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How To Tell If Im A Good Singer.

So My Friends Think Im A Good Singer & My Mum.. But Im Not Sure If Their Telling The Truth Or Not. To Be Honest I Haven't Really Sang Infront of Them But Somehow They Think Im A Good Singer.. I Only Usually Sing By MySelf Or Listening To My Mp3 Player....


Are there bands similar to Blink 182?

can somebody tell me some bands that sound similar to the band blink 182? I just want to find a good, true punk band just like blink 182 used to be...thank u :-)


How do I sing Once Upon a December in Russian?

Okay, so I was planning to sing "Once Upon a December" in Russian for this talent show at my school. (But it doesn't happen until spring, so I have plenty of time to learn)

Could anybody give me tips on Russian language, like how to pronounce the word...


Suga suga howd ya get so fly song name?

Whats the name of this song,its kind if a rap song but here are some of the lyrics.

"Got me feelin so lifted feelin so gifted suga howd ya get so fly suga suga howd ya get so fly suga suga howd ya get so fly.


Tile of the music used at usag level 4 floor routine music

I 'm looking for the tile of the music used at usag level 4 floor routine music


What are good rock songs without curse words?

I just got a mp3 player. what are some really good rock songs w/ no cus words in them?


Favourite song at the moment?

Just wondering :) whats your fave song atm, and whats your favourite part in it.
I.e, my favourite song is last days of your life by glass pear

favourite part:
If this was the last day of your life
What would you do to make things right?
Cause ...


What can I do to take care of my voice (I sing)?

I sing ALLOT!! If Im not up in my room singing, Im either at school, with friends, or in tallent shows singing. Well, after a while of singing my voice tends to crack up and I cant sing as well. It really bothers me.. So I need to know how to take care...


How many of you guys thinks My Chemical Romance is "Emo"

I'm tired of people calling my favorite band emo. I just want to know how many of ya'll think they are emo so I can make a point to my ex friend who turned all preppy on me & that MCR aren't emo. They saved my life, Gerard made me think about what I wa...


How do I get the instrumental of take it from here - jt

Justin timberlake.
Like for kareoke so I can sing & record.


When you look me in the eyes Jonas Brothers

What version of When you look me in the eyes do you like better the old versoin or the new one? I like the old one better


Who sings the country song "Home"?

Who sings the country song "Home"?? It has a really good rock kind of beat.


What country song sings about Miss Betty's sweet tea?

What is that country song that talks about growing up as a kid and can remember drinking miss bettys sweet tea


what are some cute love songs for couples?

what are some cute love songs that have to do about loving someone and never wanting to be without them ? And not you and me by lifehouse, or free fallin' or yellow I know I know I eliminated some good ones hahah but any?


How do you sing screamo without hurting your throat?

How do you sing screamo without hurting your throat?


Guitar Vs. Drums

Which do you like better?

I love em both, but if you're willing to start a band or something drummers are ALWAYS needed. Guitarists are everywhere, I like guitar because I play guitar of course. But drummers are the sh*t in my opinion.


Can I meet the Jonas Brothers?

I want to meet the jonas brothers mostly I want to meet nick, but how can I meet them? I just want an aprotunity to meet them and nick



Do you like Alexi Laiho with beard?

Go check out cob new photos at myspace. Tell me what you think about the photo of Alexi with beard playing guitar. My friends say he looks like an old baby (??!)


What songs make you happy or bring a smile to your face?

Everyone has songs that have special meanings to them. What are some of yours? (Stories attached to the songs welcome!)


In Eminems song 'Mockingbird' he talks about a little girl

In Eminems song 'Mockingbird' he talks about a little girl named Laney.
Is that his daughter? Or Haileys sister?

41 views NSFW

When did the Beatles split up?

What year did the Beatles split up?


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