or wen your married…its your choice…nd its differnt 4 every1

Answer #44

As soon as he/she says..” Cheque please “. roflol. okay, but thats just me. Okay look, first date…maybe….if they strike the right cords… but if you’re gonna keep seeing each other, sex should be on the table. If you want to remain a virgin, no problem, just tell us this , so we can go find some other punk to play with you. All these woman keep saying, they are gonna remain virgins. But society proves otherwise.

Answer #45

A Couple Months.. When Ever Yhoo Feel Ready!

Answer #46

if i were you i would wait untill im married but then again im only fourteen. so that is just my opinion

Answer #47

the best advice of this, is not until you’re married like many say. it’s more of the emotional and moral. are you ready to take the step. do you feel that it’s okay for you to be doing it. me and my boyfriend waited around 3 months. it depends on you and how you feel about. don’t let anyone pressure you. it’s your choice not theirs.

Answer #48

the best advice of this, is not until you’re married like many say. it’s more of the emotional and moral. are you ready to take the step. do you feel that it’s okay for you to be doing it. me and my boyfriend waited around 3 months. it depends on you and how you feel about. don’t let anyone pressure you. it’s your choice not theirs.

Answer #49

Some girls do tho :):) There are girls AND guys out there who will not have sex before theyre married. Society does have strong influence on people, esp teens. But not all teens give in. In my opinion, it takes the stronger person to say “No, lets wait”.

Answer #50 this might help

Answer #51

Until you’re both emotionally and physically able to handle it. and when you both are ready for the new level of love and intimacy(sp)

Answer #52

and until you trust and love him enough to know that he wont just eff yu and leave

Answer #53

when you feel ready its all about you judgment(hope i spelldidid that right)

Answer #54

I think that the simplest answer to that question is until whenever both of you are ready. If you have to think about whether or not you’re both ready to yet, then you probably shouldn’t. You’ll know when the right time is when it feels right for both of you.

Answer #55

if you really can’t wait til marriage and wanna have sex as a teen or young adult at least wait 3-4 months into the relationship but remeber you wanna make sure that the guy is not using you for sex and that you can trust him!

Answer #56

if you really can’t wait til marriage and wanna have sex as a teen or young adult at least wait 3-4 months into the relationship but remeber you wanna make sure that the guy is not using you for sex and that you can trust him!

Answer #57

well everyone says untill your married. but lets face the obviuse who really does? you should deff wait untill you know for sure he’s there for good, and not just using you. so wait about 5 monthss. then maybe one night while you guys are just chilling and it happens , then it happens :) you want to make sure whenever that day does come, that you are properly protected from aids,HIV,herpies or even worse pregnancy. :/ thats were i am, &’ trust me it isnt good. soo just wait till when you both feel the time is right.

Answer #58

Their is no answer to that . at all . the only was you should know when your ready to have sex is if your in love . love has no time limit (:

Answer #59

untill u both feel ready n both want it

Answer #60

untill u both feel ready n both want it

Answer #61

nice lol :)

Answer #62

My personal belief is for t to be around a year. It is so the couple gets to know eachother well, before. I was never fond of just-for-fun relationships, but that is my own values and beliefs. For my fiancee and I, we waited three years. We were 16 when we started dating, we felt that it should only be with the person we wished to spend our life with. We finally did when we realized we wanted eachother. We are now engaged and will be married next summer.

Answer #63

when i last checked its better if ur married so that you dont end up getting pregnant, and if u have the child and the man u were with is already long gone it will ruen all 3(or more) of ur lives

Answer #64

people are born with STD’s

Answer #65

Are you suggesting that if you get married, and make your wife pregnant on your wedding night, while finding for the first time that you are not sexually compatible, and end up getting divorced …..

….. that 3 (or more) lives are NOT ruined - because you waited until you got married ?

[ Just curious as to how big a magic wand you consider marriage to be. ]

– Majikthise.

Answer #66

NO, if ur not married that might happen

    if u get divorced it usually affects people in a bad way anyway
Answer #67

Yes, Unfortunetly women can transmit a STD to their baby. It’s very sad thats why people should be careful when making the decision to have sex.

Answer #68

Yes, so last time I checked, it is better to find out for sure whether you are sexually compatible (while using proper contraception to avoid unwanted pregnancy) BEFORE you go to all the expense of getting married (probably with EVERY intention of starting a family and possibly deliberately aiming for pregnancy).

If the honeymoon is the point at which you discover you are sexually incompatible, while deliberately conceiving your first child, …..

