Is the Amityville horror ghost photo real?

Is this photo real? it is beleived it be the ghost of one of the DeFeo children, victims of the amityville horror, it was taken during a seance in the house

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here is the photo

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Paranormal or ghosts do not have form,anything like that is fake.

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check this link out Andrew, it claims to be a demon not a ghost, there is a difference

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There is no such thing brother.I have studied paranormal and I can guarantee enough to tell you that no such thing exists.The ghosts can be felt with an electrostatic force detector or unnatural temperature change followed by goosebumps.There is no other proof which the case provides irrespective of the photo.C’mon dude,you don’t believe on all that do you?

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Yes I do, not in the Amityville horror specifically, but I believe in spirits

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I too know spirits do I was talking about demons.Heard of Galveston Texas?

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yes what about it though

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I used to live in NY. Amittyville is in Long Island. I was born down the street from the actual house the movie was based on. My mother knew the family before they moved in and before Sonny murdered his family and she said that he was definitely not the type of person to do something like that, until they moved in to that wretched house. I’m not sure but if you google it you may find some backstory on it. The home used to originally be owned by some doctor who took his patients home to torture, cut open, maim, and murder. If that wouldn’t make some ticked off spirits then I don’t know what will.

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Just search the haunted history of Galveston you will know:)

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If you are religious then u should no in the bible it says that there is no such thing as ghost of dead people. there are spirit beings that can enter this world but they are demons. They can take the shape of dead people. There are some good angels and some evil demons. They do this to decieve u and stray u away freom the Lord. The bible says we die 1 time and wait for judgement.

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i live rite by galveston and had no clue about it. .i will search hehe

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Don’t you will freak out:P

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haha im pretty tough lol..

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No, but it does refer to spiritual and demonic possession. Remember when Jesus cast the legion out of the possessed man into the pigs? Can’t really deny that.

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“Hebrews 9:27 (ESV) 27 And just as it is appointed for man to die once, and after that comes judgment That is what happens to a person’s soul-spirit after death—judgment. The result of this judgment is heaven for the believer (2 Corinthians 5:6-8; According to 2Corinthians 11:14-15, demons masquerade as “angels of light” and as “servants of righteousness.” Appearing as a “ghost” and impersonating a deceased human being definitely seem to be within the power and abilities that demons possess.The closest biblical example of a “haunting” is found in Mark 5:1-20. A legion of demons possessed a man and used the man to haunt a graveyard. There were no ghosts involved. It was a case of a normal person being controlled by demons to terrorize the people of that area. Demons only seek to “kill, steal, and destroy” (John 10:10). They will do anything within their power to deceive people, to lead people away from God. This is very likely the explanation of “ghostly” activity today. Whether it is called a ghost, a ghoul, or a poltergeist, if there is genuine evil spiritual activity occurring, it is the work of demons.”

I copied all of this.. but its bascically bible quotes. There were a lot of demonic possesions in the bible. Not so much today but who knows how the demons work. U could have cancer and it could be becuz thats how the demon works to destroy u.

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I’m not saying that the photo is real Adam or drew but it would be possible for a demonic spirit to establish a physical form. Most “ghosts” are just lost souls that wouldn’t leave because they felt they had unfinished business or suffered horrible tragedies in their life. I honestly don’t believe that this photo is of a spectre, however, malevolent spirits possess an unnaturally, abnormal power as opposed to a spirit that’s simply “lost in translation” as it were, and could no doubt take on a semi-physical form. It is possible, I’ve witnessed it firsthand.

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Okay Angel, I agree. Wouldn’t you agree, however that with amityville the sadistic nature of the killings would have incited a form of demonic possession? And if so, don’t you also agree that depending on the nature of the demonic inhabitation and the strength of the spirit that it could manifest a physical form?

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Yes i agree. Demons can definatly take a physical form of a dead person or angel. They can manifest into wat they want. They can make u hear voices can make u think that its a haunting of the former dead people when in actuality they are just bein asses like demons are. They like to toy with people. Can lead them to craziness and start goin on a murder spree becuz they hear voices. All the work of demons. The kid who murdered his family was high on meth. Puttin things in ur body like that leaves u wide open for demonic possesion. Easier for them to control u since u have lost ur self. they will find u

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The Amityville house had a demonic possession way before Sonny and his family moved in there. The possession, I believe, started with the sadistic doctor. The nature of the horrors h did would be to demons what a room full of hard men would be to a gay man, a twisted breeding ground where they can incite all manner of corruption both spiritual and physical. So, darlin’, we’re both agreed then?

