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Notes to twinkle twinkle little star on the xylophone?

What are the notes to twinkle twinkle little star on the xylophone?


Blade//Vampire Club Song?

Does anyone know the name of that techno beat song that was playing in the vampire club in Blade or who it's by? I want to download it but I can't figure out who does it.

My friend thinks it's by Junkie XL but I'm not so shure.


Good songs to dedicate to my boyfriend?

I'm sure this question is frequently asked,
but what are some good songs I can dedicate to my boyfriend?


exact lyrics for the part in the movie dumb and dumber ?

Does anyone know the exact lyrics for the part in the movie dumb and dumber (the first one) when they're in the sheepdog singing "mock, ing, bird, yeah, bird, yeah, yeah, yeah" etc.. Haah. If you do please let me know!


What's a country love song about a boy?

I need a country song that a girl is singing about loving a guy...


Pink panther notes on piano?

Anybody know the notes? :)


Who sings "Who's your daddy, is he rich like me"?

Does anyone know the title and artist to go with the lyrics "Who's your daddy, is he rich like me?"


Which song to sing at talent show?

me and my best friend rachel are in the talent show at school and we're going 2 sing but we are stilll deciding on which song we should do. and songs you guys have in mind, but remeber it has 2 have no bad words adn it has 2 b school apporaite???


What is a song without lyrics called?

This is going to sound REALLY dumb but you know im naturally blonde haha ... If I want the song without the lyrics what isit called so I can download it?? My friend is singing time to grow at the school leavers assembly ..Isit just called the tune?? I...

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What's a good audition song for America's Got Talent?

I am auditioning for the show on nbc called americas got talent, and I really need a song that will help me stand out from the crowd. in the past when I have done talent shows etc. I usually sing something by alicia keys or christina agueliera...but th...


I moved in you and the holy dove ... what does it mean

This ia a song that has been covered by several artists, the one covered by Alexandra Burke being the most popullar at the moment but what does this part mean

well there was a time when you let me know
what's really going on below
but now you never ...


What is it called when two people sing together in different tones?

What is it called when two people sing in different tones at the same time, and it sounds all melodic? Like, one person will be singing high and another person will be singing in a lower tone and they mesh together perfectly...


Who sings the country song "Home"?

Who sings the country song "Home"?? It has a really good rock kind of beat.


What does the C with a line through it mean in piano?

I know C alone is common time but what is the one with the line through it,


What's the meaning of bismillah in Queen Song "Bohemian Rapsody" ?

What's the meaning of bismillah in Queen song "Bohemian Rapsody "?

Bismillah! No, we will not let you go.
(Let him go!) Bismillah! We will not let you go.
(Let him go!) Bismillah! We will not let you go.


Is Jeffree Star a man or woman?

Is Jeffree star a man or woman?

and when is the concert/show?
tonight or tomorrow?

heellpp mee.

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What country song sings about Miss Betty's sweet tea?

What is that country song that talks about growing up as a kid and can remember drinking miss bettys sweet tea


Is the lead singer of Hedley gay?

I heard hat the lead singer of Hedley ( Jacob Hoggard) is gay. is this true or just a rumour.


High School Talent Show Song

My talent show is coming up and I need ideas. I want sontthing I can sing so not rap or something and preferibably sung by a female. I want it to be up tempo and sorta new or classic oldies. Any ideas?


What songs are on the Mary Kate and Ashley game?

does anyone have a list of the songs that are on mary kate and ashley sweet 16 game??


What are some songs about long distance friendships?

i moved two years ago to maine and left behind all my wondefull firends back where i moved from (kuwait). I know, soo far away. It was very hard getting used to everything! Literally took me one and a half years to get used to maine. Anyway, i miss my ...


What's the song from the movie "Ghost"?

What is the song artist name from the movie "Ghost"? The song is something like this : o darling...I hunger... for your... touch.


What are good songs to pump you up for sports?

can someone please tell me some good tired of listening to the same stuff over and over again..please tell me music that will like pump you up for sports. songs like remember the name by fort minor, etc. please help.


What are good rock songs without curse words?

I just got a mp3 player. what are some really good rock songs w/ no cus words in them?


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