….. you have the wasted costs of the wedding, and the divorce, and the anguish of the couples wider families, and the heartache of one of the partners rearing a child, recklessly conceived in a misguided belief that married life is going to be a bed of roses ( without the thorns ).

Think about it carefully. You will quite possibly be making these sorts of decisions for yourself pretty soon. They CAN be very happy decisions, but …..

– Best wishes - Majikthise.

Answer #69

Who need to date? Just f*ck.

Answer #70

Until you know he is honest with you, not taking advantage of you. It should not be a situation of “what I want from you for myself.”

Answer #71

I’ve done anywhere from 2 days to 4 months. But I guess the norm is a month or two if you’re both open about sex, like it, and are not virgins.

Answer #72

i think until u get married…its healthy dat way

Answer #73

yeah same untill u gettt married ! keep it for the one who’s u goin be with untill the moment u dieee! even if u love ur bffff like u really can’t live without him keep it as a sweet gift for ur husband u know that most of the girls take it like an easy thing cuz its normal this days , is up to you anyway but u beet keep for ur husband ! keep it cause its ur crystal ! <3

Answer #74

actually i know several couples who never had sex until marriage and they have the best marriages of all the people i know and two of them have seven kids each so you want to say that for me again?

Answer #75

ok well actually if you are both vergins how will you know that you aren’t “sexually compatible?”

Answer #76

look my parents had the situation on top with me so our lives have been hard for my whole family

Answer #77

yeah same untill u gettt married ! keep it for the one who’s u goin be with untill the moment u dieee! even if u love ur bffff like u really can’t live without him keep it as a sweet gift for ur husband u know that most of the girls take it like an easy thing cuz its normal this days , is up to you anyway but u beet keep for ur husband ! keep it cause its ur crystal ! <3

Answer #78

til ur over 17

Answer #79

well i don’t think a child should answer grown-up questions. cute it maybe, though annoying for sure. Besides I’m happily engaged to a wonderfully compatible girl that I was friends with for a quite a while and we ended up you-know-whating on the first date. We just know that we were going to be together. Don’t know how, nor do I care, I just know that my life is now complete. So…. point is if you think that the time is right GET IT ON!

Answer #80

I agree whole heartedly with Majikthise!

Answer #81

So your point about the stds is? I mean, you really should have thought that one through just a little more. You can be born with stds or hiv or aids, so your post has no validity what so ever. As for unwanted children… you can have those to even if you’re married. That is why they have the condom and the pill and all those other great things. So that you can prevent that stuff. It works well trust me.

Answer #82

It works for some people to abstain and for others it doesn’t work. My point is telling someone to wait till you are married is just based on religious reasons and if you are not religious what is the point?

Answer #83

well see I’m a Christian and can honestly say that I AM a sinner. I make mistakes and I learn from them. But I plan of spending the rest of my life with my fiancee (soon to be wife) so I don’t see why not meaning you Irene some idiot thinks I need to wait when my life is already planned out in front of me by me. I realize things don’t always go according to plan… that is the reason for contingency plans A, B and C. :)

Answer #84

Let us add in the scenario of What if you get raped then?. Are you still pure? Is everyone going to want you then? The harsh but real reality is that; one sex has nothing to do with purity, two no not everyone is going to want you then. Is it your fault? No, of course not, but the harsh realities of this world aren’t kind to anyone. Beside the fact that you shouldn’t be answering to this question in the first place (because in many states you are underage) you should probably make sure you follow internet conduct codes and… DON’T YELL LIKE THIS!

Answer #85

Waiting till marrige is what the majority of young teens say they will do, but lets get real. if you are not into the whole after marrige thing. The best thing to to do is find his trust and know he is not using you for sex. I dont think there is a specefic amount of time to wait to have sex. It all depends on your mental relationship.

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Answer #87

if your 15, i think you should then wait, where i live its illegal for kids that young to have sex with eachother, I was 17 when i lost my virginity, but i had dated the guy for three years, and sex was the reason we broke up, i lost my love for him and all he wanted to do was have sex so i broke it off. The new relationship im in now, we had sex three months into the relationship, i think you should wait, because if you lose your virginity and starthaving sex too early it could ruin your other relationships if your partner isnt ready because he or she is new to it and could feel intimidated because you are more experienced. My boyfriend and I both lost our virginity before meeting eachother and we discussed our past experiences before enacting on it with eachother, if he had been a virgin, i probably wouldnt have engaged in the relationship because i would have felt like an evil temptress for taking it (thats just how i see it though).