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this explains about the hauntings. the daughter was friends with a red eyed pig namd Jodi.. Which in my opinion is a demon

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we are agreed :)

Answer #22

Correct. Jodi was before Sonny though. Jodi was the demon that “made friends” with the Lutzes youngest daughter while another demon was inhabiting the mind of George Lutz. It started with voices in the night invading his mind and tormented him until he began to question reality and that’s when he became possessed. So, I guess we both know our history huh? I must admit that this has been an invigorating discussion. I feel I should thank you so, thank you. Friends?

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of corse, friens, :) i always enjoy conversations like these. And thank you!!

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The pleasure was all mine.

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i cannot find any info in the sadistic docttor that lived there before the murders. any ideas?

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wow thanks guys! dark-angelus, you know heaps about this subject it seems, how did you know about the doctor and stuff, we don’t read about it on the net anywhere, is it like something they’re trying to keep quiet

Answer #27

the real man who killed his family is Ronald DeFeo “Butch”… sonny was the film name for him

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I live right near Amityville, and my brother lives down the block from the house. It is all a bunch of nonsense. The Lutz’s, who made up the story, were opportunists who capitalized on a gruesome murder that happened in house prior to them living there. There are no such things as ghosts, or anything supernatural… I have met the people who currently live there and my nephews have been in the house many many times. It is all a hoax.

Answer #29

Another thing, is why is there been nothing since then, is the activity dormant? why have no owners since the Lutz left reported anything strange

Answer #30

Because the people it originally happened with were working through issues of their own, or something that left them open to outer influences, whereas new people are not.

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really helpful guys than you!!

Answer #32

eventually the demons will have to move on. if they stayed that way then everyone would no that they did exist. and then that would lead to everyone believeing in God which would ruin the devils big plan to decieve us all

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None of this is true. Ronald DeFeo killed his family there. That is all. He was not possessed, he was just crazy. The Lutzes made up there story to sell books. There was no doctor who lived there and tortured patients. People will believe anything. There is no such things as the supernatural or spirits.

Why has nothing happened since the Lutzes left?

Answer #34

Dark-angelus, how do i find out more info about this doctor

Answer #35

There was no doctor. I have no idea where he heard that. It just is not true.

Answer #36

Jimahl, read this, there was an insane asylum in Amityville, you’r entitled to your opinion as we are to ours

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I know about the asylum, it is now called south oaks. I live in the area. The doctor in this article had nothing to do with the Ocean Avenue house. People who are claiming he murdered people there are wrong. The guy was a nut himself and experimented on patients with LSD. Your article only proves my point. Mine is not an opinion. It is fact. No doctor who tortured people ever lived in that house. The first and only strange thing that ever happened there is the DeFeo murders.

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Yet it is said the land the house was built on is a native american burial ground, indians are believed to have been killed in Amityville, look I respect your opinion, you’re entitled to it, please respect mine

Answer #39

Is was said only in the book that it was built on Indian burial grounds. Historians and Indian tribal leaders dispute it. Look, I know a lot about the story, and what you are calling opinion is nothing but urban legend that has no facts to back it up.

Answer #40

Maybe there is such thing. has there been proof that there isnt? Maybe thats how demons work. By controlling ur chemical imbalance in ur brain. Makin it scientific and possible to prove that they dont exist so they stray u away from the Lord

Answer #41

has no facts to say it isnt true either. It could be very well true. Who knows how demons work.

Answer #42

and to answer ur question about why has nothin else happened…. If things kept happinin then there would be proof of after life making everyone believe in God therefore making the hole purpose of tricking u to stary away from God worthless

Answer #43

I have no facts to say that Santa isn’t real either. Does that mean he is? Does is it even point to the possibility he could be real? He could very well be real based on your logic? One can not prove something doesn’t exist. The burden of proof lies on those who say spirits or demons exist. Not on those who do not not believe in such nonsense due to the complete lack of evidence.

Answer #44

well santa is different. this is after life we are talking about. not the easter bunny. Over half of the world believes in this with seriousness. We cannot compair religion and demons and angels to santa clause or somthin silly like that. There is no compairison. We do no santa does not exist. I dont get presents every year unless bought from someone besides santa. But i do have a life that got here i dunno how. And i do have a relationship with God. I no its real. I have seen myself wat he can do for me. Reguardless on ur beliefs i no he is real. And if we could proove him then the hole world would be thrown off.

