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How do I get a great singing voice?

I would like to know what kind of excercises I can do to get a really good singing voice like christian chavez from rbd when he sings tu amor or christopher uckermann in sueles volver,please help me because I want to record my song and my voice sounds ...


Pink panther notes on piano?

Anybody know the notes? :)


What are good love songs about couples?

What are good songs for couples... Austin and I need a interesting love song that shows that we both care about eachother sooo verryyy much. Thanks

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What happens at a rave?

Ohkaay soo I've neever beeen. Buut my friiends are guunna taake mee. Soo what exactly happens? Like im into the whole drugs, drinking kindaa thing soo that doesnt bother mee. Ahaha anywaays heelp<3 and ill love you forevvver baabe<3


What kind of music do y'all listen to?

Just bored and wondering what people listen to. Genres, artists, groups, songs, likes and dislikes, anything music! I would love to know.


Does anyone know the song I feel on time on a saturday night

I feel on time on a saturday night, its 9 o'clock the radios the only light, I hear my song and it pulls me through, I get up and it tells me what I gottta do, and I got to, get up, every bodys going to move there feet get down every bodys going to los...


What should I name my rap song?

I Need help for a name of a rap song


What are some good electro scene bands?

What are some good electro scene bands?

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Where can I find lyrics to the song sing, sing, sing?

Where can I find lyrics to the song sing, sing, sing?


Favourite song at the moment?

Just wondering :) whats your fave song atm, and whats your favourite part in it.
I.e, my favourite song is last days of your life by glass pear

favourite part:
If this was the last day of your life
What would you do to make things right?
Cause ...


What is the exact genre of the band Evanescence?

What is the exact genre of the band Evanescence?


Adam Lambert has the most amazing voice!!! Who agrees with me??

Do you agree that Adam Lambert has an incredible voice???

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Jonas Brothers, how old is Kevin?

how old is Kevin Jonas


Song that goes now ya do what they told ya?

Some of the lyrics say 'now you do what they told ya now you do what they told ya' and they repeat that fer awhil and it gets faster and says 'those who die ajustify asjustify dont you die those who die asjustify dont you die..' some of those who are f...


what are some good love songs by hinder?

I jsut want to know any good love songs by hinder...


What are some awesome scremo bands that are relativly unknown?

What are some awesome scremo bands that are relativly unknown. Like maybe a band that's come out with one or two albums but isn't really headlining any big tours


Good songs to dedicate to my boyfriend?

I'm sure this question is frequently asked,
but what are some good songs I can dedicate to my boyfriend?


What are the Song's in death race

I wanted no the name's of the song from Death race the movie that came out today.

If you know some tell me and by what band and what's the name of the song.

k thxs


What can I name my new christian music band?

I'v statred a christian music band,but we're totally blank abt what to name our band, please suggest me a few names for my band,I prefer one word which is meaninful and also that has something to do with christianity or bible.


How hard is it to learn to play the guitar?

how hard is it to learn to play the guitar?

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Which songs does Hugh Grant sing in "Music and Lyrics"?

Which songs does Hugh Grant sing in his "Music and Lyrics" movie? Anyone know?


hip hop, rap or R&B

ok what do yall feel is like the best song out there thats recent? or wats your favorite song?


mezzo-soprano in need of a good rock song to sing

k, so I'm a mezzo-soprano and I need a good rock song to sing for a band tryout.
I really love 70's-80's rock, so something like that that I would be familiar with.


Why doesn't anyone make a rock girl band again like "The Runaways"?

I just watched this movie the runaways for fun, but i didnt know that group was for real, and then i watched videos of the real band and they were very cool. I hope they make a new band like this. Women in a rock band that would be something very cool....


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