Answer #88

I think you should of tough your answer a little as well you say your a christian but your having sex?? You make mistakes and learn from them?? Since your a christian you should know that Fornication is a sin, and should abstain. It doesnt matter if you think you are going to be with that person forever. That doesn’t make sense.

Answer #89

ok if you are a Christian you shouldnt be agreeing with some of these statements that you are and how do you know that you and your (currently) fiancee will last for the rest of your life? your relationship could end in secconds

Answer #90

i completely agree Heidi

Answer #91

ok wait a seccond i know several people who have waited until they were married and i know several college students who are still vergins so yeah they did/do and i am

Answer #92

whats moral about sex before marriage?

Answer #93

on the last statement

Answer #94

ok thats kind of stupid and do you know what an “open relationship” is?

Answer #95

And so could a marriage. I have seen a lot of marriage end just as fast as some relationship.

Answer #96

did i say that marriages always last? im in the process of watching my aunt get her second divorce

Answer #97

No but you are implying that you should wait till marriage to have sex, otherwise the relationship might end. It doesn’t matter when you have sex. It’s personal preference.

Answer #98

I’m going to now take a stab at that and say you were talking to me… In which case, I’ll now say… Child, of course I know what an open relationship is, I’m not a moron nor an immature child. I’m a grown man, engaged to the love of my life and know where both my fiancée and I sleep at night. For the record (and because you’ll end up saying immature statements), in the same bed, every night. Children like you should not even be answering these types of questions as legally you aren’t old enough, too (you’re kind of on the cracks). However before being called a hypocrite, I’d like to make it known that I made it a grand total of 17 long years before having sexual intercourse (in SC 16 is legal for both males and females). Yes, I went there and got technical. Perks of being in College, you get to be technical with different types of studies. When you grow up you’ll understand many things that you can not now comprehend. Until that time, do yourself a favor and appear as a genius by not opening your mouth to show your ignorance. That is the single most important advice I could give to you young sir.

Answer #99

@Irene Kruger I appreciate the support against this wait of space (jaxin). He obviously knows no boundaries. Doesn’t care about others feelings and obviously don’t have any regard for his aunt. @jaxin you are a complete douche. You don’t mind stomping on others to get a point across. You apparently have a personal vendetta against me, I honestly don’t know what I could have don’t to you to warrant you abuse. As I’ve stated in a previous reply to your comment on the above posting, children should not talk in conversations where they have no place. I don’t appreciate your harassment (you’re probably laughing at that word because of your mentality) and I don’t appreciate your use of ‘(currently)’ in that sentence. In my mind we are already married and I don’t know about you kid but if I say I’m marrying her, I’ve already said I do in my heart. According to my understanding I DO is for life. If it ends that’s fine by me, that just means I’ll NEVER have another. That is my mentality, that of an actual adult, not of a child without understanding of what is crumbling around it.

Answer #100

First off, I think I tHought my answer through perfectly. Besides, what doesn’t make sense is why jaxin is taking a personal vendetta against me. I AM A SINNER! Get it yet? I make mistakes. I do, I know you’re thinking ‘really?’ but yes even genius like myself (sarcasm obviously, don’t have that big of an ego) can sin. REPEATEDLY EVEN! Yes I know you’re shocked. Get it through your heads that even if you’re Christian, you’re going to make mistakes a lot of them. Also if you want to get technical, the bible prohibits sex before marriage because so many people were having sex outside of marriage. However, in this day and age, when a marriage can be put together and broken apart in less than a week, I think it is time to define marriage a little harsher then, since so many of you want to get all whiny… A Christian marriage is the marriage you are in when you die. How is that for redefining? Do you like that one better? The only downside is that you don’t know when you’re going to die! I’ve been engaged for three years. I’m not a quitter, I’m not a cheater, I’m not an adulterer. The only basis for you two’s attitude toward me is that you are just upset that I’m one of the luckiest guys on the earth to have the life I do. You can’t stand the fact that your life isn’t the greatest, mine isn’t either, but I enjoy every freaking moment of it. Bien, malo, o asi-asi. I love my life, my friends, and my family. I’m a Christian and I know I’m a sinner. Can you own up to being human or are you two going to keep acting like morally perfect robots? Because this whole act is getting really old, really quick.