Answer #45

Angel, you are grabbing at straws. A lot of “maybes” and no facts. Why would you believe something with out one fact to back it up? Like I said below. There is no proof santa exists, nor the easter bunny, the tooth faerie, or leprechauns. That is not evidence they do exist…

Answer #46

Why can’t we compare belief in santa with belief in the supernatural. There is just as much evidence for either of them. Yes you have a life, and I know exactly how you got here. You believe in god, you do not know for sure he exists. The only way to know something is with tangible evidence. And why would the world be thrown off if we knew for sure he existed?

Answer #47

Becuz its about ur faith in God. He should not have to proove he is here. If God exists then angels and demons do to. U cannot say they are not real. U do not no that. They just might be real. So u can believe that they dont exist with out proof of that so i can beileve they do exist with out proof.

Answer #48

He would never no his true followers. The ones that will believe in him with out seein. He dont have to proove it to us. Its all around in my opinion. To ask him to proove himself is wicked thoughts. And no compairing santa to God is just silly. Has anybody ever gotton presents under there tree they didnt no who came from or saw found some easter eggs the easter bunny left. Or have a tooth really taken from under their pillow besides freom there parents? no…. But has over half of the world felt his presence and had a better life and hope and a feelin of inner piece when they pray… yes… He exists in the believers. There is no proof as to how we got here. we been through this. Its never ending. Still No beginning. Oh but wait there is… GOD.”God wants us to trust him, not just believe he exists. If our every demand for proof and explanation were satisfied, we’d only trust and follow God to the extent that he proved himself to us. We would be relying on the external evidence and our own judgment of it, not actually trusting God. For us to actively trust God, we have to continue in our belief even when what we believe in isn’t proven”.

Answer #49

“And why is trust so important? Because it requires a deeper relationship with the one trusted. Anyone will believe a stranger’s statement if he immediately produces proof to back it up, but believing a person without having proof requires the believer to have a positive opinion of the person (at least that they deserve the benefit of the doubt) and to take a certain amount of risk. If the risk is large, the believer is dependent on the person. If the trust turns out to be justified, the believer has a higher opinion of the person and a stronger relationship with them.”

Answer #50

Ok, we have gone down this road before, and I have no intention of doing it again. I obviously do not believe in any gods. I was just trying to make the point that there is no more evidence for the existence of god, than there is for the existence of santa. If I cant say god or angels or demons are not real, than you can’t say faeries, leprechauns, or the flying spaghetti monster are not real. Don’t you see how illogical what you are saying is? You believe, you do not know.

Answer #51

Angel… I, and many people like me, can not simply choose to believe in such a fantastic story with no proof. Do people like me deserve not to be saved, or worse cast into hell? Are we evil people? What have we done that is so bad that we should be punished for something we can’t help. That is one of the man reasons I don’t believe. A benevolent, loving god, would never to do that to his creations. Do you really think he would? Do you really believe faith is more important than good deeds?

Answer #52

no i dont see how illogical it is Jimahl becuz believing in God is nothin like believein in fairies or wat ever..Religion is serious

Answer #53

Yes becuz u chose to ignore the Holy Spirit and ignore him tryin to save u. Like all this u comment on. Mite be Gods way of tellin u somethin. That is the unforgivable sin. Blasphemy against the Holy Spirit. You can help it. There is no proof that he is not real. Just leave santa out of it becuz thats just silly this is serious. “The first false assumption is that love allows the object of that love to do whatever he or she wants. However, this permissive kind of “love” isn’t really love at all. Any of you who are parents will recognize that allowing your children to do whatever they want to do is not loving at all. If you were to do this, your children would grow up to be spoiled selfish brats, incapable of loving other people. Permissive gods, who are caught up in their own intrigues, and so allow humans to do whatever they want without repercussions, are found in the pagan religions. However, the God of the Bible wants us to love Him and other people above everything else we do” here is a website for Athiests… Answers to all those questions.

Answer #54

and yes faith is more important becuz we all do not do good deads all the time. so wat will save us when we r wrong? Faith!!! and Jesus

Answer #55

U can be good all u want and live a good life but ur gonna sin. And thats when u need Jesus. if you ignore that then u will never be truely saved

Answer #56

If being good was the criterion for getting to heaven, the Bible wouldn’t have the story of Jesus dying for our sins, because people could get to heaven by themselves; or the Bible would say he only died for particularly wicked people.

