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Who helped cure blue-baby syndrome?

Who helped cure blue-baby syndrome?


When should I stop giving my 5 week old baby the pear juice?

My 5 week old baby was having problems pooping on his own. The doctors switch his formula from Similac to enfamil to Nutramigen. He was pooping once a day on his own wit the Nutramigen and then stop. So now I have to give him one ounce of oragnic pear ...


How much food should I be feeding my 4-month-old?

How much baby food should I be feeding my 4mos old? He is eating rice and oatmeal mixed with applesauce...thats the first baby food I started him out on. But I feel like he is always hungry and in the morning feeding and night feeding he eats a lot. Do...


Creative Punishments

Does anyone know of any good creative punishments for 12-15 year olds?

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How many bottles should my baby be having?

how many bottles should my five month old have in 24 hours?

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Baby Items

So we really need some extra money especially since I'm not working right now and we are about to move into our new house. I am thinking of making some customized baby onsies, pillowcase dresses, bibs, bottles, blankets, and tutu from my home and selli...


Why is my child gets high fever only at night?

My child is five years old. I brought her to her Doctor and was given medicines for tonsilites. During day time she has no fever but at 6 o'clock inthe evening for two days now she'll begun having fever as high as 40 degree until 6 am the next day.Do y...


Why does this niece of mine bump into things around her so often?

She often hits her head ,elbow, knee, shoulder even her toes to objects like table door, wall. This happens too often, almost daily.


What should I do with my little sister?

Okay so I watch my little sister and shes potty trained and everything but when I put her in time-out obviously she starts crying and then she pees on herself.
Like a few minutes ago I put her in timeout but she was crying and then making an excuse t...

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Choking child, parents, please check your child's food

Ok so friday nite I was feeding my 22mnth old son a chef boyardee microwavable dinner it was rice chicken, and veggies when my son started to chock at first I didnt know what was wrong and he started to scream and cry then I realized that he was chocki...


How can I tell if my teen is getting high?

Hi - please go look at my old updated question , I just put it on my old question 'because it all kind of ties in together I think -- it's the 1- how can I tell if my teen in getting high?? Thanks!!


How do I entertain a 10 year old girl?

I babysitt a 10 year old girl every week. She usally wants to play pretend games, like house..ect. But latley she has been getting very bored. She really cant sit through a full movie and doesnt have any interest in tv, or the computer.
I just need so...


How old should a child be to watch a sibling after school?

How old should a child be to stay with a sibling after school for about an hour before a parent got home??? I am having problems with this!!


Can one conjoined twin die while the other lives?

Is it possible for one of the twins to die while they are still attached and the other twin stay alive. If this can happen what happens after that.


What activities can I do while babysitting?

Ok, let me start off with this. I am a 14 year old teen, who has 3 nieces and 1 nephew. My parents said that I am going to babysit them soon. I never babysat before, so I really need some advice on what activities, or "to do" things, I should do with t...

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Gay child

Ok folks, I hope you answer this honestly...What if your child was a gay or a lesbian ? How would you feel ? Although I have nothing against gays and im quite a gay rights supporter and im sure there are many who support them, I cant help but think th...


Middle name for brianna?

What middle names go well for the name Brianna?


Baby Prediction

What will our children look like?

I have already used the site makemebabies, but not impressed.

Detail: my hair is naturally strawberry blonde and his medium brown. my eyes are blue/green/gray and his are light blue.

Thanks ;o)


what is average wrist size for two year old girl?

measuring the wrist size of the average 2 year old girl, what is the size in inches?

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How do I get my 12 year old stubborn sister to brush her teeth?

The family check up at the dentist was yesterday & everyone's teeth were okay and fine and then my sister sat on the seat & the dentist told her she has to come back for 3 fillings. She doesnt brush her teeth as she does not like mint or anything minty...


Middle name for my son?

I am calling my son Tyreace, What would be a good middle name for him??


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