Answer #101

You’re right it is ‘A TOTALLY DIFERENT THING’ (that was with the yell) that is why I said ‘add in the scenario’, then again perhaps I was talking above your intelligence. Next time I’ll simple say that I want to add in a totally different thing instead. As to the rules of mature content questions, would you want to answer a question dealing with whether or not somebody has an STD or something similar or anything else that could not possibly interest a fourteen year old girl? I don’t think so, you also don’t have the necessary experience in the required areas to answer it. You must be able to use some common sense on the internet otherwise situations like this occur. Somebody ends up calling your bluff and realizing that you have no experience in such matters and that you should probably mind your own business in this matter. Go answer some question about whether Justin Beiber is cute or whether Becky just looked fat in that dress the other day. Leave the grownup talk to the grownups and use common sense on what you answer. Yes, internet code of conduct stipulates that you are indeed yelling, when instead of typing properly, YOU TYPE USING ALL CAPITALS. Sorry to be the one to inform you. If you take typing class in (what you’re in the 8th or 9th grade right) whatever grade you’re in you should learn it sooner or later. Unless you’re the kind of girl that is sitting in the back texting (or God forbid sexting) while education passes you by. In which case, good luck to you in your obvious career path, “do you want fries with that?”. Just for future reference, three “.” is enough. “…” is the proper use for what I was conveying to you.

Answer #102

okay..I dont understand the sexual compatibility issue because indefinately marriage is about compromise.. And even more so in the world that we live in today.. There is a solution to most problems, even those related to the marriage bed.

Answer #103

@arsenicalchemist.. You are right, Christians do make mistakes and sin but even as we sin we have to realize that what we did was wrong and not try to justify it. If you are Christian admitting that you’ve sinned you should have sincere regret in your heart. Also that last bit was kinda immature.

Answer #104

totally agree… “a child shall lead them”

Answer #105

@rockpeperscissors : If you were a man, who started having full penetrative sex for the very first time on the “bridal bed” then realized (likewise for the first time) that he needed it 3 times a day in order to remain satisfied, while his new wife realized for the first time that her new husband was “too big” and it hurt so much she could only even contemplate parenthood via artificial insemination, you would get a pretty good understanding of why “compatibility” is “an issue”.

Equally problematical is the number of marriages which have been “annulled” because of the “non-consummation” of the marriage - the problem only becoming apparent after making those solemn marriage vows, when the guy found out that he was either physically, psychologically or emotionally incapable of “doing it” with his new wife.

I take it in that latter scenario, you would also consider it “not to be an issue” - that a woman whose most fundamental natural urge to become a mother, would in all probability remain unfulfilled for life if she considered her marriage vows to really mean “… for better or worse, ….. till death us do part …”.

– Best wishes - Majikthise.

Answer #106

@majikthise:I am saying this. Human beings are smart creatures. Yes problems arise in life but in the history of the world we’ve found ans for more complex things than these.

Answer #107


Answer #108

I’m asking because my last relationship, we had sex soon. and he was my first. Now, looking back on it, I feel like I could have/should have waited a while longer, and maybe things would have worked out better. So, I started wondering…when is the right time, really? In the moment we think it’s right, and then a while later you realize it was a mistake.. not saying I regret it, just saying I should have waited, because I got attached.

Answer #109

@rockpeperscissors The solution to the problem is: ….. have sex before deciding to get married, and only if you find that you ARE sexually compatible consider proceeding with the wedding.

Answer #110

senior year until u out of skool

Answer #111

senior year until u out of skool

Answer #112

senior year until u out of skool

Answer #113

@moe214 Saying when you feel right isn’t the right answer because as you said in the heat of the moment you feel everything is perfect. That is where the problem lies right there though. How do you answer a truthful answer and not some half-baked answer from a 16yo Christian that has no life experience. Truth is the answer may lay somewhere in the midst of all this arguing. The truth to me is that it most feel right on a constant not just in the heat of the moment. You have to keep a level head even while having loving thoughts. You must be able to think rationally in the heat of the moment and act according to what you know of the feeling that you had the week prier to the moment of passion. I’m sure that you’ll end up fine. I would give you this absolute answer… When you no longer have to ask, that is the right time.

Answer #114

@rockpeperscissors How so was it immature? Perhaps if you follow the conversation start to finish you’ll realize the validity within what I say. Besides seeing how jaxin has taken to harassing me, I thought it was completely legitimate and warranted. Perhaps I was being a little hot headed in my comment but I still feel that I let him read what he needed to know to calm down and stop being so aggressive. Besides, I thought it to be fairly funny.

Answer #115

ricanbae, did I read you wrong or did you just say pregnancy is worse than getting aids? ….I’m absolutely flabbergasted.