Answer #57

Religion is serious to you. You need to stop talking to others like it is serious to everyone. You are completely missing my point. To you it is different, but to others it isn’t. And telling us we are wrong, just shows you don’t respect our views.

Answer #58

You really need to stop using words like I “chose to ignore the Holy Spirit”. It is not a choice. I have tried to explain this to you, but you just don’t get it. I can not choose to believe in something I simply don’t. Just as you can’t choose to start believing in Vishnu, or Allah, or some other deity. Do you think you could choose to stop believing in your god and believe in another one. I doubt it, just as I can’t choose to believe in any god. I could pretend, but if one existed, I am sure he would know I was pretending…

Answer #59

ur the one who is claimin its all fake and not real. So i think ur the one rainin on everyones parade

Answer #60

ur right. u dont gotta beileve. all u ever do is agrue about if God is real on here. Trying to prove him to not be real. Well u cant. And it gets pretty old. Its like u wanna make everyone lose their faith. U should find another interest becuz the believers will never lose. U cant prove nothin. When some1 is sayin they beieve and all u do is try to porve them wrong on every religious post. Sounds like ur an antichrist. Im done goodbye

Answer #61

Angel, I am merely having a discussion. You have two choices. Don’t respond, or do respond. But if you respond, don’t get upset because you don’t like what I say back to you. I have just as much a right to respond to questions as you do. And what I am claiming is there is no evidence for the existence of anything supernatural. I never once directed a comment at you until you responded to something I said.

Answer #62

I have never tried to prove there is no god. That is futile. I have only stated there is absolutely no evidence, just as there is no evidence other supernatural entities. I don’t care what you believe. You can believe what you want, but if you are going to discuss it on an open forum, don’t be surprised when people who feel differently respond. I take it you, like most christians, would like to spread the word of god around and get more people to accept jesus and god? Why is it ok for you to try and convince people of your belief, but it isn’t for me? Again, you are the one who responded to my comments. Don’t respond to me if you don’t want me respond in kind.

Answer #63

“People will believe anything. There is no such things as the supernatural or spirits”

my point made, u rained on his parade.. he obvciously beileves. U cannot prove that wat he said is not true. so therefore wawt u said is not true

Answer #64

nonsense… wat could it hurt to help some1 believe? nothing…u tryin to state ur belief could really damage some people. Them losing faith could lead into downward spiral. Wat do u have to lose if you start believing? it will only make u better. even if God isnt real. But to say he is not and put ur belifs on already believers can damage them. and do them harm. not everyone is stable. U may be fine in not believing but some others wont

Answer #65

I rained on his parade? He was stating things that simply were not true. And that was NOT directed at you. You chose to get into this discussion. He never responded to me. You did.

Answer #66

ur right i did. becuz sayin that there is no such thing is false. U dont no that. He obviously believes that so yea u rained on his parade

Answer #67

If stating my beliefs could really damage people and make them lose faith, what does that say about their belief in the first place? Maybe them losing faith could open up a whole new way of looking at life where they don’t have to fear not pleasing their deity. And how does believing in a god make you better? Do you think you are better than me? If you do, that is quite arrogant. You want me to show respect to your beliefs, yet you show mine none. You tell me it is ok for you state your beliefs but not me. Do you really think that is what your religion is all about? Going around saying “I am right, and you are wrong”?

Answer #68

I do not think im better. 1st off your the one always not showing respect. i think many have noticed that.Ur the one always tryin to say we are wrong. look through ur comments. I am merly standing up for my beliefs when some1 tries to say that something is not true when in fact it may be. To believe in God probly means u believe in angels, “spirits” and demons. Not all but i would say most people do. U rain on everyones parade all the time. Its cool tho. I dont get strayed. If there was someone talkin about how they believe in zues i wouldnt rain on there parade. If thats wat makes them happy. I am perfectly cabable of respecting others opinions and i do. U have everyrite to say how u feel and so do i . we obviously disagree. Wish u the best really i do. But i think we are done here

Answer #69

Angel you made these two statement: “Wat do u have to lose if you start believing? it will only make u better.” and then “I do not think im better.” If you think that believing in god makes someone a better person, how can you say you don’t think you are a better person than me. You obviously do. Don’t you see how arrogant and insulting that is? I don’t think you mean to do be like that, at least I hope not, but that is the way it comes across. And you tell me I am the one not showing respect? Have I told you that if you give up your belief in god it will make you a better person? No, I have only offered my opinions and observations, just like you. And because you disagree with it, you think my opinion is wrong and not worthy of respect. We all have a right to say what we want, but do I tell you that you shouldn’t tell people about your beliefs? Because that is exactly what you are telling me. Think about it… Have a nice weekend.

Answer #70

i do not think im better than u or any one but believing made me a better person to me is wat im sayin..I feel better. We will just agree to disagree. but i would appriciate if u stop rainin on peoples parade. u can tell who ever about ur beilfs but dont say theirs is wrong or not true just becuz there are no facts. Thats wat ur doing. look through ur posts.

Answer #71

Please show me where I said someone’s beliefs were wrong. I never once said that. The only thing I stated was there is no evidence for the existence of anything supernatural. Please stop putting words in my mouth.

Answer #72

None of this is true. Ronald DeFeo killed his family there. That is all. He was not possessed, he was just crazy. The Lutzes made up there story to sell books. There was no doctor who lived there and tortured patients. People will believe anything. There is no such things as the supernatural or spirits.

Answer #73

there ya go .rite there out of ur own mouth. even on other post besides this one i can show u more… would u like me too?

Answer #74

Hey Jlmahl and Angel…. however, I am probably gonna side with Jimahl on the side of the Amityville thing. I believe in demons, not vengeful spirits. I don’t believe in Ghosts…… however, Jimahl you claim Angel is taking Religion too serious…… well duh. It’s part of being a christian. You take being an athiest too serious and will comment on every religious question with, it’s all fake there is no God….. you have every right to do so, but keep in mind that Angel is just like you just from the opposite end

Answer #75

I think the reason nothing has happened since the Lutzes left is because the families after the Lutz’s were not having the same issues they were, it’s also said that George Lutz bore a striking resemblence to Butch Defeo, that could have played a part, “Jodie’ was reportedly seen by George Lutz in the upstairs window, the reason she appeared as a pig could be because as an adult George was afraid , but to their daughter Jodie could have appeared as anything, how often do you read about children having imaginary friends, there are many beliefs that “imaginary friends” are really spirits/demons, children are more open to demons/spirits because they’re innocent and even if Jodie appeared as a pig to the daughter, who’s to say the daughter was afraid of her, children at a young age do not know what’s scary or not, here’s an example when I was 3 years old I watched Jaws with my older sister, she was terrified all I saw was a shark and at 3 I didn’t know what was so scary about it, as I got older I learned to comprehend what was terrifying and what was not, it’s possible the Lutzes daughter didn’t see Jodie as a pig or anything, she just saw her as somebody to play with, Demons can appear as ANYTHING, according to Ed and Lorraine Warren, photographs taken duringg the investigation offer compelling evidence that demonic forces were at work at 112 Ocean Avenue, the man who took the photo was an expert, if you look at the photo it could be glasses or luminiscent eyes, Lorraine Warren was asked about how she felt going into the house and she said “I hope this is as close to hell as I ever get”

I’m with dark-angelus and angel on this, demons exist, I think it was a demonic influence that kept the DeFeo’s in their beds as Butch shot them, how else can you kill 6 people in their beds and not have anybody including neighbours report hearing gun fire

Answer #76

Definitely fake. The whole Amityville Horror is fake. Yes, the DeFeo family may have been slaughtered by their own but the killer was a mentally, disturbed and insane man. No ghost or supernatural elements forced him to kill his entire family….. Here is a question for you, if ghosts are in fact real, why then can only selected “few” can see them? Why is that when you watch TAP or any ghost documentaries, they can never ever capture a real ghost on camera but only through voice recording and so called still photos? All bullsh-t if you ask me, no such things as ghosts.

Answer #77

Sorry to butt in the discussion. If there was demonic ghosts in the Amityville house, the demonic spirits will cause trouble for everyone who is living there, present and past residents. It is a big suss to have only one family having issues. The Lutez were fakers who had financial issues and thought up a story to bring money…… Angel, it is refreshing to read one who is so devoted to God and so religious, but bear in mind, not everyone believes in our God and not everyone believes in spirits (evil and good). I’m a Christian myself and if anyone told me their house has ghosts, I would be inclined to doubt them. Seeing ghosts and spirits interacting with the livings are in one’s head.