Answer #116

Arsenicalchemist, if you were talking to me when you said “children shouldn’t answer questions like this” and you said something about being a hypocrite or something well I just want you to know that I’m a Christian and God says in the Bible to not have sex before your married.

Answer #117

Fui yype like yhat cuz i feel lile it. N nibodys going to tell me what to do especially not you n how you would know wat all the teenaqers talk about if your a grown up i dont even know about all that cuz i snt spend all my life watching justin bieber like you do!n yuh dnt sound old enouh to even b answering this question why don’t yuh qrow up qrow some balls n stop arquing with a 14year old girl! N iim sorry iif that’s what you did when you were in school n if that was the carrier you had! Its not my fault!

Answer #118

@arsenicalchemist You know you make no sense! anyways your the one who is saying your a christian. God said not to engage in sex before marriage. Just because you think its ok to do it doesn’t mean god approves of it! You cant just follow some things like you said your not an adulterer but your comitting fornication?? I am human but that doesnt mean Im going to have sex before marriage.

Answer #119

Good to know that you can read. How about leave grown up problems TO THE GROWN UPS! Seriously, you are a child. Grow the hell up then when you’re 18 or so you can have some maturity to answer and not look stupid.

Answer #120

Good to know that you can read. How about leave grown up problems TO THE GROWN UPS! Seriously, you are a child. Grow the hell up then when you’re 18 or so you can have some maturity to answer and not look stupid.

Answer #121

@ Heidi Fornication is far different from being an adulterer. If you knew what YOU were talking about maybe YOU could start making sense as of yet you don’t. School Time Adultery is being married and having sex outside that marriage with out your spouses knowledge. Fornication is simply having ‘relations’ with someone else. They aren’t the same thing! School Over To be honest you do as much wrong as I do. Think back to the last relative that died… did you cry? Think about that hot guy that you thought about in a sexually way… didn’t you just commit fornication in your heart? Well didn’t you!? YES YOU DID! Realize that it also says that if you think it you might as well do/say it. Now, realize that I am no worse than you. We will both end up in heaven because in the in I’m on God’s side full force. So can we just drop it?

Answer #122

YAY! Congrats on not yelling I’m kind of proud that you figured it out! * Though, I’m sorry I don’t know what language you are speaking half the time. Therefore, I can’t read half of your response. I can manage to read this… like i feel it. going to tell me what to do especially not you how you would know all the teenagers talk about if your a grown up i dont even know about all that i spend all my life watching justin bieber… Do you see how ridiculous it is trying to read the words I can understand. From what I know you don’t want me to tell you what to do, you don’t think I know what teenagers are talking about, and you spen all your life watching justin bieber… I don’t think this is what you were trying to throw back at me. This situation should tell you that you should stay in school and try harder at English. Trust me you’ll go farther in life with a good education.

Answer #123

@jaxin First I’d like to thank you. I really appreciate you no longer harassing me. But I think you took what she said the wrong way. I believe she was saying that it is a battle between emotions and morality. Sometime as humans we just give in and go with our emotions. But I think she was meaning it more in a conflicting internal struggle manner.

Answer #124

It’s a scientific fact that a person’s brain has not reached maturity until, I think, around 22ish. The frontal lobe matures at age 25 but the brain does not in fact fully mature until a person reaches 30 or 40. So anyone below those ages is still technically without maturity. Js.

Answer #125

Well I hope they don’t take that to seriously. We might not be able to smoke (I don’t) or drive until then. Oh my, what would that mean for the age of consent. Imagine having to have parental consent to get married at age 30… Point being, scientific fact it may be but in most applications a level of maturity starts to kick in at 16 though you start to know what to get into then as well. So maybe you’re right, because some of these people obviously don’t have that level yet.

Answer #126

I’ll drop it, Just don’t trow rocks when your house is made of glass.

Answer #127

Just because by law people are “mature enough” to handle sex at age 16 it doesn’t make it fact. In Spain the age of consent is 13. So technically anyone under the scientific ages are considered immature.. :/

Answer #128

I think you should be dating for as long as you feel ready, i dont think it is wrong to have sex before marriage if you are certain it is what you want to do and you feel 100% comfortable. When you feel those things i dont think there is anything stoppping you, i waited a year with my boyfriend and we are happy and i cant imagine if we had done it any other way by waiting any longer im glad we done it when we did and we are still happily together.

Answer #129

is that the advice your mom gave you and your passing it on to me?

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