Answer #78

Bryson, You should re-read what I said. I did not say she was taking it too serious. I said it was serious to her, but not to everyone. I was only trying to point out that she can’t expect everyone else to take it as serious just because she does.

Answer #79

Angel, I stand by that comment. There are is no such thing as supernatural or spirits. It is no different than when you say god is real. According to your logic, if I by saying this I am saying your beliefs are wrong, than you are doing the same thing to me when you say spirits and demons are real. Again, it all comes down to evidence. When I see evidence, then I will consider it. Until then, it is nothing but wishful thinking.

Answer #80

u can stand by ur comments. i still stand to mine. i have never expierienced it b4 but i dont rule it out. i believe in wat the bible says about “ghost” … samantha… yes i would doubt most people too if they told me they had ghost. But in this situation some things are just to horrible to think a human could do that to people without the help of “ demons” if it is true wat the bible says about “ghost” actually being demons. who knows the real truth. im just trying to state that it could be possible to some believers. not all.

Answer #81

Thank you Bryson, they could be very well demons that tortured people in that house. all im trying to say Jimahl is u cannot say it is not real. u dont no. and again lets not capaire to santa clause thats an insult.

Answer #82

and to answer the question about why has no body else seen anything in that house? samantha… becuz if they are indeeed demons it would be silly to stay in one spot after everyone already knew about u. they have to move around in order to make that person look insane so they remain low key. they cannot be discovered or everyone would know God is real… I dunno if it is real but all im sayin is it could be possible. i dont rule out anything. that was horrible wat happened there.

Answer #83

Angel to blame demons instead of the crazy person who actually did it is silly. Just because there is no evidence something isn’t true, does not mean there is evidence it is true. You seem to think that a lack of evidence to disprove something is evidence it is true. That is faulty logic.

Answer #84

If I can’t say that demons aren’t real, than you can’t say the leprechauns aren’t real… If you take my comparison of belief in god to belief in santa as an insult, that is your problem. It is a perfectly logical comparison. Just because it challenges your beliefs does not make it any less valid.

Answer #85

And angel, you say you do not rule out anything, but that is not true. You rule out lots of things. You rule out that what happened had nothing to do with anything other than one insane individual. You rule out that god doesn’t exist. You rule out that the world we live in was formed and evolved through natural process, and not by a deity.

Answer #86

Compairing God to f ing leprechauns is insulting.. perfectly logical… ya to athiest. but thanks for insulting the believers. in my opinion that is very insulting. im sure im not the only one

Answer #87

i never said that they werent insane. i never said that it was demons. im sayin it very well could be. to some beliefs. I do not rule out that we didnt evolve as i have said b4 i think God has a hand in that. but yes i do rule out there bein no God. I no he is there. The people in that house could have been insane i dunno. I was not there. but i wont rule out that it could have been demons who made them insane. i do not no. there is no point in arguing with u. U can only see ur way and no other. Well u just might be wrong ever thought of that?

Answer #88

U just put a lot of words in my mouth that was not true as my last comment i never rule out anything except there bein no God… I said who knows the real truth… i am not runnin around claimin all acts of evil blamed on demons. I am just sayin ya never no. some beliefs say that. it could be true. some things are so horrible that i cant help but think that it could

Answer #89

First off, the only thing I compared was the fact that there is just as much evidence for either (and it was leprechauns and demons, not god). And that is true. If you know of any evidence that a god (or demons) exists, than let me know. Second, I am no more insulting you with my analogy than you are insulting me telling me that I “choose” not to believe. If what I say is so insulting, maybe you should not keep responding to me. You are over-reacting. If your faith is so weak that I can insult you so easily, than you need to get some thicker skin.

Answer #90

Angel you really need to examine your words. You say that me claiming there is no such thing as demons and the supernatural is “raining on someone’s parade”. Then you say “i do rule out there bein no God. I no he is there.”, and that is OK? Why is you claiming you “no (sic) he is there” less insulting than me claiming he doesn’t exist. You really just don’t get it. Do you really think believers have more rights to spout their beliefs than non-believers do? Because that is what you are saying. You tell me I can’t say things because you disagree. I know you are young, and I hope you can learn to be more tolerant of others beliefs.

Answer #91

Umm no u need to get some manners. Believing in demons probly means u believe in God so ur still insulting God. My faith is not weak as u can see. Now ur just being a jerk. and u do choose not to believe. U sayin we are all crazy for believing in God? U think its so far from the truth that over half the world is crazy for believing it? Just from ur lack of evidence u think its impossible? u think ur not believing is not a choice? I could go on and on with u jimahl but it wont do no good. Its just non sense now. really im done.

Answer #92

no u can say wat u want jimahl. But dont say it is NOT real becuz u dont no.

Answer #93

ur the one who needs toloration. which im sure u wont get if u havent now. U r the one claimin such is not true. In some peoples beliefs it is true. I never said my belifs were facts. I always said i dunno who knows the truth. he mite have been insane, or…. it could have been demons.. stand by ur statements and i will stand by mine. u cannot say they dont exist without pissin people who beilieve off

Answer #94

ur the one who needs toloration. which im sure u wont get if u havent now. U r the one claimin such is not true. In some peoples beliefs it is true. I never said my belifs were facts. I always said i dunno who knows the truth. he mite have been insane, or…. it could have been demons.. stand by ur statements and i will stand by mine. u cannot say they dont exist without pissin off people who beilieve

Answer #95

Angel I don’t think offense was Jimahl’s intent as much as just showing us that to him the idea of an all powerful superior invisible being is as far fetched as the idea tiny green men who runs around with pots of gold giving cereal to little kids. As a christian we can’t get upset if someone insults God because we as people lose it. People are going to insult God until time ends. God doesn’t need us to defend him because God can defend himself. Whether it’s here on earth or final judgement. So rest assured that no one can’t scorn God’s glory. And Jimahl, I do stand by what I said. Maybe I said it out of context from y’all conversation, but you do state there is no God on a lot of religion questions…. so expect heat from a lot of people.

Answer #96

Thank you bryson. I understand. And ur right. Jimahl… i think we are done. I wish u the best. We are just two totally diff people. Its been interesting. I can honestly stay i will stand by my God till the end.

Answer #97

Why do these questions always end up in heated debate?

Answer #98

I feel like this is all my fault…

Answer #99

lol i dunno coleen. Im sorry. Its always interesting to read over them all huh lol

Answer #100

oh its not ur fault lol. me and jimahl have had at it b4.

Answer #101

Snake-Eyes it isn’t your fault… don’t worry. Colleen to answer your question, it is cause this is a religious section of the site. People are going to have extremely different opinions so it kinda goes with the territory.

Answer #102

Bryson, thanks for the defense. You are a very reasonable person. I have no problems discussing this topic intelligently, like you and I have. But if I have stated there is no god, it have done much less frequently than believers state there is one. I do not get insulted when believers do that, and they should not get insulted when I do the same. The only time I get annoyed, is when I am told I have made a choice to not believe. And that is where I use my santa analogy. The only point I am trying to make, as you seem to get, is that it is not a choice to believe.

Angel, you claim I have insulted you by stating my opinion, but I have never called you or any other believer crazy for believing. I also have never called you a “jerk”, like you did to me.

Answer #103

Snake-eyes, you did nothing. All is good…

Answer #104

“u can say wat u want jimahl. But dont say it is NOT real becuz u dont no.” (sigh) First you say I can say what I want, and then you tell me not to say something? Which is it? One more time… If I shouldn’t say god is not real because I don’t know, then you shouldn’t say he is because you don’t know that either. Respect is a two way street. Why is it that believers can say things that go against my beliefs, but when a non-believer does the same thing, we have to worry about pissing someone off? When you state god is real, should I get pissed off? I don’t think so. The same is true for you if I say he isn’t real.

Answer #105

then expect heat. its just the way it is. kinda gets me defensive. i shouldnt get that way as i am aware but it happens as im not perfect.

Answer #106

im done jimahl. it really doesnt matter anymore.

Answer #107

after the fact u insult me yes i am kinda inclined to insult back. even if u werent inclined to insult me it sounded insulting to me. u think that my beliefs are silly like believing in santa is how i took it. if u didnt mean it like that i didnt no how else u meant it.

Answer #108

It never did matter Angel. What we say here has no impact on anything. It is just a discussion, and that is all I ever thought of it as. I never set out to insult you, and if I did, it certainly was unintentional. I like you Angel. You are certainly have conviction. But I do think you need to try and see things from others perspective a little better. You get very defensive if someone challenges your beliefs, and then you don’t notice when you are challenging theirs. But as I said, in the end it doesn’t matter what we say, so its all good.

Answer #109

and i can say the same to u jimahl. we both are clearly differenrt yet the same. yup its all good. wish u well

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